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young royals s3 ep1-3: the beginning of the end

March 22, 2024 Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore Season 3 Episode 11
young royals s3 ep1-3: the beginning of the end
Nineties Babies Nostalgia
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Nineties Babies Nostalgia
young royals s3 ep1-3: the beginning of the end
Mar 22, 2024 Season 3 Episode 11
Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore

CW: mention of hazing, homophobia, death of relative

!SPOILER!ALERT! We are talking about season 3, episodes 1-3 of Young Royals in depth, which means all of our usual summaries, notes, and quotes. 

Young Royals is back for the third and final season and it is coming in hotter than ever. Literally, the cast all look so good. Kudos to the stylists. And the music? 🔥  But of course, what we really want to talk about is Wilmon (Wille & Simon) who are officially and finally out to the world. Now that everyone knows they're in love, it seems their problems are only just getting started. Nothing can ever be easy for them, can it?? And it's not looking too great for Hillerska either...oh yeah and everyone hates Sara now. There's a lot to cover, so stop reading this and get listening! 

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Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

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CW: mention of hazing, homophobia, death of relative

!SPOILER!ALERT! We are talking about season 3, episodes 1-3 of Young Royals in depth, which means all of our usual summaries, notes, and quotes. 

Young Royals is back for the third and final season and it is coming in hotter than ever. Literally, the cast all look so good. Kudos to the stylists. And the music? 🔥  But of course, what we really want to talk about is Wilmon (Wille & Simon) who are officially and finally out to the world. Now that everyone knows they're in love, it seems their problems are only just getting started. Nothing can ever be easy for them, can it?? And it's not looking too great for Hillerska either...oh yeah and everyone hates Sara now. There's a lot to cover, so stop reading this and get listening! 

Please rate & review us wherever you listen, and let us know your thoughts on the episode on any of our socials.


Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

Get home from school turn on my tv who are these friends staring right back at me now that we're older (scratch)

hi I'm Amanda

And I'm Jessica and this is Nineties Babies Nostalgia where two nineties babies are out here having some fun

Just to be clear We are not sponsored by nor affiliated with anything that we are talking about in this podcast unless otherwise disclosed which we wouldn't mind But for now we're not we just really like talking about Tv and today the tv that we are talking about is

Young royals season 3

Ah, we're gonna be covering episodes 1 through 3 the first 3 episodes if you don't know young royals huge Netflix teenage serial that we're obsessed with We've been covering all month and the final season Just Dropped in the last week except for the finale so watch it by the time this comes out 

The finale will come out

so if you haven't seen the new episodes go back, watch them because we are going to be spoiling Literally everything It's what we do

Yep we are not a spoiler free zone We are an only spoiler zone So if that is not for you You haven't watched it go watch it then come back

We've also covered seasons 1 and 2 in previous episodes so you can go find those elsewhere as well now before we get into it Jessica what have you been enjoying lately

I have been listening to a LA based band called moon tower they just opened for a band that I saw a couple weeks ago and it was the best opener that I have seen in years The moment they announce another LA tour I will go see them in a heartbeat but I was going to call them indie pop but I looked up what they call themselves so before anyone says I make up genres all genres are made up but this is how they describe themselves

Oh boy

They describe themselves as a French house inspired Electro Pop band Whatever that means I think indie Pop is a great way to generalize it

Well electropop is I would I would classify electropop as different to indie pop

Yeah I would agree but the lead singer is pans3xual Non binary very very active in like the gun control movement is very vocal on stage about these things which is amazing and their live show was just Like it blew me Away So if you love yourself some electro pop some indie pop Highly Recommend They only have one album My current favorite song is state of mind but the whole album is Great So go give them a listen Moon Tower 

I Like that name

I Know it's very cute and on stage they had like little light up little like moonlights is almost how they looked in the shape of an M It was very cute what have you been listening to enjoying watching

I am going to go off script again from not a show or listening to gonna I be like a little serious for a second 


I've I've been enjoying getting help For my mental health 

This is very fitting with um what we're chatting about as well So

It is and Jess you know I've never been someone to shy away from talking about mental health my family has their fair share of difficulties there So to me, it's always just been something that I can speak about easily and Sometimes it's a joke of mine like I make a joke out of it I don't take myself too seriously But sometimes that can stop me from seeing when there are real issues So I've been in therapy before I've been on medication for my depression and anxiety but I recently As you know have been getting help for Adhd which has been like an absolute game changer getting on a decent medication like I went from being really really unwell and telling everyone that I am on the verge of a mental breakdown just to now to being like Productive and able to do most things just from being mostly correctly medicated so

That was me being excited for you I'm very very very happy that it worked out this way because I know when you were not doing so hot We're like well maybe the meds will help but we weren't sure so I'm glad that they are

Yeah, this is just your reminder everyone If you're struggling with something you're probably not struggling Alone There's probably resources out there for you and even if you've gotten help before that doesn't mean you're all fixed and Better You know I needed to go back and get more help and more medicine and I'm glad that I did so and and and some characters in this show could sure use to do the same Yeah so getting into that then transitioning season 3 We've got a few new cast members surprisingly We have I'm sorry I'm sorry you're going to have to read this out

Ok, not new, but we have hertig ludvig who's played by Magnus Roosmann who is the duke and also Wilhelm's dad Not new was in season 1 and 2 but definitely is a little bit more at the forefront this season So I thought it was important to call him out because I don't think we have before Also to note he plays edvins dad on a swedish show that they're both on that is called Gasmaman I don't know

I read that was like gas my man gas my man like that's what I was doing in my head earlier

Yeah, well, it's also the a with the little o on top but I couldn't get the special character in document So there we go then we have farima who is played by marall nasiri Who's like Wille's advisor Slash Assistant I would say

Yeah, I'd say if you've seen the crown she feels like the Queens sort of I don't even remember what they're called the like a attache or something like they're they're like their right hand person for everything and I feel weird about her because She came out of nowhere and they seem very familiar already But I don't know if she's just new or like she's been in the Palace who knows I do know neither of us got her name right while taking notes bear with us
Correct and then we have Vanessa Hamilton who's played by Marie Robertson also just so you know all of these people are very very like well-known swedish actors I just don't recognize the shows because I don't watch swedish television But they all have a ton of acting credits These aren't like brand new actors like a lot of our other cast is but she is playing the interim president at Hierska

Yeah, you heard that right And with that note getting into episode 1 episode 1 Oh we can only do that for so much longer 

I know but then that means it's going to be over and that's sadder I feel

So Simon and Linda arrive at the palace Yep, we're getting right into it because they have like a hearing with the royal family and August and August's legal representative because of that s3x tape I almost said juicy, juicy s3x tape and that felt really wrong because of the s3x tape that was leaked by August that Sara reported at the end of season 2 and we get our first Glimpses that the Queen's not doing too Well, Ludvig's kind of asking if she took her meds and saying this won't take too long and then they go through this deal They're going to settle but Linda Simon's mom doesn't want to settle Because she doesn't want to teach her kids that they can just get away with anything However, then they go off to speak to Jan Olaf and like cool down a bit and Simon's like I don't mind settling like it'll make it all go away and selling August's manor which is what he'd have to do to pay off the settlement Would be the worst case scenario for August like the worst punishment he could have

Jan Olaf is kind of like also taking the deal is what is best for all of you like if this actually goes to trial They're going to dig up As much dirt on you and your family as they possibly can and like that is worst case Scenario So You really should take this deal then Simon needs to cool off so he kind of walks out of the room Um, before they get started again where Wille sees them and they both kind of like Run away into a room and start making out and wrestling in bed and then they get a knock on the door that the meeting needs to resume

I can't with them but well I'm sorry we have to get through the summary first So they go back to the meeting and it's proposed that they get through this agreement paragraph by paragraph make any changes necessary In real time and again Linda's trying to say like we're done here We're taking you to court but August's step dad lawyer is like just a reminder This settlement is very generous and it includes the fact that we don't Press any charges or bring to light the fact that your son sold his father's medication to minors It also doesn't include the fact that the crown prince held a gun to my stepchild's throat and threatened him and everyone Drops face and Linda looks at Simon real mad and then we learn that they did and in fact, sign the settlement which also included that August has to be assured that he will be next in line after Wille

after the settlement is signed the queen's sitting down with August and Wille and she's like no more scandals like no more of this and they agree but Wille's kind of like all right but I don't want anything to have to do with August and this is kind of when we see the queen start to have like a I wrote a panic attack but it could be a breakdown like she starts to have a panic attack She can't breathe She's crying and she's screaming out Eric's name 

hen we go to Hillerska we're back and all of the girls at breakfast are worried about Felice who's looking like a ghost of herself She's just on her phone She's texting Wille and he is coming back to school But the other girls are talking amongst themselves about how you know they understand she was close to Sara but she needs to get over this friendship breakup They need to have an intervention

she looks so sad Guys So sad on the way to school farima is walking Wille through like what his first official task is crown prince is going to be And that's going to be on his seventeenth birthday He's going to launch a charity She's like here's a folder with all these options of what the charity could be review them Also for summer you're fully booked You're going to crown prince school to learn everything that you haven't learned yet And then she's like just so you know our biggest concern with all of this is Simon and his ability to lay low during all of this Wille's like I'll talk to him Don't worry about it

The palace isn't the only group worried about Simon because we then see him at home and his mom puts a little drug test pee cup in in front of him and says not in my house and also tells him that he is grounded for the rest of the semester which of course he takes Very well Sara comes out and asks how everything went at the palace and Simon just yells at her about how everything is her fault Why'd she have to report August blah blah blah blah blah this is this is ah this is a motif

Mhmm Wille arrives at school and sees Simon and boy Do They just start immediately kissing in front of everyone And then Simon It's like oh no, it's making me uncomfortable with all these eyes on us and it's like well maybe you could have found somewhere more private like hello and Wille's like let's ignore it This is kind of what we wanted anyway, And then he does mention to Simon is like we we should keep a low profile which making out in front of everyone is definitely keeping a low profile

Simon walks from school to the bus station and he's being harassed by journalists who now are staked out outside of the school gates at all times those gates should be further away from the school if you ask me and the journalists say that his ex Marcus Has made these statements about his relationship so he goes home and reads what they are on an article with ayub and rosh there and he's like upset about the statements Really It's just that that Marcus says he doesn't know about that relationship that it's like not Seems unstable seems a bit toxic Whatever but mostly he's upset that Marcus went to the press or spoke to him and that Wille didn't give him a warning before telling everyone at the jubilee that they were together because he didn't Have any time to mentally prepare himself or his family and rosh makes his funny comment about how like well Wille can be quite impulsive at times huh and maybe he should talk to him and Simon's like no no no I can handle it which is always someone's famous last words Wille tries to call Simon And it just goes straight to voicemail so he texts him and he's just telling him ignore the comments because of course the comments have started to come in

Then we see Sara show up at Mickey's house and she asks to spend the night but she's like I don't want to talk about anything that's going on this is going to be a short term arrangement Just let me stay here and he agrees Allegations about the school have now been published including talk- and this is all coming out of like Wille's speech slash All these journalists being around so there's talk of like there's initiations that the school has been holding that involve like masks and drinking spit and that like someone saw a group of students being stripped down to their underwear and being forced to watch a gay p0rno 

And ridiculed if they got a boner

Yeah the articles are also saying like The person who spoke up about this was inspired by Wille's speech when he spoke about outdated traditions
the girls are in Felice's room and are trying to cheer her up with this intervention It's really not that much of an intervention They just tell her that she needs something to look forward to so they're I'll go into New York after semester great meanwhile Bam sh*t's hit the fan at Hillerska because all classes are canceled The students are brought into the assembly room well I'm sure it has a fancier name but I don't know it 

It's an assembly hall

Yeah and are introduced to the interim Principal Vanessa Hamilton who announces that their old headmaster is currently under review while the school faces these allegations and investigates them They now have a strict curfew of seven o'clock no cell phones are allowed except for 1 hour every day there will be no more extracurriculars No alcohol and no nicotine consumption Even if you are of age because if there are any more scandals Hillerska is at risk of being shut down


That's it That's this episode I literally wrote the note right then of like okay so it's at risk but like do I care

Yeah, which it kind of becomes a topic that they all kind of talk about for the rest of the season There's like a good amount of them are that are freaking out about the possibility of having to switch to another school and then there's a few of them that are like Would this really be the worst thing ever if it got shut down

so getting into our notes for this first episode straight off the bat Okay, we mentioned in season 1 notes that the music in young royals Goes a little hard like it's these like uptight prep school swedish kids with this like I don't know grunge pop type music I feel like that's an appropriate description of of most of it often in english a little aggressively and I felt like we were Missing that a little bit in season two I don't know if you felt the same you're nodding Yeah I felt like season 2 was more like classical a little more tamed and

It was they had like a classical artist come in and do mostly instrumentals a custom instrumentals for the show for majority of the music of season 2 and now in season 3 we're back to the original format of music from season 1 which is they're taking already produced music

I Love that you know that you've really been deep diving lately huh 

yeah I have a problem

you're really going through it this week and I'm sure that also had to do with licensing fees and whatnot but they came back with that licensed aggressive pop music And also everyone seems a little bit cooler and I'm just like yeah we got our swag back and I'm happy 

Yeah everyone's like cooler and hotter 

literally like the looks are serving

Yeah yeah the timeline of this show it occurs over 1 school year 1 school year That's it But it's taking 3 whole seasons which makes no sense to me at all But another thing that frustrated me is scenes we get in this first episode It is full on snowing But we're also supposed to believe that summer break is right around the corner but it's like blizarding 

I do have a comment for this later in episode 3 they will be celebrating a holiday that happens on the final day of April and when I lived in Oslo it did snow randomly like there would be sunshine Some days in March and April and then I had a day where it snowed in April or may 


so it it's it's not unheard of and plus they're not They're not quite into I think summer starts a bit early for them too because like I said April Thirtieth is the holiday in the third episode 


also in this the fact that it's it's only been a few months Willee is aged 3 years and Simon's ageless ageless just just he looks the same

And Wille's like gone through all of the possible haircuts He's gotten broader He's like

Grown like at least five inches I'm not even exaggerating literally

Yeah, he's pulling a kit Connor and I'm okay with it because this is also his best hair ever This is Peak Wille hair like every time I look at him on screen I'm like that man is stunning like I love that haircut 

yeah, looks really good

Also in the timeline note Simon's going through all of this He just settled in a royal court and he's known Wille for like six months max six months max

Yeah, probably closer to what you wrote which is three months I feel like six months is being generous 

It is

like would you 



Well Probably not

Yeah, during the lawyer scene we get this thing where he's like you know lawyers kind of going back and pushing back on Linda and it's like well could you really say that the video wasn't innocent It's just 2 guys kissing and I have to say That video was not innocent and it was not taken and posted with innocent intent and so that was bullsh*t and pissed me off

Yeah, he's a lawyer being a lawyer and I kind of understood his point of like you only see them kissing on each other You don't see anything else happen You don't see clappin cheeks or anything like that

No you you do not It's also mentioned that the settlement is one point Two million kroner my assumption is each based on the way it was said but it was never really clarified I had to look that up because I'm like ding that sounds like a lot But also like this is a sh*tty situation and like August is rich So like I mean he's rich, but not rich, but he has a lot in assets so like I guess it doesn't seem that crazy it's only 116,000 us dollars which is not

US dollars I looked it up immediately as well

That does not feel like enough for what they had to go through

No, it also just doesn't feel accurate for of an aristocratic mansion full of family heirlooms

yeah, like to have to sell a whole estate

He'd have plenty left over if that's all he's paying

I would hope so unless the cost of property There is really not that high But yeah, it seems crazy 

Yeah I was surprised when I looked when I did the conversion as well that's not enough

No not enough at all 

for his innocence

not enough at all and to guarantee him next in line to the throne 

There's this moment we mentioned where Simon is like sneaking out of the room to get some fresh air and then Wille pulls them to the side so they can go make out and you see Simon kind of battle with like Do I go with Wille but my mom is alone with jan olaf and like my poor mom this she's so out of place and I just thought that was a very like it was a great little moment to show his character because he is so family driven and so close to his family Also like Simon go sneak off with your hot boyfriend like go make out with him You guys are going through something stressful Don't worry about your mom She's grown She's got this

we had opposite thoughts I'm not mad they walked off I was like guys we're in the middle of court proceedings and you went to go make out in bed It's a hot make out in his bed Ah like have some self control

Sure sure sure there was no self-control honestly so far season or episodes 1 through 3 no self-control

absolutely none But that's that's the benefit of them coming out right is they don't have to hide it anymore

also this is all I have a lot of notes on this scene All of this scene where they're sneaking away They have this cute little moment where Wille's Like oh you being here isn't how I imagined which like no sh*t why would you ever imagine it was for your s3x tape being leaked like I would hope that that's not how you imagined it and then when they're making out Simon's like you know Well, how did you imagine it or does this live up to how you imagined it and Wille's like no, it's better It's very cute but as they're starting to make out they like lean against a window and there's this like lacy curtain and Simon grabs the curtain and like pulls it up to Willee's face And the curtain like grazes his cheek before they go into kiss and like this show is so extra I had to rewind that scene because I was like we included this in our 45 minutes that's all we get per an episode and we included a curtain grazing the face scene

No one has ever said that this show doesn't love its slow dramatic moment In fact, we are on record saying that in our previous episodes They love their slow dramatic moments and they needed to draw it out and they said what's more sensual than a piece of fabric


I Didn't mind it I also wasn't offended by it like you

it was just weird I was like how imagine you're making out with someone and they pull a curtain up to your face Would you find that hot

I wouldn't be put off I Don't think if it was a blackout Maybe

Okay fair fair Um, Simon doesn't have to sign an NDA I don't need to exaggerate on that But that's confusing to me 

But do they say that he doesn't have to

They don't say that he doesn't but if he Had to sign an NDA for sure It would include him not posting anything with Wille or commenting on social media about anything going on with them like all of that would be included So I guess I'm assuming that he doesn't sign one

I assumed that he probably signed an NDA about just that fact that August released the s3x tape

Oh maybe about that But you think it would include like everything being in a relationship with someone who's royal

I Actually haven't thought about that

I thought there was a good callback in the court scene where before the Queen's health issue we see things between August and Wille get tense when August says he wants to be assured he will be the heir after Wille and that Wille is like Well, you'll never get there and he's like well you're going to mess it up anyway So I don't I'm not worried about it and he says some he he says that Wille was violent before August messed up his life and that he has his own sordid past basically which Is a good reminder that at the very very start of the show he was sent to Hillerska because he was getting in fights at clubs and being a rowdy little party boy which I honestly completely forgot

Oh really yeah I didn't forget that but I do think it was a good like callback as well

That was a part of his personality that I forgot because he's just been like a dramatic homos3xual for the last 3 seasons 

Yeah it's true

I did think it was really interesting that in the car ride back to Hillerska Farima's plan For Wille she says that she's actually really excited about him and Simon and that they are more tolerant than the rest of the crown has been and together they can raise a new generation of monarchists which is Misguided because Simon is anything but a monarch monarchist however kind of slay

Yeah, it really shows you how strategic someone in that position has to be which is why when we were describing her me saying assistant didn't feel like enough because it's really like her job is to like map out Where he's going in the future and how he's going to be viewed to the public and it's very very clever to be like we can use you being so open and being gay to kind of Bring up the monarchy and being royal in a light that can like speak to younger people better

I looked up what it's called It's a private secretary I don't know if that's her official title But that's what it's called in the british royal empire like each person in the royal family has their own private secretary for life who also handles their Pr in addition to their agendas And 

So much

everything Yeah, it's like your job as an EA on steroids

Yeah, they better make a lot of money
At the very least they got nice room and board right although there's probably rodents Yeah I liked watching the the strategy unfold It felt very smart and she kind of lay I already Said this the gates need to be further away Also I did not say this but I forgot that Sara reported August that's just like a fun fact in my brain is that we just covered season 2 and by the time I was watching season 3 when Simon's like this is all your fault if you hadn't reported him blah blah blah I literally wrote down Oh yeah She reported him f*ck

Yeah I don't know how you forgot that there's this cute moment where Simon is drawing a little heart on Wille's hand and then he jokes that he should go get it tattooed and there's this just moment where we really see that like Wille even though he doesn't like the position he's put in to there are moments where he you can tell it's always in the back of his mind permanently that he is crown prince Because instead of just like joking with it and then laughing it off He's like no I could never get a tattoo tattoos aren't proper

Yeah, even though he hasn't been crown Prince for long He's still trained enough by being a prince that he says he can't get a tattoo same reason he can't cut his hair any shorter than it already is so he he is a little brainwashed Okay, have have Simon and Wille ever had a real conversation like about their hobbies or their dreams or like do they have anything in common other than both being cute twinks because I I don't think I've seen one and like I swear we see Simon with his friend With rosh and ayub and he's like a full human having intelligent conversations and then he sees Wille and he's just like baby girl I like like I know that they love each other but like why

Yeah I do think we get a little bit more of that because because naturally the plot of this season they are forced to have tough conversations with 1 another But I agree that we don't really know like what are their shared interests because they both did rowing but that wasn't a shared interest they don't really like hang out in a traditional sense because they can't
Ok Wille did rowing because August told him to and then Simon did rowing for Wille Wille saw this cute little angel baby sing and was like that's the 1 and all they ever do is fight or make out I just don't know the only thing I can think of is that very first conversation in class when Simon was like why do we call it like Welfare welfare fraud versus tax evasion that conversation and Wille like liked what he had to say but like Wille can't be political and hasn't been political since hasn't said Anything political since He's just always like I can't so I don't know what they have in common

I agree I still love them together But yeah, it's not a very like fleshed out relationship because there's so many other plotlines and so many other things that we're focusing on and all the drama You don't get a lot of just them two developing their relationship unless it's like hot s3xy time this whole checklist situation which we didn't mention in the plot because it's not really important at all But it's part of like the graduation The seniors are on like a point hunt which is where you get like 50 points for doing this task and a hundred points are doing this task and they're competing against each other and there's like things on there that are like sleep with a freshman s3xt a teacher and I'm like ew gross

Yeah, they're collecting It's like all the houses are in competition with each other and it only comes up because at the end of the episode The new Interim president says 

No point hunt 

y'all gotta stop that Yeah, which they're really upset about There was an interesting line where vincent dropped to August oh sleep with a freshman you can do that August since you can just choose between Felice or Sara oh you thought I didn't know Yeah 2 best friends that's real f*ck boy behavior and I was like word but also just I don't know Interesting little little combo there and further leads to my confusion about Sara's grade and age But I think we're going to have to drop that there because I worry for Jess and I'd friendship

correct But she's a freshman Apparently yeah

Apparently ah that maybe they're using the term loosely as like this is her first year at the school

Well Also Third Years are seniors just clearly we don't know enough about the swedish education system Also is part

There is a fun little conversation Fun not fun, sweet conversation between Felice And Simon where she sees him at school with Wille and she asks about Sara and how she's doing and he's like honestly not great, but like I don't f*ck with her no more and he asks how Felice is doing and she confides in him that she knows everyone thinks she should just get over this but she doesn't know how to Get over her best friend and she's mad at Sara but at the same time she misses her and I think that's a very real sensation and that a lot of times these days your friends will tell you to just cut someone out of your life because they're toxic or to just get over someone but feeling Aren't like that we contain multitudes all at once and you can be mad at someone and also want them There

someone can do something really awful to you and you can still choose that forgiveness is the best thing for you the New York Gift was very weird to me because they hand her a tiny little box she unwraps it and it's like a rose quartz face roller But then they're all like New York woo and I'm like what what about this as New York like

It was very confusing as someone who lives in New York had no indication that that's what was coming

Yeah, me neither I was like a why Rose Quartz roller like you would think I don't know it was just weird

Final note from me on this episode is that the hot new headmaster is giving s3x education season 3 I understand it was probably a thing about the old actress Not coming back for season 3 for whatever reason scheduling purposes But they brought in a hot young thing who is talked about by the boys not in this episode but in a later episode and if you haven't seen s3x education They did a similar thing when they brought in a hot new young woman to reform this troubled school It did not go over well there We'll see I just I don't know did she have to be so young and hot I imagine more of like a Miss Trunchbull coming in

Yeah, but she does come in and she like lays down the law quick She's like this is not happening This is not happening and I don't give a sh*t about your feelings like

And I respect her for that so quotes Jess were done a lot for this episode which was very surprising

right as they're arriving to the palace linda looks at Simon is like tells him to button up his shirt and he's kind of like what why she's like you'll look more reliable which I just think is like a really good You know, clearly this situation is a little uncomfortable for them and she's like we need to look as like professional and like good people as we can

I just want to shout out my girl Linda because she is an immigrant and a single mom of 2 one of them being neurodivergent the other one being homos3xual and they have I don't know I Say it like it's a slur It's ah sorry I'm gay if you don't know but she's raising kids who are not having it easy in school in a country where she has no family and is dealing with a s3x tape and her son dating a prince and she's Like mom of the year up in here
yeah yeah I think that a lot of the portrayal of her character in this season she does things that I'm like uh that is annoying but also she's doing so much that you can tell at the end of the day She's just trying to be a good mom and she is trying She's giving a hundred and ten percent every day

Every day Okay, next one

the lawyer guy stepdad to August is like it can feel good to accept that sometimes that you're a sh*tty person right which I really appreciated that he like semi called him out for being

Yeah Oh he did August said I feel like a sh*tty person and he said you are a sh*tty person and then he said that it can feel good to accept it

yep, and in this same conversation August is like but I love the monarchy and the step dad's like but the important question is does the monarchy Love you

Which felt like some bang ass foreshadowing and that's when right after that conversation they come in and say added stipulation We're going to be next in line

these ones we already mentioned so I'll just do them briefly August calling out Wille for his past behaviors he does with your track record you'll f*ck this up on your own and so not Sara About Sara Felice to Simon is like how do you get over your best friend Also this conversation that we mentioned in the summary that Rosh ayub and Simon have where Rosh is like you should really bring up to Wille that like you wished he had told you in advance that he was going to say all this at the Jubilee and Simon's kind of like ok but how would I even approach that conversation like thank you for standing up for me and admitting it was you but now I'm getting all this sh*t

Yeah, it's funny He's like I uh no

Yeah, he's like there's no good way to approach this conversation which I don't disagree I don't think his choice to then go in the comments and respond to hate comments was the right choice to solve anything but I don't disagree with Simon on like this would be a very weird thing to mention to Wille because All I wanted him to do for so long was admit it was him in the video and then he did and now I don't want that

I think that their age is showing in a lot of these decisions and then I had one quote I also had a couple others but jess had already written them down is when Vincent is goading August about his relationships with Felice and Sara he asks What Sara was all about and if he loved her and August is quiet implied that he might and Vincent says you and Wille can sit together on the bus to the slums which I mean kind of eats Okay episode 2 

episode 2

So Wille is talking to Simon on the phone in what felt like a conversation that I should not be intruding on it was giving s3xy phone s3x kind of it was getting flirty It was going there and then someone knocked knock knocks on Wille's door and says Phone hour is over and Simon's like man and then starts scrolling through the hate comments that he is now becoming obsessed with

Wille is pulled out of the common room because farima is here to visit him and so Vincent uses this opportunity in front of everyone in the common room to blame losing their graduation on Wille speech But August is kind of like guys We need to take this seriously because if hillerska actually shuts down then we're all going to be forced to move to another school for the next few months and how awful would that be So he's like I'm going to start a petition that we can give to the inspectors that are coming to the school to show that like these claims weren't true and how much we really loved the school farima is telling Wille like the Queen's still sick but they're running all these tests And he's like ok I wish she would call me and talk to me like times have been tough here at school and then she's like have you mentioned or have you experienced anything that was mentioned in these articles and Wille's like well nothing that I couldn't handle and she's like Okay, you need to lay low while we solve what's going on here because if these things actually are happening It would look really bad for us to keep you here

Wille is worried about hillerska closing He's confiding in Simon in one of their now actually pretty numerous conversations private conversations I will give them that and he's worried that it's all his fault and Simon's like would it really be that bad of the thing if hillerska get closed and Wille is really only concerned about it because then when does he get to see his boyfriend because Simon's grounded and they don't live near each other and Simon's like we'll figure it out Baby Don't worry So then they're also In this discussion talking about how Simon's grounded again So they can't see each other very often as it is and apparently going to the same school isn't enough so Wille asks Simon to rejoin rowing and he's like with August my arch nemesis Absolutely not and tells that Wille He tells Wille that he should quit rowing and do something that he actually likes what Wille likes I'm still trying to figure out

correct I don't know if he knows Felice gets called into the Principal's office and she lets her know that she's been picked to be interviewed by the school Inspectorate And makes a comment that this is like a good time for them to show diversity  and you can tell that Felice is starting to feel a little nervous about this

Micke reads the news and understands why Sara maybe doesn't want to go to hillerska and asks her if anything happened to her there and she's like no no, no like that's not but I can't go back anyway for other reasons and so he says okay well You gotta do something so start thinking about it Maybe you should get a job and she says how would I get a job and he's like well start There's things you can do to make yourself a better applicant So first let's get our driver's license and this starts a recurring theme of them driving together in the car which is really Wholesome

It's very wholesome Wille quits a rowing after Simon's suggestion and he decides to join choir And so after practice Simon's like I didn't know you liked to sing and Wille's like no I don't like to sing I like listening to you sing and so then they start making out and that is just that scene there's not really much more to it

we get an interesting scene where nils goes into August's room as August is drafting up this petition that he wants everyone to sign and we learn that Their initiation is that one where all of them were forced to strip down and watch a gay p0rnography and Nils says he can't talk to vincent about it because Vincent says it was a joke and August says it was a joke just not a good one and they Say they should focus on the fact that they chose not to do that to their freshmen and carry on that tradition and that you know they can do better but clearly this has triggered some ptsd in August because he starts to have one of his kind of we wrote panic attack He kind of you know he gets very tense and anxious and he tends to work out a lot in those situations so he tries to he's leaving the hall and he gets shut down because it's after 7 curfew has happened and he has to stay in his room or the common area and they're like work out Do some yoga in your room So instead He's in the common room and he finds like an old rotary phone plugs it in calls Sara she answers and he literally looks like he's about to cry and then he hangs up

after this August goes up to Simon to ask about how Sara is doing and Simon's like not well she's living with her dad that she hates None of her family is talking to her She's not going to school like what do you think Asshole and all of this is your fault and so Wille's upset at August for bothering Simon with all of this and so he's like you need to keep your distance from all of us and then they get into a full on fist fight in the library and no one stops them But then we flash forward and they're in Boris's office and we learn that now they are forced to do mediation once a week with Boris because that's what the royal court is requiring

Simon gets some physical mail this time so we've been seeing lots of hate comments and now he gets some physical mail about Jesus can save you You're not supposed to kiss other boys and he just Starts emoting through song he hits record on his phone and sings a very pointed song about how we can be the revolution and he posts it online like the dumb boy that he is and it blows up immediately He gets positive comments And then we see farima texting Wille about the video and he like calls Simon and like you can't do this like it's a lovely song but you're just encouraging this and you're going to get crap for it and Simon's like I don't I like like What does it matter I'm getting crap anyway and they're acting like they know me and they don't know me and Wille drops that ball of what you do reflects me and my family now which is something you sign up for when you publicly date a royal but it does suck And he would like some semblance of privacy which they cannot have if Simon is posting online

Linda receives some mail from Hillerska about Sara being kicked out of school She brings us up to Simon and Simon's like I'm not talking to her Don't put this on me I've had it with her and so she calls Micke and Sara's like I'm not talking to her and so Micke kind of has to be like the in-between person on the phone with Linda communicating what Sara said and Sara kind of is like okay, thanks, thanks for letting me know but doesn't really say she'll go back to school or not

There's a freshman hike spring hike slash camping trip that luckily with the other extracurriculars did not get canceled We're all very excited and the girls Have this idea to have a rave in the forest during the camping trip and while they're preparing their string lights and various objects in Felice's room She opens up about being worried

This scene is so ridiculous I Just can't where are they plugging in all of these string lights through like oh we're just going to have to bring a generator casually to the

Did they say that because that's one of my notes is what is powering these

They mentioned I think Maddie's like we're going to have to bring a generator like this is ridiculous 

Ok, but aside from the ridiculousness of the rave at this actually the scene like perfectly encapsulates the show because they're preparing for a f*cking rave in a forest And meanwhile they're having a very good conversation about how Felice is getting nervous about the interview because she feels like the reputation and what's the word She's feeling like the school's future depends on her but at the same time Did some of those things happen and of course they did and if they happened is it so bad that the school is facing like retributions for it now and the girls are discussing well should these people have spoken up if they don't go here anymore and She starts mentioning how it can be difficult to be the only black girl in school with curly hair and the other the other girls are all silent because they are all too white to respond
And she specifically mentions like an example to them so they can understand where she's coming from of you know at dining hall the house mistress will always tell her to put her hair up But if the other girls have their hair down She won't say anything to them then at the field trip They're going to third to pair up in their tents in groups of 3 except one female will have to share with 2 men because that's just how the numbers worked out And so Felice volunteers to be with Simon and Wille and then in the evening Rosh and Ayub show but who did this make sense to you


Ok, great So they show up They're kind of chatting and then everyone breaks out into their rave It's a full on dance party There's music There's lights There's grinding Wille and Simon are dancing up all flirty on each other and so is Rosh and Stella and then I know and then they're all Chatting after and Wille asked about everyone's summer plans and Rosh is like oh I have to work I got this job at a soccer camp and the girls are like oh we're going to New York and Rosh is like oh I've never been to New York and that kind of creates some awkward tension and then Wille Has the audacity to say that he is also working for the summer because he's doing his crown prince in training camp thing and then they're interrupted because someone takes a photo of who they think is Wille but it's really one of the girls And it kind of breaks up the whole thing because they make everyone who's not with Hillerska could go back to their own campsites and then Simon kind of tries to explain to Wille why going to prince school is not the same thing as being forced to have a summer job to live when he gets everything for free and that he Does not understand how privileged he is and he's trying to help him see that

He's trying but also they're having a a full on defensive fight in the tent before Felice joins Thankfully they stop when she arrives in the morning Wille gets up early and he has a phone call from ludvig Letting him know that the Queen is going out on Sick leave She's dealing with grief and stress and depression and she's generally unwell and he can't make any of it public but he needs to be ready and that's where the episode ends ominous 



we see a lot of phone calls on this show and quite frequently They end the phone calls with the swedish word for Kiss and I didn't look this up But I hope that's really how they end phone calls in Sweden because that's so cute 

I only noticed it with 1 conversation 

oh it happens multiple times  

is it always with our main couple or is it other people too

with our main couple and then also Wille on the phone with the queen

I know I recently this is tangential but I recently saw a tiktok from a british influencer who moved to LA in the last couple months and he was like what is with the fact that americans don't end all of their text messages in an x because That's what I do with all of my friends and family in the UK it's just a cute little way to show It's like a little kiss or a little hug because I love you and it's just you just like you write like I'll see you later x like you just put it there and why don't americans do it It feels so harsh

I Do think it's just a cultural difference like it's just not normal here and it's probably the same thing with them It's just normal to say Kiss at the end of a phone call and I just thought it was really sweet ok I have a bone to pick with this rowing or choir Because they are making it sound like it is an either or situation Wille can quit rowing to then join choir or Simon would have to quit choir to join rowing so they can spend more time together But this is bullsh*t because in season one Simon is in both choir and Rowing

When did they say that Simon would have to quit choir to join rowing

I guess they don't say that but why would Wille have to quit rowing to join choir

I don't think that he did I think Simon saying I'm not going back to Rowing You should find a new hobby because what you do you even like it and you have to spend time with August and he sucks I think he's just telling him you should quit rowing and find a hobby and then the hobby that he finds Is staring at his boyfriend singing

Hmm ok, that makes me feel a little bit better I guess oh my god in gym class They are being flirty as Hell Wille is um

Bench pressing

doing bench presses and Simon is spotting them and they're just being cute 

he's being the worst spot ever because he's tickling him instead of actually helping him He's making it harder

Yeah, ok but also look like that that was like 10lbs on each side like it did not look like a heavy weight

I've seen tweets that are like I need to know if there was actually any weight on this


The girls are also flirting It's a fun gym little montage

there's this scene where Sara takes a piece of toast She puts butter on said toast and then puts sliced cucumber and I'm not saying that that's not a snack that you could eat But it's on snack I have ever ate and it felt interesting 

I Felt Nordic to me

cucumbers on toast

Yeah, well like butter on crackers like if you've ever had like Knekkebrot like the like just like butter and crackers was a common thing and then why not throw cucumbers It's kinda light It was weird


Her dad was kind of looking at her like you know we have real food in this house right

yeah, just felt like jam or like some other spread But I guess cucumbers

I also enjoyed Felice playing with the slinky in bed There's this scene where she's just laying in bed and her friends Well okay, so we because their phones got taken away except for 1 hour every day we get these a lot of scenes of these kids trying to entertain themselves until that 1 hour comes up and then they like Immediately drop everything cause they just don't know how to live anymore without their phones which like word same and she's laying in on the couch or on her bed Whatever and she has a rainbow slinky and she's just back and forth back Forth and I really liked it and I really wanted her slinky

I also liked that scene because I thought it was a very accurate representation of like what females do when they hang out to an extent Because Felice is in bed just freaking playing with the slinky There's another girl full on knitting in the corner and then 2 other girls are braiding each other's hair and I'm like this I just love the like collection of random activities that are all occurring in this same room 

Every shot of the girl's dorm makes me happy

Yeah, me too 

So you wrote this question

yeah, so my question is is Nils the one who spoke up because when he goes to August I should have wrote down the exact quote but he says something along the lines Of you know when he's like I can't bring it up to Vincent because he just thinks that it's a joke but then he says something along the lines of I finally had enough and I had to say something

Yeah, he says something like it was difficult to say something 

yeah, and so I'm like

which I 

is this foreshadowing

I was also confused about if it was At first I thought oh he's the one that said something now But then they talk about it like no, he's the one that said something before that it wasn't okay to like their third years right Yeah, it was confusing I don't know I wouldn't be surprised if Nils is the one that That did it though 


like wouldn't that be great if Nils's the one that's been telling Wille to just like follow the rules and stick with their class is the one that was like emboldened by his speech to actually speak out

Speak up Yeah yeah, I'm curious to see if anything comes back around to this or if it's just like me reading into the line but it seemed very pointed but it also was just kind of thrown in there so it's like was this Nils like

Yeah, and also we never know with subtitles what we're missing


I mentioned this in the summary but just I really appreciated the girls dorm convo about the issues at the school and how nuanced it was because there was a lot of back and forth about Things genuinely being bad but should it really have been handled as harshly as it is and it just it felt constructive and like they were kind of playing multiple sides without it being too extreme and 


Felice finally bringing up her race She hasn't done that the entire series So I appreciated that very much it then got very awkward and silent and then Stella finally said that Felice is beautiful and she's like yeah, that's not really what I was talking about and

lost the plot

But it feel it felt very real in that when like ah a younger person, especially a younger white person hasn't been exposed to diverse like issues as much and doesn't know how to respond and they just like Pull out Whatever they think maybe could help like I've definitely said dumb sh*t like that before

Yes, it felt like very realistic writing because Stella probably would say that just trying to comfort a friend in that moment It's like yeah she is beautiful but that's not this is not hot the capper to this conversation 
We didn't really include this in the plot but there is this kind of running back and forth between Wille and August of Wille being like well you didn't actually know Eric like I knew him like we were brothers and August being like no I know Eric more than you do and this kind of Creates a lot of tension between them and leads to some of the fights but I kind of get it because there is a huge difference between a sibling relationship and a friendship like there are things that you say And do and ways you act around a sibling that are different than how you would act around your friends but there also are things that you would do with your friends that you wouldn't in a sibling relationship

Absolutely and I know that that will come to a head more in the later episodes


but it is a very good contrast that they brought about there it Was thoughtful, it was thoughtful

Yes, freaking Simon receiving that christian anti lg I guess I don't know that I was Christian I but okay

It was Christian I got that it was christian more than the anti lgbt because at first it was just like come to our church god will save you and then he opened it and it was like this bible verse says you shouldn't kiss other men

Yes, it's just so f*cked and like that's worse than the hate comments like the hate comments He can ignore but don't f*cking send mail to someone's house

Well yeah to me the the pamphlet is not too bad It's not commenting on his character It's just I think it's easier to battle just straight up homophobia than it is something that feels more personal but the fact that they have His address is sketchy as hell 


and it is shown maybe in the next episode that he kind of was doxed So ewhhhh I wrote Simon songs are demi lovato level subtle 


if you've never listened to a demi lovato Song You don't know what I'm talking about She has many albums that are just explicitly what they are about like like she does not know how to write a metaphor and she's never needed to in her life and that's fine Some people are very fl- like You know, a lot of song writers There's interpretation There's there's time that goes into like oh what are the hints What are they what are they writing about that is not miss Demi Lovato and that is also not our little Simon because he writes these songs that are just so explicitly what he's going about Going through in the show and I'm like baby you're laying it out there for everyone

Yeah, and it's like he wrote it in the moment and then posted it I'm like maybe let it marinate in your brain for a little bit before you decide to just frickin make the sh*t public

That's what I'm saying So we've got the revolution song but previously we had the school song and it's like this is about Wille This is so clearly about Wille and you're writing it as a song to sing in front of the entire school and the Royal family like maybe just we think You know I know where the sensitive artists type and like your work is good but like baby I thought it was really interesting or funny This sort of like throw in when Micke is telling Sara to get a job She's like why don't you work with horses and she's like I don't think I want to work with horses because I've realized that the people who buy and sell horses don't care about them and they can be abusive and the horses can't do anything about it and it's just this like very innocent naive disillusionment That she never thought of that before or yeah of course horses can't do anything if they're in abusive situations they're horses 

I Felt like it felt accurate because I personally until I went to a school where a huge part of the college I went to was the Arabian Horse breeding program I did not realize how much money and wealth was in horses like it just I knew like horse Betting was a thing but it really is like a rich people's sport and a lot of it is like who can have the best horse to show off and I didn't know that that was a thing until I was more directly close to it So I could see how Sara with just like her love and passion for horses like being that directly exposed to like how just like convoluted The whole thing is because it is a very expensive sport I can I don't know I kind of get it

Yeah I think it also felt naive to me because it was that mentality of I'm not going to be involved in something that I love more than anything else in the world just because a number of people involved in it Absolutely suck You know like that's dramatic

well, that's why I yeah I appreciated that Micke was like well maybe you can do something with abused horses 

I know I was like go off 

Yeah it was cute

I'm struggling this season with Simon We've talked about how like he's the one we can relate to because he's more normal and blah blah blah but I'm like dude you Made the decision in season 2 you said I don't care if I have to wait I want to be with you I love you and it's like now that Wille made them public and everything he wants everything to go back the way it was before And he wants to be able to post whatever he wants on social media and do what he wants and act the way he wants and it's like you're dating a prince That's just not how it works

Yeah I have a note further on our next episode like on episode 3 about this listen to our young royals season 2 episode 2 coverage because I called this sh*t in our season 3 predictions that This was gonna be the main source of conflict because I mean granted, he's like 15 16 like and he probably didn't really think about what it meant to be out with his boyfriend Although he should have because he saw how bad the tabloids and stuff were when they were closeted after this The tape came out I I agree he is also being very naive about his situation and the the whole posting online and commenting and stuff It's very immature what do we think about Stella and Rosh 

kind of into it Low key

same and I couldn't tell if Stella was genuinely kind of into rosh or if she was just like into rosh to make frederica jealous but Frederica got jealous off of that which was good

Yeah Frederica got jealous but then also when Frederica like mentioned something about Rosh but didn't know her name stella is like her name's Rosh you know like I don't know she seems like she cared a little bit She's really nice I think is what she says low key Into it I feel like that's a vibe I don't know if the show's going to explore it more because we only have a few more episodes but I I like it

Yeah I like it too and I think part of what I like about it is that Stella and Frederica are this classic femme femme couple Well not classic, but they're both very femme and then so having Stella show interest in Rosh who is not femme was like oh yes, we can be into multiple types and just like vibe yeah I don't understand the forest Rave you don't understand the forest Rave I don't know that we have much more to say on that because it made no sense 


It made as much sense as Rosh and Ayub randomly showing up in the forest 


But I did Like the mixed friend group dynamic It was really really interesting that scene talking about summer jobs for the first time we see Wille and Simon we see Felice and her friends and we see rosh and ayub all together 


All of our friend groups colliding

It was uncomfortable

and it's it's a little awkward Yeah

It was uncomfortable was a little awkward but I did like it because it is very real like your friends meeting your friends but it was like your friends meaning your friends' friends anyway Also I did think that it was unnecessarily Awkward because there were they like there Frederica was egging on the awkwardness

Yeah I definitely think the awkwardness was egged  on and they were trying to play up the like class dynamic like more than it already was just there naturally but I did appreciate that they included those kind of harder conversations where you really see a difference in like Rosh being like yes I have a job and I'm teaching a soccer camp and the girls being like we're going to New York 1 of our biggest interests is traveling like

Them ok, it was that can you imagine never having been to America


you live in Sweden

yeah, it's far

quotes there when August is saying that they need to sign their petition to help with the inspection He says do you want to go to school with socialists and new money white trash 


really shows the colors of the school

yeah, because it's like they're even judging other rich people 

during their fight Wille goes August my family owns you and I just like when Wille kind of like slaps those hard hitting things in August face

Yeah, and August is like you're not king yet and but like even if he's not his family like owns


the whole country baby the whole country There's a line when they're all exasperated about this report that came out where Vincent says is there anyone here who's been seriously bullied as if like there's no way that anyone's actually been bullied which I just thought was really rich coming from him because We know that he was in the class that was bullied and he also is a bully now 

And you could see everyone's face is like yes Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

Henry was raising his did you see Henry like raise his hand 

Oh no Ah, Henry Sweet little Henry

a while they are camping They're the teacher They're all the kids are fighting because they're like what the gays get to sleep together but the straights don't and what if we all do a random and blah blah blah and then this leads up to your

Yeah, and then I maybe it was fredica 1 of them mentions 

this is Maddie because it's in english

Yes, it is Maddie she says she goes what about nonbinary ones which I appreciated

Yeah, shout out to the nonbinaries that aren't cast in this show 


and then I already said it I didn't know you like singing I don't like singing I like listening to you sing get this boy a hobby

Ugh but also they're so cute makes me want to throw up 

Episode 3 episode 3 Wille is talking to his mom on the phone and she at first is like the doctors are exaggerating and then proceeds to have a very unwell sounding conversation with him like she's having a meltdown on the phone crying about how what would happen And she has to step down and she doesn't know if she can handle things right now and like Wille's like I will handle it Everything will be okay, you'll get better I'll take care of things Linda is also trying to drug test Simon again and he's pissed because where's the trust mom

Wille is trying to tell Simon what happened with his mom on the phone earlier but he's distracted by the hate comments and Wille's really really upset that he's not listening to him and instead just scrolling the comments And he's like as long as you are with me It is always going to be this way There will always be hate like there's no escaping it and so then Simon kind of like closes his phone and he's like you know things will get better with your mom like burnout is a very common thing and Wille's like yeah but she's the queen like she can't really Have burnout like that's not a thing that she's allowed to experience and then Wille mentions like all I want to do is be with you and then they are interrupted by the paparazzi taking photos of them

Wille misses the mediation appointment with Boris because he's off singing in choir practice I think so Boris is like August let's take this hour to talk about things that you feel like you can't talk about in front of Wille and he says we're gonna need more than an hour and Talks about how he just feels like he can't say anything in front of Wille because Wille's decided that he's evil and Boris says you know others don't owe forgiveness but you have to move on regardless and sometimes the best thing you can do is to forgive yourself And you can see the wheels turning in August's little brain

August approaches Wille about the petition because Vincent is really pushing him to get Wille to sign it because if if the crown prince signs it then they're gonna have to listen to the petition

Wille and Simon

Mhmm And Wille accuses him of being involved because he's like why else would you be trying to shut down this inspection so hard and then he's like you know I can't sign it like I'm not allowed to take a stand

Simon gets home and Linda's like baby I made you your favorite meal Please let's talk and he says he's not hungry so she goes to find him in his room where he's just sulking and she apologizes for not trusting him She's got a lot on her plates Bad enough with Sara not in school and he opens up about feeling depressed and talking about how he doesn't want to be here anymore whether it's Hillerska or bjarstadt or just here and he can't seem to do anything right And that no one likes him and if they do like him It's only because he's with Wille

it's inspection day and if everything goes well they kind of hint that maybe they'll lift some of the restrictions Simon tells Wille he's not grounded anymore He talked to his mom and she agreed to not Ground him for the rest this semester and they're making eyes at each other in the library and Wille kind of leads Simon into the choir room and they start making out and then are in interrupted by the inspection which then I like that The new president is like All right Wille and Simon get back to practicing but she clearly is hinting that they were not practicing and everyone knows it everyone is making awkward small talk at lunch while the inspectors are in the room but the moment that they leave they all get back to sitting in class order and they're hoping that they're able to celebrate Walpurgis which is what we mentioned is the like holiday That's the last day of spring No yes, 

no well, it's no it's April thirtieth it's to usher in spring

ok, that makes more sense to usher in spring If the inspection goes well because right now like all holiday celebrations anything like that is off the table and then they're like this is perfect too because we get the day after may first as a holiday And Simon is like that's workers day the point of the day is not to party the night before because you have a day off like you are supposed to demonstrate like there is a point to this day

Which like buszzkill okay Felice asks her dad because he comes for the interview that she's going to give to the inspectorates she asks him about if His time at hillerska which I think is interesting because I didn't realize how multigenerationally swedish they were and he said that he was the only black student at Hillerska at the time and people used the n-word or comparable slurs and othered him and he tried to do his own thing At first but quickly had to assimilate and didn't say anything because the teachers were the same and Felice then gets up goes into her interview and says I got this dad you wait outside

as the inspectors are leaving They've finished everything August gives them the petition which Vanessa mentions was a nice touch and they get permission to celebrate Walpurgis just no alcohol

August is feeling emboldened so he puts on his best clothes he changes multiple times he puts on his cologne and he takes what the socialist bus to mickke's house and arrives shortly before Micke and Sara arrive from a driving lesson And he tells Sara he's sorry and he understands why she was angry or he was angry with her for going to the police but he understands now why she did it and that he let her down and he misses her and their relationship but more than anything like she shouldn't be ruining her life Because of him and what he did and she should come back to school and she says goodbye August and tells Micke what that conversation essentially was about but says that she can't because she just She messed up too bad to go back 

Yeah everything went wrong

and she says like she did something too big to forgive or something like that and micke opens up to Sara and says that you know he struggled a lot Raising her and Simon and had a lot of anxiety about how he was failing them as a parent whenever he would go then drink and then he would spiral into drinking more because of the guilt and the anxiety and She asks if that's going to be her someday and he says no just because we share diagnoses does not mean that you are that we are the same and he says that he thinks they just feel more than others and that they should that she should go back to school because they can't let shame and guilt control their lives

Wille mentions that he hated singing in front of everyone because they had a choir performance at the little like Walpurgis day and he's like I don't understand how you do this with such ease and Simon's like you know I'm not actually able to be relaxed while singing anymore and then he suggests that they sneak away since the bus does not leave for a while so they're making out in the dining hall and then they're making out in the hallway and then they're taking off each other's clothes in the hallway and then they hook up and we see them both say I love you to each other

Micke Drops intermixed with this micke drop Sara off at

Yeah I grouped them separately but the scenes cut in and out of one another

Yes, micke drops Sara off at Hillerska during the Walpurgis celebration and promises to come get her if she calls everyone is giving her dagger eyes except August who waves at her excited to see her Wille and Simon walk off hand in hand to go literally have s3x and she calls her daddy immediately and it goes straight to voicemail and I'm like yeah you have you even gotten home yet But a teacher approaches her to talk to her Sara gets home micke's passed out on the couch immediately She's panicked She's looking for alcohol or dr*gs or whatever he wakes up apologizes that he just fell asleep He's not drunk His phone was on silent and she says it was sh*tty but she survived and she's going back to school on monday

Simon is opening up to Wille about how he struggles with his relationship with Sara because how can 2 people have the same upbringing Be so close, raised in the same way but be completely different people And Wille's like do you think you'll ever be able to forgive her for what she did and Simon's like I'm not sure you know it has really made me I've done so much for her I've cared for her for her whole life I've done so much for her And it makes me really struggle with trusting anyone and Wille's like well you can trust me

Now it's workers day and we get flashes of Simon Rosh and ayub at a demonstration while the kids are at school having fun and they're selling raffle tickets, rosh and Ayub and and Simon and Simon's looking very uncomfortable He's got his Hood up He's trying to hide because people are looking at him they're whispering He's thinking they know who I am crap but a mom and her son come up and they ask to buy 2 tickets and then they're like just so you know you're kind of an icon in our house and the mom is white with the son is not and so they ask for a photo because He really likes Simon and they get a cute little photo and she immediately posts it to Instagram and Tags Simon and he just like feels so happy that he reposts it which then when Wille finally gets his phone back He has 7 missed calls from his secretary And sees the photo and at first he is like a cute photo look at that kid looking at Simon and then he sees in the background There's banners about like down with the upper class and it leads to another tense phone call where he calls Simon is like bro this reflects on me like you can't be doing this but Simon doesn't hear him because he's on his way home and the cops are outside and someone threw a rock in his family's apartment and that's the end of episode 3 and the end of our summaries

getting into episode 3 notes I like Boris that's all I like him He's a little cutie 

I like him too

glad we get more of Boris in season 3 truly we didn't get enough in the first 2 seasons

He was really underutilized

I still feel he's underutilized every single f*cking student at that school should be seeing Boris for real A callback to a scene we mentioned previously or I guess it was probably in this episode where Felice is talking about the hair thing how the headmistress always asks her to pull back her hair but not the others when the school inspection is happening the headmistress comes in and asks Felice She's like Felice your hair and Frederica also has her hair down and immediately pulls her hair back too which I just really appreciated it showed that she heard Felice in that moment

I agree I liked that it showed that her friends are listening and learning

I just love Wille and Simon they're so damn cute

Okay, ahh, sure they are very very cute They are very cute They are They are very cute So I sound very assured right I want to talk about a lot of things about them Simon has this big gay meltdown sorry it's just a big meltdown He just happens to be gay and then With his mom where he's like I don't think I want to be here anymore and then he shows up at school and just immediately is baby girl with Wille again and he's like my mom didn't ground me I want to see you all the time like stop compartmentalizing tell your boyfriend how you're feeling Like because that was a big confession Also there's a point where Wille tells Simon by responding to the comments and by posting stuff He's asking for hate which I thought was interesting to me this is like clearly an issue of communication and like a difference in media training versus limelight like experience because Wille even in that conversation You talked about when they're walking up to the school and he's like I'm trying to talk to you about my mom stop looking at those comments and these are always going to be there He also says like they've always been there which I don't know if I'm reading too much into it But it felt like to me that implication of like he's always been scrutinized because of the monarchy you know he was in the news before he went to hillerska that's why they sent him there and it almost looked like that's what dawned on Simon because he's so critical of the monarchy So Clearly Wille is like very trained like from a young age and he's not giving that to Simon and Simon's not asking for it He's kind of just telling him don't do this not like giving him any sort of training No one's giving Simon any sort of training They're just telling him don't do this I don't like it communicate

Yeah I think it's hard to because Simon's just doesn't want anything to change like we see in season one that he's someone who posts on stories He shares his life on social media He's like a normal teenager in that way And you're right No one like ramped him up for like now with this public statement like how you face outwardly to others needs to completely change and you know farima tells Wille talk to Simon talk to Simon but she also Doesn't give him clear guidelines on what exactly she means when she says that

Yeah, and she doesn't talk to Simon herself also like in that vein of Simon just is not thinking well about the situation taking the pic with people reckless but I get it Cute little kid leaving the tag on the post reckless I thought he was going to untag himself then he reposts it That's a problem 


It's 1 thing for it to just be out there for people to find if they're really that obsessed It's another thing for you to post it yourself

Yep especially after you've had multiple common conversations with Wille about laying low There's no way that he thinks that this is laying low

the conflict resolution though I really need to see this I Really need to see the conflict resolution between our little boys because they fight every other scene and then they're like really good every other scene But there's never any like I'm sorry that I spoke to you that way or sometimes they they come to each other as like I see your side of things I'm just trying to say this but I feel like like the camping scene in episode 2 They had a Big fight in that tent where he's like you don't realize how privileged you are and then after that they're just like I want to be with you all the time and I don't really it feels a little disconnected sometimes

Yeah I also feel like it does feel very teenage relationship in that way where there's like such a physical connection and a clear attraction between the two of them and they I do believe that they truly do care and love each other but their communication and they're knowing of who Like they are as humans is not there yet because they're teenagers and so there's that disconnect on how they're actually able to like resolve conflict come to a conclusion together like none of that is there because I just don't think they have those skills yet

I agree I think the part that's disconnect for me is that teenagers usually the next day you're petty, you're like I'm still mad at you and we don't really get that either They just kind of ignore it

Sara and Micke have a lot of really cute scenes in this season I actually really like that we get to see a relationship between the 2 of them it is not something I expected 


It was not on my bingo card for season 3 but I'm happy It's there on 1 of their driving lessons Micke's like I think you're ready for the next step and Sara's like what the f*ck are you talking about He's like singing well driving and he like bumps up The music and they're singing together and I just thought the song choice in the lyrics were so pointed because they're like I can change I'm not the same

I want you back It was so pointed about both their relationship And also Sara and August's relationship which we're also seeing like flashes of August during this scene It was just very very It was one of those it was Wille in season 2 having his dramatic walk through Hillerska with the the song blasting this is for the lonely girls that cry and bullsh*t Level of pointed

Yeah, it really is how the f*ck does August know where Micke lives like I understand him potentially knowing like where their house in Bjarstadt is Which I guess Micke probably lives there too but like how does he know like Sara didn't have her relationship with him before like there's no way she shared where he lived like that was weird to me

For anyone who's only listening I've had my hand raised since jess started this question The dr*gs

Oh the dr*gs make sense I wasn't thinking about the dr*gs I Yep you're right

Yeah, because he's still popping those pills I think so I think he would have the label

during Walpurgis they're all getting ready All the freshmen are preparing and there's a bunch of like baking Montage scenes ala hallmark movie and they're like rolling out dough and Spreading things on to it and they're like splashing flour on each other and so random Why is this included not sure

I love it

It's so cute Yeah

It's so cute it's so cutie pie I wrote in my actual notes on my phone or laptop Whatever I wrote he's so cutie pie like so many about so many scenes mostly actually about August sometimes about Simon and Wille But Just like people being so cutie pie and like this scene was very very cutie 


It was Wille and Simon flirting and it was Frederica and Stella flirting and Felice was also there 

Yeah yes

forever the fifth wheel

also I moved this from the plot into the notes I don't really have a lot of things to say but as part of Walpurgis They do this like capping ceremony for the seniors getting ready to get graduate and they like Put on these weird sailor ass looking hats and they like lift them up and like shake them in the air and then put them on their heads and then they like light a giant thing on Fire Oh

So that's what Walpurgis is because I didn't read much but I briefly looked it up that it's the it's a ceremony to usher in spring and people light bonfires all over the country for it So the the fire makes sense I think the caps Are just intertwined at Hillerska because they're going to graduate soon They're ugly ass caps I don't know why they look like that weird

Mhmm agreed What is this

You wanna talk about

You wrote it 

it I Just wrote the s3x scene

No the Swedish cop swearing stupid hats like what hats are you talking about I didn't notice stupid hats but you did

When they were at Simon's apartment they had old timey hats and I thought it looked stupid and silly and like they would fall off their heads 

Here's the thing they probably do wear those hats

I know they probably do Okay but anyway but I don't care about the silly hats Let's talk about the s3x scene that was in the trailer a little bit people were like in the hallway people were trying to investigate What could have possibly happened and let me tell you they are not just making out in the hallway they are ferociously making out shirts off in the hallway for a couple that wants Privacy You're really not Asking for it when you're making out like that and shirts off and then we get these like it's like intermix between the hallway and Wille's bedroom and like it's clear that they they both they went all the way I dunno know how'd you feel about it

I dunno I thought it was fine I thought the hallway of it All was kind of like again we knew it was coming but I'm like guys we had issues with the curtain we had issues with the s3x tape Why do we keep doing sh*t in Public Like let's learn from our mistakes But no, we don't instead we take off each other's clothes in a public place because that's the right thing to do I Guess yeah I thought it's interesting I feel like it makes sense They had to eventually include a s3x scene But I agree with you that like with all the other stuff going on like could have they used this time to maybe you know had a more intimate conversation between the 2 of them but like they are giving the fans what they wanted

Yeah I agree the hallway because it was expected and it's a small hallway and they knew everyone was out I'm not too mad about like I'm a little mad I'm more mad about the dining hall that that I didn't know was coming in that felt gre-egre ah it felt like oh it's too much but in general I thought that the the scene was well done It was tasteful because they're both minors The actors are not but the characters are that it was kind of like Intermixed it's clear enough What's happening without being Too intimate or graphic as far as s3x scenes go felt pretty well done

yeah I agree I think the intimacy coordinator deserves an award I was going to say a raise but actually feel like an award probably would do better 

An award with a bonus 


I do like all of the behind the scenes where you see edvin and Omar in Wille's bedroom set on their last day and they're like this is where all of the hot stuff happened 


we only had 1 quote for this episode which is but I'd rather have a dad with bad spells than no doubt at all which was August talking to Sara Because he was like your dad seemed nice and she's like yeah, he's having a good spell it kind of shows that maybe that's something they could connect on that we haven't seen them talk about before we know very little about August's dad 

Other than the fact that he unalived himself


final thoughts I've already said it This is peak Wille haircut Also I really want to emphasize how impressed I am with the writing and the editing on this final season I was gonna put these notes throughout But I just felt like it all went together like's they're doing such a good job and yes, sometimes it feels like they're giving fans what they want but it also feels very intentional I feel like they're picking up threads that were in the first 2 seasons that we didn't think were gonna go anywhere and that's Really pleasing to me the editing just quickly I'm enjoying it because it was like their comment about the the the headmaster made to Felice about diversity and then shot to her like cut to her boxing in gym looking pissed off There's August and Wille fighting and then it cuts to him To Wille looking very unamused in Boris's office there's the shots of the demonstrations and a shot and the school at the same time intermixed and the school is like a floating tennis court on the lake like so over the top but in terms of the Writing like a lot of mental health issues are genetic and Wille has always had anxiety and now seeing it come out in the Queen and having her this depiction of grief and mental breakdown is quite interesting and I'm glad that it came to something that it wasn't just Wille You know

Mhmm I think the depiction of grief is really really beautiful because you don't see it happen immediately which is actually very common with grief So right like this happens season one and we get a whole season where the queen is seemingly ok And the fact that now it comes on like it just feels very accurate to how grief can Manifest and how it like literally can make you to the point where they're running a bunch of medical tests But nothing is wrong because it all is just happening because of Grief and yeah I thought it was really really well done

I could have used a little bit of a precursor with her like I could have I could have used a little bit of a crack in season 2 because this was so much all at once but it was still I yeah I really appreciate it I really appreciated the representation of Adhd that Conversation that Micke has with Sara about the shame and the guilt and the anxiety because as I mentioned at the start of this episode I've been getting help with my adhd and a huge huge part of it has been anxiety around the things that I'm not doing correctly and I didn't realize That that was from my Adhd I thought I had to deal with my anxiety but just since being medicated that anxiety has largely lifted and I felt like that was really well done and it's also like something like 50% of people with adhd are speculated to have a parent that has one has it And then also like I said all these threads things that we were picking up from the beginning that we were like this is not okay, like the initiation scene when we watched that we were like this is the most mental thing we've ever seen like this is not okay I never expected it to be a plot point Did you

yeah, no, not at all and when you wrote this down and I read it earlier I was like oh this is so true because it is everything that we are like this is a problem they are addressing it as a problem and it's yeah it is really nice even to the extent of like you know the subtle bullying we've seen even non subtle and them calling that out like it's really great to see these conversations come around

Yeah, and I've always felt like Felice and Simon are great but having this diversity in this swedish show and not addressing It felt a little strange and now we're getting Felice having her storyline around it We're getting some of the comments Simon Is getting are racially targeted about being a latin lover and August's eating disorder is also becoming more and more apparent It's not just that he's working out all the time and cutting carbs He's been working out since season 1 and then he was cutting carbs in season 2 and now he is It's pretty clear and I know it will become even more clear and so really, yeah, it feels like it's all coming to a head at once which is kind of exciting kind of scary But I love that they're wrapping all of that up

Yeah, yeah, and with them wrapping all of it up the finale better pack as much as in season 2s final episode because Amanda has not watched episodes 4 and 5 yet I have and we'll talk about it in our next episode along with The finale but the finale at the time that we're recording this The finale has not been released yet how they left episode 5 is not ok They left a lot of loose ends so I'm like they better use every second of that last episode

Yeah, because if you're going to pick up all those threads you better, put them in place
Yes, yes, and as you said they're starting to close the loop on some things but they're not fully closed yet So we have a lot of things they need to do in 1 episode 


and with that up next is Young royals season 3 episodes 4 through 6 we are excited about it as always please please please rate and review us wherever you listen to your podcasts It really helps us as well as follow us on all our social media's ninetiess babies nostalgia on Instagram And Youtube spell out the word nineties also give us like a subscribe on Youtube like our content if you're watching it over there We would really appreciate that and also you can find us on tiktok but use the numbers there And with that I think we will see you in the next one

Thanks for listening stay Gay bye

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