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mean girls 2024: renee rapp is a massive deal

April 12, 2024 Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore Season 3 Episode 13
mean girls 2024: renee rapp is a massive deal
Nineties Babies Nostalgia
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Nineties Babies Nostalgia
mean girls 2024: renee rapp is a massive deal
Apr 12, 2024 Season 3 Episode 13
Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore

Tina Fey changed pop culture as we know it with Mean Girls in 2004, but how does the 2024 musical movie compare? A fresh take on modern feminism with campy musical numbers starring Broadway and film icons including Renee Rapp and Auli'i Cravalho sounds too fetch to be true (sorry), and many critics seem to come sit with us (you can) and let us know your thoughts on this new classic revenge party. 

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Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

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Tina Fey changed pop culture as we know it with Mean Girls in 2004, but how does the 2024 musical movie compare? A fresh take on modern feminism with campy musical numbers starring Broadway and film icons including Renee Rapp and Auli'i Cravalho sounds too fetch to be true (sorry), and many critics seem to come sit with us (you can) and let us know your thoughts on this new classic revenge party. 

Please rate & review us wherever you listen, and let us know your thoughts on the episode on any of our socials.


Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

Get home from school turn on my TV who are these friends staring right back at me now that we're older

hi I'm Amanda

And I'm Jessica and this is Nineties Babies Nostalgia where two 90s babies are having some fun

Just to be clear We're not sponsored by nor affiliated with anything that we talk about ever not the streaming platforms the production companies the actors nothing we just like talking about pop culture and today we are talking about mean girl This is the 2024 musical movie released on Paramount plus this is an adaptation of the broadway musical which was an adaptation of the 2004 movie We're not talking about the 2004 movie if you want us to let us know and to all of our New listeners and viewers on Youtube from young royals hi we're so happy you're here if you clicked on this we have had the best time kikiing with you this is your official warning We did not start out as a current media podcast We delve into it because we enjoy it and we will continue to do so on a fairly semi-regular basis However we are going to get back into what we call our 90s babies nostalgia classic content So we're going to go into the suite life Zack and Cody soon Hope that you stick around whether you're there for the sweet life or you just dip your toes in when we're doing something you're interested in We love having you around We love talking to you 

yeah we really enjoy you stay awhile before we get into the 2024 of it all let's touch on 2004 when did you see the original mean girls

This is for the listeners I'm going to have a meltdown because I can't fake interactions We recorded the first 14 minutes of this episode without recording it and I'm losing my sh*t a little bit and we had Very genuine conversation at which jess learned my story for the first time and I can't pretend that she doesn't know so she knows but you listening don't know so I'm still going to tell my story I

It's a good story

This is why I can't do small talk because when people ask me how I am I have to answer 

Yeah I also am similar I hate when people are just like oh fine I'm like no never in my life am I just fine I'm like 70 things at once but it's never just fine

Hundred percent but no but like when people use it as a greeting and they're just like oh hey how are you but they're not expecting an answer at all Oh my god does my f*cking head in anyway So the first time I saw me girls I don't recall but I do know that my best friend at the time we would regularly take movies from blockbuster and this was in a regular rotation and so it definitely was around the 2004 2005 era like we were young We were in elementary school Which is when this came out we were in fourth and fifth grade in 2004 we loved to play imagine it like that's how young we were right is that we would still play imaginary stuff We would walk play around her backyard as spies as if we were in spy kids and I always had to be The biggest bitch in the world because I have I I am the leading character like I'm so sorry to all of my friends I am the leading character and so I always made her be my sidekick um might be why she stopped being my friend in seventh grade But when we played Mean girls one time I remember being like I will let you have this this one time I don't actually remember if I let her be Regina or if I made her be Karen but I was like you're blonde Ah but I was happy to be Gretchen this 1 time because I thought she had the best line in the movie which was my dad the inventor of toaster strudel because I feel like 2004 was also a toaster strudel peak that was

Yup Oh totally like peak nostalgia food Toaster strudel is up there

And we did not buy it at my house because it was the rich kid pop tart and we were not the rich kids But my friend they always had it in the freezer

I had 2 busy working parents We always had that sh*t stocked

Nice what about you when's the first time you watched it

so I was a little bit later to the game This is one of the first pg 13 movies I ever watched besides maybe bring it on the first time I watched it was in eighth grade when 2 of my friends realized that I had never seen it and they were like That's ridiculous We need to go watch it right now So instead of doing our homework after school We pulled out the Dvd and we watched it and I loved it and 1 of my favorite quotes is get in loser We're going shopping and I quote this movie all the time on the regular and I don't know if it just was not as big other places but my husband never knows what I'm saying he's like what and I'm like it's mean girls like how have you not seen mean girls like what is going on here

I'm upset has he he has he seen it

You know he tells me he has But then when he starts to describe the plot he starts he starts saying bring it on like he describes the plot of bring it on and I'm like no that's bring it on and then I start to describe the plot of mean girls and he's like oh yeah I've seen that but I Think Probably like once like it definitely was not like in his rotation

I yeah to be fair he's not the Target demographic

Fair fair well getting into it mean girls The 2004 version was based on the book Queen bees and wannabes written by Rosalind Wiseman and that movie was directed by Mark Waters and written by Tina Fey and then this version the 2024 version was based on the musical which made its debut in Dc in 2017 and then its Broadway debut a little bit later in April of 2018 It was really well received on Broadway and it was nominated for 12 awards in the seventy second tony awards including best musical 

Didn't win any of them 

No it did not win

credit to Miss Tina Fey because she wrote the 2004 movie She wrote the musical book and she wrote the 2024 screenplay so she is the vehicle behind this 

Yeah totally speaking of her so we know that she wrote the screenplay She also produced the 2024 version along with Lorne Michaels who was a producer on the 2004 version plus is the ep and creator of SNL which I did not know and Amanda gave me a very hard time about

I didn't give you a very hard time I just thought it was funny because I thought you just didn't care or something but you just genuinely didn't know and to me I thought this was like common knowledge But that's just because I've dated a man who cares about SNL and late night and like Lorne Michaels is like very famous for being the creator of SNL and continuing to ep it to this day You know 

yeah yeah I just wasn't a late night tv kid you know

I wasn't either this is my ex-boyfriend this is what men do to me Okay I didn't ask to watch John Mulaney stand up sets

Um honestly pop capsule is like here yelling at you because they f*cking love John Mulaney

Oh I do too He's fine

ah okay okay 

I just didn't ask to watch it 

sure sure

It was like we're gonna go chronologically every night babe

Oh no no no no do not sign me up for that this version was directed by Samantha Jane in Arturo perez junior it was composed by Jeff Richmond who also composed the 2004 mean girls as well as 30 rock And unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and also is married to Tina Fey and then the lyricist is now Benjamin who also did all the lyrics for the musical and then adapted them for this version

Yeah real quick because the adaptation had to be shorter than the musical version I think they cut like 14 songs and then they changed a few of the lines or shortened abbreviated some of the songs that are in there 


but they also wrote a couple new songs

Yeah it's definitely not the same as the musical version this movie was originally gonna be streaming Only but after some test screenings they were like you know what this is doing great Let's release it theatrically so they did so in New York City on January Eighth and then it was officially released on January Twelfth of this year it grossed 104,000,000 worldwide with the 36,000,000 budget I know we're still early but that puts it at the ninth highest grossing film of this year also I just thought it was important to note that it did top the box office charts for the first three weeks And it's recorded that 75% of the audience was female and over a third of them being elder gen z and millennials amanda asks how did they know that I don't know feels creepy but also they track everything So

okay getting into our actors and main characters

Yes we have Cady Heron who is played by Angourie Rice who is 23 and is known for Spiderman Homecoming and Spiderman far from home as the character betty Also she was in the episode of black mirror that Miley Cyrus was in And then more recently on mayor of East town and the last thing he told me

And she's australian which is my fun fact It's not even that fun or that important I just every time that I watch non-american people be perfectly american I'm stunned then we have Miss Regina George played by none other than

l3sbian icon Renee Rapp who is 24 just you know we're throwing in the ages for reference But those are the ages they are now so they were a couple years younger when they filmed Renee Rapp Was regina in the broadway musical she was the 1 cast member from the stage musical that Tina Fey knew she wanted to bring back in a main role she did not originate Regina she came in in September full time of 2019 and then played Regina until the end of its run which Mean girls was shut down in March midmarch by of 2020 by covid and then was never reopened She also plays Leighton Murray in s3x lives of college girls but most notably now she is just a pop artist to the Point where she helps co-write one of the new songs that Cady sings So not even one of Regina's songs I love her She's an icon She's super gay super hot Janis Ian is now Janis 'Imi'ike is my best attempt at that because she's no longer lebanese she's now played by Auli'i Cravalho who is 23 years old her and Renee are both 2000 babies and she is the f*cking Voice of Moana


You don't often know the actors behind Disney animated movies and when you do there are people like Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel who are like full blown adults and she was 15 voicing the titular character of her movie which was nominated and won many Grammys Oscars golden globes etc it's nuts
Yeah it's wild 

she was also in crush which was a 2022 hulu movie and also she's openly bis3xual and my cousin met her 1 time and I'm very jealous at a frat party

Well if we're going on fun stories about her I knew someone who was a Disney plaid which are the people who do tours around Disneyland and at the time that she was cast as Moana she was the plaid for her

Okay then we have Damian Hubbard played by Jaquel Spivey I'm not sure how to pronounce his name He's 25 and I spent half of this movie Thinking to myself This man has the smoothest butteriest voice He sounds like Sam Smith and then I was like I know that voice too Well sure f*cking enough He played usher the lead and pretty much only character in a strange loop which was a broadway musical for a couple of years that won the tony for best musical in 2022 and had a grammy nomination for best vocal performance Just such a talent
Then we have Karen Shetty played by Avantika Vandanapu who's 19 currently she was on an episode of s3x lives of college girls She also executive produced crown of wishes and sold it to Disney plus and it's like Disney plus's first indian hindu mythology based series and a lead in um a 2021 dcom called spin

Yeah where she played an Indian girl who learned how to deejay

Then we have Gretchen wieners who's played by Bebe Wood who's 22 and she played lake on love victor the whole time I was watching it and like how do I know this face and that is why

Aaron Samuels is played by Christopher Britney brightney briney briney there's no t I was just hallucinating He's 26 years old and he originally turned down the role because he didn't Want to sing and they cut the songs in or parts where he would sing Ok ah he is notables playing conrad in the summer I turned pretty 

Then we have Miss Heron who is Cady's mom played by Jenna Fisher who is most well known for pam in the office but also for a bunch of other sh*t

I didn't even recognize her until like halfway through the movie 


I know and then Mrs George is played by busy Phillips who also has been in a bunch of stuff but most notably as a teenage or young adult actress in freaks and geeks she's Audrey in Dawson's creek white chicks maid of honor He's just not that into cougar town and I just really like that she has a very similar vocal fry to Renee

I Thought they made a good um mom and daughter duo

I agree we had some cameos throughout from various aspects which was fun to watch Tina Fey reprises her role as miss Norberry Tim Meadows as Mr Duval Lindsay Lohan Lindsay motherf*cking lohan appears at the end of the movie I didn't even know she was in this movie until I was watching it as the moderator of the mathletes tournament the studio asked tina if she would bring back all 5 of the girls and she was like I don't have that many roles to give out let me bring back Lilo because it was her movie at the end of the day John Ham from mad men plays coach Carr Megan thee stallion and jazz jennings both play themselves repeatedly There are also various tikokers throughout this I don't know tiktokers that well and Ashley Park plays the french teacher Ashley park originated the role of Gretchen wieners on broadway

getting into our summary We're gonna breeze through this as fast as we can because we are sure you know the plot We open up and Damian and Janis are recording on a cell phone singing the song in a cautionary tale which kind of sets up the overall story that's about to be told about Cady and the plastics and teases all the events to come

and the tone because it's very funny like people die No no one dies then we get to see this like weird little shot of Africa where Cady's singing what ifs about how she feels trapped and then her mom's like psych I took that job We're moving to Chicago So She goes to Chicago and Mr Duval introduces her as cady heron and she just we get a montage of her like feeling out of place and this actually felt more drawn out than the 2004 movie to me where she was like not fitting in in her classes not having a place to sit feeling weird She goes to eat in the bathroom and Janis and Damian seek her out They're like we've been watching you you're now with us and then while they're showing her through all the clicks in the cafeteria Renee shows up sorry Regina shows up And has her big My name is Regina George I'm a big f*cking deal song and calls Cady over and says why don't I know you you're going to eat with us for the next week

And Cady's unsure but Janis is like go along with it spy on them I need dirt and so later on Cady is an ap calculus she locks eyes with Aaron Samuels and we kind of see her crush on him start to form

and she gets a song

yeah she does kind of a cute song too then the plot I think bad at math No 

She's good at math because she's bad at love

bad at love good at math Yes the plastics are talking Cady through all the rules to that Are required to keep sitting with them and then Gretchen and Karen are like okay so you interested in anyone like who do you have the hots for and she's like Aaron and they're like nope off the table off limits she he is Regina's ex like no way and later on she tells damein and Janis that she also has a crush On Aaron and they're like nope this would be horrible if Regina were to find out and then they sing this song about her being the apex predator

Cady goes to Regina's house and Mrs George the cool mom pulls out the burn book throws it around is like hey wasn't this so fun And so they just like go through the pages of the book and she makes that comment about Dammien is too gay to function they're like put that in there and it's kind of noted that Janis is the pyro lez and they say that she tried being friends with Regina but then she set her backpack on fire because she's obsessed with her and it's like huh

then we learn Cady's been talking to Aaron more and asking for his help in class and he invites her to the Halloween party and Cady shows up dress as scary and immediately realizes she should have dressed sl*tty because that is the Only option which has the best musical number which I agree from the movie s3xy Gretchen tells Regina that Cady likes Aaron so she's like you know what I'll go talk to him for you like let me see what I can do and she tells Aaron that Cady has a cute crush on him but then she's like but this is so hard for me to share because I have all these unresolved feelings from how our relationship ended 

Trauma actually

Yeah yes she does use the word trauma Then she sings someone gets hurt which is about how it's all fun in games until someone gets hurt and it's kind of like a song that's saying how she's gonna win Aaron back or implies that she's gonna win him back and at the end of the song they end up kissing

Cady leaves the party and crashes dammien and Janis's movie night where she infamously it's very similar to the original as like you know she's been on the fence up until now with the spying thing but she's like that Bitch Kissed the boy that I like and they're like she is a skank and she's the worst and so Damian tells her about what really happened between Janis and Regina which obviously is more nuanced than what Regina had told her and They have a whole very cheerful song compared to the tone of the rest of the scene called revenge party which is an an infamous song about how they're going to get revenge against Regina officially

in order to get revenge Cady starts doing different things which includes failing math to spend more time with Aaron She also gives Regina Calteen bars to make her gain weight they Get to a point where kind of the plan to break Regina is like so slows down in progress so they're like okay we need to get tea on Regina and in order to get tea We need to crack Gretchen so Cady sends Candy Cane Grams to all of the plastics from regina Besides for Gretchen and this makes Gretchen really upset and so she tells her all of Regina's secrets and Cady records it on her phone and one of these secrets is that she is cheating on Aaron with Shane Peck I think and so she goes and tells Aaron about the cheating

The plastics prepare for rocking around the pole which is the Broadway and 2024 version of Jingle Bell Rock the dance at Regina's house And she doesn't care She's upset because she has a big zit because they Cady and Janis replaced her face cream with lard which is incredible and also because Aaron broke up with her like these 2 things are compounding and she's freaking out and she doesn't care about the performance So then during the performance Regina straight up she goes to do this like assisted cartwheel and she falls she slams face first onto the auditorium stage with her ass out for everyone to see so it goes viral on socials Crazy Cady Janis Damian are all together and they're like you can quit being plastic now and she's like I just need one more lunch and during this lunch Regina walks up having been ridiculed She's in her sweatpants and it's the infamous like you can't sit with us You're in sweatpants except this time Gretchen says it first and then Cady is in full Regina like mannerisms and costumes saying like the rules are the rules like you can't sit with us And also Cady gets nominated for sprinkling queen as do all of the other plastics

Janis is excited for art show over the weekend but Cady's like I can't go I have plans with my mom We're traveling out of town It's been planned for forever later Gretchen and Karen are like okay girl What's our plans for the weekend and Cady's like why the f*ck does everyone keep on asking me what I'm doing this weekend and they're like you should get out of your planes with your mom because if she's out of town then we'll have the house for the weekend and we can throw a party so that's exactly what she does The party gets a little out of hand She gets So wasted because Karen just keeps giving her shots and she finds Aaron in a room looking at childhood photos of her and they start to talk and then she admits like you know I've been pretending this whole time to be bad at math just to get your attention And he gets really upset and is like you are literally your genus clone and leaves the party and then Janis shows up and is like you literally held a party didn't invite me and also didn't go to my art show like you are a terrible friend

Regina's at home on the treadmill while all these kids are partying and her mom is like why the f*ck are you eating these calteen bars which apparently she didn't notice for a month Regina had been eating and tells her finally that these are meant for people to gain weight So Regina has A moment to herself where she sings a reprise of her song takes the burn book does her little altering goes to the school leaves it on the floor instead of doing the paper copies All of the students pick it up and start posting sh*t on socials So it get Like blows up online and the students get called into the gymnasium for an assembly Mr Duvall quickly tries to lead it and there's like absolutely not I can't do this Miss Norberry you're gonna take this one and she's like you f*cking owe me you sl*t and They she doesn't use that word That's a me thing Sorry

No she actually kisses him on the mouth and is like see you later for dinner

I don't remember them kissing that anyway I know he has to walk the dogs for a week so they do the whole thing where they like who's been victimized and like let's write apologies on paper and let's do trust falls And Janis has her kick ass like I'm so sorry my friend and I ruined your life except she's actually not apologizing to Regina in this one she says I'm sorry to myself for wasting my time and getting duped again and so Regina leaves the gymnasium in a storm Cady follows after her Regina gets hit by a bus And we see it this time I don't think we saw it in 2004 but we see her get hit by the bus this time

then later on in ap calc Cady owns up to writing the lie about Miss Norberry being a dr*g pusher in the burn book and she gets a three week suspension once she's back at school miss norberry's giving her a hard time and she is like You are failing math We needed someone on the mathletes team so you need to do this for extra credit Also Aaron welcomes her back I guess he's not upset that she's a Regina Clone anymore and during the athlete competition during the final rounds after a tie Cady answers correctly and wins with the limit does not exist just like the original film

I have to say the Aaron Samuels thing it's because she gets a high score on her test and he says welcome back nerd and I only have to point it out because it's the hottest thing he's ever said at the spring fling after the mathletes Cady runs into Regina in the bathroom and she's all hopped up on pain meds so they have like a fun little kiki because Regina's like no hard feelings You didn't push me the bus pushed me and also I'm on a lot of pain meds So I like you and I like everybody else Shane Wins spring fling King Cady Wins Queen and gives her speech that's entirely unnecessary and breaks up her to crown and gives it to people and apologizes to her friends for treating them like crap Cady and Aaron dance they kiss the end

The end

I don't think this one didn't get the like new plastics scene at the end the way that we got in 2004 okay

No it doesn't do like a flash forward to like she's back to just hanging out with Janis and Damian and there's the new plastics ruling the school

Ok things we got to talk about favorite moments This is so random This is so beside the point but I couldn't tell what name someone said at one point and I realized that Tina has a specific name type she likes because there's an Aaron It's Cady Heron there's a Karen even Gretchen like there's a lot of n names Yeah

I would have never noticed that But yes you are right

I really liked that there were blatant comparisons between Janis and Regina in this one I think 1 of the charms of the musical is that it's kind of camp It's it's very self-aware in a way that the original movie isn't necessarily the original movie is more show Don't tell whereas this is I'm going to tell you a lot of exposition and so in the songs early on Damian will compare like Janis is great But Regina has the real power and I just thought that's like an interesting dichotomy of of like they're both similar people just on different ends of the Popularity spectrum

-Larity Mhmm They're both kind of like natural leaders But just yeah

And I do think that both of the actresses that play them have that natural charisma and attention to the space more than the rest of the cast Do

Yes small moment but on her first day of school Cady is told in 1 of her classes to find a seat in class and there literally is no seats and the teacher just repeats himself and it's like find a seat so she sits on the floor And I just have to say I feel like this is a semi accurate representation of the american public school system

I agree although I was kind of a girl I didn't I wasn't convinced that there was no seat to be found 

I Mean from what we see of the classroom All the seats are full also we learn that there's a state mandated course on abstinence which Also is an accurate representation of the american public school system and I hate it

I didn't have that

Ah it hasn't been a thing in California for a while but many states still do teach abstinence as the main form of

Health s3xual health

Yeah of s3xual health and Pregnancy prevention but that's not the word that I want to use But yes instead of teaching about like condoms and all the different things you in birth control They just yes Abstinence is taught as the like and all to be all of birth control

I thought that it was fun Gretchen's still trying to make fetch happen but instead of saying that it's like slang from Britain she says I think it's from a really old movie and then she's like maybe Juno which is actually 3 years younger than the original mean girls It's from 2007 

No three years older 

younger than the original mean girls

Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah okay yes 


yeah I liked that as well Also Okay Janis's makeup artist deserves raise and praise her makeup I wanted every single I look that she had like the Jewels the sparkly shadow like Every single scene I was like oh my god this is a new makeup look and it looks better than the one I saw last

But it wasn't too different that it was a cohesive look for the character
Yeah and us knowing that she's like very artsy in her character All of it really fit in with what you would see Janis wearing but it was different than the 2004 movie I don't remember Janis having these like iconic beautiful glam Looks

No she was a goth with like thick eyeliner 

Yeah yeah

I Love That's one of my notes later on but I really love the way the styling has been adapted for what the current generations would be looking as Which is a huge thing of these adaptations but that's for my notes for later

It's also very impressive to think that Tina Fey has you know had such a huge impact on all of this knowing that she's like even older than us But she's still able to adapt things to a younger generation 


really speaks to her creativity as a writer and a creative I really struggled with this choice of actor as Aaron Samuels because all I could see was conrad every single time he was on the screen I was like this is just not Giving me the same feelings of our like oh my god he's so hot like how cute he is in the 2004 film like I was just like this is just conrad

I agree except I've seen 1 episode of the summer I turned pretty so it wasn't I see conrad it was I know this face I don't love this face I'm bored of this face It's not giving Aaron Samuel's glam It's not giving your hair is s3xy pushed back and In general to me I'm so sorry to the actor you're never going to see this He gives dollar sore Jacob Elordi like am I wrong

here's the thing I don't hate the actor as conrad He's just not Aaron Samuels and yes now that I'm looking at Jacob Elordi he does give dollar store Jacob Elordi

Oh gosh

I Also you know what I really would have loved is if they had cast age appropriately but an openly gay actor because there are now you know at the time it was very much like straight people taking gay roles But there are now some gay actors who play straight roles I mean there always have been but now there's like open ones people who are out I would have loved that just because the actor who played the original Aaron Samuels is gay 

there is this one point where when Cady admits that she's been pretending to be bad at math to get Aaron's attention and have him help her and Janis is like why are you dumbing yourself down for a boy and Like that would have never been written into the original version and I really appreciated that

Yeah this is part of the the explicit telling of it which I think is more theatrical I loved a lot of those moments and I think it was clearer in this adaptation How unsocialized Cady is because she just looking for She's explaining this is like I've just been looking for ways to talk to Aaron and I don't know what to say so isn't it so funny I did this thing where like I pretended to be bad and Janis is like yeah of course it worked it works every time Because this is this this is a societal thing and it's like you know she really like grew up 


in f*cking Saharan Africa yeah

Yeah yeah

there's like a side throwaway thing where Gretchen Says she doesn't mind Regina yelling at her ever since she learned that Regina's love language is anger and I just thought it was so funny 

Yeah yeah in the closet I think 

Yeah it is

okay we got to talk about the song s3xy this is Karen's halloween song It is the best song it is amazing I was dying the whole time The actor that plays Karen does a phenomenal job of this like new portrayal of Karen and I just like loved her portrayal of Karen but this song I wrote down some of the lyrics because I loved it If I could change the world I'd make it Halloween every single day and also have world peace

That's how it starts and then she goes wait a second I should probably so do it the other way and that goes through a whole bit like meditation on how to phrase it

I can be a s3xy doctor and cure some s3xy cancer I can cure s3x cancer this is modern feminism and talking I Expect to run the world in shoes I cannot walk in I Just loved this song

That's that's so good and this is if you know anything about this movie It's probably that this song is popular because I was hearing that a lot of the reviews and critics have said like mixed reviews on the movie but like this song and this performance of it really Captivated audiences It's so Good It's just such a fun song

Yeah like I would go back and just watch that part of the movie like it was that enjoyable

I Feel like that song needs to be on like my gym rotation

in the 2004 version we get this part where everyone starts cutting like holes around in their shirts So their bra pokes through because Regina does it and everyone does what Regina does

Well because Cady does it Cady and Janis Do it to Regina as a prank and she just goes ah and walks around with it

Yes and in this one we see Regina with like crying mascara face and so everyone starts having crying mascara phase and it then we see it as a tiktok filter as well And I just like I liked that this is really bringing it modern in so many ways that instead of just being like oh we're gonna do what we did last time but a little different They also found ways to be like okay it's not just that everyone would be doing it It's that it then would be applied to socials as well

And this is actually a huge part of the musical social like the musical on Broadway always took place in the social media age 


which obviously the 2004 movie did not that's around the time social media started And I think this is really interesting and intelligent I Think social media scares a lot of people with storytelling I personally struggle with my own storytelling and placing it in a setting because social media is not inherently romantic and the immediacy of everything Makes it harder to build suspense But in the Broadway musical They never shied away from it They always adapted to the modern demographic and they would have like big screens come down and flashing pictures and then they did that Also In the movie with the tiktokers coming on and with the kids using socials to spread information without making it as glaring It's just like each because I've seen all 3 each one has been slightly modified for whichever generation is in high school and i In a really smart way that I'm I like commend Tina for for not shying away from that

yeah the elements that they chose to include I was like this is clever smart but also very realistic

You wrote this note but I have to I have it was one of my notes as well There's the talent show right where they're going to sing the sl*tty Christmas song but it opens up with the most extra f*cking performance It's black and white and Damian singing In French with his buttery delightful voice and you don't know that this is the talent show You don't see anybody You just see a black and white performance of him singing in French with the captions at the bottom of the words that he's singing Did you recognize the song before they said what it was


I knew that I knew it but I didn't know what it was because I read I didn't read the first ones because I was taking notes but I read leave it all to me and I was like wait a second and then Mr Duval thanks him for his french rendition of the icarly theme song

Oh so good

It's so f*cking funny and it definitely feels very Damian coded

So damian coded I will take it over him being booed off stage in the 2004 version like this 

I forgot

Yeah this just seems so much more camp so much more fun And throwing in some nostalgia there I Just loved it 

And he did it for extra credit 


multitask when they're getting ready for the spring fling There is a montage of them getting ready and there's this moment where Karen's eating a grilled cheese and she gets a little bit on her face and realizes that it's like shiny and then she uses The grilled cheese as a highlighter

Um ah I think Karen might be my favorite character in this version like it's just the things that she does are just so good Okay

She was my favorite character in the original and I think she's also my favorite now in the discussion of the elevation of the characters Janis's thing with Regina in the first one was that Regina thought Janis had a crush on her and she has that whole like I guess I just have a big l3sbian crush on you moment but then at the end dances with Kevin G and it's never known what her s3xuality actually is and it's like Very 2004 that the worst thing you could do is like say spread rumors that someone's a l3sbian but their battle in this one is that she is gay she came out regina used that against her to then be like oh my god she's so obsessed with me and steal her little Plushie that had her flag on I'm not going to get into that I'm going to be so honest I didn't pay full attention to that story to begin with but she is out and a l3sbian and she even goes to the spring fling with a girl 

I didn't catch that

oh my God It's seen multiple times she goes to her house And picks her up and then they walk in together and Damian

cute what was I doing 

goes with like a group of other girls

What was I doing I must have been taking notes such so cute 

Yeah it made me really happy 

Yeah I Love that

Another thing that happens at the spring fling is Gretchen gets a great moment for herself because her like on and off boyfriend Jason Has been cheating on her which was kind of in the 2004 one but it was very much like an afterthought and was in this one a little more explicitly and he shows up first of all I don't know why the f*ck why is she wearing this like weird confetti wig I don't know

Yeah it's strange

She's wearing this weird sparkler wig and he comes up approaching her as if he does not know who she is and is like we could you know whatever and she breaks up with him and says I have an IQ of 140 and I'm freaking fetch and have parents who love me and you don't deserve me whatever and breaks up with him and I just liked that she got a moment to grow as a person

And to like that moment that we actually see her like step up too

it kind of I think what she got in the 2004 was she was like integrated in with the chinese kids she's wasn't asian obviously but she was like smart enough to be speaking chinese with them That kind of felt like that nod of like she is actually smart She's just also the parents who love me comment made me laugh because it's like she's saying like I don't have daddy issues I don't need to be treated like this

Yeah yeah yeah Cady during her um scene where she throws her crown at a bunch of people she is throwing it on stage to Karen and to Gretchen and then she throws it to Regina And Regina like sticks her hand out but it just like slides past her and she doesn't catch it and it was just beautiful

Renee does a great job of reaching her hands out like all full 2 seconds too late just I loved this throw away that Miss Norberry and Mr Duval are together

I Loved that too

It was so cute Also some of the dumb as hell language made me laugh like some of the new jokes were so funny like in the her line She refers to calculust 

yeah yeah 

Calculust ridiculous Also Kevin G didn't disappoint He had some good lines at what he nicknames Cady Golf bird because caddie golf heron bird golf bird


And repeatedly throughout the movie calls her that so good is so stupid

Yeah yeah I think it did a really really good job at like keeping up the dumbness of the 2004 film because it is dumb like it is a dumb movie A lot of the lines are dumb a lot of the premise is dumb like there is just a lot of that But then adding the musical elements that make it a little bit more camp while still delivering like more modern versions of these characters it was really funny like it was a fun watch
I would say each iteration of this is a smart story told with dumb humor 


and that's something that changed in this version But was never that bad to begin with is it's inoffensive 


It's just dumb and that's my favorite kind of humor (yeah me too) is you're just being a silly guy who's not offending anyone some things that we didn't love


Minor rant Okay I couldn't see the equation this time it didn't bother me also I have forgotten all of my calculus because I took ap calc my junior year of high school I was seventeen It was at 7:20 in the morning I missed so many classes that I got a truancy warning letter but I did take it and I did pass my ap exam And what always bothered me about the 2004 movie is that freaking the limit does not exist moment because it is the most simple it is the fundamental equation of limits It's like the first thing I learned in ap calc and the only thing I retained for the longest time is that you could not have a limit of I don't even remember what is anymore It's like 0 or something it really bothers me because it's not smart if anything is like really dumb on that other girl for not knowing

I would argue it's smart because I never took AP Calc and I don't think I have or learned limits

That's fine that was unnecessary let's get into your real notes

1 thing that I had a problem with I feel like the 2004 film builds up the relationship and friendship with Damian Janis and Cady Before we then see her being welcomed into the plastics so we kind of know more like why Damian and Janis want to get revenge against Regina and we kind of understand the dynamic between them But this it's like Damian and Janis are like we will take you under your wing and then literally next scene Regina's like come sit with us like Cady doesn't really have a friend group yet So It just feels weird that she would keep up the friendships with both of them because it it's just not really established

It's also kind of weird because at the time they're saying who do you belong with 


I did like at the end of this at the spring fling she apologizes to the friends that she hurt But it's not just Janis and Damian she looks specifically at Karen and Gretchen she's acknowledging that All of them are friends of hers 


But I agree that I was watching this like are Janis and Damian her friends though like they give her sh*t for not Being a good friend to them but are they good friends to her and I I think I would need to rewatch the 2004 one because I don't remember it being that different

Yeah I guess just in my memory which I agree with you Maybe if I were to rewatch this my opinion would change but in my memory they established that connection between the 3 of them a little bit more before we get into the plastic plot of it all Where this it all kind of happened at once

It did It did all happen at once

these are just more general movie Not plot specific points I have a couple thoughts on the facts that this movie received poor reviews This version received poor reviews wasn't well received by critics It was not well received by just the general public and I think there are many reasons one of them being that all the promotional material Left out that this was a musical the trailer didn't have any songs and so many people really went into watching it with the belief that it was a true remake of the 2004 film And so I think they kind of shot themselves in the foot there like they should have been a little bit more honest I get that they were trying to get people to go to the movies to watch this and if you let people know it's a musical people are less inclined to go watch things that is just facts but still

I have thoughts about this because I distinctly remember this and the color purple both coming out around the same time and both having that criticism that neither of their trailers really advertised that it was a musical and my friend felt like mean girls was bigger betrayal Because she was like well I know that the color purple is a musical and I was like well I know that mean girls is a musical and I always knew that this was an adaptation of the musical and to me I know like I know that the color purple is a book so who am I to say that this is going to be a musical adaptation or not I guess it's just weird to me because maybe it's that I'm so chronically online but I just don't expect that the majority of the people going to this Don't know what it is because I knew Like years ago that this was in the works and that it was always going to be an adaptation of the broadway show and that Renee Rapp was going to play Regina and that she was on Broadway it feels lazy and I think the main people giving that criticism if it's the actual critics It's probably because they're all like Gen x and weren't paying attention

Yeah I think it's more complicated than what you're saying I do think that yes if people looked into it Maybe they would have known also musical fans knew I was aware that it was a musical version However A podcast was done vox's daily podcast that they do It's slipping the general title But if Vox's Daily Podcast that they did they did one at the beginning of the year about movie musicals I would highly recommend going to listen that if you want to hear more on this generic topic but it touches on Why all of these musicals like the color purple and mean girls and there was a couple other got made this year and in the last year because they were all signed off during the pandemic around the time that Hamilton was such a success on Disney plus and so people thought That there was a lot of money around doing this and then it turned out that there really wasn't so then they all pivoted and strategically chose not to show in promotional materials that this was a musical as a way to dupe people into watching it So I do think it was an active choice by studios to try to dupe people out of knowing

it would have to be an active choice to not include numbers in the trailer like I agree with that I Just think that most of the audience going should kind of Know but I again I am chronically online


other thing I wanted to know is another reason I think that maybe people reviews are not as great but it's just a critic ah critique that I have is I'm all for making musicals more accessible but we shortened a two and a half hour stage show to be the length of a feature film which Amanda mentioned earlier meant they to cut out a bunch of songs rework a bunch of songs and like The beauty of things like Hamilton and why it was so successful is they were just showing the musical and that's why people loved it and so this is not the musical So I think people who were maybe musical fans who went and watched this were also disappointed because they were like where were my favorite songs

I do have to say for the number of songs that they cut out It did not change the runtime enough for me It's a 2 hour film it was too long

Yeah 1:50

It was too long

really small note but when Cady comes over To Regina's house miss george goes and makes the girl snacks and then brings it up to them for them to eat the snacks But then when they kick her out of the room She takes all the snacks with her and I would be so pissed

I was confused by that I felt like there must have been a point to it like she must have been referencing something or it was like these girls don't eat because of their figures or something but I couldn't get the point I was just like why

Ah I lost the point

Or maybe she was like so depressed that she like needs because she was like these these the best years of your lives girls Don't forget it and like walk like she was going to eat them all I couldn't tell
It just felt weird to like make a point of saying oh I'll go make you girl snacks coming up in the room with these delicious looking snacks on a tray and then taking them with her us like how rude not the mathletes competition being sponsored by seat Geek 

What is seat geek

it's like a ah concert ticket slash ticket resale website like um stop hub

Oh okay 

But I'm like I Hate all these blatant sponsored callouts in new shows and old shows But this one I was like oh my God We literally announced it like this is ridiculous

My note like that is the elf branding

Oh yeah 

There's a point where Damian asks what shade of lipstick Cady's wearing and she recites it's like o face by Elf something like that and then there's The bathroom scene with Regina she's whole hold like she drops her lipstick and it's an elf one and like Regina George would not be using elf like respectfully elf is a good brand but it's affordable therefore like if you can't buy it at Sephora she's not using it

Yeah totally 

It was just very blatant

yes they were not subtle in their branding

there was a lot of breaking the fourth wall Do you feel like that's a theater thing or did you that feel like a specific stylistic thing for this 

I Feel like a little bit of both It felt like a choice but it does happen in theater a lot like you will have characters that are designed just to break the fourth wall like that is their point

there's a lot of looking dead on the camera I didn't love that so much I felt like Renee was like looking at the camera all the time but obviously intentionally 


when they're doing their apologies There's a point where someone's like I apologize for saying you were dragging during revenge party It's just a really big number with a lot like they're like commenting as if this performance actually happened 


within the world

which I don't know if I love that that feels a little too I don't know 


yeah it's obvious

It's very tongue in cheek 


I Really it really didn't hit until this movie The one of the best plots in Modern Cinema is over a boy maybe the I think the 2004 version really felt more about friendship to me and this one felt less so and I don't know if that's because of how it was truncated I didn't necessarily feel that way when I saw it on stage But So much of this was like about her having a crush on Aaron and Aaron had no personality at all

yeah again maybe this is what deems us doing a rewatch of the 2004 one But yes I completely agree that feels more friendship focused where there's even a line in this one where like she's like oh we're gonna do all this revenge on Regina and in the end I get Aaron back like that is her goal She doesn't care about helping Janis get her revenge on this person that hurt her like what is important to Cady is Aaron

Yeah even though in this one she knows more about what Regina did

Yeah yeah I don't love that

We touched on liking the use of socials for modernizing it and I did like it But what I didn't love was like some of the tiktokers I didn't recognize a lot of them but there were a couple that I did recognize that are like Actually popular tiktokers and multiple moments of Megan thee stallion that felt a little too much for me that bothered me more than the fourth wall breaking

Yeah I guess I also viewed it in like a Megan thee stallion probably getting offered this was like oh my god yes let me do a cameo and mean girls because it probably is nostalgic to her Maybe

And she's everywhere She's all over the socials and she has a song with Renee Rapp that plays in the credits and Renee Rapp loves her and I love her I just felt weird but I also have this thing and that I've mentioned before that I don't like when like To me if I'm watching a movie even if it takes place in our world It's it's in another universe of our world So having famous people from our world in that movie as themselves really bothers me like if Megan thee stallion has a song with Renee Rapp at the end of this and Renee Rapp is playing Regina George then how can megan thee stallion Be Megan thee stallion

Yeah yeah yeah I know you have a problem with that I forgot what we watched where you mentioned that But yeah

I don't know did Cady switch too overnight for you because for me it felt kind of like sudden

So I no I thought it made sense timing wise I think it took like a few days to see her kind of ramp up into a true plastic I find it funny that you mention this because one of the Biggest critiques when I was reading the critic reviews of the movie to prep for this episode was that they thought Cady did not switch enough

I thought that she went full regina I thought she went like innocent Cady the whole time and that was too long and then she went full regina

yeah there are moments like that moment where they tell her you can't sit with us and she's like in the middle of Karen and Gretchen it felt maybe a little bit too much I'm like oh you really are becoming her But in a way that you haven't done yet like we haven't seen you come up to this level yet and now you're just owning it

my last thing that I didn't love was that Mr Duval has a line about no vaping at the spring fling and I would like that if it weren't for the fact that it called out that I haven't seen any vaping in this movie up until now and I don't and if I had then it wouldn't be weird but because I didn't I was like wait if this is really like a modern teenage school like there There would be vaping not that teenagers should be vaping because I am very much against that I'm very much against vaping full stop But yeah it was weird

especially because we get us a lot of scenes of like outside shots of the school and things like that that like it could have easily been thrown in that the teenagers are vaping and it would have fit 

Or the parties

Yeah a few Fun fact notes that I wanted to mention Lindsay Lohan was paid 500k for her cameo which feels crazy

Yeah but she deserves it and it was actually pretty long

Yes yeah I do agree like she probably had to be on set for a full day is my guess maybe 2 but still felt I was like dang 500k like some of these side actors that probably filmed the whole time weren't paid that

Yeah but it's Lilo

sure sure sure this is nominated for a queerty for best comedy film which I thought was fun and then I wanted to note that the streaming version was edited to remove a line from Megan thee stallion so in her Little cameo in the original film She said y2k fire crotch is back and Lindsay Lohan when she watched it was offended that they included that since the term fire crotch was used in so much media against her in the early 2000s and was like Really used to like insult her and tear her down and so they ended up editing it for the streaming version

Shout out ginger rights kay we'll get into our quotes before we do our full wrap up

Regina asks She's like what percentage of calories from fat in her yogurt and Karen goes There's no way of knowing

Ha Ha Ha Ha ha

Gretchen goes up to Cady and is like I made you a Spotify playlist you could catch up on culture

That's something you would do I wrote LM because the only I'm sure there were others that I would have noticed if I had paid more attention but the one that the album that popped out from that playlist was Lea Michelle's album and I was like This is so inaccurate like I'm pretty sure I'm 1 of 5 people that's listened to that album it is on my iphone Okay don't judge me you're fine It's fine You could judge me but no one would put that on there

yeah no no no I didn't even catch that but like I have never listened to that album When they're talking about why Regina and Aaron broke up gretchen is like well someone told him about Shane and Karen goes Do you think it was santa

She has so many good lines

I don't remember who said this but I know it's a towards the end of the film and it's even the people you don't like or people who just want to coexist so get off their dicks and I feel like this is just a PSA for everyone

I don't know who said it either But I kind of feel like it might have been Regina on the painkillers

Yeah but it's so true like we just all want to coexist

Mrs George miss George Regina's mom when Cady comes to the house for the first time says we haven't had any new meat in our little lady taco in so long which is So wrong on multiple levels

Yeah it's pretty f*cked up but it's hilarious

1 of the smart pointed ways that I liked of the explicitness of the language in this one is there's that a famous scene in the 2004 movies where they're like ah my pores are so big My Whatever like they're looking at all their imperfections in the mirror and Cady's like I have really bad breath when I wake up but this time when they're doing it and they all look at her for something she goes ugh me too I'm ugly too because it's just like that's what they're saying 

yeah yeah yeah

When Cady is telling Damian and Janis about how she's acting dumb for Aaron and it works Janis goes fracking works as an environmentalist I f*cking loved that

Yeah so good

at the Halloween party when Cady is dressed scary and Gretchen's explaining that everyone needs to be sl*tty She says by not dressing sl*tty you're sl*t shaming us 

that was one of my favorite lines so good

at Cady's party Gretchen asks Jason what are you thinking about chicken wings later Do you ever think about me sometimes when I'm looking right at you I'm like so funny They really made him dumb

Yeah Dumb but also a girl Why Why are you pining after him She doesn't really try that hard

Damian before telling Cady about Regina and Janis's history he says like all history This is emotionally layered and culturally dense My little historian heart Loved that line because facts

Yup yup

Regina spits straight fire when she's on her pain meds She tells Cady don't apologize for things that aren't your fault  

Which we all could use that advice

I tell people that all the time when my friends apologize to me I tell them don't you ever apologize to me again And then also in that same conversation She goes you know what they call me if I was a boy and Cady says strong and she goes Reginald and is this whole point about like she'd rather be called a bitch but it's just really funny

Yeah it was really good

Overall as a whole Jess what did you think of this especially because you hadn't seen the musical

Yeah I haven't seen the musical I Love a movie to musical rendition like I Love legally blonde the musical Um so I had a feeling I would love this and I did my hopes were Low because reviews were not that great I was like maybe this really is bad because even people who were like it was okay still had a lot of bad things to say about it and I thought it was Fantastic It was so fun I loved it I agree with you It did run a little long but I wasn't upset How long it went I Really really enjoyed it I would watch it Again How about you

I enjoyed it ran A little long won't watch it again super soon But I would watch it again and I will definitely be watching the Halloween number again you texted me right after watching it being like I'm so glad that you suggested that we do this because I wouldn't have watched it otherwise but I really enjoyed it


And I was like so glad

and that was all based on like yeah reviews and just what I heard about it I was like oh I don't need to go out of my way to watch this but I'm like oh my God I'm so glad I did don't listen to other people guys go watch it

Yeah also just remember like most of those reviewers are not the demographic that movies are made for anymore 


My biggest takeaway when I watched this movie was that this was a movie made with such love and reverence and respect for both the source material and for the fans And I think that really shone through in the intentions and attention to the cast because they brought in multiple broadway stars with Renee and with Damian's actor But they also brought in the cameos from the Broadway cast the cameos from the original movie They you know they brought in people from all different aspects of the mean girls franchise and I just thought that they did such an incredible job

Yeah I thought it was really really good and I liked that it felt updated and everyone held their own There was no characters that I thought were lacking like cast wise Like their performances I didn't think there were any performances of the main cast that I thought was lacking 

I felt like Gretchen maybe a little bit but like I don't want to put that out in the world So maybe not also I did want to side note Gretchen in the musical on Broadway was originated by Ashley Park so she was asian and in this movie she The the actress is white passing but they give a little nod to her cuban heritage by saying her abuelita gave her something so I do love that they do that attention to the diversity as well and casting Karen as a south asian woman is so Fresh and unique and the actress said that she had to like she had so much fun with that because that is not the kind of role that women from India typically get they usually get the opposite right They're too smart So for her to get to be this ditz is so fun to watch

Yeah yeah

The makeup and costumes I mentioned it before I Just thought it was really smartly done the way that they elevated it up for the current generations and like nothing that I saw felt out of place
Yeah the makeup really I was so impressed by the makeup

And even though the makeup's really good or like Renee's outfits are like who the f*ck is wearing that's a high school at the same time I'm like people are growing up with social media and growing like I've seen girls at Sephora be 13 years old asking for chemical peels So you know that there are girls that are like going to high school with really nice makeup and really nice outfits

Oh yeah there is this girl at the groomers who she's there every time at the front desk when I drop Toby off and she must be 19 like she's young still not high school but you know not far removed from high school And she the way she does her makeup is so similar so I'm like people that age are doing that like she always has like face stickers and jewels and like it's for her job to work at a dog grooming office and she's wearing makeup like that and it's like completely normal So when I saw them have like jewels in high school and things like that in this show I'm like Yeah I think high schoolers are wearing that to high school like that is happening

The makeup and costumes and casting also were just like the gayest thing I've ever seen in my life That's why I'm wearing my gay shirt today We have openly gay people And Renee's new song with Megan thee stallion She says can a gay girl get an amen so people were like oh so Regina is gay and she was like yes just absolutely adored it Renee glows Renee Rapp I was like she's too much for this movie like she just stands out but also that's perfect for regina 


i Also was Kind of surprised that she did come back to it because I know that she's talked a lot about how being Regina on Broadway at 19 when she had eating disorder issues and like body issues really like was a struggle for her So I surprised that she was so like willing to come back to the project but I'm glad that she did

Yeah I don't think anyone else in a similar age range as her could do that role as well Like she really does just embody that role

and part of why I put the ages when we went through it is because watching it I thought this cast actually looks kind of age-appropriate whereas if you think about it Lindsay Lohan was like high school appropriate But Rachel Mcadams was like thirty five 


like Lindsay Lohan's the youngest of the cast and she's like 35 now and the rest of them are like 45 And like the little updates I wanted to mention that I noticed I'm sure there were like countless others There is the therapy speak The the I still have unresolved trauma and her love language There's a lot more diversity and then also I noticed the line when Mr Duval pulls the fire alarm in the original he says I did not leave the south side for this and in this one he says I did not go to grad school for this which felt like an elevation away from like stereotypes of black characters


And also they got rid of the whole coach car sleeping with 2 of the underage girls plotline it just was like smart well done

yeah the updates they made felt very very appropriate for the times but also yes removed the things that it's like we didn't need to include that in 2004 and we definitely don't need to include it in something more modern This just made me want to go see the musical There were things that they did that were so musical esque that I really appreciated that made me want to go see it more some of the things that I noted was the set design specifically I thought it was really cool in the Africa scenes The background is Like still and it looks painted so it looks like a set and also the very like cheesy cheesy moments they have when Cady is singing her good at math bad at love song She's swinging on a swing in class with her Ensemble all around her with their faces like against her shoulder and I just yeah I really liked that it felt like a stage production like they didn't shy away from that which I loved

I get what you're saying It's not a filming of the stage production but it kind of felt there were those elements included in it Yeah

That give you the same feelings when you're watching a stage production because they made the ensemble cast do really like cheesy things that I think people would shy away from in a movie normally even in a musical movie But it made it feel like a musical

I've seen the musical I had a great time It's not my favorite Broadway show I've ever seen mean girls was a solid show to watch I remember enjoying it more than I expected to for being a movie adaptation musical and I saw it before Sabrina Carpenter went on because Sabrina Carpenter was supposed to do a limited run She did a super limited run because she did like 2 shows and then covid shut down

Oh my god

Ah Broadway as Cady and I unfortunately did not get to see Renee Rapp she so I saw Calien fu who was since September of 2019 she was the understudy for both Regina and Gretchen But that was really cool because she did a great job and she's asian She's mixed asian and it was like so fun to see a commanding person of color playing Regina like every take on this makes it a little fresher

Yeah yeah anything else

no I Just like I don't know I liked it I thought they did a really good job and that people shouldn't be scared of bad reviews

Yeah I wasn't scared of the critics reviews It was that the normal person also gave it bad reviews which I was like that was just shocking 


Yeah I don't think it deserves that well as Amanda mentioned In the beginning up next we're getting back into suite life baby back into our og content We're finishing out the end of season 2 and then we'll get started with season 3 all of our young royals remix content babies We hope you stay around please please please rate and review it really helps us out on Spotify and Apple Podcasts also follow us on all of our social medias 90s babies nostalgia spell out the word nineties on Youtube and on Instagram but on Tiktok use the numbers there And with that we'll see you in the next one bye

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