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the suite life of zack & cody s2 part 3: everyone is kissing

February 09, 2024 Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore Season 3 Episode 5
the suite life of zack & cody s2 part 3: everyone is kissing
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Nineties Babies Nostalgia
the suite life of zack & cody s2 part 3: everyone is kissing
Feb 09, 2024 Season 3 Episode 5
Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore

We're covering season 2 episodes 22 (A Midsummer's Nightmare), 23 (Lost in Translation), and 24 (Volley Dad). Selena Gomez has her first kiss, a Japanese opera singer goes missing, and Zack & Cody get a new dad. 

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Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

Show Notes Transcript

We're covering season 2 episodes 22 (A Midsummer's Nightmare), 23 (Lost in Translation), and 24 (Volley Dad). Selena Gomez has her first kiss, a Japanese opera singer goes missing, and Zack & Cody get a new dad. 

Please rate & review us wherever you listen, and let us know your thoughts on the episode on any of our socials.


Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

Get home from school turn on my TV who are these friends staring right back at me now that we're older why don't you come over and go back in time with me Nineties Babies Nostalgia

hi I'm Amanda 

And I'm Jessica 

and this is 90s babies nostalgia where a couple of millennial women rewatch and sometimes watch for the first time tween entertainment from the early 2000s

Just to be clear. We are not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the Tv shows, channels, actors that we discuss on the show. We just really really love talking about Tv and today we are talking about the suite life of zack and cody season 2

part three. We went a little long in our last one so we've decided to break it up. We've got a part 3 coming at you where we will continue to cover episodes between like episode 13 and 26 so if you didn't listen to our previous episode. Go ahead and give it a listen. But first Jessica what have you been enjoying lately.

Well as we mentioned in the last one I've been a little sicky so I have not done a lot of things but I will recommend some tea. Everyone knows about throat coat. It's great I discovered the Yogi brand, again not sponsored has this tea called sweet ginger turmeric vitality why we're naming a tea that many crazy things don't know oh my god it's so delicious. It's like a citrus ginger that like opens up your airways. But it's not too over powering, has the earthiness of the turmeric if you are not feeling well and you need like a little bit of an herbal tea to just relax your throat and you are tired of like the aniseed flavor of like a throat coat. Um, highly highly Recommend the sweet Ginger Turmeric Vitality I drank 2 boxes while I was sick because it is that good. Um, what have you been enjoying? 

That sounds incredible I Love a good ginger tea and I love turmeric. 

It's honestly you should go buy a box the next time you're at the grocery store. It's so good.

Was Yogi also founded by a cult or was that just celestial whatever?

I think it's just celestial is the 1 the one that makes the dream tea the sleepy tea.

Yeah, it might be both though I don't know anyway, don't listen to me what have I been enjoying lately I'm also going to recommend a product as if I'm a little. We're little influencers here. We're telling you to buy stuff. Heheheheh anyway. Um, if you have ever gone to Sephora and seen the laneige lip mask and wondered what the f*ck $24 is it could could buy you for your lips and and how that could possibly be worth it. Let me tell you it is like I'm I'm so sorry to report that it is in fact, worth it.

I am someone who loves lipstick I love a matte liquid lipstick. Also it's winter in New York it's dry so my lips tend to get a little flaky and dry out even when I do a little scrub fairly regularly one day I was like you know what? I'm just going to bite the bullet honestly I was influenced by an influencer.
So she was like I've been wearing this on the daily. So I bought the lip mask finally I wear it before bed every night I put it on before I go to sleep and when I wake up my lips are happy and healthy. They don't peel anymore I hardly even need to use the scrub though I do still use it just for maintenance.
And I've been using it every night for like two months almost now like I definitely got it before Christmas and I've barely dip made a dent in it like this thing's probably going to last me a year using it every night.

This is one of those viral products that is viral because it is good. It is not viral because it is pretty. It is not viral because it's easy to talk about like all those things are true, but it is viral because it's like such an amazing product I Also swear by it. They literally could charge double and people would still pay it. Not saying that they should but it is that good.

like I'm skeptical still about the $40 Dior lip bomb. But the Laneige $24 lip mask. It's worth it. 

Yeah, totally. 

So that said, this season continues to be a beast as we have mentioned in our previous episode. So let's jump into it.


Episode 22 

A midsummer's nightmare. This one we also have a guest star. We get miss Selena Gomez as Gwen um, a plot zack and Cody are auditioning for a midsummer night's dream in drama class zack's doing it because he is a crush on this girl named Vanessa um Bob also shows up because when does Bob not show up and he's doing it because his mom was like Bob you got to do an activity either You join the school play or you take Oboe lessons.

Agnes shows up to audition and she's like upset that zack's flirting with Vanessa um, and so Cody is practicing with Gwen who's Selena Gomez and they start to practice the Kiss and then carey shows up to pick them up. Then we see that the cast list has been announced. Gwen gets the part of hermia and zack gets lysander but that's the part that Cody wanted. Because he wants to Kiss Selena Gomez they're the ones who are flirting with each other and lysander kisses that character. Um, so they're all upset. Also Cody gets the character of bottom so he has to be in the donkey head and he's not very happy about that.
And I had to include this because I actually think it's the most accurate casting choice of um, this list Bob gets puck which of course Bob gets puck. He's such perfect just such a good puck. Um, great casting decision. Um, carey is seeing all this happen and so she steps up and she's like you know what I will be your assistant director and I will help you out but she is like stomping on the director's toes and just really acting like she is in charge and like taking it way too seriously. 

The for context the director Jess doesn't know this he is the special Ed teacher seen in the episode about Dyslexia so he is very much a I Just want all the kids that have fun teacher and careys like a sure and they'll have fun if they give a great performance.

Yeah, so he's very like inclusivity and she's very like everything needs to be perfect. carey's having them do mirror exercises so they're standing in front of each other and mirroring their like actions and facial expressions. Um. And Cody's like Zack you need to quit the play because you're lysander and you can't kiss hermia because hermia's my girl and that is just not going to be okay you and gwen cannot kiss look at Amanda if you are listening audio only Amanda is doing the mirroring

Ah, also it's weirdly implied that Gwen and Cody are actually dating.

Yeah, it is like they're boyfriend girlfriend. But then that conversation was never had so confusing then Agnes is partnered with Gwen and agnes is like if your kiss with zack lasts longer than a second and a half I am going to beat you down to a pulp because that is my man and you need to keep your hands off my man.

Hell yeah sister. 
They start practicing. Oh and then of course carey comes in and she's like we are gonna practice with hermia and lysanders elopement. And so Gwen and Zack are practicing and carey's like this is not good enough I need to feel the emotion and so they continue and they end up kissing in front of class on the first practice.

As a long ass kiss too.

Yeah, it's long, especially for children. And then after this gwen goes to Cody and is like you know what? actually I think it would be good if we saw other people and this evolves into Vanessa who zack has a crush on Having a crush on Cody and zack is now pissed at Cody because his girl likes Cody but he wants his girl to like him and Vanessa offers Cody a shoulder to cry on after you know Gwen essentially breaks up with him but not really because are they together confusing um and gives him a kiss on the cheek. And now we're at opening night baby and at opening night right before they go on Agnes and Cody are talking and plotting and agnes is like this is just like the play everyone is in love with the wrong person and so Agnes is like you know what you need to do you need to Kiss Gwen so she realizes that you kiss just as good as Zack and that she'll go back to you and then I can have Zack um and Cody's like okay that's a great idea about how are we gonna do that and she's like just follow my lead baby Um so during her Scene they're out in the field and everyone's like sleeping on the floor and she improvises and is like bottom you might just need to kiss Gwen to wake her up. Um, and bottom's like that's a great idea except he gets a giant donkey head on so then they're like trying to pull the donkey head off him.

Onstage It's all struggling and then he goes to kiss her but then vanessa interrupts and is like this isn't supposed to happen. Um, and then zack interrupts because he doesn't want Vanessa to Kiss Cody and then Agnes Banishes Gwen from the forest. It's this whole thing they start Like ripping parts of each other's clothes. So there's like tears in their costumes and they start fighting on stage and then Bob saves the day by giving a bomb ass monologue about everyone being fools the end

I want to say Jess wrote the summary out kudos to Jess She's been sick as hell watching these episodes did you follow it? Probably not listeners I didn't follow it and I've watched the episode. You know what else I've seen? I've seen a midsummer's night dream twice performed Twice and I've I've never read it but I've seen it performed twice I could not follow the play half the time and I could not follow this episode. But she did an incredible job. The 1 thing she forgot was that last line she ended with everyone's fighting. She forgot the part where Bob saves the day.

Puck Our good little fairy coming to save the day.

And that is the 1 thing I know about that show about the play the actual play b plot London just comes back from a trip to the Tokyo Tipton and there she says the lobby was decorated with the principles of Feng Shui now I know that we don't pronounce that correctly by the way by the way people. There's like I think Feng Shui like there's different ways to say it but in english and in this episode we call it feng shui so just like bear with me, you know what I'm talking about it's the japanese principle of like balance and shit. So she decides that she's going to decorate the Boston tipton with her little pad that tells her how to do the things the feng shui things and Moseby is like what are you doing to my lobby because she installs a waterfall at 1 point she puts bridges she moves the desks around she's making it
A little japanese garden inside the lobby and it's supposed to change the way you feel and attract good luck and to be fair, they do start getting good luck Moseby like someone his car gets hit but this guy's like but don't worry like I sell
Foreign vehicles and like I can get you a really good one and Maddie finds a hundred dollar bill on the lobby floor which is like all she needs for good luck baby and what the f*ck happened to esteban.

Esteban's family um strikes oil on their land.

Right right But London is having bad luck. You know she's named number one on the worst dressed list. 

Her yacht sinks.

Her yacht sinks. That's right, There's some other stuff maybe but she's basically like this shit ain't working this feng Shui isn't working and everyone's like yes, it is and she's like no, it's not let me change it back. She changes it a couple times and then she changes it back to what it was and once she changes it back to what it was all their rev-
All their luck reverses back to how it was so the the bill that Maddie found was counterfeit and now She's being invested by the police um the foreign vehicle that Moseby is being given is a bicycle and Esteban's family found oil on
The tipton property and are being sued by London's family but her family's now more rich than ever and it turns out that shoot it was a mistake and she's actually on the best dressed list.

Mhmm. this episode is crazy. How do we get both of these plotlines in 23 minutes they're wild and and like how did they fit this all in 23 minutes like this is crazy.

Yeah, because the other 3 episodes we covered had huge a plots but then the b plots were literally a sentence but these are like actual plots in both I'd say more so the a plot I will say a plot did I follow it? like I just said earlier not well.
All you need to know is that zack and Gwen kiss they kiss and people aren't happy about it and no one likes the right person.

I have thoughts on the a plot I also have thoughts on the B plot.

Well, we're starting with the a.

carey would not have time to volunteer as an assistant student director. She's a lounge singer. So my guess is her hours are like 4 to 10 4 to midnight something like that student plays happen after the school day is over those would overlap. That is confusing also like give the woman a break. She's a single mom. She has a full time job. She does not need to be volunteering as an assistant student director.

I did get the impression because he asks her to when he found out She had some sort of experience I did get the impression She was overly enthusiastic and a little too emotionally invested in this and that's why she volunteered but you're absolutely right when you bring up the hours I didn't even think about that.

Yeah, and.

There's no way in hell that those hours would not overlap substantially, even if she has a couple nights off a week. They're rehearsing more than a couple nights a week

Yeah, you like I would understand if she like I don't know volunteered at the school for like morning announcements or something like that but like not with her job as a lounge singer doing something in the afternoon slash evening. It just does not make sense. 
Also getting into the kiss because we have a few notes about this um, kissing on the first practice is not how it happens in like actual drama class especially in like I don't know about middle school but like in a high school setting like you're not doing that until It's tech week.

And if that's how it is in a high school setting They're probably not kissing it all in a middle school setting.

Yeah, or if they are doing it. It's like maybe the final rehearsal you do the little peck like it that made no sense 
Selena Gomez has talked about this kiss actually um because it was her first kiss and that it like was not a good experience. She was like super embarrassed and uncomfortable and she had to do it in front of a big group of people and she just like did not love it.

Mhmm that's what I was going to bring up and that end the way disney blocks their kisses. They usually don't need to be kissing and as a viewer I usually assumed that they weren't kissing that they were just very close but for them. As for her as an actress and Allyson Stoner and others to have come out and said hey I had this kiss when I was really young. My first kiss was on screen and I didn't enjoy experience I then that confirms it was a real kiss and I don't understand why it needed to be a real kiss in the first place when the blocking was such that. You couldn't even tell, 
especially when they're so young.

Mhmm this is like maybe these are the shows that we needed intimacy coordinators on I know that like the role of an intimacy coordinator has like
Grown hugely in the last like 10 years in productions. Um, like it was not nonexistent but it existed in a much much much smaller role. Um, at the time that we're talking about now in the early aughts. But now it's like a huge role on these sets. Um, but like.

Disney should for sure if you have child actors there needs to be an intimacy coordinator because they would suggest things like the blocking and then have the kids not kiss because they don't need to and why are you scarring their poor little 13 year old brains with these terrible experiences.

Yeah. Yeah, and and it's not like you need to have 1 on staff all the time you just have a freelancer come in for that episode yeah for that shoot day. Yeah 
I also don't generally like this
Cody suddenly dating people We've never heard about which happens in a few episodes and especially this weird thing where like he's dating gwen but literally as soon as she's done kissing zack she turns to Cody and says like I think it's a good idea if we the date other people like it's just kind of weird that this thirteen year old girls. Is like she kisses a guy that she was very adamant about not liking and suddenly she's like really into him.

Yeah, yeah, and the twin aspect of it all makes it a little more uncomfortable too.

Yeah I wrote this down as like I know that this episode is supposed to kind of mirror the play of a midsummer's nights dream. But I really felt like it was just ah 1 crazy lesson in consent 

yeah, true. 

Because so much happened that I felt very uncomfortable with.

Yeah it's a lot

And like it's cool that we're mirroring Shakespeare but isn't that play known as being I don't know one of his friskier ones. 
Like sure. It's not all of the like murder of the historical ones or even Romeo and Juliet but it's still like it's like sexual kind of right.

Yeah, for sure it is definitely one of his like frisky or flirtier like more sexual ones. The whole thing is about romance. Um well Puck fucking with romance and about romance. Um, but the part where I feel like it's slightly accurate is I feel like you do see a midsummer's night dream performed maybe not at middle school level that feels crazy but in high schools and stuff because of kind of like the quickness of the lines and how it flows. It's a lot easier to explain to kids what it means so that they could act the lines correctly compared to his more historical works which require a lot more like deep diving so you can portray those characters correctly. So I feel like them picking that one because it is like an easier Shakespeare to perform makes sense.

Didn't know that, good to know. B plot.

we already kind of touched on this but the whole Esteban of it all. He receives a telegram which like guys this is not an episode where we're back in time. Why is he receiving a telegram.

I I take it more as like a fax because probably his family can't afford the long distance call (okay) but they could have emailed him unless they don't have internet because he's a racist stereotype from a poor country.

yeah, um, but he's rich because his family struck oil. But then the oil that they struck Was owned by an oil company So now they have to pay the oil company back but then also Tipton owns that and so that and all of that was confusing to me so I'm like just tipton own the oil company. very weird.

Well yeah, because he says they have to pay the oil company back and then London's like we struck oil on one of our territories or whatever. (Yeah) So I think I think Esteban maybe doesn't know that they have to pay the Tipton specifically. But then it's implied.

Um, the use of the police the Fbi track down Maddie over a hundred dollar counterfeit bill and set up an interview that would never happen. 

like would never ever ever happen.

you probably couldn't even get banned from target for stealing a hundred dollars worth of stuff.

No, and you shouldn't.

money laundering is so much bigger than a hundred dollars 

Yeah, they're not going to like track you down because you paid with a faulty hundred dollar bill like they're looking for people who have millions of faulty a hundred dollar bills
also how you track cash.

Yeah, that also was I wasn't even going to touch on that. But yeah that that didn't make sense.

It just hit me. It just hit me is like like I've seen all of good girls I know that that's not how that works the hold that feng shui had in the early aughts like.

I am snapping to that because please tell me why why did we care? why? 

Why did we all know about it 
like why did we watch this episode when it came out and not be confused because we already knew about feng shui.

Yeah I don't know it's all very confusing.

I have one quote and it's Agnes saying oh somebody's getting banished now and Cody saying you go girl because that's just how they have them talk. That's how they have agnes talk in particular, she's very like no one's stealing my man and it's just um, interesting Mhmm I also made a note that agnes's hair is really pretty

It is I agree.

episode 23

we have lost in translation. 

a plot moseby makes sure that Maddie has stocked the sushi candy and seaweed cookies because a japanese company is staying at the hotel. That's right another japanese plotline. Moseby is greeting them upon their arrival and Cody who has been practicing japanese for his international project thingy at school decides to greet them. But he's saying all kinds of stupid shit that I've written down in our quotes but he's not offensive. It's just really really really stupid 

It confuses the people like he says like I have a hornet's nest in my pants. So then they go running. and then comes in a large effervescent woman just barreling into the lobby with the On a luggage cart and runs into the table and it's Kamiko Mori who is a vip at the hotel brought in by Moseby she is a japanese operatic singer brought in to entertain his important guests. So um, once again, he tells her something stupid in japanese.

Cody and she becomes somehow friends with zack and Cody shows up to their suite to cook them dinner. She thinks they're funny. She has a great sense of humor. Honestly I love her and she cooks some dinner and Zack's-

She's like a very larger than life personality in the best way.

Yes and Zack's like perfect I can use her for my international school project and carey is like women aren't projects and she's like I would love to be your project and so they take her to school as their demonstration on japanese culture. She teaches their classmates how to fold origami everyone sucks and then carey's like very Moseby and carey are very anxiously waiting at the tip in for her but they lost her. They forgot her. They just forgot her in the classroom when they went off with their friends who were so excited. 

So they show zack and Cody show up at the Tipton without Kamiko Mori and everyone's freaking out but so carey ends up filling in for her with the boys on stage doing a demonstration in this one song that she knows that isn't in japanese but they put on costumes anyway and then Kamiko Mori shows up in the audience and is' like oh they're really good and moseby's like could you please get your ass on stage and they all sing if you're happy and you know it together in 2 languages.

the b plot is London's going through her old clothes and Maddie wants London to give them to her but also Maddie's being mean because Maddie is mean um, but London is still nice and London's like you know what come up before school. Get whatever you want from my closet I've worn it all more than twice already. So whatever you want is yours and Maddie's trying to get this blue sweater that's up on the top. She knocks down literally a bunch of clothes but also the shelves and everything like everything just comes falling.

There's an avalanche.

And the door handle inside the closet gets knocked off the door and they're locked in um London and they're locked in for a while they're trying to like figure out to do their screaming help. No one's coming for them because they're locked in this giant Hanna Montana closet um London has her cell phone. But she has no service and so she's getting on Maddie's shoulders so they can find the perfect part where she has service and portia calls her but then her battery dies right as she's about to tell portia that they're locked in the closet. They're both really hungry. Um, and starving at this point because they've been in the closet for a while and Matty starts eating a belt a purse I don't know something that was a leather. A belt a belt. 

Oh and then London's like oh yeah I had a couple pieces of candy. So I'm doing okay but I saved 1 piece in my purse for later and
Maddie's like you had candy and You didn't tell me I'm over here eating a fucking belt and so then they start fighting over this piece of candy. and then they have a little bit of a heart to heart and London's like you know you have a great life and you know that the people in your life like you for you like I don't know if people like me for me or like me for my money. Um, and they have a hug and then moseby shows up and they are so excited to be rescued and so excited to go get some dinner and get some food in their belly that they lock moseby in the closet on their way out.

that's our b plot ah notes for a plot Amanda says she's seen this at least 25 times I do have to say I didn't remember this one as much I don't know why didn't stand out in my brain.

You didn't remember Kamiko Mori? 

She is iconic to me. I wish. She's up there with little baby scammer.

yeah I wish that I remembered it more because it was kind of a kooky episode.

This is one that I felt was on the reruns all the time. It was also the second episode in a row with japanese influence and the same reason that I had the note about Feng Shui what was the hold. What was the reason (yeah) and it's there's at least 1 more in this season.

Wow. the English twins are back I don't remember what they do it was pointless but they were in this episode and I wanted to note it.

Yeah. They were in the class doing origami failing.

Oh my god there is this one scene where they're cooking I think it's when Kamiko comes in to cook and zack or Cody like lift open. There's a big like stewing pot on- It's when Moseby comes in and finds out that Kamiko's missing 
oh okay, that makes sense.

There's a big pot in the kitchen and they lift open the pot and you hear moseby screaming in the pot and that is what nightmares are made of it was terrifying I didn't like it.

He screams into the pot because he's so mad that they've lost her and then he leaves and then out of Curiosity zack just lifts the lid and you hear the scream come out.

It's like the scream was trapped I missed the precursor to the screen being trapped. Still don't love it.

It's good because it's like a full minute or 2 after he did it. the carry performance of it all you want to get into that.

yeah, so instead of just having your lounge sinker who is a performer that you put up in this niceass hotel with her Children. So Clearly you think she has talent. Instead of just being like this is the opening act before we have this great finale act for you. You're gonna have the opening acts like dress up like white face paint with the like really red like round blush and the like. Black Hairdo wigs um with fans was it fans or ribbons no fans that they were dancing with 
Fans because they had the lyrics on the inside I think.
yeah I Just don't know if we needed that.

We didn't I will say in a very heavy generalization typically speaking East Asians especially well I would say especially japanese but also koreans a lot of east asians don't east asians from East Asia Not asian americans don't perceive appropriation the same way that we do because they don't they have very ethnically homogenized societies in which they don't have the historical context of being colonized and racially discriminated against by white people. So like
It's common in Korea to rent traditional hanbok like dresses and take pictures in palaces I only did it when my korean friend invited me to do it but a lot of foreigners Do it and a lot of koreans think of it as like oh they're appreciating our traditional wear and they think that it's beautiful and they really like that.

So I wouldn't necessarily say it was a bad move on Moseby's part in that like he probably wasn't offending his guests because they are from Japan but that's a whole lot of context that I have from living in East Asia that these writers do not have
That isn't completely inapplicable and also never excuses the fact that we have white people dressed up in traditional supposedly traditional japanese costume and makeup. 
Yeah, still, yeah
It's a bad choice that didn't need to be made hundred percent and I'm not defending that.

yes, heavy on the cultural appropriation for sure. But I appreciate the context. Um.

they call themselves like tashika and the pimps. 
I did not catch that but that makes it worse
That's what Moseby has to introduce them as yeah. 

In our b plot Maddie mentions that she's been wearing the same socks for a week and like I'm not the Queen of hygiene I'm not gonna be the first to like ever fault someone on hygiene but the same socks that you're sweating in you work at a candy counter where you have to stand for your entire shifts. You're wearing those for a week like you must have foot fungus go or going on because that it's just gross. 

I remember this mirror vividly I don't know how much you mentioned it in the plot recap but there is a sassy ass talking mirror in every one of London's 4 story closets and
Maddie's like why is this mirror always so mean and London's like he's always nice to me and he's also mean to Moseby but he's a very weird and I say he because it's a masculine voice that comes out just a very sassy AI mirror that I remember vividly.

Okay, quotes.

I think the first 3 are all things that Cody says when he's speaking japanese is the second one? Um I don't know about the second one. Okay, the first 2 that I will say he says I have hornets nests in my pants and my belly button grows watermelons.
Which then Kamiko Mori's like don't send me any fruit baskets, which I liked

one of the other ones I think I don't know jess thought that this was a japanese quote japanese quote 
It might be towards Maddie
I think it's london I think it's London towards Maddie

Or it could have been the mirror towards maddie.
Yeah ohh yeah  
it's you stick legged frizzy haired freak.

when Kamiko Mori is making them dinner someone makes a joke about the eyeballs
And she says as a sign of respect I will save the eyeballs for mommy to which carey makes a look like she is revolted I didn't like this line because I didn't like the response to it and it's comedic relief for making fun of a culture I had a friend growing up who is
Filipino and Japanese and would talk about how like everyone would make fun of her for eating dishes there where the fish contain the eyeballs but that was to her like the best part So that's just one of those things where it's like it's fine to include other cultures. But it's not fine to make them a joke.


I wrote in all caps famous. How did you forget this because jess did not write this down.

Mhmm it is This is a very famous and um, commonly memed part of suite life. Yeah.

Of all of it is carey saying how do you lose a woman and Cody says you forget to cherish her 
Yeah, so good.

and then the last line that the mirror says to Moseby.
I like the suit, But what's with the tie. The guy couldn't guess your weight? and I don't understand that like I I I don't even understand the correlation of weight and ties.

I didn't get it either and it's like a running thing throughout this episode about his tie like I feel like his tie is brought up multiple times.

Episode 24 volley dad guest stars in this include Mindy Sterling who is a pretty well-known name. She's a ginger shows up in a million things so many like her Imdb is really long
Um, but she is primarily known as frau farbasina in the austin powers movies. She is the principal and Ant Farm and she is Mrs Briggs the teacher in icarly and we also in this have Kaycee Stroh who is Martha Cox in high school musical as another one of their classmates. Just
Furthering the high school musical takes over the suite life agenda.

Totally um, carey is coming home from a date with her boyfriend Harvey who's a lawyer and they're sneaking into the apartment because it's late and they're like the boys are probably sleeping but no, ah.

I love this intro I'm sorry I love this first scene.

It's really good because they open the door and zack and Cody are standing in a very like what were you doing out so late young woman. 
In their robes. Yeah
They're like we've it's past your curfew little lady. Yes

and so that happens Harvey leaves and later on Zack's like you know what I like him because he's rich and Cody's like I don't like him. He's not right for mom and I need to call in dad because this is an emergency situation. so Kurt shows up.
And he's like what is the emergency and he's like Cody this is not an emergency but He stays because hello. Um, and so carey's boyfriend Harvey is coming over for dinner and she's freaking out like I cannot have my ex-husband and my new boyfriend in the same room but it actually goes well. And they get along and Harvey gets up to leave and he gives kurt his card because he's like you know what I represent a record company. So here's a connection Kurt's like here's a Cd um and he's like really not on Cody's Side he's like this guy's great. What are you talking about.
and then Kurt goes to leave and they open the door and we see carey and Harvey kissing because I guess they just had to include that it felt weird. bow Maddie gets wind that Harvey is proposing to carey and so she tells the boys. And careys at dinner and he puts the ring on a breadstick and the entire time he's like don't you think you would want a breadstick and she's like I don't really want 1 right now. But like maybe later he's like how about a breadstick now and she's like no I don't really want a bread stick right now like why do you keep pushing these on me.

And Cody is in the vents because where do the boys live in the vents and he is fishing with like a fishing pole for the bread out of the breadbasket trying to find the ring. Oh also Kurt shows up in the vent too. Um
And he's like Cody. Why do you think that Harvey's not the right guy for mom and Cody can't answer him like he does not have a sound answer. just he settles on like I don't want to change I like the way the things are and I don't want it to change. Um Mr Moseby comes out to encourage Harvey. And is like you really need to ask her to marry you because Mr Moseby is in this to get the boys out of the hotel. He's like I need carey to marry rich so she can move in with Harvey and get this these boys out of my lobby. Um, he then like. Tries on the ring because that's a fucking normal thing for a grown ass man to do and it gets stuck on his finger so then carey comes back. It's like why is Mr. Moseby here what is happening Harvey gets down on one knee makes Mr. Mosey get done on 1 knee asks carey to marry him. With Mr. Moseby's hand that the ring is on and zack and Cody show up and Cody's like you know what? I give you permission to Marry him and carey pools Harvey sign is like this is way too fast like I've liked dating you but it's only been a few months and I'm not ready to get married.

back when I cared enough to trope time I've seen at least 3 things 2 shows and a movie in the last two months in which someone tried on an engagement ring that was meant for someone else and and it got stuck on their finger. 

Oh yeah, that is for sure a trope. 

B plot London is joining the volleyball team at her Our lady of perpetual sorrow which is still the funniest name for a school I've ever heard. They're losing they suck and London also sucks. But
The other team has this really competitive player that's like saying mean comments and as soon as she's insulting London London's fucking great she's spiking that ball and then she starts to like flirt with the equipment boy and she's getting happy again. So she sucks again. So Maddie's like we can't lose this game Yeah so you know what I'm going to take one for the team and Kiss Joe the equipment boy and Margaret Mary Margaret is like wait wait wait I could do it and Maddie's like no no no I'll take one for the team.
It's a weird. It's a weird thing and so Maddie like ah kisses him kind of without his consent like they're just talking and then she just kisses him and he's taken aback by it.

Oh the amount of non consentual kisses that have happened in this show that is meant for children is absolutely not Okay, It's a problem.

Also the number of kisses we've covered in this episode of our podcast alone is more than most kisses happen in an entire run of a Disney show. Yeah. But regardless she kisses joe London sees she gets pissed off. They win the game
And just literally it wraps up by Maddie waits for London after the game and apologizes and London says it's fine.

Well also they do have like an important conversation prior to that where Maddie's like okay I'm gonna tell you the truth I didn't Kiss Joe because I liked him like you can still have Joe I kissed him because I wanted you to win and when you're angry You play volleyball better and she London's like you wanted to win so badly that you were willing to hurt a friend like that was worth it for you. Um, and then that's when they go into the apology.

And Maddie's like yes and London's like well congrats it worked.

Yeah, we already touch on this Moseby literally is like balls deep in this engagement literally balls deep! He is! just to get rid of the kids.
The visual
Not balls deep not our Mr. Moseby. The most sexless man in America. 

Yeah, he is pretty sexless that is true. 
a record company's lawyer would not be giving out cards for the record label like that was weird um to me because I'm like that would be R and d to like develop a label that wouldn't be the lawyer.

I Could kind of see it if he's like hey I have this connection this guy who's important to this girl I'm dating could use it like maybe he doesn't think it's necessarily going to go anywhere but he wants to seem better. 

Okay, fair.

I have to Say they've been dating for a month like when carey rejects him she says it's been a great month yeah one singular and to this end I don't want to judge you know, sometimes when you know you know that's what I've heard at least I personally have not experienced I'm not ruling it out. However.
When Cody's saying like there must be something wrong with this guy I wrote down there must be something wrong with this guy because he has met her meddling ass teenage boys her ex-husband everyone wants him to marry her. They've been dating for one single month and he proposes and he's rich.

He's a rich lawyer with a yacht like what is wrong with this man.
Yeah I agree.

Anywho B Plot notes. 

The dynamic between the nuns and London I just like love. Um, we haven't gotten a ton of school episodes. So I've seen it a little bit. Um. But well there might be other school episodes but of ones amanda has made me watch (there are) We haven't gotten a ton and the way that London is just like all right sis like it and that the nun doesn't just like roll her eyes like she gives the sass back to London in the same way. I really really enjoy the writing between the nuns in London like it. It's really funny. 

Yeah, it kind of gives derry girls ah vibes with their (yes) school nuns which kind of does make sense that you would think like you think of nuns as being like very uptight but these are. Nuns running a school for teenage girls so they deal with so much crap that they probably really do roll with it and like of course they're going to have a sense of Humor. They're humans.
Yeah yeah it's really good.
I enjoy their dynamic as well.

everyone has matching volleyball outfits. They all look the same because that is what happens when you're on a school team. However, not London she is a sparkly blue headband but what I really noticed is. Her knee pads are bedazzled like the school blue bedazzled knee pads and I was here for it. I don't really know how that's protecting your knees because I feel like bedazzle like little jewels are probably pokey. So then like you would feel that when you fell on your knees. But regardless cute.

Well I think they'd be a bigger hazard for the floor. 1 of my favorite things about London's wardrobe is that for being the richest person in any room ever. She looks the cheapest (yeah) because everything she wears is just bedazzled. It's just like it's not
Diamonds. It's just rhinestones and sequins all the time. It's it's she walks out of limited to0 every single day of her life mhmm but she knows what she likes. Maddie is lit- is literally the worst friend so like we have to talk about this. We've talked about it before we have to touch on it again.
This is the plotline that disgusted me the most so far because she consciously makes this whole ass plan and you can tell she's kind of enjoying it too the way that she's like oh no, no, it's my plan I have to be the one to take 1 for the team and kiss this man without his consent and hurt My best friend who goes to this school And relies on me for guidance and then I hate the way that it's supposedly wrapped up where it's literally a credit scene (yeah) where like like they have the fight about congrats you did hurt me and we won whatever it worked.
She goes off to the locker room and then it's just when she comes back and Maddie's like you're right I'm sorry (yep) 
it's too big of a of a crime for her to be forgiven so quickly.

Completely agree. It's also that like Maddie's like oh I know London can get jealous. So I'm going to like act on the part of my friend that I know is maybe a weak point which is just like I dunno Feels so manipulative and like mean past a normal teenage meanness like that is like conniving to them being like oh I know that this person can sometimes get jealous and instead of helping her prevent her from falling into jealousy I'm going to bring that side out of her.

Yeah, and I wonder what's going on in the male writers room because in our role reversal episode London is Maddie right? So she is smart and she is also a bit mean like they're they're consciously writing her as mean and manipulative and they're not
Unaware of it. But I'm wondering is this what they think female friendship looks like
because they are- I sure hope not
but they are portrayed as being genuine friends who do really care about each other and yet they constantly go through these transgressions that are not healthy situations to be in.

Guys if your if your friend is kissing a guy you like to manipulate your emotions. That's a shitty friend and you should dump them 
Mhmm. Agreed. 

to that end this whole plotline of London's being motivated by being insulted, Maddie insults her constantly (yeah) and that's never done anything for her in the past (yep) so that was confusing to me 

a few quotes I don't remember when this one happened but I wrote I must have missed the good news part. this one I do remember and this is when London first becomes really good at volleyball and she says but call me dumb and you'll feel my rash and then that Maddie's like wrath and she's like that too.

I feel like the good news part might have been Moseby after they don't get engaged. Oh maybe.
the line that motivates London when they're playing volleyball that comes from the other team is because she's like oh my god are you London tipton and she's like I am, it's
I've just always wanted to meet the dumbest heiress in Boston 
and then Cody at 1 point to Kurt says are you going to let her marry that and Kurt says if she doesn't I will 

Shout outs.
This is the part where I give shoutouts to episodes We are not talking about that had something I thought was important to note for your cultural lexicon and mine episode 13 bowling has dot Marie Jones in it. She's coach bieste in glee episode 16 going for the gold. Um, London buys a boutique in the tipton and runs a store and that's something that stuck out a lot in my head and felt important to note she then gets rid of it by the end of the episode. So. That's why it doesn't come up again 19 ask zack zack is the advice columnist for the school paper. This is just a major trope right? 

Yep, Huge trope.

Episode 20 that's so suite life of Hannah Montana you know it. It's coming. We've mentioned this in Raven but if you haven't listened to Raven before that's so suite life of hannah Montana's a crossover between all 3 of those shows and we will be covering it in it's own episode of 90s babies nostalgia when we care episode 21 what the hey Is this weird ass episode where they skip school Zack and Cody skip school go to the mall and film a music video with a really shitty song. They do get caught. Episode 25 loosely ballroom is basically dancing with the stars suite life edition. The whole plotline is esteban's running a dance school and they're competing and it's all the people from the Tipton except Maddie she's not in that episode.

26 scary movie the boys go to a scary movie with the twins Janice and Jessica and it's cute. Zack gets scared he sleepwalks. Um, and my thing that I loved was cute was that when he's sleepwalking and destroying the Tipton he like carey asks the boys if they're doing it and they say no and she has has them pinky swear.

And they all pinky swear and then she turns to mosbey and goes there you go and he's like you believe that and she's like yeah they pinky swore 
So cute
but also in the b plot Tahj Mowry from smart guy from baby daddy. All of that is a guest star and London pretends to be
Poor for him because he's poor and then when he finds out she's rich. He's like well at least you're not poor and mean like Maddie 
yeah, it's a whole like I almost had us watch that episode almost yeah and I I do recommend it so that's it for this chunk up next we will probably be doing.

I thought we were only going to do 1 more episode on this season. We might do 2 because there's some doozies in there baby

Yep, we're continuing season 2 you'll get one, two more. We'll see most likely two and then coming in March if you are someone who likes more of our remix content. Um, we will be covering young royals. 

I know we're so excited lining up with the season 3 premiere as much as we can. So um, we'll be covering season 1 and 2 as well as once season 3 premieres we'll be covering that so we're super super super excited to talk about young royals because boy do we have lots of thoughts.

if you haven't watched it. It's a lot like heartstopper but Drama so you'll enjoy it.

Yeah, drama and royal. as always you can follow our social medias please do so and please interact with us. We are 90s babies nostalgia spell out the word nineties on Instagram and Youtube but use the numbers on Tiktok rate and review on Spotify and Apple Podcasts and with that we'll see you in the next one.


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