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the suite life of zack & cody s3 part 2: when one show ends...

May 07, 2024 Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore Season 3 Episode 16
the suite life of zack & cody s3 part 2: when one show ends...
Nineties Babies Nostalgia
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Nineties Babies Nostalgia
the suite life of zack & cody s3 part 2: when one show ends...
May 07, 2024 Season 3 Episode 16
Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore

We're covering season 3 episodes 12 (Arwinstein), 18 (Romancing the Phone), 21 (Let Us Entertain You), and 22 (Mr. Tipton Comes to Visit). In this final set of episodes we get another Halloween episode, Jaden Smith as the karate kid, a backdoor pilot, and flashbacks of the whole ride. 

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Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

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We're covering season 3 episodes 12 (Arwinstein), 18 (Romancing the Phone), 21 (Let Us Entertain You), and 22 (Mr. Tipton Comes to Visit). In this final set of episodes we get another Halloween episode, Jaden Smith as the karate kid, a backdoor pilot, and flashbacks of the whole ride. 

Please rate & review us wherever you listen, and let us know your thoughts on the episode on any of our socials.


Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

Get home from school turn on my TV who are these friends staring right back at me now that we're older why don't you come over and go back in time with me 90s babies nostalgia

Hi I'm Amanda

And I'm Jessica and this is 90s babies nostalgia where 2 fully grown millennial women rewatch and sometimes watch for the first time iconic tween entertainment from the early 2000s

Just to be clear We are not sponsored by nor affiliated with anyone anything that we're talking about not the actors production companies distribution companies nothing we just really like talking about Tv and today the tv that we were talking about is the Suite life of Zack and Cody Season 3 part 2 we're going to be covering 4 episodes throughout the second half So there's 22 episodes in total in the Suite life of zack and Cody season 3 we are going to be talking about episodes 12, 18, 21 and 22 if you haven't listened to our other Suite life episodes There will be A card somewhere in the Youtube video if you're watching on Youtube or you know if you're on a podcasting platform You can see our other episodes they exist go ahead Give them a listen before we get into all of that Jessica What have you been enjoying lately

I have been enjoying a new song that was just released which won't be quite as new when this comes out but still new ish it is called take me as I come and it's by Evan Honer in Wyatt Flores which are like 2 of my Favorite artists that I've discovered in the last like year and year and a half I would say in the like outlaw country indie folk scene and they both are very very young artists in that scene Um and this is their first song collabing together and just If you're into indie folk go give a listen It's really really good

I Like you calling them outlaw as part of the genre because like I'm sure they're not actual outlaws

Yeah it's a very Chris and I get into talks about this all the time because outlaw country is like not necessarily a sound and it's more like an energy and vibe

Ah it gives me like hip hop that's about being a gangster but the country version of that

Yeah yeah yeah I would say not quite but yeah like pretty pretty spot on what have you been enjoying

so I'm one of the last 5 people left on the planet that refuses to pay for Spotify

You are

I Just insist on getting my music for free unless I'm going to buy an album and which case I will not have ads so I don't get the best playlists I don't have the ability to not shuffle and I get ads on Spotify and that's mostly fine when I'm in the mood Because I can get playlists from Youtube or I just want a generic playlist sometimes when I'm getting ready but when I'm at the gym this does not work and what has been working for me is mixcloud which is an app I'm sure it's website I don't I don't Know that much about it But I do know is that people put like deejay sets on it like their mixes 

Oh cool
that's how I found out about it is from a love islander That's a dj that was posting about his mixes on it and like when you're just like trying to get your cardio in a good house set Is great but there's also more than that because there's like r&b sets and I've looked up like hot girl workout set and there would be like the mixes or whatever time they want like it could be 30 minutes it could be like 90 minutes there's no ads It's just like it's a set as if a dj were in front of you doing it for a show so it's their mix


and like some of these I found like really good workout playlists with some like early 2000s hip Hop so micloud If You're looking for a good workout playlist or just like to dance in your room to And you don't want to have to think about creating a playlist or finding the right playlist I Recommend it

That sounds very very cool Actually

Yeah it feels kind of like soundcloud for DJs

Yeah that's what it sounds like

I'm not going to lie like it's going to be hit or miss like I feel like anyone could post on it But there's some good jams 

If you find ones you like yeah 


well getting into season 3 we will kick off with episode 12 Arwinstein

so Zack and Cody discover a secret room behind a bookcase in Arwin's office and they see a locked gate that says danger and then they hear some grumbling and they're like Arwin What's that and he's like I Don't know what you're talking about and if I did I would tell you to never go in there again and so of course they go in there again and set a trap because they want to let the monster out but the monster is a giant robot arwin that then gets loose in the hotel and arwin comes back early from Vacationing with his mother to because he knew that they would get up to trouble and tells them the story of how he created this robot but it had some kinks where it would like rage out if there was a flash or loud noises and so he had to lock it up Because of the rampages and so then the twins find Arwinstein and they bring him up to their Suite and are I don't know they're just like playing with him but then Carey takes a flash photo of him thinking he's regular arwin And he runs through the door and there's an outline of him and then he shows up at London's Halloween party in which she is having a costume contest and all of the staff are participating and he wins the costume contest because everyone thinks that he's Arwin and someone takes a photo and he runs off in a rampage and back down to the basement and everyone runs after him and they find out that actually that's Not Arwin That's a robot and it's a monster and they want him to be dismantled but then he starts showing humanity for the people and says dada and friend and so mosebey gives arwin a little more time to find him a home and he's going to go live with arwin's mom That's the plot


did I breathe 

No but that was the plot Amanda wrote this and I agree forgot we got a second Halloween episode But honestly I feel like it's pretty good in terms of Disney Halloween episodes I found it very enjoyable 

Lowkey disagree

What I if I had to rewatch one I would rewatch this one over the ghost of Suite 613

Oh I disagree I would rewatch Suite 613 one of my notes in this like we watched this because we have I don't know if the listeners know this but we have a mandate that we watch all holiday episodes guys It's just it's a rule It's one of our very few rules is that if there's a Halloween or Christmas or Hanukkah episode We will be discussing it You have that to look forward to whether you like it or not however um one of my notes while watching this was kind of boring tbh

Oh I didn't find it boring I really enjoyed it the part that I found confusing is everyone in this damn hotel is just like it's Halloween that must be Arwin even though This robot monster is a good like eight inches taller than arwin and is like much larger in like broadness and everyone's just like oh Arwin like nice Halloween costume I'm like what how does everyone just think this is arwin Even When it's not the Halloween party yet like at the Halloween party Okay maybe I can forgive it a little bit but just like out and about around the hotel people are like oh arwin nice to see ya
the physicality didn't bother me because his face is identical What got me was that he grunts and that's all he does and they didn't question that

Yeah they I think they're just like ope he's in character

But you're a robot How is that in character robots speak 

Yeah fair

Although this one's heart is a coffee maker so 

Yeah probably doesn't speak 

I'm like 90% sure that the basement Room that they go into that's like the secret room is the wizards of Waverly place basement set 

Oh it probably is

that happens to me a lot when I watch these shows where I just see a set and I'm like I know this one And it happens a lot in this season of Suite life with all of the new sets that we get 

Yeah you're like this is being repurposed

yeah and I feel like this one was the wizards set which if it's not why the f*ck did you build this for 1 episode


London wears a princess costume to her Halloween party except it's not a costume It was a gift after she recently bought a country 


That felt important to note It also doesn't look like a real princess outfit at all But

It does not look like a real princess outfit and just like London's level of richness confuses me because I understand they're comparing her to Hilton but it still feels like sometimes I'm like your level of richness is like Above that of a hotel heir I feel 

It is because also they have oil money and some other things

and probably other business ventures Yeah

Yeah they're definitely bigger than the hiltons 

It just feels slightly exaggerated like the level of wealth is a little extreme

Yeah those were our only notes 


did you have anything else You wanted to point out We went through that one really quickly 

no loved it do you want to get into quotes

yeah these are all mine I think

Yeah but I love the first one I feel like it's timely

I think it's at the beginning Cody says this about Carey he says she's a winter and needs to embrace it Yeah Cody always coming out with his like sassy little feminine moments

Yeah I also like that because like right now that's a huge It was a huge trend in like the 80s 90s and then kind of around in the 2000s but it's a huge trend on Tiktok now because that's just how tiktok works But with like celebrities in influencers getting color theory done to find like what colors match them best and so I'm like oh I like that they included this little She's a winter

My mom used to tell me and my brother about it if you're like a winter or an autumn or a summer yeah 

And like a cool summer versus a warm summer yeah

I mentioned in our previous episode I feel like Carey is often used as During her screen time is the butt of the joke particularly when it comes to her weight or her dating life in this season and she had a couple quotes that just I did not enjoy so at the Halloween party She's at the snack table in her like Zombie bride dress and says if I eat 1 piece of that candy This dress will pop right open and then when arwinstein goes on his rampage He picks her up and carrie her to the basement and then he's like panting and out of breath after putting her down And she goes I know I know I gained a few pounds but I go jogging every day and then he looks at her and she goes would you believe 3 times a week okay I went yesterday and then he's like yeah of course and it's just this like weird back and forth I don't know I just there's so many comments about her weight It Gets kind of jarring particularly when I just love Kim Rhodes and she's talked about how the boys you know stood up against having to stay a joke about her weight in the live taping and I saw a Tiktok of her recently about Quiet on set documentary where she wasn't talking about the documentary but she was just like I'm here as like a motherly figure to like let you know I know you're in distress and like it's okay and like we're all processing this together and we'll get through this and it was just very lovely and settling and she just strikes me as a very lovely person And I don't know why this is the route they took particularly in series 3

Yeah it's almost like they ran you know what I actually think it's because they only have f*cking one writer per an episode That's why because the 1 writers are stretched so thin that they can't they're thinking of lines for all these characters that they probably don't know in and out and so they're like Oh what's an easy line to throw in here a weight joke Let's do it

it just is such a shame and I hate that she had to do that as her job

Yeah yeah it's awful I Yeah I couldn't imagine 

Episode 18 romancing the phone guest stars Jaden Smith is in this yes that's right will Smith's son Jaden Smith as Travis famously made his film debut and the pursuit of happyness Was in an episode of the proud family reboot He is a musical artist and notably the karate kid in 2010

and then we have Kelsey Asbille Chow as Dakota she was in one tree hill pair of Kings teen wolf and more recently Yellowstone

Drew Seeley is Jeffrey or Dave depending on what part of the episode you're in stuck in the suburbs campus confidential but also the singing voice of Troy Bolton in the first episode or first high school musical and also The love interest of another cinderella story Mr Drew Seeley carried disney channel on his back silently for years

Yeah and the fact that he and I knew this but doing the research for these guest stars I was reminded that he was the voice as you mentioned of Troy in the first high school musical uncredited like how Dare you Disney How dare you

Yeah but a lot of people know a lot of people know now I've like I've seen so many tiktoks and stuff about it

Yeah I think it's like well known now But it's like how I just think so rude of Disney like you put this guy in so many movies you want him to stand out in dcoms and other things and then you make him sing for this movie that blows up and you don't even f*cking put him in the credits rude 

yeah yeah 

Rude Zack and Cody are in the elevator with Travis who is Jaden Smith and the conversation comes up that he's going promises to teach Cody some martial arts because he wants to impress Barbara and so he takes 2 lessons and he goes to Barbara but she ends up kicking his butt and he's like I just wanted to be stronger for you I want to be a man for you and she kind of Calls him out for being sexist and is like I don't need you to do any of these things like our relationship works the way it is stop doing everything you know and so he still is like I need to impress Barbara even though she just told you to back off And so he found out that Barbara's coming with her grandma for tea at the Tipton and so he's like oh I'm going to learn how to perform a traditional japanese tea ceremony and so Travis writes down all the steps on index cards But they get jumbled out of order And so Cody has to run upstairs to figure out how what order they go in and Travis is helping Zack Cook for his tutor to impress her but Cody interrupts because he needs Travis's help and so they sneak him out Of the suite in Cody's robe and then downstairs Travis is like mimicking everything that Cody needs to do and so Cody is performing the tea ceremony and is doing very well But Then Travis sees a bee and starts swatting a bee and so then Cody is like swatting and it just becomes chaos But at the end of it Barbara is impressed She's like oh you went to such a big effort which I'm like did he really 

And Dakota is also impressed and says oh you went to such a big effort which really did he

Yeah thank you but we see Barbara and Cody Kiss and then later on Travis shows up to the suite because the boys promised if he helped them with these things they would take him out bowling as a thank you because he Is about to leave on a ship for 7 years but they made plans with Dakota and Barbara instead and so he actually ends up going down down to the lobby and stealing both of their dates to hang out with him instead

I have notes and clarity But I'll we'll go through the b plot first 


Maddie finds a cell phone that was left at the Tipton and it has a song by Vivaldi on it and a Piece of art and she's like this is the phone of my soulmate and she spends her days daydreaming about the owner of this phone Dave and David and imagines in every scenario that he is Drew Seeley but like A doctor or humanitarian all of the above rich handsome smart yes and then it ends up being a really old man who owns the phone and shows up but he takes her for hot chocolate for taking care of the phone And then introduces her to his nephew who he says is like him but young and that is in fact Drew Seeley or not nephew Not yeah not nephew grandson 


so notes on the a plot clarity I feel any I feel like you were confused about Travis

What do you mean

Travis's dad is a conductor on a cruise ship so he travels all the time which is why he knows Karate and japanese tea ceremonies and cooking and all of these things And that's why he's going away on a cruise ship for 7 years and leaving because you were like couldn't you were like he's 

No I knew that


I just thought it was a dumb thing they threw in there that he's like he has to go bowling with these boys and he's going to be so sad if Zack and Cody don't take him bowling because he's leaving for 7 years it just felt very dramatic

well it was that he knew all these things and they were clearly just using him and he says hey guys what if we went bowling and they're like really that's what you want to do and he's like yeah my dad's never let me do it He says it's too dangerous something like that And it's like the 1 request is like clearly Travis just wants to have friends and they're just using him and it's his one chance to go 


so I thought that that was sweet and that Zack and Cody are assholes

I Agreed that they were assholes and I knew that it was he was seeking friendship because he doesn't really get that when he's out on the boat

I Also feel like the boats He's on probably have bowling Alleys

That yes

we already covered this the whole Cody Barbara girlfriend of it all confused me

Yeah this is back when they're together but they were never apart But yeah

Yeah it's very confusing

I feel like this is this is when the series just really has an unnecessary amount of like dating plotlines like these boys are literally 14

do you think it's because they just like don't know what else to do with them and they're like what are 14 year old boys into girls and that's all they could think of

It kind of feels like that doesn't it 


I didn't know any 14 year old boys that were into girls this much 


did you

No I don't think so

Like we were all awkward Yeah there was some dating but not this much and I think what strikes me as odd is it's always been part of Zack's character but then it becomes a big part of Cody's character as well

yeah because there are some episodes where we see like Cody crush like in season one where we have the beauty pageant episode But for the most part it is more of Zack's character and in this season It just feels like it's both of them all the time

all the time like that's all this episode is about is dating all 3 of the characters Maddie and both of the twins are just worried about dating 


and there's a quote that I didn't write down That's a um a moment where Maddie is waiting for David and Carey's trying to console her and she says she's going to end up alone like like old and alone like Carey

So mean why is everyone so mean to carey this season

That's what I'm saying There's even a point where Cody's rude to her and I was like not our Mama's boy

Yeah that's actually shocking I feel like that was not good writing because that is not Cody's character

I know ah speaking of not good writing Travis's whole thing is that he lived in Japan for a long time or spent a lot of he's like that's his explanation for being really good at Karate Karate is a chinese martial art I double checked before recording this It is not popular in Japan Japan is much bigger on judo and another one that I forgot the name of that's a little less popular than Judo Judo's the main martial arts most asian countries that have martial arts have their own martial art like Taekwondo is Korean and karate is chinese and in it Travis says like Cody-san or so-and-so san and san is a japanese honorific that you put at the end of a name so that's all very confusing and like pan asian grossness just lazy what I did find interesting is that I thought that this was for sure like 100% Made because Jaden Smith was the new karate kid but this episode came out of all two years before the karate kid movie

Mhmm that's what I was thinking I'm like okay either he was just casting Karate kid or Karate kid was not even in his future at this point Yeah

I think he was probably just cast But when I was watching this I was thinking it was like the high school musical episode where I was like oh it must be coming out in the next like six months 

Oh like as a promotion thing

Yeah that's what I thought and then I looked it up today and was like excuse me Very confusing but I will say Jaden Smith has great star power Always loved him

Yeah and again I think what's cool about seeing all these guest stars come in in some of the reoccurring characters is I actually think he was able to step in and interact with Zack and Cody and like Keep up with their timing really well too

Yeah I would agree with that

b plot I didn't write anything down but I did enjoy this b plot It was really silly really small but pretty funny like I like that Maddie was just like sitting here being like this is my perfect man All based on like 3 things

The way she ran away with it was very dramatic but as a pisces I do relate to the daydreaming and over romanticizing of it all yeah quotes

I learned how to be a gourmet chef which is from Jaden Smith when he agrees to cook for Zack's tutor who's his date you don't just like learn how to be a gourmet chef I just needed to clarify like that's not a thing like you can be a gourmet chef that is a thing but you can't just like take a class and then you're certified 

You have to apprentice Basically

like you have to do it for many many many years


And in different restaurants under different head chef leadership the other one I wrote down is from Maddie's plotline where when she finally meets David he goes you like three hundred year old music I am 300 years old 


It just made me giggle

and then when so the boys realize that they should have taken Jaden Smith bowling because they feel bad their mom guilt trips them They run down to the lobby He's already made other plans He's going bowling with Barbara and Dakota Who both have their arms around him and it's really gross and weird and the guys are like you're stealing our girls and he's like guys I'm about to go to sea for 7 years let me have this and they're like ok fair enough It was like gross But I enjoyed his delivery


I Think what I was gross to me about it wasn't just like like we touched before in other series about how we have like young boys caring about women or girls in this way but to me I think what was Was a little more disturbing was just how Barbara and Dakota were just like literally on his arms like oh Travis like just there to be arm candy No all personal is completely written out of them

yeah where when we normally see it even like in this show I feel like in season 1 like Maddie does kind of like establish boundaries and things with Zack where this is just kind of like ope I guess let the girls just be his arm candy even though he's like 10

Or the arm candy is just like a one off character that we're never going to see again that has no personality 


But this felt weird because barb especially because Barbara is such an established character

Yes and like the whole thing is of this episode is Cody is doing this to impress his girlfriend like they use the term girlfriend 

Well it's not like they're going to do anything with Travis

sure but still

what I forgot sorry I just remembered it I forgot to write in a note is that I was surprised and impressed pleasantly surprised that Barbara does straight up use the word sexist 

Yeah she does

Cody Is trying to learn Karate because Zack's teasing him that Barbara is stronger and can beat him up and he's like I should be the stronger one I I can't have people thinking I'm the weaker sex and she's like does that mean I have to be weak and that's sexist And then he does the tea ceremony to like make it up to her and be like this is traditionally performed by women and look I'm not sexist but like I was really surprised to hear the word sexist used in a Disney channel show
And how firmly she like was not yeah  

Asserted it 


Yeah and it was accurate He was being sexist

yeah and I like that it wasn't like you're sexist and We're just like I don't know gonna break up or have this huge fight I like that it was like you can have hard conversations like that in a relationship you know 


and moments where you have to speak to your partner that way even when you are young

episode 21

Let us entertain you We got a few guest stars in this one we have Nicole Sullivan 

I think it's 1 guest star with a lot of credits

oh it's 1 guest okay we have 1 guest star Nicole Sullivan As miss Klotz She's known for literally so many things but mostly a voice actor so buzz lightyear Um shego most popular shego in ah Kim possible but also was in meet the robinsons and then A few non voice acting shoes in 17 again blackish and high school musical the musical the series

Yes and she's one of those people that every time I see her I recognize her face I recognize her voice I have no idea what her name is when I look her up at her credits I'm like why do I know this woman like obviously she's been in everything Anyway A plot is Carey wants to go on vacation and the boys say she needs to go on vacation She's overworked She's tired They can't afford anything Nice She's literally going to take them to like the largest ball of twine But the boys arrange for them to go on the ss Tipton except they don't tell Carey that the only way they could do this for free is if she sings so they get there They get the nice Suite They get the nice food and the boys are trying to distract her from The photo of her on the deck advertising her performance But of course they are unsuccessful and she sees it and she's upset because it's not a vacation if she has to sing so she tells the cruise director that she's not going to sing and the cruise director says great here's your bill and she's like Do you have anything cheaper and so then they get thrown in a storeroom with a porthole that works which would never happen and um the dogs that are overflow from the kennel get put in there and they can't sleep at night and then the next day they're trying to get food at the buffet but they're given like the Small plates and then it all gets thrown overboard and they can't eat and so she's like fine I will sing and the lady's like great Enjoy your food I will upgrade your Suite but then she enjoys herself in the sun too much and gets sunburnt with a big donut ring on her chest And she can't move her body without it hurting So the boys sweep in to save the day perform a song for her without telling the cruise director and so they get in trouble She shows up She's mad at them She's telling them This is not acceptable But the crowd is enjoying it and they sympathize with Carey's sunburn because she comes out and so they boo Mrs Colts Holtz whatever her name 


offstage and tell her that the boys can sing

And then our b plot london and Maddie are brainstorming ideas for her next webisode of yay me and they decide to host a 24 hour telethon to raise money for the hungry but Moseby breaks the News to them and is like ladies none of your performers are showing up Because there's a blizzard outside and they open up the window and all the snow starts coming in They're like oh my god there is a blizzard and so they are all stepping in and they're pulling in different like hotel employees to kind of be the to fill in for the different performance acts They've scheduled But every single time they check the like money counter of how much they made it's at $0 and London wants to give up because she's just like we've made no money I'm tired and they realize that they stopped streaming over 23 hours ago and so they're like You know what screw this plan You know what we should do There's so much leftover food at the Tipton we should collect it all and bring it to the shelters a few times a week

notes on the a plot

miss klotz is supposed to be this kind of like terrifying very I guess like Moseby-esue but ah yeah

She is yeah I like her I thought she did a good job

Like when the boys show up She's like oh I spoke to him most being like pats them down and stuff but she does casually drop that she has had 4 previous husbands and that she's someone says something about it and she's like oh

Carey asks you've been divorced 4 times

Yeah and she goes I'm a widow and the way she says it I'm like oh my God is this woman a Murderer 

I Hope so and support women's wrongs she says it She's just oh widowed very like matter of fact

Yeah I want to know and I did try to do some research and I couldn't find a bunch like anything confirming this but I couldn't find anything denying it was this considered a pilot episode for Suite life like it's the same set That I know for a fact so I wonder if this was them testing it out since it is the end of season 3

I'm sure Yeah like I didn't look it up but I take this to be a backdoor pilot for sure The only weird thing is that at No point do they mention like the school setup but that's not mentioned in any Suite life of Zack and Cody episode but it's the entire same set So like it makes sense You know they wouldn't have built that if they weren't going to make that show and


And I'm sure they had that in prepro before this before this series ended because the series was so popular

yeah that makes sense the other thing miss klotz does that confuses me is she physically pinches Zack and Cody like take some pinches them on the arms and like I'm sorry that's abuse you can't pinch people You don't Well you can't pinch people but especially if you don't know them You can't like those are your customers 

Well they're not her customers 

I mean kind of you know they are on her ship as Passengers like yes they're not paying but still

Yeah you can't pinch your employees either or your employees Kids's 

yeah like that's not okay 

especially to children

it's so quick that I'm like oh my God Why did we include this We cannot have this woman pinching people like

Yeah it must be quick because I didn't even notice it like I'm not at all surprised but I didn't notice 


I feel annoyed that they didn't just repurpose the lounge set because I understand that this is a backdoor pilot But In the Suite life on deck I don't believe we see Carey perform because she's not a principal character She just shows up for a few episodes The boys are on their own with Moseby in on deck But in this she's performing and her performance is on the same deck that they have Their breakfast buffet and the same deck that has the activities and I just don't understand why they didn't repurpose the lounge set because a cruise ship would have a lounge and a cruise ship would not have everything on one deck

Yeah and they could have brought in other pieces to make it feel more cruise like but it would have like diversified what we saw on screen I agree that doesn't make sense if they already have that set they should have used the lounge

I Also forgot to write it down here But I mentioned in the summary like no no cruise ship would have a working porthole in a guest room 

Sure but also that was in a guest room 

Sure but they wouldn't have a working porthole

Yeah no they wouldn't also I'm like does a cruise ship have a kennel

I think that I think they probably do and I'm sure not all but some probably let you have your pets Although imagine how miserable that would be for your pet

yeah because like where are they using the bathroom and how are they getting exercise

Yeah they probably have like a doggy day care but also pets are even more susceptible to motion sickness than we are

Yeah yeah I Just probably just don't bring your pets with you on a cruise ship probably not

the B Plot does and I did not look this up So I don't know but like it does it blizzard enough In Boston to justify how many blizzard episodes we've gotten

Well we only got like 2 or 3 right

I Guess yeah three that I know of and I guess maybe if you watch made me watch all the blizzard episodes I was just assuming Maybe there was ones I didn't watch but it just seems like a lot Of like we can't do something because there's a blizzard and I'm really

I'd say there's probably and I don't quote me on this Don't cite me in your academic papers But I'd say that there's probably like two good blizzards a winter at least 


because it is on the water So it's not getting like Absolutely hammered all the time but like when I lived in Providence I had like at least 2 good snowfalls where like you couldn't go outside well for a couple days

Okay I'll accept it

I don't understand the internet logic so

What do you mean

because they keep checking their website repeatedly throughout this episode Only To then find out that they were offline for twenty three and a half hours also it's implied that London's ending the live stream early because she's tired and how early I don't know but I would assume it was more than half an hour early which is all it would be if they were offline for twenty three and a half hours like there's just a lot like if you were truly offline You would have known because there's like live updates 

it's also a telethon So there's people sitting there with telephones and it's like wouldn't you guys realize that no one has called in 23 hours

Well the phone lines aren't down although at this age did we have we had We had dsl We had dsl

Like dial up 

Well we had dial up and then what came after dial up 

I dunno don't ask me

this was after dial up if you had money I think because I don't think the phones were down because she called she ordered pizza and then they were like The pizza can't get here because of the roads

yeah that I guess that makes sense but also we never see them take a phone call So that's why I'm like if people aren't calling because your live stream's not up like wouldn't have you realized

1 of the ladies called herself for check her voicemail 


we have 1 quote it's my quote 


Miss Colts Klotz Klotz says it to the twins I'm going to drop you on an island So small you're going to have to take turns standing on it 

She's really kind of evil 

I love her

Yeah I appreciated her but she is evil

Aside from the pinching I'd say she's like a lawful evil you know like like she's evil but I'm not mad about it 

Yeah I agree episode 22 our final episode of the series

Mr Tipton comes to visits

I wrote guest stars Not really a guest star but Estelle Harris comes back as Muriel for this final episode sure everyone is prepping for an in inspection by Mr Tipton and Mr Moseby wants Zack and Cody to get lost because he does not want them to f*ck anything up and if Mr Tipton's in a good mood He will give an employee a $50,000 bonus So all the employees think that they're deserving of a bonus and we Get flashbacks to previous episodes from the last 3 seasons of the reasons on why they think they're deserving of the bonus then Mr Tipton shows up and he's in a bad mood and so they're like oh no someone is going to get fired And he's in the lobby and they're all crowding him and someone bumps into the vase and it falls and it shatters and Muriel's like I'm not cleaning that up and so Mr Tipton fires her but she retired two years ago so she doesn't work there anymore and we learn that Zack and Cody orchestrated this whole plan because if someone was going to get fired it might as well be someone who's not actively working

That's our series finale but I wanted to throw in I I wrote down all of the flashbacks that we got so we get flashbacks from the first episode where the boys have too many friends over and they're running around the lobby Have Maddie saving an ambassador from choking We have her dressed up as the like physical therapist in the con man episode saying up you you know bupkiss about booboos we have her babysitting the twins in the first season we have then when There's a daycare episode and all of the kids go running around ruining Yoga Moseby catching the vase we get the full commercial the remote control luggage cart a letter sorting machine a bowling tournament with the St Mark's hotel The destruction of a painting by the twins and Esteban Cody cooking for the food critic the twins singing it for the japanese businessmen a food fight that they start at the masquerade ball Moseby's brother coming to town and fighting with him Maddie and London fighting each other over a fashion magazine cover episode and Maddie and London coparenting a baby doll and then the prndl scene So we get all of those little flashbacks as like reminiscing throughout which brings me to my first note which was I love an episode I don't have to pay attention to that was I wrote that while watching this although I did pay some attention because I wrote down all the flashbacks But yeah I Also thought it was funny that like so many of those flashbacks are from episodes that I didn't have you watch

Yeah I would say the only 1 Okay I've 2 the only 2 that I was semi upset about was I can't believe you didn't make us watch the tipton commercial episode like how like I just don't that one is so iconic and so well known that I'm like how did you just deem that this one was not important if our roles were switched I think that is an episode I would have chose to include but who knows because that our roles weren't switched and then the other 1 is I don't have any recollection of this episode I don't remember watching it growing up is the London maddie co parenting one because I'm like that's such a Disney trope We've gotten it in every single show So I can't believe we didn't watch that episode

I Actually have no idea what episode that happens in I don't remember it

What does it not happen in the show

I Have a theory it might be in the only episode of the show that I didn't watch but I genuinely don't know um I was going to look it up before this but then I didn't have time maybe it it but happened But I don't Remember it at all I saw it and I was like when did that happen

Uand for listeners for clarification The only episode that Amanda didn't watch is the 1 episode That's not on Disney plus because it got pulled because Zack pretends to have dyslexia and we chose not to include it and not to watch it

That's actually false I watched the dyslexia episode There's 1 episode in this season that is not on Disney plus that is in my shout outs for that reason and I did not watch it

just kidding Okay we'll get to it to learn more about that one but before we get there these flashbacks even Though We've like watched this in the last couple of months it really made me remember I'm like dang the twins were so young at the start of this like they look like little boys and then they really turn into teenagers

yeah they Well they're still little boys with longer hair but they definitely look a lot older by the end of the series 


I felt validated because german chocolate cake is my favorite cake and I've never known anyone else to say that that's their favorite cake and they said that that's Mr Tipton's favorite cake You look like I'm ridiculous for saying that it's my favorite cake

I Like a German chocolate cake but like I'm never going to say that's my favorite but I'm not going to tell you that it can't be your favorite 
It's delicious 

It is delicious

But also I think I'm biased because my mom liked it and we would buy it from safeway growing up as like our birthday cakes or her birthday cake and then one time I told my german friend when I lived in Norway that that was my favorite cake and she made me one from scratch and she was like this isn't german by the way it's just called that but she like bought special pans to make it for me because it has multiple layers and it was really nice 

How sweet

I really enjoyed this like London forgetting that she can't get fired 


and they were like you don't work for him and she was like I've already been fired


how did you feel about it as a um as a season finale

So I have mixed feelings because there are times in previous shows We've watched where we get a flashback episode and we're like this is weird that they put this here It would have made more sense as a season finale But now I actually have the Opposite opinion in that the episode 21 the 1 we just discussed knowing that Suite life on deck is coming that would make more sense as a season finale to set up Suite life on deck and then we could have gotten this one as a precursor to that Kind of like wrap up the show and then have the episode with them on the cruise ship to lead in to Suite life on deck but all in all I don't hate a flashback episode They do feel lazy But there's something about them that are is so like comforting and fun to watch

I prefer them as a season or series finale than like anything else like I don't like it when they're in the middle Also I just looked up the baby doll thing it I was wrong It was season 2 episode 14 it's because I didn't really care that much about the a plot Also we talked so much about season 2 anyway

Yeah literally too many episodes

I think it was kind of strange to have the backdoor pilot and then this without any indication that there would be on deck like I I thought a lot of the flashbacks were about the characters that wouldn't be joining us on deck and that was interesting and And good because obviously like we get Cody Zack and Moseby on deck but we don't get Maddie or Arwin We don't get Carey either But there's no esteban in this there's no indication that like things are going to move on move forward It's just kind of like let's reminisce 

Yeah it's like there was an inspection Let's reminisce Everyone's safe but this is the end like there Yeah it feels like maybe a little bit more could have been done I Also thought it might have been one of the cases where Because Disney doesn't really do a schedule It's not like these are weekly episodes like they come out randomly and I was like maybe this is one of the case where like episode 21 was supposed to be the finale and then this one came out like a couple months later but they were only two weeks apart in release date So I was like This is still interesting

But episode 21 their their production Codes are reverse actually

Yeah the production Codes are reversed so technically episode 21 was produced as the final episode but then released two weeks prior to this flashback episode

Yeah which is strange and I just wish one of them had any indication that the boys were going to end up on that cruise ship

Yeah I do have to say like I think that the only like well rounded finale that like closed the chapter of the show so far has been Phil 

Hundred percent it's the best finale

yeah it's the only one that gave us like an ending that like Felt like an ending where this was just like here's a flashback episode and it's like okay cool that was fun I guess

Yeah yeah Hannah does a pretty good job too But we'll get into that 



Moseby says this to the boys and goes do you remember your first day or as I like to call it the end of happiness 

Yeah so good

And then London says this to Maddie and it's so mean it's so mean but honestly Maddie's a terrible friend so she kind of deserves it she goes so you made a guy throw up You do that on all your dates

and then when Maddie is like I deserve the bonus blahblah which first of all you're a part time Canny Counter girl like you don't even make that much in a year shut the f*ck up but she's she's trying to tell Moseby that she deserves a bonus because she got on a magazine for saving the prince giving the Heimlich or ambassador and he says well you can't get a bonus if I fire you first 

Yeah oh the other thing I was gonna I should have noted this when I was talking about when it aired it aired as part of the Suite life and times of London Tipton um so it was Like a collection of a lot of the more London focused episodes and then this was one of the episodes premiering during that

Other shoutouts in this second batch of episodes episode 13 is team tipton It's when Maddie finally is officially back from Antarctica with her incredible spray tan that makes no indication that she's been in Antarctica Episode 15 a tale of 2 houses kurt's back and he's like moved to Boston but it's the only other time we see him and he has an apartment that looks a lot like sonny with the chance's apartment and the twins use it to like Have dates without their mom around and Zack accidentally kisses Barbara it's kind of weird 


So Zack has a date over at the apartment Cody has Barbara over on a date at the apartment but neither of them know that they're both there There's like this scene where they're Both constantly like in and out of rooms and then at one point one of them turns off the lights for like mood lighting and Barbara's sat on the couch and then Zack comes up thinking that she's his date and then they kiss and then she realizes that it's Zack and he's like he makes it Comment like obviously it was an accident but he's also like but if you you have time later or something like that 




yeah episode 16 tipton online is the start of London's web show Yay me and Cody Cody is the original producer Her friend Chelsea briefly produces it poorly when Cody quits and also it's a fun episode because Zack and Moseby Bond over a video game that they get addicted to 


and they're both playing together which was something that I did kind of remember when I watched it 

That's very cute

Yeah Episode 17 Maddie and London I hated this episode That's why I'm giving it a shout out because they both fight over their fencing instructor who is openly two timing them like they both were like neither of us can date him because we both like him and then they both date him they find out that they're both dating him and then they fight each other Instead of him

when are women going to learn that the other woman is not your like enemy
Yeah and then at the end it turns out he had a girlfriend the whole time in another state and they were like why did you date us and he was like because I'm like a fine sports car I can't be kept in the garage 

Uh men are trash I hate that

Yeah it also was kind of weird because he was Latino and it was like yeah episode 19 is's called benchwarmers It's a cheerleading episode and Danielle Monet from victorious is in it as well as Kaycee Stroh the she plays Martha Cox in high school musical She's is a guest star in that and it's not explained why she doesn't go to our lady of perpetual sorrow either But it is men- like she's in the uniform and talking about it So it's like why are you here

Like I get if you're like everyone's in high school Now we all want them to go to the same high school but f*cking make up reasons on why they're all at the same high school now

Exactly and then the 1 episode that I did not watch of this entire show It is not on Disney plus and I chose not to seek it out is episode 20 of series 3 it's called doing time in Suite 2330 and it has The cheetah girls in it which I didn't know until I was looking it up today It was pulled from all streaming and reruns because Chris Brown is also in it and I was upset when I found out the cheetah girls were in it because I f*cking love the Cheetah girls and it was like Apparently this is the episode where Maddie takes over being the producer of yay me which also felt important to know because I was confused why she was suddenly producing the show that I had a whole thing on and I guess it was like Cody is trying to help her so he books one of the acts but she has booked the other ones so then like the cheetah girls and Chris Brown are double booked but they pulled it after the Rihanna's incident 

Got it


Mkay I stand by choosing not to watch it though I feel like the cheetah girls maybe would've made it slightly worth it

Yeah I mean I like I sought out the episode where he fakes having dyslexia because I am fine watching that stuff but 1 of my biggest like peeves is how much of a career that man still has and how many people still love him I just I don't think there's any excuse not just for what he did to Rihanna but so many things that he has done 


I I chose not to watch that one hm

fair up next next we're going to do like a wrap up episode Normally we include this in our final episode of this season but we just got like lots of thoughts on Suite life there was a lot of episodes of lot that we talked about so we're gonna rank it all quiz Amanda I'll talk about some like fun hotel things I pointed out and just we'll include you know wrap up on what the actors are doing now and things like that So look forward to that

you've heard us talk a lot about the bad stuff There's been good stuff as well Like I'm not going to say I didn't enjoy it I did enjoy it and I encourage everyone to go back and watch it if you have your own thoughts and let us know But I think The next episode we will be a bit shorter hopefully and definitely like it'll be interesting to see how it ranks up against the other shows that we've watched because if you're new to 90s babies nostalgia or if you've forgotten because we haven't done it in a while we rate and rank up versus the other classic shows So I think it'll be interesting

Yeah me too I haven't done my rankings yet So I'm curious even to like I'm like I don't even like where it's gonna end up 

I feel like I need a moment to like let it sit with me 


Oh and I'm giving you homework Jess 


because you made such a fuss We're not going to summarize it but we'll talk about it briefly in this wrap up episode Watch the commercial episode 

Okay that's acceptable We'll talk about the commercial episode So if you want to hear us talk about that one I think it's a season 1 episode 

It is

and with that please please please go and follow us on all of our social media We are on Youtube and Instagram nineties babies nostalgia spell out the word nineties on Tiktok use the numbers there You can listen to us anywhere you get your podcasts But if you are listening on Apple Podcasts and Spotify please rate and review and share with a friend and with that we'll see you in the next Next one bye

90s babies nostalgia

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