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young royals s1 ep4-6: fish tanks & soccer fields

March 01, 2024 Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore Season 3 Episode 8
young royals s1 ep4-6: fish tanks & soccer fields
Nineties Babies Nostalgia
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Nineties Babies Nostalgia
young royals s1 ep4-6: fish tanks & soccer fields
Mar 01, 2024 Season 3 Episode 8
Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore

CW: this episode mentions underage substance use, sibling unaliving, & outing

The stakes have just been raised as newly minted crown prince Wille has to get used to his whole new responsibilities while still figuring out his feelings for Simon, August releases a spicy tape of them together, and Sara shows interest in something other than horses. That's honestly hardly half of it. You'll just have to listen to find out the rest. 

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CW: this episode mentions underage substance use, sibling unaliving, & outing

The stakes have just been raised as newly minted crown prince Wille has to get used to his whole new responsibilities while still figuring out his feelings for Simon, August releases a spicy tape of them together, and Sara shows interest in something other than horses. That's honestly hardly half of it. You'll just have to listen to find out the rest. 

Please rate & review us wherever you listen, and let us know your thoughts on the episode on any of our socials.


Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

get home from school turn on my tv who are these friends staring right back at me now that we're older (scratch)

hi, i'm amanda

and i'm jessica, and this is nineties babies nostalgia where 2 millen- fully grown millennials watch and rewatch iconic tween entertainment from the early 2000s but not today

because this is re-re-re-re-remix sometimes we forget which outros or intros we're doing intros words I know words just to be clear we you're not sponsored by nor affiliated with any of the companies brands channels anythings people whatever that we talk about in this show we just really like talking about tv and today the tv that we're talking about is young royals season 1 part 2 so we already covered part one of young royals and because this is a bite size show with 6 45 minute episodes and a butt ton of stuff happens in each episode we talk about every single one so if you have not listened go listen to our other episode get caught up it's spicy it's juicy, it's fun if you like heartstopper you will like this it's it's it's them but not but yes, (but Swedish) that's a reference, get it? um, ah, but before we get into it jessica what have you been enjoying lately

I got a bunch of cookbooks over the holidays and I wanted to shout out 1 snacking bakes by yossy arefi who also has another book called snacking cakes which came out in 2020 or 2021. the whole like concept of the cookbook is baked items that you can make in like 90 minutes to 2 hours or less there's no chill time, you don't have to wait for eggs to come to room temperature for butter to soften um everything is you get your ingredients and you go you don't need to wait for any doughs or anything to rest in the fridge so it's just a way of making like baking a lot more accessible from a time point and an effort standpoint and i've made a couple recipes from snacking bakes and they were so delicious and so yummy I made the snacking cookies that had like ritz crackers crumbled up into it and lays potato chips and they were so delicious, so that is what i've been enjoying how about you

um, also in a literary sense I want to give a shout out to the storygraph because i've been using it for the last two or three years if you are someone like myself or jess when she's in the right mood and you like reading as I have been known to shout out books the storygraph is an alternative to goodreads and it is so much better the only thing goodreads has going for it is the number of people there but then as more and more people move to the storygraph which this year they were actually down for like the first day of january because they had record signups and they needed to like make it more robust it's getting better and better it is a woman owned business whereas goodreads is owned by amazon and like all of the information in goodreads is pretty much put in by like volunteers and like free labor the storygraph is not like that it is independently owned and it has like moods for what you're interested in and you can get recommendations through your moods and through your previous reads and you can track everything you tracked in goodreads you can even export all of your data from goodreads and import it into the storygraph so you don't lose your goodreads data which I know is a lot of people are like but my legacy is in goodreads you can transfer all of that over and you can mark booked as owned and like it's really I it's so fun for me to look at all of my graphs of what i've read

yeah I love it amanda got me to switch over probably just about a year ago it was at the start of last year something more recently that they added which I like is if you're out and about and you see a book that you want to add to your to-reads they have a barcode scanner just flip the book over you scan the barcode and you say you want it in to read and it will just load it into your to read and I really enjoy that feature 

i don't even know that (now you know) I really like their reading challenges I always do their reads the world challenge where they pick like 10 different countries that are not the us or the uk because so many books take place there so i've read books from brazil and nigeria and south africa and colombia and south korea and japan and like all over the place and I already love works in translation it just like forces me to look for books from those places and I found some of my favorite books ever because of that challenge so i've i'm doing it right now for my third year in a row so highly recommend it if you guys have not switched over that's my that's my thing
love it jumping into young royals as amanda mentioned we'll be covering the second half a season 1 so episodes 4 5 and 6 before we start to get in the summaries we do want to kind of mention some trigger warnings just in case these are things that you don't want to hear or don't want to listen to being discussed then this probably is not the episode for you there is mention of death of a sibling there's dr*gs alcohol and some being outed that will be discussed in this episode, getting started episode 4 episode 4 

if you hate us guys don't don't hate us it's fun

it's fun um, we're here for a good time
We get scenes of wille at home he's attending prince erik's funeral and you kind of see his parents forcing him to kind of step into his new role so they're like you need to start sitting in in the morning meetings learning how they run because you are now the crown prince um his dad suggests that he returns to hillerska because erik went there for the whole time so he's like you got to go back to school and also that like you're next in line at a throne no more mistakes all eyes on you if you thought everyone was comparing you to prince erik before it's gonna be even worse now, also we see simon is texting him but wille's ignoring the texts not responding

and also we see that simon is finally getting some payments from august but only for like five hundred kroner when he owes him like 5500 or more I don't even know but I know that his mom at the same time gets the wille for his private tutoring he's been getting and that is 5500 kroners which is a lot she's upset and he's like don't worry i'm taking care of it how he won't tell her august gets a call from the queen and he learns that wille is coming back to school and that he should take care of him so he tells vincent to gather the stuff for a new society initiation

wille is back at hillerska the choir welcomes him with the song because that's just a thing that happens in this one simon's like the main singer for most of the song and you can tell simon's like trying to make eye contact while singing with wille and he keeps kind of like looking away and finding it hard to like focus his eyes on anything and after the performance he goes up and he thanks the school for all the condolences that they've been giving and he like shares some memories and thoughts about like losing erik and how he lost his role model and how he kind of like doesn't know what he's going to do but he is going to try to be crown prince and that is what he's going to do but he's like clearly very upset giving this speech afterwards simon sits down and talks to wille and is like hello did you get my text and he's like yeah but also delete all of our text messages and communication and we can't do this anymore so we get ayub texting simon being like hey why is mickey contacting me which is simon's dad and simon's like ignore him don't respond to him don't talk to him

wille gets a new room which was erik's older room it's clearly a double that's given to just a student why he needed this room unnecessary so he's sitting in his old room scrolling his phone he goes to delete simon's contact but I i can't really tell if he deletes it or not I couldn't catch that and jess thought that he didn't but it's in swedish and the captions aren't show- telling you either way, he's considering it

Yeah like the captions tell you delete contact but then the selection of yes or no is in swedish so it's like I don't know which one he clicked I tried to watch it like 4 times and I was like I can't I don't know

i I know which word is which but I think I look down to write a note when it happened and I didn't bother rewinding


and then he has a panic attack and paces his room very dramatically while having flashbacks of him and simon holding hands and kissing because he's a little broody gay boy simon meanwhile goes to his dad's house and finds that mickey is passed out drunk on the couch and he's like f*ck this f*ckhead sorry and rummages through his dad's kitchen and takes all of his pills then there's a scene um it's actually one of my favorite scenes which says a lot about me august and felice are f*cking as jess wrote so eloquently they're having s*x in his dorm room and he gets mad because very briefly her eyes are closed and he's like what are you thinking about someone else are you thinking about wille a sign of things to come

simon gives august all the pills that he stole from his dad and is like you need to sell these and pay me back like here you go go and sell them I need the money 

it's so trashy I just have to say that it's a plastic shopping bag full of random pills that are half used and no one even knows what they are and he just like shoves it in august his face and is like sell this like for all, we know it's like 3r3ctile dysfuncti0n meds

yeah, yeah, and at 1st august is like no and then simon's like I'll tell everyone you're broke and so august is like okay fine i'll do it sara sara apologizes to felice about what happened at parents day and she's like you know I was just being honest um and I want to continue to be friends with you and felice is like okay and you kind of see them going back to developing their friendship um in these next few episodes felice has wille's jacket from earlier because he gave it to her when she was cold and august sees this and throws a literal fit and takes it from her and is like storming to wille's room but then his security is like we'll give it to him you do not need to come here august goodbye simmon is getting payment after payment to his bank account from august so he is finally getting his money that he's owed back

but he's still spiraling so he goes to the barn to find felice because she posted a picture on instagram tagging that she was at the barn and but all he finds is sara and Sara is like yeah she does that sometimes and so then he tells her that she's pretty and kisses her and she's like lol that was so random and then he kisses her again and then wille has an invitation in his room how someone got in his room when he now has security he didn't have that before he now has security because he's the crown prince all the time and it says to get out sneak out at 1130 to join the society and he's like f*ck yeah finally an outlet mickey shows up and yells at simon about taking his medicine and says that's a prescription I need it to function and he's like don't lie to me we all know that you'll take anything you can get your hands on and this is because simon showed up to pay him money which I'm actually pleasantly surprised by because like he owes his tutor money as well but he was paying him back for the booze and now it's initiation night these boys love to party and

yes, they do

Wille sneaks out through the window and right yeah is escorted to a room by alexander where he needs a key and alexander doesn't have one shows you where he is on the picking order pecking order and he is initiated into joining the society replacing the spot previously held by his brother prince erik and he has to promise to protect the society's noble families and prevent their extinction so normal and cool of them he agrees and then they just drink a lot and take the random dr*gs that simon had and um alex is asked to pack the dr*gs up and hide them carefully when they're finished and then we get this weird scene where august and wille are drunk peeing outside and start screaming while peeing and opening up to each other and that's cool and he feels guilty for partying while his brother is dead and guilty for telling his brother why'd you get a fancy car if you're never going to drive it fast

Wille is walking through a field by himself how he got by himself we don't know how he got to this field we also don't know but he is super drunk and super h1gh 

by field we mean soccer fields not like a meadow or anything

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a soccere field I guess that's important it starts raining he calls simon and simon's like who's this, he's like wille and he's just like going on a spiral i'll get into it later because this is my favorite scene of season 1 and then he tells simon he really likes him and simon's like are you on the football field because he picks it up from context clues and so he rides his bike to wille and simon is frustrated that he's high but he's like got to get him back to his dorm like picks up wille is trying to get him back on the feet on his feet then we go to next morning and simon wakes up and they're like not cuddling or anything simon's kind of like squished towards the end of the bed and wille's like fully spread out on the other like he's lying normal and simon's like squished I don't know 

he's like sleeping setting up

yeah yeah, and he's getting ready he gets out of bed he starts put on his like a sweater and stuff and wille's like no please stay don't go

stay until I fall asleep again

yeah, can you yeah hold me and cuddle me until I fall asleep again and they snuggle which quickly escalates into them making out and hooking up

and as they are hooking up and like clothes are coming off hooking up august is trying to find alexander by knocking on various windows outside of the building why he can't go to the doors beyond me and he walks past wille's and sees it and starts to film him like he sees that there is some hooking up happening of some sort and his instinct is to move to the side of the window pull out his phone start recording and then move back to the window to record exactly what is happening and while he is recording he sees simon's face and now he has it and that's the end of the episode yeah, it's a lot of brooding 

it's it's a lot this show is drama drama drama drama drama um

yeah, and the first half is like wholesome gay drama and the second half is like erik's dead gay drama so it gets it ramps up

i don't even like know where to start but at the beginning of the episode when wille returns to hillerska after the whole like choir performance thing simon goes to like sit and talk to him it's like they've already kissed at this point they have a relationship like a normal person would just like sit next to him but he sits across the aisle to have this conversation of like why are you ignoring my text which I thought was like very weird

i kind of liked it because I think it's it symbolizes the distance that he's feeling because he's not getting his messages returned

okay I okay okay i'll give it that

i think this show likes a lot of physical symbolism which i'm going to get into a little bit later

yeah, the s3x scenes in the show are a lot they're a lot

i the intimacy coordinator whose name is sara and they used they them pronouns I don't remember their last name I looked it up and then I closed the tab but they're swedish fantastic job i'm assuming assuming everyone's comfortable in doing it because this show has hands down the most realistic s3x scenes i've ever seen like

yeah, and I do think they're comfortable because when I first watched this show I watched a lot of interviews in simon and wille both are like the s3x scenes in the show spot on so hot like like the actors not even the characters like the actors are like speaking highly of the s3x scenes knowing how good they were portrayed so I think everyone is very aware that it's done well oh yeah

my favorites are always with felice because earlier in the series we see her starting to masturbate in like a very realistic way like putting her hands down her own pants without taking them off and then in this one with august you see her like going down for her cl1t and then he like moves her hand and then she tries to put it back which is like pretty normal for women like very normal actually I just I love that attention to detail

yeah, and the focus on like this is kind of going out before the longest time especially before streaming services and things like that when tv shows were just shown on television and movies and stuff the rating system is really f*cked up there's a whole documentary on it it's like 1 panel of people that rate things as you know, pg 13 etc but you couldn't like if you showed a male 0rg*sm it would only be pg13 but if you showed a female 0rg*sm it would be rated r and we're slowly moving away from that because it's just like f*cked up standards but I do like that in this show it does show like female 0rg*sm male 0rg*sm it does show m*st*rbati0n it like it makes s3x feel really real it doesn't feel like it's just for the movies or just for a show

asterisk I don't know that we've ever seen her 0rg*sm (sure sure) because she gets interrupted when she's m*st*rbating and they stop having s3x when she closes her eyes but

i mean more the focus on her face (yeah) because we do get close ups on her face of pleasure so I guess I say 0rg*sm female pleasure is really what I was referring to there

yeah, and I i I just like that yeah, the pleasure is a focus of this is not just penetrative


speaking of people kissing

yeah I liked sara's reaction to august's kiss I thought it was very realistic she's very like taken aback and even like audibly laughs at it I don't love that he kissed her without consent however I thought her reaction was ah spot on

to me it's like hilarious that like I don't love that he kissed her without consent either but the audacity of a man to be laughed at in his face after kissing someone and then to go back in for another like you really thought she liked that

yeah, but honestly men would this society welcoming is so much calmer than what we get in episode one for wille's initiation until like the dorm house which we spoke at length about how terrifying that was this was just like let me walk you to a doorway we gave you a key open a door and I was like where we just like we already did one initiation we don't want to do another like

and then get really really dr*nk but I would say he got more f*cked up he got more intoxicated in this one o

Oh way more 

but it was way less terrifying 

Yeah it was less hazing 

because there's no bags over the heads there's no like drinking the spit ya yeah yeah yeah for sure this felt tame but also I want to point out how f*cked up it is like I don't think I caught this when I was first watching it and I think i've rewatched this before this might be my third watch I don't think I caught it before that august says the society the only requirements to be in the society is you have to be born of noble blood and the first male born in your family which is to say wille is being initiated because his older brother died and would not have been able to join had erik not died


and so he's like actively mourning his brother while being told hey now you're the you're the real heir you can come join our secret club like that's f*ckup that's dark

um, it's dark it is dark, a little less dark I want to know what this drinking game is that they're playing they have like a dice that they're rolling and then depending on the number they get there's like a lineup of shot glasses and then they drink it and then they're like oh that one was water oh it was definitely alcohol and i'm like what is this drinking game feels like very college and then they do the same exact drinking game but with the pills so they're like rolling a dice and it lines up to like what pill you need to take I don't know felt strange 

yeah, no, it's weird I also didn't catch that they were doing it with the the dr*gs I thought they were just taking the dr*gs at random do they know what the dr*gs are I don't know what this whole scene is but I do know that when they're screaming outside it's a great it's a great scene august for one's feels like a person but that is the longest pee I have ever seen

yeah, they are peeing for a really long time and also they're peeing very close to the wall and i'm like wouldn't it ricochet I don't really understand if it would or not but it felt like you would get pee on you but I really loved the screaming scene because like wille really opens up about like he's like what am I doing? how am I supposed to do this like i'm here parting and my freaking brother is dead and now i'm the crown prince and they have no idea what i'm doing and they just like scream and let it all out and it just it's yeah it feels good to watch it you're like oh yeah, they needed this

and august really sucks and this is the start of the deteriorization of an already sh*tty character but this scene is one of the few times where I kind of like him where he's like kind of stepping up a little

yeah, he's humanized for a little bit for sure okay, the field scene guys I really need to talk about it it's my favorite i've watched it so many times i've gone back and just watched that scene like I have a youtube video saved that's just of that scene that I probably have watched like 25 times I'm not even exaggerating I just think the way that wille acts h1gh and dr*nk is very realistic like it's really, really well done it doesn't feel over exaggerated

No but it looks fun

it looks really fun while he's on this football field there's all the little like soccer little like wire they look like people playing soccer and they're probably used to learn like plays and stuff they're little like metal stands and he is like kicking them and punching them over and at 1 point he really drunkenly like sticks his head through the metal face frame and likes miles and he looks f*cked up like so dr*nk it looks so realistic

his whole monologue to simon on the phone is so like real in terms of dr*nk h1gh commentary too (yes) because he's he's playing with the astroturf first of all, he licks the gravel and like eats it and then he's telling simon like everything is fake even this grass is fake it's green in the dark and you know the only thing that's real is my feelings for you but like everything is fake wille go off

yeah, it's like spot on h1gh thoughts where you yeah, everything is fake

it's like that time you told me about when you and your friends were like what constitutes a tree and what constitutes a bush 

i think about it all the time like what makes a tree a tree and what makes a bush a bush and poor bush that's like six foot tall doesn't it feel sad that it can't be a tree hello
i love you so much

continuing on I just love it like the conversation with simon and simon shows up and wille's like you came and it does also add to simon's character where you know like he has dealt with this with his dad he has dealt with people being dr*nk and having to handle dr*nk and h1gh people and so you feel his frustration but also his ability to be a caring person in that time so he is irritated with wille but at the same time he's like you know what I have to do I have to get him home safe and he like is like wille get up like he uses a little bit of tough love puts his arm around him and at 1 point he tells wille to pull himself together and really jumps on his back like as if he wants him to give him a piggyback ride and some simon's like what the hell are he doing it's just such a cute scene I really love it

that's such a good catch like it's not even a catch it's very blatant in the show but i've never thought about it for some reason the the symmetry of he just dealt with his really dr*nk dad and now he's with his dr*nk kind of boyfriend and like how much he's dealt with that before and how much it must affect him because it's not something he ever directly says it's just something the viewers are shown

yeah, and I would have to say it's not something i've truly picked up probably the first or second time but as i've continued I probably have seen season one all the way through 4 or 5 times and as I mentioned this specific scene so many times but the more i've watched it the more i've picked up that characterization where you're like oh this makes sense why he's acting this way towards wille like super caring but also tough love and you could hear his frustration that's all I have on ah that scene but I did note that august sucks because he sucks but also if you are the crown prince and you were hooking up with another man close the f*cking blinds come on why are we leaving them open 

hooking up with anyone 

Sure but still you know 

yeah I get it because he feels safe but I would never feel safe enough for that


I wrote my first watch I really loved simon the most but now I really love wille because I just think that he's really funny and dramatic and the more I watch him the more i'm like yeah go off future king like 
Yeah simon's like the one 

He's so dramatic 

yeah and he's funny and like simon's the one we can relate to more I think in your first watch through because he's like the normal one and he's so kind and caring but wille the more you watch the more you're like this guy's hilarious 

Yeah yeah 

there's a point at the very beginning when wille is home for the funeral where he and his mom and dad have dinner and they're sitting at like a meager table in the kitchen to eat like you're telling me the royal family isn't eating in a formal dining room felt

Yeah, not believable 

felt strange, ah I know I just know when they're hooking up Wille's breath is rank like that guy drank so much did so many dr*gs probably didn't drink any water he just woke up after having a big ass sleep because you know he was just out his breath has got to be disgusting


i would not I could never I couldn't I wouldn't even want to kiss myself

oh really see I feel like morning breath bothers me less because I'm like eh everyone has morning breath but i'm sure his was like really bad

yeah, that's not morning breath that's like hungover morning breath is a different beast 

Yeah yeah

i also wrote the ritual scene how did you skip this so this is not important to the plot I know that's why she didn't point it out but I just have to briefly mention when wille is like I need some air he walks outside he quickly stumbles upon felice and her roommate maddie under a tunnel having a ceremony ritual to cleanse themselves of negative energy in which they are smearing charcoal on their foreheads and this is when he gives his coat to felice and that's why she has it I love this scene first of all because it's weird and random and has nothing to do with the show but second of all, it's part of my why I love wille so much in this watch-through because I think it shows a lot of his character that he doesn't judge them for it first of all and then also felice invites someone he's like yeah, okay I don't have any coal on my forehead though like he's just so down to go with it he's not like why the hell are you doing it he's just like yeah sure cleanse ourselves

yeah, he's like cleansing ceremony just became crown prince probably could use some cleansing let's go

yeah, it's so random and funny and the show loves to throw in little bits like that okay quotes

quotes while he wille is giving his little speech i'm pretty sure it's while he is giving a speech 

yeah, wille says that erik would say this

yeah, he says that erik would say what's the point of a backup if you never use it which I just think shows as we say like wille is very dramatic but also it shows like his humor through all of this that he does rely on humor to get through tough times I don't remember when this specifically happened i'm not sure if it was felice sharing with maddie that she had s3x with august or if it was something else loosely related to wille but maddie has this throwaway line in the back where she goes was it royal and I just found it really good

did not catch that

and then while august and wille are peeing against the wall outside for 10 years wille goes want to trade places and august goes why not and foreshadowing you guys foreshadowing
well I don't even know if it's like full foreshadowing like obviously they can't logistically trade places but it is definitely like foreshadowing into where august's character is going yeah the start of his deterioration but speaking of which let's get into it episode 5 episode 5 wille and simon are waking up post quoits ish whatever hooking up and making out again and he's like yo your breath stinks and i'm like finally the mention of the breath and wille's security knocks on his door and lets him know that there's only 5 minutes left to breakfast so they make this little plan of like you're going to sneak out the window and pretend that like you just came from the bus stop and i'm going to go get us breakfast so they do that and they have this dramatic little monola or montage where wille is walking from the building and like smiling at simon who's walking from the woods so random and dramatic and he's going to bring him a breakfast sandwich but of course who steps in and ruins it august wille drops the sandwich off in simon's lap in class and we hear that alexander is missing from class so afterwards he's then called over by the society members and they learned that alexander was caught with the dr*gs and suspended and he might get expelled if they can't figure out if he gets blamed for the dr*gs um, so there's like an investigation happening and everyone in the society is in question

Mhmm and august is like if anyone asked just say you didn't hear anything you don't know anything you didn't see anything just deny deny deny felice is chosen for lucia that will come back later sara gets a text from mickey inviting her over while she's at the barn with felice and felice is like hey sara are you okay, she noticed something's up and sara's like he's not part of my life like we don't talk to him anymore I don't know why he's texting me and so felice can tell that sara's in a place of need it's like hey come sleep over this weekend wille and simon are oh they're just like walking around flirting with each other everywhere 

all over campus 

everywhere they're just flirting with security in front of them flirting with security behind them flirting flirting flirting and simon's like come visit me in bjarstad on saturday and wille's like okay they share a little kiss when they're walking behind the guards then wille shows up at simon's house and they immediately go to his room to play video games wille is like kind of snooping around his room and sees he has a fish tank and he's like oh what are your fishes names simon's like well they all kind of look the same but then he starts naming them off and wille is putting moves on simon is like kissing his neck and distracting him

Mhmm simon can barely remember his fish's names

Mhmm and as they are making out simon stops to put on like a video game to make noise so that no one hears them

and wille is like does this turn you on

Yeah yeah

and then the girls are having a cute sleepover where they have the lady that runs the house gives a full on mattress type thing for her and felice gets a text from august about if she's coming around and she's annoyed and sara's like I wasn't going to tell you this because it literally didn't mean anything but he did kiss me and so they post a story on instagram of a photo of the 2 being like boy bye which is her way of breaking up with him and august is he calls an important meeting to the gym regarding the alexander situation and they're all really nervous and they think ok, we're going to blame simon he gave us the dr*gs it can go back to him who really cares and wille's like what the f*ck do you mean he gave you the dr*gs so he goes and pulls simon over into a room and they talk and he confronts him and is like are you dealing like are you a dr*g dealer and simon's like no i'm not a dealer it was my dad's medicine august owes me money he's broke as f*ck I gave him the booze for your initiation before like so they have like a fight and he tells wille tells simon like the plan is to rat him out and he doesn't want to do that but he can't think of anything better at this time and so they're they like they they kind of like see each other's perspective but they're also it's like it's all just really f*cked up and they don't leave on good terms

and after this chat wille calls someone to ask about august's financial status and 

to look into it yeah

yeah, and then the headmistress calls august into her office and she's like you have all these late fees you haven't paid like you can't return to school after christmas break if the fees aren't paid wille texts simon and lets him know like I'm trying to fix this and the society has another group meeting and wille is the only one who's like no, we're not blaming simon, we're gonna blame alexander since he's the one who was caught and if he goes and says that like we are the ones who took the dr*gs we'll just all deny and they're not gonna take 1 person's word all of over all of ours if all of us say no then they're going to believe us and august pushes back and it's like no like let's blame simon and wille's like well you're not even going to be part of the society much longer because you're not going to return to school after christmas because you're broke as sh*t and so they all agree to stick to wille's plan of blaming alexander

and then felice is getting ready to be the lucia and her mom gave her a dress that is very traditional and pretty but it doesn't fit and she's like having a little bit of a panic attack putting it on and maddie's like hey I got you I got this dress and they're like it's nontraditional your mom's going to freak out and she's like whatever so her mom shows up and tells her she needs to stick to the dress her mom wore it her mom's mom wore it whatever but it doesn't fit and felice sticks up to her and says like no like you need to go this is what i'm wearing we're going back and forth between them I guess wille admits to simon what happened he like pulls him aside and is like just so you know we we put alexander down for this and simon's like not thrilled about it but at the same time he admits like you know they didn't want to lose each other and they hug and kiss and make up because it's like what was the other option while all of this is going on jess wrote august is being a f*cktard and uploads the video of simon and wille  utilizing the library computer which he does he uses a library computer and uploads the s3x tape that he took and sara who needed to get her sash for the st lucia day sees him because of course her locker is right outside of the library doesn't see what he's uploading but sees him using that computer at that time

and now it is santa lucia and sara ends up being the lucia because felice is just frustrated with the interaction with her mom she doesn't want to be lucia and sara had mentioned earlier that like yeah, that would be fun to do and then during the lucia august receives a call from the queen letting him know that his tuition has been paid he's all set to return after christmas and august is like what like how did you even know and she's like wille asked called me and asked me to look into it and mickey shows up to the lucia and sara's like pissed sara's like what are you doing here and mickey's like well I really wanted to see you since simon's and dropping by I thought that I could see you too and sara is now super pissed at her dad and piss at simon because she's like we all agree it's better for us when he's not in our life like why did you go and f*ck this up then wille's phone and everyone else's phone starts blowing up he pulls it out and he has a text with a link to a video it says is this you and it is a link to the video that august uploaded

and that's episode 5 juicy stuff so I felt so vindicated with the very beginning when there was the morning breath mention and simon is like you have terrible morning breath because again I was watching this like you know that breath is rank like I thought that at the last episode that was one of my last notes and then this opened up right on that and I was like yeah yeah, it is

well and I love because this is like the first time that they're hooking up hooking up that we see and I love that wille instead of like being shy or embarrassed he's like being very playful and jokey about the morning breath with simon like he's like rolling on top of him and like like breathing into him which I think just like really adds into wille's like characterization

yeah, it is it's cute also in that scene you pointed out there's like ah he he he at first he's like to simon because simon's like well I don't get breakfast I'm hungry and he's like well then you should have packed a sandwich and he it's like the audacity because the way he delivers it you like can't even fully tell if he's joking

Mhmm he seems serious and then he adds a just kidding but he says it fully serious and you're like you were drunk in a field by yourself and he rescued your ass like the

he rode a bike in the snow to come get you

Yeah like the least you can do is give the poor guy some breakfast

yeah, you wrote why is felice's room way better than wille's I kind of agree 

It's so nice 

like it's just it's bigger it's cozier the girl's dorm just seems way better than the guy' dorm

yeah, also their like I know it's not the headmistress but whoever is like in charge of like the dorm life seems way nicer than the guys version of that

I also really liked this part where when when wille goes to visit simon is one of his 2 security guards is there as well and has a little hello with his mom and stuff

yeah, and I had never noticed this before but she like fully walks in and we're like left to assume that she stays there the whole time that wille is there and like what is she doing

yeah, having tea with his mom I guess but yeah, imagine how weird it would be to be a mom and like your son's boyfriend shows up with a security guard that you now have to entertain

well and your son's boyfriend is the crown prince 

Yeah true 

fish scene we already touched on it so cute it's my second favorite scene from season one I know it's a very popular fan scene as well

this is one of those scenes I don't have it as much this to watch through because i've well actually I did forget some of the stuff but anyway this is one of the few shows that when I watch the intimate scenes and I get a little warm and fuzzy inside and i'm like it's done so well that i'm like wait this is kind of hot

it is kind of hot

and the fish scene is very that like it's so good and like you know that exact feeling when someone you're into is like kissing on your neck and you like get a hot head and you can't think of what you're trying to say also i'm really into simon's fish tank it's really cute has a lot of water plants and I love water plants

yeah, it is cute but it is just like standard goldfish I feel

oh yeah, the fish are boring but it's like clearly one of those ones that has like a lot of aquascaping so you don't need a filter and i'm into that

his is just a confusing thing I don't understand how they know who to interview about the alexander incident like they found the dr*gs on him and all the meetings they're having is as society members and like the people who are interviewed by the headmistress is the society members but i'm like how does the headmistress and the school know who's in the society and how do they know that that's the people involved with the alexander incident unless he told them I just was like wouldn't they then be interviewing like everyone who lives in the dorms

my impression was the boys went to the headmaster or headmistress themselves to be like we didn't want to rat him out but we just thought you should know like this is what happened but I still agree of like if you don't know for sure who was involved you would still talk to other people like I would be suspicious if a group of like 7 boys just came up and blamed 1 kid you know

yeah I guess it's fair

I love felice I think she is the best friend in this whole show and we'll get into more of that in the next episode but the way that she gave sara the lucia title was so sweet

so sweet

because they say like it's a thing that the students vote on and felice didn't even put her name in the running and sara was like I didn't know you had to put your own name in the running or the other people did they voted for themselves and that's when she realizes like sara maybe wanted it and so she just gives it to her out of like because why not and it's just like I don't know she's a really good supportive friend 


something that cracks me up just really small when they were in class the scene where alexander's not there it cuts from that scene to something else, right as 2 girls stand up to give an argument that they are pro-capital punishment and I just want to point out that capital punishment was outlawed in 1973 in sweden and was last used in 1910 so like that's a really unpopular opinion and I feel like it says a lot about the kinds of kids that go to this school which we've already seen like they're very aristocratic like (yeah) but it's just really like a funny detail to me

yeah, you write the flirting scenes around campus are literally so sloppy could not agree more

yeah, question is simon a dr*g dealer is he not technically dealing dr*gs he's he's the supplier for the dealer

i'd say no because that's not what I see as a dr*g dealer is like the kid in college who has like a green light bulb outside their front door and you show up and he brings you into his room and he opens up his pant drawer and like in the back is a giant bag of w33d with a scale that he like measures out and then puts in a tiny little baggie for you and then you leave like that to me is a dr*g dealer and that is not what simon is doing like what simon is doing is more the equivalent of like when one of your friends has an older sister who's above 21 and she goes and buys alcohol for you and like you know like it's blurred, but to me that's not dr*g dealer

there were definitely kids in college who were taking adderall when they were not prescribed it and they were getting it from somewhere and that is a dr*g and it is a controlled substance it is a higher level dr*g so that is an implication of dealing

yeah I don't know I feel like I don't classify it but yeah I could see how you could argue that it is a dr*g dealer
i think it goes into the whole class thing like just because it's a different type of dr*g and that's not like in a pant drawer I mean it's in a f*cking bag and he's stealing it from a drawer anyway in a kitchen but just because it's prescription just because it's prescription doesn't mean it's not dealing because it's not their prescription

sure I guess to me because it's not like his job he's doing it like because he got himself in a sh*tty situation which I guess probably does happen to a lot of people but because it's not like his main source of income or his like I don't know it's not his job he's just doing it on this one occurrence that's why I would say he's not a dr*g dealer 


and it's only to august like a dealer to me would deal to multiple people they would have clientele he doesn't have clientele he's dealing to


they drink from the shampoo bottle

yeah along this vein of bootleg s*bst*nce abuse the girls on the saint lucia night are literally drinking alcohol from a shampoo bottle and it's hilarious it's so real

and I do think they say it's mulled wine which I found really i'm pretty positive they say it's mulled wine which I find really funny because glog is like the traditional drink of santa lucia so it's actually like in like that is accurate writing they clearly did their research 

Well they're Swedish 

well yeah, i'm just yeah

Yeah they would know but they make a comment 

but are all the writers research are all the writers swedish we don't know I guess our assumption is yes

my assumption is yes because they're speaking in swedish but they make a note that it tastes like shampoo which is funny (mhmm) I wrote the hair clips so this I get into the physical symbolism of the show which I really appreciated because the first night that sara has the sleepover at the dorm not this santa lucia night they have dinner and they have to dress up because in the dorm they like to dress up for dinner on the weekends and she doesn't have anything nice so felice gives her a dress and gives her her signature hair clips which up until this point every time we've seen felice she's had these gold bobby pins with little symbols on them on both sides of her head and she puts them on sara and after that scene we don't see sara without them she wears them regularly she keeps the dress and this to me is like a symbolism of how sara's character is developing 


which I really like

do you want to explain the santa lucia of it all

yeah, in this episode as we mentioned they're celebrating santa lucia which takes place on december thirteenth it's like a festival festival of light started in pagan traditions and then now a lot of christianity is involved in it 

It's the solstice right

yeah basically it's symbolizing the longest day of the year and that this is the longest and darkest day of the year since in sweden and scandinavian countries it's almost fully dark that light is ahead and that the christmas season is here the holiday season is here and there's light and warmth to be celebrated amanda had to google if santa lucia is actually real which I loved my parents belonged to like a swedish american league I grew up celebrating a lot of swedish traditions and santa lucia is one of those so I grew up doing it like probably 5 or 6 times I knew the song I was singing along we also sung a bunch of other traditional christmas songs in swedish everything you see in the show is exactly what we did but I did want to note at least the way it was done in our league is the oldest women so normally it was all the girls who were turning like 17 were the ones who were eligible to become lucia and then their names were put in a hat and then it was a vote I guess wasn't put in a hat it was a vote people would vote and then that person would get it however, once we were like 14 both puck and I were like no more we're done because it is traumatic now they use fake candles most of the time in these celebrations but the lucio wears a wreath of real candles the hot wax drips in their eyes as you're singing it drips down their back it's so painful it literally like all of us afterwards would be consoling the lucia because they have to sit there and sing a solo in swedish while hot wax from this wreath of candles is dripping on their face like it is honestly quite crazy that it's like done so many places because it's like a intense experience

i can't believe that you were doing it with real candles like yes electric candles have come a long way as we've been alive but they existed in a decent enough way when we were young, you should not have been doing it with real candles that's an absurd

no, it was real real candles

the level of risk I would be worried that one would fall on my head and my hair would catch fire

yeah, like it was like wax chunks of wax in the hair and we would be like having to comb it out and stuff yeah I have like very intense memories of like consoling whoever the lucia was every single year because it was like that's why I was like I don't want to be lucia 1 singing a solo and swedish sounds terrifying but also I don't want to wear a wreath of candles on my head 

I hate everything about that 

yeah yeah, however, it is a fun little celebration and yeah, it was great I loved that they included it

you have one quote

i have one quote from when um simon and wille are just like walking around the school campus flirting with each other and they are standing by the water and the guards are right there and they're like what do you think they think we're talking about like that the water is cold and so then wille shouts to the guards the water is cold just so you know as it's just it's cute 
in like a sarcastic way too all right final episode of this season episode 6 episodes 6 I was waiting for you 


It's okay the queen has arrived at hillerska mentions that they need to issue a statement denying everything because again, the s3x tape is blowing up on the phones and that it is not wille in the video is what she wants the official statement to say he also isn't allowed to be seen with simon because they don't want any rumors to start at his apartment we see simon is getting lots of attention because in this video you see his face you don't see wille's face so there's no denying that it's simon and he buys a gossip magazine at the store that has his photo on the cover while out shopping and heads home and then his mom is like we need to report this to the police because guys this is the distribution of child p0rn0gr*phy and she wants to switch both him and sara back to his old school because clearly they're not safe at their current school but sara's pissed because she's finally making friends and this isn't her fault paparazzi show up speaking english trying to get photos and statements from simon and his friends come and are like talking him through it and wille's turned off his phone so simon can't get ahold of him and he's just like very alone and talking about changing schools and on the one hand ayub his friend the male friend is like that like it'd be great to have the gang back together but on the other hand rosh the female friend is like it like it would be but it's bullsh*t that you would have to suffer for something that you didn't do like these other kids are the reason that you're going through this why aren't they getting punished

yeah, the queen departs hillerska press release is scheduled to be recorded over the weekend and we see wille decompressing in his room and august shows up with dinner and is like I promise to just like help you out if anyone is causing you trouble you let me know which it's like august you caused the trouble to begin with and wille apologizes for mentioning his finances in front of everyone it's like that wasn't cool I shouldn't have done that and he's like I just don't know what to do and august is like erik would want you to be yourself and follow your heart simon and wille finally agreed to talk to 1 another um, this is the first time they're kind of talking since the video got leaked and they're in the locker rooms and they're holding hands and they're snuggling and wille's like just so you know they want me to issue a denial but I would prefer to not have to say anything at all and simon is frustrated because he's like it's clearly me in the video I can't get out of this it's always going to be me regardless that like for you to just deny it just like is sh*tty because I can't like i'm still going to be stuck dealing with all of this and they both kind of agree like we're in this together we didn't do anything wrong but they don't have like a plan plan yet

yeah sara meanwhile in the deterioration of her character shows up at august's dorm and says I saw you uploading that s3x tape and he's like get in here because you wouldn't be talking to me if you didn't want something you would just go to the authorities and we get this interesting conversation where he like she asked why he did it and he's like wille doesn't deserve to be the crown prince like he doesn't take it seriously like erik did and I deserve it more and he's an embarrassment which like tell us how you really feel august and then


he's like what do you want like to keep this quiet and she says I want what you have like I want to live in the dorm at hillerska I want this to be my life and he's like bro that's easy just apply and you'll get a grant like you're broke as f*ck so but he's saying this as he's like getting very close to her and then she goes in and kisses him so yeah and they make out and then now we're back in sara and simon's apartment and she's wearing felice's dress that she wore to dinner in the previous episode when she was in the dorm with the hair clips and they're eating at the couch and she doesn't like it and they are like but it's cozy and simon and the mom are kind of laughing at her as just like you know like this is very posh and like not normal for us but she gets mad and kind of throws a tantrum and simon like reasons with her and they have like a heart to heart to make up

wille asks if simon will come over before he has to leave to go back home for the weekend and so wille's like you know I don't want to stop seeing you I want to be with you and he really leads simon to believe that he's not going to make the statement he's going to talk to the queen he's not going to issue the denial however, on the car ride home with the queen she makes it clear that the priorities are the crown and that this is his one chance to make it go away and she makes it very clear that like he does not have an option so wille does the press statement and he does issue a denial and during simon's game night we see the family altogether we see ayub and rosh there and they're playing board games and ayub gets a ping on his phone and he opens it up and it's an article letting him know that wille did deny the rumors

wille asks simon if he can drop by and someone's like I don't know that i'm ready to see you but wille is literally in a car on his way there so he's like lol you don't have a chance so he shows up and they talk and wille apologizes and is like but nothing has to change like we can't be seen but we can still be together on the down low and simon sticks up for himself and says he doesn't want to be a secret and that wille needs to like take some time and figure out what it is that he really wants and he can't be around for that which is very cool felice who we haven't mentioned we've seen like through flashes staring intently at this video all episode trying to find any sort of clue as to who could have done it she figures out that it was august because there's a little pixelation issue in the video that is in the same when all of his photos because he dropped his phone and she tells wille that it was august and he f*cking runs at august and is like you're not family anymore and then he calls his mom and is like august did it and she's like I know i've known for days and we don't help the family by telling anyone so you don't get to tell anyone

tt is christmas break everyone is saying goodbye there's a little choir performance and then we see everyone kind of heading towards their cars and on their way out for break and wille goes to say goodbye to simon and he's like your song was beautiful and gives them a huge hug they have this very long lingering hug and while they are hugging we hear wille say i'm sorry and I love you to simon and that 

and simon says have a good break 

yep and that is our episode

yeah, and that's the end of the season guys drama and


from from what I remember season 2 gets even more dramatic so like stay tuned starting off hot they have this hilarious conversation about the kim k s3x tape

yeah I love it it's like ayub rosh and simon and they're laying in bed and

ayub was like everyone has a s3x type now (yeah) like kim k did it and like sometimes it gets leaked for other reasons and like it's normal

yeah, and rosh is like yeah but you haven't watched kim k's like this one is everywhere and he ayub's like no I have watched it and simon's like yeah I also have seen it she's like what

ah, she's like are you f*cking pigs like what are you talking about? have you seen it because I haven't

I haven't 


but I do think it's one of those things are most people have

yeah I guess like when I hear about s3x tapes i've never been curious enough to like look for it i'm just like okay that exists 

yeah I just don't care

a really great scene of felice's the best friend ever like early on her and her friends are sitting around in the library talking about how like what would they even do like if they were together they would have to get a surrogate and a surrogate would have to be of like noble blood and it would be impossible like who would do that and felice is like could you shut up like he just got outed and she's taking it very seriously and I have mad respect for felice because


before this she had a huge crush on wille and she had tried to kiss him and she so quickly changes like pace with him and is just such a good friend and then the way that she's like obsessed looking at this video even though it's probably uncomfortable for her just to find any sort of clue like she's just yeah I just love her

yeah, she's like my friend is going through a hard thing and i'm going to try to get to the bottom of it and that is like a true friend who steps up when you're not asked you're like I need to figure this out because I care about this other person and yes she is like we are both huge fans of felice like I really love her

and speaking of this of of the video and the way the kids in school are reacting

so I don't know if it's just me but in all the clips that they show of this video it's obviously wille like yes it shows simon's face but it is also obviously wille and so i'm like feel like this is the dumbest press move ever like all the kids at school know it's him like it's very clearly done at like shot at hillerska because of the way the dorm rooms look like it is obviously him

yeah, and it'd be easy to find out that simon goes to the school and then the hair like I think part of it is we haven't seen any other kids with hair like that but to me the dumbest move for sure is that in that conversation that felice has with her friends and she's like he just got outed they say only to us because we know that that's wille's dorm room which is to say everyone that goes to this school which is everyone of noble blood in sweden and then some know that that is wille because that's his room so yeah people might not want to like put their line out neck out there and like say the the crown is lying but there's so many people who could that like lying about it is such a risky move I don't understand that

yeah, I yeah it just feels unrealistic like that is not the move that like an expert in pr and press would tell someone to do I feel

i feel like they would just say to ignore it 

let it die out something else will come up I wrote the whole sara of it all we'll get into especially in season 2 oh my god season 2 I hate that they ruined her character I feel like she was so great and now she's just fought like why are you kissing august why are you doing these things like it's your f*cking brother like you would think you would go and tell your brother I know who posted your s3x tape

but what does she get out of that what is he going to do with that information 

being a good family member 

but what is what is someone going to do with that information

I guess but I don't know I still feel like it's the right thing to do regardless of what simon is going to do with that information like what felice did with wille we just said we loved that she went out of her way to discover who it was and go and tell him and that makes her a good friend like what would have made sara a good sibling is telling simon not going and then kissing august

I do think it's weird to kiss the guy that's been doing so much sh*t but I kind of get it as like he's the only guy I assume that has really expressed any sort of interest in her even when it was fake and like she's so desperately trying to fit in at this point and so I it is an assassination of her character but I don't know that they ruined well sorry I don't know that they ruined her character like I love a messy character I love a complex character I don't love for her the route that she's going down but I do love that she is going down a route that she is not a stagnant character but guys she does get really bad in season two I don't even remember what happens in season 2 I just remember that she makes august look kind of not as bad

yeah, literally simon when he meets the queen so simon goes over to say goodbye to wille and then the queen ends up showing up which wille did not expect and so simon is walking out with him and he meets the queen and he like freezes he's like your mad-jes-ty and then does a little like bow to her but you could tell he's like what the f*ck do I do

what do you do when you meet your boyfriend's mom and your boyfriend's mom is the queen

am I wrong or did the queen low key admit to dating a woman 

I couldn't tell 

she's in the car with wille and is like I too had an unfortunate romance when I was your age and i'm like are we referring to unfortunate romance as a romance as someone of the same s3x and so like did you date a woman like I need to know I need the story

I couldn't tell if she meant a woman or just someone below her class I think it could be either but I love to think that it was a woman 

Yeah me too

like her and felice's mom I could totally see it

oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

the stare at the end of the episode oh my god so f*cking dramatic like the whole time they they decide for the last shot of the season they're going to break the f*cking fourth wall for the only time the only time it happens in the show where wille is in the car I think and he's just stares directly at the camera for like 5 seconds before it goes black why why what

yeah I don't know so dramatic though the final song so there's a lot of instrumental songs in this but the final like song with lyrics um, that we hear is revolution by elias solin and it does a thing that heartstopper does sometimes we're like I really loved it but also the lyrics were almost too smart on like that I was like okay is this now cheesy um I wrote down some the lyrics like running with a crown on your head a resolution written on your hands the lies they will hurt you it just felt very on the nose

i didn't notice that I kind of like things that are cheesy but I understand what you're saying sometimes they're too much

I wrote because there's a point where really at the end of the episode wille is on the phone with his mom and she starts going I don't even remember what it's about, but she starts like yelling at him and like going off about the crown and sh*t and he just hangs up

it's when august when he learns that august when that post said and she already knew

oh yeah, yeah, and she's like it wouldn't help the crown wouldn't help the family blah blah blah blah blah imagine how it would look and she's going off and he just hangs up he hangs up his phone and i'm like imagine hanging up on the queen

yeah, never

like that's some king sh*t eyy no one in this school gets any solos because simon keeps stealing all of them and I feel bad for them because every single choir shot we get is basically a simon concert with background vocals

yeah, but also they casted a musician who was not an actor first for a reason so like you casted a musician give him a chance to be a musician

ah I get it but I just think that his voice is more um, pop starry than it is choral so it stands out in a weird way

yeah I agree getting into quotes this isn't a quote but we get like ah flashes of all these different headlines that now are coming out now that the video is posted and one of the headlines was finally some news but sweden on the map 


which I enjoyed then when sara is doing the whole like I want to dress up for dinner at home thing one of the lines that simon says is he's like I guess like better I better go put on my suit like

I really like this line simon says I don't want to be anyone's secret he says that to wille when wille is like we just don't have we we just can't be seen

august did kind of eat that 1 thing when he said I think erik would have wanted you to be yourself

He did

like all of my lines are heartfelt I don't know why but in that same sara and simon scene where they're fighting and she's like trying to be more posh like the girls in manor house simon says that she should be more like herself and she says no one likes me when i'm me and he says I like you when you're you it's just like so sweet that's so sweet

so sweet, very sweet moment yeah I love that 

They're such good siblings 

any other final thoughts  
no I love this show 


that's it

love this show I do have to say personally I don't remember loving season 2 as much but like i'm excited to get into it I rewatch season one so many times that season 2 I watched it once and I think maybe I started a second rewatch but never finished it so i'm excited to watch it again and talk about it

i also agree I think i've seen it once I don't think i've seen it twice like I know i've seen it once I don't think i've seen it twice but I do remember it being messy and I remember us like I remember sara getting so messy that we kind of felt bad for august because I think she like plays him around a bit that's all I remember so oh you know what? oh I remembered something else with simon 

Yeah yeah 

oh guys get ready for it 

season 2 wild ride but please join us along for it and as always follow us on all of our socials nineties babies nostalgia on instagram and youtube spell out the word nineties on tiktok use numbers rate and review us on apple and spotify podcasts and also just like interact with us on socials we love when people comment dm so if you have watched young royals and you want to talk about it you have favorite moments we missed like let us know our favorite thing is to talk about tv clearly that's why we're here doing it so um, we would love to be your buddies in that

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