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the suite life of zack & cody s2 part 2: history was made

February 02, 2024 Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore Season 3 Episode 4
the suite life of zack & cody s2 part 2: history was made
Nineties Babies Nostalgia
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Nineties Babies Nostalgia
the suite life of zack & cody s2 part 2: history was made
Feb 02, 2024 Season 3 Episode 4
Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore

We're covering season 2 episodes 15, 17, and 18. That's right, only three episodes because we had SO much to say. Episode 15 is an alternate reality Tipton where Esteban is a woman, episode 17 we jump back in time to the Boston Tea Party to save a tree, and episode 18 we get conned out of all our money by a little girl. 

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Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
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We're covering season 2 episodes 15, 17, and 18. That's right, only three episodes because we had SO much to say. Episode 15 is an alternate reality Tipton where Esteban is a woman, episode 17 we jump back in time to the Boston Tea Party to save a tree, and episode 18 we get conned out of all our money by a little girl. 

Please rate & review us wherever you listen, and let us know your thoughts on the episode on any of our socials.


Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

Get home from school turn on my TV who are these friends staring right back at me now that we're older why don't you come over and go back in time with me Nineties Babies Nostalgia

Hi I'm Amanda

And I'm Jessica and this is 90s babies nostalgia where 2 fully grown millennials rewatch and sometimes watch for the first time iconic tween entertainment from the early 2000s

Just to be clear. We are not sponsored by nor affiliated with any of the actors brands shows anything that we are talking about unless otherwise disclosed. We just really like talking about Tv and today the tv that we're talking about is the suite life of zack and cody season 2 part 2 

in this group we're going to be talking about episodes that we felt were super important to talk about in 1 way or the other. Um, from the middle portion of this series. It's roughly episodes like 14 to 26 but we're not talking about all of those episodes. It'll be in the show notes exactly which ones that we are in case you want to pause go watch them come back. Podcasts are forever. We will still be around for you later. Um, but before we get into this Jessica. What have you been enjoying lately.

Well um, one of our ins. We did a kind of jokey slash serious in and out for the pod for 2024 and one of our ins was gay and so I have a fitting What I've been enjoying which is green day put out a new album called saviors. It's their fourteenth album but specifically I want to shout out one single on it which is the most recent single um Bobby Sox which is a bi anthem. We all know Billie Joe is our bi king. He came out in 95 I didn't know that Um, oh yeah, he came out in 1995 and he was like 1 of the first like men especially in that scene and in the public eye to like come out in that manner. Um, he really is like looked up to as a like like a bi idol um, because of this and a bi icon.

Okay I have a very um lax relationship with green day. But let me go listen to every single album and (Yeah go) buy tickets to their current tour.

yeah one you should go see them live. They are phenomenal live like so so so good Um, but yes, go listen to their music but also go give Bobby sox a listen. It's such a fun little bi song. So.

I'm jealous of um, the people who have tickets to their their current tour because I know from you that they're a great band to see live but I feel like they often do stadium tours as they should they're icons but I know right now they're doing a little bit more of an intimate tour. It. As part of this album promo because they performed recently at Irving Plaza which is like a ballroom with a bar and one balcony where it's the venue where I saw Hayley Kiyoko and they're usually more Hayley Kiyoko range artists even lower like she had people lined up around the block. Wow. So to see green day in a venue like that I was shocked that they even went there. Um, very jealous that people got to go. Yeah that would be a fun one I still have to say when I saw them it was sold out. Dodger stadium 55000 people and he still had every single person's attention on him. So like regardless of if you see them intimate or not it still feels intimate because his like stage presence is so like commanding captivating and just like large um that it doesn't really matter how many people are there. Yeah I believe it. How about you.

I was going to say are you going to ask me? um I have a book recommendation look at us both back on our normal shi*. You're recommending music I'm recommending a book. Back on our hobbies I just finished it last night it's called the storm we read. Ah we made sorry I misspoke the storm we made. Ah by Vanessa Chan Gorgeous cover and it is the most stunning cover I've seen in a while and when people say don't judge a book by their cover by its cover.

Like I do I do because you know what there's way too many books being published these days and no I'm not going to buy a book for a pretty cover but I'm not even going to pick up the book to read the copy if it doesn't have a pretty cover Yup this one I had to buy for my book club but I would have bought it Anyway, it's historical fiction. It takes place with it's not as complicated as it sounds. There is 2 2 timelines and 4 povs the there's one of the timelines is 1936 Malaysia when the japanese are just starting to infiltrate what is british controlled Malaysia and it follows this woman named Cecily who is a young mother. Getting to know a japanese general and then the other timeline is late 1945 when the british are taking Malaysia back at the end of world war two and it follows Cecily's 3 children and the ways that they are impacted by the war. Wow Um, and it's like 345 pages but I swear the first couple hundred pages I read in like a couple of days (wow) which is very strange for me. It was captivating and nuanced and there's not a single morally right character in the whole book which I love. So if any of that sounds interesting to you guys I'm a history nerd as well. So all of that combined and it's just like I know quite a bit about world war ii and a fair bit about japanese occupation but not from the context of Malaysia and the author is from Malaysia and part of this was inspired by. Some stories from her grandmother who lived through a lot of this so it's just really well done (Cool) I gave it 5 stars. Okay, now before we I know guys we're getting into this but before we get into this I have said in some clips that we have posted on socials I
Have a lot of opinions on this I do and we have a lot of friends who have wanted us to watch suite life because it is one of the more known shows right for our generations for our demographics. Please if you have thoughts on any of this. Let us know. Because I have so many thoughts and it's 1 thing to share them with Jessica but I need people whether you agree with me or you disagree with me I need people to comment anywhere Youtube or Instagram or Tikok or even Twitter sometimes I'm on there just like tell us because what is this show??

Yeah, it covers like a lot of big topics in a way that I wasn't expecting but also maybe in a way that didn't need to be done.

Oh my god that's so perfect like I keep thinking this as the most intentionally political show We've seen and that's including that so Raven which is actually saying something yet. Also the most problematic show we've seen.
And oftentimes those two go coincide in the same episode.

yeah, it's like conflicting because you're like oh I like that this got brought up but I don't like the way that it was written and I don't like the way that it was then brought to screen.

Yeah, it's so weird, but let's okay, with that said, let's get into it with episode 15 the suite smell of excess.

the boys want to go bungee jumping careys like ah ah, not today. You're gonna hurt yourself that is dangerous. So naturally they decide to play hockey in the lobby as you do, they shoot a hockey puck into Mr. Moseby's mouth not really important but wanted to note it because it was wild. they're basically going around the lobby just board as shit and they're like can someone please play with us but everyone has jobs and are busy because they're working in a hotel. Um so Arwin's like you know what I have the secret invention. Come down to my office. Um, and it's called the PU and it's this machine that can transport you to other worlds and it only works when there's lightning and there's lightning and he's like I want to test it out but I have to go use the restroom real quick. So while he's in the restroom zack's like let's try to use it. We don't need to wait for Arwin and so Cody goes along with it. He hits a lever Everything's kind of shaking they fall over. Oh also I don't know if I mentioned it. But it's like a phone booth.

Yeah, it's giving Tardis on a budget. Yeah I also want to point out. It's not other worlds like alien worlds it's other dimensions of our world.

Yes, yes, correct. so they're in like an alternate dimension and everything is like opposite Mr. Moseby is super chill and a little wild. Maddie and London switch places we're now at the Fitzpatrick and Maddie is the heir and London is the candy girl. Um, carey's like a cool mom and she's like you boys stay at home I'm leaving for the night I might not be back tonight might be back in the morning. Not sure gonna go dye my hair blue. Um, Mood. yeah, everything is like backwards also carey at one point is like I'm going to leave for an entire year you boys will be fine right and give them like a giant bowl of candy to eat. Um and she's leaving to go promote her Cd and this is where we see that arwin is named A D for A Diddy and is her manager but also like her boyfriend I think and (mm mm) she's like no?

she's into him but he's like baby play it cool like I've already told you this can't work between us. It's the opposite to their actual relationship.

Yeah, um, and in this world. zack and cody learned that having nothing but fun isn't that fun and so there's lightning outside and they're like we need to get back to the Tipton but it's not working and then they're like oh when we first went. Cody you fell on this lever. So let's do it again, but you need to fall on the lever. So naturally zack pushes him onto the lever.

I Don't think so I'm sorry you said there's lightning outside I think you forgot the part where that meant something to them because they thought oh the machine worked when there was lightning that must be how it works. 

Yeah I said in the beginning that Arwin mentioned (oh okay) yeah that it only works when there's lightning um and they get transported back to the tipton arwin is finally back from the bathroom and they're like your machine works.
We went to this crazy world mom was in love with you in arwin's like what I need to get to that dimension. Um, and they are just excited to be running around the hotel and saying hi to everyone and having everyone return to normal. Um, and carey's kind of like this was a dream like they tell her what happened. And she's like no no, no you guys dreamed It's just your twin telepathy and they're like okay sure yes it is our twin telepathy.

until they find the George Clooney Quarter in zack's pocket. I forgot about that yeah. b plot. 1 sentence says it all I didn't take a single note on that plot Maddie is breaking in London's shoes for her for $100 that's it our notes you wrote I remember this one I didn't really oh but I wasn't surprised by it like I was by some others. 

Oh yeah, no I Really remember this one I don't think it was like on the repeats as strong as some of the ones we've talked about or are gonna talk about but um I definitely do remember watching this one a few times.

So arwin we've seen in his in his den lair have a ah photograph of carey before already creepy enough but it's like her stage photo for her shows now he has an entire cardboard cut out of carey that he's. Talking to when the boys go into his office.

Yeah, because he's trying to practice because he's like I freeze up when I try to ask your actual mom on a date. So I've been trying to practice but then he's like but I keep getting lost in her eyes and it's a piece of cardboard I didn't love that it was gross.

Where did he get it from also carey is very well aware of his feelings. They've even kissed in the- they kiss in the episode after this not for a romantic reason. Oh. Not an episode. We're going to talk about for reasons but like she's aware and has continued to reject him all the practice in the world cannot change her feelings even though why do I feel like they do get together by the time. It's suite life on deck.

Lowkey that could happen but honestly like my once we get to suite life on deck I have to be honest I think I've seen maybe 3 episodes of that show.

Oh I've seen a lot of it because I was still watching Disney channel like I know Bob and Barbara are together as a cameo and suite life on deck. 

Mm. I feel like at that point I was I wasn't not watching Disney but I wasn't actively watching it so I was choosy about what ones I was watching like if good luck Charlie was on I was watching that. But if suite life on deck was on I was like yeah I could skip.

Yeah, we had opposite I think Jess was a good luck Charlie girl and that was maybe the first show where I was like if I was already watching Disney Channel and it was going to have a new episode I was going to watch it but I wasn't adamant about watching it all I didn't really care as much. But anyway.

That's that's a story for another time. there is some interesting parallel universe versions of the characters. The Tipton looks the same everyone more or less looks the same but their personalities are flipped which means that uptight. Proper Mr. Moseby is um, how would you describe? Mr. Moseby.

Ah, currently are in this new universe? In the new universe. He's very chill. He doesn't have a lot of cares in the world. He wants to have lots of fun and the language choice is like...I Don't even know how to say it. It's.

It's stereotypical.

Yeah, it's very like stereotypical. It's like ga-it's not quite gangster. No I was going to say hood. But also I don't and know if that's the right Term to use but it is kind of like stereotypical. 

It's what they think black slang is like but not quite to the point of like quote unquote gangster because it's not. There's no like violence or swearing it's Disney channel and he's still the manager of the Tipton or the Fitzpatrick.


But he's very like yo yo yo what up my homies. 
and I think he says fo shizzle at one point. I think he does. Yeah, it's very like using that sort of language which I just like I understand the opposite world of it all and where I think that they nailed it was like London and Maddie. Which watching that I was like this is amazing knowing they both tried out for both characters I had the same thought because it really made sense. You watched them switch and you were like oh yeah, they could play each other. Um and if it felt like it made sense in this new universe.

But Mr Moseby it didn't really make sense. It just felt like they were like oh what would like a cool black manager be let's let him use a stereotypical language instead of maybe like pulling in other like character traits that would make him different.

If anything he could have been more like Surfer style of Lax right yeah of just like what up dude like whatever I don't know they do this Repeatedly with Moseby's character they've done it in previous episodes. We talked about where there was the flashback to old Moseby to like Motown Moseby and they do it in upcoming episodes and I kind of want to almost look and see if Phill Lewis has ever talked about this to my knowledge he hasn't just because. It's just it feels lazy to me. But if the actor didn't care then that's that changes the discussion a little bit. You know what I'm saying.

Yeah I agree it feels lacy and it's also like how much influencer influence was were the actors allowed to have (hundred percent) on the script of they because right we have now seen some interviews come out where like they have pushed back. You know Zack and Cody open up zack and Cody.

Cole and Dylon opened up about pushing back about certain parts of the script as well as Kim Rhodes has opened up about that as well. Ah, but it's a bit in very particular instances and it doesn't sound like it was very well received from the producers at the time. So it's like maybe these things were brought up and it kind of was like well it's what was written. It's what we want to see do it.

And something I find interesting is I've tried like I've looked up the 2 creators of the suite life I don't remember their names off the top of my head I don't care one of them Was a was heavily involved either producer or writer both on smart guy. The Tahj Mowry sitcom but where he plays like a protege but aside from that both of them pretty much only known for doing suite life and suite life on deck.

Both series like they've had a production company. That's just about that and there are other writers that pop in for episodes but it doesn't seem like it's super frequent or intentional. So that's just something I'm like keeping in mind the more we watch and the more I consider these choices that they've made.

yeah, like maybe we needed more writers in the writer room because we saw that I know we noted it in some episodes with Raven but I know Raven actually did that a lot where it had like the main writers but for certain episodes like the black history episode and things like that they would pull in specific writers. Um, and I Think it translated in a better product.

yeah, absolutely. and speaking of another very interesting choice So you wrote estebanita as the maid is giving because that is the other alternate universe choice. 1 of them is that Esteban is now a maid and a female maid at that. Did you enjoy that.

yeah I just yeah I thought that she was giving like I just loved Estebanita.

I enjoyed her but I didn't enjoy the origin of her (yeah) because in the b plot briefly before the whole alternate universe when Maddie's wearing the uncomfortable shoes I don't remember how it comes up but esteban makes a problematic comment about women and Maddie says something like I bet you think women belong in the kitchen too and he says unironically like very genuinely when they aren't shopping for groceries. So.

Canonically Esteban is sexist so in the alternate universe. He's a woman. I Love Esteban Personally although he is a very racist caricature. He's great comedic relief when he is not being portrayed super awful, but his. But that pa- 

He might be one of the better actors on the show. 

Yes, love the actor. That's really what I should say but that part I was like why Why are we making this very nice man sexist.

Why do we make any of the choices about his character that I know we are saving for our like bonus episode that we'll do at the end of suite life as we're gonna deep dive into Esteban's Lore but there are a lot of interesting choices including this like they Throw in so many things like oh might as well make him sexist too and it's like why.

Most of the things though I can identify as being racist (yeah) this I'm like little racist if we're getting into like Machismo but it's not Anyway, anyway we have so much more to talk about.  

Yeah, oh something I did not like is in this parallel universe London like flirts with zack and is like sweet thang and like winks at him and like. I don't like it when zack and Cody hit on Maddie in London or older women like it makes me uncomfortable made me uncomfortable in that's so Raven with Cory's character it makes me even more uncomfortable when it's opposite like we just don't need that we don't need that have them flirt with people their own age.

like you why if we're if it's the point of opposite. Why isn't it Maddie flirting on him.

Yeah, and I get it because Maddie in London switch spaces. But yes, it's still weird. 

Yeah, you wrote how does Cotton candy get stuck on the couch I didn't catch that part.

I don't remember who it is but they're sitting on the couch they're eating Cotton candy and then it like falls and then they're like oh my god the cotton candy got stuck and like i don't Like sure. It's sugary and like it starts to melt it like melts on your fingers because of the heat. and can get a little sticky but it's not getting stuck to fabric unless like there is sun shining and you let it like melt in the sunshine on the fabric of the couch which is not what happened. So that was weird to me because I'm like they could have picked other things caramel sauce like actual things that would get sticky and stuck on a couch but they picked Cotton candy. 
You could just throw water on it and it would dissolve.
Yeah yeah, carey goes to the grocery store.
Then the boys are like why were you gone for so long and she is like sorry it would have been a 10 minute trip but it turned into a 20 minute trip because I couldn't decide between 1 ply or 2 ply toilet paper. 2 parts one. Why is she even buying toilet paper like I'm sure a part of her contract is housekeeping service. So you think they would provide that for her that's true we've seen housekeepers in the suite yeah so that was weird to me but also like carey you are a full like fledged adult you have
Twelve thirteen year old boys are they 
They're 13 at this point I think.
yeah you have thirteen year old boys. At this point you know that you never buy 1 ply you learn that the first time you buy 1 ply toilet paper and take it home and you're like oh my god this is terrible. Why didn't anyone teach me that you Like toilet paper is something you splurge on and buy the nicer stuff but you you just would know she's an adult she knows not to buy one ply.

I feel like you don't even ever have to buy single ply to know not to buy single ply because from the minute you're 5 years old and you first use a park restroom. You know that single ply is not the way to go. You know the difference between a public restroom toilet paper and an at-home toilet paper and it is not the cheap stuff.

Sure inherently I know as someone with an autistic sibling. (Okay fair) The first time they had to buy toilet paper on their own I got a very angry call on why did I not tell them that you're supposed to buy the more expensive toilet paper. Um, so I feel like You know for some people. It's a learning lesson for some people. It's inherent when you have the like public restroom at the park scenario but like you are a woman in your late 30s 40s like you know it does not take you 10 minutes to decide between 1 pli or 2 play come on.

Yeah. George Clooney is on the quarter part of the alternate reality Paris Hilton is also president. (Yeah) Those are a couple of my notes I have quotes about the Paris Hilton one. We'll get to that in a second also jess did you immediately think about the fall out boy album when she tried to explain this as folie a deux

No I didn't even I no.

Didn't connect? because that's what carey says like oh it's your twin telepathy. They have a name for it. It's called folie a deux or deux or whatever it's f*cking French guys don't roast me about the pronunciation and it is a psychological theory of it's not just twin telepathy. It is about
2 people having the same hallucination auditory or visual and deux meaning two. It can be folie a trois or whatever if there's multiple people and folie a deux is their 2008 album from like this I think it's their fourth album or something I don't think there's any really notable songs from it. But I Know that it's a song. It's an album Jess is so mad at me for saying that. 
I don't care and America sweethearts are on it. 
I don't know those songs 
I don't care was like a huge radio single. 
I might know it if I heard it. Okay.
either way I knew that album title and so when she said it I was like oh, it's the fall out boy album.

That did not ah pop into my brain but I also watched these very sick So that's probably why

Yeah, guys, we're going through it so quotes.

zack and Cody are asked some sort of question about the future I don't remember specifically what and Cody goes I'm thinking Harvard law school and Zack's thinking San Quentin and this is like a reoccurring bit where like Cody's going to college most likely a prestigious college and. zack's going to end up in prison and though I don't like love if you really think about it. A lot of the implications of this but I do think as like a low level joke. It's kind of funny.

Yeah, like should I be supporting it. No do I enjoy it? Yes. Yeah yeah. then I have two quotes that are both from the radio which they overhear in Arwin's office when they are in the alternate reality. They are both about Paris Hilton the president

And I'm going to tell you straight up I hate both of them but make your own judgments. Maybe I should have told you that afterwards president Paris Hilton announced that cellulite is now illegal and president Paris Hilton made it illegal to weigh more than one hundred and eight pounds bye guess I'm moving like just felt 
Very unnecessary and like you're making digs at an actress or well she is an actress but at a celebrity who you have intentionally parodied in a main character for this entire show I think you owe her more respect than that.

A thousand percent also like why is our writing always aiming so low at body comments I just don't get it

Kay speaking of writing with aims high and low at the same time episode 17 boston tea party aka the episode where Amanda lost her mind a little bit.

the twins learn their favorite park is getting paved over so they go home. They're upset about the park and carey's like fight for what you believe in fight for the park and so Cody's like you know what? I'm gonna do that and he goes and writes an 18 page letter. Single space to to the mayor about the park. Um, zack's kind like whatever then Arwin finds a bunch of stuff somewhere I don't know in storage. In the basement. Yeah and it he brings it out to the lobby and there's this painting of the boston tea party.

Which has the original and it's them deciding to do the boston tea party and it has the original Tipton in in the background.

Founded by Lyndon's ancestors we cut to Cody is reading his letter to zack and zack falls asleep And is transported to a dream in Colonial Boston where we get tidbits like corsets are out but don't you dare show those ankles and everyone's wearing powdered wigs and I question. Substantially this Historical accuracy of these costumes. But I also could not be bothered to look it up because it's not the point Amanda while they are in Colonial Boston tipton inn we learn that the taxes are rising and then Esteban runs in and says hey the people are revolting.

And they talk about potentially joining this revolution in the inn and Moseby is like Lord Tipton and King George they're best friends. Let's not talk about this. He walks off and they're like let's talk about it a little bit quieter and so they make a plan and. Um, cut to them in the park making headdresses to disguise themselves while they talk about the fact that only men can vote and someday this will be a country that ranges from sea to sea. Ah then we don't see the actual revolution. You know zack does he was ambiguous in the a in the the real time and in the dream. But then he found out chocolate has a higher tax too and he was like all right I'm a join cut to them all running into the Tipton Inn in full headdress face paint these like quote unquote Native american dresses that are sack dresses and the town crier comes in and says they won the Revolution carey wakes up zack wakes up carey says it was a whole dream and oh no, yeah, carey says it was a dream wow they were in the dream. Sorry. And then Bob's like yeah next time could you dream of me doing something cool because he's dressed as a little bo peep in this suddenly and this is how Zack wakes up. 

so zack wakes up Cody's back from the mayor's office. He just read them his 18 page letter and he feels pretty defeated. Um. And Zacks like nope we can fight back because the tree in the painting is a historical landmark because it's where they decided that they were going to do the Boston tea party so they can't tear it down. Um. And so then they all go lie down in front of the bulldozers. They're like starting them up and then Mr Moseby comes running in. He's like I got the injunction. The park will be saved and then the construction people load out of there and they get their park back.

B plot Esteban's taking his United States citizenship test and he passes that's it. Yeah. I did not remember this episode at all.

Oh I knew they had a Boston Tea party episode.

it's so fascinating. It's so fascinating. Mhmm Would you like to point out your silly little note before that.

Um, sure in the beginning we see Arwin um, in the lobby with a ball of yarn lord knows why he's like loosely playing with it. And by the end after the dream and everything comes to fruition like. arwin has fully tangled his entire body in a ball of yarn that.

That's very arwin of him. Yup. I it's giving paved paradise and put up a parking lot I don't know why. But I feel like the aughts they were really about teaching us civil disobedience and this particularly involved children sitting in or chaining themselves to trees. We got an episode like that in Raven yeahh with Chelsea yeah in the final season I believe.

And I can't recall what other shows but I know that I have seen so many shows where kids sit in trees so that they don't get cut down. You can shout out which ones they are in the comments or wherever let me know because I'm not crazy I know that that happens. I mean I am a little crazy but I also know that that happens (yeah) and I kind of I kind of like the the teaching of Civil disobedience if I'm if I'm being honest.

Yeah, yeah, I Also like the teaching of like if you are upset or angry about something that's happening in your community like you do have ah the ability to speak up about it. 

Yeah I think that there are like some good lessons in this.

She's chuckling because right then we have to get into how it happened right? Yeah so ah, the civil disobedience. Let's just talk about it I was watching this while going through a bunch of episodes and my note on this was I went to wash my hands and come back in they're all in headdresses what the f*ck happened so they're wearing it's a bunch of non-native people not a single person in there is native they're wearing headdresses they're wearing face paint that is really more like sports face paint. Um. They're wearing these dresses and moccasins they're referring to native americans as indians. So what did you think Jess.

I think there's a part where like this is going to sound really terrible and I know it is terrible I could see past that because this is what they did during the Boston Tea party. 

so I didn't know that 
did you know that.

like literally we had like lessons in it and I swear like third fourth fifth and sixth grade and we had to do a play and everyone was forced to participate and the play was problematic as f*ck 

Oh we went to different middle schools
I think the play was in elementary school I think it was fifth grade. But yeah.

we also went to different elementary schools I.

Yeah, and I did I did know that this was at least historically accurate to an extent I don't know if it's a hundred percent accurate but I did know that this is what happened during the boston tea party.

See I wrote a b and c in our notes as subpoints to this and c was going to be. This isn't what happened and then I was like let me fact, check that this is what happened I didn't know that um I'm sure that I've learned about it I took AP US history but I blacked that out and because mostly the the point of it is
Taxes were high. They threw the tea in the Harbor you know. so it is something that happened.

However, this is a children's show children do not know that it happened I did not even know that it happened at my ripe almost thirty years of age and also them referring to native americans as indians one could argue historically accurate. Another one could argue. We just talked about an episode where they teleported themselves to another dimension. Also they're talking about corsets and wigs. Also an asian girl is the heiress of Colonial Boston like there's so many things about this that aren't historically accurate that I don't think that that part needed to be portrayed.

I do think that the age of a child watching this is around the age that you learn about the Boston Tea party.

it depends on your school education is state per State County per county.

But yeah I think that like people didn't know this and if it's historical should we just completely exclude it but like. Is there ways to like change the language and improve upon the story or talk about like maybe things that are problematic with like choosing to dress up as Native Americans as a disguise.  but none of that was ever talked about. You know it is an outdated Retelling of the story.

Yes, and like we talk about the body comments is it realistic that they would have said Indians Yes, does that normalize it for the kids watching it. Also Yes, so I don't think that the quote unquote accuracy of the portrayal in this instance was worthwhile if this were an aged up show. Maybe but again, this is a show where they're talking about corsets and giant powdered wigs. In Colonial Boston and like you know there's just so many falsehoods already that that felt like the point where accuracy wasn't worth it.

Yeah, yeah, cause this. But also it's like at that point then don't even include the Boston tea party of it all and like change this into like an activism episode using a completely different plot device to get there.

Or even you know it's not like the Boston tea party actually was planned at a place called the Tipton Inn (sure) so why can that be changed but not the headdress part I think that there is.
It can be inspired by the Boston Tea party. They could have included the throwing stuff into the Harbor part which they only mentioned but didn't portray as opposed to the makeup and costume part.


I think that if you change it then Also you're doing a wronghood because you're then sugar coating it or making it seem like ah they did a better thing than what they really did. So I think that like if you're going to include it at all include it but touch on important things or just don't include it.

But I think the way that they portrayed it are making is making it look like they did a better thing than they did (oh sure) because they're making it look like the thing they did is better than it was (yeah yeah yeah fair fair fair) also when they come back to the tipton in their costumes London screams ah indian attack and then everyone ducks down like they're afraid so it is not just wearing the headdress and calling them indians but then it's also this perpetuation of native americans being something to fear. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, continues throughout the episode. Yeah, they don't just keep it in the one part Unfortunate Well yeah, this whole episode is unfortunate. Really I think that we could have As seen with Raven we could have told this same story better without racism without all of this stuff.

And also in that Esteban's accent a reoccurring gag in this in both the dream and in real life is he says taxes but they think he's saying Texas and then he goes. That's what I said and it's just like why? 

Yeah I also this is so small. The carey has she clearly ah Kim Rhodes clearly has a sore throat in this episode. She's like speaking with a horse throat but it's not mentioned that she's sick and it is mentioned that she's going to rehearsal and I'm like can we let this woman rest.

Yeah, literally.

Did did she need to be in this episode or could she have been like bedridden for it. Yeah yeah. 
B plot london doesn't know. There's a $1 Bill that's my 1 note.
very true. you have a lot of Za ah, a lot of Zacks a lot of a lot of quotes is what I meant but I read that.

Ah, oh yeah I know I had a lot to say about this episode it had a lot of bad writing issues. But you know what it really went in on was the puns. Yeah. So Esteban runs into the Tipton and he says the people are revolting and London says you're telling me have you seen how they dress.

carey says that they have to study for their american history test and zack says mother. There is no history yesterday we got off the boat and today we bathed in a river. and then in why did they write this in colonial boston.
Maddie is talking about getting a horse and carriage and then she switches from her like fake colonial accent to I'm like getting my license like this year like full valley girl and then esteban says she's a valley forge girl 
It makes no sense.
no, and it doesn't really you writing it and now like retelling it lands better than how it landed in the episode like I would say it's kind of lost because it's so out of place

I even looked up Valley Forge because I didn't remember where it was I mostly know the name from Hamilton like I know it's part of the revolution and sh*t but like it's in like Pennsylvania it makes no sense. 

Oh it's not even near Boston. Okay.
Well it wouldn't yeah, they just said val like anyway.

at one point they say give me liberty or give me death and Zack says is there a third choice 

Yeah I liked that that was funny.

and then there's this one thing about voting and esteban talking about fighting for the right to vote and ah.

Ah, Cody says can Zack and I vote no, you're only kids and then carey says can Maddie and I vote no, you're only women so who can vote those who are qualified to me and arwin and then you see Arwin like being a silly goofy guy which you know again, they do these weird episodes where it's like politically making good points and also bad ones at the same time.

yeah, it's again with like we could have gotten here. We I will keep bringing this up but it's like we could have told this story we have told this story Disney has told this story and has done it right. But like we've chosen to tell this story but do it in this way and we didn't need to do that.

yep, and moving on I don't need to read that last quote.

Okay, have a nice trip episode 18 apparently our guest stars we have Samantha Hanratty as Holly who is in yellowjackets.

She's been. She's done a million things. She's been in a lot of the series that would be featured on our show and she's also been in a lot of other series that I have never seen nor some even heard of but primarily. She is young Misty in yellowjackets. She is a main character in yellowjackets and is known for her f*cking batsh*t crazy performance. So the a plot zack's looking for his skateboard. So of course a guest trips over it in the lobby and hurts his back.

And Moseby's like oh my god I'm so sorry what can I do and he's like well like a nicer room would be great so they get a free upgrade then the man's daughter Holly runs into the boys in the arcade or game room. Whatever you want. It's a small arcade. Never seen a hotel with a f*cking arcade but sure and she's like oh my god I don't know how to play this game can you teach me and zack he's teaching her and they're paying but she's like losing and running out of money and she like at first she bets like a little bit and then she keeps losing but then she's like what about we like double all the money that you've lent me so far if if I win or or they owe her whatever you know it's f*cking double or nothing kind of sh*t and then suddenly she whoops his ass and they're like did we just get had did we just get played and then we also see her at
The county counter candy counter doing the same sh*t to Maddie with a little card game where suddenly she clears out all the candy bars. We also see her mention to someone that she's selling them wilderness scout cookies and zack and Cody are getting on this train that like maybe Holly and her dad maybe they're lying because zack really is pretty sure that he didn't leave his skateboard in the lobby and so he and Cody do their sh*t get in the vents to watch them watch holly and her dad in their room where they see her run in and tell her dad like just sold some more wilderness scout cookies that are never going to arrive and he's like that's my girl and picks her up and flings her around and so they know b*tches be lyin. I'm so good at this I'm so professional. You're welcome and now they're trying to like convince everyone else clear their names that these people are liars are conmen so they create like oh they get Maddie involved too because Maddie's like yeah that sh*t was not right like what happened to me like that was suspicious so they create operation smoke out the rat.

I think it's hilarious that just wrote out that name because what does it mean nothing. They just come up with the name before the plan and they first they send Mr Moseby to their suite with the key so they can use it. They're in the vents they send a bee in through the vent into his room.

Like hopefully he's running around but unfortunately he squashes the bee before Moseby gets to the room. So then they call out that there's a swedish bikini team but that also gets foiled somehow but they get carey involved. They're telling carey about it and she's like this is weird. Guys but they're but then Maddie's like no I trust them and she's like you know what? actually I trust them too. So carey has Maddie dress up as olga the best sports masseuse she's ever met who Well actually she says physical therapist. But really, she's doing the job of like a sports masseuse.


and she is dressed up ridiculous with a big mole and big curves and it's Raven physical comedy and she does a funny accent where she's like swedish and she goes in to give this man a terrible terrible massage where actually he's like
Taking it like a champ like he's in pain but he's taking it but then Holly slips in the room on something and he jumps out of bed and grabs her so they can see all of them can see that he's faking it Moseby has entered the room at this point as well. So he knows and he's like threatening To call the cops but instead he lets them go and just told them that he called every hotel in the Boston region and then we see holly heading out telling the doorman your wilderness scout cookies will come in 6 to eight weeks yeah

That's the a plot. That's really the only plot in this one because everyone's involved. Oh yeah, sorry sorry yeah, it is. There's no other plot.

I do have to mention that I didn't know that we would get so much vent. Like we just get vents a lot in Disney shows crawling in the vents is just a thing but man in is in this show I feel like zack and Cody are in a vent in every other episode like.

Especially in this one.

There's another episode we're going to talk about in another podcast episode where someone's like they have to go to the kitchen and zack's like we could just use the vents and the other person is like we could just use the front door and he's like. All right guy we have a reputation to uphold.

Yeah I'm like these vents must have like permanent damage from these freaking teenage boys crawling around them all the time. what is a Swedish bikini team and why is Everyone's so excited that they just might possibly be in the hallway of this random hotel floor.

So I get the excitement hot Swedish Babes in Bikinis What's not to love some vikings in some swimwear. Hell yeah um.

But the Swedish part they think is hot right? because they're physical. They're probably blonde haired Blue Eyes. what a bikini team is I would love to know.

Yeah, like I just I know you're saying like you get people being excited but like no if someone shouted out in a and I was comfy in my hotel room and someone was like the bikini team is out here I'm not getting out of bed. What f*ck's a Bikini team.

I Would assume there are girls in bikinis and I would probably look through my peep hole. but I want to know what they do like 

Sure like what's the purpose of their existence. 

it's the team part that's confusing me.
Are they swimmers are they models are they bikini skiers like I don't really understand. 

Oh I'm into that I I want I I would like them to be bikini skiers. That's fun I'm into it now.

I agree with you Amanda wrote she's seen this episode 25 times I also have seen this episode 25 times. this one was played.All the time which like is not a bad episode. But also why.

Yeah I also um, have questions like I feel like the longer we get into suite life The more episodes are either about like political lessons like our previous one or they're about some sort of like Con heist treasure finding and most of them I don't assign to us because they're just so dumb I don't care this one is an icon this one was on the replays I do think part of it is that so I think Samantha Hanratty's performance is really good yeah and I Enjoy the little twist that like actually her dad didn't teach this little girl to be a con woman. It's like her idea and she's made jokes on Tiktok about how like whenever people see her in person they expect her to just be like evil. 

That's funny so she because she was like young when she was in this very young.

I Don't know that this was her only guest star role where she was kind of evil. But yeah I think that happens to a number of young child guest stars. But but yeah, they just just yeah I feel like I've seen it a lot and I enjoy it and.

Where did they get a bee or wasp or whatever and how do they get it to so fly in the right direction.

I Feel like they live close to a park we learned and so I feel like they could have gone a bee but I agree how do you tell the bee where to go like more likely than not if they were to release the bee the bee would just fly back in the vent wouldn't you think.

I I was nervous about that.

Yeah, also I'm like I guess I didn't pay close enough. Attention is the be like Cgi or is this an actual bee can you yeah because I'm like.

I'm sure it's cgied but it doesn't look that bad.

I Just don't see like a bee being a pet actor because she can't really train a bee

Ah, well they could have something to lure it. But it's it's flying around the room.

Yeah I Just don't know if their brains are big enough to understand being lured.

Well instinctively they would like you know fly to the the queen that kind of to the hive. But I I think it was a Cgi bee some quotes they do acknowledge the fact that the boys are getting older and they live in these vents because they say have we gotten bigger have these vents gotten smaller. 
Yeah I liked that.
some iconic quotes both of which are from Maddie as olga this the best part of the episode on my opinion. You know what you know about booboos? Bupkiss.

And there's a point where she says she's going to do a move on 3 and then she just immediately says 3 and does it and he's like what happened to 1 and 2 and she goes I spit on one and two.

Ashley Tisdale's like acting in this episode I actually think it is very funny like she leans into the comedy of it and really commits to this ridiculous like sports masseuse character that she sells it She really does sell it.

I also apologize from my retelling of it I've realized she's not doing a swedish masseuse. She's doing a russian masseuse. Mhmm

all right Um, as we mentioned again, this season is a beast. We are going to continue in season 2 we're still in the middle portion. So. Episodes 14 through 26 roughly and then after that we're going to continue season 2 I think we're still going to have another 2 episodes for you. There's 39 episodes in this season we have a lot to talk about. We know it's a lengthy one but we hope you are enjoying it. Because suite life is so nostalgic and if you are enjoying it please rate and review on Apple Podcasts and Spotify also follow us on all our social media we are 90s babies nostalgia just spell out the word 90s on Instagram and Youtube. On tiktok use the numericals there I don't know I said numericals and not numbers but use them. (Valid valid) Um, and with that one we will see you in the next one. Bye

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