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the suite life of zack & cody s3 part 1: subplots over substance

April 26, 2024 Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore Season 3 Episode 15
the suite life of zack & cody s3 part 1: subplots over substance
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Nineties Babies Nostalgia
the suite life of zack & cody s3 part 1: subplots over substance
Apr 26, 2024 Season 3 Episode 15
Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore

We're covering season 3 episodes 1 (Graduation), 4 (Super Twins), 7 (Sleepover Suite), 9 (Lip Syncing in the Rain), and 10 (First Day of High School). That's right, Zack and Cody are graduating middle school and getting summer jobs, then saving the world from Mr Moseby, then hosting sleepovers in London's suite, then performing high school musical, and then actually starting high school. And that's not to mention what London and Maddie are up to. Tune in to keep up with all the plots these writers threw at us and the dozens of guest stars that carried this season (shout out Giovanni Samuels!!).

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We're covering season 3 episodes 1 (Graduation), 4 (Super Twins), 7 (Sleepover Suite), 9 (Lip Syncing in the Rain), and 10 (First Day of High School). That's right, Zack and Cody are graduating middle school and getting summer jobs, then saving the world from Mr Moseby, then hosting sleepovers in London's suite, then performing high school musical, and then actually starting high school. And that's not to mention what London and Maddie are up to. Tune in to keep up with all the plots these writers threw at us and the dozens of guest stars that carried this season (shout out Giovanni Samuels!!).

Please rate & review us wherever you listen, and let us know your thoughts on the episode on any of our socials.


Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

Get home from school turn on my TV who are these friends staring right back at me now that we're older why don't you come over and go back in time with me 90s babies nostalgia

hi I'm Amanda 

And I'm Jessica 

and this is 90s babies nostalgia where a couple of 90s babies rewatch and sometimes watch for the first time tween entertainment from the early 2000

Just to be clear We are not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the things we talk about the actors the channels the streaming services We just really really love talking about Tv and today we're talking about the suite of Zack & Cody season 3 part one 

we're gonna be covering select episodes within the first half which is episodes 1 through 11

can you believe that we're at season 3

Can you believe that we're not done with it yet 


We did 5 episodes on season 2 

We had a lot to say

so yes I can believe we're on season 3

I feel like this is lowkey the fastest we've gotten through a show though Even though we've taken like breaks to do young royals and stuff I'm like I Don't know part of me's like Whoa We're going to be done soon like it feels kind of crazy

I do agree with that for some reason this one feels faster than Phil even though logically it's not 


but I'm not mad that we're almost done with it 


I'm not gonna miss it

fair fair Also you watch all the episodes I don't watch all the episodes and I don't think I'm gonna miss I'm not going back for another rewatch anytime soon

No and for anyone ah listening we did let's see we did like 2 or 3 episodes on season 1 we did like 5 on season 2 and then season 3 for some reason has the fewest number of episodes It's only 22 so we're doing these 2 and then we're going to do a wrap up to really collect all our thoughts if you want to know why we are talking such sh*t right now

Yes before we get into that though What have you been listening to or enjoying lately

Ugh as of recording this I recently finished one day on Netflix which everyone finished 1 to two months ago I know I'm behind But if you live under a rock and haven't seen it It's a Netflix miniseries or a limited series there's 12 episodes most of them are about 25 minutes it's a very easy watch It's based on a book There has been a movie I've heard the movie's not very good and it's a slow burn romance where you see one day the same day in these 2 people's lives For like 20 years as their lives converge and then separate and they become friends and they fight and all of this and it gets really really sad at the end and I knew that going into it and then I cried for the entire 40 minute Episode and it was the first time I cried in three and a half years and it was also because I was feeling manic that day and I needed an emotional release but I'm still thinking about it sometimes because I cried a lot I had puffy eyes the next day 

Sometimes you need a good cry

and I really did and I really recommend it

I have it on my list

good you should there Also there was a character I was like is this person hot or are they just scottish and I thought you would appreciate that there's a lot of accents 

Sometimes I think the answer is yes

Yeah I I knew you would what about you Jess

I am just like loving Gen z slash festival makeup trends we're getting into festival season plus just like with euphoria and just gen z cuties just doing whatever they want on their face I have been using a lot more gems and glitter in my makeup looks in the last like 2 years But I recently bought a face stamp which is like an eyeliner in a shape and I just stamped little stars on my face last night before going to a concert and it brought me so much joy every single time I saw my face it was so fun and so cute And just like we should all be putting crazy things on our face all the time 

And you looked so good and so cute

It was so easy to use too I don't want to like plug the product but just in general like I think what I've been enjoying is just like Experimenting with makeup like you want some cute little shapes on your face Why not

Yeah I feel like that's one of those trends that's like come around because I remember in middle school I would sometimes wear blue eyeliner and that was like a time when we would experiment a little bit as like pop punk was more popular We all were like learning our eyeliner and then now lately Especially for our age range the last few years and since the pandemic has been very like the no makeup makeup look and like natural and the younger people with their fun fresh makeup like that's where it's at like we should be playing


It's literally called make up because it is made up We're just making up what we're doing

Yes I originally was just going to put the little stars on my face last night then I had the little jewels and I added it and I was like this is more is more sometimes more is more like just keep putting it on like it was so fun and I even though i'm More basic basic makeup today I do agree sometimes I'm like this trend of the no makeup makeup look for our age like is boring I'm over it

Yeah well I love that for you I Love that you're exploring and having fun with it

Yeah well let's get into season 3 baby it aired June 23rd 2007 through September 1st 2008 before we get into the episodes that we're covering There is some new recurring characters to season 3 we have Giovonnie Samuels as Nia moseby who's Moseby's niece who comes to work at the hotel she's known for all that She played Betty Jane in country cousins episodes of that So Raven she was in bring it on all or nothing and then she actually recently came back to play Betty Jane again in Ravens home

Giovonnie Samuels is also in quiet on set and she just f*cking carries season 3 of suite life which made me feel bad that I almost forgot that she was in suite life We also get millicent is the new Candy Counter girl along with Nia Played by Kara Taitz who has done a few things not that much and Wayne Wormsby who is the manager of the market where they work which is all stuff I will explain to Jess later because she doesn't know what I'm talking about played by Jereb Dauplaise I don't know how to pronounce his last name and he's Mostly done a lot of guest star roles

And then we get We only covered a couple of these episodes but we get a plot line where Maddie is at camp as a camp counselor We'll get into that in a little bit but we get her campers which come back as recurring characters So we have Cierra Ramirez who plays Jasmine um who is Kathy on the secret life of the american teenager as well as plays Mariana Foster in the fosters and good trouble Hannah Leigh Dworkin as Amy Jaelin Palmer as Leah Um who was on yours mines and ours and guested a few episodes of Hannah Montana and then we have Sammi Hanratty as Holly who we saw in season 2 of suite life during the have a nice trip episode um and then she more recently is in yellowjackets

where did you get Sammi I go I just know of her as Samantha Hanratty

so now everything she's credited in is samantha hanratty but she is credited as Sammi Hanratty for suite life


So I think that was like a child nickname and maybe now she professionally goes by Samantha but back then she professionally went as Sammi

Got it and of note Ashley Tisdale is like in and out of this season because she was busy filming high school musical 2 which is why we get millicent and nia it's a weird season guys But I'm gonna get into that wrap up later first We'll just go through these episodes that I picked for us so episode 1 graduation so Cody and Barbara are both in the running for valedictorian for their middle school graduation and they're like Being mean to each other but like in a flirty way competing Cody is granted Valedictorian Zack finds out meanwhile that he's not graduating and has to go to summer school because he failed english and he's like about to tell Carey but then Kurt shows up and is all excited for his son So Zack then comes up with this very elaborate plan He like shoots a spitball at the person so that they say his name and he uses like a jet pack and he steals someone's graduation gown and cap and he just does like a lot of things to get across the stage and steal Someone's diploma But then at their graduation party Kurt gives them gifts he gives he gives gody something like I don't remember what it was It was not nearly

An ancient calculator 

Oh no it's not I mean it's not ancient 


He gives him an abacus which I used in second grade meanwhile he gives Zack Like a full on vintage guitar and Zack feels bad and admits to his parents that he didn't graduate and they're disappointed but they like also like 

There's no punishment 


Our b plot is sister Dominic shows up to the Tipton lobby and offers London a job for the summer which what what are you even doing of course London doesn't want this job So Maddie takes the camp counselor job instead and she shows up and this camp is literally falling apart and so she gets introduced to her campers and sister dominic like wands them down Upon them coming in and immediately Maddie's purse is stolen by one of the campers They give her this welcome gift and it's a stuffed raccoon but it like jumps out of the box at her and she thinks it's a real raccoon and she is like so stressed out That she calls London to come rescue her and so London's on her way gets there but then a tree falls on the helicopter So then they have to wait for another helicopter to come pick them up and Sister Dominic is like you know Maddie I don't have any other camp counselors So all these girls are going to have to go home if you don't stay and so she's like well as long as you girls behave I'll stay and so London leaves and the moment she sits down on her bed It goes crumbling to the floor because the girls stole all the screws out of it

so that's our first episode of season (incoherent) that's our first episode of season 3 notes on the a plot

Cody and barbara like 


boyfriend girlfriend what's happening here 

So like yes but no but yes it's

Okay okay

annoying because in this episode they're together I mean never see them get Together We see them have like moments I think in season 2 where they like go on dates and then In in this one They're together But then there's later episodes where they're not together But then there's episodes after that where they are together and none of that's ever addressed

Great Okay I figured that was the case but I was hoping for more kind of like confirmation on their relationship 

Yeah major continuity issues

Yeah okay part of this Is Carey's baking the boys graduation cake and she has full thick flour handprints on her face and just like I understand getting like sugar and flour and like baked baking things on you as you're baking but like never Are you baking and you end up with full handprints on your face

I Know it's such a bad makeup-ing moment like just why would you I I Guess it's funny but it's not I think it would be funnier if it was a little more realistic with just like patches of flour

Yeah if she had like some up of her eyebrow it kind of like dusted on her would be funnier because that is more realistic This is just like so outlandish Yeah

Yeah you rarely even have flour entirely over all of your hands to then get it on your face

yeah yeah it didn't make sense 

Very confusing

Also I never went to summer school so I don't really know the summer school rules but wouldn't Carey have to sign something if Zack is in summer school like you would think the fact that he failed and was not graduating like Carey would have been notified

I Don't know about signing something I never went to summer school either But he does go to summer school in the next episode So maybe the notification was coming later in general you would think that everyone involved would know a lot sooner than they do

yeah um do you have any other a plot thoughts

this is the start of the season that makes no sense This season has truly like I think the writers had so many ideas and none of them were fleshed out for this season because we get like Half a dozen new plots and sets and characters and I think the crux of it comes down to it starting off with summer vacation I don't know any other show that's done that usually they follow the school years 


So I Just it's a very interesting little like timeline choice on their behalf

yeah and it makes for some kooky episodes our b plot when Maddie's like hey Moseby I'm gonna take this camp counselor job I'm not going to be here is that going to be okay Moseby acts like it's literally not a big deal and I'm like she works the candy counter like she is your only employee that works one part of this store 

She's not the only one but she's the only one we see 

Yeah yeah I Guess that's true

I don't know if millicent I don't think Millicent might be a new hire for this plotline I think there might be a training moment Nia for sure Obviously But there's a point when Maddie comes back where she fights because she like worked for years to get the shift that she has so I do think there's others but also in general like it's an entry level job I don't think it'd be that hard for him to just like find some a kid that wants a summer job

Fair I Just like she knows all the things you know 


okay getting into the hard part of this ah B plot that really frustrated me these children are described as Inner City kids and then are given personalities of being thieves of being mischievous of committing crimes and just like why are we doing this

And only one of them is a person of color and she's very light skinned

I was also going to mention that yes

Which isn't to say that it would have been better or worse Either way it's just a very weird choice There's 1 girl who's like tall for her age So she's a goth and is physically violent but quiet There's a girl who is a pathological liar There's a girl who steals everything and then I forgot what my description of the last one Oh and then the con girl Samantha Hanratty who I'm glad is back and made sense why she stuck out in my mind so much when I saw the episode in season 2 and I was like she's known as this character how is it only 1 episode and then I saw her and I was like oh yeah she's back Be yeah it's weird It's weird It gives me like um have you heard of the program on Netflix it's a documentary series It's a series about a private school that was unaccredited and there's multiple of these types of schools all over the country and the world where Parents would send their kids when they're like troubled youth and they would basically live in isolation like they weren't allowed to leave the school They weren't the boys and girls were separated They weren't allowed to talk to their classmates They were like punished for every little thing and like very very traumatized but a lot of these kids weren't even like Bad kids not that any kid is inherently bad But one of them got sent there because she was at a christian school before and was caught drinking a Sm1rnoff ice and they had a 0 alcohol tolerance policy and 1 girl like I don't remember why her parents sent her there I think because she was depressed And the school gaslit her into like admitting that she had all these drug problems that she didn't have It's a whole It's a great documentary series but it gave me like that kind of vibe of like in a weird way of um the way that we have institutions that profit off of The idea of troubled teens

Yeah I also just like not to go on this point too much longer But as a kid who went to camp and as a kid who is a camp like I was a camp counselor as well You have Children that are inner City Youth or children that like come on scholarship and like this is not the characteristics you see in those children They may be troubled They may have issues they're working through but like they're not Being criminals They just like have different ways of maybe processing things because of the home environment they live in but I just didn't I don't know I just didn't love this portrayal

they might just be happy to be there

Yeah I wrote down the toothbrush conversation and I don't remember oh the campers are having this conversation about a toothbrush and 1 of them's like well at least you have a toothbrush And the other one's like we only have one to share between all of our family members and the other person was like well we don't even have one I have to use my grandmother's finger or something and I was like what is going on

Yeah that's a recurring bit with them too in the episodes that they're in like there's one where they talk about their like boyfriends and husbands and stuff it Is weird but it always like It's It's a very um Improv style where it's like everyone is one upping the other 

Yeah yeah

I forgot like when I think about suite life I Never think about the Camp plotline but as soon as it happened I was like Oh yeah this is totally a thing and it felt very vivid 

I had the same reaction

but like so random and out of left field and it it lasts for about 4 episodes at the beginning of the season and I understand that they had Ashley for a limited amount of time But I don't understand why half the time that she's in this season is in this can't plotline 


It doesn't make sense

the only thing that I thought is like maybe they're setting her up to be like oh she's at camp all summer That's why you're not seeing her around the hotel in the other episodes but they don't really ever set that up at least not in anything that I watched

No they set her up for missing for the semester of school the first semester of school but they don't set her up and then like this setup doesn't make sense because then you've introduced a whole new set and characters that you see

Yeah but you don't get any closure on any of it 

No okay quotes

one is I met your dog and he's an idiot made me giggle Speaking of These girls who just say the most outlandish things trying to one up each other There's one they were talking about their home situations and she goes I live with wolves in a cave and they never share their meat with me

Pretty sure that's the pathological liar She's always saying the most ridiculous trip I attributed this to the parents But I don't know which part they put 1 person says yeah graduation picture before mug shot and the other person said baby steps baby steps and then cody are you through with your shenanigans Nope I think I'm going to shenan again Yeah okay getting into the episode that Jessica that made Jessica text me what the hell is going on Episode 4 super twins

I do want to note that this episode was part of Disney Channel's wish gone a miss weekend so it was like all the different episodes that premiered were all around the Premise of a wish

Wishing on a shooting star I don't remember what other shows did this besides Hannah Montana but I know Hannah Montana did because I confirmed

Zack and Cody see a shooting star and they wish to be superheroes so when they wake up the next morning Cody has the power to read people's minds and he has telekinesis and Zack has super speed and we learn that Mr Moseby is a super Villain the meanager and he has ability you to shoot laser beams out of his eyes and the different colored laser beams like do different things Esteban is his evil side kick and then Arwin is also pulled into this To build a laser beam that will amplify Mr Moseby's powers called the adultifier and the goal of this laser beam is to turn all the children into adults in order to power the laser Mr Moseby needs a diamond so he goes to London and Arwin is after Carey and Esteban is getting Maddie because he's going to tie her to railroad tracks I don't really understand why But that's what's happening 

Both of them are being ah ah held hostage by the henchmen so that the twins are distracted so they can't stop Moseby

Yes yes yes the campers walk in and they see Maddie tied up and are super upset with Esteban because they're like we were gonna tie her up why the heck did you do it first and so then Zack shows up because he knows that Maddie's in trouble and he unties Maddie with a super speed and then ties up Esteban really quickly and Cody goes to rescue Carey from arwin and they get away because Carey pretends to give arwin a kiss and then they both sneak away which I'm like I don't really know why she needed Cody for that And London gives the diamonds to Mr Moseby and adultifier's powered up but then at the last moment they put a mirror in front of it So the laser beam bounces off the mirror back to Moseby and it turns Moseby into a giant baby and After this all happens Zack and Cody have a conversation and they're like we don't want to be superheroes anymore This is way too much responsibility We need to reverse this and so they get the idea of Zack to run them really fast in reverse So they can go back to when they wished on the shooting star and undo that wish and so they go back way too far in time and are like in the time of the dinosaurs And then we see them the next morning Everything's back to normal They don't have powers and Zack and Cody are chatting about everything and Cody is like no that was your dream like you dreamed it all but Zack still kind of believes that it was all real

Yeah I'm pretty sure the Cody and Arwin and mom thing was that he used his telekinesis to drop the ropes around her or whatever she was tied up with 


you wrote this note but I'm yeah Cody hears everyone's thoughts and London's narrating her life in all of her thoughts like she's thinking left right left right left right as she walks and it's hilarious

It's really funny because I'm like this is such accurate writing like this is the thoughts that would be going through London's brain I wrote this episode as wild and I barely remember it which is true like I do remember the like brain man and I don't know what is zack 

Quick something

quick boy or whatever 

Quick boy yeah

I remember that and them in their superhero suits very vaguely but I did not remember the episode at all and it was wild and crazy and very outlandish and it just fit a lot into the 22 minutes that I'm like I don't know if we needed to do this much

yeah we really didn't need to go to camp and see Maddie

We didn't need to go to the camp and see maddie We also like didn't need to go back to dinosaur time like

I actually do remember it quite well 


I felt like this one was on repeat a lot so when I watched it I immediately was like yeah this is when we have to watch because it's it stands out especially the boys in their suits My favorite part of the episode has to be adult Bob though Bob gets hit by the adultifier gun and he's the only one that does and he by the end of the episode has a very successful insurance company which like f*ck insurance but slay Bob and he just like The way that they do this They don't use different actors and they don't use special effects They just put the normal actor in adult clothes or in Moseby's case in baby clothes It's a very interesting choice so you see Lil Bob's actor in like A suit with his briefcase and he's talking very like businessman like and it's very endearing to me

Yeah I Just really appreciated his briefcase I thought it was a nice touch

I Think that child actor has good delivery as well of like in general I think all of his episodes He stands out to me

Yeah I agree I feel like he steals the show a lot even though he doesn't have that many lines with the episodes that he is and like I'm thinking of the midsummers night Dream episode where you're like yeah he frickin crushes like he does a great job

I'm thinking of the one where he he pretends to be his sister in the class election

Yeah yeah Arwin is delivering this evil Ray gun and it's like giant and he's like wheeling it through the lobby and it has this cardboard sign That's just like nothing evil underneath here

yeah that really just highlights how ridiculous this whole episode is something I didn't love is that Moseby freezes Cody and then the next cut we get Zack has un Has defrosted him but we don't get to see that happen like it's so tiny I just would have liked to see it because it felt like a big deal that he froze him and there was like a commercial break outro there But then It wasn't a big deal because Zack just immediately defrosted him

Yeah and it feels like that would have been a chance for something comedic too like a comedic way for him to defrost him or something like that You know 

Yeah yeah absolutely

I wrote this that they Just showed up to the writers room and decided to get a little crazy and I get that Disney sent them on this because they're like we're going to do this wish gone amiss weekend but like this is all wacky episode like I feel you have to be taking some drugs to write this script because it was wild

When you think about the fact that the Hannah Montana one was just that she wishes she was Hannah all the time and this one is this like it's 1 thing for them to be superheroes But then for the whole meanager adultifier storyline It's a lot

Yeah yeah

I really thought it was funny when Zack pulls a hammy at one point he's going to run off and then he just falls because he forgot to stretch


I'm confused about some of the timing though because you mean to tell me moseby's already in London's suite where London is naming and petting her diamonds and polishing them and telling Moseby he needs to ask nicely and the boys are there and then moseby's like I have Maddie tied up and I have your mom tied up and the boys go off rescue them and come back and Moseby is just now getting a diamond How did they pull that off

Yeah I'm like even with super speed involved like he's Zack is not going that fast

No and Cody certainly isn't then They've stopped Moseby and Carey comes in and says the phone has been ringing all night because there are so many people who need saving and then I'm like but hasn't she been free for like

an hour

if that I was going to say 30 minutes like the amount of time it took them to stop Moseby is less time than it took them to get the girls but when they saved the  Maddie and Carey That was no time for the moseby stuff It just didn't make sense guys it didn't 


and I get that I'm reading too much into this because they're literally superheroes in this episode but I was just a little confused

Yeah the timeline does not check out I just have to mention this we get a few of these um this season and I just love the episodes where it's 1 plot like And this is in all the shows we've watched I have said this many times but it's just fun to see all the characters together and really focus even though we flash to camp it still is really 1 plot going on and I just really appreciate those episodes

Yeah makes it feel like the larger ensemble cast is worth it

Yeah yeah because you get to see more interactions between characters that you wouldn't normally see in an episode where the plots are split

1 thing I didn't note that I didn't love is that when Zack is running out of the cabin after saving Maddie Cierra Ramirez says he's cute or he was cute and then he runs back and is like *click* 




quotes I think I wrote most of the quotes down for like most of these episodes which is fair It's a weird show in that it's comedic but it's not super quotable 

Yeah agreed

when Moseby is telling the twins about Having Carey and first he says he has Maddie and Zack's like I'll take care of her and then he says he has Carey and Cody goes you've got our mommy too How could you and I just think Dylan no cole's delivery of a lot of his lines make them Way funnier than they were written 


when Arwin has Carey tied up he sings I love Carey she's pretty as a fairy I love Carey forgive me if I starey everything about arwin is creepy I Even left out some of his creepier episodes Carey asks Cody if he should wear a sweater and he says superheroes don't wear sweaters and she says they do if it's super cold outside  

so cute 


next episode 7

Sleepover suites guest stars in this one Meaghan Jette Martin sorry I I got I was expecting to say Jeanette Martin meaghan Jette Martin as Stacey Meaghan is famously from camp rock she plays tess In that she's also in the ten things I hate about you tv show and Raini rodriguez as Betsy Raini is in Austin and ally as Trish this is the point where I was like literally everyone was in the show at some point

Yes everyone

like also when we got Cierra Ramirez When we got Cierra Ramirez that's when I first was like ok so everyone has been in the show

Yeah like I thought we got some crazy people in Raven and we did but in terms of like a Disney extended universe We truly got everyone in suite life

yeah and if you think of Cierra at first it feels weird but then you remember the fosters and good trouble are Abc which is Disney A plot London is out on a trip to I think the highlands in Scotland 

Yeah Scotland

and Zack and Cody are pet sitting Yvonna for her but they break this dramatic ass bust that London's had made of herself in marble While playing fetch and so they're going to come up with money to get it fixed is their idea then they're down in the lobby and they see Stacey talking to Moseby with her mom about how the hotel can't host her sleepover for her birthday because all of the suites are booked up because no one thought to ask the Hotel before the day of the party and Zack 

Do not get me started on that

and Zack is like Cody We've got a plan they immediately step in somehow without moseby noticing and wrap Nia into it That they are going to host the party and Moseby was wrong There's actually a suite available nia's the activities coordinator and so they're going to use London's suite to impress Stacey and also make up the money to fix the bust of course the girls want pizza and Cake and whatever so Cody gets to work making all of that in their kitchen because they can't afford to order pizza and Nia's keeping the girls busy then London comes back early because she couldn't find the key to her castle And the boys tell her some lie about how there's exterminators because there's rat roaches in her suite so she has to sleep at their place but she can't sleep because Zack's fake white noise sounds aren't good enough and so she stumbles into her room Where Moseby and Carey also end up being and everyone finds out about the sleepover and also Stacey at one point thinks that Yvonna is her birthday present and that this dog is her dog but the boys fess up they get in trouble but then London's like why didn't you just Tell me I love a slumber party and hosts the girls anyway

our b plot is there's a barbershop quartet conference at the hotel and Carey gets asked out by 1 of the quarets 

Like not 1 person but an entire quartet

no yes yes I thought 1 of the quartets was clear Yes all of them she doesn't really want to go on the date with them But the boys like literally shove her out of the front door because they're trying to get sh*t dumb for the sleepover So they're like mom freaking get out of our hair leave go on your date she goes on the date And she runs away to London's suite because she's trying to hide from the barbershop quartet because they spent the entire dinner fighting over her and then at the end of it Carey's like this is not going to work out I can't date all 4 of you And then they decide to become a quintet and have Mr Moseby join

Yup A plot notes 

your birthday is not a surprise day You know what day it is It's on the same day every year and if you're throwing a big party You would think oh I should book this at Least a month in advance But again you know what date it is you could book it six months in advance I don't understand why they show up at first I thought it was day of but then I actually think it was maybe like the day prior two days prior

Yeah but it's no more than 48 hours

yes and be shocked that a luxury at hotel is sold out like what 

Yeah a luxury hotel 


this is like a Ritz Carlton wannabe


I mean technically it's a Hilton wannabe but it's fancier than a Hilton Yeah it's poor planning and this happens a lot There's an episode We don't watch where the twins like book a convention the day of 

What oh my God The event manager and me is like that is my worst nightmare

the episode before this is when Nia is introduced which we're not covering but we don't see her interact with the twins at all in her introduction episode and then very quickly She just falls straight into this plan and I do like the moments in the show where she interacts with the twins and we'll go over another episode later but I just it was strange to me kind of surprising like how quickly she was able to fall into their cadence

yeah and especially because I didn't watch the episode where she was introduced I remembered her as a character so I wasn't surprised by it and I remembered this episode but I was kind of like oh they really just threw her in

Yeah they have an introduction as to why she's there but all of her storyline in her first episode is with Moseby and London we don't see her interact with the twins at all before this episode So it's kind of weird Also I did write the note here of like Cody's with Barbara before and suddenly he's crushing on Stacey I don't understand

Yeah it doesn't make sense and even if we were to look at production order guys 301 was production order 301 and this one which is episode 7 was production order 307 so it still doesn't make sense even when you look at production order

And there are multiple episodes in the season about Cody and Barbara's relationship and we're going to go over some of them Not all of them But I can tell you with confidence There is never one where they break up There is never like that's not Even a thing where maybe like it's not a Ross Geller We were on a break situation if anything I maybe they should have broken up in the graduation episode to be like it's summer we're going to see other people 


but that's not what happens

completely unrelated I wrote down Cody but in my brain like maybe it was Zack because this would make more sense But 1 of them was wearing a shirt that was giving Ed Hardy I actually think based on the time the show came out It probably was Ed Hardy but it was like a button up with like flames and skulls and it was bright colored and I was like oh this is really just telling of the fashion of the time

I didn't know what that was but I'm looking it up now and I yes I Absolutely know what you're talking about upon style 

You don't know who Ed Hardy was

I The name was familiar but I couldn't remember if it I knew was either a designer or a celebrity And I wasn't sure which one I think the flame shirt is Zack 

Got it

I have a mental image of him in a red flame shirt

Yeah I yeah I think when I was taking notes I just like wrote down an name real quick But then when I was rereading them I'm like this doesn't make sense character wise to be Cody but it makes sense to be Zack

Girl my notes I write z and c and lon and mad and Mos and it's just it's a nightmare in my head when I read them  


so Cody makes everything because they don't have enough money to just order pizza which is hilarious because in another episode london orders pizza for $10 so they don't have enough money but they do have enough ingredients for him to cook He says 10 pizzas 


and a cake In Carey's kitchen of all kitchens he doesn't even go down to the actual tipton kitchen

that oven can fit 2 pizzas in it at 1 time tops

I'm just very confused
Yeah I didn't know it's not possible

I did think it was very funny that London said she needs a white noise machine to sleep because that felt ahead of its time because I feel like everyone needs a white noise machine now

Yes that was like 1 of the most popular requests at the hotel humidifier in the room and white noise machine like so many people need one and at first I'm like what but I guess if it works for you

I felt like they didn't get that popular until like 2017 or so

Yeah that's probably right towards the end of this episode to provide a distraction to everything going on Zack just starts kissing multiple girls from this sleepover without consent and it's not okay and it's not funny

nope and they almost handle it Okay but not really so he very quickly kisses Raini Rodriguez and she blushes and stumbles back Never seen them interact before whatever she seems smitten that's gross then another girl comes out he very quickly kisses her and the part where they like almost make it Okay the way they handle it is that then the new girl and Raini rodriguez both slap him But why did he do that anyway and this like But this one I was on the fence about assigning for a while and it was when this moment happened that I was like all right We're going to talk about this one
Yeah and to me it's like the slap was because they were annoyed that he kissed multiple girls but I'm like this slap should also be because he kissed both of you without f*cking asking for consent He just like went in

Yeah it's gross He's just doing it so that they like stumble back and stay in the closet and we never see him talk to any of these girls 

I hated it

I Just wonder how many Actors and actresses got their first kisses on this show because there's actually surprising amount of kissing for a Disney show

I Think the most kissing of any of the shows we've watched so far
Definitely of any of the shows that we've watched but I think of any of the shows like Hannah and wizards had like a couple kisses ever if they had people who kissed repeatedly it would be like Lily and Oliver because they were dating for an entire season

yeah it just was this It's a strange choice I don't know why no one questioned it on set you Yeah 

do you think it's because they're male leads 

Yes I do the amount of kisses yeah

Yeah yeah and flirting and talking about dating It feels even more than Most of the shows with girl with female leads My last note is that Disney plus auto loaded and played the next episode during the middle of the end credit scene and I'm not mad about it because I was so over this episode by then 


the b plot Cody X Cody Carey at the end when she's in the suite and the quartet shows up and she's like this is not going to work out because I can't date all 4 of you She first starts it with this is not going to work out because I'm a virgo and you're and she lists off all of those like you're a leo pisces bla bla blah and blah blah blah and that is just a bad combination and I just felt like The use of zodiac signs as a reason that she couldn't date was a very like 2020 move so I liked that it was included in this 2007 plot Yeah

Very gay too Also my note is just this is the weirdest f*cking b plot ever It's the weirdest f*cking plot What do you mean this one woman is going on a date with 4 men at the same time and they're all best friends and they're all fighting over her and they sing every single thing and they're seeing about how she has to choose 1 of them even though they do everything together What in the polyamorous like I don't understand why they thought that this was what they wanted to do

Yeah you know I agree it was weird but I didn't hate it

It wasn't inherently as offensive as it could have been I find the majority of this season The majority of Carey screen time She's the butt of the joke whether it's about her weight or her dating life and this one did lean into the dating life a bit where they were like well you haven't been on a date in so long But it like it wasn't gross It was just very strange I Just I think it's like the weirdest thing I've ever seen on a kids show is this one woman being forced By her teenage sons to go on a date with 4 men at once

I Think that's the part is that she's being forced by her teenage sons to do this Yeah yeah

It's the strangest thing conceptually when you're watching it You're like whatever it's the suite life But conceptually when you think about it 



um I think when Cody's making pizza he goes pesto and then Zack goes whatso

Meaghan's character her favorite word is fantabulous She calls everything fantabulous which whereas we say some things feel a little like 2020 that that felt very 2006

Yes and I wrote it down I was like isn't this a Knick show But then I realized that was unfabulous Not fantabulous only kiss one girl per party unless one goes home and that I'm pretty sure was Cody's advice to Zack and I do have to say even though I thought him kissing multiple girls at the same party without consent was terrible if you are kissing people with consent and you're maybe not 15 and like 20 this is actually good advice only kiss one person per a party Unless the other person goes home then maybe you could kiss another person

I'm pretty sure at the end Carey's like did you learn anything and that's what Zack says he learned 

Oh that makes sense

Yeah ah when they're talking about the party and it being up in the suite and Cody's overthinking Zack says There's one cute girl waiting for you and 5 waiting for me and then when they're getting punished by Carey she says no tv to Zack and then no oven to Cody for a month and she does it without skipping a beat and I just thought it was really funny that that's Cody's punishment

It's also like Carey You can't cook so I'm pretty sure the only person that cooks in this household is Cody so I feel like that's also a punishment for her

Yeah but it reminded me of like when I was a kid and I would be like great How are you gonna punish me send me to my room where I'm gonna read books That's what I do all the time Anyway like what are you gonna do because my mom would struggle because it's like what are you going to do take away my books

Yeah fair

Episode 9 

lip syncing in the rain

guest stars for this one

Is Mitchell Whitfield as Mr Blaine he played Barry in friends in the voice of Donatello in ah teenage mutant ninja turtles and then Mark Indelicato as Antonio who is Justin on ugly betty

Cody is auditioning for the school play high school musical He wants the part of Troy and Maddie wants the part to sharpay because Everyone tells her she looks like her Cody gets the part of Troy and Maddie gets sharpay's understudy because she's too nice to play sharpay and London gets the part of sharpay which we learn is because Mr Tipton is funding the theatrical run of the theater teacher Mr Blaine's musical that he wrote called floss So London is not so great and she needs all the help she can get so she goes say Carey for some singing practice And then she goes to Moseby to help her with her dancing they're all practicing for opening night and we see Antonio who plays the part of Ryan practicing with London and he gets fed Up He's like she's gonna make me look bad This is gonna ruin my theater career Okay 15 year old 

Well he has scouts coming

Oh yeah he does have scouts coming still kind of crazy And he does not want to perform with her and everyone agrees Everyone's like yeah London freakin stinks and then Mr Blaine learns that Mr Tipton will be at the show and so they're like oh my gosh we have to make sure London is good if her dad is showing up so they decide that London is going to be out on stage doing all the lines But for the singing portion Maddie will be behind the curtain singing everything for London and London will just lip-sync the show's going well but Zack he had to do detention and 1 of the options was to work backstage so he's working backstage He decides that everyone needs to know that it's actually Maddie singing and so he goes to drop one of the curtains But it falls on Antonio and then he like runs offstage and wants to quit and then Maddie's on stage and then this is the part where I swear I blacked out because all of a sudden Everyone is just on stage performing together and that's how our episode ends right

wait so ok the curtain falls and Antonio quits Maddie because Antonio quits Maddie starts singing Ryan's part instead of sharpay's She tells London sing in London's like I'm bad and she's like just sing just trust me London kind of sings and then because they're doing well and the crowd enjoys it Antonio's like wait a second I want my moment so he runs out on stage as well And then I think maybe the twins do I'm not entirely sure and then the end credit scene is the twins Antonio Maddie and London doing floss and like 2 pairs going off at once yeah

at the beginning of this episode They're acting like this is Cody's first time ever auditioning for anything and like is he nervous is he prepared all these things and I'm like we already had an entire play episode

I agree I wrote the exact same No I was like what the hell is this like it's so pointless because they're like oh you don't try out for the theater you audition and blah blah blah and I was like bruh we know

Yeah we already covered this

it would be 1 thing if these were in the same season but they're not so why like it is just lazy writing at that point


I enjoyed at the beginning When they don't know what show they're going to do Cody is saying that he hopes that they do Agamemnon because of ah something about Agamemnon and Clytemnestra and like I literally did not know who they were until a couple months ago when I read a new retelling of Clytemnestra and like Love that would not have known as a kid watching this who they were but it was fun as an adult to be like I know who those are

and I do think that's something Disney does well is they will throw in things for adults So that's what's fun doing I feel like our rewatch sometimes is You're like oh this was like a reference or a joke for the Parents watching and not necessarily for the children watching Okay we get into timeline issues y'all 

Speak on it speak on it

the next episode that we are gonna cover is titled first day of high school But they are in high school This whole thing is the high school musical

The production codes are the reason why we get that it was written and produced at a different timeline However it was aired in this timeline furthermore Ms Maddie Fitzpatrick does not officially come back until the thirteenth episode


Of this season and this episode is is 9

it doesn't make sense I was so confused I'm like where are we what is a school who everyone's in school together and we'll cover this in the next one But I'm like Maddie in London aren't at

Our lady of perpetual sorrow 


I know I was like why are they going to this school now Why are they all in the same school

Yeah so confusing it really is a lot of it is explained in the next episode but not all of it something I did enjoy and this is like 1 of the memeable moments of suite life

Is the Maddie sharpay bit of it all where like Maddie's big thing in this episode is she just like everyone tells me I look like Ashley Tisdale like everyone tells me I look like Sharpay I she get the part of Sharpay and every single person she interacts with is like huh really I don't see it and it's just Hilarious

It's so memorable that that's the whole reason I assigned this episode even at 1 point someone says that Cody looks like Zack Efron and then she's like but I don't look Like Ashley Tisdale 


so she sings for London but what about the dancing because London supposed to also 

I had the same thought

because London's supposed to also stink a dancing and I and I like they have this whole thing where they're like Maddie's doing all of the work and and like the people need to know and I'm like dancing is also work 

Yeah and also like when Antonio gets upset when they're rehearsing It's because her dancing is bad like she bumps into him and bumps him off It's not the singing so I was like I don't know why our solution is to like also she was bad at the singing but it's like Our only solution is for Maddie to sing but that doesn't solve the other half of the issue we had

Yeah because Moseby helps teacher to dance But if Carey didn't help her sing then how did she like I'm sure she didn't retain it that well But apparently she did and like let's give London credit

Sure yeah she did do it my other thing is that Maddie has so much hair in this episode and I understand that maybe it's for her to look more sharpay-esque to prove the point But we go from her like normal amount of hair and she I swear she's wearing like 7 pounds of clip in extensions

She had a lot of hair in season 2 already We noted it that like half of her hair was not her hair But when comes back 

It's now 2 thirds of her hair is not her hair

yeah I think in the Camp episodes She looks like the Maddie we're used to but when she comes back from and Antarctica every episode thereafter production code wise so that includes this one She has the most burnt orange spray tan and 3 times the hair It's like she's in full on sharpay high school musical 2 makeup and costuming all the time and it's very jarring as Maddie Fitzpatrick  

Yes it does not fit

It's not just this episode I really enjoyed when um Carey is teaching London how to sing and she's like how would I remember all of those like fa so la do re mi fa so la ti do she's like how would I remember all of that and so she makes it up where every single thing that is in there is about money Like dough money and ah I don't remember the other ones but every single thing is about money except for t My favorite vowel Question did Maddie deserve the role of sharpay

We never really saw their auditions or anything So I don't know if I can say but like 

We did 

oh we did Ah oh 

she sings bop to the top and London sings london Tipton's really great Really great really great London tipton's really great and deserves the opposite of love which is hate or no and deserves the opposite of hate

the the opposite of hate which is love yeah okay that is true Um based on the auditions we saw Yes she deserves the part over London

Yeah ah but the whole like I don't know I just was like annoyed and also I thought it was really funny that the the logic of like she's too nice when all we do is talk about how mean she is

Yeah I'm like I don't think she's that nice

No I I got the joke of obviously she is sharpay and therefore it's funny that she's not playing sharpay but I wasn't like you like no one inherently deserves anything

Sure and just because she looks like sharpay I don't think she should get it But also it's like compared to London she was better 

Yeah yeah

and if those are our 2 options which they were the only ones presented to us Then she does deserve it over London

Sure but that she doesn't support her friend until the very end She's just like but but but you took also why did Disney insist on only using 1 single song from high school musical

And why was it bop to the top

because that's sharpay's song But oh but we heard bop to the top like 3 times and I didn't need it 

No I didn't either

I like bop to the top It's a decent song I didn't need it 3 times

getting into quotes and speaking of the carey teaching London how to sing to remember la wanting goes law is something you get to break if you're rich and I just yep facts

one of Antonio Antonio's quotes is I love the theater when it gets catty which felt very theater kid 


and then I already sang the song but this is the intro of London's or is the first time we hear the London Tipton's really great Song which then becomes her theme song for her web show that happens later in this season and I enjoy it and then a line that I didn't like is when Carey's like do you know your scales and she's like yeah you just step on it and subtract 5 lbs which is something I was kind of told was well subtract a Pound or two depending on what you're wearing or the time of day 


Sorry probably shouldn't have been the final quote but episode 10 

First day of high school

guest stars because everyone was on this frickin show

Yes we get kay oh I that is written wrong but it's Kay Panabaker

As Amber she was Debbie in phil of the future as well as in read it and weep and like a million other dcoms and is just like a disney icon kathy Najimy as miss milititch the principal she's in sister act But sister mary in hocus pocus is the most famous one She's also been in the bride of chucky king of the hill like she's done a lot of work 

Yep getting into it Zack and Cody arrive at high school and Zack immediately is distracted by all of the hot girls and so he goes up and talks to Amber and she mentions she's a sophomore so they can't be together because he's too young Um but he continues to flirt with her and then her boyfriend Vance shows up and he's like the big bully And he catches Zack with his arm around Amber and so he puts zack in the trash can and nia sees this happen and ends up standing up for Zack and fights vance and ends up pushing him into like a giant a ladder with a giant pan of blue paint  Zack and nia then get called into the principal's office and carey and Mr Moseby are also there because they have to be there for zack and nia and they just end up arguing with one another the whole time and the principal does a lot of like shh And making sure that people are shutting up and paying attention to her then we see vance starting to bully Cody in class and Bob stands up for Cody even though in this episode I didn't write it but like Bob is like now that we're in high school I'm going to be a jock so he's kind of Like lightly making fun of Cody and like trying to be someone that he's not and in this moment we see him kind of stand up for Cody and then Cody ends up jumping on vance  Which then gets them in trouble as well So they get called into the principal's office we do see amber apologize to Zack and she's like he's so terrible I broke up with him We're not together anymore But we can't be a thing because you're a baby and I can't be seen with a baby but she does agree to tutor zack on Saturday and now that they're we're gonna get into the b plot but Mr Moseby and Carey our Back at school for a second time in the same day because Cody and London are both in trouble Everyone gets detention and in detention we see vance starting to go out with nia And then London pays someone to attend for her which is just really funny because it's like a boy who's wearing like a sparkly scarf in the back

Yeah as part of the b plot which is London has been expelled from our lady of perpetual sorrow for not attending class so she has to go to public school because there aren't any private schools in Boston left that she hasn't been expelled from and Nia The whole time is like don't be a princess Don't be a princess and she's like I will pay everyone to be my friend and so she pays everyone to be her friend But of course they're not really her friends because she's just paying them so as soon as she gets in trouble because she bought A big chunk of lockers off of people and is renovating them into her lounge and the principal finds out and is mad at her her friends like immediately throw her under the bus because she can't even remember their names so they're like we're not your friends like you did this and so she gets in trouble and has to go to detention as well And one of those notes in there was someone was like ah I'll attend your classes for you and she was like you don't look like me But so and-so does and it's this other asian boy and that's who is in detention in her clothes but has a very deep voice and that's the episode

As part of this episode We see the principal Miss Millititch and Cody have this weird like she wants to meet him because she's like oh I've heard great things about you You're an excellent student But then they both start talking about bird watching and make plans to go bird watching together and are like cawing at each other in the hallway and stuff and it just made me extremely uncomfortable 


Yeah I didn't like it It was weird and also I'm like I don't know if we should be showing like an adult Principal like making plans outside of school with a teenage boy

Mhmm I think the making plans I glossed over mentally the rest of it I didn't mind but making plans is weird was it that concrete 

Yeah it was

Yeah yeah that is a bit weird

yeah I think that's the part that mostly made me uncomfortable The rest just made me feel um cringe 

Yeah valid


I do think it's a shame though that they only got Kathy Najimy for this one episode I really liked the principal character Overall she stood out to me as a guest star and whereas this season has So many different recurring new recurring characters and new sets and new plotlines like I would have really enjoyed if they just spent more time in the school and we had this principal character more often

Yeah me too I really liked her 

She's hilarious 

Yeah Cody says in this episode to never salt your soup until you taste it That's something he learned no It's not true You should salt your ingredients as you add them to something things should cook with seasoning You should not cook everything and then salt it after

Valid This is the coolest Kay's ever looked I Really enjoyed this look on her Normally she looks like a little more of like a goody goody preppy girl but in this episode she had a fair bit of I makeup and looked a little more edgy and I enjoyed it that was Was an unimportant note Although on the point of Kay and her character isn't it kind of weird that she doesn't mention that she has a boyfriend She's just like you're too young for me 

Yeah instead of being like I'm already taken Yeah it is strange

Yeah and also that she's a straight a student and he's a straight c student but They're in science class together

I didn't catch that But yeah weird

Yeah I did really like that nia stands up for Zack this is one of those episodes where we see them interact and I think that the energy that Giovonnie brings to nia kind of Meshes well with the twins energy

yeah and it's like immediate she doesn't even question it She sees what happens and she like goes in there and starts to stand up for them which is really cool 


we already mentioned that London was kicked out of every private school in Boston but I have a question So we know the reason that London is not going to her lady of perpetual sorrow anymore But why doesn't Maddie go there anymore 

we don't know


Um yeah I don't I don't have an answer for that We get the explanation that she's in Antarctica for a semester abroad for the first semester and aside from that we don't get an explanation as to why she has switched schools

Interesting Okay

And we never see her in the school set We only see her like in the musical episode


Yeah yeah so mad is this is the one where we find out Maddie's doing a semester in Antarctica very random There's this Weird recurring bit that they do in Nia's first episode episode 6 and also in this episode where when she and London are interacting London kind of throws in like AAVE type thing where in this one she does this like head bob and like a power fist and at one point she calls her sister I think in this Episode 6 and both times we're laughing at London because she's being so cringe because nia does say don't do that 

Yeah yeah

which I like that she said don't do that I think that makes it better but it's kind of an interesting choice

Mhmm I wrote down we both wrote on 1 quote for this one I wrote done That's not true but as a matter of fact you're my favorite subject 

I think your quote is a response to my quote 


so hers was Zack and mine is Kay and yeah Amber saying I'm Calculus and you're precalculus and Zack says why bring science into this It's math and we just don't add up 


which actually if you're going to choose math those are like the dumbest ones to choose if you're going to say we don't add up like you have to take pre-calc before you can go to Calculus because you have to learn the foundations of calculus

Yeah yeah 

Like literally they literally add up 

yeah I think she's saying that like yeah 

He's the one before 


he's the baby yeah yeah I get it but I just like I don't know Calculus and statistics or something whatever it's silly any other final thoughts jess

No I think we're ready to get into shoutouts this is where Amanda kind of talks about other like plotlines and things that are not in the episodes that were covered here or in the episodes that I watched

So shout out to the sheer volume of random plotline sets and characters that I have spared you from in episode two summer of our discontent Cody gets a job at the Paul revere minimart So we get a whole new set of a mini market and the manager of it who also has a creepy crush on Carey we get that in episodes 2 3 5 and 6 the Minimart Cody and Zack both end up working there 


Yeah and That's where Wayne is introduced He's the manager that's episode 2 is also where millicent is introduced She's like the shy awkward Maddie Replacement Zack goes to summer school for exactly 1 episode in the summer of our discontent And in that episode the summer school teacher is I don't remember the actress's name but she plays Mrs Benson and iCarly Freddie's mom episode 3 sink or swim actually introduces my favorite subplot of this season that i Completely took away from you because all of the episodes that they were in unfortunately were entirely negligent but sink or swim London and lance start dating which is then I know it's really cute actually

Wait I love that I'm so sad

So he teaches her how to swim in sink or swim and then in

That's sweet 

in episode 5 she has like she introduces him to her snooty friends and he feels out of place so he like tries to be proper for her for a formal event and then she Like shows up to the event in like pool floaties and stuff to like they like try to like meet in the middle Um it's very sweet but then in episode 8 they break up because he falls in love with a mermaid at a restaurant and so she dresses up as a mermaid but then realize like he also is very mature and realizes that like they have nothing in common


And she realizes it by the end She's like you're a water sign and I'm a dollar sign so they're only in 3 episodes and 1 of them is them getting together and the one of them is them breaking up 

fair that you didn't cover those but I am a little sad about it

yeah I was like the a plots Made no like did not matter but those were all the b plots 


episode 5 who's the boss has Alexa Nikolas who we've mentioned before plays one of London's friends episode 6 is the introduction of nia as we've Mentioned multiple times so her character is this like troubled niece of Mr Moseby that has spent the summers with different aunts and uncles and each one of them kind of gave up on her and so she's come to spend the summer with Moseby to Sort of get her head put on straight is how they put it and she's always looking to make a quick buck which is why she quickly becomes friends with London why she falls in with the twins and their schemes and she messes up really hard in that first episode and she's like ready to be sent back home and he's like No I'm not giving up on you like I said I told you promised your mom I would try my best and that's going to happen But you're going to also shape up and that really is something she appreciates as always I just need to point out that I find it interesting this like troubled youth narrative is on the black character But I really enjoy her as a character I think Giovonnie did her best with her 


It was kind of strange to me that she was only there for the summer and then she was there for school but it's mentioned I think in the first day of high school episode that like Moseby agreed to let her stay for school

Yeah as long as she didn't get into any fights I think is what 


the agreement was yeah

yeah and then episode 11 of clocks and contracts is just one where Zack negotiates Carey's contract and I feel like him in his little suit with his hair slicked back is a very like famous zack look that Sticks out on my brain 


so what's next

We're gonna finish the second half of season 3 before we get into kind of our suite life as a whole wrap up episode So in that one we're gonna cover episodes 12, 18, 21 and 22 so if you want to watch along with us Go ahead and rewatch those Episodes as always please please please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts and Spotify it really really helps if you want to follow us We are on Youtube and Instagram at nineties babies nostalgia spell out the word nineties We're also on Tiktok but use the numbers there and just like send us a comment send us a Dm We love talking to you and with that we'll see you in the next one Bye

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