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the suite life of zack & cody s2 part 1: hsm takes over the suite life

January 26, 2024 Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore Season 3 Episode 3
the suite life of zack & cody s2 part 1: hsm takes over the suite life
Nineties Babies Nostalgia
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Nineties Babies Nostalgia
the suite life of zack & cody s2 part 1: hsm takes over the suite life
Jan 26, 2024 Season 3 Episode 3
Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore

Zac Efron is a Republican, Troy Bolton and Sharpay Evans kiss, Maddie is a bad friend...those are some takes just from the FIRST episode of season 2 of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. In this batch we've also got the introduction of THOSE blond British twins, Moseby's (little) big brother, Vanessa Hudgens, and too many weird plot lines to count. 

We're covering season 2 episodes 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11

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Zac Efron is a Republican, Troy Bolton and Sharpay Evans kiss, Maddie is a bad friend...those are some takes just from the FIRST episode of season 2 of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. In this batch we've also got the introduction of THOSE blond British twins, Moseby's (little) big brother, Vanessa Hudgens, and too many weird plot lines to count. 

We're covering season 2 episodes 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11

Please rate & review us wherever you listen, and let us know your thoughts on the episode on any of our socials.


Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

Get home from school turn on my tv who are these friends staring right back at me now that we're older why don't you come over and go back in time with me Nineties Babies Nostalgia

hi I'm Amanda 
and I'm Jessica.

and this is 90s babies nostalgia where a couple of 90s babies rewatch and sometimes watch for the first time tween entertainment from the early 2000s

Just to be clear we are not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the TV shows channels actors that we talk about we just really really love talking about Tv and today we are talking about the suite life of Zack and Cody

season 2 We made it guys season 2 part one we are going to be talking about 6 episodes from
Like episodes 7 through 18 ish around there. We'll we'll tell you more later and it'll be in the show notes if you haven't if you wanted to like watch along and listen you can come back We'll-podcasts are forever. We'll live on the internet but before we get into it
Jessica what have you been enjoying lately
Um I have been trying to get back on my consistent working out game I am (ohhh) I know you know, um I've done yoga now twelve days in a row I'm very proud of myself. But.

I've also been trying to reincorporate cardio I am someone who enjoys working out from home and so what I've been enjoying is I have done her videos before but she went back into my recommended in Youtube and I forgot about her and her name is MK fit and she does.

HIIT style dance cardio HIIT videos strength training videos and kickboxing. But I've mostly done her kickboxing and um HIIT style dance workouts. But the reason that I love her I sent one to Amanda all of the themes are amazing.

She has an Olivia Rodrigo one that's amazing she has a heavy metal kickboxing that is like if you are into heavy metal and you just need to let some of your feels out. It's so good. But anyways all her videos are great but all of the themes are just so awesome. I did a fall out boy versus panic! at the disco. Um, one yesterday. So I just highly highly recommend. How about you.

Um I have been rewatching gilmore girls lately? Um, my go to comfort show rewatch for when I just need something on that I'm not paying attention to is typically grey's anatomy I have seen. I know everyone there are 25000000 episodes and you know what I've seen all of them at least 3 times. Yes, that includes the current season I can fly through a rewatch of the entire show in like two to three months um but


I don't know I'm just very talented but in my recent like I need something casual to put on while I work and don't want to think about work. Um pursuit. I wasn't really feeling grey's this time and I remembered that years ago I did a couple gilmore girls rewatches and that's also a good comfort show and you know it's not like anyone doesn't know this already. But I just am talking it up now because it's fun it's witty and it doesn't piss me off like most older shows so this is your reminder to um, watch things and make you happy and especially while you're working.

Yes, yeah, and that is a perfect segue into us um, watching content that makes us happy. Ah, for the most part but we'll get into it um season 2 of suite life it premiered February third um 2006 through June second 2007 in that like fifteen month period they put out 39 episodes for season 2 Um and I know Amanda has to watch all of them I only have to watch the like 18 to 20 that she narrows it down to.

Um, so I am very lucky but Amanda has to um, basically eat sleep breathe um Zack and Cody right now.

Um, yeah I don't really have time for other things to watch I keep being like oh I can sit down and watch Gilmore girls and then um, no, but that's fine that's fine it's fine guys it's fine um we'll say season 2 I
didn't remember nearly as many episodes as season 1 season 1 I like knew every episode season 2 there were a lot where I was like am I watching this for the first time like it doesn't seem brand new but I also don't remember it.

Wow Wow I feel like at least the ones you narrowed down I remembered almost every single one (Interesting) probably because you picked the more memorable ones is my guess. 

Some of those ones I didn't remember 
Oh interesting. Yeah Um, just to Keep you guys like in like loop of the timeline Zack and Cody are now in their final year of middle school is kind of where we're at in season 2 ah recurring characters from season one that we do not see in this season is Muriel who's the lazy housekeeper.
And tapeworm who was max's friend that then became Zack and Cody's friend

Muriel was a surprise for me I remembered her being in so many more episodes.

I know I remember her as like a main side character (yeah) like 1 of the more prominent side characters like Esteban but she's really not.

She's really in like 5 or 6 episodes in season 1 and that's it yeah crazy but we do have some other recurring characters who either came in in season 2 or were introduced in season 1 and became more prominent in season 2

So we have Bob who was in the infamous episode 18 that is not on Disney plus um ah of he has Dyslexia and Zack pretended to have Dyslexia. He's that Bob and he's played by Charlie Stewart and he's just like. I don't know a silly little ginger dude who's friends with them. Warren played by Gus Hoffman is one of their friends I'm going to be so for real outside of max and Bob their friends are interchangeable like they have no distinct personalities that I've ever I don't know their names. I don't.

That's very fair. Um, we also get agnes not interchangeable no not interchangeable she's played by Allie Grant she's like kind of a.

dorky-ish classmate that has a crush on Zack like she wants to be in with the cool crowd is the vibes that I got from her.

She had a crazy obsessive crush on Cody in season 1 and then Zack goes on a date with her in place of Cody and then her crush transfers. But she's very much there as like comedic relief in a way that makes me feel a little icky but then sometimes.
I like her so I don't know.

Mhmm We saw her on an episode of that's So Raven the actor. Um, and also she plays isabel in weeds um, but it is a very like it's a face that you see it and you're like oh I know that actress um then

Speaking of which yeah we get Jessica and Janice played by Camilla and Rebecca Rosso who are english blonde twins that go on to that direct to Dvd legally blonde movie.

Mhmm Yeah, and the fun thing about them too is they actually were in the crowd because this show was had crowds watch it. Mmmm Um, and so they were pulled from the crowd.

And a producer was like you guys should really um, practice and apply to be on the show. We think you would be great. Um, and so then they applied they really liked the way they read for these love interests. They were supposed to only be on 1 episode and then they became recurring. Characters because they liked the way they played the characters so much.

And I'm going to be honest, you can tell from the way that they are written in that they were only supposed to be in 1 episode. Sure. We also have the introduction of chef Paulo who is the main chef at the Tipton which in last season they said had 3 restaurants but Ah, chef paulo's the only chef that I've seen and he's played by Jerry Kernian he's done a lot of like guest star roles. He was a voice role in the princess and the frog he's in Zoey 101 he's in I didn't do it. He's got a long IMDB but you don't really know who he is. We also have who
I forgot was in suite life and she's actually credited with a 3 name moniker as in her middle name Vanessa Anne Hudgens comes in as a classmate of London and Maddie yes, they're together in school now we'll get into that. Ah her character's name is Corey she's a ditz who's obsessed with London in a creepy way yup and we have the return of Monique Coleman who plays Mary Margaret who's kind of sassy another classmate and Barbara Brownstein who is Sophie Oda played by Sophie Oda

Ah, she was in season one as the girl with the volcano that didn't work in the science fair and she is now in multiple episodes in season 2 as an actual character classmate of Zack and Cody and she's like the smart asian girl that rivals Cody.

another I wanted to mention so some of these friends of Zack and Cody you mentioned were introduced in season 1 However, the main friends that we followed in season one were max and tapeworm mhmm and then it's
Like we get rid of tapeworm we see max a couple times but the main friends are like Bob Warren and then there's this other guy I don't remember his name but he's in a couple episodes as well and I just disney does this with they've done it with other they did it with Phil of the future I'm sure they did it with the other shows as well.

Where they like in season. 1 introduce you to a set of friends and then they're like don't really care about these such it up for season 2 and I'm like I don't what was wrong with max and tapeworm I was fine with them.

Yeah, and I think sometimes people choose not to come back but sometimes Disney chooses for them to not come back and I like
the elevation of some of the roles like I like Agnes and Barbara having bigger roles but they never even mention where tapeworm is like that's my thing when Brenda Song left Phil of the future didn't they mention that she moved or something I feel like they did.

yeah I think so um.

Like I need you to mention it and I I could have used more alyson stoner but she was also probably busy like I get that she's like a workaholic you know I don't know it is weird. It is weird because it starts to feel like a different show I think this one though didn't suffer from it as much as phil of the future because we have such a large ensemble cast as it is that the majority of the characters are stable.

Yeah I agree I don't think it like effected the overall show. Um I think the show still feels relatively the same watching it compared to season 1 but it was something and noted where I'm like why does Disney always do this who who decided that this is how we do it. Like I don't get it

I think the the most notable tone change between season one and season 2 is now both of our teenage groups Zack and Cody and Maddie and London go to school regularly visibly.
We saw we had a couple school episodes I don't even know if I had you watch any of them. But we only had like 2 or 3 school episodes in season 1 and now it's a pretty prominent feature of the show which is not something I remembered I thought that they were like at the tipton 99% of the time.

So seeing there's new sets. There's new stock footage. Um, there's new side characters. So that's like that to me is the the tonal change you know.

Yeah, yeah I agree we see them outside of the tipton a lot more um which I think is good. It's like how much can you do in a hotel Well a lot yeah but I think that's probably what the writers were saying was how much can you do in a hotel. well with that let's get into the first episode episode 1 odd couples.

Ah, this is one of the most memorable show episodes of this show that Disney ever put out.

And the reason it was so memorable is we get our guest star Zac Efron who plays Trevor.

They said put him in the first episode baby and you know that's because high school musical had like just come out or was coming out. It came out in 2006 so it was around that time they were like throw in.

Yeah, put him in the mix. He's what's hot right now. Let's keep that momentum moving disney knows what they're doing. He plays a merit scholar um getting into the plot Zack I'm going to go with the A plot um zac efron is not part of this plot but that's ok, but he's here guys just wait yeah, yeah, Zack and Cody's friends are coming over to play like a d and d type game was the vibe I got

I got like Catan.

Oh it Gave me role playing vibes though like they were playing characters but I but it also was taking over the world.

yeah it was like taking over kingdoms and like resources. Either way they're playing a tabletop game.

Mhmm But the room is a mess so Carey's like you need to clean this room before your friends come over. It looks disgusting so Cody cleans it in Zack supervises. But right as the room is like pristine. The friends are right about to arrive Zack like I dunno turns around and then there's a giant pile of shit everywhere respect I have that talent too and Cody is like pretty irritated at this point but their friends are over. He's kind of like sorry for the mess this is Zack um, but they're eating snacks. They're playing their game Zack dips a little weeny cocktail weeny that Cody cooked into some mustard and it falls on the floor and Cody loses it. Um, so he's like you know what I had enough of this I'm moving out and where does he move to? The coat closet.
Yup, and then he fully renovates the coat closet. He has multiple people come over. He builds it a little yard a little mailbox and the boys decide that they are going to go hang out in the coat closet with him. Ah, because he has food and it's cleaner than as I really need you to read exactly how you describe this. Everyone loves his closet room way more than.

Zack's tone jam stinky room 

Yes, ah so ah, Zack eventually is like what is going on in this room and he goes in and there's like maid service and masseuse and room service and 

And they're hanging a Tv the a big screen Tv like a giant Tv

Yeah, and um, then Zack leaves and he's like this sucks and then Carey's like what's going on in my closet and everyone spills out and Zack finally cleans his room and. Cody moves back in and it's not really because that clean its rooms because the fire marshal shut him down.

Mhmm into our B plot. There's a merit scholar competition at the tipton and London flirts with one of the attendees Trevor who's zac efron. Um. And he invites her to lunch and she immediately realizes. She's like I am not smart enough to go to this lunch like I cannot hang out with this guy like I cannot keep a conversation and so she pays maddie a hundred dollars to help her prep for the date. I don't really know what happens with the lunch thing. We don't see them go to lunch but instead they are going to a museum together and so maddie gives london a little like earpiece to put in her ear. So then maddie can tell london what to say in response to trevor. And so they're like walking around the museum. It's a little silly because london's repeating every single thing maddie says even though half of them don't apply and trevor's like what are you saying um. Then london learns that he wants to be the president when he grows up and so maddie of course being our environmental queen that she is um has london ask a question about the environment and he mentions like oh we don't need to worry about that. There's too many restrictions already.

Um, and this sets Maddie off and so Trevor bumps into her they yell at each other they have to explain what's going on and then they're like screaming because they have opposite views and then they kiss.

Yep, ah, they do go to lunch I'm pretty sure they go to lunch and then when they're coming back is when he invites her to the museum and she tells Maddie at the candy counter like I barely made it through the lunch I can't go through a whole museum and that's when they

That makes more sense.

Make the plan I'm pretty sure. Um, yeah, yeah, there's a lot to un pack in the B Plot not as much in the A plot.

yeah, not as much in the A plot we can touch on those really quickly. 

Zack is mentioning or cody 1 of them is mentioning the things that are in the fridge like snacks in the fridge and cheese balls is mentioned which is weird. You don't keep those in the fridge. Um, also he is shut down by the fire marshal because we learn that the closet is over 6 by six feet like six and half by 6 and three quarters or something so it's a giant closet and all that's permitted according to the fire marshal is three coats in an umbrella. Yeah. What.

yeah, you know Carey's not limiting what's in that closet to that.

Also like that's just silly like.

also I wrote related to that size. This closet would go as a studio in New York City for two k and that's with the mini fridge and no real bathroom like yeah that that.

New York Renovates closets into studios all the time.

Yeah, also like not really relevant to the plot. But I do have to mention it that because of the whole closet situation. There are a lot of doorbells and a lot of knocking that occurs in this episode and if you have a dog. It's a very annoying So just warning you.

Did he react a lot.

Oh my God every time a doorbell goes off on the Tv he swears it is our doorbell and I have a very very very protective mutt. That's like all guard dog breeds. So it just set him off. Um and he goes into like full on guarding the house mode.

Oh poor baby.

And then you have to like calm them down and then I would press play and another damn doorbell and come off go off and I'm like are you kidding me I can't watch this.

okay, A plot Okay B Plot B Plot Whatever sorry to me, it's the A plot Yeah yeah it probably is they were pretty equal. yeah they were I have a law of thoughts so we really brought fucking zac efron talk of the town Troy Bolton hot hot hot to play a nerd that takes London to lunch.

Yeah, and they dressed him up as a nerd which was kind of sad because the wasted potential like he he's a jock in high school musical. Why is he and was he like I need diversity in my roles like was he worried about being typecast like who who chose that.

Well and then all the lines they gave him were grammar jokes and I'm like this is really what you want for your career this character.

I mean I don't think he chose this character or wrote this character.

That's fair I don't think he wrote it but I just like I it's just crazy to me that this is what we brought Zac efron on to do.

The nerd part of it does not bother me nearly as much as the Republican part of it like they brought him in to be a baby Republican nerd. (Yeah yes) He said I want to be president and.

The environment has he doesn't just say guys that the environment has too many restrictions on development he then is like I bet you blame the oil companies for global warming and Maddie's like because they're to blame which (is true) spoiler they are (yeah) and they keep fighting like this in this weird like.

Enemies to lovers which ends with a do you want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss you I'm surprised someone as smart as you has to ask and then they make out twice. Um, and it's giving gross. It's weird. Um I know there are some people who are in relationships with people who are opposite politically to them.

Could never be me and why we're having children have such strong political opinions that are so divisive and then also use that as a bonding plot I don't understand and I don't like it.

Yeah, it's, Icky. It's icky it's icky also like adding on to his weird I Want to be president thing. He also mentions like I want to be a president then go on to be a talk show host which was just like really alarming. It was just. A big no from me.

It was kind of reminiscent of how Obama got criticized for being the first president to go on late night do you remember that? Mhmm yeah it was. It's like he can be a nerd I'm not wrong with that I'm not upset about that.

It's the ah specific style of nerd that they wrote him Mhmm in as and Maddie's reaction to it (yeah) that is that rubs me the wrong way. However, as a kid did I find it kind of hot. Yeah.

Sure but I do agree like the enemies to lovers but using (but they're just enemies) like politics in children to them portray that plotline is yeah, it's just not great. Um, really small things.

Maddie is so close to them in this museum and I'm like isn't the chip so she can hear what's going on and like I don't understand why she's so close that's confusing to me. Also this is like a black earbud like so a larger than an airpod but doesn't stick out like an airpod you know, but like a black round earbud in London wears her hair up and I'm like we can see it the entire time 
No one ever sure London was smart 
sure but it's so obvious.

I Just remember as a child being scandalized by this episode because
Troy Bolton and Sharpay Evans kissed

Mmmm mmhmm I didn't connect those but that is that was one of my thoughts growing especially because Vanessa Hudgens is in this season.

Yeah I true like I obviously remember the Zac episode I did not remember that Vanessa Hudgens is in this show and like there's there's so many suite life people are so many high school musical people in suite life. It's weird it's weird 

quotes um don't remember when this one was said but you're not helping the cause people I think that's something to do with I don't know Um, also.

I was gonna make something up but I'm not doing that for you all today Um, Cody at 1 point a little timer in the kitchen goes off and he goes oo my weenies are done and then he like prances off to the kitchen and it was cute. Um London says I know. All about Genealogy. It's where you rub the lamp and get 3 wishes and it just honestly love of the writing for London every single time.

And this is how she gets through the lunch is she just makes these jokes that she doesn't actually think are jokes. They're real statements but Zac efron's like oh my God She's so smart she can make jokes out of it yeah like it's like a pun.

yeah, um, also Carey goes. She's leaving to and she needs to grab a coat from the closet but it's Cody's room and um. Cody hands her a coat and she's like oh no I wanted a blue one or something and he goes not with those shoes.

Yeah, that does happen Maddie I'm just going to say it? Ok, there's 2 thesis that I am developing I'm developing a lot of things actually about suite life I have so many thoughts guys the longer we get into this please don't hate me I know y'all wanted us to watch it so bad.

And we are watching it for you but I'm not going to sugarcoat my thoughts. Okay I'm developing a list of Esteban's Lore I'm developing a list of um how this is pushing some weird Disney moderate agenda as ah, shown in this episode and others and also how London is actually a better friend than Maddie by like a million times. Oh a hundred percent Maddie is so mean Maddie's a terrible friend Maddie is so mean to London And manipulative first quote in this episode when London is I don't know talking about the the merit scholars and

Maddie says I've met bread smarter than you yeah like she's just a b*tch yeah she really is episode 4 heck's kitchen guest stars We have multiple that

Don't matter and then the only one that kind of matters is Jim Jansen who plays a food critic and he plays the reverend in Gilmore girls A plot which is the only plot I think the only plot chef Paulo and Cody cook together in the kitchen because

They like to cook together Cody likes to cook turns out, he's really good at it. Mr moseby learns that there's a food critic coming to the hotel who is a master of disguises and so for the first time ever. He employs Zack and Cody to do his dirty work. Carey's not sure how she feels about it but she doesn't really have a say in it. He tells Zack and Cody. Go find out who the food critic is based on these photos that he has from his like hotel blogs about critics disguises and so they assault multiple guests of the hotel trying to find the critic. They tell a woman that they thought she was a man. They
Literally vacuum a beard off of a man's face and then they see a cowboy and they're like that's the last possible disguise. He's the critic. Everyone's ready for it. However, Paulo he quits because London's dog won't eat his food and that's an insult and he takes his whole team with him. So Cody. Gets roped into filling in for Paulo he can only make one dish to his full confidence that is chef Paulo's chicken the chicken paulo and he ropes in Moseby Zack Carey London and Maddie as all of the line cooks. Do they know how to cook. No No Patrick is the only waiter.

Um, right now because rich and um, some other guy get hit by doors and fall over so Maddie and London have to do the famous tipton tossed salad. But really, they're just tossing salad all over the whole restaurant and into their own mouths which then gets onto the plate of the Cowboy. Also he didn't order the chicken. He ordered the seafood Medley because they couldn't bully him into ordering something he didn't want so they're making the seafood Medley and the things keep happening and the the cody keeps yelling at people to be better. He tells Carey I'm going to play to your strengths you're on dishes duty he has zack go get a squid that gets suctioned on to him and everyone fights to get it off and the squid squirts ink at carey and then um, basically Cody is just such a jerk that they all quit. Yeah. Um they quit and finally I don't know Carey could talks some sense into him.

Yeah yeah.

She's like you can't be a jerk to people and he's like I'm sorry if I'm better. Will you come back? So they come back. They finish the dish they serve it to the cowboy and he's like this is delicious I would totally give you a good review if I were a reviewer and then the actual critic next to him is like I am a reviewer and um. I'm not going to give you a good review and they're like wait wait wait wait wait and shove food in his mouth and he's like all right I'll come back later and then they have Chef Paulo come back. That's the plot sorry I was really on a roll. We're we're already half an hour in and we've got episodes to cover 
Yeah, Nope that was perfect. 
my very first note is because Jeff writes the summaries down for our documents I've seen this episode so I know what happens and yet reading the summary was a wild ride and imagine reading it without watching without having seen this episode.

yeah, this episode is crazy like when you threw it in you mentioned that they literally vacuum a beard off someone because that happens like it's.

what I ignored is that the very start of this episode as you noted London walks in wearing a dog cone yeah because her dog has to wear a cone and she's wearing one in solidarity.

also I have to mention small throwback to our last episode where I mentioned that Emma Stone plays the voice of Yvonna and you were like that's creepy because that has to be her step mom. no no no Yvonna is the dog.

Oh my God ah.

Emma stone in an episode was London's dogs voice I just so I needed to clarify that to our like 12 listeners.

Um, and I totally know that that's her dog's name and I know exactly what episode you're talking about now except that does not sound like Emma Stone but that's fine I made us not watch that episode because the b plot or a plot was a lady in the tramp style dog dialogue it was weird. Anyway 

the amount of unsanitary tasting that is happening in this kitchen and this is not just happening after chef Paulo quits this is happening while chef Paulo is still in the kitchen him and Cody are tasting each other's dishes and they're taking a spoon and dipping it and trying it and then the same spoon again (goes right back in) and I was like ah gross.

also on that note, the fact that you're like there's there's a twelve year old boy as the head chef of this actual restaurant like imagine. Telling a world renowned food critic that you had a 12 year old boy cooking the food like there's so many violations yeah to business law and etiquette that are going on here like they could shut down the Tipton for this or at least the restaurant.

yeah, like just child labor laws alone. Not even like.

Oh my God I didn't even think about that I was thinking about all the health code violations and like you know, having people who are certified to actually work.

Yeah, no, just child labor laws alone. They could be shut down on top of all the other laws that they're breaking it is just mind blowing and moseby does say he's like our chef just quit Cody had to step in and I'm like why are you telling the food critic all this RIGHT yeah it's crazy

I Honestly made us watch this episode just because I thought you would have lots of notes about both the hotel and restaurant side of it and the food critic side and like but you didn't really other than this is stupid.

no, it's the disguises thing is like literally so dumb one they don't normally send back if you guys want to get into the nitty gritty. They will not send the same I guess they will send the same critic to different establishments. But let's say you're getting certified for 1 year they're not going to send that same critic back to certify you for the following year or the year after they would send a different one. So it's not like you could like (But I don't think) really know what to expect and they're not wearing disguise.

Well I don't I don't think this critics been to the Tipton before because Moseby had the photos from like his group of hotel as like his friends and they didn't recognize the critic they would recognize him if he'd been there because he's not wearing a disguise.

Well we don't know because at the end he then puts on a different voice.

My God I f*cking forgot about that or they were like you're not in a disguise and then like a woman's voice comes out being like yeah.

Yeah, it was very strange. Um, well I didn't think the whole. Okay, it's weird that Moseby employs the boys but also. Like when a critic comes to a hotel it kind of is like that the front desk staff will be like this person checked in. They asked all these questions that are very strange and not like a normal guess I think they might be a critic and then another person's like interacted with that same guest made them a reservation at the restaurant again. They asked all these questions think they might be a critic like everyone. Constantly like on top of like this person seems like they're just asking a little too much about the specifics like everyone is on edge when it's the season so I didn't think like that portrayal was actually very accurate. But then the antics and the craziness that happened is just like no
I Also have to point out that I thought that I pointed this out in the notes I don't know they're They have a full restaurant and they're cooking one meal for one man

yeah, there's like all these people who are just like sitting there and they got salad thrown all over them. They just got attacked with salad and then are not being fed because they're only cook. yeah, you wanna talk about- sorry No go.

I was gonna say you wanna talk about the unsanitary tasting talk about when the grape tomato went in London's mouth and then she spat it out on the plate for the cowboy.

So gross. It's gross. Um, this is a London line I'm pretty sure (haha has to be) I don't remember oh maybe has to do with her cone that she's wearing um, but she goes oh look I'm a lamp shade and then I think this is a Cody line when they're all in the kitchen and Cody's like
Yeah, it's it's when they won't order the chicken but they check they they take the the seafood instead.

And he has to switch what he's making and he goes all right people drop what you're doing and everyone literally drops what they're doing (mhmm) on the floor.

he's giving head chef episode 6 forever plaid this is where we get who Vanessa Hudgens Vanessa Ann Hudgens as Corey. So

A plot London's dad is Upset that she just like doesn't go to school she literally her attendance is horrible. The school didn't even know that she was registered for school because she's just doesn't go and so they transfer her to our lady of perpetual sorrow which is the school that Maddie goes to that also Mary Margaret goes to and Corey. Goes to um, it's London's first day and she's upset because she thinks she looks horrible because of the uniform. And the cafeteria food is like prison food.
Yeah yeah, like everything is terrible. In class the nuns talking about an assignment and she raises her hand and she is like you know that assignment like doesn't work for me and Maddie's like this is not how this works like ah and so Maddie's trying to get. London's attention and so she like crunches up a piece of paper in a ball and throws it and it hits the nun in the face. Um, and so then they both get 2 hours of detention. But while in detention we learn that there's 2 visiting nuns. That they're like preparing for a presentation. Um by them for and but they ran out of the holy sugar cookie and so the nun's like you stay right here I'll be back in 1 hour I'm gonna run and get the holy sugar cook cookies. You guys don't go anywhere.

but of course London tries to leave because she's a fashion show that she wants to go to and maddie's like no, you need to stay for detention. The fashion shows all the way New York we're in Boston you're not even gonna get there in time and we're gonna get in trouble. But. In all of this happening they get locked out of the detention room. So they're like oh what do we have to do so then they dress up as nuns and so the actual nuns at the school are like oh you must be the visiting nuns and you must be her translator and this is where we learn that the visiting nuns are from helsinki and so. Maddie is pretending to speak finnish and London is speaking finnish to her and translating and they're going into the room and Corey comes up and is like oh my god it's London Tipton and realizes that it's Maddie and London in disguise um they're giving like a presentation a q and a and then they ask her to sing some songs and she is a um musician that has some recorded folk songs and it's at that time that the detention nun
Shows back up and it's like these are impostors and she has the real visiting nuns. Um, and also weirdly London is then like basically. Gets off scott free. They're like ope you were sorry for what you've done. You took responsibilities for your actions. So you're not punished.

Yeah I'll get into that when we get to our notes Kay B plot Oh God Um the boys are playing in a hotel room and make a lamp fall over and it chips the wall and then Arwin kind of comes to help fix it but then they accidentally make a hole bigger and then they can see through to the next room and there's a girl's soccer team so they become little peeping toms. They convince Arwin to leave and go have lunch with their mom so they can spy on the girls Bob shows up and he's like so you're peeping and they're like we're exploring science and he's like so you're peeping. And they're like give us $10 and you can do it too and so he does and then Warren also shows up and they end up drilling 4 holes so that all 4 of them can peep at the same time and then the girls find out and poke all of them in the eye. And simultaneously moseby arrives and is like I've had a complaint you guys are disgusting Arwin shows up and is like what are you looking at and he gets poked in the eye and then Carey makes them all write an apology and tells on them that peeping is wrong.

No, she makes some write an essay on why an apology and to essay on why peeping is wrong like as she should yeah fair as she should fair.

let's get the boy Plot line out of the way because I have two notes and you had none. Other than it's truly just terrible.

yeah, it's terrible like I Actually really found this episode quite enjoyable and funny. But the boy plot just like ruined it for me I'm like why really. We wrote this in.

The yeah yep and I think Carey says something like I think I I thought I taught you to respect women more than this actually I don't know if she says it in this episode. She says it in some episode. It's a regular. Why are I know. Kids are curious but that's overboard also were you gonna say something.

No I Just agree it get-uhhhh. Ah, that's how it makes me feel.

It's icky. The ah plot does start off with them doing something and they do the classic ayeayeayeayeaye like whatever you know where they like like it's like a handshake for them and they do ayeayeayaye at (yeah) the same 

I can't even do it in the rhythm that they do it apparently it's in my head in that rhythm and I can't it's not coming out of my mouth the right way and I'm just I have to move on I'm embarrassing myself at this point but there is also some good physical comedy at the beginning because Arwin's like do what I do and so they copy all of his moves and then he falls because of his belt and pants situation I don't know and so they'd just go and shrug and fall and it's like if it was a little reminiscent of Raven the the physical.

yeah, there is in general a lot of Raven elements in this episode in the a plot and the b plot. The physical comedy is high and the use of like costumes or disguise as well

Yeah, all right getting into this mother frickin a plot yeah that so I just want to start out with the Disney plus summary is London gets sent to public school (no) and this is Not a public school. This is a private catholic school with a fancy building and a bunch of strict nuns and I don't know how Maddie Affords it

Well my guess is like maybe she's on some sort of scholarship or grant.

I Guess it's never mentioned and you'd think it would be because they love to mention how poor she is.

Um, yeah, it's definitely not public school and I find it hilarious that the description says that and it's like is this what Disney thinks is public school like.

It's so not public school that they get breakfast at school in what world. Do you get breakfast at school.

Well, most schools offer breakfast. But yeah, most schools offer breakfast. It's just not a standard like not everyone gets it. Um, but like.

Did our school offer breakfast Mhmm I did not know that.

It's probably because me and you were not in the income brackets where we qualified for free breakfast so we did not ever get it. But I was friends with people who were in those brackets and qualified for free breakfast and would have breakfast at school.

Well, that's free breakfast but did they sell breakfast. You could buy it. Yeah I didn't know that. 

But this was like included and it was cafeteria style. It felt weird like I agree it was strange. It was not normal. you say New Stock foot age and The budget went up set budget went up which I agree you can see that.

Yeah, anytime that there's additional sets added you know it's like the 4 season of Hannah Montana when they got the whole pier set and it's like I don't know that I needed a whole nother set because that's when it starts to feel like another show but disney said money.

Um, I just have to say this plot is so ridiculous because Maddie is trying to get London to just be like a normal student at school and like. Respect the boundaries of going to a catholic school but then it like does this hard pivot into them just being silly silly silly pretending to speak finnish and singing songs on stage together and it is really funny. Like I found myself really cracking up at what was happening.

That's fair I'm glad you enjoyed it I really only think I assigned it because it's when London starts going to Maddie's school and that becomes a recurring theme. Um, so I'm glad that you enjoyed it like that I thought it was fine. The whole detention scene was like whatever Madie's freaking out I don't go to detention and then the' the guy that locks them out is like a weirdo but he locks them out because they call him a weirdo and he doesn't like being called a weirdo. It's not the word. It's like freak or nerd or something. Um, what I do really like about Maddie-
About London and Maddie going to school together because as we mentioned Maddie's a little bitch as we even posted a clip about and in all of the school episodes. This is a recurring theme the way London gets off at the end so they're sat in the office with the nuns.Talking about what happened and London says like don't blame this on Maddie like this is all my fault I'm the one that wanted to leave and she told me not to and but blah blah and that's how she gets off because catholic like repentance you know and so the nun is like well London could take.

Responsibility for her actions and Maddie you're just blaming it on London and that's you know so London gets off and that is a recurring theme anytime that they're at school that they're like well like even though London like gets off in life because she gets preferential treatment because she's rich 

At school like she really shouldn't but they just are like constantly shitting on Maddie because she's constantly blaming London and I really enjoy it.

Yeah I agree with this like Maddie maybe deserves a little bit of it but also in a lot of these. It's like well London is the reason that she got caught up in this and she was trying to help London so it's like.

Oh I agree like in this instance it was London's fault and in most instances it is London's fault but in general it just feels a little karmic.
Um, sure sure um quotes Yeah, we have quite a few for this one.
I think this either is Something that Corey says I'm pretty sure cor-or London Um, oh yeah, maybe on to but no I think it's Cory. But I'm not sure but there's when she arrives at school. There's a is Paris Hilton in this class. Um, which I just loved the call to Paris Hilton directly
Um, and then when Mr Moby goes upstairs to scold the boys after he got the complaint from the girls room about them peeping and they were like no we weren't like he goes oh pish posh you people were peeping. It's really good.

In the cafeteria. The first day of school London says I look horrible and Maddie says you're wearing or we're all wearing the same thing. London says you look horrible too.

Yeah, yep.

Ah, um, regularly amusing to me is because they're nuns everyone that works this school so Maddie calls them sister, whatever or just sister and so london goes look sis and explains why the assignment isn't going to work for her and the nun goes. Sure lon and then says more and I just I like that they she regularly calls them sis instead of sister and they don't correct her. They just call her Lon instead of London yeah it's cute and then also what I thought was funny. A little touch that I was actually a little surprised. London was smart enough to pull off but she said don't call it helsinki. It's hecksinki.

Hecksinki. Yeah yeah, all right episode 7 election. Um, Cody is going to run for school president to make a difference starting with the school cafeteria food. And carey encourage zack to also run for something. She's like maybe treasurer you like money? Um, but he learns that the school president conference-

the National National conference of middle school presidents is happening on maui.

Correct. That's ridiculous Let that sink in guys. and London okay, so then Zack's like you know what I'm going to run for president too because I want to go to Hawaii.

And so London agrees to help Zack with his campaign because they're like we can win people by buying them and Maddie's like no, you need an actual campaign. You need actual things that you're gonna change and so she agrees to help Cody.


And so Zack's like promising ice cream and a skate park in supermodels in every art class which what? um, he even has the cheerleaders do like a cheer for him and Cody's are very practical. He wants more funding to go to science and art supplies. Um, and so Cody and Maddy are like okay we're losing. Everyone's falling into Zacks antics and crazy things that there's no way of him guaranteeing and so they are like we need to play a trick and mess with the zack's campaign. So Zack has this sign that like rotates?

London paid for like an electric sign that changes photos regularly. Yeah.

Yeah, and so they like give him a mustache and paint silly things on those- which is not how electric signs work yeah, and so yes, Zack and London are like we need to get back at Cody this is Not okay and zack kind of mentions to London like are we taking this too far but we don't really know what the plan is yet and so Zack does his presidents speech and Cody is still late Bob goes first Bob's also running for president. It's not important. 

it is though it is ah.

And so as part of Zack's speech he shows the class a blown up picture of Cody after like watching a horror movie so he's all scared and frightened and wrapped with his blanky. And they're like is this what you want as class president or do you want me and supermodels and ice cream. Um, and at the final moment Cody shows up and he's on Arwin's jet pack which that will link into b plot. But he's on this jet pack that arwin gave to him and he's flying around the auditorium and everyone is cheering for him and then he flies around the room and he crashes but it kind of seemed semi-planned so I wasn't sure if it was a crash landing but it was um, a crash and so he goes up and he does his speech and everyone's making Fun of him they're like ooh scaredy cat. Um, and so finally Zack speaks up and is like cut it out like give Cody a chance. He has actual ideas I'm not giving you guys any of these things that I promise like those things are not happening and so he withdraws from the race and tells everyone to vote for Cody.

B plot Arwin is upset because there was ah another hotel engineer on the cover of like hotel Engineers weekly. Ah I don't know some or quarterly

Excuse me some weird ah made up magazine and this rival engineer was being awarded or noticed for improving efficiencies around the hotel so he's on some weird shit. Ah. Improving the speed of the elevator which now goes way too fast putting this like Jetpack thingy or some sort of motor on the bell cart so that it'll go quicker and also using the Jet pack to clean the windows outside all of these things go horribly wrong. (Terribly) Like the cart gets stuck he a bird lands on his head and then a hawk comes while he's cleaning the window and then eventually moseby is like thanks because you trying to improve efficiencies around the hotel.

Made all of the other employees step up and become more efficient so they wouldn't get replaced with robots Mhmm it's a silly little plot.

It's silly um speaking of the election plot was zack and Cody I understand that this is 2005 and that we've come. A long way with our Cgi and our animation and things like that. However, this jet pack scene looked terrible.

Yeah I wrote worse than the spy kids' jetpack scene which is from like six years prior so it isn't in fact, not okay, however, as we're discussing this I must point out. You know if a Disney show had a jetpack scene today. It would look like this.

I would hope not I would hope it would look at least 20% better

No a disney plus show would look 20% bus- better a Disney channel show would look the same.

But it's like so messed yeah it's terrible yeah up that not like his body size changes depending on where the frame is in reference to the Jet pack because they're showing him fly around so depending on the angle like.

Cody is huge and the jetpack is small or the jetpack is giant and Cody looks tiny because they just couldn't get like the angle and the sizing right? It is really bad like really really bad.

I didn't even notice the body changing sizes but I feel like Disney's like if you can't see the strings. You're welcome. Mhmm that's fair. It's ah just Disney's never cared about their cgi budget for for. Disney channel they're throwing it all at Marvel and those cgi yeah animators are unionizing so they're really throwing it all. At Marvel.

Yeah yeah also um, we didn't mention this but Agnes is like I'm gonna vote for Zack because Zack promised me that if he's president. He'll make me his queen and so she's all on this thing about. Becoming the queen and it just what? what's why Agnes? and then she asks Cody if he would do the same Yeah
Yeah, she's so weirdo she's a weirdo she is yeah. that's her whole personality max is like. I'm voting for zack because he said he'd make me an ambassador which I like max is in this episode but the ambassador thing Cody's like what does that even mean and she's like I don't know but it comes with an outfit. So.

Yeah, yeah, matching jackets or something she's like I'm sold.

What f*cking middle school presidential conference exists at all at all at all, let alone 1 in Maui.

yeah, like I don't even think there's a high school president's conference. You know there might not even be a college president's conference like.

I could maybe see a conference like this existing for really rich kid private schools however whereas Maddie and London go to a catholic school Zack and cody Pretty clearly go to public school. Yeah they do. They go to the f*cking Hannah Montana school set like it's not. It's not a private school and also Carey's broke so repeatedly in this season they're talking about how she shops at cheap Charlie's yeah so um, yeah, it's just what.

They have a what in where and also who's paying for that because we know Carey can't afford to fly him to maui.

Yeah yeah, it was strange.

London and Zack are crushing Cody because London is buying all of his little classmates stuff like towels and pens. Um, which are really like tipton branded merchandise that she's just giving out.

That's when Maddie has them go to arwin because they have to steal the election and she tells Cody that they have to show that the democratic process isn't for sale and how do they do this by stealing it which I just thought was funny because that's how politics get.

Corrupt they get bought and they get stolen but it was actually kind of a real lesson in that way. Yeah Um I really really enjoyed this added part of London's character that she takes joy out of crushing people. There's she asks for a devastating photo of Cody and when Zack supplies one she goes.
This will crush him and (mhmm) when Zack asks if they're going too far. She tells a fun little anecdote about how Moseby's predecessor was trapped on a cargo ship to work in the mines in South America (mhmm) and

It's heavily implied that she did that she (yeah) she trapped them on the cargo ship (she made it happen) to send them to South America to work in mines. Um Bob we have to touch on it. It's iconic. It's the moment. It's inspirational Bob decides at the last minute he was not running this whole episode and then they have the little presidential speech and he is up on the podium and he says I didn't know I was running either. But um, we're out of cable today our's cables out so I'm bored he runs he gives us little speech. No one does anything except his. Sister which is the actor that plays Bob in a wig sits at a table and cheers for him and he says thanks sis and then drops out immediately I'm withdrawing my hat from the race iconic. What why I don't know but great. Comedic Relief Probably the most I laughed in this episode.

Yeah, yeah, um, it was a moment where I was like wait so Bob with the wig that I was like this is so silly I actually like when they do that when they put the characters in like wigs to play other characters but it's themselves. It's. It does provide good comedic relief. (Yeah) the b plot especially at the end where moseby's like you know what arwin thank you for f*cking everything up around the hotel trying to make it more efficient because this made all of the employees so worried that they are now working harder

And just them touching on like the fear and reality of tech taking over jobs like it feels so much more real today with Ai and everything going on. It's like such a real topic that everyone's talking about. But the fact that they touch on this and this came out in 2006 shows that like this has always been a concern.

Yeah I mean that was a huge concern in or yeah, a huge concern in the ultimate christmas present that they put out years before this half a decade before this. Yeah 
for me the b plot the most notable thing was just that I like that this I I feel like it's very very rare. Um that a disney show gives b plots to full blown adults.

It's interesting to me the dynamics of this full ensemble cast where we have our tweens our teens and our adults all interacting (mhmm) so often this wasn't a Maddie and London plotline it was an arwin and moseby plotline I do.

Think that in order to accomplish this. They've decided to dumb down the majority of their adults arwin is an engineer. He's a very smart guy and he's also um, a very silly and kind of stupid at the same time which like I wouldn't say is unrealistic for engineers all the time you know they're not
Known to have the best people skills but they do kind of make him a little more immature that than would be normal.

Yeah, well and they not necessarily in this plot but they do that with Moseby and other stories too where like they made him this kind of like hard ass no nonsense guy and then in certain plots he gets in situations where you're like this doesn't really make sense.
But they had to put him in that situation for like humor or to move the plot along I do like that you brought this up though because in most on the shows. We've watched previously most of our B Plots follow the same characters. 
Yeah, like Lizzie was very formulaic if you think about it that way where it was like always Lizzie a Matt B.

Yeah, and I like and like Raven was mostly Raven a corey b like yes there were some exceptions but like more often than not where there's really no formula here like sometimes zack and Cody aren't the a plot someone else is the a plot. Yeah Um, and.

We don't always get London and Maddie as the b plot sometimes they're mixed into the a plot sometimes they are the a plot and someone else is the b plot um and like we'll have episodes where it's like Maddie and Esteban are part of a plot together. So I like that they kind of mix them all together. Um, it kind of helps with the world building.

yeah and we have episodes like the chef paulo and where there's only 1 plot and then we have ones like the one we're about to cover that has 3 plots. Yeah So.

we're gonna get right into that one but let's do a couple quotes Brenda Song uh London says to Maddie at 1 point dear Sweet Nave Maddie instead of naive.

Mhmm Mhmm
She she delivers so well. (Mhmm) Um, when Cody? Zack? one of the boys is mad about how the election is going. They walk they storm into their

I Was going to say apartment I guess it's their suite saying you backstabbing low life jerk which I don't know was a good line that I've remembered I do of note Carey immediately responds with you better be talking about your brother and then they say they're talking about their brother and she says don't talk about your brother that way.

And speaking of brothers ey I love a segue episode 8 Moseby's big brother I did not remember this episode at all in my brain. But here we go a plot Mr. Moseby's big brother and by big we mean older brother is in town. For a business deal. He's only in town for one night and Moseby is sh*ittin' bricks. He is so stressed out he's like my brother is perfect at everything and makes me seem terrible and we have to do everything perfectly because he's hyper critical. Mhmm Everyone in the staff though is like moseby You're great and also your brother wait. He's so charismatic. He's so great and his brother's like I would like to stay a couple extra days but his card gets declined and actually he's a millionaire who made some. bad decisions and now he's broke and he needs a job and Esteban suggests that he fill in as concierge and Moseby's like absolutely not. But then this ah ah, guest wants to go to this fancy restaurant that books up like six months in advance and somehow Spencer his brother just immediately is able to get a table and so he's like. Fine. You can be the concierge but then while he's the concierge. He's taking personal calls the entire time not doing his job at all 

There's like a long ass line forming of guests just like pacing and waiting for help and being ignored.

Fully Mr Moseby comes to confront him they apologize they work it out and then Spencer's like you're you know you're right? I'm so sorry. Also I'm rich again and I quit and then Mr Moseby is like you little and they get in an actual physical fight throughout the hotel. That's their plotline.

Yep, Um, the B Plot the boys want bikes again. Very weird reoccurring theme that we get but it's a reoccurring theme.

Let me tell you they either regularly need new bikes or new skateboards.

Yep and Carey's like I just bought you bikes and they're like no those are 8 years old and then they bring out the tiniest spikes ever and Carey's like let me see do we have the money and she's like we have negative $12 so so Zack and Cody um. Decide to buy a bike together Cody Pitches in a little bit more money than zack and they're gonna share it and Cody's waiting for his time but Zack shows up way late because he met a girl and he took forever to get home and now it's dark out and Cody can't ride the next day Zack returns the bike at the right time except it falls apart it on the hotel lobby floor in a million pieces. So Cody fixes ah spends all evening fixing it up making it perfect. But at the time that it's fixed. It's Zack's time to ride the bike again and so Cody's like pissed because he's like I keep on dealing with all this I put in more money and I haven't even even been able to enjoy this bike and so Carey ends up lecturing both Moseby and Cody and are like you guys need to stand up to your older brothers. And you need to confront them and tell them about the issues that are bothering you and so Cody confronts Zack about the bike and it's like you never do anything for me I always go out of my way to do things for you and then Cody finally rides the bike.

I had something in my head and it went away C plot Maddie is f*cking with London she realizes that London's been very into reading her horoscope and so Maddie is. Like messing with it. They email her fake horoscopes and she ropes esteban into it. He's like this is wrong and she's like London had you dress up as a fire hydrant when she was training her dog and he's like this is right. So they give her silly advice. They tell her to wear a bunny outfit to stop listening to music to not go outside and the not going outside was on a day when she's going to go to this like big fireman's ball. So she's like oh do you guys want my tickets so they go outside and they're waiting and then she comes out and like sprays them with it's like a fire hose but full of fire hydrant foam and says that she figured it out because she heard them talking and it ends like the credits are playing while this happens and this becomes a thing later on or more often where episodes will like the credits will be playing. While a scene is finishing and I just feel like maybe we didn't need 3 plots if you couldn't like finish it well in a timely manner. You know.

Yeah, and especially like when it was aired on Tv I'm sure that was less of an issue because they probably had like something on the screen than that in a corner and you could continue to watch it until it goes into commercial break but with streaming.

But streaming.

It like wants you to go automatically to the next episode.. There's so many other things on your screen that you really do Catch. It's like difficult to catch the last like minute of the episodes because it's wanting you to go to the next. And having all the credits going and then there's just this tiny little box and I'm like I don't even know what's going on in there like you know.

And and this an episode. We're going to talk about probably in our next podcast episode. They do that to wrap up an actual intense plot and it like really pissed me off because just felt rushed. Yeah Ah anyway, so that's the episode where do we start

So we're gonna start with them like Moseby older brother plot. There are points that made me very uncomfortable where spencer is there and Maddie's interacting with Spencer and she's like grinning and giggling and can't form a sentence and is incohere-Incoherent and like I don't know if this is supposed to be flirting or they're implying that she has a crush on Spencer but it's very weird and creepy and I didn't like it because he's a grown ass man and she's a fifteen year old and it just may be uncomfortable even if that wasn't the implication I didn't like those scenes.

So the main reason I had us watch this episode is because of something I'm surprised you didn't note what made me uncomfortable is the whole gag of it all the whole gag of this episode is that this is Moseby's big brother who he looks up to.

But he's played by an actor who is four foot 5 mhmm literally I looked it up. He's four foot 5 and so the whole time like he like like Moseby says he has this huge shadow that he lives in and Spencer shows up and they're like well I'd love to see his shadow but then.

As soon as Spencer starts talking. He's charismatic and that's when most or when Maddie starts kind of being flirty and like maybe she has a crush on him unless she's not really flirting but she's like smitten. She's like everyone's like immediately won over by him and she is in a way that yeah I agree is gross because it's kind of like a a crush. Type thing and then there's so many like short jokes or comments where people are going out of their way to not sound like they're making a short joke and I don't know it just felt weird to center an entire a plot like like his whole like.

Losing money and getting money back really wasn't a big deal. The whole thing was about how Moseby feels in comparison to his brother and in relation to that the the gag the thing that was always supposed to be laughter was how short he was.

Yeah, yeah Like did that make you uncomfortable because that made me uncomfortable.
It didn't make me as uncomfortable as it made you I Just thought it was kind of dumb, like it felt like lazy comedic writing (very lazy) to me to like yeah like comedy should like shoot up so you should be doing jokes at like the person who has the upper hand or someone who has like more power and like in some ways I guess he did because he had more money and more prestige.

But then it did because of the way the jokes were written. It really felt they were like shooting down on him on something he couldn't control and it just like yeah it was just lazy comedic writing.

It was like the joke was that someone short could be in yeah power which guys that has nothing to do with anything other than it can be harder for people who are shorter or quote unquote Abnormal physically.
To get power because Society is shallow. But yeah, yeah.
totally um, very less serious. when Moseby is trying to extend Spencer's stay and the card declines Moseby is like. Your card declined the machine is telling me to confiscate your card and this is really giving me um, lizzie Mcguire when Gordo orders all those pizzas on the credit card (I forgot about that) and then they like cut it up in front of him like I don't think a card machine is telling you to. Confiscate Someone's card like it would tell you that the charge didn't go through but it wouldn't be like you have to steal like take this away from the person who has it like what.

No, even if it was suspected identity theft. It wouldn't tell you to do that yeah it would just declined they can't tell you to do that no I want this again I'm adding I'm gonna compile a list on esteban I'm not going to compile a list on Carey. But we got some interesting notes on both of them in these plots the Carey lore mhmm when she was lecturing Moseby and Cody we learn she has a little sister who she bullied and her sister doesn't talk to her and also that in high school. She tried to share a boyfriend with her friend.

Mhmm yeah, yeah, we did learn that.

Yeah, she's a weirdo she is a weirdo that was my note was Carey's a weirdo um the esteban lore his town has a monkey mayor and a limo is a cart pulled by a llama mhmm who the f*ck are max and Lenny sorry What do you mean.

She wrote the B plot this is max and Lenny all over again who OHHHHHH

Yeah I'm likee what Are you talking about this plot is literally exactly copied from Lizzie Mcguire when max and lenny get those bikes and they're going to share it and max is a little asshole and Lenny never gets to ride the bike and they have a little fight. What do you mean who is Max and Lenny where were you the entire time we watched lizzie mcguire 

that was three years ago I forgot about Lenny I was trying to like max was making me think Alyson Stoner's character and then I was like is tapeworms name Lenny like what's going on or is this like a different show but I was not I forgot no cause his name isn't max. It's Matt.

oh you're right? (Dies of laughter)

We both just completely died so sorry to anyone listening if I don't cut that shorter. We both just had to die for 20 seconds but we're back.

We're back. Okay, we're back C plot London's horoscope it's giving co-star like her actual horoscope. At 1 point. She's like um so something like who told me to eat cookies or something like that and I'm like this is giving co-star when it's like. ins yoga mats and quiet time. And it'll be like outs electric outlets and you're like what like what does that mean for my day co-star. Um, and that's what it reminded me of.

absolutely I Love Co-star I Keep it around I Keep the daily notifications because they make me giggle and sometimes I send them to people because I'm like this is bonkers.

Yeah, it makes no sense. Um I do have to mention just because it's cute as f*ck I just found it adorable when London has to wear her bunny outfit. She's hopping around like a bunny eating a carrot and just it was cute.

Yeah, we have some quotes I don't know where this first one is from.

I don't remember either I want to say it's Zack and Cody but it could be a Spencer Moseby plotline

Oh it's it Moseby says this to spenser because Spencer said makes a comment when they're fighting that he shaved Moseby's hair when they were kids and Moseby says. 

yeah, and he Moseby says you said that was the hair gremlin. Yeah

I I compiled a few of the short jokes. There's more. But someone says Spencer looks a little low I mean down I mean sad like that's what I'm talking about where they're really punching down. It's like it's also the humor of like everyone trying not to be offensive which.

Kind of makes it offensive. Totally. It's really weird. Um Spencer does at 1 point play into it when Moseby's talking to him and he says are you belittling me and then everyone in line at the concierge desk looks at Moseby like he's awful. Mhmm um and then there's a weird joke at the end that where they're like you know why mom always treated you better referring to how their mom treated Spencer and there's this like linger like are they going to say are they finally going to address the fact that he's short because no one's said it this whole time. Mhmm

And then they say it's because Spencer's lactose intolerant. Mhmm It's so weird guys. It's so weird. Okay, our last episode.

0it's Weird. It's Weird. It's like why did we even include that. But yes last episode Twins at the Tipton take us away on our a plot.

A plot. There's a twin convention at the tipton hotel and Mr Moseby says Zack and Cody nuh uh, not in my lobby which is what he says every episode Cody has a date with Irma sure. But then she dumps him at the last minute Bob tells him that He's been dumped Zack meanwhile ran into Jessica in the lobby and she's looking for her twin and can't find her and Zack's like this is a babe want to go out and she's like I don't do anything without my sister. Do you have a twin and he's like I just so happen to have one Yes, so he tells. Cody that they should go out with these twins and Cody is crying over irma so he doesn't want to but somehow though Zack finagles his way into going on the date because he's like you're my brother you know classic zack guilt trip.
So they go on this double date at like a pizza place that they recycle the set for in sonny with a chance. Um, and the twins by the way are English and blond and cody's just falling apart. Everything reminds of him irma. And like four inches taller than the guys Yes, which I Also love.
Cody's falling apart. He's crying. He's like everything reminds him of irma and he mentions her and Zack's like that's his gerbil and then he goes to the loo and Cody's like she's not my gerbil. She was my girlfriend and they're like oh no, it's so sad to see you cry and it's so. Rare to find a boy in touch with his feelings and they start like he cries on 1 shoulder then then he cries on the other shoulder and they tear his head back and forth and that's what Zack walks in on when he comes back from the toilet and he comes in to his hotel with his mom being like Cody stole my girls. And Cody meanwhile is like that was great and has a breakfast date set up with them.
Um, b plot London and Maddie think one of the twins Kirk is cute and then they learn that he is a twin named Dirk and they're like great Kirk is cute so we'll both go out with the twins but and they agree to double date. However, they're fraternal twins. And Dirk is a dork af is what I wrote. Mhmm Um, he's so they go out on this double date Maddie really doesn't want to but London's like come on you agreed and that he's like that's before I knew they were fraternal twins. Um, and dirk is like Gross and kind of weird at dinner and he keeps on being like did you know and then telling like really gross medical facts that no one cares about and are like it just you um, and so Maddie walks out and then dirk follows her and um, he is. Kind of like oh maybe I need a second chance all these things and Maddie's thinking about it is like okay I can give you a second chance but then she learns that actually he wants to go on a date with London instead because he likes them dumb and rich.

Yep, direct quote it's on my list Mhmm notes this one was on the rerun list Babyy I gave it to us because we get Jessica and her Sister Janice is that her name Yeah Um, ah who are icons.
Even for this episode alone. It's very clear from this introduction of them though that they were really only supposed to be here for this episode so it makes it weirder when they show up later but we'll get to that. It's but I feel like I've seen this episode 20 times.

Oh yeah, I've seen this episode a lot. Um I do have to ask NO because you're watching all these in order. We did not know about Irma. Ok ok because I was confused I'm like am I missing plot here who's Irma Cody has girlfriends since when.

No I also wrote the note who the f*ck is irma.

Yeah, and it like kind of loosely implied that it's Bob's sister but I also I'm not sure if that's factual I could have just made that up. I did not get that implication. Okay, also there's this part we're like London so they're talking about the twin convention I think.
Moseby or Maddie says something to London along the lines. Oh London goes. Oh I've never met a twin before Yeah and Maddie goes Zack and Cody are twins and London's like they are? And she says since when? Yeah. I just what.

a fun little nod in the a plot because there's a it's a twin convention. So there's just the only people in the hotel are twins everywhere.

Everywhere yeah on this double date twins everywhere. Um, there's 2 old man twins who are both in wheelchairs who are very much giving Zack and Cody when they're 85 mhmm they're like the troublemakers who are like throwing the vase around and like getting into trouble and it's just like a fun little nod.

Mhmm It's really cute. Um b plot Dirk's hobbies are taxidermy and reading medical journals.

Um, yep, honestly dirk and Maddie deserve each other.

No Maddie deserves better I know we're talking about how she's trash. But I disagree I think she deserves better than dirk dirk dirk was just yeah.

Fair enough his quotes are pretty terrible. Mhmm Also Moseby is filling in at the restaurant as the host because Patrick crashed his sports car into rich and then Gary got hit by the ambulance.


It was a Weird detail that they like like I feel like what happened was Disney needed to add Phil to this episode in some way because of his contract and so this is what he was doing and that was their way of explaining it.

Mhmm I agree was it didn't really make sense and we don't really see him fill in in that capacity. But also he does everyone's job that's front of house so like is it that strange for Mr Moseby because it no.

I Like how you've just like given up you're like it's not weird because everything's weird.

Well yeah, because otherwise I would rant for like 45 minutes on Mr. Moseby alone. 

And we don't have time for that. Nope So all of these quotes are mine jess didn't have any quotes number 1 Maddie calls dirk a goofus from goofusville number two I have to get it out of the way. Dirk's infamous quote I think she's really hot And I like them dumb and rich. You're talking about your twin brother's date yeah and also a woman like bleh bleh yeah

Zack In reference to the british twin says what they do in Boston stays in Boston I hate it. It's disgusting. It's a reference to vegas and partying and sleeping around why is a thirteen year old boy saying this about a couple of 13 year old girls yeah and now the most famous quote is when Bob tells Cody That irma is dumping him he runs in and he says I have it on the highest authority irma told Kim who told Phil who told Ashley who told Brenda who told Dylan who told Cole who told me it's over which if you didn't catch that irma told Kim Kim Rhodes Carey who told Phil Phil Lewis Moseby who told Ashley Tisdale Maddie who told Brenda Song London who told Dylan Sprouse Zack who told Cole Sprouse Cody who told me it's over. Yeah That's clever actually. I don't I I really wonder If that was um, a writer's choice in the script originally or if they had like a bunch of random names and the actor couldn't remember them and they just were like why don't we use real names. But either way it's funny. It tickles me I didn't really realize that this was a thing and I wouldn't have known it if I hadn't seen it on Instagram or Tumblr like two days ago when I was looking for memes. So When it came up I was like eyyy

Ah, yeah, yeah I would like to think that's a writer writer because it is giving like clever writing. Um, yeah for once yeah, do you want to go into your shout outs. This is the Time where Amanda shouts out some notable moments. Maybe notable characters from the episodes that we are not covering and she's gonna go so we covered through episode 11 So she's gonna cover all her shoutouts through um episode 10 because we did 11

I love getting a little intro. It's like I'm about to walk on stage and accept an award. Mm you're welcome Thank you episode 2 french 101 just felt like I saw this one a lot. There's a french ambassador president something whose daughter is their jolie and they have ah ah a crush on her.

See Jess knows because she's nodding along. She's like yeah I know what episode you're talking about.

Um, when I saw it come up and I was like wait Amanda said we don't have to watch this one I'm like I remember watching this one all the time 
Oh hundred percent it was on the reruns all the time it just wasn't that notable. Fair. It was kind of funny though because there's a teen club in it and moseby is their translator anyway, episode 3 daycare bananas episode in which the kids the twins are helping out at the daycare for Maddie at the Tipton and. Some of the kids at the daycare Moises Arias who by the way even more creepily. Um, hitting on Maddie um and baby Joey King mmm yep Joey King I put her on our stories also ah the b plot is a weird yoga plotline where London's like London makes Carey and Moseby go to yoga and then is telling the instructor she's doing it wrong and I don't know it's weird and we learned that it took London 14 years to learn her abds mhmm episode 5 free tippy. It's about ageism which I thought was kind of interesting told jess about that. But I thought the fact that it was about ageism was interesting I didn't think this episode itself was that interesting episode 9 books and bird houses once again Joey King is back episode 10 not so sweet sixteen. There's a guest star Catherine Juuston Mrs Karen Mcclosky Bender in the desperate housewives
o she yeah she plays a very notable character and desperate housewives I've never seen it.
I haven't either. But she's in every single episode almost so of desperate housesives.

that episode is about London and Maddie having rivals sixteenth birthday parties. It's not bad, but. What is bad is the introduction of Liam who I've only seen in this one episode Maddie's little brother who walks up to the candy counter and says hey Maddie I mean fatty.

I do not like the body comments in this show particularly towards Maddie who is a thinner white woman yeah yeah I just not okay with it.

I and the thing is like I got comments like that growing up as a not thinner white woman from kids.

So it's sometimes watching it I'm like it's not unrealistic, but then I'm like I'm an adult and adults wrote this and they're telling kids that it's not unrealistic for them to say this which means they're giving them permission to say this.

Correct. It's like where do we learn it from which obviously is I think in multiple sources but from the media we consume is a huge way that we learn how to communicate with our peers. So if we are seeing people talk that way on Television. There may be part of a set's like this is just. If someone called me fat I'm like oh that's just what kids do and then you brush it off as well.

And she brushes it off. That's the other thing is these comments are thrown around and they're never confronted. 

Ugh well with that up next we're continuing season 2 um, follow us on socials I'll make sure to shout out what episodes to watch if you want to follow along with us in the next one.

I'm dividing it roughly into third sorry I'm dividing it roughly into thirds so it'll be the middle third make about what you will. There's 39 episodes

Yeah, as always, you can follow us on all of our social medias at 90s babies nostalgia spell out the word 90s on Instagram and Youtube but if you're following us on Tiktok use the numbers there. Please please please rate and review on Apple Podcasts and Spotify it really really helps. Um our podcast get promoted out and mentioned to others. Um, and with that we will see you in the next one. 

Thanks for listening bye. Bye

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