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young royals s2 ep1-3: so dramatic it's camp

March 08, 2024 Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore Season 3 Episode 9
young royals s2 ep1-3: so dramatic it's camp
Nineties Babies Nostalgia
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Nineties Babies Nostalgia
young royals s2 ep1-3: so dramatic it's camp
Mar 08, 2024 Season 3 Episode 9
Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore

Sara moves to campus, Simon has a new love interest, and August is kind 😏 Oh yeah and Wille is the most dramatic gay king to-be we could've ever asked for, which sadly comes with consequences.

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Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

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Sara moves to campus, Simon has a new love interest, and August is kind 😏 Oh yeah and Wille is the most dramatic gay king to-be we could've ever asked for, which sadly comes with consequences.

Please rate & review us wherever you listen, and let us know your thoughts on the episode on any of our socials.


Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

Get home from school turn on my TV who are these friends staring right back at me now that we're older (scratch)

hi I'm Amanda 

And I'm Jessica 

and this is Nineties Babies Nostalgia where a couple of millennial women have fun

Just to be clear We are not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the channel streaming services actors shows that we talk about we just really love talking about Tv and today we're talking about young royals season 2 part 1 of 2

Yes, we'll split it evenly so we'll cover episodes 1 through 3 in this one and then we'll have another episode come out next week where we'll cover episodes 4 5 6 because these are beefy episodes

Not as beefy as season one though

That's fair, I agree

Yeah, but but before we get into it Jessica what have you been enjoying lately

okay I have a really random one but hear me out I have discovered a new favorite wedding dress designer i Worked you guys know worked in the hotel business event business um have loved weddings for majority of my life works on a lot a lot of weddings and so I am someone who has always had a favorite wedding dress designer probably since high school definitely since college that I remember but I discovered this Designer called Flora and lane who designs like alternative dresses so like a black dress with the sheer overlay that has like stars on it or like a white dress with tons of floral embroidery all over it So they're for your like alternative nontraditional bride Their dresses are fricking gorgeous, almost all of them are under $3000 which is like super affordable for the wedding dress industry and I don't know who this is going to speak to but I hope it speaks to someone because I could just spend hours and hours on their website Um, looking at like past collections current collections customs that they've done like their dresses are freaking beautiful

I Love you so much you're so you're so one of a kind You're so unique

Oh I really am I'm taking all of that as a compliment (it is!) Um, what have you been What have you been enjoying

You know what I was going to say the last of us But since everyone watched that a year ago and you went random I'll go random with you I've been sick for the last two weeks Well a little sick I'm not enjoying that part I'm almost completely better All it's left is congestion when I first got sick You told me that sounds a lot like what I was going through You need medicine and I was like I don't know how to be an adult and take medicine What do you use and you said theraflu and I bought me some theraflu and I had never heard of it before would never have thought to try it But you mix it in with hot water and it is so warm and cozy and delightful and helps clear up the congestion and isn't as abrasive as like a dayquil and nyquil situation and so guys all kinds of things are going around right now If you're sick But you're not so sick that you need the dayQuill the nyquil All of that I recommend some theraflu

I back that recommendation Also when Amanda asked 

I'm drinking it right now

I was gonna yeah I was going to tell her that it's like drinkable and not everyone's into that and then I was like you know what? I'm just gonna let her go on this ride on her own

I didn't even realize when buying it that that's what it was and they still when I bought it They asked me if I was under or over 40 years old 

Very confusing 

I'm still It's been two weeks and I'm still thinking about that

Yeah with that Let's get into our season 2 of young royals This was released on November first of 2022 so it's been out for 

Over a year

Yeah, over a year I was gonna say almost a year and a half but not quite we already went through the casts and stuff in um, our first kickoff episode but in this season we do get an additional cast member Marcus who is played by Give it a whirl Amanda 

She said not me not today

because I'm not trying 

It's swedish I thought you went to swedish camp for 10 years

Yeah but I didn't speak Swedish 

what do you do in swedish camp? 

Oh we'll get to that a different day


I can say um I love you and that's about it I used to know how to say sentences not much anymore

Well yeah, jeg elsker deg is not hard That's norwegian as well Tommy WΓ€ttring Ah maybe he is I don't know how old the actor was but Marcus is an 18 year old son of like the the owners of the grounds that the school has like the stables on and also the shooting range which was never mentioned in season one But apparently they have and he kind of works there And also goes to the local high school at bjarstad but is also 18 


Are you confused I was

Yeah I didn't think of all those things combined while watching the show but yes that is confusing Also the local school that Amandas referring to is the same one that Simon's friends attend so Ayub and Rosh go to the same school as Marcus 


episode 1 episode 1 um up

are y'all sick of us yet Ah

Yeah, seriously Wille's lying in bed daydreaming about Simon Amanda says it's wet dream Wille we'll go with both and oh yeah

He's in the palace

Yeah, he's in the palace the queen knocks on his door and he's like not today and shuts the door on her and it's like I am not talking to you 

Not today satan 

and then he and he puts on Erik's jacket and he gets really emotional and then he walks over to like A bulletin board and pulls off a photo of him and August and sets it on fire

Of Erik in August and specifically burns out August's face perfectly

Yes, yes, and then we see that August is texting Wille and Wille wants nothing to do with him is ignoring the text is still super furious about him leaking the video as he should be now we're in bjarstad 

So Sara comes home with Marcus who she apparently is very familiar with and her mom also knows 


even though we've never seen him before 


yeah, just wanted to point that out

And she gets a letter from school She opens it up She's super excited because she got accepted to the Manor house and will be moving in with Felice and living on campus and Marcus is just roaming around the house well he has to go

he's going to the bathroom

Yeah and he hears Simon singing so he just walks in Simon's room and interrupts him and then they have like a full on conversation and Marcus is like you should come karaoke with me sometime I can't believe you've never been You have a great singing voice They'd love you there then he flirtily is like follow me on Insta and simon's like okay I will but then he doesn't even tell him his handle but it's not a problem

It does matter felice and Wille have been gossiping texting We see this throughout They're suddenly very close and they're talking over text about how much August sucks and then this is while she's getting her hair done which by the way she goes to her natural curls Yes, Queen and Her mom calls and is like why didn't you tell me that you're quitting riding Rousseau we spent so much time and money finding rousseau and meanwhile she's like I don't know I was going to tell you but you're being annoying and she's texting Sara while her mom's on the phone and Sara tells her that she got into Manor house and she's like oh my god Mom Sara got into Manor house and just like completely ignores what her mom is talking about which is kind of hilarious then of course Sara moves in immediately into Felice's room because Madeline just Will conveniently be living in a single now and sara and Felice have to do everything together That's normal and Sara is like a little anxious because she's like where do I put my stuff and felice is like I don't know find room like whatever but like there's not really room but like It it doesn't really come to anything because then Sara gets thrown into her manor house initiation and is forced into a weird plastic booby apron and there's girls in weird animal masks and drinking and She is told she has to go to the seniors party that is happening that night for the final semester of the seniors and make the party come to a halt that is her official initiation

and so now we're at the seniors party August is there He seems a little nervous about joining but he does Sara shows up and she's just blending in no one's paying attention to her so what does she do? She lights a flag on fire

icon sh*t she lights it on fire We don't see what it culminates to We don't see people freak out We don't see like anything bad happen She lights a flag that is on the wall on fire and then Simon sees this on Instagram and he gets worried And asks ayub and Rosh to give him a ride but they're both busy and can't so he gets Marcus and by the time he shows up I just have to point out because I'm on this rant It's nothing is everything's fine like it's like the flag was put out of fire like nothing nothing happened anyway

Wille's ignoring the queen again and he arrives at Hillerska and he gets a call from felice and a bunch of The girls they're like all on speaker phone talking over one another being like we're at the senior party you should crash this senior party Let's go f*ck with August he's here and so he walks in and he gets all the under Classman boys is like we're going to go to the senior party and Wille shows up and they're like no, it's seniors only like this is part of tradition get the f*ck out and then he's like actually bring August out here I want to talk to him and then there's this whole thing where he makes August address him as your royal highness which is great and then wille Cracks August and August is like fine I can make an exception and lets them in once they're in the party he sees simon and we get like dramatic close ups of both of their faces and Wille calls Felice and is like Where is Sara and is trying to help Simon out Because Simon's like I'm trying to find Sara I can't find her and so he's like oh I think she's with the girls let me call and then Simon has to leave to get back to Marcus and so Wille kind of follows and sees him get in the car with Marcus And 1 of the seniors who hooked up with Maddie last season that did happen noticed him staring and like tells him he's like oh that's Marcus he like runs the grounds yada yada like tells him all the information he knows about Marcus and that he saw him on grindr And he's also like you got to stay away from like Simon and Marcus and all these types of boys like you need to get with someone who's like in the same world as you basically implying he needs to date someone who's rich or royal
Someone upper class good breeding at school The headmaster is talking about how this year's seniors have the honor of graduating at the hundred and twenty year celebration and that the queen will be in attendance And Crown Prince Wille will give his first speech and Wille is like ha ha jokes like no one f*cking told me this and his royal advisers are like well they would have told you if you ever picked up the damn phone So he's not thrilled Ayub and Rosh learn that Marcus took Simon to the party and he shares that that he ran into Wille and they're on the bus at this point and Rosh and Ayub are like yeah no, you got to like cut that b*tch out like Wille is bad news Block him on everything Don't talk to him at school go with Marcus for a rebound it's rebound time

Then we learn Alexander who got kicked out because they all blamed him for the pills and dr*gs is back at school and they're all freaking out on like How to deal with that situation because they are the ones that ratted him out but he doesn't know who framed him and he kind of assumes It's August and we he confirms this later on Wille talks to Felice about his plan to make August hate his life But he also shares like I'm not going to share with Simon that August is the one who did it cause that's just going to create drama and I still have a duty to protect like the noble family and so I I'm just not going to tell him

I Also don't think it's that much about his family as it is that if Simon knows he'll go to the police and then his family will bury simon 

Mmm okay 

that was the impression I got 

yeah, that's fair I took it as like the Queen getting in Wille's head which happens a lot

He said my mom's right about 1 thing which is what happens if I tell him he'll go to the police and then what like all of that power and money against him Also then we see Sara getting coffee with felice well not felice with her friends because Felice isn't there and she's the last to order and it's just a nod that like she has no money we see her have to transfer from her savings to her checking in order to cover the money and the coffee is like 150 swedish kroner and she pays like she has like 500 in her account Which is nothing if a coffee's one fifty

Simon's choir teacher scolds him for being so late He's late we didn't mention that but that is a thing that happens and informs him that he'll be singing a solo at the jubilee She suggests a new version of the hillerska song She's like it's a jubilee we're going to present this to the queen Let's do a new version then we see simon go to class He sits next to Wille even though he just had an entire conversation with ayub and rosh and how he wouldn't sit next to him He wouldn't interact with him then they're at lunch and seniors always get food first but Wille just gets up and's like f*ck it This is stupid I want food I'm going to go get first picks and everyone's like no senior goes first and the headmaster is like actually it's up to you guys to decide Like yes, that's what the current rule is but like you guys can decide what you want to? So they all vote and the underclassmen get the food as they please and just leave scraps for all the seniors And this is when we see Alexander thank him at the table because he thinks that August is the one who framed him for the dr*gs then we see Sara lie to like felice and her friends like I forgot my book I have to go run and get it because she sees August walking by so she runs up to August he's ignoring her and like walking away into the forest and he is like why did you tell Wille you told me you wouldn't like I made calls to make sure you got the grant to get into the housing like I held up my end of the deal Why didn't you hold up yours And Sara's like no I never did that like I did not say anything I don't know you're talking about and he's freaking out because he's like I'm going to be punished by the royal court This is really bad news and Sara kind of helps calm him down tells him to breathe and walks him through some breathing exercises And then she walks away to a bathroom that's on campus and she gets down on the floor and starts m4st*rb4ting which Amanda wrote has a panic attack but she sticks her hand up her outfit and like it is not a panic attack She is like H0rny as hell on the floor with her hand in her pants 

This is fascinating because ok so she she calms him down from a panic attack and then so she storms into the bathroom and at first I thought she was h0rny and m4st*rb4ting and then I thought no this girl's Calming herself down from a panic Attack So I didn't see the hand go up

No I think she's h0rny as hell

I didn't see the hand 

Simon approaches Wille in the library to talk just to tell him that he needs space like baby didn't you say that before the holiday break and that they can't talk for a while and Wille is like He feels that he only really has Simon and he's upset But Simon's like na man I need space Can't do this Wille as Jess wrote about 25 times in this summary still ignoring calls from the queen his mother then because he needs space and a rebound simon's like ayub what you doing want to go to karaoke And they go to karaoke night with Marcus to see I mean they go to karaoke night to see Marcus who is there and singing terribly 


Simon doesn't want to sing Because he's a little shy boy but Marcus is like no no, no, no, we'll sing together We'll sing this love song and they're flirting and smiling on stage and ayub is filming this and putting it on his instagram story which Wille sees and freaks Out and paces around in his room and has a dramatic Wille meltdown where he calls his mom and says this is all your fault He's on a date with another guy and she's like so and he's like I don't want to be crown prince I'm not Erik and I can't do Everything the way you want me to do put me on speaker and she's with the royal court and he gets up on his desk and pops a squat with his head against the window and his arms around his head and he says on speaker to the royal court because Lorde knows why her mom his mom actually put him on speaker that He won't do this speech and he won't be King and then he hangs up and screams into his pillow and that's where the episode ends

guys season one was dramatic season 2 and I don't know if it's because at the same time we have been recording and watching a lot of suite life and so this feels like such a hard Turn from that but this season feels 50 times dramatic more dramatic There were many times that I was like this is not happening right now

I messaged Jess and was like I'm convinced this is a comedy because why am I cracking up at every scene like it's actually so hilarious to watch like I told her about the getting up on the desk and she was like are you kidding me and then she messaged me when it happened because she still was like what??


so let's get on the fact first and foremost he has the audacity Yes, his mother is the Queen I'm so glad she has someone to humble her He has the audacity to shut the door in her face To regularly screen her calls to hang up on her like the the drama

Also just like the lack of respect altogether because it's like yes, she's the Queen so you would assume the level of respect towards her should be higher But even if she is not the Queen and just his mother There was no respect there


He does not view her as an authority figure 

that would not fly in my house


I want to shout out to Felice's hair transformation which I briefly mentioned in the first season she was fully straight hair all the time and she had her little Gold clips which then halfway through the season she gave to Sara and we never saw on Felice again Sara started wearing them all the time I don't think Sara is wearing them as much in the season I haven't noted it But felice now went curly and we see her in the chair at the salon getting extensions put in And I just really loved that like nod any time that there's diversity on the show which there is quite a bit surprises me because I don't think of that when I think of Sweden sorry Sweden

simon so Marcus comes to pick up Simon to take him to the the seniors party to find Sara and he gets in the back seat of Marcus's car and I'm like I know we See him on the bus We don't see that like his family owns a car I think we could assume that they probably don't but like you would think he knows how to behave when someone else picks him up like ayub and rosh pick him up all the time like why would you get in the back seat

I think it might be the lack of familiarity These people don't know each other Marcus just met Simon and he called him over like a taxi but it is weird It is a weird thing It's a weird dynamic point

This initiation process made me feel overwhelmed and overstimulated I can't imagine how Sara's feeling being someone on the autism spectrum but she handles it like it's nothing which kind of surprises me

she handles this so well and I didn't remember that we got another initiation scene that makes sense that we do and I have to say this almost just as terrifying The only differences that like Made it I guess you could argue like more feminine is that they had crowns and tiaras on and that there were t1tt1es but like other than that the masks were terrifying It was still hazing but maybe slightly less so there wasn't like drinking spit and gross stuff like in the boys


But it still was like I was like oh my God This would be so like scary and it's like you fought so hard to get a position in this house and then now you're like being forced to drink and have to go into a party and there's people wearing Pig masks it's just a lot

Yeah I It was one of those things where I thought would this matter but you know the actress is on the spectrum and I'm sure she would speak up Also how f*cking metal is it that she was told to bring this party to a halt so she lights something on fire 


This girl got no regard for safety in this moment 


The party scene when we get the big bright lights behind Simon and Wille When they first see each other before he calls felice to find Sara it's giving heartstopper It's giving gay It's giving drama It's very much Charlie and Nick looking at each other from across the room with the lights but well actually it's Nick looking at Tara and darcy making out whatever it's big gay lighting and it's dramatic as hell


Time stops when they lock eyes literally

yes, literally speaking of dramatic as hell when they're sitting next to each other in class Wille's like oh I need a pencil And Simon's like oh here you go and like hands in his pencil case But then Wille can't open it so he has to help him but they have this moment where they touch hands and then everything stops and they look into each other's eyes while they're touching hands I'm like why is everything so damn flirty and dramatic for no reason

Over a Garfield Pencil case I also wrote a Wille needs to borrow pencils and he can't open the pencil case like rich kids really can't do sh*t huh

No, no 

It screamed incompetence

yeah I don't understand how August is making Sara H0rny he's so terrible He's so horrible He's icky He's gross like I just what

This is a question you're gonna have for the rest of the season guys Plot Spoiler Sorry Okay, we're gonna get into it soon 

I mean our whole podcast is a spoiler 

I kind of get it a little bit a little bit

you do 

The part of me that doesn't like myself Yeah

oh no gross I don't like that

He has decent hair and muscles and he's the only male we've seen show her attention that isn't related to her and he's not horrible to her and also sometimes you know when you're a girl and you just like you're into a bad boy and you're like I can fix him

But you know she knows he released the s3x tape of her brother at that time that should be enough any like Attractive thought she had of him should have been removed from her brain at that point

Sara is giving I can fix some energy hard 

Sure sure karaoke It's not how it works they literally are just like oh yeah let's do the song and then Marcus pulls him immediately up on stage Go on the list They have to call your name It's a whole process that made me upset

What if no one else was on the list It was a small place

Yeah, but like oh have you ever been to karaoke No one else is on the list 

I don't go that often 

Someone's always on the list 

I've been at a small place 

Oh My gosh So while I know we brought this up but while Wille is on top of his desk in a full ass squat cradling his head in his arms The queen Is like you are being hysterical I was just like this just is lining up too perfectly

Yup, because what's he going to do He's going to be hysterical I like that we learn that Rosh is gay

Yeah, me too

In the conversation about how Simon needs to rebound she mentions her ex who is a female name and also two girls at the party sit down next to August and start making out and also the brown guy who was with Madeline last season we don't know his name I don't 

I don't 

he apparently is gay or bi he's on grindr and just it's really interesting to me How suddenly everyone is gay because that wasn't a thing before

No, it wasn't anything before it's also giving heartstopper in that way

Oh a little bit Yeah, but that is a little bit like real life when you realize you're gay and then suddenly you're like wait a second everyone around me is gay too

Yeah, yeah, it's true 

You start noticing it


I really also want to shout out Rosh's masterclass and acting because when they're on the bus she responds okay to Simon 4 Times in a row and each time the inflection conveys something different She holds up her entire half of the conversation with 1 word and it's Incredible Simon is literally Charlie when he's all shy at the karaoke scene and Wille is at times literally Nick mostly when he's giving him heart eyes all the time uncontrollably


Just had to write that down 

so Wille comes back to hillerska he grabs all the underclassmen and he's like yeah we're going to get into the party acting like he has some big plan which is literally just to show up and threaten August until they can get in he just and I'm like this is not a plan 

His plan is to bully


He's a bully

he does it successfully 

and you know what my friend told me sometimes bullying works 

Yeah, it does

I Love my final note is that ayub is so messy like he didn't just post Simon and Marcus singing at karaoke on his story No his story was first him saying lol I crashed their date and then showing them singing like who does that who does that who's like oh my god I'm crashing their date I'm such a third wheel Like exposing them on a date for everyone 

Yeah, and like the fact that we never see Simon then confront ayub because if I had a friend who did that I'd be like I did not give you permission to post that

Oh I don't know that I would I would just be like that was kind of strange but also the confirmation that Wille follows Ayub too 

Mhmm which makes sense he follows Simon's friends he cares about him speaking of him caring about Simon a conversation with rosh and ayub and Simon is I don't remember if Rosh says this I think so but she says does he care about anything but himself 

In reference to Wille 


the first time that they see each other Simon and Wille they they have the conversation about Sara well not really a conversation he called he sees simon being like have you seen Sara and then he calls felice and then after that's settled Simon goes to leave and WIlle's like hi by the way hi I got a haircut he did He looks pretty good He's got a stronger jawline his acne's cleared up a bit It's more scars than active and he got a nice flippy haircut Wille is looking good this season I'm not going to lie


But it just is so hilariously awkward that that's what he says first thing is I got a haircut and then Simon leaves

Yep because he gets the text from marcus and he left 

he's like Okay I have to go catch my ride by and then also on the bus in english in English Rosh and Ayub start chanting rebound time and they say rebound time is now and rebound time rebound time 

Yeah, and the choice of English is very interesting

yes, and also Like I don't know these boys are 15 16 and they deserve to feel their feelings

completely agree They're kind of like don't be upset about Wille He was an asshole to you which is like true but also like Simon can't help the way he feels ok episode 2 episode 2

Wille's back to ignoring the queen again and this time the headmaster comes to him and says your mom's on the phone and he says tell her I'm busy So instead he goes and watches Simon play piano

and it's Sara's eighteenth birthday and the girls bring her a cake in bed and sing to her and they all give her a gift and it's a very nice pair of riding pants And she's hesitant to accept them because of the cost but they're like it's okay, we all pitch in money to buy like a nicer gift We do this for everyone's birthday like you're not getting special treatment but then you can tell sara in her head is like oh no like I'm going to have to do this for their birthday now then we see Simon give Sara her gift from him and his mom and Tells her like oh Mom's making this special dinner like come home and she's like no I'm not coming home for dinner I have a slumber party at the Manor House even though I'm like you live There isn't every night a Slumber party they also get her riding pants but she's like oh these aren't as nice as the ones that the girls gave me and I know that they're a good amount of money So Just return these ones

And then rosh and ayub are on the phone facetiming with Simon to wish her a happy birthday But then immediately are like are you going to see Marcus Are you gonna have s3x with Marcus he and and Simon's like he invited me to Netflix and chill But I'm not sure yet the seniors are waiting for the showers because the freshmen are using their bathroom This is how ballsy these freshmen have gotten They're on a different floor from the seniors and they are using their bathroom and they're pissed off In a line and August comes up and is like what's going on and then Wille comes out of the shower and he's like I'll shower later and they're pissed off and so Wille suggests to Vincent You know if you're not happy with August you could replace him

And Simon and Wille have to sit together during class again because there's no other open seats and then we see Wille's like pulled from class and he's asked to bring his things with him and he's being told Jan Olaf and who's the other lady I don't remember her name 

I dunno

people from the royal court are there and are like you're being pulled from school we're taking you back to the palace because he threatened the monarchy and

They said you can't just threaten the monarchy without consequences So here we go

Totally also Wille leaves his sweater on the back of his chair in class when he is pulled from class and so Simon grabs it and asks to go to the bathroom so he can see what's going on And he Wille is being told to pack and you know just take your essentials and then we'll have people come in and pack the rest of your stuff but instead he's just shaking a frog prince snow globe and refusing to leave while literally down the hall the entire like school Of characters that we know are like standing watching everything happen and listening to it all which I find weird 

so security closes the door to physically pull him from his desk

Yeah And he drops the snow globe and it breaks everywhere and we get this flashback that it's something that Erik gave to him and Erik got it from his dad So it's like a

From grandpa 

grandpa Yeah and so then he talks to the queen on the phone And he's like this is so embarrassing you pulled me from class like that and she's like dude you're impulsive and intense and like we cannot have that like there are consequences to your actions and he's like I can't even be seen with Simon like he is just like spiraling And the queen's like if you're seen together that will create rumors but like you know what if you want to live your life unconventionally we can talk about that once you're 18 but I want you to make that decision on your own terms And kind of like implies She'll be supportive or that she is supportive

she really says like it's fine if he's gay without saying that but she says it but she says the issue isn't that he's gay It's that the video happened and him being Out with Simon will prompt rumors after denying that that's him in the video and she also says you know Erik wasn't open about his relationships either So she makes it seem like this is a thing you have to wait to come of age and like be 18 or so when you decide to Have any public relationship

he doesn't want to leave hillerska and she agrees under 2 conditions that he sees his school therapist and that he gives a speech with the jubilee and he's like I will do that as long as you get rid of my bodyguards I don't want them here

And she says ah guess I'll try then there's rowing practice and afterwards Wille and Simon are making eyes at each other in the locker room because they just cannot help themselves And Wille of course breaks the silence and shares that he had a conversation with his mom Once they're alone but then someone walks in but they still kind of talk about it and he's like you know she's supportive like she understands I just have to wait till I'm 18 and simon's like I'm so glad you feel supported but like I'm not waiting around for 2 years like if that's the support you need great and he kind of implies like it's really not as great of a result as Wille thought that it was And says he can't trust him because of his denying the video and that they can talk at school because they have to but just as friends

it is slumber party night They're playing like an old school truth or dare game called girl talk and Sara admits to being a virgin She goes up to use the restroom and while she's in the bathroom felice left her phone in the bathroom and so Sara is reading her text with the Wille about how terrible August is and she starts to Snoop and she realizes that felice is the one who figured out the pixel issue And that she shared this with Wille and that's how he must have known that August is the one who did it then we see

Simon at his house being a little emo gay boy squeezing and smelling Wille's sweater and looking at his fish remembering that 1 sensual scene that Jessica loves so much and then works on his revision of the school song which is so Clearly about Wille but like okay, go off and then he looks at himself in the mirror and is like what and just takes it off because drama and then he messages Marcus and is like what you doing literally literally what you do like the the letter The way that f*ckboys do anyway and so he goes over to Marcus's house to watch a movie and before they can even decide on what to watch Simon's jumpin him He's making out with him aggressively and Marcus is like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa I didn't invite you over just sleep with you I invited you over because I really like you and we can take this slow We have no no need to rush and Simon agrees but like very clearly looks disappointed because like that's not what he came for 

He came for a rebound


Sara tells August she found out It was Felice and she's like you know what you should just own up to it now before it gets out from the royal court like just Own up to it like the consequences are going to be less if you just admit that you did it then she asks to kiss him and also she doesn't wait for consent and then just kisses him oh and then Amanda writes she humps him which I don't remember 

She grinds on his leg while kissing him 

yeah, that does happen and then she does tell him like oh I want to have s3x with you and then she just leaves

Cut To Wille at The therapist he's trying the therapist is trying to get Wille to open up and Wille's like you know my brother died and I became Crown Prince That's a lot and he's like yeah yeah yeah it would be a lot and it's confidential if you talk to me and he's like but I don't have to talk then yeah sure Fine You don't have to talk fine but when he leaves he grabs a pamphlet that is about anxiety and panic attacks like ok, cool and then Instead of like talking about his problems He goes to the shooting range with Felice to shoot about his problems because like Masculinity am I right? Even though it's Felice's idea but like masculinity am I right? 

no it is Felice's idea he does not want to go felice straight up drags his ass

Yeah, and then Marcus is there and I think that's why he didn't want to go I don't think he would have cared if he didn't know that Marcus worked there 


and Marcus he's not the instructor so much as he's the supervisor 


and I just have questions like so he's there to supervise because they're minors Which tells you for sure He's 18 but also it's school hours I guess it's not because they're not in class when they go to the shooting I don't know I just the timing and it's weird and it's like you're having a barely not minor supervise minors and anyway he's like Felice He went on a date with Simon And she's like maybe wasn't that big of a deal they they kind of talk about it and Wille says to that he has to show Simon He can be trusted

Then we're in Forest Ridge and we see all of the boys The senior boys confront August and they're like we elected a new prefect and team captain for the rowing team and it's Vincent Felice tells Sara she's quitting riding and that rousseau is up for sale and this really upsets Sara but she does other girls are like oh you can help out with my horse and you can help out with mine and so they're kind of offering up their horses so that she doesn't You know feel as upset that Rousseau is getting sold

It doesn't work but they do it Vincent has them run around jess wrote a giant field It's not a giant field They're not in a field vincent says 4 seniors can be at this rowing competition on the team because it's some socialist sh*t you're all going to prove to me how much you want it by running seventeen kilometer race through what is barely a path in the forest 


August of course is first place because August is only ever working out and Simon and Wille are panting their asses off in the back Simon's gonna quit and Wille is like nah I got you We're gonna cheat And they go through a cutthrough where they run into Marcus because that's how the grounds work and say hi and Simon's like how do you know him and he was like I was shooting How do you know him He's like you know everyone from bjarstad knows everyone and then they taking the shortcut just barely get the last 2 spots on the team and Nobody who was actually running the correct way calls them out for cheating


it's like where do you think you saw who was around you and they were not there

Uh huh and then in the locker room August gets a call from jan olaf telling him that the queen wants to meet with him on Tuesday Simon drops his phone he like leaves it on the bench and walks off to do something and Wille sees a text from Marcus being like you Sure look hot when you're running so that's how our episode ends with with a couple of dramatic phone drops Okay notes first off with the sara's birthday stuff I really like how all of Felice's friends are like super supportive of Sara just because Felice f*cks with her like we Haven't really seen them bond but just immediately she was accepted into their friend group and they all seem like really great friends genuinely

Yeah I agree I Love their little girlfriend group It does go to whatever it's going to get complicated but it's really lovely now

why are wille Simon Sara and felice all in the same class as always 

Yeah I don't know I'm like is there only 1 class but then that doesn't make sense

That does not make sense and also sara's we learned Sara's eighteen because she got held back a year but aren't they they're sophomores not juniors so she should be a

But sara is a year older than Simon we learned that in season 1

That doesn't make any sense because Wille is 16 It's confirmed because he has to wait two years until he's 18

Yeah, so it would make sara seventeen but she got help back once So she's eighteen because Wille and Simon are the same age So if they are 16 and Saras Simon's older sister which we know that would make her 17 but she got held back so she's 18

No, you're saying she that it was said that she's 1 year older than him so she's 17 but because she got held back She's eighteen that does that's not how age works you said that

we don't know that she's 1 year older we just know that We know that she is Simon's older sister We don't know how much older

Well we know now that she's two years older and I'm saying if she's two years older and she got held back a year she should be a grade above him 

She is 

but they're always in the same class

She is I agree that part doesn't make sense but we do know that Sara is older than Simon like that is something 

Yeah I know that was never up for debate that was not my question My question is why are they in the same class because if she got held back a year she should be 1 year above him

I Don't know boarding school operates weird I don't know I don't have an answer for you

We were really fighting about nothing Jess 

Well you were making it sound I don't know you confused me 


But yeah classes don't make sense

while Wille is being pulled out of class Simmon is texting felice about what's going on and I'm like how do they even have each other's numbers like they've literally Never spoken

Yeah, that doesn't make sense at all like they're not yes Wille and Felice's friendship is shown and obviously Wille discloses like how he's feeling about Simon and like that those are probably things he shares with felice but it is weird that felice would reach out to Simon 

Well Simon reached out to felice which felt even weirder

Yeah, okay I understand that he threatens the monarchy and that's like a no no However, this is a teenager Temper tantrum he is just like full on feeling his emotions and is freaking out Because Simon's on a date with someone else and the man he loves is seeing someone else and he doesn't know how to process it and so he throws a tantrum and they are just like we are pulling you from school and taking you back to the palace It just seems like a slight overstep like we're really we like how about we just Again, like the therapist recommendation makes sense helping Wille control his emotions makes sense but not being like we're going to take you away from everything you love and like and all your friends What

Ah, everything you love and like and all your friends

Yeah, there is a moment where Wille asks the queen to just be his mom 

Mhmm it's sweet 

it's really sweet She's speaking very formally to him and he's like can you just be my mom right now and it it is really sweet also i Noted that when they're on the couch cuddling Simon and Marcus Simon looks so tiny and I'm like Marcus didn't seem that big and like Simon compared to Wille like Wille is definitely a little bit bigger than Simon but still he looks

But not much 

yeah he looked like half his chest with like he was tiny

Yeah yeah I had this was when I was like wait a second How old is this guy and it's not Necessarily age but I did feel a little bit of a dynamic there that I didn't feel the first time that I watched it with regards to that 

we kind of touched on this I think it's great that we see the Queen hint that she's gonna be accepting and that you know She's okay with him being gay but she also recognizes that the video isn't ok and that like he really should be able to come out on his own terms But then there's also where she calls it unconventional and she kind of like isn't really giving him a choice Because she's like you just have to keep everything secret in your life for the next two years that I just like I I get that we have the monarchy part of it where they're in the limelight and they need to keep things under wraps but also just like there are times That I wish she was a better mother and less of a queen but I guess if you have a queen as a mom You don't get a mom

Yeah, absolutely, that's part of that storyline that I'm getting from it and it felt very ironic and manipulative that conversation I ah didn't love It like it It felt like it was framed to sound great but wasn't great like it It definitely was manipulative because she was saying like I don't care if you come out but it should be on your terms but here are my terms My terms Are you wait 2 years Well Is that even really real that she'll accept him in 2 years or is she just saying that to stall because she'll have a new plan in 2 years 


it is it is like a very strange dynamic in that conversation This is small but Felice's phone really has no password 

Yeah I didn't understand that 

Sara just picks it up starts scrolling sees everything you kidding me the tension when they are at the shooting range I've seen this before so I know it's not going to happen but I still feel the tension every time I watch it that Wille might just accidentally shoot Marcus

Yeah, accidentally on purpose 

Yeah do you feel that? 


I feel like you know because he's also not doing great Maybe the gun might just like whoop at the last second

and they're like skeet shooting So that's shotguns So I feel like the level of intensity too is higher because you're like the please don't

Uh huh it's a heavy gun You never know it could slip and then there's this theme of August is August a good person No no But he is humanized a little bit We get a little bit of depth he is unwell in a similar way that we have seen in Charlie but different 

very different But yes, yeah

well but it's still about control 


august's Life is spiraling and he's taking control of it through mostly physicality We see a lot of shots of him taking his dr*gs as in Adhd meds almost always is he working Out He makes comments about not eating Carbs He doesn't eat that much in General There's a comment about how he lost weight over the winter Holidays So and he does actually the actor actually looks thinner I don't know if that's just me 

No he does

and I don't know I kind of like that not for him Personally I mean he's a sh*tty character so I don't care for him personally but I like adding some sort of depth to his character that he is still a child who is feeling this pressure some quotes

Yeah, when talking about Marcus Ayub and Rosh are like at least he doesn't need saving all the time referring to or does Sara say this? 

Sara says it 


she says are you going to have s3x with Marcus and Simon's like I don't know it's new doesn't matter and she's like at least he doesn't need saving all the time and I'm like raw like that's that's so f*cking real

yep, yeah, we touched on it a little bit and we'll probably continue to touch on it but like there is definitely this component of like Simon falling for and being attracted to People that he feels he needs to go in and help in his life with his dad and then now Wille so yeah, it was very real

I Don't know who says this but there is I'm just trying to be honest about my feelings Maybe you should try it and I was like the shade

I'm 99% sure Simon says that to Wille there's also I didn't write this down but there's at the point where Wille is like can I sit next to you and and because there's no other seats around and Simon says yes and he's like I thought there's just you know you wanted that space that you like so much So I feel like that's around there 

yeah, this one

you this this next quote you wrote that I and I also wrote it and it's just it's incredible and Sara is full of gems

Sara is full of gems they are talking about her being a virgin and she kind of like why sleep with someone if you could just come on your own which honestly true

mic Drop so true me personally that's my motto just saying 

It's less messy 

in that same I mean in a multitude of ways

Yeah, that's not how I meant it yes

Physically mentally Emotionally yes way cleaner in that same scene where they're having the slumber party Felice has been texting Wille and they're like get off your phone girl and she's like I just need to pee and one of the girls says Sweden's tiniest bladder which just made me chuckle 

Love Vincent like Vincent's so f*cking funny He's a terrible person but he's so funny when he starts off the practice where they go running around the f*cking forest He says morning f*ckers and then they don't respond and He goes morning f*ckers also when he the way he phrases they can only have four seniors per team because some socialist sh*t like that's the quote some socialist sh*t was just f*cking funny episode 3 episode 3 So Wille is doing meditation He's doing some guided meditation breathing exercises on his phone I guess he got that from the pamphlet and going for a jog August meanwhile calls up his step dad lawyer who's like I was wondering how long it would take you to call me And asking about what would theoretically happen if he leaked a video of this type and his stepdad lawyer is like well that's distribution of child p0rn0gr4phy So at minimum There's prison time (mhmm) and then he's like wait a second is this that Video Cut Bodyguards are just of note now stationed further out so at the gates instead of at the dorm

This kind of us basically noting that like when Wille throws these tantrums and then has these crazy requests They do give in to him August skipped practice to talk to the lawyer and Vincent is Like taking it out on everyone else and Simon is just like frustrated with the whole practice and he's like I don't like knowing that we cheated

Cause I have to like prove myself in a way that you don't

Yes You'll just get away with it but the blame will always get placed on me for not excelling felice comes over to Wille's dorm and him and felice Eat Poke bowls and it's just this really cute moment where again Wille is Abusing his access to the Royal court and they are just letting him do so because they don't want to eat I think it's like sausage night or something

Yeah, it's pork sausages Rosh and well Simon is training with Rosh because Rosh is a soccer player We know from season 1 and again, he's feeling pressure about rowing which I mean you're doing so much practice and now you're practicing more and they're in the snow on a field and they're doing high knees and Simon's like nah I gotta take a break and she's like you wanted stamina training b*tch You're not going to get stamina sitting on the bench and Rosh and Ayub mentioned that Marcus approached them at school because Simon's been ignoring his texts And he says that like he doesn't understand why but he just can't fall in love with Marcus and then of course Marcus Texts him at the same time to hang out that week and is like considering responding and then they're like yo we're going for food and he doesn't respond and Wille is Spiraling that simon is with Marcus and he tells felice I know that it should be okay, but like it's not okay, he's like it's okay, but like for me, it's not ok

yeah, like I'm aware that I should be comfortable with this but I'm extremely not okay that this is happening 

Honestly like respect like that's some self-awareness

amazing self-awareness especially for a fifteen sixteen year old Wille sees a therapist again He admits now he opens up a little bit more but still is pretty closed off and it's like I'm feeling very lonely He opens up about his relationship with Simon 

A little bit like he references I met someone last year who made me feel things that I hadn't felt before and he says like you know in a way I wish that I hadn't experienced that because then I I wouldn't know what it felt like I have noted that he opens up because the brown queer kid that we know of from before casually mentions to him in the hall that Eric also went to the school therapist and that you know he's a socialist but at least he's lgbtqia+ certified

at school Wille and Simon Of course end up in the same book report group because these boys cannot stay apart for a second and of course they grabbed a book at random and it's not And autobiography it's a novel that is autobiographical in nature I looked it up but it is a real book about a woman in the 1930s who has a crisis of faith after developing feelings for another woman because it's of course it's gay and They're in a group with not Vincent but the other blonde kid that's a sophomore I think yeah and Sara who's never in class with them but apparently is in their group She was getting coffee or something and Wille's like I'm not doing any talking for the presentation And then the other kid goes to get coffee because they're waiting for Sara and so he talks to Simon and is like why did you tell me that you didn't know Marcus and he's like I told you I did know Marcus and then he's like yeah, but why didn't you tell me you know know Marcus and he's like ok look we have been hanging out but like Not that it's any of your f*cking business But we're not together

Then we flash to simon working on his song again That's about Wille then we're at the barn and the family's checking out Rousseau and Sara just like does not like the way that the dad is treating Rousseau he's being kind of aggressive He's making negative comments and so she shoos them away They're like no no, no, you are not buying this horse and so felice is like okay we'll find someone better I know you think these are the worst kind of people like we will make sure Rousseau goes to a good home Simon shows his song to the choir teacher and she's like very impressed that he wrote it himself even though she's the one who asks him hey I'm thinking of doing like a more modern take on the hillerska song I'm like you basically asked him to go and write a song But anyways, she's impressed that it was He wrote it but tells him you got to get rid of the cursing because he says f*ck or f*cking in the song and you need to mention hillerska and then she'll speak to the principal about it and he's like okay, got it I can do both those things

It's It's just such a funny song because if you want to say that it's about the school It's about like we were in pain and confused but we'll remember the good times like that's essentially the lyrics which like you could say that about a boarding school as well I don't know why you would want to in front of the queen August is going for a run has he does and he see well he run he doesn't just go for a run and see sara with Rousseau He runs to the stables to so see Sara with Rousseau And invites her to his place and she's like why and he's like to talk Simon's also there and he sees them briefly and he's like are you friends and she's like no no, really and he's like that's good because he's trash and she's like well I feel like he's trying not to be and you always Say we should give people second chances and third chances and fourth chances and fifth chances like with dad huh and he's like whatever and she's like aren't you here to see Marcus anyway, you're not even here to see me and he's like yeah ok fine I am here to see Marcus so he goes to see Marcus And tells him very straight up like look I I just don't feel things as strongly as you do and I don't know that I could get there like I need time and I'm not even sure that I could get there I'm not looking for anything serious right now and Marcus is like it's okay I can wait You don't want to give up on something This beautiful we'll take it slow and he drives him home and I have a lot of thoughts about this but we're going to keep going with the summary

yeah, I also have a lot of thoughts Sara sneaks in August's room and she's like okay the last conversation prior to him inviting her over was when she was like Want to have s3x with you and then walked out of his room so she's like I think this is to have s3x but really, he just wants to talk about his meeting that's upcoming with the queen and how he's like freaking out and he knows it's going to be about the video and he's not sure what his punishment is going to be and then they start making out and that leads into more and they end up having s3x and then she just goes back to her room and felice is like wow you really are getting all this time with Rousseau and she's like yeah all this time with rousesau

Yeah, now it's the day of the competition against sprucewood and Marcus shows up to cheer on Simon because that's taking it slow and during this dramatic ass Indoor rowing competition where they are taking turns on rowing machines going so hard that they are holding each other's feet and spotting each other on the seat and placing it It's very strange Vincent falls off the rowing machine and he blames Simon because Simon was the person who was supposed to place the seats It's a close race but the other team wins probably because of that f*ckup and Wille sees Marcus console and Kiss Simon After the race because again they're taking it slow and he just like sulks into the locker room where vincent is like 3 year olds know how to do that blablablabla yelling at Simon and August is like bruh this was supposed to be a A little fun race to build camaraderie and we don't even have that why are you yelling at him and Simon quits It's a rare moment where August actually steps up for him

Mhmm Wille's supposed to be reading this book for the book report But instead he's just like listening to sad girl music in his headphones looking over

He has the most dramatic montage I've ever seen in my life

it's so dramatic He's like music is blasting in his headphones He is looking at photos of Simon and he's just like walking around moping sadly and dramatically and this goes on for way too long For what we're getting from this scene

Until felice shows up at the end of the song It's like we get the whole song almost

Yeah, he's like staring through a fence at like a snowy plot of land and felice shows up and you're like this was what was this? August gets in his car to go to In his car He gets in the car that 

The palace sends

showed up at the school for him Yeah, he's headed to the palace immediately as he gets in He doesn't even wait for the queen to talk and he starts to apologize and the Queen's like stop what you've done is unforgivable but that is not what we're here to talk about What we are here to talk about is I'm forced to treat a backup plan because of Wille's current behavior and you are the backup plan 

Your next you're the back backup Yeah

Yeah yeah, you're next in line you're the backup And if Wille can't step into this role then you're going to be it and then she gives him a copy of the jubilee speech and it's like you need to rehearse this and memorize this in case Wilhelm can't do it

And he's thrilled for the opportunity He thanks her but she also says not just the speech but you need to come up with a whole alternate like future for yourself because who knows when you'll have to step in and you're next in line Wille and felice are Because of his sad girl moment and she found him They go to his dorm They're watching a movie but he can't focus and he's like can you just hold me and so she does and she's being a supportive friend and it feels very friendly She gives him little kisses on the cheek and that feels very friendly and but then he's like twirling her hair and then they're like Slowly their faces are getting closer and internally I'm going No no, no, don't do it and they're getting closer and closer and then they kiss and then she pulls back like wait and then they lie down together and they start kissing more and his hand goes up her shirt And I'm freaking out and then thank God a student interrupts them because he comes in and he's like whoa I'm sorry I didn't mean to c0ck block you it's just time to go Prank Sprucewood 


and she leaves and that's how the episode ends 


I'm physically like Curling my fingers because that's how uncomfortable that scene makes me like they need to be friends They are friends like don't don't do this guys Don't do this

well, especially because right season 1 starts with felice having this insane crush on Wille and then they kind of developed his friendship and then it's at the end of season 1 and in to these first 3 episodes that we just discussed Their friendship is really beautiful They really lean on each other They're really supportive of each other and I'm not 

Felice is a really good friend 

yeah and I'm not saying this moment ruins it but you are like oh my God Why are you f*cking this up like why did we have to throw this into the like it's already Pretty messy Why are we making it messier

And if they just kissed and then she pulled away and was like you're in a state This isn't right forgivable but to progress unforgivable 


let's get into the marcus of it all It's our first Point like I guys our notes started to overlap and make so much sense together that I I started organizing them like a little bit by timeline and also into big blocks So Marcus

I don't like that there is this point where Marcus brings up Simon's dad 

I don't either 

and how he knows of his dad and how he's had you know Struggled with you know his dad not being really a big part of his life and dealing with like dr*g ab*s* and alcohol ab*s* and I just like why are you bringing this up, you barely know this kid You've been on like two and a half dates like you don't bring up that you know personal information like that I don't know

I agree fully he knows of Simon but Simon doesn't know Marcus that well when they first meet they're like didn't we have kindergarten together or something like that and Marcus says

it's creepy

That Simon's mom told his mom about some of that that's it but he's like you're not your dad and it's like yeah I don't think he thinks that he is and if he does like you wouldn't know that like I know more about Simon than Marcus does right now and I'm of a watcher you know 

Yeah, yeah

I don't like it and it brings in this weird power dynamic where I feel like it would almost plant doubt in Simon's head Marcus does in that same conversation This is all in the conversation where Simon is trying to break up with him basically and he says it Up front and Marcus like doesn't let him He seems like the nice guy He's like look I haven't seen the video of you and Wille and I don't plan to and he says he can wait for him but he's also not really waiting

He is like so manipulative in this scene because Simon is very clear like I do not feel the same way about you I don't think I will ever get there I think we should just call it quits And while sounding supportive He's just forcing the relationship to remain in this like limbo state even though that's very clearly not what Simon wants but he almost makes Simon think that It's what he wants

Yeah, because Simon even says that he doesn't think he could ever get there


He's not even asking for time He's saying I don't know that I could ever get there 


Be like just like this person not vibing, but Marcus uses that line of I know you don't want to destroy something this beautiful b*tch when is it beautiful y'all went on two dates max

yeah, and he was just trying to sleep with you which you you didn't want which is fine but then it's like what is beautiful about this

Yeah, someone just told you that they can't get to a place where they want to be with you in a serious relationship and you think that's beautiful You got some own insecurities to deal with I just it was really weird to me because I remember the first time watching through really liking Marcus and seeing him as like A very good guy and like do I love him in the series No because I want Simon to be with Wille and I'm like ah just go back to the relationship you're meant to be with We already know this is true Love even though you guys also have only known each other for like two months but whatever like we know what the series is about and it's not Marcus But I liked him as a person and I thought he was very very nice but in this watch through I don't like him

I completely agree I felt exactly the same way as you I was like I understand how they're using Marcus as a plot device but really in the end we know who's supposed to be together But I didn't dislike him I was like Marcus is sweet He cares about him He can understand Simon's point of view because they grew up in the same town He's a working man like there are things that they can relate to each other on and I really enjoyed him but it wasn't until this watch through that I was like Marcus is manipulative as hell and takes advantage of Simon does not listen to anything Simon says and I think he's toxic

And then when you add in that he's a couple years older than him at least it just and like him talking to his friends about him and it's just yeah I don't like it


very very small to that I want to read that book that was all I looked it up It exists It's been translated to english as of 2020 I want to read it funny note casual Clothes Vincent is my favorite because I already noted in the last one he had some great quotes but also he's this rich royalty boarding school kid right And when they're in casual clothes at the dining table He is wearing a tie-eye shirt with a plastic bead necklace and he has the world's bluntest bowlcut he is looking like a f*ckboy of the lowest caliber at the richest school in Sweden

Uh huh

He's so funny to me like I just find him hilarious, not a good person but hilarious in a way that August could never be you know like August is a bad person and also not funny Vincent is a bad person and hilarious

Yeah, also Vincent is giving f*ckboy in a way that's like kind of enjoyable to watch where August is giving f*ckboy in a way that's not enjoyable to watch 

Mhmm Vincent is like I've seen Gossip girl and August is like I am Chuck Bass

yes, yes, getting into the sara August s3x scene It's very weird that August invites her over and then she does show up and he is like in the middle of a workout has no shirt on is like sweaty and glistening And opens the door and it's like I mean wear whatever you want, but like if you don't want to have s3x Why are you opening the door shirtless like you are implying I don't know it was just weird to me that that was his choice

I mean I do think like men walk around shirtless all this time without people expecting to jump them 


and he's been working out a lot and he's in his own dorm room But I do see your point that he knows that Sara is coming over and the last time she came over She said she wanted to have s3x with him

Yeah, it's like everything combined in normal situations I'd be like yes that doesn't mean anything but with everything that's led up to this point I'm like that was just a weird choice Something I did find funny is they struggle to open the condom like they can't get it to like tear open and I just felt like that was a very real teenage moment and even adult moment

I actually the s3x scene between August and Sara I actually enjoy not in a gross way Not in a This is a good moment for them way But in the The difference between this scene and the scene with August and felice in the first season because in that scene we see felice trying to pleasure herself and him not being there for it We see him getting like insecure about her closing her eyes 


But in this scene he's very gentle It's implied that he might go down on her but she's like where are you going I want you up here like and it feels much more intimate and


like he really likes Sara in a way that he didn't like Felice because it's not about status because she doesn't have any You know so I appreciate that I do think it's disgusting though that she comes in and he's like you smell like horse and she's apologizes takes off her coat It's not your coat babe It's your whole body They have s3x She goes back to her dorm and She gets Ready for bad immediately and felice is like you're not going to shower and she says I like smelling like him which it's implied is Rousseau and Felice is like okay, you're weird and no she met August but she still smells like rousseau and Also maybe August now and it's just gross It's Gross It's so gross

Yeah, it's gross, less gross indoor rowing feels lame like I feel like they really hype up this competition They hype up the rivalry between the 2 schools I know August then just says like oh it's to build like camaraderie at the end but it's like they are kind of hyping this up and then they're just like it's giving orange theory on crack like I don't know it was I didn't get it

Yeah, it's weird because it's hyped up for like 3 episodes only for it to be indoors I don't know why they would do that other than the writers couldn't come up with another reason for Vincent to blame Simon for f*cking it up like It is very confusing because why wouldn't they be in boats Even if it is just for camaraderie with another school which actually comes to my next note which is they don't say it's another school It's another house they keep saying we need to prove that forest ridge is the best house So That debunks our theory from season 1 that they only really have like Manor house and Forest Ridge I think they have other houses and this is another boys' dormitory and that's the point of building camaraderie is it's within the school because otherwise why are they doing it in a gym at hillerska

Okay, but this okay that all makes sense and you are right because then they're gonna go get back and like egg the house which I'm like what are they all 

Yeah exactly

So this makes sense However, so if there are other houses that means there's other students So if there are other houses that means there are other students so why do we only see the same people all in the same classes 

That's what I'm saying That's why I brought it up because they're all they're not even just like it's not like it's 1 class It's not like we're always in math class 

No every class

No they're in math they're in english any class any class It's this first of all, it's the same set all the time but they all all the subjects they have together I don't know why I think I get the impression that Manor House and Forest Ridge are like sister brother houses 


So But like why would you have to put them in the same classes anyway, the dramatic montage with the slomo walk Yes, you heard right It's not just a dramatic montage when he leaves study hall listening to this song that he started listening to while scrolling through pictures on his phone of Simon He then is outside Walking in Slowmo who's he are dramatic gay b*tch King Wille and the song as Jess pointed out in our previous episode Sometimes these songs are just so on the nose it hurts and this is one of them This is one of those times

I'm so happy you wrote these lyrics down because I was thinking that but I was like I don't have time to look up these lyrics But yes 

Oh I typed them out as I was watching the episode 

Oh my god

this one is for the lonely ones The ones who always wonder where their friends have gone 

It's too much 

the boys who can't stop crying the girls who gave up trying That's the first stanza of the chorus you hear it repeatedly the boys who can't stop crying Jess that's Wille that's our Wille

It is Wille It's just like those lyrics are dramatic and ridiculous as is and then you need to picture sad Prince Wille slow motion dramatically staring into the abyss and walking like It's just this show so gay so drama like it is just a lot 

it's a comedy it's like it's camp it's so camp it's a comedy 


I you know what's so funny though is that as I'm saying this and thinking about how dramatic like it's not a bad song I enjoyed it and I could imagine myself like opening to the Lizzie McGuire movie style As a teenager listening to a song like this and like dramatically singing the lyrics or or lip syncing the lyrics and like in the mirror on my own like 100% I've done that with like like jar of hearts like I could do a whole rendition dramatically


In my Bathroom or wherever so I could see it but putting it to a slow Mo walk in what is supposed to be a dramatic moment of the show makes it inherently hilarious

But this is yeah it is so over exaggerated that there are in this rewatch Amanda and I both texted each other multiple times that it just it does feel comedic like you can't help but laugh because it's so intense and so Just like drawn out and ridiculous
And now my last note is the complete opposite c0ckblock and Swedish is hilarious 

Do you remember what it was


Yeah okay I was going to say that That's what it was because that's what I remembered but then that's like it couldn't be that

Because he's saying in Swedish I didn't mean to c0ck block you so all my English hears here are cockablocka

it is funny Oh

And he says it in such a genuine way that he's like you know that that's like the word That's the word that they use It's a cognate but it just sounds funny 

Yeah it does it does 

Sorry to the Swedish speakers of the world I respect you I've learned Norwegian ish that's not the same but like you colonized, it's similar anyway Any other final thoughts Jessica

no I Do love this show and I haven't rewatched this season as much so I really enjoyed watching this last night and I'm excited to watch the second half It's a fun one I'm excited for season 3 as well

I agree I would say this season is different to season one but I wouldn't say that it's worse like maybe we'll get into that in the second half more I just want to like full like for people listening to us like Taking the piss out of these dramatic ass scenes we're enjoying them We're enjoying the show and like the things that are happening I mean the drama is dramaing like it's good It's good Tv it's well acted I'm enjoying it and I'm enjoying the full character development that these are becoming messier characters you know

Yeah, yeah, and it is gonna get messier which we will get into in our next episode covering the rest of season two follow us on all of our social medias nineties babies nostalgia on Instagram and Youtube spell out the word nineties If you want to watch us on Tiktok use the numbers there please rate and review on Apple Podcasts in Spotify and with that we will see you in the next one

Stay gay bye

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