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young royals s2 ep4-6: wille's got a gun

March 15, 2024 Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore Season 3 Episode 10
young royals s2 ep4-6: wille's got a gun
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Nineties Babies Nostalgia
young royals s2 ep4-6: wille's got a gun
Mar 15, 2024 Season 3 Episode 10
Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore

CW: guns/threatening with a gun

Yeah, you read that CW right. In this batch we've got masquerade balls, break ups, make outs, and gun violence. This is one of our favorite pod episodes to date because there's just so much to talk about and we had the best time. 

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Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

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CW: guns/threatening with a gun

Yeah, you read that CW right. In this batch we've got masquerade balls, break ups, make outs, and gun violence. This is one of our favorite pod episodes to date because there's just so much to talk about and we had the best time. 

Please rate & review us wherever you listen, and let us know your thoughts on the episode on any of our socials.


Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

hi I'm Amanda

And I'm Jessica and this is nineties babies nostalgia where two nineties babies are having fun

Just to be clear We are not sponsored by nor affiliated with any of the shows actors channels networks companies that we're talking about We just really like talking about Tv and today the tv that we're talking about is young royals season 2 part two so we previously have covered all of season 1 and the first 3 episodes of season 2 and there's ah the in this episode we are going to be covering episodes 4 through 6 of season 2 so if you haven't listened to the others go back and listen and if you want to watch go ahead Pause watch come back This podcast will still be here when you're done but before we get into it I have a silly goofy question for you Jess


this came about from something I was watching the other day I don't even remember what exactly But you know how Kesha is your hall pass

Oh yes, she posted a fricking thirst trap in a corset on instagram yesterday and I watched it 12 times

Okay, you're getting distracted It was 

Sorry I just had to you got me on Kesha okay continue Ah

yeah, Kesha's your real life hall pass But if you could get down and dirty with 1 fictional character Any medium and it's like your hall pass like you can only choose one and they're a fictional character who would it be

Take your time I can edit out blank space

I have no idea 

I Asked this of my friends last night and some of them were like people from true blood or other there was just generally hot people and I was so disappointed in them for not having an imagination

in what way like you want the person not to be hot

No I mean they can be hot if you want but it's like are you really saying that you want to be with that character Do you just want to be with the actor in which case like that's a real person You know

yeah, yeah, I'm trying to like think I don't think there's any Disney characters going through my brain

I feel like I would I would go for both Eric and Ariel but yeah, but it's a choose 1 scenario

Oh wait does it need to be a cartoon

No fictional does not need to be a cartoon minds My answer is not a cartoon
Okay, if I'm forced to make a decision right now which I am I think Cece Parekh from new girl

oh okay, why

because she's like super super loyal to all of her friends She likes to have fun She's really like Jokey and like knows how to have a good time but also like when she needs to be serious because she's kind of like played as like a ditzy model but like when she needs to be Serious or like step up to have a family like she's the one who was the working Mom Mom while the the husband was at home with the kid during the show like she really stepped up to be there and I just like like her energy She's kind of like a powerhouse of a woman While being super hot

I watched the first few seasons of that show I did not know that she had a kid

I have rewatched that show 3 times It's up there on my rewatches 

All right all right

How about you? who is it It's gonna be stupid

what do you mean stupid 

Is it going to be stupid

like what do you mean stupid 

Just tell me

Ah you know, um, he's a very special guy He's very unique one would say one of a kind you you have to say his name 3 times



No you would not you wouldn't

I think I might for the experience I feel like he's got a lot of different powers He knows how to have a good time He's there for a show and I could you know like

But beetlegeuse over like Buffy The Vampire Slayer because she's like bad ass

I've never seen Buffy

oh I was like she's a badass She's there good for a good time but also she's hot as sh*t where like beetlejuice is giving me how I felt about Franknfurter no not franknfurter, riff raff

I feel like most fictional characters that you think of initially like my second one that I thought of was Jodie Comer's character in killing eve And her character is quite different than she is in real life and she's very badass and very hot and I am very s3xually attracted to her but like I could get similar feelings about the actors and I could say the same for Sara Michelle Geller I feel like if I'm going to choose a fictional character they need to have a little je ne sais quoi You know They they need to have something that I'm not going to get from a human and Beetlejuice has oodles of that

Mhmm Mhmm this was my riff raff I'm telling you 

Yeah, so the question is was my answer stupid 

Yeah, Lowkey it was but I don't disagree 

You don't disagree 

No I agree he's here for a good time He is like very different than the actor that plays him I understand your logic

Thank you! My friends were all like oh it'll stink like what are you talking about and I'm like I have nose plugs like that's not a problem 

Also like does he smell

I think he's like partially decomposing Yeah

This says he has canonically the scent of dirt apples and sand and I feel like that's 

Wait That's kind of hot

yeah, just going to say I feel like that's really not that bad 

no, that's like a candle 

Yeah It really is

Getting into young royals the last half of young royals season 2 We want to throw in a trigger warning for or content warning we will be discussing situations that involve Underage drinking dr*gs s3xual content and mild gun violence So if any of those things are concerning to you click away or play us on mute So we still get a listen up to you so first episode episode 4 episode 4 hehehehehe rumors are Spreading around school because felice and wille hooked up and felice is like upset about it because people are like she's just after the royalty which is kind of f*cked up because she liked him before anyway and also Sara and august Are s3xting like in between all of the various plot points in the first fifteen minutes of the show while their friends are explaining that there's going to be a st valentine's party not to be confused with Valentine's day it's tradition at Hillerska to have this big Party where they're dressed in like Marie Antoinette clothes as they describe it and they write letters to each other Wille is called out at his lunch table for making out with Felice in front of simon and everyone is like lad lad lad and Simon's like f*ck this And so after hearing about it Simon goes off and eats pizza and drinks beer on the hood of Marcus's car because we love a rebound and Simon asks Marcus to be his date to this dance and Marcus is like that's not really my thing but like why don't you come over to mine instead just like it's Giving boring old curmudgeony man

really is it really is in the locker room Simon confronts Wille about not giving him a heads up about Felice and Wille's kind of like you're being Hypocritical because you're parading Marcus around You're kissing him at school events in front of me and Simon shares with Wille that he likes Marcus and that he just feels like Marcus really is accepting of him and doesn't want to like hide their relationship And Wille kind of throws it back on Simon is like you well, you're kind of the one who can't accept me can't accept my family You can't accept my position and Simon's like yeah you're right maybe I can't

Wille goes to Felice to apologize for making out with her and kind of explain his side and she's like that's kind of a lame excuse but they decide to be friends again anyway And he very dramatically says that he has to get over Simon because he feels like he's dying if they can't be together

Yup yup August and sara are lying in bed after hooking up and Jan Olaf calls and August answers literally just gets out of bed butt naked in front of an open window and the answers the call and Jan Olaf is asking August like a ton of personal questions like they need all his social media passwords so they can like go through social media and delete anything they ask if he's taken dr*gs he's like oh also we're starting your 10 year plan and you're going to be enrolled in military training This fall and confirms that he's straight and so after all of this August is like feeling pretty stressed and so he takes a pill and Sara calls him out for taking adhd medicine when he doesn't have adhd he explains that he's only doing it temporarily even though we know from season 1 that he's been taking these meds that he's under a lot of pressure and he shares that he's Wille's backup with Sara and he asks her to the ball and she hesitantly agrees

Felice also wants to go to the ball with sara and her the friends have been talking about going to the ball together anyway So I don't know why Sara f*cking forgot that so Sara tells August who has been setting up his room with candles and champagne and is actually pretty disappointed
that she ain't showing up but Marcus shows up at simon's house So one of them is doing all right dressed up for the ball dressed up like a waiter mind you And they go together and they dance on the dance floor Not that Marcus wants to but Simon's like a little bit in the eyes sight of Wille and then they go get food after a while and Wille makes weird polite conversation with Marcus and then goes and has one of his 1200 Panic attacks in the kitchen and Simon finds him and is like what the f*ck was that and he's like I get it You don't love me anymore Your boyfriend seems nice

Then we get the scene at the ball where August kind of pulls Alexander aside and tells him that Wille is the one who got him expelled to protect Simon and August was the only one who voted against Wille

Sara admits to August at the ball as she likes him but she's nervous about other people knowing that they are together because of her friendship with Felice and what she saw Simon go through with Wille with him now being the backup plan

Simon leaves Marcus to check in with the choir but instead of doing that he goes out on a walk and the choir teacher is actively looking for him Simon finds Wille outside and he shares that you know I'm just trying to move on like that's why Marcus is here and then they literally stare into each other's eyes and are breathing into each other's open mouths like inches away from each other's face for like 20 seconds too long Then they kiss and they continue to kiss until they're interrupted by Marcus calling for Simon to join the choir as Simon's going up the stairs to get ready for the performance Marcus sees Wille trailing up the stairs from where Simon came from and then the choir performs the new hillerska song about Wille

While Simon stares at him the whole time 


Baby I'm just trying to move on like I just really like you so much But I I can't like you like but I just I Just have to kiss you right now

Yeah that's exactly what happened

he really was like I'm over you until Wille was like I get it You don't love me anymore and Simon took that personally

I also don't know if Simon has ever been over Wille (no) but he's been trying 

yeah but he was trying 

where Wille has not been trying

he was trying until Wille accused him of having successfully gotten over him and then he got he took that personally and was like absolutely not I will suck your face

Yeah, in this episode we learn that school has different ah traditions It's not normal Valentine's Day traditions which I have two notes so they say they write anonymous letters and The tradition ends in the masquerade ball and one of the girls is explaining this and it's like if you guess who's writing you the letters then you go to the ball together that is not how it works Everyone is just asking each other to the ball Also it wasn't a Masquerade ball There was no masks

True It was a costume Maybe that was a subtitle thing though 

Oh that that is giving subtitle issue My other note is I looked it up because I'm like maybe Sweden does celebrate Valentine's Day differently because they have given us like Santa Lucia and other more like traditional swedish holidays I was like Maybe this is factual Um, no, they celebrate it very similarly to americans they call it all hearts day and they give each other treats and flowers and stuff like that like it's they don't Write each other anonymous letters not that I thought they did but I thought maybe they would do something differently

yeah yeah I it gave santa lucia vibes But then it was a school tradition It makes sense that it was made up for the school though because they do have to explain it to Sara so she doesn't know what it is either

yeah I Guess that's true

Yeah, and in saying they really don't follow these traditions Also all of them are saying why would you write a note when you should just send a nude It's a big part of this episode is sending nudes

Yeah, like cause Sara's like oh what do I write in the letter and they're like oh who trying to get the attention of and she's like being a little secretive and they're like well the best way to get someone's attention is send a nude and it's like what these are all young teenagers like why are we telling them to do this

and then in the boys Forest Ridge common room a lot of the freshmen are writing actual poems and Vincent's like why don't you just send a dick pic Yeah

Yeah, yeah, while sara's taking her s3xy photos she is in this like a lace Bralette situation with a robe that I'm pretty sure had like constellations or stars or something on it And it was just some mood because it was really giving like I'm hot and I'm growing up but also I'm still a kid 

It's really fun watching her This is one of those little characterizations that I think they did really well because she first receives a photo from August and he says it's her turn and she's like for what and like clearly it's something that like the whole school knows about sending nudes and how that works but she is not Someone who's done it before and one wonders if that like is part of her being on the spectrum but she's like discovering it for him and and it's just like really cute watching her open up

the other gay guy that I don't remember his name but we learned that he was gay either and I think at the beginning 


Yeah, maybe

he's like constantly trying to set Wille up and it's kind of crazy He's like oh yeah for spring break like come to me come with me and we'll throw parties and bring whatever types of guys you want there like it's just a lot Also He implies that there are no openly gay ceos and I have to say while it is relatively new for people in position of power to be it openly gay there are four Current opening gay ceos of fortune 500 companies So that's not even of other companies

Do you think perhaps he meant of Swedish companies

I Guess I guess maybe he meant specifically Swedish companies but like

for anyone only listening Jess just briefly put her hands over her keyboard like she was going to look up if there are Swedish ceos that are gay but then she was like I don't I don't have time

I was going to and then I was like this is going to take me

It's not important right now I Understand your point that was just my thought oh my God did she actually google

So without going into like I did Google there definitely are but the biggest headline that comes up is the first openly transgendered Ceo who is swedish That came out in 2022 so there are openly gay ceos in Sweden so it's not just America it's a thing I didn't like that they just implied that in the library when they're talking about like the whole exchanging of letters st valentine's day Maddie just casually yells f*ck the patriarchy just I love her character I love her

Maddie is me like that's the character I relate to the most she does the weirdest sh*t She's the same one that did the like cleansing energy ceremony in a tunnel I love her

Yeah, yeah, and she's the one who like speaks in English and doesn't really speak in Swedish but like still gets 

But she can

but she can and still gets along with the girls really well But yeah, her energy is so weird and chaotic and I'm here for it

Yeah, there's a fish scene that we get do y'all remember this is one of Jess's favorite scenes What your second favorite scene I think after the 

Second favorite scene

yeah yeah in season 1 the first time Wille comes over to Simon's place and he sees the fish and he's like do they have names And there's this like really like slow sensual like neck type kissing type thing going on while he names the fish and like forgets their names Marcus asks if they have names and he says no 

Yep, he goes nothey don't have names I Love a good callback moment

yeah and it's this little hint that like he really don't like Marcus like that

He doesn't I don't know if they were trying to be secretive about sneaking alcohol into this Masquerade ball or ball situation but they're literally Like whipping a flask out and just like pouring it into their drinks and I'm like there has to be chaperones and teachers around doesn't there

There are but I don't know I don't know man these kids get up to all kinds of shenanigans 

True true 

It's like this is the least amount of consumption we've seen at a party

you know what? accurate? yeah

I do love the closet lesbian storyline so we didn't mention this in our summary but real quick The two best friends in their friend group of the girls So there's Felice Sara and Maddie we've Mentioned and then there's also Frederica and Stella who are in that group of 5 and early on it's mentioned that like they've made out at parties before but like that's just what girls do when they're drunk is they make out with their friends and then someone writes this really beautiful poem to frederica but never fesses up And Sara is like noticing the way that they talk and touch and realizes that Stella wrote it for her and confronts her and so Stella's like closeted pining after her best friend and it's just like a really cute touch and like yes, everyone in this show is gay

yeah, and she's like well I can't tell her because we still have to live together for two more years and it will just make things uncomfortable it is a very good side plot that goes on

Mhmm speaking of friendship I Love that in the moment where Wille goes to apologize to Felice and he's like making excuses she like we know that they're still going to be friends because she is a ride or die for our little dramatic gay boy But And she knows that she's going to forgive him but she still does stick up to him She says like so you were using me to make him jealous or to get over him or whatever like either way it sucks and you're not thinking about what this is doing to me I was really proud of her

Well and also is like you knew I liked you

She says that repeatedly like I love that she has no shame about bringing up the fact that she liked him because a lot of people would be too embarrassed to say that

Yeah, and she's like you knew and you still did this like she really shows that it's like not okay and even though it's like I still want to be friends with you What you did still wasn't okay like both can be true Um, which feels Very mature I don't know if normal people that age would act that way but I did appreciate it

Yeah, felice is 1 of a kind I feel like she's after the first couple episodes of the first season She really grows up Love her Love me some Felice down why does simon just walk around in Pajama pants all the time I know he's poor But he's not that poor like he really walks around in these blue plaid pajama pants Twenty four seven at this rich kid school

Yeah, yeah, you know I I'm not going to say I didn't notice because I did notice but it never bothered me that much I was just like oh that's part of Simon He likes me comfortable I guess but it is weird because it's like they have uniforms and everyone is very like Put together most of the time so is weird that he's just out and about in pj's

I think they only have to wear their uniforms for events and not for regular class days because there's though they're definitely in class not in uniforms all the time but he's walking around in like normal shirts and big bomber jackets and Pajama pants


Like I know you're a socialist and me too man, but this is taking it a little far 


speaking of outfits I got to touch on the girls versus the boys at the ball because the girls they yassified the sh*t out of their outfits they had like Cool colors in their wigs and like big fun gowns and the guys just looked awful

Yeah, and I just didn't really understand the face paint of it all

And I couldn't even tell if that was everyone or just Wille But then some people like Sara kind of did Wille put on white ass face paint sara put on like some white powder 


Wille looks the worst hands down He looks so bad and I'm mad that a central makeout to their storyline involves that costume because it pisses me off 


but I do love that Felice has this like goth moment like everyone's in like powder white wigs and colorful dresses and she's in this big black dress with her natural hair out 


she really stands out

I completely agree with you Amanda goes why the f*ck is the choir performing at ten p m after everyone's been dancing It makes no so strange

Yeah, because you got to think at that point everyone's been drinking Everyone's been dancing They want to keep the vibes up and for anyone who's ever been out dancing You know that the minute that you don't keep the vibes up the vibes are gone for the night like I would be Tired I don't want to hear a remix of the school song an hour and a half into my like time like I but they're all clapping and having a good time and that's great I just think the choir should have opened the party it would have made more sense

I Completely agree in a normal situation I feel like the choir would have opened the party they wouldn't weirdly play halfway through 

So weird 

into our quotes while Felice And Wille are talking to each other Wille goes I wanted to see if it felt the way it does with Simon and felice goes Oh that makes it so much better

Yeah, she does when Wille is talking to the other gay kid and as you mentioned the gay kid is like Easter Break We can go to my family's Ski lodge and and have you know Parties and and whatever he was like saying he can get anyone for Him He was like what are you into twinks Bears Asians Latinos It was like so problematic and so Weird 


Ah I thought it was like a cute line Stella the 1 pining after her best friend says I'd rather be secretly in love than be her ex that she hates and then every girl makes out with her best friend when drunk fun fact guys That's how Jess realized she was bi

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it got to a point where I was like I don't think that you can be straight and have kissed as many people of the same s3x as I had a a not very old teenage age That's like this This has to mean more than just casual friendship I think

If I want to practice kissing with my friends then I probably just want to kiss my friends

Yeah, yes, totally

okay, episode 5 simon is back to sniffing Wille's Sweater yeah the onen he stole before from the classroom he's rubbing it All over his face and cut with shots of Wille in the shower giggling like a little schoolgirl because he's so happy

This show is so extra I know we say it But it just sometimes there are certain scenes that I'm like oh we really did that didn't we

at the barn simon walks up and tells Sara about how he kissed Wille at the ball and she's like well you know you can't help who you like which is a mature take from someone in a terrible relationship Jan Olaf is prepping the campus for the jubilee and comes to hear the new version of the school song and you know what he says stick to tradition and we're not hearing simon's song It's not appropriate and he storms out of the room like a little baby throwing a tantrum And felice tries to talk some sense into him and is like well think about it as the Royal family They've been in the headlines lately and you're going to be performing a solo right behind Wille at the Jubilee like they don't want that

Simon tells Wille his life gets harder because of him and he's really upset that Jan Olaf took his song away and shares that the song is about Wille which duh

But Wille looks genuinely surprised

Yeah, he is surprised and you're like obviously who else was this song about not the damn school like and Simon mentions that kissing at the ball was a mistake Wille blames August because he posted the video And Simon is upset that he didn't tell him sooner so then after this Simon hangs out with rosh and ayub and Rosh is like you know what you really should report this to the police Especially now that you know who posted it It's child p0rnography There would be charges involved and Simon's like you know what it's the royal family like They're so protected like they'll be able to get away with it Nothing will happen

Yeah, he's kind of seeing Wille's side even though he's still mad Wille meanwhile classic fashion calls the queen upset about Simon's song and says let him sing his little song and why do I have to give a speech when Eric never had to give a speech before he came of age and she's like you know what August is the backup plan and I know you don't want that and I don't want that so you need to shape up for me Do it for mommy 


So then he goes to the school psychologist Where he actually finally opens up about his feelings for once It's been 2 seasons coming and the psychologist says think for once about what would be best for you Not anyone else

Felice gets a text from her mom that Rousseau got sold in Sara's pissed because felice told her that she wouldn't sell rousseau to the people that came and checked him out at the barn because Sara didn't like them She didn't like the way they were treating him and so she kind of feels betrayed She's like you said you wouldn't go through the say go through with the sale and so she's really upset and shows up at August's dore crying and he comforts her

Wille shows up at Smon's house and literally sits in a car in the dark with his security team waiting for him to get home once he sees him with rosh and ayub He jumps out of the car and talks to him in front of them apologizing And telling him that now he knows that August is his backup plan and maybe that's a way for both of them to be free and if he if simon goes to the police about August then that can't happen But ultimately it is up to Simon just think about it Think about it bro

August makes a call to his mom about selling some part of his inheritance and Sara tells August that it scared her when he opened up to her about being Wille's backup

Simon opens up at dinner to his mom saying it was August who did it and they decide they really should go to the police So of course Sara goes why why was she even home for dinner I don't know because she doesn't live at home but she was And she goes and tells august

Wille is in class and they're all getting ready for their book report presentation and Simon tells Wille You know what I have to file a police report and so Wille gets up Kind of because of that but also because of the presentation and speaking in front of people and he throws up and he misses the presentation so later on Simon goes to his room to check on him and he opens up about panicking and Wille comes to an understanding on like why Simon wants to report this They both don't know like what's going to come out of this or happened to them as a couple and so then they hug and they kiss and they start hooking up and then Wille has this moment where he like kind of pushes Simon away and goes and closes the curtains then then they continue to make out and that is our episode 

We love a King who learns from his mistakes

as they started making out and the curtains were open I was like have they learned nothing and then when they went to the moment where he closed it I was like ok he did I'm glad they It was full circle

I love the contrast of August standing butt ass naked in his window Not long before this and then them making sure to close the curtains because why are they concerned because August is the one that filmed them But August doesn't have to be concerned


so our notes starting off from the very top from that very first shot I have to say as you said sometimes we watch the show and we're like we really did that but Simon Simon shoving his sweater all over his face and smelling it is like So extra but also like so real

yeah, especially for teenage level emotions

Yeah, like when I was in high school You know this Jess I was in a 4 year long distance relationship So I would regularly have like 1 shirt of his or something that I would sleep in and I would just like smell and I definitely would like shove it in my face and be like it smells like him

Mhmm It is very real

yeah and I'm like I'm embarrassed that it's real Ah, but it is real and Wille standing in the shower giggling like a schoolgirl also very real 

Yeah, he looked so smitten

I do that now About my hyper fixations Not even about crushes I'm just like in the shower thinking about my little love Island fixations and I'm giggling

Yeah, I agree Wille we get the scene where Wille makes a sandwich for Simon and it's so cute that he like and he's like wrapping it up And he gives it to him It's very very cute that he's like taking care and thinking of Simon

He's it's so cute because this is the beginning of the episode right So they made out at the end of the previous one and then next day he's like maybe my baby girl needs some food and hands it over to Simon is like in case, you didn't have time for breakfast and he just wants to take care of him A cute Little note that I I saw is that Felice's locker key is on a key chain That's a pride flag 

That's cute I didn't notice that 

Yeah what the heck do you mean that you didn't know that the song was about you Wille Why are you Looking so shocked when Simon says it's about you and you're going oh like are you really you really a himbo huh you're really just a pretty face nothing going on behind those eyes

Well and this is after Felice has explained to him and kind of been like ok think of the reasons why the royal family wouldn't want this song to be sung like it's extremely personal and like he doesn't get it then until Simon is literally like It is about you

And he's heard it like 3 times and every time Simon sings it he makes direct eye contact with Wille 

yeah, it's crazy

I personally think Wille telling Simon the August leaked the video was a dumb move Do you agree

dumb in the sense that it caused more drama but also I feel like if Wille does think he has a chance with Simon and he does want to like Move forward I don't think keeping continuing to keep secrets or hold things from him is the right way to move into that relationship and try to kind of rekindle things There So I don't know if I think it's dumb I understand why he did it But also it caused a lot of problems

See mmm I hear what you're saying and I agree that they shouldn't have secrets why I think it's dumb is why he did it It's the intent because he didn't do it to not keep secrets He did it because simon was mad at him And he wanted to redirect the blame He said actually it's not my fault It's all August's fault because he's the one that leaked that stupid video in the first place and that's why the royal family cares which just led around to like and you didn't tell me this before because 


but like Wille hadn't told him before because he wanted to protect simon from dealing with that whole legal situation 


So just commit commit to it I think at that point


tell him when it were past I don't know past the drama

Yeah I also don't know if he ever didn't want to tell Simon I think that was mostly the queen being like you are not going to tell him

I remember a conversation between Wille and felice I think where because she's the other person that knows where he says like if I tell simon he's going to tell the police and it's going to be August's lawyers against Simon and it's Just gonna be worse for him 


So I thought that there was some level of self-awareness and then he just goes on and tells him anyway So it's like what was the point 


What was the point 

drama this show likes its drama

That's true

I do kind of agree with Wille if Eric never had to give speeches Why Are you giving our panic attack ridden little baby boy Wille the one thing that he hates to do and have all eyes on him Why h

someone get this boy a xanax stat 


he did say Eric didn't have to until he came of age so he did have to after he came of age And I'm guessing Eric wasn't at the school during a jubilee because those don't come along that often But the Queen could have given a speech 

Yes, she was there

this is a weird little side note but there's a scene where wille's getting his suit tailored and the tail has this like cool ass bracelet with this big ass magnet and like just a million needles stuck to it so that he can very easily just stick them on And I'm sure that everyone knows about this already if they've been to a tailor but I'd never seen that before and I thought it was really cool 

Yeah, it's convenient

Yeah, casual drop casual drop so cute So when Simon is first telling Rosh and ayub about August and he's like I don't know that I should really press charges against him because nothing's going to happen He gives this example of remember when those guys whipped some freshmen a couple years ago only 2 of them had to pay a small fine and there were like 9 of them who did it and I'm sorry A couple years ago like not long ago at this school that you chose to transfer to for a better education 9 guys whipped some freshmen
Yeah, we have problems there and why is that a casual line that we just oh let's throw it in for the plot

In a country that has a low crime rate

Yeah, not at this school

I understand that Felice is telling Wille you know the justification for the new song not being sung is that you've already been in the news cycle a lot

She tells Simon

Oh she does tell Simon still I understand the justification However, it's the Royal family like they're gonna be in the news Cycle Regardless of That is what keeps people interested in the royals like they purposely like put out non News about the royals so people feel like they have a connection to them like they're going to always be in the news Cycle There's no way they're avoiding that I get that she's saying like maybe bad news but it's like People are going to talk

yeah I think it's really the bad news thing It's like what separates the royals from any other celebrity is like you know, no press is bad press It doesn't really apply to the Royals the way that it does like the Kardashians you know 


they have to seem above and it's more scandalous


I I gotta to say okay Sara and Felice start fighting in this episode It goes into the next episode they're having their problems right It's about Rousseau Sara Is really upset because Felice promised her that she wasn't going to sell to this family And we've seen felice put it off and then when it comes to a head She's like I have no power like you know how my family is like what was I going to do and I get that But also then why did you promise like why did you promise that and to a person that we already know has a harder time understanding the nuances between right and wrong and true and false Why would you promise that you wouldn't you would tell your or like stop your family from selling the horse to that family if you didn't have any power and you knew that all along

Yeah, and if you did promise it then at least try like at least if we saw her try and then she into Sara and was like I tried and I can't do anything about it But it's like she doesn't even try

instead we see Sara repeatedly asking her hey did you talk to them yet and she's like no you know how they are I'm waiting till they're in a good mood 


I just didn't love that like I did think felice was a bit in the wrong But also it's not Sara's horse so

and I understand there are the girls make comments where they're like what did she expect you to do continue to pay for a horse just so she can take care of it which I'm like I Kind of get it But 

But no, she just doesn't like those people

yeah, yeah, they're working on the book projects like earlier on in the episode before the presentation and the teacher comes over and is like oh so what's the major dilemma in this book And they are talking about the book but instead of talking about the book Wille and Simon are just going back and forth about what the dilemma between them two is the whole time and the teacher's like this is really great Keep up the work looking forward to your presentation and I'm like Did she really not catch any of that like did she not know

The the writers intentionally used a book that is very similar because it's about it's like an autobiographical fiction novel about a teacher with like strong Christian morals realizing she's in love with her female Best friend and so yeah, they're going back and forth about like traditional values and crisis of faith and stuff like that So It's like the writers did it on purpose but also It goes on for so long They're talking for like 

So long 

like I didn't even listen to to this scene because I'm just like I get it like I know what the show's about like I don't need to hear all of this Yeah

Yeah, yeah, what take what hot take Do you have that's going to make me mad

I wrote this as a note I have a hot take that's gonna make you mad just ask me what it is and so my answer to you is that like I think Sara and August are a more interesting couple than simon and and Wille 

Oh completely disagree They are just like toxic

I didn't say Better couple I said more interesting

Yeah I'm just at the point in my life where I'm turning 30 this year I don't have time for toxic personalities I don't have time for toxic energy and they are just toxic Toxic toxic


and so I just don't find that interesting that is not fun for me

repeat how you started that rant 

I'm turning 30 

Yeah I'm at a Point in my life where I'm turning thirty this year is how you started that rant 


we are recording this episode three days before my thirtieth birthday You don't turn 30 for another six months 

Sure but


for me 30 means no toxic and they are Toxic So I just couldn't I know I don't find them interesting the scenes between them make me upset I thought that I hated Sara More like I Really really strongly believed They ruined her character in this season for my first watch through and I think I have different opinions on that now but I don't think there are a more interesting couple Are they more toxic and could some people find that like like you get drawn into it because it's just like so much Yes, but they're not more interesting

I don't get drawn into the toxicity I don't even think that they are that much more toxic than Wille and Simon because Wille and Simon like don't even talk like all they ever do is argue and f*ck 

that's true that is true 

they're just like yearning gays and that's it They don't like they're they're telling each other they love each other or they're making them each other jealous with other people when like they've known each other a month like I would love to do a deep dive and like really evaluate it all But I'm not going to because I've Chewed off too much in my life I think I agree with you that the first time I watched this I thought they completely assassinated Sara's character and I really hated this for her and it didn't hit as hard this time but while August drags her down She lifts him up character wise Like he really does like her and he really does care for her in a very flawed way but you can see like in this what episode she tells him I think it's in this episode or the next one probably this one She tells him to promise not to hurt her and He immediately does without any like consideration and they like hold their foreheads together in this sweet little moment and I think watching their characters change and evolve as they Have their little love Story is very interesting to me I don't have room in my personal life for toxicity but I do on my screen


She's like (okay) respectfully disagree (yeah) She just wants me to stop talking about this

no, not necessarily I Just yeah I don't think that I feel the same way though I did enjoy Watching Sara go through this more this time because yeah I think I just have a different opinion on it and I think that it makes a lot of sense or an autistic character to make the choices that she made

I think it makes a lot of sense and I find it interesting that August likes her despite the fact that she's poor and he's very elitist despite the fact that she is neurodivergent and he can be quite the judgmental like he's an asshole who really cares about wealth and status And yet you can tell he genuinely has fallen for this girl that is kind of everything what he usually stands against

I also feel like he's slightly using her So I just like I'm like

In what way 

to get like inside information because 

He never asks her though

Yeah, but she offers it up and he uses that to his advantage So I feel like he is getting things from her that is making him more interested in the relationship that I don't I cannot fully believe that he has fallen for her like I don't That's not believable to me from what we've seen

I think the other reason that I don't necessarily think that is that she is the main initiator of the entire relationship She's always the one that comes to his place She's always the one that wants s3x or Whatnot He's the first person that starts confiding in anything real when he starts saying that he's in trouble with the royal family I just think people aren't all good or all bad but quotes

Mhmm When Wille shows up on Simon's porch step after that whole interaction ayub is like did he just say he'd renounce his throne for you

Which he didn't technically but he alluded to it 

Mhmm he did 

and then in therapy Wille says I have to do it They're counting on me and the therapist says who's they and he says Mama which I just That was interesting Okay episode 6 episode 6 this one is a doozy guys lot happens So first they just hooked up Simon leaves Wille's room and promises to call him after he's spoken to the police cause that is his plan and August well Alexander comes by august's room and he's like hey man come on in for a chat We don't know what for but we're about to find out he texts Wille to come to talk to him about Simon

Simon goes to see Marcus at work and asks to talk and Marcus really has no time for simon anymore and Marcus pries and is like is there anything going on with Wille and Simon kind of Opens up He doesn't actually admit if anything's going on or not but he's like you know what I told you straight up when he started that I was not ready for a serious relationship and I feel like you forced me into something that was a little more serious than I was ready for and Marcus kind of just like Completely disregard Simon's feelings and it's like you know what you're the one who's always victimizing yourself against your classmates and you get off on the drama and I want nothing to do with you and that is the end of Marcus and Simon

Hell yeah August tells Wille that if simon goes to the police alexander will confess that he's the one that posted the video because they can't prove that August posted it only that it came from his phone and alexander's Agreeing to go along with it because he knows that Wille framed him for the dr*gs and he's holding that against him and he has no survival instincts and they throw in the fact that if Simon goes to the police They can also tell the police about the dr*gs that he gave them because his dad's name is on the bottles

Rousseau is getting loaded up into the trailer with his new owners and they're kind of watching this and after the trailer goes away and Sara sits there and watches him Felice opens up and just starts like saying all these crazy things to Sara it's every single lie She's ever told in her entire life and promised 

Including that her uncle died of cancer 

Yeah and Sara's like you really lied about that She's like yeah, and she's like that's f*cked up 

They promised no more secrets from now on so sara uses this as her opportunity to tell Felice about August and she's like you know I'm in love with August and felice really upset about this because she's like he can't be trusted

Yeah, she's like it's not even that he's my ex that he's a sh*t person Wille tells Simon about August's plan and they're immediately like wait a second Why does he even have a plan Why does he even know that I was going to go to the police so they start Going on this rampage to find August who's at the shooting range and oh my god guys if you thought there was drama before this scene is peak He's at the shooting range right and he's like don't get too close I have a gun and Wille's like So do I bitch and picks up a gun from the ground and is telling him like to tell him who told him and he won't say it and Felice and Sara walk up simon's already There They're walking up from like the stables or something and He's shouting at August to get on his knees which he does has his the barrel of this rifle or shotgun (shotgun) shotgun to his throat like skin contact and is shouting at him to tell him who told him And he just glances at Sara August glances at Sara but doesn't say it and I got to say kudos to my man there and but Felice sees it and then Sara is like it was me It was me like I thought he was going to confess and go to the police He said that before In the the winter and I thought I was going to give him another opportunity to do that and he might do the right thing and like he really fooled me like I really thought that he he felt bad and he was trying to be a better person and Simon's really upset She apologizes to him He storms off Felice storms off because what the hell Sara and Wille goes after Simon and then Sara is like telling August how disappointed he is and he's like you're like me baby We both know how hard it is to work for stuff that we need in life and she's like no and also walks off leaving August Alone

at home Simon tells Ayub and Rosh that he doesn't feel like he knows Sara anymore and Rosh and his mom suggests still going to the cops but Simon is like everyone's going to protect their family first And so he's like then I will do the same

Felice decides She's moving to another room in their manor in their Whatever she's moving into another room and the house mom shows up And is trying to like mediate a conversation between felice and sara but she thinks it's just about a boy and they're like no, you don't understand this boy's a piece of sh*t 


she's upset that Sara was not a loyal friend and that she made her feel bad about rousseau this whole time that she was doing this And Sara is like I've never been in love before and I didn't know like I just went a little crazy in the middle of the night Felice leaves to go to sleep But when she comes back in the morning Sara's stuff is gone

as sara's walking to the bus stop with all of her stuff August tries to stop her but she ignores him until he literally like grabs her shoulder and tells her that he bought rousseau for her because it's her dream And she calls him clueless and walks away 

Queen sh*t

which good on her and then on the bus ride home She calls a police station to report a crime

It's jubilee day The royal family's arrived at school simon grabs Wille to the side to talk to him and he's like you know what I really want to be with you f*ck August but like I want to be with you It's always been you Even if we have to be a secret I love you So finally, he says I love you whereas he hadn't before Wille had said it before it's so cute and they hug and then Jan Olaf is like Wille it's time to go 

the choir is singing and Wille is not sure that he can do the speech because he's sick to his stomach and so they tell August he's up next and right as they're introducing a change in plans and that August is going to speak Wille decides to get up and give the speech and he's doing it as rehearsed at the beginning but right as he gets to the point about like the school's mission It's very focused on like tradition and keeping tradition alive He's like f*ck this and he goes off script And he like questions the principle of focusing on tradition because that means that change is never going to happen and evolution is never going to happen and then we see people from the media and from the school starting to like film him and bring out their cameras He admits that it was him in the video with Simon and then he turns back to the choir who's behind him and smiles at Simon and they just like give each other heart eyes for 20 seconds and then that is our end of season 2

Woooo baby 


Beefy Beefy episode

yes, and just like they really I feel like packed a lot into the first 3 episodes and then the second half was a little lighter and then episode 6 they were like we are going to use every second of this 45 minutes

Yeah, episode 5 felt like a little bit of a sleeper and then episode 6 went off They said we're but they did kind of wrap up everything that was going on or at least progress it to a place where I wouldn't have been mad if it had ended though I am glad we are getting a season 3 you know

Mhmm mhmm I agree the writing on this show Actually I feel like we could talk about Maybe after the end of season 3 but they are very good at like not leaving a ton of loose ends completely untouched why wouldn't Simon remove the pill the labels on the pill bottles before giving them to August that's weird to me like I know he's not a drug dealer but I'm like I Feel like that's basic practice You don't give someone dr*gs that have someone's name on it

Yeah, one could say he's fifteen years old and it's a real amateur move and he is in fact an amateur drug dealer However I would be paranoid I would see it on the bottle right before giving it and be like absolutely not and would take it off You know 

Yeah, or transfer them into a different container I don't know something I thought it was a very strange because we have not seen this happen in the Forest Ridge house before That Alexander is just casually knocking on August's door to tell him the time in the temperature 

I Think we have seen it before I don't know that it was alexander But I think it's a freshman duty that they have to go to the upper classmen and like make sure they're awake by a certain time and tell them the temperature 

I hate that

I mean they they have a lot of stuff like that But yeah I feel like we've

we have smartphones 

Yes we do

just check your smartphone 

but they're also making sure they're awake

I guess I guess

I agree with this note you wrote Marcus is so manipulative and that you don't know how you didn't see it in your first watch through I don't either I love to see that the Marcus slander is so strong online though like everybody who watched this hates him

It's so strong 

because he's so annoying like he's So annoying and it's not even though he's like oh is something going on between Simon and Wille it's that when simon goes to break up with him Marcus is hurt Because he hasn't been He hasn't heard from him in a couple of days and he's he's clearly projecting and I get it He's only 18 years old as it is but he is eighteen years old dating a 15 year old So I already don't like him and Simon's like it's not you like you've been so good and so kind and so caring and Marcus is like And perfect like he calls himself perfect He's like just I'm not a prince and just like throws that at him and it's just so rude

It's very very rude It was really giving like 


yeah bitter but also like I Really like you and so I need you to like me just as much and more because I know that I'm treating you well and therefore that means that you should like me and it's like that's just not how feelings work like sometimes someone can treat you well and be very nice but like if there's not a connection there There's not a connection

Yes, he has been very entitled this whole time from the the first time that Simon tried ending things with him and he was like I know you don't want to give up on something this special baby What's special about it He told you he doesn't like you like that

Yeah, and that he felt like they were rushing things and still the amount of times in the second half that Marcus is like suggesting that they just like leave whatever they're doing or instead of making plans to do something that Simon wants to do that They just go over to his house to hang out And Simon is clearly trying not to do that and Marcus keeps suggesting it 

And he's suggesting it as a sleepover 


which is moving a little fast but I do want to ask is there some truth because I couldn't tell like the way that he ends that of like you know what your problem is you Play the victim with all these rich brats But really you lap up the drama like you enjoy the drama like is there some truth to that

I think there's some truth in that like all teenagers get off on the drama a little bit because you don't have like the perspective and the life experience to like know how to handle tough problems And to communicate through tough problems So instead They just like escalate into drama and that's what you kind of like you know fire off on However I don't think the whole like victimizing himself against his classmates because his classmates are so much more privileged than him that I'm like no in a lot of cases like he is having a harder time He has a harder time doing the same task that his classmates have to do Purely because he was not born into the same level of privilege that they were so I don't think he's sitting here victimizing himself against them I think that that is a very real thing He deals with that Marcus kind of just like diminished into a non problem

See I kind of that's the part that I think I I see more is the victimizing thing not that it's unjustified I I agree he comes from a place of far less privilege He's a person of color He's poor and he's out as a Homos3xual at this like very traditional school in Sweden like yes, he has a much harder time but I think every teenager and certainly every character in this show sees themself as a victim of circumstance


Like I think Wille does for sure I think Sara does that she doesn't have more and so that's why she throws her fits and acts up I think August does because he's trying to maintain these appearances that his family can't afford anymore I think felice is the most level headed But she still sometimes is like have you not thought about me and like my issues and

Yeah, very like selfish decision making which I feel like is very accurate for teenagers I still just don't know if I thought it was appropriate for Marcus to bring up when like Simon (No) was trying to very respectfully break things off it just felt Yeah, like inappropriate especially as an 18 year old like you don't need to be telling Simon This

Yeah, if it was if it came from like rosh or ayub I think we would take it more seriously as a comment from their friends like when they were confused why he was trying to fight August physically yeah I definitely think that it's inappropriate after a breakup like that Like if there's a comment about how someone treated you in a relationship That's 1 thing But if you're gonna talk about their general mindset like if you really think that of Simon then why did you like him or did you like him 

Exactly you wrote Alexander has no survival instincts which is completely true We see him sit in that room while August is explaining the plan That he agreed to and you can see Alexander's like wheels turning about like oh maybe I shouldn't have agreed to this but like dude you got yourself in this situation

And for what I understand being a bit petty, but you're not helping yourself by agreeing to confess to a felony 


a felony distribution of child p0rnography and they're like oh

Yeah, it's crazy

You know my lawyers have assured me that it's very unlikely that he does any time and he's like very unlikely is not impossible 


please tell me about felice's klepto phase because I clearly missed that subtitle

when she's telling sara about all the lies she's ever told or secret she's ever kept I guess is more what it was she was like I recently went through a klepto phase that mascara I got you for christmas I stole it 

That's cute

she is not in a place where she should be stealing things because her family and herself can definitely afford them However, I do think that is just like a very teenager thing too, especially with products that you're like this is way too expensive for what it is I'm just going to take it 

I also think it's a bit of ah a common thing or at least in media to portray like people who have the means to just steal it anyway like the girl and perks of being a wallflower that's like the wealthiest girl in the group Alice maybe 


that steals jeans from the mall Religiously and they're like so proud when she pays for one 

Yeah yeah

I for one Love how little the whole group reacts to Wille's absolute psychotic behavior with the gun 

Yeah, it's like not ok It's not ok that he did that 

Yeah, like he's raging like he's not really in control and he is holding a gun to the throat of someone else and telling him to get on his knees like it's not okay, but like it's kind of comedic as a viewer and no one else is reacting No one else is they're like a Little concerned when he's yelling at him to get on his knees but like Simon in particular is never like going to rosh and ayub like right after this he has that scene where he's like yeah we're not taking him to the cops He doesn't mention that like my boyfriend put a gun to him

Yeah, and like we see this part where like Wille has so much like emotion and anger built up towards August while he's holding this gun to his throat that he turns and he shoots off into the field and then brings the gun back and it's like You were so angry that you then felt that you also needed to pull the trigger which makes the situation like it escalated it even higher and no one really like they did all have subtle reactions to this but you're like 

They just flinch 

yeah like I feel like people should be like Freaking out getting help interfering I don't know anything other than what they did is what the reaction should have been

He also makes the comment that the Royal family's good at cleaning up mistakes or accidents implying that he is not above using this gun for what man intended when they made it Which is just so truly psychotic unhinged behavior I loved every second of it But yeah, we don't get Simon ever questioning if this should be a red flag We don't get Felice being like yo man I hate August too but like please don't get locked up

yeah, there's no conversation about the like traumatic and intense scenario that they all just went through

And poor little August like yes, he's a sh*t human being But this boy has been so anxious He doesn't have the panic attacks He has the drug addiction because he's trying so and the eating disorder and and constant workout and he's trying so hard to be perfect that He has a gun put to his throat and still manages to memorize this speech and perform better at the Jubilee than Wille does he's like near death experience and we move It's nuts It's nuts It's bananas Also I do think I don't know if you can correct me but I feel like this is the only scene aside maybe from like a party but like but maybe the only scene where we even see in shot All 5 of our main characters

Yeah I don't I can't think of another because yeah party scenes But I still don't even know if we see all 5 of them just like throughout the party we may see all 5 of them split up but all of them together in one shot I do think this may be the only time

yeah, it's really interesting as it all came to a head

Yeah, there's this cute scene of Ayub and Simon's friendship where they're on facetime with each other and it's nighttime and they're both in bed and getting a little sleepy and they're like 1 2 3 turn off the lights and then they say good night and they turn off the lights together and just like I Love friendship that was adorable 


for male teenage Boy friendship to be portrayed like that I really appreciated in media

Yeah I do too that they can be soft and care about each other and take care of each other and Ayub's never like weirded out at all of doing these cute intimate things with his homos3xual friend 

Mhmm It's very sweet

I gotta Talk about August again Okay I'm obsessed with my man He was looking kind of cute and he sells 1 painting one he sells 1 painting and buys an entire f*cking thoroughbred horse right

Mhmm mhmm 

And yet he was stressing about tuition before and was all like not wanting to sell his inheritance and we thought it was like the whole manor he was going to have to sell no clearly he could have sold a painting and paid for his It's only a semester that he was short but na he had to like wait and make the Palace pay for it

well I think their painting- we knew he could have only sold a painting because his mom said that to him and was like you can just sell a painting or 2 and pay for the tuition So we knew he didn't have to sell that much stuff I think what they're trying to say here is that like his want to stay at the school which we knew was very very strong was not as much it was not as large as his want to make Sara happy like I think that's what they're trying to show here


But I do agree it is wild that it's like you couldn't pay for your tuition like how many paintings you have he probably has hundreds

I understand that that's what they're showing and that's part of my justification for finding their relationship interesting and fun to watch because you can say that you're not convinced He has feelings but he sold off the 1 thing that he said he would never do to try to make her happy Misguided as it was 


I Just think it's a little ridiculous that he wouldn't do that before Um, he says and I mentioned this before

Yeah, it's true

he says and I mentioned this before that he and Sa are the same because they both understand how hard it is to get what they want thoughts Do we have thoughts is this like gross misunderstanding of his privilege Do you feel like I mean he does work really hard to maintain his appearances of wealth And status I mean not just his physical and he works really hard to be like a good student and do everything but it also feels very misguided and like you're really not understanding class and Neurodivergence and all of that

Yeah I would say it's It's misguided because you just can't compare their life experiences They're just completely different To be like we can relate on this one thing because we both understand how hard it is It's like we'll no because my how hard it is is completely different than your version of how hard it is

Yeah I did think it was interesting that that seems to be what he likes so much about her that that's where he thought they had common ground and there's a I just wanted to shout out There's a chunk of scenes that we skipped in this summary because they can be summarized as they were in my notes as everyone is generally unwell 


you like we see all 5 of our main characters just like sulking around Not even in a montage They each have their own scenes and they're all unwell why is the final scene so shiny

What do you mean? I did not notice this

The final scene where he's 

Smiling at him 

yeah where they're smiling and he's giving the speech sorry for the sirens guys It's like it feels lit and edited Differently than the rest of the show It's like they're almost glowing It's like I don't know it feels shiny 

Huh I did not notice I Want to go back and look at it

Yeah, just watch that scene It's so dramatic It's so dramatic save simon from the pajama pants he was wearing them again in this episode

The pajama pants really bother you 

Yeah, because it's always the same pair

But what if homeboy just wants to be comfortable He might have like 3 pairs of the same type 

It's cold out is he not cold

That's true it it does look cold

and he's dating a Prince publicly now I want him to look good 

Sure sure

I was really amused That as soon as Wille starts going off track with the speech talking about like traditions sometimes lead us to keeping secrets from each other and blah blah Blah Blah Blah they flash to like the faculty and you see the school psychologist there and he's just like Biting his nails like clearly enjoying the drama because he can see it coming

yeah, he's like I helped with this 

This is my doing

Yeah Amanda briefly noticed this noted this but during the whole really intense and unhinged gun scene Wille does have a quote where he says the royal family's damn good at covering up accidents right August as he's holding the gun to him which it's like not okay on many levels But as Amanda said as a viewer for some reason is slightly comedic and that is one of those moments and I'm not Saying it's appropriate for us to find it comedic but it just was

I mean he is referencing how August leaked the video and they covered that up as well He's like not unjustified but like don't hold a gun while you say it don't hold a gun don't do it

but you're implying that Murder is an accident like I don't know it's just not ok


there is a little like photo shoot between the before the jubilee And Wille's being his normal like sulky like stone cold Not really smiling face self and August is like cheesing it up the entire time during the photo shoot and while he's doing that vincent walks by and goes call me I just really enjoyed it

Yeah August was lapping it up on his sh*t when everyone was arriving for the jubilee

Mhmm he was eatin it up 

He's a professional 


That's my man any other final thoughts about the series this season

I feel like they gave drama in season one and were like we have to double it for season 2 which makes me nervous about season 3 but I think all in all, it puts us in an exciting place for season 3 I think there's a lot of Potential on different things They could do but yeah, doing the rewatch I feel like I enjoyed season 2 more during the rewatch than I did the first time I watched it

Nice I want to say we've mentioned repeatedly that we didn't realize how bad Marcus was the first time we thought he was a good guy and we were just annoyed that he was blocking the way to Wille So that's been surprising what we didn't mention on The podcast is that neither of us remembered the gun scene 


like as huge and dramatic as it is we both remembered it when looking for memes online

Mhmm We were yeah we were collecting young royal memes and both of us saw a lot of them are around the gun and we were like oh yeah, that happened like interest like I'm interested to get to that part of season 2 but even watching it I was like yeah I totally blacked this out of my brain as something that happened in the show

And it's kind of funny because the first time we see Wille at the shooting range I was like are am I the only one that was like a little nervous He was going to point the gun at Marcus 


and like actually

yep just wait episode 6 comes in hot

Yeah, and that's the same little dramatic boy who is smiling in the shower and wrapping himself in lights in season 1 and he's like Wille's so weird 


the one that squatted on his table while talking on the phone

with the Queen with the Queen 

Screens calls from the queen

Yeah and I think while he was squatting He also was yelling that she was ruining his life

yeah, yeah, what predictions do you have for season 3 we've seen the trailer The trailer looks really good but it's not really giving much away in terms of plot

I don't know what I have for predictions I was hoping 

What would you like to see yeah

yeah I was hoping for some really cheesy cute Lovely moments of Simon and Wille actually being able to be out together 

That's so cute and funny

and maybe like some scenes of like Royal family dynamics on like how they handle This because now they're gonna have to own it They can't cover it up Anymore It's out so they're gonna have to own it So How are they going to do that the trailer just seems like it's giving Drama Drama Drama which what did I expect but I'm like can we just I Can we balance it with some just like cute sweet lovely moments I would like to see their relationship be more than just like hooking up in anger

It does seem like there's some sweet moments that are soft of them like at the lake together and a party scene and it looks like we might get frederica and um Stella together 


Yeah I would like to see them happy Of course I would The big questions are definitely do you think Wille and Simon will end up together Do you think sara and August will end up together and do you think Wille will abdicate or stay with the throne

I think Wille and Simon will end up together I do not think sara and August will end up together but I would like to see some sort of something for Sara 

I Think he's going to abdicate 

You do

Yeah, what do you think

I don't know I'm on the fence I've heard people say like that's so pointless then because like what was the whole point of making him crown prince But I do kind of like the idea of it being full circle But if he I I you know I don't Think I can see him abdicating because if he abdicates August takes the throne and I think that would really upset him 

I agree 

like the way that he stood up and did the speech at the end of the sixth episode It was like he was too sick to do it But then as soon as he saw August getting introduced He was like Actually f*ck him I'm going to do it

Yeah, yeah, so maybe this is like when we see him come into his power and like take some responsibility and try to like learn how to manage his emotions

sorry that's so funny That's such a cute like oh my god what a novelty Wille Oh my god but I can so imagine in the drama a conversation of Simon like blaming him For coming out and being like it's too much drama and like attention and like why did you have to tell everyone that we were together and it's like like I just feel like that's going to come even though he's the one that wanted him to own up to it the whole time 

I guess we'll see 

I'm excited

do you have any other productions for season 3

I do think they'll end up together 


whether it's for sure or heavily implied and I want I would love to see Something lovely about felice 

Yeah me too 

Some people want her and Sara to get together I don't think I see that but I want something lovely for her

Yeah I agree I would like to see something lovely for Sara I would like to see something lovely for Felice

everyone else is whatever

Yeah we'll see what happens up next we're going to do season 3 I don't think we've mentioned yet, but that is the final season of young royals So this is going to be it After this for the show So we're very very very excited for that to come out and to chat about it with all of you as always, you can follow us on our social media at nineties babies nostalgia spell out the word nineties on Youtube and Instagram but use the numbers on tick talk Please please please if you have a moment give us 5 stars and rate and review us on apples podcasts and Spotify and with that we'll see you in the next one 

Stay Fruity bye

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