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young royals s3 ep4-6: hillerska, we out

March 29, 2024 Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore Season 3 Episode 12
young royals s3 ep4-6: hillerska, we out
Nineties Babies Nostalgia
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Nineties Babies Nostalgia
young royals s3 ep4-6: hillerska, we out
Mar 29, 2024 Season 3 Episode 12
Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore

CW: discussion of ED, alcoholism, bullying, racism

!SPOILER!ALERT! This is not a spoiler free zone so if you have not finished watching Young Royals in all its beautiful gay glory, go!! We'll be here when you're done.

These last three episodes of Young Royals bring so much to unpack. The Wilmon endgame debate, the abdication debate, Sara and August, Sara and Felice, Sara and Simon...also like where is Rousseau?? We just want to know. 

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CW: discussion of ED, alcoholism, bullying, racism

!SPOILER!ALERT! This is not a spoiler free zone so if you have not finished watching Young Royals in all its beautiful gay glory, go!! We'll be here when you're done.

These last three episodes of Young Royals bring so much to unpack. The Wilmon endgame debate, the abdication debate, Sara and August, Sara and Felice, Sara and Simon...also like where is Rousseau?? We just want to know. 

Let us know your thoughts on the finale and wrap up on any of our socials!! 

Please rate & review us wherever you listen, and let us know your thoughts on the episode on any of our socials.


Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

Get home from school turn on my TV who are these friends staring right back at me now that we'e older (scratch)

hi I'm Amanda

And I'm Jessica

And this is Nineties Babies Nostalgia where a couple of 90s babies are having fun

Just to be clear We are not sponsored by or affiliated with anything that we talk about on this show We just really love talking about Tv and today we're talking about young royals season 3 part 2

Ah we are covering the finale we're covering episodes four five and six if you haven't listened to our other episodes on the rest of young royals Go back because we have been working our patooties off to get all of this content out in time So there will Be a card somewhere if you're watching this on Youtube if not podcast platforms are easy to navigate Do it please It's worth it I promise but in the meantime we don't we're going to skip our normal intro because we have so much to talk about before we jump into it though Just a content warning We will be discussing topics such as hazing homophobia death of relatives and eating disorders So if any of those topics are particularly triggering to you This is unfortunately probably not the podcast for you Go listen to our Lizzie McGuire stuff you know 

Yeah yeah totally And also if you have not watched season 3 yet and you do not want spoilers Go watch it first then come Back We are not a spoiler free Zone We are all spoilers So make sure you watched it first we don't want to ruin any of the fun for you 

Go watch it it's so good

So so good 

Go watch it It's so good Okay getting into it episode 4 

Yeah episode 4 

Okay so this is fresh off the end of episode 3 when a rock got thrown into Simon's house So We hear Linda talking on the phone saying that they're probably going to have to move and Wille is pacing around outside of school Simon walks up He's very sad He's been sad and they have this nice embrace and talk about the safety and Wille says he's going to see if the royal court can do anything

Vincent is upset that they're unable to celebrate graduation and so he wants to take a stand against the school and he gets an idea to hold a sit in protest

Which he gets from bullying Simon by the way after her lunch because of said bullying Wille has a conversation with Simon asking why he didn't answer some of Vincent's questions about the monarchy and like if he's an anti-monarchist And Simon says that he can like Wille and not the monarchy which like okay

Yeah we'll get into that but don't know if I agree um August finds Sara at the school day gates and he's like super super happy to see her and kind of she like greets and casually talks to her and Is like you know if you need anyone I'm here for you and she's like okay peace out I got to go take my driver's theory test and she passes and she gets home and Micke is so proud of her that he gives her an embrace and it's this one of the first moments where we see like Big physical touch between the 2 of them

Farima and Wille talk on the phone She wants to know if he's made a decision about his foundation and lets him know that the queen will be unable to attend his birthday event So August is going to be joining instead and he's like all right then Negotiation I want Simon to get secret service help and protection I also want him to come to my birthday Farima and Jan Olaf go to Simon's House and they say they can give them temporary housing which Simon does not want so instead they decide they will drive him to and from school every day they can have a direct dial to the secret service if they ever feel unsafe but in exchange Simon has to delete every social media

Wille invites Simon to his birthday and Simon's kind of asking Wille like he's very interested He's like what are you gonna pick for this foundation He's like oh well these are the subjects they like The options they gave me she put sports and health on top That's probably what she wants me to pick and Simon's like well why don't you like suggest something that you're actually interested in or can be passionate about like lgbtq issues or mental health issues for youth And he's like well I can't do any of those because they would be seen as a political statement and so they kind of argue a little bit about that

Vincent has his big demonstration where he brings the whole school into an assembly hall

f*cking Vincent I swear

and he tells them that they're going to have a sit-in to get their phones back and their privileges back And Simon's like this is f*cking stupid like people have real problems but Wille's like hey would it be so bad to have a normal life again and like I miss my phone so Wille decides to join in the protest Simon is upset about that Goes to class sees Sara who also did not know about it They let the teachers know the new principal and the teachers come to the sit-in and try to get the kids to give up but they won't so Vanessa's like Vanessa the new principal she says All right That's fine close the cafeteria and lock the dorms see you in the morning if you make it after a very like dramatic little moment of Simon doing a solo choir practice Basically which is his whole life He decides to go to the sit-in and be with Wille anyway and he's eating a lollipop and the kids offer him money for it because they're all apparently starving after like 2 hours while they're talking about how hungry they are August says isn't it so nice though when you're hungry and your brain gets quiet and your body gets calm and Simon says that sounds like an eating disorder

No sh*t Wille and Simon sneak away from the others and they're like we don't want to have a fight anymore and they start just chatting about their differing opinions Wille is  Starving and so Simon offers him an open bag of chips and then they fall asleep like on a staircase together while this is happening all hell has broken loose in the main hall because They're all fricking starving and losing their minds and so there's like a bidding war going on for food and people chanting like show your dick for Hillerska and all this craziness now it's the morning vanessa greets Everyone And she's like if you're done with this bullsh*t then you can have breakfast but only if we're done here and they're like no like we're we're going to let this out that you're like letting us starve and not letting us sleep in our dorms But If you ease up some of the restrictions We're not going to tell anyone and so she's like okay you guys can get your cell phones back but you're only allowed to use them after class and graduation and third year dinner is on and they're like okay great

and so Vincent's little protest was successful 


felice and Sara run into each other in the hallway and they sneak into the bathroom Well just go to the bathroom to talk and Sara says That she knows what she did was wrong She's not making any excuses doesn't expect forgiveness She just wants Felice to know that she's grateful that felice was her first friend

Simon doesn't know what to get Wille for his birthday so Rosh and Ayub suggest something personal and in this conversation The fact that Simon has deleted all his accounts comes up And they're all kind of like upset because they're like oh you deleted photos of us But they're also like we don't want you to delete yourself and Simon's like you know what I've spent all this time pushing back and fighting against the royal family I'm just going to go along with it and see if things get better  

And Wille tells August outside of their mediation session that Erik would hate him for what he did to him referring to the release of the s3x tape and August says you didn't really know Erik and Wille says you didn't really know Erik and it Culminates in August giving a very genuine monologue about how his was the class that had to strip and watch the gay p0rno and were ridiculed and that Erik's was the class that made them do that And Erik was there and that is the end of episode 4 so getting into our notes

yes this hug that we see like right at the top of the episode when Wille meets Simon at the front school gates is like a Big squeezy hug where there's like grasping of the shirt in his hands and it's just like so cute

It is it really gives that feeling of someone who's been worried about your safety and is just like So glad that you're okay

And like security like they feel that you can tell that they are each other's security in that moment

Yeah I really need to know how these national tests work because this is when Jess said that Vincent decides that like it's not worth it if they don't graduate what really happens is they do their national test And he gives up 30 minutes in and is like why bother trying if there's no reward if we can't graduate but like spoiler alert he does still graduate and are these just like a fun test like is this star testing and not Like actual academic testing

Yeah I guess my guess was it's like our equivalent of star testing

Which if y'all don't know is a state mandatory testing in California that is literally just for like the state to monitor how the schools are doing education wise by like general knowledge It doesn't impact your grades or ability to graduate whatsoever

But then based on their conversation It does make it sound like it does impact their ability to graduate So I don't really know what's going on there

Maybe the school just didn't want him around anymore

They're like just get rid of him Let him go He's fine 

On the topic of Vincent you put this note

I know I was reading It was like this is a long one What the heck was it going on about here at the beginning in the episode vincent tells Wille that dating Simon is a conflict of interest because Simon participated in workers' day And to me I'm like yeah I kind of agree but also it's not just that in general I would argue the whole relationship is a conflict of interest because typically you're not going to have a royal that's in a gay relationship like the whole thing is The whole thing is already like what's you know not considered okay or normal in like a very traditional Royal Family So I'm like he's already in a conflict of interest like the fact that he participated in workers day is not making anything worse I don't think

So are you saying that it's the fact that they're in a homos3xual relationship 

Yeah like 

because I thought you meant more like it's about Simon's views in general which I believe is Vincent's point is that it's not just about workers dates that Simon generally Or genuinely is anti-monarchist and socialist 


But I could if you're making are you making the point about homos3xuality

Yeah I'm saying like it already is not something that's like it would be frowned upon right like it's already not something that's accepted In royal families like that has come up It's like their relationship just being gay is already considered a problem So It's like I I don't know if all these other things that Vincent is pointing out as a conflict of interest really matters because I'm like yeah it's already a relationship with higher levels of scrutiny being placed on it

I okay I actually think there's an even better point to your argument which is that the whole point of a monarchy is that it's divine right and you can't it's it passes through the bloodline and they wouldn't have biological kids theoretically or maybe they would with like An egg donor and a surrogate and then it I don't know would like that part gets confusing but I also do kind of understand Vincent's point and it does it is the conversation later as well right 


in general this Episode feels like a real shift We we split our episodes arbitrarily and just like it's it's the middle of the season right But I think Simon in episodes 1 through 3 like you had said that he was kind of annoying to you because he was really not accepting the situation And this is where he has accepted the situation because he has hit rock bottom through that rock in his window and it's like he's accepting it But he's not happy and he feels at one point I wrote that he looks sedated 


like it's a it's interesting

I Also think that like in general he's just been unhappy this whole time But I agree that this is a shift of like he's gonna try this out but clearly like his moods or feelings about it All does not change

He's lost his fight which I think is a big part of his character


with this whole like foundation thing I was kind of confused because he's going through the list of topics and he's like Farima put Fitness and health on top So I think she wants me to pick that one because it fits this narrative of like a strong traditional smart royal and wasn't the whole point at the in the first episode that farima said was like you get to be a new type of monarch and she had this whole plan for him And like this really isn't giving that narrative

Yeah I feel like sports and health maybe could connect to a younger audience and that's like right Her thing is like creating a new monarchist so them connecting to maybe younger people which I feel like sports and health may fit that narrative But I agree that like Simon's suggestions make way more sense I get why Wille says oh I can't do lgbtq issues but like mental health for youth I'm like I don't understand why that would be considered political like that's clearly an issue and it would Connect to a bunch of young people and it would help with exactly what Farima wants to make of Wille's like royalty you know yeah

Reputation Yeah I I completely agree I was going to say the same thing that that one's not political Although I do think that it would be hard for Wille because then he would have to admit that he struggles probably and that is very anti-monarchist Because they're supposed to always be strong right and steady and not get Ill So I can see why that would be difficult but then that wasn't part of the conversation which maybe was lacking because immediately making it about how like it can't be political and just I don't know it's I don't know I just

Simon and I were equally disappointed Okay

Yeah yeah me too Simon's whole thing at the beginning when they have the conversation of like why didn't you answer Vincent's question is I can love you and Also be against the system and I just strongly disagree in this case like he is the system Both cannot be true like as long as he is choosing to stay in the system You are now accepting that as part of him because like as you said it's his birthright It's going to affect every single day of his life that it's like you you can't separate them from one another

And it will continue to no matter what because he was born into it I think that if we knew who Wille was outside of the monarchy Simon's point would stand like I'm thinking about kind of like Ok most of my royal knowledge comes from the crown like Sue me whatever it was great The first few seasons But ah you know Queen Elizabeth's dad King George whatever was was not supposed to be king his elder brother was King Edward like the seventh or eighth first and he abdicated within his first year because he wanted to marry a divorcee who the the at the time you were not allowed to marry a woman who had been married before and so he renounced his title and abdicated and f*cked off to France where he lived very happily with his wife for the rest of his life and was like cut off like Barely got an allowance if at all whatever and and I it like that kind of instance it makes sense of like you can love this person so much that they detach themselves from the monarchy and like that is a fully fleshed human being But I think because Wille's so young and because like we've mentioned he doesn't really have hobbies or interests like he joined choir to be with Simon like I don't I don't know why Simon loves him and all I really know about Wille is what the monarchy has over him Is kind of the point I'm trying to make so yeah I I think Simon's point can be real I just don't think in this instance it makes sense 


I want to know though in general like why was Wille surprised like how does he Not know that Simon is an anti-monarchist

Honestly it's the same thing like how did Wille not know the song was about him like it just I think that Wille is just like unaware and oblivious in life in general until someone tells him point blank and it's like what Like he participated in workers day and that's just 1 thing in this season but like the first day you see him in class in season 1 he's speaking up about welfare like hello
That's what I'm thinking I'm like we've been known since day 1 baby but also unaware and oblivious is exactly what you want in a future king am I right (laughter) I Also I really liked this conversation and it's one of many to come including also the later conversation that they had in this episode on the stairs where they talk about how they have different opinions and it's supposed to help them like grow as people I Think these conversations are good and necessary and they're part of what make this couple so interesting and compelling because we knew from the beginning right The show was set up as this like prince and pauper type situation where the pauper didn't like the prince for what he stood for So the Opposites attract part is interesting but I just feel like these conversations could have happened in series 2 or even in series one

Yeah I think something in our last episode that Amanda brought up that we talked about was like why do they like each other because always see is them like be cute and flirt and kiss and then fight but we don't really like see them have like have Hard conversations develop a relationship develop communication with one another and finally in this latter half of season 3 we get quite a lot of these moments and it's like why didn't we get more of these throughout the series I think it would develop their relationship As more like whole

I have enjoyed every single episode of this show But these last 3 episodes gave me so much that I needed from it and like you said like I just I just don't understand why we didn't get some of this earlier like get rid of Marcus And give me some f*cking real conversations 

yeah yes yes 

Very glad he didn't come back in season 3

oh god I would have turned off my Tv

I just while watching this episode had this particular question pop into my brain So I threw it in the notes here What do you think Wille would have done if Erik hadn't died like what was his life plan was he just going to like I don't know join the military like

Yeah I don't know whatever they told them to do he probably just what of yeah like I don't know what do they do They probably also have foundations and just like show up to events

Yeah I'm thinking like Prince Harry just like was in the military for a while did volunteer work in Africa had ran some foundations of his mom's 


did the royal events little tours I know what the Swedish Monarchy does but I assume it's more or less the same

yeah I agree this whole secret service situation What they decide on is transporting Simon to and from school What I don'tvUnderstand is how is this solving the issue because the issue did not happen 

Oh the bus 

taking him to and from school it happened at his home and they are doing nothing to protect the home I get what they're saying the reason they want to Make them move to temporary housing because they're on the ground floor and they have windows facing all directions So like this isn't safe but then I'm like can't you put like a guard in the evenings or like I feel like there's other options than what they did I just feel like asking him to delete all his accounts And everything they asked her plus everything they asked from Wille they could have done more 

Put bars on their windows

Well yeah it's true

It's ugly but it's safety Yeah they could have done things I agree and also if they were going to put that in there I want to see at least 1 awkward ride to school

Yeah yes yes 

We were robbed

yes agreed the number of glances that felice and Sara Exchange throughout this episode is just giving me like Season 1 and season 2 Simon and Wille just staring at each other from across the room 


like they just 


but not in like a s3xual way

Are you sure

just in a like I miss you as a friend way 

it is It is very dramatic 


something I wanted to touch on because Jess thought that it wasn't that important and I was like it's actually quite important to the plot Because it touches many aspects is in this episode they are told the first years are told you're going to write a letter to yourself in the future when you are graduating about like your dreams your hopes your ambitions It's hilarious because they tell Wille to do this with like and they specifically say the line like who do you want to be when you grow up like while they're Giving the paper to him like I don't know the king of Sweden so that is an important plotline is that the first years are supposed to write their letters The third years are getting the letters that they wrote in their first year back Sara's letter Gets left behind somewhere and Felice finds it That's why they talk in the bathroom in the first place because she read her letter and she was like it's really sad that all you want is to feel Ok 

Okay, yeah, so sad

yeah and on that note

yeah speaking of Sad sara is the only one to Miss I call it an assembly vincent's assembly and not know what's going on with the sit in because she just didn't get invited because no one told her 

Because no one's talking to her 


It is really sad 

Poor girl 

because when Simon comes to class She's like where is everyone 


I really liked this little bit that when Vincent's first trying to get everyone's attention in the assembly hall No one's listening to him and then August steps up and commands their attention which just goes to show that like even when August is the least liked person in school He still has that natural leadership ability 


that we saw so much in the first season when he was the prefect and the rowing captain and all of that we get a lot of Vincent's character coming out in this episode He's always been a dick he bullies Simon at the very beginning and then he has the assembly inspired by him and he's basically Bullying the new principal and I get disappointed that she actually backs down because at first she's at first she's like I won't I won't succumb to blackmail and he's like actually you will and you know he brings up points of like our parents went to this school You really think they're going to side with you Because all these things were in place when they went here

they have this auction for food scene which we briefly mentioned and it's just crazy like 700 kroners for an energy drink a full bag of chips But what comes out of this scene is in the morning we see little Henry curled up on a couch clutching a bag of chips for dear life and it's hilarious

Something else I have in these last 3 episodes is Henry became my favorite side character and I didn't even know his name like 2 episodes ago 

Yeah he's just like an adorable little ginger gotta love him

Yeah another thing that came out of that scene is felice is like God you can really see what this place is like when when it all devolves and the friends are again questioning like what did you tell the inspectorates and Maddie is the only one that's like in her defense of like if she really says something that bad they would have shut the place down by now right but you can just tell that she's like not very happy about things and her friends aren't very supportive

Yeah because there's even this moment where she shares that like maybe she did say something about the initiation She's like I didn't tell them details just that we had them and they all are like what do you mean like and get really like If The school is shut down because of you you know they all kind of like gang up on her and you can tell they're kind of maybe she's not feeling as connected to her friends as she once was

Stella is the biggest bully of them but Frederika had this 1 line that I really didn't like which I normally do like Frederika's lines where she said I know you've been depressed lately But it's not okay to take it out on the rest of us something like that and I was like this has Nothing to do with felise's relationship with Sara and the way that she's been feeling

Yeah yeah Fred yeah maybe we'll get into that later But yes I I know I'm not the only one that thinks that Stella and Frederika's characters were not ruined


but just yeah

oh hundred percent huh yeah we'll get into that speaking of friends

yes rosh and ayub when Simon's like I don't know what to get him like what do you get a king like I have no idea what to get him for his birthday Rosh is like maybe bath bombs in I just appreciate that ayub came in with the real suggestion He was like something personal think about it maybe a song you like to write strike songs but I'm like rosh bath bombs

I know I was surprised that they didn't have a line about what do you get someone who can afford anything or already has everything But yeah I was really I was shaking my head 

yeah also in the same scene 

Oh my god

where they're like we don't want you to delete yourself Not having social media or choosing to delete your social media Accounts does not mean you're deleting yourself this felt so Dramatic It also just felt very selfish of rosh and Ayub like can't believe you deleted pictures of us with you in it You're getting rid of everything with us like It just felt really insensitive to everything that Simon's going through and how he is kind of just like giving in instead of like supporting him and trying to help him through his feelings I almost feel like they're kind of just like centering it on them

Also a couple characters I don't know how the writing did them in this season 


I completely agree number 1 like you said deleting social media is not deleting yourself I think it could be argued that Rosh is speaking more generally more broadly when she says that like the way that his character in general is deflated and he seems less vibrant that she doesn't want him to to fully lose himself in this situation but the social media thing when Ayub says like you know I didn't want I didn't want to make it about me but like it really hurt when you deleted photos of us like I get that you're young but those photos are on your own Accounts You know you're best friends You don't even go to the same school Anymore He didn't just delete photos of you He deleted his entire accounts like Like it really felt so Dramatic

yeah and selfish 


yeah yeah I didn't love it getting into quotes which we kind of mentioned this one but when they're all in the sit-in and things start to get a little crazy because they're all hungry all the guys are like in 1 corner chanting like show your dick for hillerska show your dick for Hillerska and then we pan over to the girls and felice is like sitting up against a wall and she's like this is gotten out of hand and Maddie's like you think like it's so good

you know one thing that I didn't love about that I liked the the the way that they went nuts But for some reason they chose to pan into Nils The hardest and have him shout the loudest or most aggressively like take your dick out and I don't know it just felt kind of strange that they focused on the only other character that we know is gay in the show to do that It felt kind of predatory


Or like they like they were trying to make him look predatory 


in the in the breakfast scene when Vincent is bullying Simon Wille says damn you are pathetic and Vincent blows him a kiss in the sassiest way I've ever seen anyone blow anyone a kiss my life


And I continue loving this very problematic teenage boy when the girls are when the first years are told to write their letters to themselves in the future frederika it's a throwaway line in the background that you wouldn't catch if you were you probably wouldn't catch if you were swedish and you didn't need the subtitles on She says I couldn't be any better and Stella says that's sad 


and then in that little fight argument that Simon and Wille have about the foundation and Simon says that you know how many lives you could change If you talk about lgbt rights and blah blah blah blah blah and Wille says I can't get political and he says to love who you want is a human right Which true 

It is yes

but it is also political 


that statement Is political 

Mhmm then in response Wille is like am I supposed to advocate for all queers because I'm in love with you which I get it But also it's like yeah Wille maybe

He then makes a decent point that just being in openly in love with Simon does make a difference and I do agree and Simon does agree and that's kind of what diffuses the tension but that line really stuck out to me because it felt I mean it feels very real like We dismiss this a lot but in the first 3 episodes Wille was like I'm not gay like this is his first relationship We assume with a guy and it's only been like 3 to six months like it's it's a school year now and he's fully publicly out internationally because it's been in the press Like that's a huge jump I'm surprised it wasn't more of his character dealing with all of that and then I really really wonder if the the word they used that translated to queers and the way that it comes out if it sounded slurish or not because the way that that word is used in english Can really the way it's used can really change its meaning

Yeah totally 

Episode 5

episode 5 Wille is in the basement where the initiation party took place And he's replaying the initiation in his head But this time we hear it going through with how August described it so it's August's initiation experience

He's having a very vivid imagination as if he is there simon and Wille are in class and Simon can tell that Wille is not feeling well so he writes him a little note asking if he's all right and Wille just says that he's tired and then after class Simon's trying to talk to him about what he should wear to Wille's birthday party but he's distracted and just really clearly not present

Vincent is collecting votes for class superlatives and August mentions he's that he'll be unable to join the senior dinner because he'll be at Wille's birthday

Sara gets home and micke's like being very productive He's cooking dinner He did the laundry and she's like what the hell are you on and he's like medication I went to my doctor but she's kind of concerned about that because he said in the past that he doesn't like being on Adhd Medications and he's like well I also should be able to pay the bills and do more than just teach you how to drive and don't worry and you should come pick me up or I will come pick you up for your driving test So you can drive me there as 1 final practice 

Wille calls his dad and they talk about how perfect Erik was and Wille almost opens up about what August told him about the initiation but then his dad gets pulled away And Simon calls Wille but he doesn't answer

Wille right after choir practice tells Simon He's going to quit and Simon just asks him straight up tell me if I did something wrong please because you don't seem okay and I wish you'd would just talk to me and he says that It's not about him tells him about Erik and what August told him and he immediately is getting defensive and he's like I know what you think and Simon's like I don't think anything like I don't know the situation Maybe Erik just got pulled into like what was going on around him like it's completely understandable but then he goes on to Say that the situation with Sara made him realize that siblings aren't perfect and that then triggers Wille again because he doesn't want Sara compared to Erik and what Sara did was so much worse in his mind and so he storms off and goes and gets a manicure from our girl felice Who very like comfortingly talks to him and is glad that he told her about Erik now and it's different with her because she knew him when he was good he says that he's worried that Erik wouldn't have liked this version of him and she says of course he would 

After school Sara's starting to get worried because micke is still not there to pick her up and she keeps calling him and it keeps going to voicemail Amanda and I have differing opinions on what happened

Please let us know what you think happened because we went back and forth about this for a bit

yeah so what I think happens because we see her call her dad pace around call her dad pace around and wait call her dad pace around and wait and she mentions on one of the calls that the bus My test is in 30 minutes and the bus doesn't leave for 20 and then we see her run off so I believe that she ran off to the bus caught the bus and made it just in the nick of time for her driver's test Amanda thinks she ran all the way to her driver's test which seems a little crazy But I guess is possible

I'm not saying it doesn't seem crazy We have no idea like it hillerska feels far from bjarstad but it can't be that far if they could take the bus and like I don't know But here's the thing we don't see the bus and we don't see the bus stop and when she calls Micke She says that the bus Is 20 minutes so it it won't be there for 20 minutes and her test is in 30 so he really needs to come which tells me that if she takes the bus in 20 minutes she's not going to get there in time So we just see her run really fast leaving school grounds and then arriving panting at her driving test in the Nick of time So I Like to think that she ran all the way there with her horse riding muscles

yeah which honestly she's got the legs for it So Maybe she did she's starting her test and she's doing really well But then As she's like stopping to merge onto a street She sees her dad at a restaurant drinking beer with all his friends and she gets distracted but then ends up going back to the test and focusing
How f*cking lazy Okay sorry

Also just like if you knew that this is what she was doing You probably know the route that they take them on like go to a f*cking restaurant or sit inside the pub where she can't see you hello 

But also he clearly just straight up forgot about her 

I know 

because if he knew that Yeah anyway anyway Simon is trying on his suit with Linda for Wille's birthday party and telling her that you know he keeps trying to be there for Wille but it just feels like he's doing things wrong And Linda says she likes Wille but love shouldn't be this hard especially when you're not or when you're this young Sara shows up at the apartment crying She passed She got her driver's license but tells Simon what happened with her dad And how she really thought this time would be different and she apologizes and then he forgives her and they all embrace as a family and it's very sweet

It's very very sweet Wille texts Simone and lets him know that he still really wants him to be there for his birthday and then we get this moment where we see him looking at his freshly manicured nails and he goes to the bathroom and he immediately scrubs off all of the polish In the morning Simon shows up to Wille's dorm with a cupcake and candles and sings him happy birthday

They go to the palace for Wille's birthday so the event that the Queen couldn't come to they called it something weird in the subtitles that didn't actually make sense in english but basically it's like an event where they greet people like kids sick kids probably And it goes well Wille does good August does better you you can tell the he notices it so he tells Farima I August isn't going to dinner I don't want him there so Farima very competently dismisses August And sends him back to Hillerska where he then is like freaking out because he talked a big game about not having to go to the senior dinner party and he has to now so he throws on his dad's old white tux which somehow is like not wrinkled and just starts like Chugging red wine and gets the superlative for bad boy he walks out of the dinner because that stresses him out and sees Sara taking out the trash and asks her if she's taking out the trash when she's holding a bag of trash and says hi And asks if she read her his letter because that's one of the things is he put his freshman letter in her locker She wasn't going to read it instead He's like no no no no no I need you to know what it says so he reads it out loud to her and it's all about what a sad boy He was and how he was bullied and he cried a lot and he just wanted to be strong and not be alone anymore and he says he wishes that he treated her differently and she kisses him and Frederika sees

Wille and Simon arrive at the Palace where they sing happy birthday to Wille and then they have a really awkward family dinner where Ludwig is trying his damn best to make small talk with Simon and ask him questions about his interests and what he likes and the queen switches the conversation to focus on Erik and Wille gets up and excuses himself from the table and Simon goes to find him and Simon's like you know what I feel really out of place This is really uncomfortable Maybe I should just go home and Wille's kind of like no I want you to be here so they then get called back into the room because it's time for candles and cake and the queen once they're about to get to cake She's like you know what I think I'm going to call it a night and this will Upsets Wille because he's like can you just be strong for me for a moment and have some cake like is it really that big of an ask because he just wants her there and then he yells at both of his parents that they're sh*tty They didn't let Them grief in private They cared more about the grief of the nation versus their own grief that they were dealing with when Erik passed and the queen admits that it's really hard to be a boss and a mother and it's something that she struggles with and then both his parents leave Wille throws All of his presents on the floor in a giant fit and storms out of the room in Wille's room Simon lies down next to him to comfort him and a apologize Wille apologizes that he had to see all of that and Simon says that he knows all of this hurts Wille and Also that Wille's kind of turning into someone that he doesn't recognize with all of this going on and so he breaks up with Wille because love shouldn't be this hard Linda coming in with the advice and that is our episode 5

And if you were one of the people who waited until the whole series was out before watching you are 1 of the lucky ones because you know what happened is most people got episodes 1 through 5 and then they had to wait a week until episode 6 and they were not happy about it and Jess was not okay after this episode

Well yeah because I'm like what the and at this point too We didn't know how long episode 6 was so most these episodes are 40 to 45 minutes they did give us almost an hour long episode for the finale but I'm like what are they going to do in 45 minutes when we've left With our Wille and Simon broken up like this is not okay and it wasn't

so at the beginning the very beginning when we have Wille and Simon in swedish class and well in class I assume in swedish class and Simon ask if he's okay and he says he's just tired It's just like another pointed dialogue the same way that the book that they read in season 2 was like very specifically metaphorical We have Henry and his friend Having a little debate about these characters and how they just needed to communicate properly like open up before Wille is like I'm just tired I'm just like Wille listen to Henry and then I in our notes doc because I couldn't insert it because Google said I didn't have the copyright license to it if you click on the Url It will be the Gif of Tyra banks saying I was rooting for you We were all rooting for you because that is all that plays in my head every single time That I think about Micke

They really built him up for us and I think we all just like I don't know it's so beautiful to watch that relationship grow this season that it like really made it hurt more when he just didn't show up You're like seriously

I do think I appreciate what it did for Sara's character development 


So I'm okay with that but it was disappointing

Throwaway note that I wrote but also I was confused they have cars for you with the driving tests because just like shows up and then the car is there and that's not how it works in the US but also I'm like of course that not is how it works in the US because We put up barriers to everything I'm like it should be that you just have a car there for you so anyone could get a license even if you can't necessarily afford your own vehicle

Yeah because why the hell would you buy a car if you don't have your license and how are you getting it there like if your parents don't have cars or if you're an immigrant and you're just coming to the country and you want to learn how to drive and you don't have access to a car You can't even legally drive it there if you don't have your license 

at first I was like this is weird and then the more I thought about it I'm like no our system is f*cked up and this is the right system I don't know In general if I agree with love shouldn't be hard I think that all relationships are challenging Friendships Love everything and that like you need to have effective communication and ability to go through hard times together and like that is what being in love is is Taking challenge like as challenges come overcoming those together I get for how young they are and for how depressed and just like defeated this is making Simon feel why Linda says this to him But in general I don't know if I agree

I was gonna make that same point about their age I think you're 100% on the mark that love is hard Love is love is not supposed to be easy You're supposed to easily fall in love with a person but you're supposed to work hard to Stay in love with a person or just keep the love whether or not you're in love regardless like relationships are work But when you're 16 and 17 It should be an easier love It should be a gentle love right


going on to this senior dinner that they have they have the freshmen prepping and cooking and plating meals and serving everyone and it's just so unnecessary Because this school is so rich and caterers and servers would be a million times better and they can afford it So why are they like it's really at that point is just humiliation

Well and when the teacher just said like oh everyone needs to help out I thought like they maybe were like setting up some tables maybe serving some wine or something they're like full on cooking and chopping like herbs and sh*t and I'm like we know That they have like a cook because they have dinners and stuff so it's like why would the students be doing this

That's the whole point though is that it's a tradition that the freshmen have to serve the seniors and wait on the seniors and all of this like yeah you're scru- because it's bad because it's gross It's icky It's part of the school tradition is this hierarchy but that's like when I was watching it I was thinking this Is just so unnecessary like I would rather have a catered meal than have a freshman cook for me

I texted Amanda because she hadn't watched this episode yet I was like I think my favorite scene of season 3 just happened and I don't If it was my favorite but it's definitely up There as one of my favorites when Simon sings happy birthday to Wille He's like oh I'm still working on your actual present But here's like a small present and he opens up his backpack and he pulls out something wrapped in a purple napkin and hands it to Wille and it's a sandwich and I just thought it was a very cute Kind of throw back to all the times he has given Simon a sandwich and so I found that very adorable

That's very cute I didn't really care for me What stuck out to me about that scene is that he says because he bribes Malin to be the security guard to be able to come into Wille's room in the morning because if nobody sings to you in the morning it doesn't really feel like a birthday No one has Ever saying to me in the morning whether it was my birthday or not I was like where is this coming from has probably no one's ever sang to Wille in the morning before either and you could tell he was thinking that but he bit his tongue

Mhmm it's cute though I like it I feel like someone should sing to you in the morning on your birthday

I don't because I'm really irritable in the morning and I don't really like how other people sing 

Fair fair

I wanted to point out that August does try apologizing to Wille in this episode On the steps to the palace before the event he says you know maybe I shouldn't have dropped the ball about Erik or dropped the bomb about Erik in that moment It was probably really hard for you to hear all of that which I thought was a good moment of growth for him He seems to Really be you know in his Kylie Jenner like moment of realizing things Isn't that her quote

I Don't know don't ask me anything about that family I don't know sh*t and I don't care

I did think Fatima's tact about dealing with August was hilarious because Wille's like

So good though

he is not coming to my dinner like I'm not going that he's very you know dramatic strict Wille


And Farima goes up to August and she's like you know you've done a really good job here and I I know things are are tense between you and the crown prince that why don't I arrange for you to go back to Hillerska you probably want to be with your friends You only graduate once right it's like she's making it seem like it's Something thoughtful for him which I just thought was like shows how good she is at her job

yeah I was gonna say that is like training for that role just shining through

Yes when the shots of these episodes were first coming out Twitter was blowing up because in all of the birthday scenes Wille is wearing a suit with this little like crocheted green poppy looking flower pinned to his lapel and people on Twitter at least were saying that this is a symbol for lgbt people

Oh interesting

Oh this line was so good There is a moment where Simon is like eating cake in the corner at The event for Wille's birthday before they go to the palace and he's like do you want some and Wille's like oh no I'm only allowed to eat things that come out of the like royal kitchen and Simon's like what and he's like well risk of poisoning and you're like sh*t

Yeah and he immediately puts the cake down and I saw people on Twitter be like so you're okay with Simon getting poisoned


Like were you not going to tell him Also at his party at his birthday birthday with his parents his parents give Wille a new rolex and he immediately shows his eat the rich boyfriend his brand new rolex and Simon's clearly thinking about all the things that he could pay for like ending world hunger with a single watch But instead he just like puts on a good face and is like oh it's really nice which is hilarious and painful to watch and then to make matters even worse Ludwig says that it was time the Wille got his own and then his mom says that his old one belonged to Erik Which just immediately made this new rolex that he liked just like worthless trash to him There's this little note that Wille's next birthday will be a national holiday called Wilhelm day which they all think is very normal and Simon looks like this is absolute Garbage 


But I think that it I think that it it kind of We only see them in such an insular little community at school that it's kind of the first indication of like how big the public eye on Wille really is

Yeah yeah and I like that Simon is there because we get to see his facial expressions and his subtle reactions to all of this conversation that is seen as normal to them but to an outsider is like this is crazy

Yeah we Also this whole long couple of scenes really illustrate how much he doesn't necessarily fit in Wille's World He's very much just in the background eating his cake smiling and not participating in anything whereas Before we saw Wille in Bjarstad like enjoying stuff with him So It's a little It's a little dichotomy

in the having to cook for the seniors situation felice and Sara are both put on desserts together and so we get this little montage of them like Chopping herbs and then plating up the dessert and felice clearly has a vision and is like loving this task and is like taking charge and Sara is like oh my gosh you're really good at this and she's like yeah I kind of always thought that maybe I would want to be a chef and Sara's like oh do I do it like this and Felic is like oh like this and they're just like connecting together and it was just really cute

It was really cute in the dinner Sara is waiting on the same table That August is sat at with Nils and Vincent which feels a little icky It's just interesting I don't know but her waistline is snatched

Yeah it is

And when she is pouring his wine he like leans in like catching a whiff off of her and it's the most dramatic thing I've seen out of a character that's not Wille

I did not catch that and now I need to go back and rewatch that scene

I've seen episodes 4 and 5 twice and so I noticed it both times It's like very blatant It's like it's it's like Wille in the morning when he and Simon wake up in episode 4 on the stairs and they're both like how'd you sleep bad Before they wake up Wille like moves his head over to like sniff Simon's hair it's like that kind of obvious 

Okay okay

August that this dinner is f*cking on one because he has something to prove so he stands up on the table and chugs red wine And a little bit of it dribbles out of his mouth and I was more nervous about that white tux than he was your your father is deceased and you will never replace most of his things and he is and I was I was so stressed

I was upset when he sat down in that white tux and Sara goes red or white and he's like whatever you have and she's like it's red and he was like okay and I literally yelled at the Tv and I was like no August you need to drink white wine like 

I know

you are wearing a white tux You're not allowed to drink red wine If you're wearing white like it You just can't have both you need to pick and choose

I know and I get it was like because it's Sara and he didn't want to like make her go back to the kitchen and stuff but it was like then so much worse when he started chugging it I was and like I'm kind of Glad he didn't spill I'm kind of not glad he didn't spill I don't know it just was like unnecessary stress for me the fact that it didn't come into anything you know 

Also this dinner with the awards Vincent makes a really funny speech funny and like ah ha it caused him pain like schadenfreude kind of funny because he says this person was nominated for many awards such as the jock the overachiever Most promising and the whole time you can see August smiling to himself because these are all awards he would love to have and he thinks that they are for him and this has to be him He's getting the best 1 and then Vincent says the one that he got the most votes for is bad boy and isn't that the best 1 and August's face just drops because that is the last thing that this self-hating teenager wants to be told is that he is the bad boy

On the awards this just like a casual throw away one she Won the DILF Hunter award and it made me laugh I was like that's a good one 

I was like I would like examples you go to a very small boarding school I'm worried about the teachers 

Yeah yeah like where are you finding these DILFS but you know

literally the episode before this when they're on the stairs Wille and Simon are talking and Wille's like I never want to hurt you And then in this episode he yells at Simon multiple times and it really upsets me like I fully don't blame him for breaking up with him like when when Jess says that they went off into the hall and Simon found Wille and Wille was like no I really need you here He yelled at him he was like Oh it's a bad atmosphere think about me think about how bad it is for me but I have to be here and I need you here with me and he's yelling at him like rudely 


and it's not okay 


You can't yell at people

no it's not okay

I just wanted to ask you Jess how were you at the end of this episode

Ah not good I had to have a conversation with the dog about everything that happened and I told them that everything is ruined because they're not together and now I have to wait five days to watch the finale And what's going to happen and unfortunately Toby didn't offer me like any comfort 

I didn't know you talked to Toby I'm obsessed

He wasn't very helpful I do have to say but

Our quotes I'm so sorry this is gonna be a real mood drop because both of our quotes are emo as a hell for this episode 

I Don't even remember who said this But

This is the Queen apologizes To Wille after he yells he yells at his parents and she says that it's been really hard for her to be his boss and his mom at the same time and he says

Yeah I've noticed because you're useless at both which is so f*cked up like yes it's a teenager thing to say but it's so mean Especially because she's so sick and so unwell

Yeah that's the part that bothered me is that this is a woman who is in an active mental breakdown

It's so mean 

if it if it weren't for that valid and you know I do give Simon credit that in bed he tells right before breaking up with him He says I'm glad you were honest with your parents because it to extent Wille and his parents do need to have these conversations in that yelling at his parents He also tells his dad I am your only son Do you see me I just thought was like a really interesting choice and the use of only son because he is driving home to them like you Keep bringing up Erik like Erik's not here anymore I'm here and I need you I also remembered another note about that scene I saw on Twitter someone asked Edvin if any part of that scene where he's yelling at his parents was improvised and he says the presents weren't supposed to fly that far So I think the whole like throwing them off the table like they did the way they looked weightless was not supposed to happen to 

Mm interesting

which people were like oh so so Omar's face looking terrified was probably pretty real

Yeah like a genuine reaction probably also because they're prop presents so they were just like boxes covered in wrapping paper So I'm sure he like went to throw them but they had no weight to them so they're just like flew

Yeah and then the other quote is from August is letter to himself that he wrote when he was a freshman he said I hope you never have to be alone again which is really sad and even sadder When he's saying it now because he's very alone because everyone hates him and it's kind of his own doing but it's still sad

Yeah it's his own fault but it is sad Yeah all right finale episode episode 6

Episode 6 Okay so we open up to these really dramatic alternating shots that are really beautiful with the sun shining through and the sadness of the colors and everything where Wille is talking to Felice at school outside and Simon is crying to himself and they're both just dealing with the aftermath of the breakup and Wille is telling Felice what happened and how like she's like are you sure it's really over like it never feels over between you and he's like he didn't see him and he does very much to his Credit He understands what Simon Said and says it's time for him to be accountable for his actions So it's feeling actually kind of final Simon is not doing any better he decides that he's gonna skip school because he just can't stand to see Wille But then he like notices something outside and thinks that Micke is there and there's a car outside I don't know when Micke like drove it parked it and ran off without anyone noticing but he left his car with a note for Sara and Simon apologizing and Simon and Sara have this really sweet heart to heart where Simon's like you're right we never should have had contact with that man and she's like no I think you are right Everyone deserves a second chance 

And she even like goes on to be like you know as much as it hurt what he did and it's hard to have a relationship with him I don't really want to continue a world in which I don't have contact with him

Yeah yeah she still wants to keep him in her life

during class we learn that all classes are canceled and Hillerska is banned from operating

I'm sorry I'm sorry I just have to touch they are having the most romantic looking class outside in the sun on the lawn swedish teacher is reading them a poem headmaster comes up to her so she makes Sara start reading the poem They're all like Hush Hush Hush let's listen to what they have to say and she comes back and says So classes canceled school is canceled We're shutting down Go back to your dorms 

Yeah pack up your sh*t like


it's a little dramatic 

all the girls immediately start blaming Felice and Vincent Blames Wille then shouts out all the boys trying to be like who was interviewed who was interviewed like who said something and August is kind of like there's no point arguing now like what's done is done This is the decision that was made Let's just all allow each other to be sad and then he starts to full on weep like at a table like clutching his head and like crying which Felt dramatic we learn that the school does receive an extension to operate until the end of term but it likely won't open in fall

So immediately All the students start drinking Vincent Nils and August literally pour one out for Hillerska 

I love that 

I think they said for Hille

For Hille yeah 

August tells Niels and Vincent because they're like We're having a party we have to go all out it's our last hurrah it's Hillerska's last hurrah and August back on the same way that he was like I have to go to Wille's birthday party but like you know it's family like he's like bragging but like acting like he doesn't care so he tells them now like I don't know if I can party because like You know I'm actually Wille's backup it like comes with a title and like it's not just the lineage It's like a whole thing and they're like wow that really sucks like you want to be close to the royals but you don't want to be 1 of them they own you like they literally own you now and his face Falls because he really doesn't know who he is or what he wants and no one ever reacts the way he expects them to

yeah and he's just like grasping to anything and so what he's grasped to is this hope to be a monarch and when they kind of shut him down that like that actually is terrible He's like oh sh*t Maybe it is

And he bought this with his settlement

yeah he chose he chose that night they hold 1 final party for Hillerska and Henry tells Wille and Simon that they have to go but both of them are hesitant and felice encourages Wille to go have some fun she like physically actually goes into his dorm room and he's being like sad boy on the floor and she's like no no no like here's it looks like champagne She's like here's some champagne have a sip Let's get out of here Ayub and Rosh are also encouraging Simon to go And so they all go together and bring Sara along with

I'm pretty sure Felice's wine is literally called le blanc 


Which is just the white 

The white yeah

they're at the party which is a white party And immediately that isn't it's not really important but it's just like classy looking I guess but not really because they I don't know anyway it's it's the biggest rager we've seen yet I can say that immediately Wille and Simon catch each other's eyes so Wille ducks into the society room where of course August just happens to be having a little sad boy moment in the corner and he ensures Wille that Erik would have loved him as he is it really wasn't that deep There were a lot of people there Erik was just there as well And That he loved him more than anything and also apologizes for what happened and and you can tell like he's dr*nk but he genuinely means that he is He is really sorry for everything he's done to Wille and Wille doesn't say he forgives him He just says thank you and you can You can see some sort of finality to that conflict

Sara runs into Felice and you know felice is kind of like well don't you still have feelings for August frederika saw you guys outside the graduation dinner and she's like yeah I do still have feelings for August But my feelings for you are stronger felice then confesses to Sara that she's pretty sure the school closing is her fault because she was completely honest during the interview And Sara fully understands where felice is coming from and why Felice chose to be honest and they admit that they missed each other and then the girls kind of enter the room and so felice runs off to the girls

August finds Sara and immediately kisses her she says it's over and that he never really loved her or Saw her He just loved who he was when he was with her and he doesn't take it well because she kissed him the last time they saw each other and he can't accept that it's just over and I forgot to write this in my notes but he literally suggests that they could run away and elope she kisses him again and promises that it will pass

after making eyes at each other literally the entire night Simon approaches Wille and asks if they can just forget everything that happened between them and just have one last night together so they sneak off to lie in the sun they skinny dip they reminisce They just generally are cute 

it's the sweetest scene guys I'm sure if you've seen this show or like are on Twitter you've seen it pop up because people have posted this entire scene together and it was a huge part of the trailer and it didn't come up in the first episode to drop and people were like You're telling me all of this happens in episode 6 and sure enough it's all just like cut into together But it's beautiful

it is really beautiful and it's beautifully shot too and Wille doesn't want to accept that it's over between them But Simon does not want to have the conversation because he's like we agreed to just forget everything 

Wille is packing away his dorm room and then Simon texts him his birthday present which is a song he listens to the Song for what feels like literally 3 hours he's like walking around campus forever and ever and ever listening to this damn song in his headphones and it's about their entire relationship the good and the bad It's not necessarily like a happy love song

It's graduation day and Vanessa announces that they are going to file an appeal against the inspectorate's decision So hopefully Hillerska will continue They all sing the Hillerska song one last time except they surprise Simon by all singing his version instead which it actually kind of fits the situation because it's about like the good and the bad but it's also like kind of cringe 

I Thought it was less cringe than Wille's or than Simon's song to Wille 

I disagree

I thought it was kind of sweet that everyone just sung Simon's song It felt very pointed

No but that's the problem It was too pointed

Well I liked it the Queen and the duke show up with the other parents which is kind of to surprise of Wille He wasn't sure if they actually were gonna show and the queen asked for Wille's forgiveness because she wasn't there when He needed her She's gotten help and she's like I'm better I've gotten help I'm ready to be there for you now and he sees Simon off in the distance and so he goes to thank him for the song and Simon's kind of like just so you know I never gave up on us And our relationship I just gave up on the royal family and they say goodbye and they wish each other just to have a good summer

Felice sees sara her friends are trying to catch their cab because they have their trip to New York planned but she goes up to Sara who's struggling to get into her janky old car and admits to her that she doesn't really want to go to New York and that her friends Don't really understand her all the time or have the best habits and weren't there for her in the way that she needed when she was missing Sara and basically hijacks Sara's car and summer plans 

Mhmm But in like the cutest sweetest friendship moment Wille the queen and the duke are all in the car but they're like stuck in a traffic jam which is confusing because I'm like isn't Hillerska like kind of private and whatever It's just weird that there was traffic jam Wille asks to have a real conversation about being the king and he talks about like this is not fair like I don't get a say the people don't get a say in this He's grown up seeing like how much pressure it is and how it makes his mom feel Especially like in this season with everything going on with Erik and like how it just completely crumbles the queen you know and he's like you know I don't really want to take this role on and if they want a true heir to the monarchy then that is August and not him And so he abdicates he tells him that he loves them and then he gets out of the car and he starts running and then we see Sara Sara and Simon's car driving off and he is chasing this like at a speed that I don't think is humanly possible to run Um

Absolutely this car is not driving that quickly It's made to look very strange This is why there's a traffic jam is because it's taking them twelve years to get out of the driveway Also there's no one else on this driveway So why is there a traffic jam Sorry 

All valid

Sorry I interrupted the most dramatic scene I interrupted the most dramatic scene continue he's running after the car

It's it's all valid Finally Sara stops the car Simon gets out of the car and Wille kind of tells him you know what happened he did it for himself He does not want to be King and he just wants to be with Simon they Give each other a huge hug they start making out felice and Sara get out of the car and start cheering them on which is like really cute also during this we get like a montage scene of all of their like cute flirty fun Moments ala heartstopper season one ending and they say I love you to each other and then they all get back into the car and drive off together

Our core for literally drive off into the sun together and that's how the entire series ends oh my God oh my God like we're going to have to get into our notes and we're going to go chronologically but we know huge Big deal because people were like is is Wilmon going to be end game is Wille gonna have to abdicate Do we want him to abdicate Some people were really for the abdication and other people were like it Why like that defeats so much of the purpose of the show But anyway we'll get to that But First We have to start with Jess's very first note because we go chronologically which is felice's green sunglasses and giving them to Wille

is this note important no did I love it Yes Felice gives these giant green bug eye sunglasses to Wille and he is sitting there Sad boy crying over Simon leaving him in these ridiculous sunglasses in like outside and it's just it was great

I had to note this because I didn't notice this I did not know this but when I was on Twitter earlier I saw apparently in the in the sun in the class when they're all talking While the teacher has been pulled away by the headmaster before they find out Hillerska's closing Wille asks Sara if she knows where Simon is and she says he skipped school and apparently this is the only time that they have ever spoken in the entire series people


Were Like we've went 3 seasons for this

I guess I never realized But yeah they're not really in scenes where they would be having a conversation with one another 


But also it's weird because Simon is so close to his family and so close to sara you think His boyfriend having a relationship with his family would be important to him too 

And Wille's been to his house 

Yeah that's funny me with the really really not important notes this time Simon when he He's sad boy staring at his fish He's wearing this like Tan Thick Mock neck oversized sweater and I want it I want it It's cute It looked comfortable I loved it I want it

Word I'm surprised he wasn't wearing Wille's sweater that he stole last season 


I'm proud of August for crying Okay look It's so funny because Vincent is yelling at everyone aggressively as he does and August doesn't just start crying He's crying while vincent's yelling and while he's crying He's like can't we all just be sad It's growth and you know what it's growth that came overnight because it's only in the last episode did we learn that as a kid Well two years ago he cried a lot which by the way if he was the bullied kid who cried a lot and felt weak and had no friends literally at the End of his first year of school and he became what we saw at the beginning of his third year that's a lot of development in just one year and I'm very impressed and also scared because that's psychotic behavior So we basically we know he's suppressed everything about himself and so he is learning to be more human again and he is crying in front of his bros and I I love that for him
The way he did it I was like doesn't need to be this extra but it's okay

Yeah no that was hilarious His face is he has a funny malte has a funny crying face

Yeah yeah 

speaking of dramatic

yeah Wille and Simon This is the first time they're kind of seeing each other at school post breakup and Wille's kind of like trying to find a way to approach simon in the library and there's like holes in the bookshelf and you just like so Staring at them through the holes and then finally they do go to have a conversation and henry interrupts which then you write I love henry but in that moment I want Henry get the f*ck out of here read the room like no one wants you here

I wanted him there I love henry so much Ok he's the one that offers 200 Kroner for Simon's half eaten lollipop He's the one that cuddles the chips and then he in this scene goes hey guys are you going to the party you have to go What are you wearing Blahblahblah you both have to be there and I'm like Henry I barely have seen you baby and like you're acting like you're best friends with both of them and I think the only well we saw Henry because he was in their group with Sara for the the book right 


that Sara never actually was in any scenes for yeah but generally I feel like we we haven't really seen him interact with them that much maybe more than the other first years but he was acting like they were all besties and saying that they both have to come to the party and I was like great I think he's also the same one that when they were talking about workers day and Simon was like it's not just a day to like be hung over after partying I think he's the one that genuinely was like so what do you do then 


So yeah I just I really love Henry he also is twerking at the white party which is hilarious and some of the boys including him have great eye makeup


Alexander has some great eye makeup too 


one of the most dramatic lines I've ever ever heard in my life and even from this series I don't have it written down verbatim That's why it's not in our quotes but it's just hilarious is when Felice is trying to get Wille to come to the party And she's like it's not that bad is it and he goes no it's not that bad I just lost the love of my life gotten the school shut down single handedly and said horrible things to my parents that will probably get me to be King by 18

Yeah so dramatic

Ah but like he's he's hilarious

I wrote this that low key I feel like rosh and ayub aren't that helpful and I've always loved their friendship and spoken highly of the friendship that we saw through seasons 1 and seasons 2 but especially through season 3 I'm just like what Is happening with them like they are not being helpful They're giving terrible advice They're not being supportive I just don't love them

I agree and this one felt particularly strange because at least when they're selfish or single-minded I think they can be a little single-minded I think they lack some sympathy and perspective for the kids at Hillerska and Wille But Then when Simon didn't want to go to the party because he didn't want to see Wille they're like it's Hillerska's final party and you might never see Wille again you have to go and that felt very out of character and like they're just puppets for whatever the story needs to be

Yeah because if it actually was in their character They would be like protect yourself Let's go hang out like you don't need to put yourself in that position like they would So 

Hundred percent 


Hundred percent like it it is in character that they went with him at least but the fact that they didn't weren't just like let's hang out and throw like a fun time at bjarstad was weird

Yeah I agree

but while we're on that topic It's not in our notes but you want to mention the assassination of frederica and Stella as well because I feel like they got some of that as well like I really really like the the girls friend group and I kind of felt like it just went downhill this season in a way that wasn't really necessary

Yeah yeah you really see them from the beginning feel disconnected from felice when you know they offer the New York trip and it's clearly not really what she wants and then we find out right in this season that it really was not what she wants even though we had an inclination in episode 1 but also just like at the party there's this part where Rosh is trying to like flirt with Stella after what happened at the rave and Stella just like completely ignores her and is just so rude

She doesn't ignore her She says who let you in 

Oh yeah


Which is worse 

yeah and I get that it's it's because now her and Frederika are good but that's rude you don't have to be rude to someone like that and I I think that We'll get into more of this later it has to do with how they wanted felice's character to develop but the way that it happened felt very stark and then Maddie was kind of like solidly good the whole time But just dismissed sort of at the end 


it was kind of weird I I would have liked I I would have liked more for our side characters because we we really liked all of these friends before

yeah it felt like they really focused all the writing on the main 4 and kind of 


Oh yeah cause August too Yeah but um kind of just didn't care not didn't care but like Really didn't lift the other characters up but actually kind of like made them unlikeable

Yeah continuing in our notes on the wall in the society room There is a banner that says once a brother always a brother and I wouldn't have noted that if it weren't for the fact that the english subtitles Put it on the screen which means they want you to notice that it says that because they think that it's important symbolism which I think is really interesting because someone someone in production was like make a note to the subtitler that they should note that that it says that because I was really smart and I put that on the set But anyway You see it on the screen right before August and Wille have that conversation about Erik and each other which it is it is symbolic It is and it does Yeah it's like important I guess

yeah a moment that I thought was really sweet and funny between Sara and Felice is when they're talking at the party felice is like oh do you remember the first time we met and you were helping me throw up and Sara was like yeah it was the best day of my life It's just so cute

I don't think it was the first time they met but it was like when they first really bonded because I think Sara was already taking care of rousseau at this point But yeah it's the first time we really see them bond and I was so glad that they brought that up because before that when they were just talking They run into each other by Felice climbs through the window after having peed outside and sara is walking down that hallway and that was almost exactly how it was in the first first episode and so I had been taking notes like not this being in the same hallway like the writers are really trying overboard with the symbolism So for them to acknowledge it made it that much better to me because at least we're not pretending like we don't know that this is the same hallway

yeah and I guess it wasn't the first time they met there just more remember when we were here last time What happened is what they were referencing Yeah

nothing bonds you more than helping your friend throw up 

Kind of true

Nils does during this party There's a very sweet scene literally in the middle of this party Where August is dr*nk and vincent is dr*nk and Nils is like guys I need you to not laugh but I sleep with guys and there's a beat and then Vincent goes Why would we laugh and then they ask why he hasn't told them before and Nils says that he because he hasn't had someone that he really really likes and Vincent's like well we need to fix that because you're a stud 


It is really cute

It's really cute and I like that it's just like immediate support from them and not really a lot of questions they're just like okay

Yeah and in the in episode 4 when Vincent is bullying Simon Simon says why do you have a problem with me like is it because you're a homophobe and he's like absolutely not I'm not a homophobe and I know one of the popular like Crack fanships has been Vincent and Nils because they're always together They kind of wish that they were a couple I think that whereas the other friends that we liked got assassinated I actually really like what they did with Nils and Vincent Vincent Went from just being like a f*ck boy on the side to like being kind of awful like openly in a way that made him less likable but somehow he and nils and August while having more tension in their friend group this season also had Seemingly a stronger friendship bond than I've ever seen before I I don't think I'd ever really truly seen those 3 together so much and they have some really good conversations together I like them

Uyeah yeah it Definitely you see the relationship strengthen while they're going through really hard sh*t which I think is yeah it shows that the writing was well done But only for certain characters

Well because like they're having this really sweet supportive conversation when not that long ago during the strike and stuff they were telling August he sucks and he's no fun anymore and and what not so they can have both of those and I love that about their friendships Also I was very much expecting Vincent and August to be like yeah Nils we know 

Yes yeah I think of that one meme where it's like him standing and he has the sweater like tied around his shoulder and it's like you mean we weren't We were supposed to think that you weren't gay



ok you got to tell I did not notice this note at all

okay Wille is packing up his dorm room before Felice comes in and drags him to the party He's packing everything away and there is this moment where he unplugs his like red string lights that are in his room and it just made me sad because It really was like a symbolism of like no more Hillerska this chapter is closed This is the final episode This is the final season No more young royals and that made me sad it really felt like from episode 1 of season 1 where we see Wille being dramatic with red string lights Sitting in his bed to him unplugging them I was like oh no it's over

We'll never get over the string lights wrapped around him 

Because they're like tube lights like they're just so aggressive

There is a the a bit in behind the scenes where after they filmed the last Omar and Edwin filmed their last scene in that bedroom Omar was so dramatic He was like this is where all of the saucy moments happened that he like snuck behind the desk in the set and wrote on the wall Omar was here because they were like put it somewhere where no one would no one will see so he wrote Omar was here and then in parentheses Simon like just in case anyone doesn't know 

the night after the party in the dorm room felice is waking up and there's kind of noise in the dorm room and she glances over and Frederika and Stella are making out in bed and Felice kind of smiles because she's like oh finally this moment would have been better if it happened in season 2 when the characters weren't ruined but

Yeah I agree I was like I'm glad our lesbians got each other 

another thing I was watching an interview where Omar and edvin both said that you know they were pretty involved in the process of these characters from season 1 and they questioned the writers a lot and they Question direction that they were given always because they felt very very connected to these characters and it was really important to them and 

I love that

I know I know so when this when they first heard the song Omar actually went over and played it for Edvin And they both were like wait This is so cringe would Simon actually write this for Wille like I don't know how I feel about this and then they both were like okay maybe this is a moment where we just accept what the writers have done and like maybe this is going to pan out to be something we can't picture in our heads now So they just went along with it and they both said they're happy with how it turned out in the show But I thought it was funny that they both were like well wait a minute what Simon actually write this for Wille I don't think so

I Actually think he would because as I mentioned in our previous episode He has a demi lovato style of blunt writing 

Yeah yeah

he loves a dramatic song 


it was Clearly not written by a teenager not because it's so good but it's not it's not terrible It's not great it's what it it is what it is because it so pointedly Wraps up the show is is what took me out a little bit My favorite thing is that one of the lines is Remember when you said everyone is fake and I started cracking up because then he's like like what that we're all made of metal and plastic or whatever and I'm like yeah I remember when he said that he was dr*nk and high out of his mind


Like we talked in depth about that being just such great high thoughts

Yeah yeah for it to then end up in this song Yeah it's funny
okay so we've come to the end of the notes which is not to say that we are done but we are at the big big topic The abdication


I liked that there was some foreshadowing to it I felt like there was some foreshadowing throughout the season because Simon would make comments to him like I see how this makes you feel and Wille would say it's a privilege not a punishment but his face said otherwise And then we had the whole snow globe that he would look at that was a symbol of Erik that he in this episode he throws in the trash while packing and then his parents show up to graduation with the same frog like prince symbol in an on a knitted Charm on a necklace that they give to August for his graduation so I did notice like some symbols of foreshadowing there that I liked to where when it happened I wasn't surprised at all

Yeah yeah I think that's the thing is like when watching it personally I did not imagine the ending going in abdication But then once I settled with what had happened and read stuff online I was like oh I accept this more and It makes more sense Because it's not just foreshadowed in this episode or in the season like it starts all the way from season 1 when he's on or I maybe it's the first episode of season 2 but where he's on the phone with the queen and is like he's on a date with another man and I don't want to have to deal with this I don't want to be King and he says it in front of the entire Royal court like this is something that Wille has battled with and been struggling to accept that he was born into Since season one so it doesn't really come out of nowhere

Yeah and to his credit I give Wille a lot of sh*t for not having a personality and not liking anything or knowing what he wants but I think that is a lot in part due to how much this consumes his life


And this abdication is really about him realizing what he doesn't want which I think he has to to do and accept before he can find out what he wants

Which kind of connects to my note where I said do we really think Wille did this for himself or do we think he did it to be with Simon because There is a moment where you know he tells the duke and the queen like I'm doing this for me I'm not doing it for him and he also tells this to Simon but maybe it is connected to like he doesn't really know who he is without this so like yes maybe Simon is a factor but In order for him to be with Simon He has to figure out who he is outside of just being royal

I think Simon is too much of a factor 

I agree

or has I think he has to be a factor because we're not over him but I do think that There is some level of finality that Wille feels when Simon walks off and that he really isn't sure if he can get him back or not I think that he he doesn't want to be King I will Say he's Royal no matter what like even if he abdicates you know there's still going to be plenty of crap that they would have to deal with I think that it had to be this way and I that was my next note and I wrote it in all caps like that I really liked this writing because if if A 17 year old abdicated the throne to be with his boyfriend of two months that they never had a moment of true peace with that would be beyond dramatic that would be so inappropriate We don't give up on dreams or big positions of power or Or any sort of aspiration for significant others in my opinion you should be able to find someone that that goes with but this wasn't his dream and so I don't think there was a world where he could have abdicated while they were still together

Yeah and I don't think there's a world in which they would be together if he did not choose to abdicate because that was a symbol of him picking himself and what he wants

Yeah it is it is it was very conflicting and kind of hilarious for him to say he's doing it for himself then immediately run out of the car 

And chase Simon

and then to tell Simon that he He's doing it for himself but he wants to be with him like you're I'm like you're saying it in the same breath baby

Yeah yeah yeah yeah that's why I'm like did he really do it for himself and I think as you said both are just too intertwined I wrote that I guess I did get the ending that I wanted but not in the way I had imagined about 30 minutes in when our main couple is still f*cking broken up I was like I'm not getting what I want out of this finale and I need to just accept that because they're just not wrapping this up in twenty seven more minutes like it's just not happening In my brain like they would work through the Royal sh*t they would be together kind of in a like red white and Royal Blue sort of scenario and because that's what I had pictured I was like oh I don't know How I feel about this but again the more I sat with it and I was like no this is the only actual scenario that makes sense for Wille and makes sense for the continued development throughout the last 3 seasons and it is what I wanted I wanted them to be together like I didn't need no true What would happen in actual life This would never work out like no I wanted them to be together whether it was realistic or not you know

yeah I think the big difference with red white and Royal Blue Besides the fact that it is not as realistic as as dramatic and ridiculous as the show is I do think it's fairly realistic for the circumstances that the characters are put in right


and that's one of the marks of good storytelling is that you create the circumstances and you create the characters but you make sure that the characters react to the circumstances in a way that makes sense within that setting So it is more realistic but I think also that fundamental difference of character is that the Non- Royal one in red white and Royal Blue is American so he doesn't have that same conflict of interest of being anti-monarchist and he's already involved in politics it seems very similar and I know a lot of people draw those parallels but I think that the conflict is quite different at its core 


so you wanted him to be king And also be with Simon and you thought that that could happen 

You know

I'm not trying to say that in a mean way

no but it is what I wanted like again I still am not sure that this ending it feels more realistic but it's like Flash forward 5 years where are they I don't know if I have a level of sure confidence in them even though I love them together and I want them to be together so in my brain I just wanted them to be together and the only way I saw it was Simon accepting that he now needs to be part of the royal family and Wille just making a new stamp on like what it means to be King and also be gay and I thought that would be really fun though this makes more sense for our story

I agree with that take so I Only saw them working together if they if he abdicated at this age I I came in with 0 expectations and I was texting Jess the whole time that I watched this yesterday About how I was having the greatest time ever It was an hour-long finale and I never stopped smiling and my cheeks literally hurt when I went to bed because every single storyline getting wrapped up I was like yes this is what you deserve baby but something that Was interesting to me is that when Wille is talking in the car with his parents His mom says you're going to be such a great King and I know that and I thought that was really sweet and I agree I think that Wille could be a good King and I think that that would have been interesting to see and I'm someone who would not have been opposed To them being broken up in this age and then just getting like a five ten years later where they've made it work because I think a lot of their conflicts come from just a lack of maturity


I'm glad that they ended up together because I think any sort of ending up together would feel a little Wattpady and it does feel a little Wattpad-y But the alternative is that they don't end up together which sometimes I feel like writers do just so that people say it doesn't sound like fan fiction and it's more like art and I just that wouldn't have been as satisfying 

Yeah yeah

just to go through all of that for them to not be together and they kind of made it sound like they could End up broken up because Simon's like it wasn't all in vain at some point but it still would have felt a little um disappointing

I would have been crushed 

my point of that is like I'm more confident in Wille's ability to be a good king than I am in his and Simon's relationship because they're so unstable but Wille doesn't want to be King and we have to respect that you know And I am happy for him for that

I think his lack of like wanting to speak in front of others his just general nervousness and anxiety in general I think he has the potential to be good But I also think that it would be really really hard on him So I think this just makes more sense 

Agreed quotes

Do we want to get into quotes Yeah I just wrote down one by Sara To August which we mentioned but she says you love who you are with me It isn't the same thing and I really really loved that she was so pointed and eloquent in saying this because it is true and to an extent he liked Who he looked like who he was to others how he presented himself when he was with her but like was he ever fully in love with her

I Really really liked the way that they ended that relationship and the reason for it because the feelings are still there on both ends and she says she sees him but he doesn't see her She says about to Simon about Micke some people might never be completely good but that doesn't mean you don't need them and I thought that was really sweet and I just think that she's done a lot of growing up this season

Yeah me too

in the awkward little conversation that they have in the library before anything has settled when Wille and Simon are talking about each other but in metaphors about the school Simon says not everything has to be great but it has meant a lot anyway and then also he says we are worth that which he says when he's telling asking Wille if they can just have a night with Pretending like forgetting everything else and just have a night to be present together He says we are worth that But regardless like I just really like that sentiment So that's um all of Our season 3 notes we have some wrap up though

Yeah Amanda and I were texting about this earlier and it wasn't originally something we're gonna talk about but I feel like we have to mention it now that I do feel like most loos ends were tied up the fact that they squeeze us all into 3 seasons in total Told a very compelling story is really impressive but in season 2 I think last episode or episode 5 we learn that August has purchased rousseau for Sara what happens we get no rousseau what's going on with Rousseau did He end up getting sold elsewhere like just I wish that we had some sort of wrap up there

Because even if Sara was like that was stupid She still wouldn't want him to give him to give rousseau to the owners that were buying him 


she would have been involved and she could have written him to her driver's test

Yes exactly

This is how it came up guys because we were trying to figure it out I also wanted to in this note of like really doesn't matter but like what happened there the hand tattoo at the beginning of the season that Simon draws on his hand Ah it's not a tattoo but he's like you should get a tattooed and Wille's like I can't get a tattoo A lot of people were like oh my God This is so cute and so symbolic like maybe by the end he'll get a tattoo or something like that and like literally nothing comes of it and it's to me It felt like the nail polish or it was just this like throwaway thing of like we get it He's so controlled by the monarchy and I just would have liked something more I Think all of both the both the nail polish and the hand tattoo thing are symbols of like things that Wille does like that He can't like openly because of the monarchy and are part of his realization that he doesn't want to be so involved in it I Just think that they were a little half assed

Yeah I Appreciated the nail polish a little bit more because I saw that less as a connection to the monarchy and more as a connection to maybe his femininity and his feminine side and how that can't be presented and so that is how He wanted his nails to be done on his birthday But then once he started thinking about how that would be presented to others He got rid of it So I thought it was more complex than just being connected to not being able to do it because he was royal

I'm pretty sure she was doing his nails just painting them so that he wouldn't bite them so much when he's anxious because then he notices the polish when he goes to bite them and then he rubs it off but the not being able to express his feminity thing is the same as the tattoo to me As a restriction but in character arcs and endings So we have our core 5 Wille Simon August Sara Felice Wille comes in a troubled youth to Hillerska his brother dies 3 episodes in He becomes the crown prince He falls in love with Simon immediately after saying he's not gay and comes out by the end of season 2 and then abdicates to be with Simon by the end of season 3 how are we feeling in general about his character Arc

I like it I feel like it's fast 

Were you satisified 

yeah I was satisfied I feel like it all made sense it all connected We kind of said that and when we were talking about Him choosing to abdicate and stuff like that But yeah I feel like I was satisfied with where his character went were you

Yeah I think so I want I would like to know more about who he is but I think he needs to go find himself and I would love like a 10 years from now season 

Okay fair

Simon I really can't give you much of an arc


Does he grow



I Don't know if he grows actually

I think Simon Grows More in this season I think he expands his horizons But I what is it like he kind of learns to stick up for himself with Marcus and then with Wille But is there anything else 

Not really

could have used more for him August goes through it You know what I could have used some eating disorder closure

yes I definitely think we could have had like a Boris conversation or something with the eating disorder because it's kind of like You see it throughout the seasons and then it's fully brought to a head in this season and then we just get nothing I also could use a like flash forward for August because I'm like poor guy has been through it and he is trying Like we really see in this season He's trying to move past the terrible sh*t that he did and he wants to do better for himself and do better for others so I would like to see a world in which he is doing better

So how do you think he would be as King and how do you feel about him as king

I feel like to Me He's cookie cutter like pretty face Really great leader Really good speaker does well in front of others like which is really what a Royal You know is there to do It's just a face to represent the people So I feel like he would do good

Yeah I agree and I really liked the parallels they drew of August has always been trying to be in this family is what they say but really truly he is the one who is choosing the monarchy every day 


I did think it was Interesting that this is when they chose to make him question what he really wants right before Wille abdicates and you know what was so funny as when Wille runs out of the car There's this pan over to August where no one has Said anything to him He has been celebrating graduation with his his friends and he has this look on his face like he already knows what's happened

Yes yes yes his eyes are like so big Yeah I loved that moment

Sara I actually loved her story

Yep me too I thought her character was ruined The first time I watched season two We talked about I didn't think that when we did the rewatch and yeah I loved her arc I like that she went out on her own to develop this relationship with her dad which she was the reason that You know there was no relationship there like I think the things they really put her through in this season and throughout the show developed her into like a very well-rounded character

She I think she wins for the most growth and maturity


and I loved that there were there was closure with her and August but this season was not about them for her I do still really like their relationship 

I don't

but that's fine I knew that they couldn't be together 


I knew that that could I knew that she couldn't have Felice and Simon and August all 

Yeah felice and Simon are more important

and what she says in that scene Isn't just that Felice is more important she says I have bigger and more important feelings for you felice and for Simon and for myself 


she is choosing herself and those relationships and I just I really loved her story Felice Do you have thoughts on Felice's storyline 

I feel like she's just a little lost like we could have a whole spinoff of just like honestly one I want to spin off of Felice and sara's summer road trip Also I would like a spin off seeing like Felice as a third year to see like does she make new friends is she speaking out for change at whatever new school She's at like things like that because it feels like she really just went with the flow in the first season and now in this season She's really like Starting to question things so I would like to see her her like two or three years in the future

Yeah I was going to say I actually was really disappointed with felice's storyline in season 3 I know I wrote down the note that she deserved better I'm a little more on the fence when I think about her storyline and growth out of all 3 seasons Because I think visually they gave the most cues with her because the first season she had her straight hair her pins and her nice clothes and her makeup the second season we got curly hair Felice and then the third season she kept her hair curly and she stopped wearing makeup She only wore makeup for the party The rest of the season she was barefaced which previously we only really saw when she was at the stables or in her room She used to always have like eyeliner and stuff So I think you can see her changing in a way that is is different from her main friends and also similarly in season one she has this huge crush on Wille because he's royal and she dates August because he shows an interest and then In season 2 she develops her really strong friendship with Wille and and is there for him a lot in his times with Simon and in figuring out who posted the video in season 3 I just wish she had more because Just felt like she was sad about Sara until they became friends again I guess she did have her part in like speaking up about the school when no one else wanted her to and she knew no one else wanted her to but we didn't really see that happen so it wasn't as satisfying

yeah I feel like they gave her a lot in this season because she's like learning to talk to her dad like question What racism is happening speak out About it question the decisions her friends are making and if they're really supportive of her like I feel like she does really make some pointed decisions that develop her character in the season that we see a lot of

I did like that it didn't have anything to do with romantic feelings for Wille 


or August what do you think Wille does with his life after this

I Have no idea no idea

Do you think do you think he learns to be political Do you think he becomes a teacher Do you think you like plays soccer

Well as you said it's like he still is technically going to be royal so I feel like there are still rules that he's gonna have to follow whether he abdicates or not so I don't know if he's Ever going to be able to be political like I still think those tensions are going to exist in his and Simon's life

what do you think he does to pay the rent

Well I would hope that him being Royal pays the rent 

God He really is so privileged

but probably like charity work sit on a board Board of directors for companies Probably

Yeah Simon probably tells him where to where to send those Royal checks to 


and then like he needs Hobbies I Want my boy to have some hobbies 

Yeah interests

because otherwise he's going to drive Simon crazy

Mhmm interests other interests other than listening to Simon Sing we need like things he likes to do on his own My only final note is I'm just sad it's over but I thought it was a really good wrap up

It was I am not as emotionally attached to this one as I am heartstopper So I'm not torn up I think I feel good because it ended in a way that felt right I'm always a little sad when there's not going to be any new episodes But you know what I can rewatch it all 

Yep yep

and I think I might I might do a whole rewatch because it's not that many episodes like even though we just watched it for this podcast I might do a full rewatch to like properly appreciate the ending again

I was thinking about that because I'm like I would love to go back and rewatch season one and season 2 now that I know what happens in season 3 so I can in the more like correlation points and connection points Between the seasons because I know they're there We pointed out a lot of them But I'm sure there are more that we didn't notice so yeah I definitely want to do another full rewatch I don't know if I'm going do it right away But I definitely will

I was thinking the same thing I Want to see if there's more abdication Clues earlier on 


With that

with that up next I don't know what we're gonna do so tune into our next episode we might do mean girls we might Pick back up with suite life We will pick back up with suite life I just don't know if it will be our next episode but you definitely have that to look forward to we'll finish off season 2 and then get into season 3 of suite life You can follow us on all our social media Nineties Babies Nostalia on Instagram and Youtube Spell out the word nineties we're also on Tiktok but use the numbers there if you could rate and review we would greatly greatly appreciate it and also just like comment dm talk to us We love chatting with you especially if you have anything to say about your opinions on young royals Your opinions on season 3 and the finale we would love to hear it 

that's what I was going to say please let us know your thoughts on the finale like Wilmon is end game We got that but like what did you think did you really think felice's storyline was that good How are we feeling about August as king What about the abdication like are you happy Are you disappointed Let us know 

And with that we'll see you in the next one bye

Nineties Babies Nostalgia

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