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young royals s1 ep1-3: welcome to hillerska

February 23, 2024 Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore Season 3 Episode 7
young royals s1 ep1-3: welcome to hillerska
Nineties Babies Nostalgia
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Nineties Babies Nostalgia
young royals s1 ep1-3: welcome to hillerska
Feb 23, 2024 Season 3 Episode 7
Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore

CW: this episode mentions underage substance use & parental unaliving

Season 3 of Young Royals is hitting Netflix March 11th, and we're so excited to be bringing you our series recapping all of our favorite moments of the broody Swedish drama leading up to that release. If you love Heartstopper you'll definitely enjoy this wholesome-yet-dramatic show about a prince and his scholarship student crush at what is possibly the most wild boarding school we've ever seen. 

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CW: this episode mentions underage substance use & parental unaliving

Season 3 of Young Royals is hitting Netflix March 11th, and we're so excited to be bringing you our series recapping all of our favorite moments of the broody Swedish drama leading up to that release. If you love Heartstopper you'll definitely enjoy this wholesome-yet-dramatic show about a prince and his scholarship student crush at what is possibly the most wild boarding school we've ever seen. 

Please rate & review us wherever you listen, and let us know your thoughts on the episode on any of our socials.


Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

Get home from school turn on my TV who are these friends staring right back at me now that we're older (scratch)

Hi I'm Amanda 

and I'm Jessica and this is 90s babies nostalgia where two 90s babies are having fun

Just to be clear we're not sponsored by nor affiliated with any of the shows companies involved in making the shows actors anything that we talk about ever unless we disclose otherwise we just enjoy talking about media and today we are talking about Young Royals ahh yes Young Royals season 1 part one because you know us you know that we have to like talk our heads off about our cute little gay teenage boys and we can't possibly do that in a single episode

No, and these episodes are an hour long so even though the seasons are only 6 episodes you're getting a lot of content in those 6 episodes so there was just no way that it was gonna fit into 1 episode of the podcast

Hundred percent so if you are someone who enjoys our heartstopper content strap in because we are in a similar vein whether or not you've seen young royals we will make this enjoyable for you but first Jessica what have you been enjoying lately

I have been enjoying coffee from the farmer's market specifically this coffee that I have here which is a horchata to cold brew so it's a cold brew but instead of half and half it has horchata and it's just delicious 


What have you been enjoying

I Love a local coffee Um I recently finished reading The List oh I think the author's name is Yomi Adegoke. sorry I don't have my copy with me I gave it to a friend to borrow but it's a novel about a woman who is a reporter online like an online journalist not like a New York Times but more more of like a vox I'd say and she is a feminist who was part of the me too movement in London like helping report on some men in the music industry and is about to get married and then heriance a couple weeks before the wedding is put on this list it's literally a Google sheet of just like men in the media industry who have like misbehaved and there's lots of people who are accused of like straight up ass**lt and then his is just like h*r*ssment at a Christmas party like restraining order and it's a Google sheet so anyone could have added to it so you don't know if it's true or not and so that's like the premise of the book is whether or not she can trust him and if she should go forward with the wedding and is she a bad feminist if she does and all of that it's it's a good like thought provoking piece and also it's just fun

Yeah, sounds good Actually

Yeah, it was actually stocked in the thriller section of my bookstore which I thought was a fun choice

It does not sound like a thriller but that's okay

I guess it the the thing about it is that there is suspense because you switch perspectives between her and her fiancee the whole time so you kind of know that he didn't do it but you also know that he's not a great guy and there have been other things and it's like the things unravel and you never like you know the stakes are high but you never really know how high it's going to go

anywho read a book guys but also watch Tv 


getting into it

yeah, young royals if you haven't watched it and as Amanda mentioned you like our heartstopper content or you love heartstopper like just go listen to us but also go watch it 

I hadn't seen it until heartstopper season one and Jess was like okay now you have to go watch young royals because it's incredible so and I was behind I guess a lot of people watched it

Yes, it's amazing, but it is a swedish teen drama romance on Netflix that premiered in July of 2021 it was created and I'm just gonna say apologies in advance I am gonna do my absolute darnedest to pronounce these swedish names but I am probably going to mistakenly pronounce a few of them um, but I'm going to try um, so it was created by Lisa Ambjorn Lars Beckung and Camilla Holter it's season 1 like as Amanda said was super popular so it got top 10 in 12 different countries on Netflix as well I streamed it was streamed for almost 10,000,000 hours um so very very popular it did get renewed for season 2 and they wrapped filming season 3 um, in summer of 2023 so we got a season 3 on the way hopefully it's announced by the time this comes out for y'all

Exactly we're trying to get our timing right for once so

Also after the first week it was ranked the eighth most streamed non-english language series on Netflix worldwide

I do recall this being one of the first big non english series on Netflix I'd say what elite was before this because elite's had like 6 seasons

Yeah I think there's seventh either got renewed or they're filming it but that will be the final but yeah, Elite is like super popular maybe one day will do that I'm on season 5 but that one's chaotic and quite a mess so I'm not sure

Regardless I do have mixed feelings about streaming services I watch a lot of streaming though and I do value how much they've brought international media to our screens in a way that network television never did

Yeah I agree because I don't know like when I was watching Network Tv I can't think of times that I ever watched something with subtitles but I do it quite frequently on streaming services and you get to know so much good content that way

Yeah Network was like you have to pay for the Spanish Channel or you have to pay for the the like KDrama Channel whereas streaming It's like you get your normal American stuff and also you get some fun international stuff


So don't be scared of the subtitles guys it's good it's worth it

There also is a dubbed version if you really are like I know I feel the same way you do about dubbed but if it really is a huge hurdle that is always an option but it is not as good I would not recommend

Wait but I kind of want to watch it now just to see what it's like just to like cringe

I accidentally it automatically loaded in the dubbed version for some reason this time so I had to go in and change it so for the first like a minute I was like what is going on why does Prince Wilhelm sound like that that is not what he sounds like

So speaking of Prince Wilhelm

yeah, getting into our cast he is played by Edvin Riding um who is 20 currently so was 18 when the show was first released so he's next in line to the swedish throne after his older brother Eric he's kind of like the awkward younger sibling he acts out he doesn't really like that attention is on him

He's the harry to Eric's William

Sure, yeah, great, his first acting credit was in 2009 he has recurring roles in like many swedish tv shows and he was on an episode of big mouth this year

I didn't know that

yeah and then we get our other main character slash love interest Simon which is played by Omar Rudberg who was 20 is currently 25 so 23 at the time of filming or at the time

Blows my mind because he's a baby in the show 

Yeah I think that's just like how he looks you know 

Yeah, he just looks like a baby

he is one of the few students at the boarding school so I don't know if we've mentioned but this majority of this show takes place at Hillerska Boarding school which is like a it's a boarding school

A rich kid fancy boarding school like wilhelm is sent there at the beginning of the show and the whole Royal family had been there before like that's the kind of Elite boarding school It is

Yeah, so Simon is there He's one of the few people who are on like a scholarship Don't live on campus aren't in boarding and there is like a clear Separation between those who are in residence versus the um students who are not and he is there with his sister Sara who also attends also he's not really an actor. he has a couple one offs but this is really his like primary acting credit he was in a popular swedish pop boy band called FO&O and they were together for 5 years so from 2012 to 2017 and then he went solo um, so he's primarily a musician which is funny because he does give that vibe 

Does he I think he does a really good job for a non actor

I agree I Just think his like I don't know his skin and the way he like uses I don't know it to me shows that

His skin?

yeah, he's just very beautiful and glowy and like he just gives me like I'm a musician I don't know

I'm a popstar I'm ethereal 

Yeah, then we get August who I wrote here is a member of and the noble family He's a second cousin of Wilhelm and Eric he's captain of the rowing team But really all of that can be disregarded He's an utter fucking asshole dirtbag We hate him

He's the worst he is also in his third year which I believe high school in Sweden is 3 years typically like grades 10, 11, 12 and he's in his final year and wilhelm is in his sophomore year

Or grade 10 I mean he's in his his first year at the school because he's like oh I'm going have to do this for 3 years

And he was 21 at the time of season 1 releasing and he is played by Malte Gardinger and he's been acting since 2015 again similar to Edvin He has like a bunch of Swedish tv show credits and these might be very popular Tv series in Sweden I don't know and then he has some ah US shows that he's been in as well Then we get Sara who we mentioned

Or Sara
Yeah, previously who is played by Frida Argento who's also 21 um, at the time of season one she's the older sister to Simon she's kind of like the outcast there's implications that maybe they left the previous school due to bullying she struggles making friends and we do learn early on in the series that she has autism and adhd 

And she is a horse girl

oh yeah, horse girl through and through baby

And then we get Felice played by Nikita Uggla maybe Uggla who is a boarding student and was 22 she's 22 now is this your note so that makes her like 20ish 19ish when the show came out and she they call her a member of modern nobility which I understand is just being like her parents are filthy rich like they probably own like a big business conglomerate and what I love about her is that she's biracial Her Mom is like a typical thin Swedish white woman and then her dad is black And she is more visibly black and she's also a larger size than others but she's still like no one ever questions that she's just like the most popular girl in school which is f*cking dope to me 


probably the least realistic thing about the show but f*cking dope

yeah, I love it and then we get Eric who is briefly in the show but he is the crown prince the older brother

Ivar Forsling 

To Wilhelm

played by Ivar Forsling sorry I feel like an *sshole having you pronounce all the swedish names because I know you went to swedish camp But also I lived in Norway so like I do kind to know how to pronounce these names but like I Mean you're doing great babe

thanks Eric is like he's really the one who just like embraces that he's the crown prince He's all about like doing things for show and like Respecting the Royal family and he's just like the perfect royal

But he also gets along with wilhelm really well and maybe doesn't always understand him but supports him in like they have a 

I love their relationship

We'll get into it more but they have a really great relationship

Yeah, it like could make me cry if I think about it (mhmm) then who the f*ck is Li-oh then we get Linda I was like 

she's Simon and Sara's mom they are also biracial Their mom is latina and their dad is swedish and that's all you really need to know she's a fun supportive mom who speaks a fun mix of spanish and swedish when she speaks

Yeah, yeah, and she is played by Carmen Gloria Perez and then last small side characters here We get Ayub and Rosh who are played by Inti Zamora Sobrado and Beri Gerwise and they are Simon's best friends they come up a lot which is why I wanted to mention who they were because they are in almost every episode at least for a scene or 2

And they do not go to Hillerska They don't go to the boarding school They're his friends from his old school in town where he actually lives so they're like a look into what act real life is like

Totally and now we can get into our episodes we have episode 1 episode 1 this opens up And we see Prince Wilhelm in the back of a car clearly inebriated He has cuts and bruises like he just got in a fight on his face and we're getting like flashbacks of him at a party it's then that we learn that he is gonna um because of this Fight and altercation that was filmed He is immediately going to be enrolled in Hillerska boarding school and he like does not want to go He's like I like my friends I like being at home I don't want to do this like I'm not Eric I don't want to be Eric

His parents make him read a statement that says they all collectively agreed that he would go even though they never discussed it with him

Yeah, and in that statement he has to apologized for disappointing the country and himself and his family which is pretty f*cked up

Yeah, but he also says that like he was under a lot of stress since his coronation type Whatever I don't remember exactly what they called it and like being a prince and taking on more duties which I just wanted like sorry side note but I cannot think of a more A less relatable apology


like like literally cry me a f*cking River you royal Yeah anyway

Yeah I think this will be a common theme that will come up with this is like where Amanda and I with heartstopper were like so relatable like the way they behave is like just It's very Tv, but it Really feels real This plot is a little further removed from reality but it's still lovely so we get to hillerska there's a grand welcome you know press is there taking photos of him arriving at his new school 

So many photos

So many photo opportunities He's shaking hands with everyone and the school choir welcomes him um and during this performance is where we get the first Simon and Wilhelm looks so Simon's in the choir he's singing and his voice is kind of like isolated above the others and they exchange like glances and a smile at each other

Yeah, and Wille just like giggles watching him the whole time (yeah) gay Sorry

And then we learn that August is planning an initiation party for wilhelm and he's trying to get booze but his normal friends with the hookups can't don't have booze because like security's been sweeping the school because a prince just joined So August approaches Simon asking about if he could get some and he's like what you think all of us non-res kids or dealers But August tells him that he can be invited to the party and Simon doesn't really care about the party to my understanding but he does care about Sara and her Like not fitting in so much so he decides to do it and he checks with his friend that you got booze from his dad So, he agrees to go to his dad's house and get booze from him father of the year so but they decide to keep their meeting a secret because Simon's really not trying to he has daddy issues

Yeah, it's like very clear that like the dad is cut out of their lives

and around this time we also see felice and Sara at the barn where Sara is calming down felice's horse rousseau this is a common thing This is how they know each other really is that Sara is allowed to ride Rousseau if she takes care of the horse felice is not good with the horse she has a lot of imposter syndrome about this It's a big insecurity

yeah, felice really is not a horse girl 

No, she's the opposite of a horse girl

then we get kind of like the next day where we see everyone in class together and Simon speaks up when they're talking about tax evasion and welfare and then we see a house meal where Wille is kind of like introduces himself to Simon which I think is funny It's like yeah, you're the f*cking prince he knows who you

I Love that So so much though I love that he's like hi I'm Wilhelm and he's like and I'm Simon and it's like yeah yeah, we know who you are

Yeah, and so you know he's kind of like hey I like what you said during class and Simon's like then why the f*ck didn't you speak up? 

And he says I'm not allowed to be political which is another

Yup. Now it's initiation night and I'm sure we'll get into it a little bit later but they haze the f*ck out of Wille like 

Oh my God 

it's terrible

It's one of the most ridiculous scenes I've ever seen in television I Just need to point that out. 

But also terrifying

Yes, like he's tied up with a rope and dragged through mud

Yeah, and he's forced to drink spit 

Yes, anyway, this is all initiation for his dorm house That's it for Forest Ridge house and once he gets through the initiation we get thrown into a big ass party We see Simon and Sara and Sara is Simon doesn't drink He told his dad he doesn't drink at least and we don't see him drink but Sara immediately is like light me up baby and she's drinking Yeah a lot and goes and finds felice and sees her throwing up and they bond because Sara is a little weird and
she was like she was acting kind of weird with felice about like not really being grossed out by the puke I guess so Felice makes a comment about how she's not like other girls hashtag not like other girls and Sara's like it's because I have well she says Asperger's we are saying autism because Asperger's is an outdated N*zi term if you don't know it's all part of the autism spectrum disorder

I Also like I don't know the truth to this because I don't know the Swedish word but I wonder if there's a translation issue there too where what like what we're reading really it could be if you spoke native language It could be known as autism I don't know just a thought

Other way it's on the Autism Spectrum disorder and in English that is the term that we prefer to use and she also has adhd and felice is like word and so now they like each other and they climb through a window to get some fresh air and hang out outside and this is where their friendship starts which is interesting ah Wille on the other hand is drunk and goes up to Simon and just they decide to go outside like Simon's going to leave to find Sara and Wille's like no no no no I'm I'm let's go outside Let's go outside and They just go outside and sit together and talk and giggle and sing and he compliments Simon and then they hear August start calling for Wille so they duck down even though they're f*cking lit up with glow sticks They duck down behind this tiny little wall And Simon's like mocking him calling his name and Wille's like shut up and puts his hand over his mouth and they stare at each other and they look like they're about to Kiss and then the episode ends



this sh*t is so cute but so I just love this show it's so good

something I thought the first time I watched it This is my second watch for this podcast unless I watched it before I don't remember rewatching anyway the first time that I watched it I felt like the moments are so slow and tense And in the second rewatch I don't feel like they're as slow I still feel the tension but the pacing doesn't feel too slow for me, but it's still like I don't know it's it's more natural at least like like a lot of shows are like pow pow pow pow pow
But they're like you get these long moments like them sitting behind the wall just like giggling and talking and the hand on the mouth and like you want them to Kiss but you're not going to get it right away You know

Yeah, no, totally totally and I feel like this show continues that like even into season 2 There's a lot of slow development Where in the first watch you're like oh this is slower than I want it to be but then as you rewatch and start to pick up on things you're like oh wait this is like moving good You know

Yeah, and it is fun in a second watch to pick up on those things because you know it's going to happen so you like feel a little bit less of the tension So then you can focus on the other stuff

Yeah, yeah, just a few things I want to know in this episode that I found Ah notable, during this press statement that the Royal family is doing There is this like tiny ass vintage couch and these 4 Like fully grown humans squish on this tiny little couch What? what?? why? Why are we doing that 

because they're one family They're a unit

Oh God God other thing that's important to note For plot is it is made known in this episode that August is very into felice but Felice is like more in love with the idea she like speaks very openly about like well If I were to settle for August then like my kids would not be princes and princesses like she's very in the into the idea of like being part of the royal family So she really has her eyes set on Wille

Which it is sort of they are a mirror of each other because August is into felice because of her family's wealth that's it

Oh a hundred percent 

so this whole initiation scene huh

That's that's the note that jess put so as we mentioned

We kind of touched yeah 

well, so okay, so it's jarring because we know it's coming They're like well they're talking about a party as an initiation so we don't really know what's coming and then all of a sudden pow We get pitch black And a bunch of people in these f*cking plastic masks 


rooster masks and various animals and sh*t 

And like a slow

and you can't see who anyone is and Wille's got like a blindfold on or a bag over his head or something and he's tied up and dragged around and they spit in a cup and pass it around to make him drink it and it's just like You have no idea what's going on and it feels like someone's about to get human trafficked like sorry that's just it's it's terrifying

It's yeah it is really awful and at the end when he like goes through the whole initiation August makes a comment where he's like well you wouldn't want to take it easy just because you're part of the royal family and it's like we shouldn't be doing this at all like

So I did Okay, yeah I (blah blah) I was thinking about that of like I'm a little surprised Wille went through with all of it on the other hand I know that he would not want to get special treatment for being royal and August says that but on the third hand because I have 3 what if someone is placed in this dorm and they just don't want to go through with this because like did anyone choose this dorm or were they just placed in it because that's normally dorms are randomly assigned

Yeah, and as far as I know there's only at this boarding school There is one house for the women and one house for the men It doesn't seem like there are other houses that exist

But the houses seem so small I would assume other houses exist 


But I guess not because 

how many people go to this boarding school

well and there's the weird thing with Simon eating lunch with them like We'll get into that more in the next episode But yeah, it's It's a very weird initiation scene and it's I don't love it But it's kind of fun 

I love that Sara has is is on the Asd or has asd and adhd that she's openly and she's not the main main character but she is a large character in this show and has A diverse set of like plotlines and her diagnoses are disclosed upfront and they impact the way that the character is portrayed I believe the actress actually has both of them as well but they don't really like impact They're not her only personality trait or her only plotline You know what I mean

Yeah, but they do have effect on most of her plotlines and a lot of the way she interacts with others which is like very realistic

Yeah, my okay I just thought it was so funny watching these 2 little h0m0s like sing at ea- well to see each other for the first time and Simon like sees Wilhelm but he's not like like he's singing because someone heckled at them to sing louder and he's like proving himself and he's in his element and Wille is just like heart eyes Just love it first sing It was the so so gay and so funny because like this boy has never spoken to him

Instantly enamored 

Oh yeah

instantly another thing I love about this show that makes it feel more realistic is that every literally every character has visible acne including our our prince

Including Simon including Felice even if they're wearing foundation you can at least see the texture which is so uncommon for shows and I think that that really f*cks up teenagers watching shows about teenagers that have perfect glowing skin

Yeah they look like real people 

Although I did think it was kind of funny in the beginning when they're using Concealer over Wille's bruises but you can still see his acne

Yeah, yeah, yeah, cover the important things

you'll see throughout the series they use the term socialist as an insult to all of the scholarship students even though the rest of the world like looks up To Scandinavia for their Socialism We're all like oh they get Health care and support and like their taxes actually go to their citizen This is amazing and then they all just use it as an insult

Simon especially is referred to as a socialist and he is anti-monarchist my last note was just at this party Sara's not just drinking her own drinks She's drinking other people's drinks She's picking up cups that have a little bit of drink left off of tables and drinking it don't Don't do that That's disgusting 

Oh that was me in college 


A Thousand per-oh yeah

could never be me I was so worried about date R*p3 Dr*gs 

Oh sure 

I was so worried about germs like no

Yeah I do agree It's probably not don't do it but I definitely did do it 


one of my favorite moments is when wille arrives And the whole royal family's there including Prince Eric they're doing a lot of like photo shoots with Eric and Eric and Wille are doing this big like they're making them like talk to each other and look certain ways and they look at each other and they're like 1 2 3 run and they both Just like dart off into the forest away from everyone who's taking all the photos and it is just like this adorable sibling moment where it really gives you a better look on their like relationship because Eric is really this perfect prince but he still has these moments where He's like Okay, yeah, let's run away from this This is kind of stupid It's very cute

Yeah I loved that I'm going to set you up for this one in our economics class We have the teacher talking to the students about various levels of crimes or I guess it would be law or whatever But anyway she so they talk about like m*rd3r is the worst followed closely by r*p3 and mol3station and so of minors Especially And then she was like where do we get on tax evasion and welfare fraud and Simon's laughing Simon Simon whatever same fucking name and she asks for his opinion and he's like I just think this is a ridiculous question and why is it evasion from taxes but fraud for welfare and then this great quote

yeah, so they continue to like go back and forth a little bit in class and then it kind of ends with Simon being like well we all know who the biggest welfare receivers are and it is just

And glances at Wilhelm 

(Clap) chef's kiss so good

and that's what wilhelm said he liked that Simon said which is just ooh spicy this is definitely a big part of the storyline and conflict between them It's a little prince in the pauper type of thing where he's like an anti-monarchist socialist and Wilhelm isn't allowed to be political so he hasn't really thought about it but he is inherently a prince and like benefits from this system

Ah, and speaking of this disparity of personality types and and classism is while they're at that party August is talking to Wilhelm about like I know you miss your old school and like you just want to be a normal guy at to normal school with normal friends But here you're among equals We could murd3r someone and nothing would happen and he's dead ass serious

Serious August is just the worst

the worst and he gets worse guys but episode 2 episode 2

the houses are having breakfast and oh they have this like tradition so we see like flashes of the girls houses and the guys and they're both doing the same thing where In the morning after a party they all have to like get on their chairs and announce Well if you have hooked up with someone the night before you get on your chair and you announced who you hooked up with and what you guys did and how it was 

And we get these mirror scenes of the girl's house and the boy's house doing it and the girl explaining what her hookup and the guy explaining the hookup

and after that August is kind of like delaying the moment and implying that like wille needs to say He needs to stand on his chair because he disappeared and if he disappeared then something with a girl must have happened and he's like no nothing to like announce here and then the headmaster interrupts then We get this scene where Sara and Simon are in math class and simon's surprised because his grade is like way lower than he was expecting and you know Sara's like well the average is way higher at this school than our last school so like it makes sense that you know classes are gonna be harder and so wilhelm is like you know the teacher is way more lenient with people who take private tutoring so then he talks to the teacher to set up private tutoring sessions even though he knows that he cannot afford this and he is keeping this from his mom as well But he knows it's what he needs to get the grades that he wants

Which to be clear this scene reads as these teachers are being paid off 

Oh a hundred percent 

because Simon is like I go to the office hours for tutoring and Wille's like yeah but he's more lenient with the people who fill his pockets

Yeah, because we so also hear the teacher say to Simon your work is correct The answer is wrong which and then when Wille's like well he's more lenient It makes you think that like maybe if he paid for private tutoring He would get partial Or almost full credit because his work is correct which is not something he's receiving right now So there's obviously like a disparity in how a students are treated based on their wealth and what they give to the teachers 
We're back at the horse barn with felice and Sara felice sucks at controlling the horse and freaking out and sara's like you know I just understand horses better than people like really trying to like help felice and like not make felice feel bad for not being able to control rousseau But

she tells her you have to stop pretending you're not- pretending you're not afraid just like admit that you are and start from from the from square 1

and then they have this moment where felice is like well can I get a photo and sare's like get closer It's okay and it's like helping felice work through this fear to capture like this perfect photo for her Um, as just another like cute friendship moment between the 2 of them I say cute their friendship goes a place that's We'll get there when we get there but important to note then we get rowing pack practice and Simon is like in the rowboat in Wille's like giving him advice I think to an extent and you kind of hear August interrupt and he comments implying like hey you should not be speaking to Simon like that is not your crowd come over here and kind of like pulls wille away

that doesn't work because we get Wille in bed looking at Simon's Instagram just scrolling through it He first of all opens the profile immediately hits follow which I I love a confident King and then he is scrolling through looking at every single photo and then August interrupts him because it's early and they have to go for the morning workout for the rowing team and he's like next time if you're going to j3rk off be done before 6 am 7 am it's early I think it's like 6 anyway Yeah, and then Eric later calls or at this point he at this point he calls Wille to talk and Wille is like August is getting on my f*cking nerves and Eric is like well he's been intense ever since his dad unalived himself That's the trigger warning we should have put on the episode I forgot about that oops and so after that Wille runs off to practice mostly because he wants to catch up with his boyfriend and while they're at practice Simon asks August for money for the booze that he supplied to the party and August is like oh sh*t I forgot little liar

And then we see august go to his room He opens up a bottle of pills He pours them out You see that he has like 2 or 3 left He takes one He's visibly like upset that he doesn't have more left and so he goes down the hallway to ask Vincent For more pills but Vincent's like dude I already f*cking changed psychiatrists 3 times like they're gonna know I can't help you out anymore and so August goes to the school counselor and is an utter asshole and demands an evaluation and the school counselor is like everything that you're describing is a symptom of stress like you're in your final year your row captain like you're taking on all of this like you probably just have high levels of stress but the counselor's like fine We can do an evaluation but like it takes time and so August leaves And he's like not happy with that But there's nothing he can do 

He says thanks for nothing 

yeah terrible 
then we get felice invite sara and Simon to the horror movie night on Friday And earlier we see Simon mentioned to August that he can't make it to practice and August is like well if you can't make it to practice then why would I give you a spot on the rowing team He's like I can't go so Wille texts Simon and he's like hey why aren't you coming He's like oh I have a friend's game and kind of like challenges

He is very flirty (yeah) He's like you know you can come if you're brave enough Oh I get it You're too scared and so Wille's like (cough cough) I'm sick

Yeah, literally 

To August and says he can't go to practice either and then we see him take the bus for the first time in his life and not know how to pay for it all to get out to the town where in bjarstad to meet Simon And they go to this like f*cking night game I don't know what time of day it is but it is pitch black 

Yeah it's dark 

where he meets ayub at to cheer on rosh at her game and it's yeah they Simon takes like a video of Wille to put on his Instagram stories So while Wille is like having a great time and they ride on the backs of their motorcycles with their friends and like share hot dogs and like hold hands a little bit gay they're having a great time But then as soon as he gets back August is like did you have a good time because he saw it on Simon's Stories So Simon's like really happy and then August is like hey man could you take that story down Thanks and then Simon's a little less happy and also Wille gets put on dinner duty as punishment

next day we see august get stopped by the headmaster in the hallway because his tuition hasn't paid yet hasn't been paid yet for this semester He's like oh my mom's away but you can tell that maybe she's not away that he's lying and he's like I'll connect with her like we'll get that sorted right away he goes to a library and he's being kind of a creep like Sara's in there just like looking for a book and he's like standing in the same aisle but not getting her attention is just like right next to her it's very strange

Oh in the previous scene when Felice invited them to the horror night and and Simon told August that he's not coming to rowing practice also Felice mentioned sara's diagnoses of autism and Adhd which is why he's now being a creep in the library next to Sara

Mhmm And he's like oh he asked her about her adhd

Straight up 


Straight up he's like hey you have adhd right? Like that's his opening line 

Mhmm and he's like oh I'm getting assessed for it too and then he asked if she's on any meds and was like hey this might be weird but can you sell me some and in very true autism fashion black and white thinking Sara's like that is illegal I cannot do illegal things No

I Love that bit She's like it's illegal why would I do that 


but Simon is right there and hears him and is like get the heck away from my sister and they talk and August offers to double what he owes for the booze if Simon can get him some pills so he agrees to it because he recently got an invoice for his private tutoring that was a lot of money

Mhmm and so Simon visits his dad again he his dad asked for the money and Simon's like I'm working on it like I'll get it for you and then we see him in the kitchen kind of like rattling around in the drawers and he steals his dad's medication

Which this crosses a line because the booze was consensual his dad sold it to him This was him stealing his dad's meds without telling him

Oh yeah, for sure crosses the line It's not okay, we then see Linda drop them off for movie night and during movie night it's like a scary movie but you can hear there's comments of people being like is not even that scary But then there's like jump scares and people are screaming in the room 

It's that really bad Netflix corn maze movie I've watched it

oh it's a real movie 

I'm pretty sure Yeah

Oh that's funny I didn't know that and then we see Wille put his like finger on Simon's leg 

His pinky! Just his pinky!

his pinky

And then 

He said mm

and then simon reaches over and he puts like a few like 3 fingers on top of Wille's hands so they're not like fully holding hands but they're like touching hands and they glance over at each other and smile

And then Wille has a panic attack and leaves the room but I also want to point out that what we haven't mentioned yet is that canonically we don't know really sexuality turns out he doesn't either But Simon we do know he has a conversation with his dad where he says like you know I'm gay and then while they're at the soccer game His friend is like you like him and you have so we we know that Simon is out

Yes, yes, he leaves as Amanda mentioned you can see that he's like calming down from like a panic or an anxiety attack he's like opening up the window and trying to like he's rubbing his chest and trying to like get air and Simon follows him and they're kind of chatting and then simon goes in for a kiss and Wille's like blank like no reaction doesn't kiss him back and so simon tries again

And again blank doesn't kiss him back and he's like I'm not and then he tells him to wait and pulls him back in and they like very slowly get closer and then they go in for like a real kiss and then the episode ends but like I just want you to know like this is one of the best onscreen kisses I think I've ever seen like I love it so much

Yeah, it's it is really good and I think it's important to note in that last Kiss like yes, they both are kind of leaning in but Wille is really the one to like make the move because Simon's like I already tried this is now in your court

Yeah, Wille is saying I'm not but then he's also like he doesn't I mean he is he says he's not but he is and so he's like you gotta he he tells him to wait and then he's like pulling Simon by his shirt back to him 


I just really love it like it's so tense and it feels so real in that it's just like dramatic in the way that teenagers are like the most dramatic intimate things I think I've ever done with people was when I was in high school

Oh a hundred percent yeah it is very very dramatic and very tense but it doesn't feel unrealistic because like the thing where it's like Wille puts his pinky on Simon so then Simon reacts to that they're in a room where like people could see this very easily this is not hidden this is not 

And it's implied that August might have actually 

yeah and then when they like separate and they hear people like you know screaming in the room and they're away from everyone they like pull away from each other and I'm like you're pulled away from each other when you're in a separate room in private When you weren't in private you were freaking trying to hold hands which does feel very high school like your times for like when you think you're being secret are like a little more obvious than you think

it's giving Nick and Charlie holding hands at the movies it's also like very reminiscent of a relationship I had in high school where we were friends and we didn't want to admit that we liked each other and like We sat in the movies with our other friends around and like were kind of like touching each other's legs and we've had 

Not me knowing who this is! 

I know but I'm just saying like it reminds me of that (yeah) and we've had a moment where like we had our foreheads pressed to each other as like our intimacy and like it's giving the same kind of drama do you know what I mean

Yeah, a hundred percent getting into things we have to talk about this hookup tradition thing at first I was like I don't like this don't like that they force everyone to get on their chair And talk about the intimate details of what they've done with other people It makes me feel icky However, it was very hilarious to get the comparison between the men and the women because the man was like oh yeah we're together nine out of 10 like it was great She was like eh It was Fine

I was so good I actually wrote it in my quotes But since we've already mentioned it like yeah she says it's okay and he's like 9 out of 10 like whatever and then they're like so are you guys together and the girl's like oh god no I was just bored and he's like hell yeah

Yeah, it's too good there's also this weird scene at rowing practice where August pulls Simon away and they're chatting and he oh isn't he like I don't remember the exact specifics but it ends with August pulling Simon's head to him and giving him a kiss on the forehead and it is so strange and wille and Simon and August walks away they're like what the f*ck was that about

This was when Simon asks for his money and instead of responding August just turns up turns around and has the whole rowing team with him and is like Simon is an example for the lower class and like working hard and moving up in life class mobility I think is what he calls it And everyone's just like what the f*ck is going on and that's when he kisses him on the head and Wille just looks at Simon and is like what the hell

just happened yeah and I think this moment is where we get one of the quotes I wrote down where August had the sheer audacity to say everyone has the same opportunities talking to Simon like proof that oh look we all have the same opportunities No

We don't in case, you didn't know that we don't 

I wrote here August tries way too hard with felice It's true It stays true

Yeah, she's trying to talk to Wille Wille doesn't care and August meanwhile walks right up on her and is like so when are you gonna let me take you out and he's like kind of creepy about it

Yeah, yeah

which brings us to your next point

August is scum of the earth I hate him

He gets worse guys and like yeah, there's the whole dad thing to make you empathize with him and there are times when I look at him and I'm like this is a lot of pressure for a teenage boy to be dealing with but he is still a devil incarnate

Yeah, a hundred percent

I have this note we talked a lot about the kiss already it is again 1 of my favorite kisses ever So good So tense very much like teenagers However, there is this moment where he's Wille has pulled Simon in and you get these really weird close ups on their face Like it's not romantic It feels ah awkward and kind of tense They they do this thing a lot where they put close ups on their faces but they're like from a a high up angle and it's not flattering for the actors and it feels almost voyeuristic for me and I don't I Don't know why I'm assuming you didn't really think about that But

no I do because Chris whenever I'm watching this show He always comes out and he's like can they ever f*cking smile and I think that's a lot of this show is it's like you really Feel that tense emotion and like uncomfortableness that like Wille is sitting in like all of the time and I think that's why they do these weird angles where he's very like straight face but it does I agree at sometimes it feels like you're not supposed to be watching it like you're like am I supposed to be here

do we like that they just start slowly spending more time together without ever talking about it like do we because because like so the scene where we find out Simon's not going to rowing practice And felice invites them to the party It's just a very casual scene where they're studying together they're like in the library Felice and Sara and her friends are hanging out and Simon and Wille are at a table studying together and August shows up so they've gone from like occasionally, but it's before the the football scene so or soccer scene so they've gone from like kind of talking a little bit and saying hi and then to rowing practice to like now we're meeting up in the library to study which feels like a strong progression of a relationship and like are we assuming as the audience that they're like texting behind and like getting closer or are we is this just like the great gay gravitational pull you know

Mhmm I think it's a little bit of both because think like he's new to this school He doesn't really have friends like August keeps pulling him away from people who he clearly like likes as people like Simon He does not like August I think when you're that age You do just kind of like start to insert yourself in like situations where you enjoy other people's company and like see how it works out like it's not like you're having conversations, deep conversations of like the next time you're going to hang out with someone you kind of just like someone's sitting at a table studying you're like I like them i'ma sit down and study as well You know

Mhmm yeah I get that especially in a small school when you are probably going to run into each other so you don't really have to plan it as much 


in that same scene August is like this is what I love about rowing it brings people together regardless of class or ethnicity and it pisses Simon off but also he has this look at first of like you f*cking idiot it's because we're gay

Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

we touched on it but that just that these boys are texting so flirty, especially Simon He know he knows what he's doing

Mhmm he's shooting his shot for sure and he is not being shy about it which I appreciate it

He is putting winky faces in those texts

Mhmm You said that he looks so out of place of the soccer game I agree which I do like they have this moment at the soccer game which I don't know I just thought it was a very good moment of like showing that this is clearly someone with anxiety and like trouble processing new situations is he's out of place at this soccer game for many reasons the main one being he is a prince in a small town but they're talking about getting hot dogs and he's like I'll go get them What do you want and he separates from the group to have a moment alone where he's going to do a task which I feel like is very representative sometimes when you're in a new situation you're like oh gotta get away I have something to do and then I'll come back and be able to regroup

He's the opposite of my anxiety mine is Simon when he asks Wille asks broiled or grilled or boiled or grilled and he just like doesn't respond and then Wille's like grilled got it goes off and that's when his friend is like you like him you couldn't even answer his f*cking question

Uh huh

but that's that's me is like ah I need someone to make my decisions for me But yeah, Wille just looks like so out of place with the hot dogs and his fancy ass scarves but he also is having a great time and also just like imagine being rosh where you're playing a soccer game You're in high school your friends show up and they bring the prince

A prince

who has never met you before and now he's cheering your name 


They also who mentioned it but like after the soccer game they ride on the backs of their friend's motorcycles and they like hold hands a little bit and it's very cute and I don't know how Wille still thinks he's not gay like this is so gay

It's confusing He's learning 

I want to do that though It looks like a rom- like I want it It looks yeah 

It is very romcom 

I don't want to be on a motorcycle but it's very like romantic to me


you wrote this but I completely agree Maddie not speaking swedish is so real There's this like friend character of felice that's around a lot

It's her roommate

yep and she she can speak swedish but she chooses not to most the time she speaks english

Yeah, and it's really funny because she understands swedish felice speak swedish to her everyone speaks swedish and then she responds in english she's the one that does the debrief about hooking up at the table and says it all in english and it's so real because like when it's just her and felice felice is like you know you can speak swedish with me and she's like Wouldn't want to sound like an idiot like when you're learning a language even if you're fluent at it But you're around native speakers You get so self-conscious and then also Nordic people are so good at english that like They're not speaking it but they understand everything she says and when they're watching the movie It's in english and they didn't put subtitles on like they they are fluent in english when I lived in Norway for a year everyone spoke english like an american which is why I learned no norwegian so it just felt very real to me as someone who has Lived in a lot of foreign countries

Yeah, no, totally we already covered most of these quotes if you want to cover the last one

Yeah, when August is grilling Ah wille when he comes back from the soccer game He says was it educational and he's like what he goes was it educational your socialist Safari which I'm sorry what His socialist safari what kind of word play 

I know I know 

The drama

the drama and that brings us to episode 3 episode 3 Wilhelm hears Simon playing the piano and he sits down next to him and he's kind of like commenting on like maybe he's not playing the right notes He's like do you not know how to read music and Simon's like nope I don't

I play by ear yeah 

I always play by ear and so Willie helps him And Simon mentions like you know are we going to talk about what happened on Friday night during the horror movie night and Wille suggests like let's just forget about that I'm not like that Let's forget about it While they are flirting at the piano

Yes, that's a text message that I sent to jess 


Sara and Felice are talking about parents day and Sara mentions that their dad is not in their life and like hers or Simons which is just kind of an important detail because as we've mentioned Simon has been in contact with him and then ah rug not rugby rowing sorry this this is young royals not heartstopper (mhmm) rowing practice happens and we get some longing looks between Simon and Wille in the locker room Hashtag every straight man's nightmare the gays in the locker room looking at you we get this like dramatic ass montage like Wille is the most dramatic extra closeted gay I've ever seen in my life He like is laying in bed looking at photos of Simon And the longing looks in the locker room and sometimes in class like it's a whole montage of him just fixated on Simon 

Well to the point that he gets out of bed restless like goes around a corner sees a couple making out in the house and then like Simon's face appears in his brain like it is So extra and so dramatic

Yeah, and so he approaches Simon to talk the next day like on the down low and is like hey buddy It's parents day coming up which means people can leave for the weekend and I'm not leaving But that means the school will mostly be empty So like you could keep me company wink wink and simon's like um, what happened to let's forget about it and he's like I take it back and Simon just like accepts it He's like word I didn't like that anyway 

Oh this is when he gets the private tutoring bill? I thought he had the private tutoring before anyway, it's the same thing of like private tutoring's f*cking expensive and Simon is still yet again stressed about the money for August from August and he asks August and August is like shut the f*ck up I'm busy

Mhmm and then we see right parents day's happening We see Wille kind of go to his room and he calls Eric and he's exhausted of having to talk to everyone He's like I don't want to go back out there and Eric is like being Encouraging But also you can tell he doesn't fully understand exactly what Wille's going through He's like it's not that hard like just go out there like I do think there's a little bit of downplaying but I think the intention is mostly good

Mhmm I think it's kind of Eric's learned how to play the part and he's encouraging Wille to do that as well

Yeah, a hundred percent and then Wille mentions like hey I'm not gonna come home this weekend I'm going to stay at Hillerska and Eric's like oh you met someone and he's not gonna admit it But then he's like okay I did meet someone but I do like that they never like he doesn't press on gender He never implies It's a female like he just leaves it as like you go do your thing stay at Hillerska like that is the right move for you

And Eric says you have a crush and he's like it's not a crush but I just like the growth that he went from I'm not at the beginning of this episode and then 10 minutes later he's like yeah I did meet someone actually

Yeah, yeah

and then we because it's parents day and we've seen Linda is there They're setting up for lunch which is why August has been so stressed because he's like leading that and August is like actually lunch is only for the rez kids and he's like but my mom's f*cking here and that doesn't make any sense First of all, but August is like whatever we'll I'll figure it out and Sara and Linda don't care They're like it's a mistake Whatever calm the f*ck down we get a moment where all of the parents are arriving and August's parents arrive and there's a little moment of someone saying like isn't that the guy that went bankrupt and this is actually his stepfather I think or his mom's boyfriend not his father father as we've mentioned his father is no longer and so we know that they are bankrupt they have no money at the parents day meal His mom tells him they need to have a private chat with each other and Wille comes down to join everyone and skips August's table which is so funny to sit with felice and Simon which I just want Say for being a little b*tchhead August really like kind of hooked up Simon like he plate- sat them with his favorite people with the richest family in the country

Oh totally But because of this horse riding comes up and sara's mom shares like oh yeah, sara rides horses and they're like oh like you have a horse here like what's your horse's name She's like oh no like I ride Felice's horse and clearly Felice's parents are unaware that felice has this arrangement where she basically has someone doing everything for rousseau like literally everything And so Sara kind of continues to overs shares like yes I write him I take him out I feed him I muck his stalls like I do everything like felice does not really enjoy it like she's scared of him and nothing she's saying is false

And it's not mean

It's not mean 

she's not she's not saying anything bad about felice It's very like we're a Neurodivergent Queen just stating facts like I ride him I take care of him because she doesn't want to

Yeah, because she doesn't want to She doesn't enjoy it and I do 

And she does not pick up on the tension at the table 

no and we get this moment where Simon's like Sara we do not need to overshare everything which as Someone who has a younger sibling on the ah who also has autism I get it There are times that you're like oh this is not how we interact with people but I guess I guess this is what we're doing today

and felice is upset so she leaves the table and Wille follows her to comfort her This is our first scene with the 2 of them alone together I just want to point that out like it's I Don't even know why he got up to comfort her like they're not that close I don't know why he cares, but he did get up to comfort her and he's like she's like I can't do anything right and he's like no everyone thinks you're perfect and she's like even you and he's like yeah and then she kisses him and he immediately is like um oops my bad Not what I meant and so she then is embarrassed and leaves

and then we see august and his mom having a conversation outside where she's like we have no money I can't pay for the rest of the year and that if you want to pay for the rest Of the year in tuition you need to liquidate some of your assets from your dad and she even says it wouldn't be that much like some of his art and sh*t like it he has a manner from his dad that he does not want to sell like a country estate that is full of like art and valuables and she's like just sell some of it and he's like I would rather die

and so in that moment August is like I'm not coming home with you guys for the weekend I'm gonna stay here So then we see august is like running off He's upset because of this conversation he just had with his mom Simon follows him and demands the money because he's like this is ridiculous At this point I need the money August puts hands on him and kicks dirt at him and is being like quite aggressive and so for some reason rosh and ayub are there 

Oh simon asks them to come he says I need your help

oh okay, they're all sitting on a picnic bench chatting and they see August and so Simon goes up confronts him again They get in an actual physical like a more physical altercation

Simon jumps August like like they get into a physical altercation But it's Simon who jumps August to be clear

Yeah, the second time Yeah, the first time August puts hands on him and then the second time by the picnic tables Simon jumps August and his friends pull him off and you can tell they're kind of like Simon you are not being any better than August in this situation 

They say that

yeah, then August admits to them that his family's broke He has no money left which is why he hasn't paid Simon back and simon's like I don't care like still pay me like I need this, you know

then we see felice go to check on August but really I think she's feeling bad about what happened with Wille so she goes to August's room because she knows that August is interested and then they end up kissing

They hook up She touches his p 

Oh really y

Yeah, her hand goes down there 

oh I don't remember that

reminds me of another scene We haven't talked about that We so glossed over Simon goes home and Sara is waiting on his bed which by the way it looks like he has a makeshift room because he doesn't have a real door He just has like a a thingy hanging like a curtain But anyway she's on his bed being like where have you been and asks if he was with Wilhelm and she's like I've Noticed how you 2 look at each other and he's like look I know we promised to tell each other everything but you went off on horse girl today like you need to know when to keep your mouth shut I cannot talk to you if you do not keep your mouth shut and she says it's a secret And then they gush together and it's so cute

and then we see Simon tell his mom that he's going to sleep over at Ayub's and um Willie ends up talking to Simon is like you know what staying at the residences bad idea because August is going to be here and he's gonna be on my ass So instead can I stay with you and Simon's like with me and my mom and he's like yes

he's like yeah, she's chill they because also Simon has come to the school for that conversation with his bag with his overnight bag and so they decide actually they're going to go to bjarstad And then the headmaster comes and pulls Wille aside and says we need to talk to you and everyone is on their phone like kind of looking at him at this point as they're about to leave together and he goes to the headmaster's office and his mom is on the phone and says that Eric has gotten in a car accident and died so very dramatic ending to this episode if you haven't gotten to ah notice yet They love a cliffhanger They love a dramatic ending to an episode and it works so well for my ass I'm always like oh I need to go like I was I watched all 3 of these episodes last night before recording and like I kind of wanted to watch a fourth even though it was almost midnight and I was exhausted

Yeah I felt the same way I was like because we agreed to only watch the 3 but then after the third it was like I just want to start the next episode

and this is people who've seen it before 


I Just wrote throughout this whole series They just f*cking flirt with her eyes all the time there's fucking looking looking at each other and flirting

Eye contact is so homoerotic I wrote under this a sub because I also had this note There's a point where they'ew singing the school song That's why at the beginning in the music room he was practicing it I think because they're singing the school song for parents day and Simon and Wille are both singing it front of a crowded room because it's parents day everyone is in there with their parents and they're just making direct eye contact and smiling 

The whoooole time 

the entire song which is how Sara susses it out because she's standing next to wille and she's like what The hell is going on 


It's so gay Felice's mom likes vi they even more than Felice does This is a really weird reveal to me was it weird to you is kind of creepy to me

No I think you kind of learn that like a lot of like Felice's things that she struggles with come from her mom because you also see her mom like hand her back and clothes and we're like oh they're too big for me They'll probably fit you and Then comment on like oh what progress have you made with Wille so you're like do you really? are you actually interested in him or is it because your mom has said that like you need to marry up to like you know, improve the name like you can tell she has a lot of pressure on her when it comes to things like settling down with the right person

Yeah, and Felice is amping it up for her mom being like there have been looks There's a vibe 

there's no vibe

I need to talk about this weirdass scene with Simon's friends and August when Simon jumps August because to me it just felt like so strange because Simon asks his friends to come right? because August pushed him and he says I need him to know that I'm serious about this because To him like this money means nothing to August August is a rich kid cousin of the f*cking royal family So I need him to know I'm serious because I need this money So his friends come to support him right? But then all they do is sit on a bench While Simon is addressing August they don't get up and August is like what you brought thugs with you but they literally just sit on the bench and then Simon jumps August and they get in a physical fight and all they do is pull him off and they're like bro that was uncalled for like you're not any better and I just what did they Think coming to make like to look serious meant you know

Yeah I would say they kind of let Simon down I'm not saying what Simon did was like called for or just- I would argue slightly justified however, like they didn't really help him at all

No Not at all like you they didn't even stand with him while he talked to August 


I'm not saying violence is the answer I'm just saying when your friend says I need backup He's probably thinking about it and them just sitting there was I don't it felt very weird to me

Yeah, no I agree it is strange It doesn't really make sense especially because they're his best friends you think they would have been more supportive

Yeah, and them being like I don't know what they teach you at this school but you're no better than that August kid like yeah he is actually the he is 

Yeah, yeah 

August is a piece of sh*t and you should have your friends back

yeah, very true I also feel like maybe this is like slowly implying like they can feel Simon slipping away from them

Yeah, there is like a tiny bit of that But there there that is alluded to with him joining rowing and they're like that's is that even a sport and oh there's a moment where he when he says He needs good grades and they were like why and he's like well you know I don't want to stay in this town forever and they kind of look at him like that almost maybe hurt their feelings

Totally yeah

Wille has a flip phone but it's like 1 of those flip phones with a touchscreen which is weird to me because I didn't think those were really like in until the last calendar year and they're still not even in But I'm like why doesn't this prince have an iphone and what is this like made by Motorola in 2010 like I don't understand what this phone is and why he has it specifically


my final note on this episode was because they were leaving the school together right? We saw simon pack a bag and bring it to school and then his plans with wille change and they're going to bjarstad instead and they are leaving the school together and he no longer has his bag on him So I'm like where is Simon's bag and Eric's dead

Yeah, yeah, that is what happened we already said this but I love the quote when Simon's like what happened to forget about it and Wille's like I take that back

He does I will say for a um, brooding questioning dramatic as hell gay he does kind of come to terms with it pretty quickly and I we don't really get him like I don't know what I am I don't need to come out like it's not a Nick Nelson moment it's just like Actually I can't stop thinking about this really cute boy and maybe I do just want to hang out with him and kiss him a little and a lot at 1 point when August and Simon are having a confrontation August says here's a bit of advice don't spend money you don't have and just like August my guy that is literally what you did 


and taking the cake for probably the grossest quote I have ever heard on any show ever is Felice going into August's room saying I know you're interested so here I am what 

I hate it 

what in the feminism 

I hate it 

I just girls don't accept breadcrumbs don't don't do it 

But she does 

I I mean I I do stand for using men I do support that I just think that it's that particular setup is really gross

Yeah I agree 

But we know where that'll go 

yeah and I do think it made sense or her character right like clearly she was upset that Wille didn't want to kiss her back and so she was like well I guess I can go to the next best thing that I know will want to

I Do kind of respect the fact that she doesn't go like ah I'm really into you I think you're really cute She's just like I know you're into me so here I am like she's like you're going to make me feel better and that's what I need

Mhmm do you have any final thoughts 

When Jess and I say that Wille is the most extra little gay that we've ever seen in our lives There is a brief moment in the like phones Oh It's not even it's not even the phone scrolling I don't even he's just He's looking at an etiquette pamphlet It's a weird little blip and he's sitting shirtless in his room in the dark wrapped in red lights like like 

Like around his neck 

the tube lights that are like leds that are bright and they're wrapped around his neck and torso Like he got himself into that to sit in the dark and read an etiquette pamphlet shirtless That's the

yeah, by himself, there's no one in the room He's not doing this for anyone but himself

And like I need to know why but I also respect the why not of it all and I think I I am I aspire to be more like him in that moment

Yeah, yeah I agree he just does it for himself You know which like great

That's my only other thing to say other than like the show's really good and I've been smiling this entire recording because I just want to talk about it

It's really really good last thing I want to mention is for the first season edvin who plays Wille did win the 2021 rising star award at the stockholm film festival So I know we mentioned like how well it did on Netflix and stuff but like more came out of it from than just that like this really is like a critically acclaimed like show like it was known for being really really good up

this show hits you in the face with what type of show it is It feels kind of real like yeah, it's unrelatable because of them being like part of nobility but it does feel Like what you would expect modern day royalty to go through because if you think about it Sweden I'm pretty sure does have a royal family I know Norway does 

It does I looked it up 

but they probably are yeah they probably are oh yeah, they do for sure for sure I've heard about them But yeah, they're probably just like upper class kids going to school Like rich schools with other upper class kids and like the partying is a bit intense but also some of it feels like real but then they hit you with these like even though it's mostly prim and proper school and like tense moments They hit you with this f*cking music that's like pop loud pop and Edm type music with the title cards and the credits and it just feels very modern at the same time and I really like that juxtaposition of like this isn't like being part of the monarchy is antiquated But this is a modern story of it

Yeah, yeah I do like that I know I can say I don't think your soundtrack is like quite as iconic but I do think the soundtrack adds to the feel of the show

it hits you in the face every time a song comes on

with that join us in the next one to cover the rest of season 1 in episode 4 we get my favorite scene which I will gush over and I'm very excited to talk about but there are so much fun things in the rest of season 1 rate and review us wherever You listen to your podcasts that really helps us out and helps our podcasts get shown to other people so we would appreciate if you did that as well as follow us on Instagram and Youtube at nineties babies nostalgia spell out the word nineties or also on Tiktok but use numbers there Dm comment talk to us We love chatting with you all and with that we'll see you in the next one 

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