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the suite life of zack & cody s1 part 1: here we are in your lives

January 12, 2024 Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore Season 3 Episode 1
the suite life of zack & cody s1 part 1: here we are in your lives
Nineties Babies Nostalgia
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Nineties Babies Nostalgia
the suite life of zack & cody s1 part 1: here we are in your lives
Jan 12, 2024 Season 3 Episode 1
Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore

We're introducing the characters, actors, and intro to Suite Life and recapping and reacting to episodes 1, 2, 5, and 7, and yes that includes THAT Victoria Justice episode. We have baby Zack & Cody aka baby Dylan & Cole Sprouse, Disney's first single parent, and Disney legends Brenda Song, Ashley Tisdale, and Alyson Stoner all in one show...what could go wrong? 


Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

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We're introducing the characters, actors, and intro to Suite Life and recapping and reacting to episodes 1, 2, 5, and 7, and yes that includes THAT Victoria Justice episode. We have baby Zack & Cody aka baby Dylan & Cole Sprouse, Disney's first single parent, and Disney legends Brenda Song, Ashley Tisdale, and Alyson Stoner all in one show...what could go wrong? 


Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

Get home from school turn on my TV who are these friends staring right back at me now that we're older why don't you come over and go back in time with me 90s babies nostalgia 

hi I'm Amanda.

and I'm Jessica and this is 90 s babies Nostalgia where 2 fully grown millennial women. Rewatch and sometimes watch for the first time tween entertainment from the early 2000s.

Just to be clear. We are not sponsored by nor affiliated with any of the brands or shows or actors or anything that we mentioned in this podcast unless disclosed. Otherwise we just really. Like talking about Tv and today the tv that we're talking about is the suite life of zack and Cody season 1 part one.

The suite life of Zack and Cody Uh huh, and before we jump into suite life which we are so excited about Um, what have you been enjoying lately?

I'm going to throw 2 out I guess not not substantial. Don't worry about it. It's one is just like the new year I just wanted to say happy New Year to everyone I fucking love a new year I love goal setting and like a-


Fresh start. But at the same time. This is the least pressure I've ever put on myself for a new year which is like fun for a change. Ah media wise you know Jess I have been watching the challenge why I have been watching a show that has been on for over twenty years that is now virtually dead and has no real fan base is beyond me. Um, but I started watching it because I was obsessed with someone from love island that went on it and then I started watching seasons that she wasn't on and I think I just really like watching hot people do really stupidly strong things and like Amanda in an alternate universe would 100% have tried to do the challenge.

Yeah I feel like in this current universe. You could try.

I don't have the physical strength and it would take years to get to that place and like the people who have been on that show for over a decade who are like 40 feel like they're getting too old to compete and I'm already almost.


30 so I just feel like I don't have enough time left. 

Okay, ok, fair, fair.

Not me having thought about this substantially um Jessica what about you? What have you been enjoying?

Oh yeah, um I discovered something recently that I didn't know ah was a thing. Um. And I don't know if any other streaming platforms have this but Amazon prime has like prime video has a platform called watch party and so you. Like whatever show you want to watch you click like start a watch party and then you can send a link to a friend and it's like having a little sleepover because when you pause it also pauses the other person's Tv so it takes away the like oh let's press start 3 2 1 and then it has a chat feature so you can like. Put your chats and thoughts and they'll pop up on your Tv screen and it's just I don't really gave me like old school like sleepover staying up late watching Tv shows and movie vibes. But in like a ah more modern sense and I really enjoyed it and I feel like more. Streaming platforms should have something like watch party. 

I know Disney plus has that I don't know how well it works. Um, but I know that they have it I yeah and I would I know there are platforms out there that you can do it. That are like third party platforms as well.

Yeah I feel like it's easier when it's built in feels less effort feels like more effort to go out on my way to set it up I'm a little lazy. 

Um I do love a good watch party who have you been having watch parties with

Um, my friend my other Amanda in my life.

not another Amanda.

And I would say what I was watching but that's gonna be what I'm enjoying next time. Yeah.

Okay, well then we'll have to listen next time but let's get into this. It's a new year. It's a new Disney show I swear we can do more than one a year. We just haven't figured out how to be fair. The strike really threw a wrench in things. But I do distinctly remember Raven taking it out of us and us like mentioning that and then our friends at pop capsule pod being like and 2023 is gonna or like the new Year's going to be the year of Phil of the future.


Like I just that just hit me now as I'm saying like it's a new year and we're doing suite life and I'm like Wow We really only do one show.

Yeah, yeah, okay in all fairness that first year we did even Stevens Lizzie and Raven.

Yeah, and then Raven went in to was Raven like a year and a half how long have we been doing this podcast? We started this in 2021 right the spring of 2021

I have no two years yes just but it's like two and a half years

Is when we started recording and then we we published the summer of 2021 anyway, we're getting into suite life of zack and Cody Oh yeah, which started in Disney Channel in March eighteenth two thousand and five and season 1 finished up a year later one show 1 year right.


Sorry January Twenty Seventh of 2006

Yeah, and it takes place as I feel like anyone listening to this already knows 


but at the tipton hotel which is in Boston. Um, yeah, yes, um, it is created by Jim Geogone and Danny Hollis who came up with the concept 20 years prior while they were working on a sitcom together. Um, and also I found this interesting obviously like all of the show is so like shot ah like at the studio. Um.

On lot Yeah.

Yeah, like on lot and on a soundstage. However, the outside shots that you see of the tipton hotel are of 2 actual hotels that exist in Boston so they are of the fairmont co fairmont coply plaza and the Vancouver hotel. So when you see outer shots.


Those are quote unquote real I don't know I feel like they still look very. They give me stock photo vibes.

Yeah, the Fairmont doesn't surprise me too much just because I feel like the Tipton Font looks like the Fairmont font I have no idea what a Vancouver hotel would look like and but yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

also very fun. This series premiered with 4000000 viewers and it was the most successful premiere for disney. Ah, at that time so up until 2005 it was considered the most successful premiere. Yeah I wonder if it's just because I feel like none of the even though Raven is so so so good I feel like.

I Wonder why that was.

At the start of it people didn't know it was going to be that good and I feel like with Lizzie Mcguire and then Raven like Disney was building momentum. So maybe by the time that suite life aired. There was enough like already hype around Disney Channel Tv shows that. People were like oh we have to catch this premiere like we know it's going to be good.

I agree and I think that's that you're on the right track. My only question then is like what about Phil but some yeah and I do think it's interesting also in the terms of premieres.

Yeah I don't I don't know.

That these have been 2 male centered shows back to back although Phil a little less so because we get Keeley and Pim I I think Disney channel is often thought of as being for girls and like you think of Raven and Lizzie and those like.


Strong female leads and Hannah Montana and Alex Russo and stuff more than you do the boys and this is the one show that I think comes to mind when you think of like the boy show.

Um, and I bet that does play into it not to call any of our fellow ah podcaster friends out but I know like this is one of Prime's favorite shows. Um.

But it's also one of Allison's favorite shows.

Yeah, yeah I don't know I bet it does like speak to a wider audience. Maybe.

People are probably also like twins we have Mary Kate and Ashley we have the olson those are the Olson twins we.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah I was like those are the same people. Yeah.

Um, we had twins in the early aughts anyway um this was originally ordered for a 21 episode season but was extended to 26 episodes based on good ratings. We will not be covering all of them if you are new to our Disney channel content in the way that we cover it. It's not like young royals and heart stopper where we talk about every single episode it is where we are going to pick the most memorable or important for the plot or ridiculous episodes to talk about the theme song.

Yeah, it is here I am written by Jona Darren Steve Hampton who also wrote like basically every other ah Disney theme song so they wrote the one for Phil of the future wizards good luck Charlie shake it up sonny with a chance. Jonas so random you get it. It goes on and on.

That's surprising to me a little bit like Phil of the future for sure. It sounds very similar to that one a lot of those other ones are pretty different.

Well songwriters don't just write the same song over and over again. Well.

I'm aware. Thank you I Just think wizards is in a different league. That's all you wrote iconic and you know every word and like I would like to say I Also know every word but like for what.

That's fair I could I agree.

Like I it's the it's the soonest I've skipped um a theme song while rewatching me is like Lizzie I listen to everyone Raven I probably listen to just about everyone even Stevens even but this one I was like couple episodes and skip.

Um, yeah.


Oh I haven't skipped yet I sing.

And like also what is what does it mean here I am in your life here. You are in mine like we get it. They're twins but like they're not It's not freaky Friday like. That could be said of anyone that's like friends or siblings or anything is like you're in each other's lives like what.

Yeah, no I agree I don't think it's iconic in the sense that it's like well written or the best theme song but I think it's one of those that people our age. Um, know, you just know every word like it's.

You and me we got the world to see so come on down you and me know what to do so come on down like I like what does it mean nothing Anyway, sorry I just I was listening to I think it's because

So Come on down. But. Yeah, for. Yeah, it does it.

Phil of the future had like Phil of the future and that's so Raven really told you what the show was about and the when I listened to this one I was like this the what.

Yeah that's that's not yeah yeah, no very true. Um, the other thing I want to touch on before we get into the cast and the episodes is just Amanda and I both were texting about this but the watchability of this show I have to be honest, not that I wasn't looking forward to it. We had a little bit of a struggle but a lot of fun with our content during the strikes but I was very excited to get back to our original content. But also I was like I don't think suite life is going to hold up as much as I hope it would. Um, but honestly the episodes flew by so quickly like it would end and I feel like oh my god like onto the next like I was able to watch so many more in one day than with any other show. We've watched before.

And and.

I I don't know why but they do feel shorter I think it might have to do with the broader ensemble cast because the a plot and the b plot usually both. But. Not always, but usually both twins are in 1 plot together. So then you have even more people but well speaking of the characters like that's what we're going to jump into so we've we've got Zack Martin and Cody Martin who are both supposed to be 12 years old

Played by Dylan and Cole Sprouse who were 13 at the time.

And probably honestly 12 at the time of filming because I base the age on air date. So.

Yeah, and you you wrote that they played Patrick Kelly and Grace under fire in the 90 s and Ben Geller and friends which was Ross's kid um and just for kicks and I just needed to point out.

Um, big daddy big daddy where big daddy was their first role.

Honestly I've never seen it so I considered it unimportant.

Ah I I watched it when suite life was on and they were at their height and I was like I got to go back and see this this this weird Adam Sandler movie where they're like they're literally play like Adam Sandler's kid when he is not ready for a kid and he's like a single I don't even remember if they're a biological kid but I do remember that they pee on a wall. Um.

As a little child I I'm pretty sure if if these are the majority of their roles beforehand then the show is probably the first time they're not playing the same character because all of these other ones we're talking about there. They're doing the whole like Mary Kate and Ashley on full house thing where they're Child labor laws fulfilling the same role.

Yes, that is a fact that this is the first show that they are doing where they play their own characters. It's not both of them playing one character.

And then their mother miss Carey Martin 38 she is a single mom of twins and she is the resident performer cocktail singer cocktail. Um.

Lounge Singer yeah.

Um, Cabaret singer I think is actually maybe what it is in the show. Anyway, anyway, um at the tipton and she's played by Kim Rhodes who is 36

she also played Cindy in another world and was in Christmas with the cranks and I love that Amanda noted this um I'm pretty positive. She is our first single parent.

I believe so unless there was a show before even Stevens that we have not watched and therefore it does not count I'm pretty sure she's our first single parent and she's doing a pretty good job.

Yeah, you know what? honestly? yeah, we'll get into it. But for the most part? Yes, um I feel like this is at the turning part turning point where after this point.

We'll get into that.

The Disney parents go off the fucking rails. We're not quite there yet.

Yes, but we have more to say on that in the future. Next we have London Tipton she's fifteen years old she's played by a 17 year old Brenda Song London Tipton is literally a parody of Paris Hilton like it's been confirmed.

I believe that that and if not then like if it even if it hasn't been confirmed. Her name is London Tipton Paris Hilton how much more does it need to be spelled out. Um, we've discussed Brenda song before we notably talked about her in our recent episode on the ultimate Christmas present.

And she had already done a hundred deeds for Eddie Mcdowd get a clue she did get a clue before this and stuck in the suburbs before this wow and Phil of the future

Um, stuck in the suburbs is either 2004 or 2005 so it's right around the same time.

Get a clue was with Lindsay Lohan stuck in the suburbs was a great dcom. They're both dcoms and then Phil of the future. We've mentioned she was in the first season of that and you have a fun fact here.

She got this role at 15 years old is when she got the role. Um, so I know we noticed she was 17 but that's at the time of it premiering at the same exact time that she received early acceptance to Harvard.
Did she go.

What do you mean? No I don't think she went I didn't research past that I was just in shock.

Um I don't know what it is with these child actors. But it's like um, have you heard about Bridgit ok have you heard about Bridgit Mendler's degrees. She's got like 3 of them. She's got like a PhHD and a masters but they're like all in different things like.

No, she turned it Down. No.

Fucking bioengineering and space shit and like she's a crazy genius. Um, we all thought Emma Watson was smart just for going to college.

Ah, then we have Maddie Fitzpatrick who also is 15 She is the like candy counter girl at the Tipton um, in like London's

Friendemy but more friends than.

Yeah, they're they're like friends because they're in the same space all the time and London or Maddie works there because she's poor.

Yeah, and she is played by Ashley Tisdale who is 20 at the time. Um, she tried out for both roles of London and Maddie which I find interesting and previous to this. She was on a bug's life. Um, 3 episodes of the Amanda show and Donny Darko

What's interesting is I think I could see either of them playing each other's roles especially knowing I don't I don't know because Maddie's like the smart one and London's super dumb and you're talking about Brenda song getting into Harvard at this time like I'm feeling. Um, plus they're both.

Yeah, well yeah Anne Ashley Tisdale goes on right to play Sharpay in um, high school musical which is I would say kind of more London-esque So yeah I definitely could see her playing either 1 and it working. Um, then we have Mr Marion Moseby


Which is the hotel manager of the Tipton which I will get into. He does not do the job of a hotel manager I'm not going to get into it now. But what even is his job anyways, um, he's like. No nonsense kind of guy. He's a little grumpy. He doesn't really love um, Zack and Cody being in the hotel and he is played by Phill Lewis who was 37 at the time. Um he was in.

Um, he was in he did a few things he's Principal Tweety and Lizzie Mcguire he was in a few episodes of sister sister and friends and he also was in kicking and screaming and what is this that you wrote what do you mean

Ah I wrote did you I wrote did you know he killed someone before this I just I find it so interesting because you know Disney's one of the it's it's known for how strict it is and like.

No no I didn't what.

They've cut Mitchell Musso out for a Dui when he was in like 3 shows and hugely popular. But in late December Nineteen ninety one Lewis was arrested after he fatally struck a woman in a car crash and was charged with manslaughter and driving well intoxicated. His blood alcohol level was 3 times the legal limit and he was sentenced to 5 years in prison but suspended 4 because he did work with a prison-based theater troop um and 2 years probation and three hundred and fifty hours of community service. So that was a 1991 just.


Over a decade before filming this. So. It's just really interesting to me. This's something I've known about him for like a long time. Um, that like Disney is so quick to cut people out when they misbehave but they hired someone with a rap sheet not that he shouldn't be hired. And he was a working actor before and after but like just just a fun fact.

yeah yeah I did not know that um then we have Esteban Ramirez who is our bell man but also he does like or bell hop I think is what they refer to him as but Bellman is the more modern term that's used in hotels. Um, he does like 15 other jobs.

Ah ha ha.

Um, he is played by Adrian Armante who is 27 at the time and we also have arwin hawkhauser. Um, who is an engineer nerdy guy semi has a crush on Carey um, he's the hotel engineer and he.

Not semi. He has a crazy crush on Carey.

Okay, he has a crazy crush on Carey correction and he is played by Brian Stepannik who is 34

And then we have max doesn't need a last name played by Alyson Stoner who I wrote was like twelveish at the time she's a year younger than the boys and max was a guest star as friends of Zack and Cody.

In 4 episodes in season 1 and 2 episodes in season. 2 Alyson Stoner was the workhorse like her her and Brenda were were on their shit. So by this point like not even after this, but but by the time of filming filming as max.

Oh my god.

Alyson had been in Missy Elliott's work it Gossip folks and I'm really hot videos as well as eminems just lose it. They had also been a backup dancer for outcast and will smith at 2 different kids choice awards so they started really as a dancer and then as. Scheduling conflicts happened. They transitioned into acting and had done Mike's Super short show both cheaper by the dozen movies step up Drake and Josh they were recurring voice roll on the lilo and stitch series and as we mentioned before they had a backdoor pilot episode on that's So Raven for their own show until that was scrapped. So that she's done so much.

Yeah, it's wild. Busy busy busy, busy and only twelve years old

Um, yes, and that is something she talks about a lot now and then just like wrapping up a few of our side side characters. We have Muriel who is a very lazy maid in the hotel played by Estelle Harris


Who was most notably in Seinfeld but also for us was the voice of Mrs Potato head in the toy story franchise we have Patrick who is the sassy matri d is ah how it's pronounced. Um the head waiter.


That is not how it's spelled. But yes, that is how it's pronounced.

Yeah, yeah, that's I just ran with it. Um, he's the the head waiter at the tipton restaurant played by Patrick Bristow Ilsa shickelgrubermeier is the um oh how do I describe her. She's the tipton like. Ah, inspector. She's the inspector. The first episode she's in I didn't assign you the episodes or maybe I gave you one? Um, the first episode she's in she's the inspector and then she becomes the manager at a rival hotel because of the boys ruin her life as the inspector and get her fired and she's played by Caroline.

She's the Rival o. And.


Rhea who is hilda Aunt Hilda in Sabrina the teenage witch and then we have monique Coleman as Mary Margaret who just is not in that many episodes. But that's Taylor in high school musical and I think it's fun that she was in suite life first.

Yeah, and with that we're going to get in the into the episodes starting with episode one hotel hangout.

And for disclaimer if because again I don't know if you're new here. We've been doing those for a while off and on. Um we will discuss episodes that we choose ourselves in the order that they premiered and they are in order on Disney plus this time I checked. I have the production codes written for us to know which order they were in but like this is one of those weird series where the pilot actually aired after a few episodes. So.

Yeah, but we always discuss the way they were aired because that's the way that we grew up seeing them on tv um, though sometimes from time to time we will note production order if it you know plays into like some confusing plots. Device stuff which happens. Um, so the a plot in this one hotel hangout is that Zack and Cody are the new kids at school. They're feeling left out but then they start to make friends with max and tapeworm.


And they invite them over after school. Um and the next day at school. They're all like chatting and they're like oh my god that was so cool. You guys live at the Tipton and the cool kids at school learn that they live at the hotel and they're like oh yeah, you can be let into the group. Um, but really. They're just like using zack and Cody to get free tea sandwiches access to a hotel pool um and amenities and also they're just really really mean to max and tapeworm. Which zack kind of plays off but Cody does really notice and is uncomfortable with how mean they're being. Drew who's like the head honcho of the cool kids.

He continues to invite more and more and more and more people like literally the lobby of the hotel is just like rampant with children. It's a little outrageous and Carey and Mr Moseby Mr. Moseby tells Carey like you got to get the boys have to stop inviting everyone over and so Carey's like boys you Gotta get everyone to leave um in the process of getting everyone out of the hotel which they sent everyone to the game room which I'm like that was not productive like get out of here actually just go to a different part of the hotel that then we're going to have to get you out of that part of the hotel. Um, they literally.

Knock Esteban off of a ladder and he goes like swinging from a chandelier and finally they've cleared the hotel besides for Drew and his friends who are on the roof where the rooftop pool is playing a basketball game and Drew's kind of pissed that.

They're kicking him out in the middle of his basketball game. So he like throws the basketball and it hits this like giant satellite dish that is like on the side of the hotel and it gets knocked off and goes like swinging in front of um, the like. Porter cache lobby doors and so then Zack Cody Max and tapeworm are all on the roof and Carey joins them and they're like struggling to pull this satellite dish back up and at the same time. Carey's kind of giving the boys a life lesson of. Um, kind of like treating their home with respect like this is you know the the hotel is their home. It's not just a hotel.

the b plot is that London can't go out because she needs to improve her grades and get a toured a tutor. And Moseby sees Maddie doing a bunch of mental math at the candy counter and is like you can be her tutor and she's like I need money. Um, and at the same time we are introduced to lance who is a really stupid hotel lifeguard and Maddie has a crush on him because ai n't he.

Cute we love a himbo so London offers her dating advice in exchange for the tutoring Maddie and lance go on a date but she's not into him because she realizes that all he can talk about is water literally his entire personality I don't know how anyone is like that and.

London tells her to cut things off but like Maddie doesn't know how to do that and accidentally makes plans for another date with him instead. So ah London has to teach her to be mean and Maddie has to teach London to be smart. This is a reoccurring theme in this show. Ah, eventually though Maddie does cut things off with Lance and London passes her math test with a thrilling d plus.

Also I threw this in here very random c plot yeah, which Amanda wrote is this really a plot kind of um Carey learns that max can dance and asks her to teach new moves for her act.

But it's not like um.

There's like they go back and forth to it like 4 to 5 times throughout the episode. Yeah, like it happens enough that you're like I would consider this weirdly a plot.

Oh I didn't remember that.

All right getting into things that are notable about this our first ever episode which I feel like was on the reruns all the time like I feel like I've seen this episode so many times.


Ah, you wrote Mr. Moseby is the hotel manager but is basically a glorified nanny for London.

Yeah I think I need to I was going to start the episode or start the episode with this. But I think I need to preface I've worked in hotels for almost a decade I don't currently work in them anymore. But I have a lot of hotel experience. I also spent 6 years working in a luxury hotel which the Tipton is a luxury hotel. So it is going to come up now and again all my frustrations slash confusion with what is going on with these hotel employees and the shenanigans that zack and Cody get up to because it just makes no sense this should never fucking happen in a hotel. Um I am going to. Try to collect a lot of them for our final episode and kind of shout out like my top 10 but.

Yeah I think I'm even going to make a list for you with things that are in the episodes. You're not watching.

Please do I would love that. Um, he's not a hotel manager like he's a glorified nanny for London and then he just like runs around shouting at people and also he frequently works the front desk like hello are you a front desk agent.

What would a manager be doing normally.

Okay, so a hotel manager sits under the general manager sometimes at certain hotels they're called director of operations. They don't always have the title of hotel manager a general manager obviously is the head but they tend to be a little more reserved. Behind the scenes back of house finance accounting sales working with those departments where the hotel manager tends to be the person who's working with a lot more of the front facing departments. So your housekeeping your restaurant staff your front desk staff. So. It's not strange that he's out like walking around the hotel but like your hotel manager would not check in a guest that is weird. It would be like a guest is checking in and they're furious that their room's not ready even though they're trying to check in 4 hours early and of course the room's not.

Ready but you can't calm down the guests because they're being irrational. That's when you would call the hotel manager and then they would step up and like give them a hundred dollar voucher to like go eat in the restaurant until the room's ready or some shit.

So he's working with a lot of the say right? departments. He's just doing work that is beneath his title.

Yeah, and also he really is a glorified nanny for London like what is happening.

Ah I mean so London has canonically had a lot of nannies. She doesn't have one currently I think because she's a teenager and she's and like kind of under Moseby's stewardship but I more than. A nanny I'd say he is like a father figure to her which is something that we see grow throughout the show. Um, and the next show because of the spinoff I I did leave some of those episodes out 1 notably that I have a shout out for later. But.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

I Want to give him a little more credit that he's like not just a nanny he's He's a professional who also happens to be raising this child. That's not his.

Yeah, but it's almost like posed as that is part of his job duties.

Yeah, because her dad always communicates via Moseby. Yeah.

Yeah, and that is the part that I'm like this would never happen. Um, another thing I noted is there was this kind of throwaway line where London is like I don't know ordering shopping or something and.



She asks Maddie if she's a size 14 and says it like it's an insult and I was like oh this is such a 2005 comment like like what are you a size 14 I'm like oh it just triggered me a little bit.

I Wrote that down too and I also feel like it's got to be junior sizes that she's talking about No I know I know but I but I remember Junior sizes running like the numbers were higher I think.

But even then.

But Juniors typically run odds in women's run evens.

Then ah.

Um, because 14 is like like I think 10 to 14 are like the average sizes of a woman in America and but like normally in shows at this time.


You would hear like like in Devil Wears Prada a 6 is an insult so 14 to me felt out of place.

Um, and also at this time it was very common in the modeling industry for anything over a size 8 to be considered a plus size model even though really.

18 size 18 to 20 is what's truly considered plus size but models that were size 8 and above were advertised as plus size models.

But yeah, it was just I don't know it rubbed me the wrong way but also felt very 2005 all at the same time.

Yeah, I'm just saying it run me the wrong way, but it also felt like an inaccurate number to throw out.

Oh yeah, yeah.

I didn't I don't remember the ice cream.

Okay, they're. The boys are like running around the rooftop pool trying to get all the kids out and there's a bunch of kids in the hot tub and they're like trying to entice them to leave and nothing they're saying is enticing these kids to get out of the hot tub and so they literally take. A um chocolate ice cream and they plop it into the pool. So It looks like poo and all the kids are like oh my God and then they run and I just it made me giggle.

It's like ah caddy shack with the chocolate bar have you seen Caddy Shack okay ah my um, we are introduced to Alyson Stoner

Um, yeah I have.

And in the very first scene like she's hardly said anything dance break for no reason for no reason like it's it's not important in the moment at all. It's just like we hired her. Let's get her dancing.

Yeah, yeah.


Ridiculous, but they had that woman working. I felt like this as a first episode had a lot of iconic scenes. We didn't really mention the intro that much but the the theme song intro is 1 of those um clips ones which is sort of what we've had.

Um, yeah.

Since Raven started it and I think pretty much all the shows will have it after um and a lot of the clips are from this one like the vase catching that Moseby does Carey dancing with her hairbrush.

Um, Esteban hanging from the chandelier. Those are all scenes that like really stuck out in my brain whether or not they're in the intro I just was like this one I've seen this a million times.

Yeah, and the vase catching is one of those like it happens almost every episode I feel. Yeah.

It's a recurring bit. Yeah. Do you want to do the quotes.

yeah London says to Maddie referring to Mr Moseby when is he going to realize education and me just don't mix and Maddie's like education and I um and it was just really good.

I Don't remember when this was but I also wrote down why don't you wear a sack over your head that says loser.

I'm sure Zack said that to Cody when Cody wanted to stand up to drew. It's a very zack line.

Oh probably? yeah um up next.

Ah episode two fairest of them all I this one is also one that was on the repeats all the time and it sticks out in my head so much sorry I jumped I jumped the gun on you okay Zack and Cody want bikes but they can't afford them right now.

Yeah, no, no, no, you jump right into it.

And in walks a bunch of girls for a beauty pageant. They're like around Zack and Cody's age though. It's a very young beauty pageant and Cody walks into the one of the girls and is immediately like smitten but he doesn't get her name.

So smitten.

Mr. Moseby sees that the boys and he's like absolutely not will you be roaming around this hotel while the pageant is in town you are going to be on your best behavior in another corner of the hotel. But of course they don't listen because they're Zack and Cody and that's their you know main characteristic is that they don't listen. So. While they're sneaking around trying to hunt down his crush. They they hear Moseby and they stumble into the dressing room where the girls are getting ready and there's a girl that quits as they're like walking in Tyreesha.

Who is a black girl and um, Cody to not get caught because they hear Moseby puts on a wig and pretends to be tyreesha and comes out of the dressing room with sass and wows the judges and then Rebecca who. Is Cody's crush invites Cody as tyreesha to a sleepover with the other girls and they have like lots of talks and London shows up to mentor all of the little girls and share who did the best and the Finalists were Brianna Rebecca and Tyresha so Rebecca Cody's crush Tyreesha Cody and Brianna is like toddlers and tiaras she is um, white trash pageantry at its finest and I mean that completely neutrally by the way.

Yeah, yeah, yep, yeah.

Rebecca shares with Tyreesha that she needs the money for vet school. Whatever in the finals Brianna drops her baton during the talent portion and is out of the competition leaving Rebecca and tyreesha then.

Cody drops out because Rebecca needs the money but he has a twin brother who looks identical so Zack throws on the wig and says we need the money for bikes and locks Cody in a locker um and comes out and skateboards onstage because that's super fun and Appropriate for a pageant and then um.

And they just happened to have a half pipe that they could just say bew but it was like half of a half pipe but still.
At the last minute because you know that's not what Cody would have done as his talent Cody gets out of the locker and runs out on stage and starts fighting with Zack and they get disqualified and Rebecca wins and um Rebecca is upset but then kisses Cody.

the b plot which is like really small and kind of nothing. But Carey runs into Tim in the lobby he is the host of the beauty pageant and she used to work with him on a cruise ship and they have like a weird rivalry thing going on. Um and then they're forced to sing together for the mini miss pageant. And we see the rivalry kind of escalate while they're on stage singing together and tim ends up pushing Carey off the stage.

we need to note Victoria Justice is is Rebecca Victoria justice pre-victorious Pre Zoe 101 is Cody's crush Rebecca and Skyler Samuels is 

Brianna and she's also Gigi and wizards of waverly place. She's one of those faces that I see and I'm like I know that girl where do I know that girl from.

on my hotel comments. Mr mosbey makes a comment that he booked the pageant. The boys cannot be running around the hotel they have to stay in their room while the pageant's in town because he booked this.

Pageant and he does not want it messed up. Moseby That's not your job. That's what a sales manager is for a sales manager would have booked the pageant and also an event manager would have been in charge of making sure the pageant ran Well not you like. 

I will say I was surprised to learn as your friend that there are sales people in the hotels I don't know why but I like I I I I event people doesn't surprise me at all. But salespeople surprised me a little bit.

Where who do you think books the events.

Like the managers or the event managers.

Okay, so at some hotels we call it booking and cooking you could delete this but at some hotels. Um so event managers will book and cook so they'll sell the event and they'll service it but at luxury hotels. It's separate. Your sales managers just sell and event managers just service.

Rebecca's talent for the talent show I wish they showed us this. They just mentioned it um was juggling while baking a cake and like regardless of whatever. Else came out like of course she's going to win. That's the best talent.

I forgot about that. This is also the episode where we learned that Mr. Moseby's first name is Marion which I don't know why tickled me I have to I because this stuck out to me so there's a line.


Where Rebecca says if you were a boy I'd kiss you and then when she finds to tyreesha to Cody as Tyreesha Cody in a wig and then when she finds out that tyreesha is a boy she does kiss him and but like does that does that line not make her gay like does that? not.

To tyreesha.

If you were a boy I'd kiss you like like that you're gay.

Yeah I agree. It is definitely very like at that point are you trying to fit into like society standards which at her age she probably doesn't understand but it's like you know she especially being in Beauty Pageant world. She's probably told like oh you're supposed to like boys and so that's why she's like oh. If you were a boy I'd kiss you. But yeah I Definitely think it's a gay or bi leaning for sure.

It's also just a line that they threw in there because they thought it would be funny because obviously we know that he's a boy and it's like ah tearing him apart. But but in in general like I've I've heard people use those lines before and it's like if you want to kiss someone.

You probably don't need them to be a different gender. You probably actually like more genders than you think? um, ah other notes that you have.

Yeah, you probably should just kiss them. Well ask? Yeah yeah, but yeah. Yeah, so Carey like literally gasps in relief when she asks Zack like why he's wearing a skirt and he's like oh I wanted to win the money for bikes and it's like her relief comes from the fact that.

Oh yeah.

It was because he wanted bikes and not because the boy could just wear a skirt like let the boy wear a skirt if he wants to wear a damn skirt.

Yeah, these were a couple of the like that and the if you were a boy comment were a couple of the things that did not hold up super well. Another thing I didn't like is that.

Brianna like I said white trash they're they're poor like there is a line about their house being double parked their they're trailer trash they live in a trailer and um, shortly after that line Moseby says remind me to count the towels in her room.

And like yeah they like the mom is kind of like taking advantage of free stuff but I also felt like it. It was kind of gross to me like the way that she was characterized in the way that Moseby was characterizing her did you feel that at all.

yeah, it is a little gross also I kind of get it because she does steal like 50 rolls of toilet paper.

yeah, but then why was she written that way I don't know when this people can be poor and not need to be watched like that and also.

Yeah, yeah, it's fair. It's fair.

It was like insult to injury because they're Southern like did they have to be southern.

some quotes that I wrote down. Um when Cody first runs into Rebecca in the lobby and she's talking to him and he cannot get his words out because he is nervous. Um. She goes I'm sorry I don't speak vietnamese and I just felt like a dated line and instead of just like oh I didn't hear that or what was that like they probably could have done a different joke that wasn't that 

Of all the languages.

So speaking of Brianna's mom she comes into the hotel needing to throw out her little like Porta John because it's full and someone's like bothering Mr Moseby with something and he is like he's like I have to help the queen with her throne and I 

Just liked that also during the sleepover. All the girls are talking out what they want to be when they grow up and London goes I wanted to be an heiress and I did it. Yay me.

Yay me

ah my favorite quotes that I wrote down and something I've been enjoying about this is that Jess and I did not have any of the same quotes for any of these episodes. There's um, her Carey's rival whatever his name was why did I know that.


I was going to say Tim then I was like that can't be right? Um Tim when he and Carey are like saying hi to each other he goes Carey. You look you ew incredible like you like ew to himself and then ah um, tyreesha when she's quitting.

Um, yeah.

The the actual tyreesha when she is quitting the pageant she tells her mom. No I quit I'm sick of beauty pageants I'm going to science camp and her mom goes where did I go wrong. We love a woman in stem. Ok now episode 5

Yeah, so yeah.

Grounded on the twenty third floor full disclosure. This is the actual pilot. It has the earliest production code and it feels like 1 because Jess and I both noted that when we were watching it was like is this the pilot.

Yeah, yeah, I was watching it and I was like this one feels a little weird which is yeah um so this one kicks off with tons of paparazzi are at the hotel because Bobby Coreo who's like a famous athlete.

Yeah, you wrote that down and I was like I had the same thought.

I don't know if they said soccer football but he's an athlete um and Ursula who I think's a famous model um are getting married at the Tipton and the boys learn that the tabloids are paying $20000 for a shot of the first kiss and so they. Are motivated by this because previously in this episode we see them have a conversation with Carey where she gets a bill. Um, and she's surprised to get a bill since the room and board and allowances are covered by the hotel as part of her contract. And it's way more than they can afford and so she's I don't think they share the exact amount. Um, but yeah, she's like really shocked by it and so the boys are like we need to get this money.

It's like 5 grand isn't it.

Um, so we can give some back to mom since we spent too much. Um.

Yeah to be clear. The money was all their fault. They were ordering fancy room service and they were getting dry cleaning and shit.

Yeah, um, so Zack and Cody buy a disposable camera from the candy counter. Um, and they are like on the hunt for a way into this wedding also slightly related beyonce lol would never happen. Dropped out as their wedding singer and so they're looking for a wedding singer and Mr Moseby is trying to help them and Bobby's like I would just I just want someone who's good preferably someone who's not going to drop out on us and so the twins pop up and they're like let us show you our mom and like walk over to the lounge. And they love her. Um, and they're like this is gonna be our in and Carey's like no I can't get you in the wedding just because I'm singing there like you guys are crazy and so Maddie is put in charge of the boys and she's babysitting them and zack.

Um, she's little man sitting them. 

Yes, she is little man sittig them and Zack pretends to be taking a bath but he sneaks out and like climbs through the vents to the ballroom and this is working successfully until the bathtub like. Zack and Cody forgot to turn off the like faucet for the bathtub and so it starts over filling and Cody's like trying to sop up all the water with towels and Maddie's like what is going on in there and Cody is not able to cover and so she finds out that Zack. Snack out. So then everyone is in this dan Hotel Vent Zack is there Cody is there. Maddie is there London is also in the vent because she couldn't get into the wedding and she needs to be there. They sneak in zack successfully gets the photo but then Mr Moseby catches them in the vent and. The boys get grounded for another week

Yeah to to? um, add a little bit of detail Moseby catches them in the vent right? He is in there. Also Cody pretends to be both Zack and Cody.

Like he's fully in on this plan and he goes back and forth with Maddie it's a really cute exchange and Maddie is not having any of it like she knows what's going on. Yeah, it's a whole lot of hullabaloo. yeah, yeah.

Zack this is the first which is interesting because it's a pilot but this is the first and I think it continues.

Episode where we see Zach hint that like he has maybe a little crush on Maddie or makes comments about Maddie being attractive but he says Maddie's got it going on in this episode and it's just giving Corey from that's So Raven in a way that I don't like like. Amanda and I noted that in are that's so Raven episodes over and over again that we didn't love that Corey felt like he over sexualized certain relationships in his life, especially with a much older women and so I didn't yeah with Chelsea so I didn't love that.

Chelsea it's worse Zack is worse than Cory I think like in this episode he mimics curves while saying that about Maddie and his crush definitely is.


Um, a more notable part of the storylines. It's all right? I'm not having you watch some of those episodes.

Yeah, not gonna love that. paparazzi do not give a damn about professional athletes unless you're like Travis Kelcee and the only reason they would care is because of Taylor Swift like or you're like a lebron James or something like that. But even then like paparazzi don't really care like they don't care about professional athletes. That's not I have worked at hotels that have had professional athlete weddings I have been an event manager for multiple professional athlete weddings like you don't have Paparazzi.

I think it's probably because they said no photos that that that it was that they cared that much but also as you were talking and you said that he maybe was a soccer player I realized it's also giving. Um. David and Victoria Beckham which I looked it up. They were married in ninety nine so that was like 5 years before this was written but I would see yeah and I feel like their wedding was kind of like their lives were pretty heavily publicized the first.

Oh it is. Yeah I bet it was inspired by that.


also if he is a soccer player I don't fully retract. Well I'm saying I don't fully retract my statement but soccer players actually are like think of messi. Everything messi does is fucking publicized everywhere.

No one gives a shit.

Um, yeah, you have to not be an American soccer player is the issue. Oh.

So oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, also London was so set on getting into this wedding. She's like my daddy owns this hotel so I'm getting into this wedding and I was going to be so pissed if that was the reason she got allowed in so I'm glad.

That she had to sneak in through the vent like everyone else.

It's also funny that she just wants in for like the the notoriety and the prestige of it all. She's not trying to get the photo.

No yes, she just wants to be seen there. also this episode opens up. We explained with the whole bill situation in which then Carey grounds zack and Cody. Um, so they're grounded this entire episode and like no one is enforcing it like yes, they are sneaking out but there are times where they are not sneaking out. They are just in the lobby and doing stuff around the hotel and I'm like what I thought they were grounded like.

Yeah, maybe grounded for Carey just means not leaving the hotel. Yeah to the suite. Yeah I put how many people can fit in these fucking vents.

But they live there I feel like it would be to this I don't know it felt weird. Yeah.

This is one of my things that like I feel like you probably don't know this part about hotels. But like do you have any idea how large vents are because like how is Moseby how is a grown man going through these vents.

yeah I also think like is this just something in Tv shows like can humans actually crawl in vents like are they large enough I feel like no.


I feel like some industrial vents are large enough to fit some small adults like I could maybe understand the twins being able to do this but not the twins Maddie.

But not mr Moseby.

London and Mr Moseby and the vents didn't break ah very confusing.

yeah, Mr. Moseby threatens to fire Carey if the twins do anything to ruin the wedding which I just like didn't love that felt very intense. 

I Kind of get it though because like the kids are living there under the contingency of her employment but then they do ruin the wedding and she doesn't get fired. So.

No, they just get grounded. also at the end it kind of comes full circle where Carey does end up apologizing to the kids about making them worry about money. She's like oh I didn't realize you guys were worried about the money like i. That shouldn't be a worry of yours. Um, and I really appreciated that conversation. It felt wholesome. It felt important.

Yeah, this is where I said that I think she's a good parent. Obviously the kids get away with a lot of shit they they they have shenans up the gins I don't know what I just said they have ridiculous shenanigans. But um.


A lot of these season 1 episodes end in these like heart to hearts that feel very real and she says like I I like I never should have made you feel like a burden in that way and I just really love that conversation.

Yeah, me too because like she's right. Kids shouldn't have to bear the weight of money issues. Um, and it is very frequently. Unfortunately, that children do and so the fact that she recognizes that she made them worry about something that they shouldn't.

Be worrying about I Yeah I Just really really really thought it was great parenting and a good story for anyone like watching it as well to learn.

and I also wrote just a little note that this is the start of environmentalist Maddie because that's a recurring theme in Maddie's characterization I don't even remember what she says but I know she has a line about the environment in this episode and in a previous episode though.

Production order was this one would be first and it just ah I I personally know it will culminate in that large Zac Efron episode that I am looking forward to.

Me too. Um I think these are all your quotes.

These are all my quotes at 1 point Carey says referring to the twins till they go to college and Moseby goes or prison. Ah, Maddie to Zack when they go up to the candy counter.

Says what caught your eye and he goes you do sweet thang disgusting and then London to me has the best introduction like all of these lines are very early on in the episode. They're setting up for who these kids are um like with Zack being disgusting.

Gross Gross gross.

And London walks into the hotel in that scene and goes little me back from Paris and then she has another line shortly thereafter. But it's just like you know exactly who this bitch is and I love it. It's iconic. Okay, our final episode that we are talking about in this.


Yep yep.

Episode stay tuned for the rest of season 1 is episode seven foot loser yeah Yeah it is it is called that. 

So I included this one because it's another Alyson Stoner episode go dance usa is doing a local competition and broadcast at the tipton hotel and max wants to enter because this is max's dream so Zack she offers it to Zack and Cody's like what about me.

And she's like all right audition and Cody fucking flops all over the place literally physically and metaphorically and so Zack is chosen and Cody is upset that Zack's better at everything than him so he starts like trying to find hobbies that he could excel at he tries ventriloquism briefly.

Then he moves on to magic tricks which he like keeps doing for a while. It's just like a bit throughout the show meanwhile Zack and max do great in the the initial rounds and make it to the finals max is like Zack we gotta rehearse all the time and don't you dare do anything stupid and get injured. And he's fed up with her being so like on his ass that immediately when she leaves he jumps on the bed falls and hurts his ankle and because there's no substitutions as a rule in this competition. He feels really bad.

And decides to teach Cody the routine. So Cody can replace him because there's no substitutions. But how would they know because we're identical ah twins here you are in my life. Um, um.

So Cody replaces Zach but he's still wearing his fucking magician's outfit and he didn't take the tricks out of it. Ah so he's like in the middle of this performance pulling fucking flowers out of his coat and then a rabbit comes out of his pants and honestly.



The crowd's actually loving it. The crowd's going like thrilled and Carey's like why the fuck is that kid up there on that stage breaking the rules. Um and then because Cody's got so much energy and hype from the crowd. He's like I can do my signature move.

The same one that had him falling at the start of the episode he does it now and he again falls off the stage which leads to Carey yelling Cody because she's worried about her child and the judges are like thought this was Zack ah d q baby.

They are disqualified and Carey tells Cody that he shouldn't be comparing himself to his brother. Also there is a point where he was like I'm not good at anything and she was like you're good at school and he was like I'm not good at anything that matters.

Yeah which then she doesn't continue to tell him that school does matter which I'm like hello Carey teaching moment. B plot Maddie is saving up money to pitch in with her siblings to send her parents to Paris for their anniversary. So she's doing overtime and picking up extra shifts to make two hundred and fifty dollars um but London's like that's all you need I'll just give it to you. Um, because London wants to go shopping. So basically this whole episode. Like London turns Maddie into her little bitch and makes her do like everything for her that's What happens am I wrong am I wrong. Thank you? and everyone in the

I love that you wrote that she literally wrote so Maddie becomes her little bitch. They're 15 No, you're not wrong. You're not.

Hotel is making comments about it. Everyone is like why are you letting her treat you like that and so they all um, pitch in together to give the money to maddie to pay London back.

Specifically I will say Esteban knows what's going on Esteban is very concerned for Maddie and Moseby sees it and asks Esteban what's going on and he's like I couldn't tell you about. Ah, your employees personal matters that would be a violation of their trust and Moseby for some reason if there is a c plot in this episode it is that he adopts this ventriloquist dummy of Cody's that was quickly discarded and it is like very weird with it. He's like hitting on guests and saying rude comments. And so he's like he tells Esteban like tell it to the dummy and so Esteban whispers it in his ear and that's Moseby I think is the main 1 behind like raising the money for Maddie which she quickly gives to London.

yeah yeah I think they do say that most be puts in like a hundred or a hundred and fifty bucks or something so the bulk of the money. Um, speaking of the b plot even if like even if she has so many siblings.

Each of them contributing two hundred and fifty dollars is not enough for a trip to Paris.

Maybe they're just like hoping their parents can afford the other half like I did the math if 5 people contributed 100 contributed two hundred and fifty dollars it'd be like enough for a plane ticket. Maybe 2 if you're flying a really cheap airline. It's from Boston.

Yeah, but like hotels and restaurants also one of the things that London makes Maddie do is.


Hold her foot for her while she's getting a pedicure and like that is what the person at the nail salon would do they would hold your you are paying them to give you a pedicure they would hold your foot while they were doing your toes. Why is Maddie doing this.

Yeah, yeah I don't understand like maybe she's holding the other foot like I don't know I don't know I don't know I'm trying to like imagine it and I can't.

Yeah, yeah, um, yeah I think that's all my B plot comments but a plot this dance can we talk about it.

Yeah, so you wrote are we thinking this dance is good and I had already made the note to myself even I could learn this dance we're not dancers guys we're not I like watching them do this dance I was thinking this must.

Yeah, honestly I probably could.

Have Been difficult for alyson to film to like restrict herself to such like rudimentary movements. Yeah.

Yeah, like at this time as we mentioned they have been in Missy Elliot and eminem videos and they are making Alyson get up there and do this lame it sucks. It's so boring.

It's so basic. It is not broadcast worthy at all. 


Yeah max another part of this max says to Zack. Yeah, while they are um, practicing she's like no ice cream since he could get fat and also she's like lay off the fries I was like that. No.

Speaking of Max


Not here for that. We are not food shaming. We are not telling people what to eat. We're also not fat shaming none of it.

I wrote these down as well. It's fucked. Okay, they're 12 and she's like don't gain weight I will say fucked but kind of realistic for dance.

Yeah, also for dance and also like I know it was on a podcast recently? Um, yeah.

Um, I was going to bring this up as well. Kim Rhodes

Yeah Kim Rhodes mentioned that she like had to stand up for Zack because they were consistently comparing his weight and look to Cody and he was gaining weight at a you know faster rate than Cody because they're fucking 12 year olds or teenage about to be teenage boys. They're growing um and she had to be like no, you cannot. Fat shame a child. Um, so it is realistic.

She She also said that there was a line where one of them was supposed to make a comment about her weight and every rehearsal the boys just left it out and then.

There was a they because they film in front of a live studio audience that during the filming a big producer came and saw it and and the boy didn't say it and the producer stopped them and was like say the line as it's written and they were like I would never like body shame a woman, especially 1 but I respect as much as this woman like so I don't know what was going on behind the scenes but I definitely feel and I know there's more coming like there's quite a bit of weird body commentary in the writing for this show.

Way more than we've seen in any other show. We've watched so far I know we right? I know we get um the Miranda Lizzie episode.

Yeah, ah.

In Lizzie mcguire and then that's so Raven we get that weird food court episode where there's a lot. Yeah, but other than that we don't really get these sort of continual comments like we get in this show.

And the model episode. But the those. Yeah, and those ones were with a purpose. That's the thing is those ones were all about like not comparing yourself and being healthy in mind and Body. These are just like the derogatory kinds of jabs and like teaching you the wrong thing.

Yes, yes.


And I know we're going to have 1 episode later that's going to be more like those ones we saw in the previous shows but it's not. It's still not like comparing it. It doesn't make up for all of these lines that we're catching like.

Oh good.

Yeah, just don't know what was going on in the writers room for this.

yeah and it feels of the time because I feel like that's when we had big like tabloid magazines and a lot of the comments were like you know, look who's out.


Like look who's not beach ready and it would be photos of a bunch of celebrities on the beach that look perfectly fine and beach ready. You know it so it is of that time? Yeah, um, but it it is weird because we haven't really seen it before.

It was the time of heroin chic yeah.

And I think we will continue to point out these lines as we see them but they do come up quite frequently.

Um, I think the other part of it that's weirder for me and this is a very gendered thing is that it's it's a boy centric show and and yes there there's definitely going to be fat shaming later on as Um, Zack gains more weight than Cody because I even remember growing up and watching this and being like he's the fatter one or like the chubbier 1 or whatever like noticing the body differences. Um, but I just expect those comments to be geared more towards women and girls.

Yeah, and in this I would say you know some of the comments we pointed out previously were like towards Maddie but also the boys are not spared in these comments either.

Um, um, so do you want to talk about the bunny.

There is a bunny that came out of his pants very strange. Also they paid that animal actor to come for that one scene feels like a waste of budget.

Yeah, what? you laughing at my note. So after the disqualification at the end of the episode Carey is going to go talk to the boys and max lectures them max.

Yeah, yeah.

Lectures the hell out of Zack and Cody and Carey's like she pretty much said it all, um and like the boys can't even respond. Ah while max is talking so much and she's like maybe you can talk some sense into them. Maybe they'll listen to you whatever and walks off and like it's giving little woman. It's. 

Giving like like I just I don't know how I feel about it. It was weird to me because like I don't know we're not all like bossy little moms in training.

Yeah, it was giving a lot of sass in someone who's supposed to be like 1 of their best friends.

Like I'm sassy too the way that it came across felt very like girls are bossy.

Yeah I kind of like I thought it was funny I didn't like mind that scene as much as you did I kind of enjoyed it.

I Don't like it.

I Kind of enjoyed it. But then I also didn't like it at the same time. Yeah, um I don't like the way they say biscotti because they say Biscotti I say biscotti. Yeah, they all said biscotti like it was normal.


Ah, instead of scottie. Yeah I feel like it's a caramel caramel situation. You know.

I never heard that before. Also I noted that above Cody's bed he has a blue pennant that just says university but you see the full thing. There's no university they live in Boston there's like 5 major universities there. Whatever um the quotes.


But yeah, yeah.

Are also from me again. Mr. Moseby shouts out Esteban I need you and Esteban says when I'm good and ready and he goes what did you say now I'm good and ready.

Yeah I enjoyed that one.

And then also at the very beginning of the episode when they see that the dance thing dance Usa thing he is filming and max is like I want to enter they're like you should. You're better than the girl in the missy elliot video which is just like one of the famous lines from the show known to be thrown at Alyson Stoner because

Um, yeah, um, it's the writers thinking they're clever in the writers room.

She is the girl the Missy Elliott video which wasn't yeah which also was like the missy elliot video and sweet life is zack and Cody had very different audience demographics but ok.

You want do your shoutouts this is the time where Amanda is gonna shout out some moments.

Ah, yeah.

Plotlines guest stars from episodes that we didn't cover in the first half of season 1

Because if you don't know I watch every single episode of the show and then I tell Jessica what to watch so I get to experience it all and sometimes there are just some things that I don't think are worth her time but do have some notable moments so episode 6 the prince and the plunger is where we get introduced to Muriel our lazy maid also arwin and his crazy ridiculous crush on Carey plus that episode has a father daughter dance at London School which her dad was going to show up too but does not and Moseby goes instead and it's one of those cute moments between the 2 of them where we see him as a father figure episode 8 a prom story Maddie's school prom is held at the Tipton and there's also a circus convention in town. It's a whole lot of shit.


And this is a big one for her and Zack because he thinks that she might have a crush on him from stuff he overhears he has an there's a three and a half year age gap between him and her and there's also a three and a half year age gap between her and her senior crush and so.

It's a lot of learning about age gaps and like her having to sort of lay it down for him and Carey as well and it's interesting. Also Monique Coleman is in this episode. Episode 9 band in Boston is a band competition Disney loves a battle of the bands and it's the first time we see Maddie singing which is only notable because she is Ashley Tisdale

That is notable because she is indeed Ashley Tisdale

And episode 10 Cody goes to campus so weird because most of it does not happen at the Tipton But what does happen at the Tipton is the b plot where London learns to drive with Moseby and she refers to the gear shift as the prndl.

Also I have to say this that is the episode where we get like probably the most notable um, suite life meme of Mr Moseby when he's like it's the law.

I To this day when I'm driving I look down and I'm like it's the prndl and I'm pretty sure like our entire generation thinks of it is that even if we know its actual name. We're like it's the prndl.

That yeah.

I've definitely referred to it as a prndl and when um for the brief moment when Chris decided maybe he was going to learn to drive when we were in reno I definitely referred to it as the prndl as if that was a serious thing that it was called.

Did he believe you? That's so funny.

Yeah, probably.

other things we have a few guest stars and episode 3 Maddie checks in we have Julia Duffy as Martha Harrington and then in episode 4 hotel inspector. Um, Emma Stone is the voice of Ivana Tipton

So I don't know who Julia Duffy is Emma stone obviously I do but I don't remember and Ivana tipton in in that episode. But I'm sure it was there I know I know I just don't remember I'm sure it was there.


But I think it would have been London's step mom which makes it creepy because Emma stone's like the same age as Brenda song. he has that raspy voice from the screaming child syndrome shit. Okay.

Yeah, it is but I don't know maybe she had a good voice.

Up next we will be covering the rest of season 1 which for us is going to look like episodes 13, 17 and then 19 through 22 as mentioned there are 26 episodes and in this one we covered through episode 7 I did shoutouts up through episode 10 and I will do any additional shoutouts for that chunk in our next episode. But if you want to watch along with us. Um, those are the episodes you should watch 13, 17 and 19 through 22 so you know exactly what we're talking about or if you don't want to and just let us do the watching for you and listen to our podcast. So we tell you all about it.

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I posted 1 thing anyway.

Hope you're having a great 2024 bye