Nineties Babies Nostalgia

the suite life of zack & cody: our final review

May 14, 2024 Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore Season 3 Episode 17
the suite life of zack & cody: our final review
Nineties Babies Nostalgia
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Nineties Babies Nostalgia
the suite life of zack & cody: our final review
May 14, 2024 Season 3 Episode 17
Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore

3 seasons and 87 episodes later, we're giving you our absolutely true, non negotiable, completely objective, factually accurate ranking and review of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Listen along to hear how it stacks up against the Disney shows we've watched so far, as well as where the cast is now, Jess's Crimes Against Hospitality list, and Amanda getting quizzed on some Tipton trivia. 

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3 seasons and 87 episodes later, we're giving you our absolutely true, non negotiable, completely objective, factually accurate ranking and review of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Listen along to hear how it stacks up against the Disney shows we've watched so far, as well as where the cast is now, Jess's Crimes Against Hospitality list, and Amanda getting quizzed on some Tipton trivia. 

Please rate & review us wherever you listen, and let us know your thoughts on the episode on any of our socials.


Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

Get home from school turn on my TV who are these friends staring right back at me now that we're older why don't you come over and go back in time with me 90s babies nostalgia

Hi I'm Amanda

And I'm Jessica

And this is 90s babies nostalgia where a couple of 90s babies rewatch and sometimes watch for the first time tween entertainment from the early 2000s

Just to be clear We are not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the shows channels celebrities brands that we talk about we just really really love talking about Tv and today we're talking about

The suite life of Zack and Cody of course and this is our final wrap up and if you have been listening along You know that I personally am so invested in finishing this series so excited for this If you haven't listened already We have done countless episodes on this show We did 2 on season 3 we did like 5 on season 2 2 or 3 on season 1 there's a playlist There's a card on the Youtube video if you're watching this If you're listening to it click on our name and you'll be taken to a menu You know how podcasts work we have covered all of it for you But today we are just going to wrap up the series Our final thoughts our rankings against the other shows that we've been listening to and Jess is Going to see how much of this fever dream show I have retained as well as give us a little schooling on the crimes against hospitality

Yeah which the show has committed many

But before we get into all of that jess What have you been enjoying lately

Okay I was going to do something that I've actually been enjoying but I have more just like a story A fun thing last night I went to a concert which is fun but I didn't know who the openers were prior to going and one of the openers Was phantom planet and I had a weird nostalgia moment because they sing California which is a really well-known

The OC song

song But it's the OC theme song and when it came was like oh my g0d like I got taken back to the early aughts very quick And I thought it was really funny because I didn't know that that's who they were they were great they were a blast would go see them again Um but it was a really funny moment where I was like whoa these are the people that sing the OC theme song

And I'm sure that they have to sing it in every set that they do every single time like it's probably contractual at this point

Yeah yeah I honestly was impressed that they didn't close out with it like they probably played it like I don't know third to last or something you would think that you know everyone would want that as a closing song But um it was it was really good Ah but it was just one of those funny moments the same thing when like bowling for soup sung the phineas and ferb theme song and I was like oh my g0d this just childhood Um

I Always forget they did the phineas and ferb song I'm glad you had that fun surprise

What have you been into

Okay I had like a million different things I could recommend that are new but truly really and truly I am back to being a smosh gremlin in full form Not that I ever fully stopped but you know I took that detour Into being obsessed with Love Island for a while and I will be again soon because it comes back in June


but for now I'm like when I'm home the vast majority of the time Not only am I Watching Smosh videos But since I've seen so many of them I am now watching Smosh compilation videos 

Oh we've progressed 

yeah yeah but anyway um of of all of their stuff What I would recommend is their d&d podcast Called sword af the first season they did last fall summer um in video form but it's also on podcast form and then the second season is just now coming out They've put 2 episodes out and I have never played dnd I'm not familiar with it But it's still so fun because It's really a game about improv and these are all literally improv actors so they're just like very silly goofy guys while also playing d and d and it's very enjoyable plus the audio team like really did a lot of sound work to make it more of an immersive experience and they did Listen to fans who were upset It was only audio and put up visualizer videos for season 2 so that you can at least like clearly see who's talking if you need that

Oh that's cool Okay I remember you sent it to me and you're like ah kind of annoyed They're taking away video format but that's cool that they added that

Yeah honestly I think most people were just annoyed because they want to watch the people play and I think that as actors they are people who are more physical than vocal But also there was a thing about accessibility So

Yeah with that We're gonna get into wrapping up suite life like we promise But in our last episode Amanda gave me homework which was to rewatch Season 1 episode 25 commercial breaks which is the the Tipton commercial episode that was in the season 3 montage episode as well as I just think like when people our age think suite life like this is the episode that pops Into their mind like it was on all of the reruns all of the Disney marathons that episode was always included and Amanda didn't include it in our season 1 episode So we're gonna Discuss it shortly now 

It was also emmy nominated

Yeah I forgot about that But yes summary We're not going to go into it because it's very simple The Boston tipton is picked to be the backdrop for the new commercial and all the employees are asked to audition and then we see the commercial come to light and happen and all the shenanigans that ensue 

That's it

that's it That's the plot which is why Amanda didn't include it and when I was watching it was like okay I understand at first I was like that's stupid like this one is so iconic Why did you not make us watch it But now I get it I stand by your judgment

Thank you Yeah well you that was why I assigned it as homework because you kept calling me out for not assigning it and like literally there's no plot like yeah it's the commercial episode but it's just a commercial

Yeah there is no plot I did take a few notes as well as a couple quotes that I just wanted to call out the guy who is running the commercial I feel like he's he's the director but also he's the caster like Casting director and the actual director he wore many hats he calls out Carey and says that he could recognize her anywhere based on her legs because they went on a date once and that was very icky and creepy and I hated it

Okay yeah

London continually throughout this episode forgets her own last name multiple times

Mmm I do recall that which is not something that ever happens any other time

No and I thought it was interesting Why I wanted to note this is we have kind of said this that like with these like dumb side characters normally in season 1 there is personality and then as the seasons continue The character just becomes dumb and you see this happen with London but watching this episode I'm like this is in season one there is no excuse for this level of dumb

Yeah no it was just a it was just a joke for the plot for the fact that it's the tipton commercial Of course

yeah also the whole time they're filming this commercial Mr Tipton is like watching through a little webcam that set up and like he has better things to do He's not doing that Like there is no way he is doing that and spending his time watching all these people film like that is crazy

I don't know he could be a micromanager about the image of his brand It also to me felt like maybe like this was one of their first commercials or like they haven't had a new one in a long time

Yeah I felt that way too

It's also referenced in that final episode when they showed the clip where Carey is like they wouldn't have such a good commercial or the brand new commercial if it weren't for me which made me think like was there supposedly a lot of success after this

Well they imply in the commercial like right after it premieres they're like we have tons of bookings coming in like families are so excited to stay at the hotel and I'm like I don't think it would be that immediate

No Also have you ever seen a hotel commercial like that

No they're not no

No they're not singing 


They're talking about like accommodations and like how beautiful it is and how family friendly It is or fun They're not singing about how great The hotel is

Yeah no it's very weird that is not how it would happen Also like if you're promoting a brand which this episode is it's promoting the tipton brand It's weird that the only hotel that's featured is the Boston tipton where normally it's like Individual hotels may have their like commercials or little you know Youtube videos that they use to promote their hotel but then brand wide videos would show multiple properties to reel you in like that Yeah all of it just doesn't make sense

my quotes London goes I'm gonna sing and dance at the same time and it was cute and that's when we get her because bling is my favorite thing song which I feel like that's another iconic moment And then Zack at one point says we're pushing 13 and I don't have a lot of cute left in me and I just I liked it 

Yeah that is a good line 

It's a good line That's all we have there

I'm glad that you understand why I didn't assign it and that you stand with me

I stand by your decision I probably will give you crap in the future for episodes you pick but just know that you're you're normally right but

I Know Okay do you want to get into where are they now

Yeah we'll start out with the twins So Dylan sprouse Well okay both the twins went on to obviously be in the suite life on deck as well as the suite life movie They both also guest starred in other disney shows like an episode or 2 in like pair of Kings and so random and then they also both went on to and NYU and created their own degrees which do you know what those degrees were

I'm pretty sure one was related to video game design and the other one was like art and photography 

Oh cool

but they both studied at the tish school of like independent studies where you can create your own degree

Cool which I'm guessing this occurred They both took a break roughly from like 2011 2012 through 2017ish so I'm guessing that's when that happened Dylan Spouse Has continued on He's just an active actor like he is in a few Tv series He's in quite a few music videos Um and movies I personally none of them like stood out to me as like oh I've seen this besides for he was in one of the After films 

The second one I think

yeah after we collided in 2019 but other than that none of the things stood out to me

Yes and I did know because you noted did you know he was in one of the after movies I did know because one of my previous roommates was obsessed with those movies and made me watch the first 2 and then we stopped being friends for other reasons Imagine I stopped being her friend because she made me watch the after movies but I did I did pay $3 to rent the second after movie on Youtube so I did know that Dylan Sprouse was in it

Oh my g0d why to pay Why didn't you watch it on Netflix what's happening 

I wasn't on Netflix at the time because it was new It had like just come out

You know that I will go and watch those films I Know they're bad films Don't give me crap people They're terrible I understand but I like them 

Wait So you've seen it but you didn't know he was in it

no I didn't reckon like just didn't process in my brain Nope But I've seen it

We are two very different people I'll recognize the face of someone who has 2 lines in an episode and I will have to pause And look them up and it'll be hard because they had a very small role in this one show in 2006 and then I'll look at their imdb and I'll have like only seen one other thing that they're in and I'll be like that's the 1

Yeah no this show has like us filming doing this podcast has made me more aware of looking out and paying attention to like guest stars and features and things like that But like no someone completely famous could be in a show and unless they are playing themselves I would have no idea like 

That's crazy

I would just be oblivious

I don't I'm not like this because of the podcast I have this podcast because I'm like this I grew up like this like as a kid before I had the internet it would drive me nuts because I would recognize so many people in like shows Especially because my parents watched a lot of like law and order So there's so many guest stars in that

Yeah this is what makes me think that a part of me is like ah I would love for you to just like live in LA for a few months and we could go out places because I never recognize people like Tyler the creator is up in the coffee shop That's connected to my work building literally like 3 times a week and I never knew until someone was like you know that's Tyler the creator I was like nope had no idea what if never known like I'm sure There's so many times that there's just like celebrities in my vicinity and I just am like blissfully unaware

Part of me wants to live in LA but part of me thinks that I shouldn't for that reason because I don't want to be creepy in real life 

That's fair

There's a boundary I want to keep and I know what I'm capable of And I don't think I should always fulfill my potential things

That's fair I like that it's a good self-awareness there okay cole spouse continuing he has gone on to being like five feet apart moonshot and then obviously riverdale and then we have Kim Rhodes who played carey

Wait wait wait wait wait 


I forgot to also say dylan sprouse has a very hot wife Barbara Palvin Victoria's secret model cole sprouse known as being a bit of a douche bag now but don't cite me on that because I'm not fact checking it It's just the Tiktok rumors


Think that riverdale money went to his head Maybe

I mean he's been in like a hundred and thirty eight episodes so I could see how that would be likely It's probably big check 

Well yeah he was a fan favorite of the main characters 

Yeah I have never watched it

I never have either but I have watched six to nine hours of people on Youtube dissecting the plotlines of it

Okay okay

But I've never seen an episode

okay okay then we have Kim Rhodes um she was not in suite life and on deck but she did go on to star in 4 episodes of that and then she is just a guest star And a regular and many Tv series but she's been in criminal mind supernatural NICS switched at birth a bunch of stuff

Miss Ashley Tisdale Maddie Fitzpatrick of course was in all 3 high school musicals as sharpay plus her own sharpay straight to Dvd spinoff movie She was in Hellcats which was I think an underrated Cw show along with Aly Michalka from Aly and aj that they filmed at my university a year or two before I went there and I was sad that it was canceled because then I couldn't run into them on campus obviously also she was the voice of candace on Phineas and ferb which is such an iconic role Mom Phineas and fern are blehblehblehbleh She was apparently in scary movie five I didn't know that she had her own music career He said she said goes way too hard

it does 

For 2007 we weren't ready We were ready We didn't deserve her

no we did not deserve her and like many I didn't go on to list all these but many of her songs so she had headstrong in 2007 The album guilty pleasure in 2009 and then her most recent album was released in 2019 called symptoms but off of Headstrong and guilty pleasure many singles landed in the billboard top 100 and even in Australia randomly a few songs Landed in the top 10 of their hot 100 so like her music did like resonate with people too

I didn't even know she had more than 1 album

Oh if you listen to guilty pleasures You would know some of the you would know some of the songs off of it but I would say headstrong is definitely more when we were like peak Disney

Also because they played songs like he said she said on Disney Channel because this was the time where Disney Channel would play truncated versions of music videos by hollywood records artists like Sneaker night was playing

yeah yeah yeah also for all my pop punk babies out there she played the love interest in the boys like girls love drunk video which I feel like Was a big thing Um she also dated Martin Johnson of boys like girls for a while and it like made a bunch of headlines and so in my brain I forgot about her music career and I did remember about all the boys like girls stuff

Your selective memory is so funny 

Yeah because that that's what's important to me

I wrote that her acoustic series slaps because like six years seven years ago she was doing acoustic videos on Youtube with various Former co-stars including the guy that played Ryan Lucas Grabiel and also Vanessa Hudgens and they're really good and then frensche which or frensche I don't know how it's pronounced is her like beauty line Jess had no idea this existed I was texting her about it like an hour ago It's existed for a couple of years it's her own line of aromatherapy based lotions bath bombs 

I Swear to you I've never seen it

It's Literally always on the front and center table near the bath products it targets Target Exclusive line I've I've used the lotion a couple times It's fine

yeah some of the products looked cool but I was like I I don't recognize this label I don't recognize this branding then we got miss Brenda Song 

Queen of Disney Channel 

London Tipton yeah she did Everything I'll shout out a few things but guys booked and Busy she was on the suite life on deck on most episodes Um she's in scandal New Girl Pure Genius Station 19 the Social network Dollface the proud family louder and prouder she's done a lot

Hey hey hey you skipped one of the ones that I added 

oh Amphibia because that was voice acting right 

yeah so is the proud family louder and prouder but Amphibia she was the lead of a 3 year long Disney Channel Animated Series

oh I didn't know that it looks kind of creepy

Ah she she voiced the lead character for Amphibia I think the social network was her first main out of Disney breakout Also obviously she's our dcom queen she's been in like 4 or 5 of them which just love her when she popped up in station 19 I was So surprised I was because's a recurring role too She like has a baby and stuff It's very surprising and also she famously has 2 children with her partner Macauley Culkin and they're very cute and adorable and he thanked her and cried when he got his Star on the hollywood walk of fame recently 

Oh that's cute

and then we have last but not least of our main cast Phill Lewis who played Mr Moseby um he also played Maurice in dad napped he was on scrubs the suite life on deck of course American Dad plus some other voicema- voice work and guest star roles But mainly what he's gone on to do is direct like he hasn't really taken a lot of acting roles and he mostly just directs now and so he's worked on Austin and ally kickin it good luck Charlie two broke girls Jesse Young and hungry the odd couple bunked How I met your father iCarly so still keeping it really in the a lot of it is more children shows But yeah still directing

All sitcoms too I'm not surprised he went on to direct because when you've he played Mr Moseby as a main as a lead for all of both suite life series So at that point You've got your money and you've got a lot of fame as 1 thing and you have a lot of knowledge in that genre It makes sense that yeah

Well and on suite life They gave him the opportunity 


to guest direct and then fully direct a few episodes so it's like he also then had that on his resume leaving those roles

Yeah I knew he'd done some directing already there and also you probably have issue more issues getting cast than getting director gigs at that point because you're so famous as Mr moseby

Yeah yeah because people see you as one character

so those are all of our main characters We're not getting into all of the side characters but needless to say we have shouted out There are tons of famous guest stars and quite a lot of famous recurring Roles as well of people who went on to have their own disney shows or other other projects 

we're gonna go into like the impact of the show on Disney Channel and media of the time we've kind of already mentioned this but it's the only show we can think of that got a spinoff But the spinoff is also the same leads with the suite life on deck because that's still Zack and Cody like you know it's just in a new location and then after that they got the suite life movie Which is the first show to get a dcom since Lizzie

Mmm I didn't realize that I didn't really thought about it But yeah that makes sense I also think and someone can fact check me on this because I don't know Raven's level of involvement in that's So Raven I know she's a producer on Raven's home but I don't think she was on that's so raven And we'll get into more of it when we go into on deck but like after the first series I know the sprouse twins were more heavily involved in the production side of on deck and the movie and like pitching stories which was an interesting like track for the Disney star that As I was trying to say I don't think we've really seen up until this this point in Disney Channel history that was replicated later because Zendaya did a lot of that with KC undercover after having been on shake it up and you know there are other stars I'm sure 

the other thing that I think this show had which maybe other shows that we've watched previously had and this just the impact feels larger because of the time this showed aired and how old we were at that time but the memeability like prndl the restaurant reservation I feel like the memeability of this show is very It's just stronger than other ones

I Think that has something to do with how this series stands out to the late millennials and early Gen Zers There were more people watching Disney Channel at this time than the previous series Also I think there is something about it being the boy show that makes it stand out in our heads a little bit more and the characters are so vibrant


Distinct They have very strong personalities

Yes very yes and I think that's what made it like at least for me the episodes go by so quickly to watch even in rewatching it that I'm like okay as a kid I get why you You know they would have marathons where it was just hours and hours of suite life and I remember putting it on and not being bored with it You know 


because it's so every episode Is its own entity but you're right They're so like the characters are so strong and they all have strong personalities and their personalities are very present in every single episode

Yeah these aren't really that I mean some of them Yes but most of them are like characters You wouldn't meet in real life because they're so outlandish and I think that's what makes it so fun

Yeah totally we're gonna get into speaking of outlandish the suite life crimes against hospitality

If you don't know Jessica has a background in hospitality and event management and this show had many things happening that she did not enjoy

Yeah not even I didn't enjoy it but I like this sh*t would not happen in these people would lose their jobs like what is going on here also for background I worked in luxury hotels too So Tipton is a luxury hotel that is where I I worked in that environment for many many many years Um so I'm very familiar with operations and the type of people that work in those hotels and this show does not get it right All the time some of these we have discussed at length So I'll briefly mention them in our other episodes but in rock star in the house when London and Maddie and Zack all sneak into Jesse Mccartney's room and like get in bed with him and take photos with him They would be fired like

Yeah and maybe arrested 

Yes like you can't do that

Yeah yeah yeah that is very creepy

also this hotel is just giving sh*t away I don't know how it's making money but like Carey gets her room for free as part of her contract London's giant ass room is Taking up space of probably 17 hotel rooms that they could be selling 

Including her like 3 story closet with escalators

Yeah which I'm still am slightly convinced that that is also the Hannah Montana closet

I Don't think so but 

You think they're different

we'll find out

and then we have like suite 613 episode where we learned that suite They weren't selling because it was haunted and I'm like we are just letting the inventory sit empty

That's the one that got me the most 

Not making any money

That's the one that got me the most because okay fine Carey's an employee that got it in her contract in London's dad owns the hotel but you're telling me you're letting a suite sit empty

Yeah also on them giving sh*t away Mr Moseby offers free sh*t all the time when guests hurt themselves or are upset We saw this in the episode like the prankster episode where Maddie dresses up as Olga but it's like the daddy daughter duo that are like faking injuries to get things for free loss prevention rule number one is you never admit fault because if a guest falls and then you offer compensation That is admitting fault You're like oh we did something wrong here and it's like no you don't you do not do that

Yeah because then in a court if they choose to Sue Anyway that could be argued that that's your admission of fault

Yeah because if yeah if you offer compensation it's considered admission of fault and so you would lose in a case of court So that's why you you never ever offer compensation in that in those scenarios and Moseby's doing it all the time I'll upgrade you to a suite What can I get you Oh I can make that free Oh I can add on this for free I'm like and he's supposed to be the hotel manager

It does feel very customer service What you expect because you expect that when you complain you get something better or for free

Yes where if okay so I would agree with that in the sense that like if there's 1 episode and I don't remember what Moseby offers but where guests complains that they scheduled a wake up call at 7 and that they were called at 7:03 and he offers something sure like that was the hotel's fault You schedule it for 7 your wake up call happened at 7:03 it's ridiculous but this is sh*t that guest complain about 

So that I'm like yeah but in case of like injury or things like that which is where we see moseby do it a lot another thing we see him do is Daryl in the wheelchair basketball episode He's like oh you can pay for whatever you want Oh'll give you the room for free like you can pay whatever Price you want and I'll give you the room for free and I'm like that there are set rates that the rooms go at like

That and that was part of the ableism but still 


yes still stupid

yeah look I get they were trying to make a point but it's also like this would never happen in a hotel

Yeah there are other ways he could have been ablest

Zack in 1 episode We don't even see it We just hear that this happens that damage was caused in another hotel room Because he got the key to that hotel room and was using it because it had the best restroom and my questions are like how did he know all the hotel All the rooms would have the same bathroom But even if they didn't like you're telling me He's just going around checking every single room and then Creating a key and using a different room to pee

I we also forgot to include this on your list Zack canonically has a universal room key

It's just like that's not how it works It's not how it works

He he swiped one from the desk and every time that like Carey or Moseby takes it from him He just makes a new one when I guess the desk is unmanned or something at 1 point Moseby needs a universal key to get into a room and Carey's like let's use Zack's And he's like oh mother of the year and she's like hey I took it from him

I just need to clarify I'm trying not to get into the nitty gritty That's not how it works any hotel Any employee can't just create a universal key even Mr Moseby would not have the Privileges to create a universal key 

Yeah because isn't it a privacy issue

Yeah it has to be done through security you have to check it out like they physically like you sign your name They hand it to you And then at the end of the day you return it and if you accidentally drive home with it You get a very angry call and you have to drive back to the hotel and return it like it's not this just like casual thing like it's a big deal

Also I Want to be clear for anyone Listening We are not saying that these things should not have been dealt with this way in the show We understand this show is fiction and most of these things happening were for the silly hehehahas But we're talking about would this be real No okay

Yeah I'm talking about yes and for me living and breathing that environment for as long as I did it is just so ridiculous Some of the things that they let these characters get away with and I get It's a fictional kids TV show It's still wild speaking of wild when Zack and cody we went into this but when they spy on the girls soccer team and they drill holes into the wall There would be fines Carey would be fired There would be criminal charges And a lawsuit like it would just not be like let's do do do do do ha Ha ha we're peeking in on girls like no

The damage they did physical damage which they've done physical damage in a lot of episodes

Yeah physical damage to the room and you're breaking like the guest privacy agreement of when you are paying for a hotel room that is a place of privacy like you should be able to trust that you're not being Filmed You're not being spied On You're not being looked at 

I'm pretty sure it's also just illegal

yes Well yes but that's what I'm saying like It's because there is an agreement that if you are paying for this You are getting privacy as part of it There is an Episode where Mr Moseby shoots spitballs at the guests excuse me imagine paying $500 a night for a room and you walk into the lobby and you get a spitball shot at you from the manager of the hotel

He does it by accident right like like he's trying to shoot the boys and hits a customer instead 

I think so but it's still bad 

Yeah it is I'm just trying to like find why Moseby would do it in my brain because I know he wouldn't Realistically do that unless it's like 1 of those weird episodes like if the if he was turned into a little kid in the super twins

I think it might be the episode where he was like trying to have fun 

Is there an episode where he tries to have

I think so It was like 1 of those kind of episodes where he was acting out of character on purpose but I was like this is crazy We can't be shooting spitballs at guests

along those notes So I did add a few other things because I just you didn't have them on your list either because you didn't see it or whatever But along those lines There is an episode where both Moseby and Zack are obsessed with a video game and he's literally playing it at the front desk and like ignoring customers sometimes and it just feels very out of character and outlandish to see this hotel manager like With his sword playing a video game on a laptop at the front desk

Yeah When Moseby did that was this in an episode where Moseby is acting unlike himself 
No it's just canon that both he and Zack are obsessed with this video game It's giving like world of warcraft vibes It's an online game they can play together and like they play together and then realize that that's the person they've been playing with and they're both addicted to this game but it's not like a silly goofy out of the world episode 

Okay yeah and he's ignoring Guests that's yeah this is just Wild I'm like all these people would not have jobs They would be fired all of them

Well I also made the note of like how do these people have time to do their jobs and also do all of the random sh*t they do for London like that's crazy I don't how do they have time especially like the part time employees but at least London's family owns the hotel I do have this note that you have thoughts about because you have personal experience with this I forgot in our shout outs in the last episode late in season 3 there is an episode with a completely unimportant plot And just like very randomly casually Tony Hawk has a guest appearance at the first and final scenes of the episode He's not in any other part of the plot and in it when they're like you're Tony Hawk he's like that's the name on the reservation which Would not be the case Actually

It's not how it works I would say probably some influencers but won't you Reach a level of people recognizing you you stay under an alias You don't stay under your name like Tony Hawk does not stay under his name There are probably people who are famous that use Tony Hawk as an alias than I could believe a lot of wrestler names are used as an alias the amount of professional sports players that use Randy savage as an alias who is a wrestler is like so many and like every team has a Randy Savage so Tony Hawk there are probably people who use that as an alias my personal favorite Alias I ever saw was Mr Uber everywhere because that's not a name but it is funny But that's the thing they're not staying under names like they're staying under things like uber everywhere 

and Tony Hawk in 2007 especially would not be staying under the name Tony Hawk not when they're making video games of him

yeah and that was still like warpped tour scene with all the skateboarding and the X games and all of that was like in its prime

yeah when I saw him on the screen I was like Wow this is giving me flashbacks 

Yeah crazy

Also just you know they're in the vents all the time Why are the vents always unlocked Why are the vents So big Why can they hold up People I've gone on this rant before but I had to point it out in this another thing that might freak you out Jess in 1 episode The boys have messed something up for moseby so like a convention gets canceled or something and moseby's busy with staff issues so they Manage to go to the rival hotel the st marks and do something that convinces the insect convention that's happening there like they're just checking in for the weekend to move to the Tipton and book them in all without Moseby Ever even knowing
This is like when I told you hotels had sales departments and you just like did not process that that would be a thing like this would involve sales this would involve the rooms controller this would involve the front desk manager the operations director plus Moseby Plus an event manager like it would involve so many people like Zack and Cody would never be They wouldn't even have the knowledge to be able to like get all those reservations into the system

I'm pretty sure they just like go behind the desk and press some buttons on the computer and or something

Like this is the problem That's how people think it works and then people try to go to a hotel and book something and they're like why didn't work like it did in the suite life of Zack and Cody like that's not how it works There's contracts There's people you have to talk to room reservation lists You have to submit like this is just wild

And a whole ass convention esteban has a pet chicken that sometimes lives in his locker It's only noted I I vividly remember Esteban having a pet chicken in the suite life But then when I was watching it It was really only mentioned in like 2 episodes So I was surprised by that yeah so it didn't really end up in our rewatch but it did live in the locker because at one point I think Patrick was mad at Esteban because his chicken was like eating his ties or something That's like a b or c plot in one of the episodes


which like Obviously that would not be real 


and then my last thing is just the last episode The whole thing is that Mr Tipton if he's in a good mood gives one employee a $50,000 bonus the but 99% of the employees at this hotel aren't making $50,000 a year 


and it seems like everyone's eligible because it's just like whoever he feels like giving it to so like Maddie's trying to get it and I'm like you're a part-timer

That runs a candy counter 

Yeah you're 16 yeah you're not like Like no one's giving out $50,000 to these employees that aren't even getting paid $50,000 a year and then she's not even making half that like are you kidding me

Yeah it's ridiculous

those are all the thoughts that I had about that and you had as well correct 


again we understand these are all in the name of silly goofy hehehahas for the tweenagers We just wanted to point them out that they are As adults watching them objectively ridiculous

yeah so outlandish and just wild it does make for some fun plots but not how a hotel works Everyone would be fired

All the time everyone would be fired all the time for this sh*t

Yeah yeah basically every episode someone's getting fired okay we're gonna move on to our quiz It's my turn to do the quiz so I did a few like quotes and then a few multiple choice

Okay I'm not ready because I feel like I've already emotionally blocked out the majority of this show But I'm going to try Let me you have let me have a sip of water

Okay I feel like it's not hard but I also do I don't know

I never feel like mine are that hard and then you're like I have no idea Okay I've been also I've been I know what we have like a new year's resolution of no food on the podcast But I've been having grapes because I was a little lightheaded and I've had my water so I've got some sugar Okay I think I'm ready 

You're ready 

I think so

Ok we'll start with quotes So who said that quote 

I love That you added a syllable sorry that was just so good quotes 


quotes There's a w there 

There is Didn't you know 

Pop quiz about quotes

um season one 

Kuwait quotes sorry 

Season 1 episode 1 sometimes chicken little knows what he's talking about

sometimes chicken little knows what he's talking about It's either zack or Cody  

it is it

it is right Is it one of those 2

It's not 

oh my g0d What happened in our pilot episode what they move into oh they move into this It's the one where they have all of the people over to the tipton and Max is there And then is it tapeworm that says it

It's not but that's a good guess and you really are you're connecting the plot points on why is someone referencing chicken little

okay it's not Zack and Cody it's not tapeworm sometimes chicken little knows what he's talking about So it's reference to like the sky is falling and what falls out of the sky

what falls out of the sky 

Carey falls out of the sky right no

No no they're all pulling On the big giant satellite dish 


and it goes crashing down and who sees it 



yeah okay okay see that felt more like a line that Zack would say to Moseby as like comedy

I agree that's why I added it there because it does feel like a line The boys would say and not a line that Mr Moseby would say

Yeah it felt like either a bad thing happened and Zack was making a joke about it or a bad thing happened and Cody was like see I told you

Mhmm Okay number 2 this is season 2 episode 32 

Okay whoa Okay so we're at the end

yeah I should have included the titles of these episodes I didn't sorry 

No it's fine This is good This is good

That's why you should never keep a snapping turtle in your back pocket

Oh I do recall That's why you should never keep a snapping turtle in your back pocket is that Jaden Smith

I think it is that episode Oh or is that season 3 No it's not Jaden Smith it's one of our main characters 

is he season 3 he might be 

I think so yeah

I think he is You're right

Because Barbara and Cody are dating and that happens in season 3

Ohhhh okay but it is a main character You said not a recurring character  

not a recurring character 

It's Cody All the quote are main characters 

It's Cody

It's not Cody

You're so mean 

This is really just coming from the fact that I like that noise that you're making so I have to repeat it back to I'm not trying to be mean I'm just enjoy

That's okay I'm just teasing you because teasing people is my love language I'm not actually offended that's why you should never keep a snapping turtle in your back pocket and it's season 2 episode 32 where are we In season 2 I mean we're all over the place but not nearly as all over the place as season 3 and it's not Cody but it is a main character like there This is a character that's in the intro to the show


And that's why you should never keep a snapping turtle in your back pocket 


Is it just is it like Zack 


I knew because I heard you laughing I'm like it's got to be Zack because she's laughing at how I'm so close with Cody

But also it's like who would put a snapping turtle in their back pocket and learn from that and now have that as a story to tell it wouldn't be Cody Cody's not that dumb

I think it would be because Cody would be like trying to save the turtle from like the park demolition or something 

He would yeah true

Yeah but Zack would be stealing the turtle as a prank for sure Ugh I know I don't know my boys Well actually no I I think maybe what's happening is I'm overthinking because I know my voice too Well

Yeah okay number 3 season 2 episode 35 

Okay oh okay end of the end Oh this is Hollywood part one Okay

oh no I'm not putting on a bikini

That's it 


Oh no I'm not putting on a bikini 


and this is hollywood part one 

I don't think it is actually 

There's 36 episodes in season 2 and it ends with part one and

it's back in the game

Season 2 back in the game 

Yeah it's the wheelchair basketball Episode

Oh there's 39 episodes g0d damn it g0d okay okay so it's back in the game that completely reshapes everything I was like this must be like when they're going to talking about going to the beach Okay so it's the Nathan Kress episode and I'm not putting on a bikini Barbara 

good good Guess 

it's not Barbara 

It's not

that is totally a line Barbara would say

it's not Barbara

Okay I don't even think barbara's in that episode It just feels like it would be a Barbara line 

I agree I agree

okay okay okay so we're playing Baske- is it a plot or B plot

I think it's because 

A plot would be Nathan Kress and the basketball

yeah and is B plot that crazy Carey plot

No that's the sleep over episode 

Oh Okay I think it's more A plot

ok I'm not putting on a bikini Oh it's Daryl It's Daryl because Nathan Kress comes in and he's like You're not Jessica Simpson am I wrong 

You're wrong can I tell you who it is 


It's cody 

g0d damn it

Okay this next one you'll for sure know though and then we're gonna move on to multiple choice
It's fine just it's fine It's fine I have candy in front of me and I don't deserve it because I haven't earned it Um I don't know anything and I told you I blocked this this show out Let's go let's go 

Quotes are hard quotes are hard multiple choice you'll get

I've also seen so many episodes

season 3 yeah season 3 episode 1 I'm not good to anyone if I'm tense

Oh my g0d these quotes you wrote down are like

We called this one out in our episode 

You maybe did I wouldn't have I'm not good to anyone if I'm tense and it's the graduation episode So ah I mean this sounds like a Cody line 

Mhmm it's not but it does

I knew it I'm not good to anyone if I'm tense graduation they graduate and also it's when Maddie goes to camp is it a b plot quote 

It's a B plot 

Okay oh is it London oh okay yeah cause she's gonna go Yeah yeah yeah she's going to get a massage eyyyy I got one 

Before rescuing Maddie from camp

Right if I know anyone I'm glad it's London tipton

Yeah okay now we're moving on to multiple choice this is season 1 episode 19 who imitates Darth Vader a Bob B Cody c Arwin d London



yayyy I have no idea when I was just thinking like who would imitate Darth Fader arwin I can see him doing it in my head

yes ah season 2 episode 8 what did estebon dress up as when London had trouble potty training her dog A a pee pad B a fire hydrant c a dog trainer

Oh a fire hydrant 


Yeah that's easy

season 3 episode 12 what vegetable gets arwinstein going on a rampage

Broccoli Ah I don't even need your options

Yeah I love this um season 2 episode question Mark is what I wrote 

Great! Great It's fine because I haven't really known what any of these ones are anyway So

who has 20202020 vision 

202020 not and it's not Raven Baxter 

Not Raven Baxter A Mr moseby b patrick c Carey d arwin

202020 not and it's not Raven Baxter 

20202020 vision it can't be Arwin Is it Arwin 

It's not Arwin 


good guess I feel like this is a line he would say but it's not him

Yeah it's like a line the Arwin would say goofily or Moseby would say is like so you better watch out so we're down to Carey or someone else that I forgot so it's Carey Patrick it's Patrick or it's Carey 

It's Carey

Okay why what in what context

Ah she's telling them the boys are up to something and she's She catches them doing something and they're like you weren't even looking at us and she was like I got 20202020 vision

Got it so it is that context I imagined with moseby but it's Carey instead Got it That's fine It's fine It's fine I'm not a failure Let's go

no you're doing great at what age did Cody start cleaning up Zack's side of the room 

Like six months but give me the options

Okay a 2 b four C Six D Eight 


Yep ding dingninging ding

Yeah I was like whatever is the youngest because they would go with something super young for dramatic effect

Yeah and then last but not least how many weddings has Mr Tipton had a 8 b ten c twelve d 14

I Feel like it's 8 so not 8 It's either 8 or it's

It's not 8 


Yep 12 

Okay I thought it was either 8 or 12 Okay 12 I mean good for him Maybe

Yeah at first I wrote the question on how many marriages did he have and I'm like well that's not actually what they said they said how many weddings he's had I was like you know who knows how many of these were formal marriages 

Yeah I mean good for his divorce attorneys

Sure I'm like also I'm like how does he still have money going through that many divorces but 

Baby cakes He has oil money he has hotel has so much money

that's true going into just like our ranking and overall thoughts to wrap it up if you haven't listened before we go through and we rank the show based on Overall what we thought the impact the star power the rewatchability Do We think the show held up And we rank it all on a scale of 0 to 5 we'll start with impact and then we can wrap up with overall does that 


Okay so for impact I gave it a 5 feel like it had a huge impact on Disney Channel like as we mentioned it went on to not only get a dcom but an entire spinoff with the same main characters I feel like it was really the kickoff of like huge success that Disney started to see from their Tv shows Um that then springs into like Wizards and Hannah Montana so I think it had a really big impact

I give it a 4.5 I agree I think it had a really big impact I don't want to give it a 5 because we gave Raven a 5 and Raven feels like even above and beyond this and Lizzie We gave a 4.5 and that feels comparable Because it's such an iconic show and it had its own movie that was a theatrical release Not just a dcom so to me it's like it did a lot for the channel but it's not Hannah Montana and it's not wizards and it's not Raven 


so For me it's a 4.5

for star power We both gave it the same we both gave it to 4.5 I mean you got Brenda Song you got Ashley Tisdale you got the Sprouse twins and then all the side characters they brought in you just you can't argue the Star Star power of the show

No if anything you we should have given it a five but we didn't and I and we could have because like we said so many of these people still have careers or at least the twins and Brenda Song do but it just doesn't Feel 5 worthy and honestly we haven't given anything a 5 yet

Yeah that's mostly why I didn't do it because I'm like I don't know what 5 is 

I think I know what a 5 is and I think it's coming but it hasn't happened yet

fair fair 

I think I I think Hannah's gonna be a 5 

Yeah yeah yeah

and that era of the stars But anyway

up next we have rewatchability I gave it a 3.5 also to put into perspective y'all I don't watch all the episodes I only watch the ones Amanda Assigns to me The reason I gave it a three point five is because the episodes went so fast The fastest of any show we've watched so far I really enjoyed it but there were some episodes that were really painful to watch and there were points where I found myself Not even paying attention because it's just like so dumb and pointless So That's why I kind of gave it that three and a half

I gave it a 2.5 


I'm really I'm really biased at the end of this I will admit but I obviously had those episodes that made me really angry and I think those stand out a lot I think the first season and parts of the second season are solid but season 3 just goes off the rails and like in a way that we start like 4 different shows and don't finish any of them and Like you said that you stopped paying attention sometimes like there were definitely episodes where I was just like bored so and a lot of the humor doesn't hold up even when the plots aren't problematic A lot of the humor towards Carey and just jokes about weight or women Aren't my favorite aren't my cup of tea So

Yeah or towards esteban Yeah there is a lot of humor there that

oh yeah Esteban's entire characterization I did not realize as a child is just super racist 


So I give it a 2.5

yeah and then getting into that we have does it hold up and we both gave it the same for this We both gave it a 2 You know some of the episodes that stick out in your brain You're like that was you know like the suite of 613 and things like that They're really fun They're great but some of the stuff you don't realize this show tried to cover They do it really bad like not even kind of bad They do it just plain Bad You know I talked about it in our the suite life takes on civil rights but they didn't bring in a ton of writers into the writer room and I think that is what hurt them in the long run and so a lot of this stuff does not hold up it honestly we probably could have given it a 1 


I think we are being generous with the 2

and I think in addition to the writers being so limited and and the some of those plotlines not doing Well it also impacted the overall humor and tone of the show throughout All the episodes the majority of season 3 their jokes or storylines are related to the boys trying to date girls There's not a lot of like interesting things going on with them and the characters being so over the top like Maddie I i am a girls' girl I am a girl's girl I I love women and I love women's wrongs and I support them all the time I can't support Maddie She's the least likable character I think I've seen on a show yet because I think that they just a fit These characters into such harsh little characterizations that they became problematic instead of being fleshed out at all

yep and I I do think that it's all just connected to like a lot of it's connected to the writing 

Oh yeah it's all the writing It's all the writing for sure and there are things that are great about it I love me some London Tipton but it's there It just overall was not great and so our overall score which when I did this I was like I don't really know why I put overall and an average but it's fine This is what we're doing

Yeah so the overall score I give it a three point five I feel like it was a solid rewatch I really enjoyed it The episodes I loved I loved um but there were some really big misses and so I I felt like it was a solid 3.5

I gave it a 3 because I did enjoy a good chunk of it which brings us to our overall averages

Yeah so I average out to 3 point 7 out of 5

I averaged to a three point three which is our lowest rating as of yet and our combined average is a three point five making this our lowest in the list

Yeah which I would agree

Yeah for like your ratings this ties with Phil and even Stevens for me This is the lowest and in our overall ranking so far It'd be suite life On the bottom and then Phil of the future even Stevens and then Lizzie Mcguire and then that's so Raven is first so which feels right I tried really hard when I was doing these ratings I was like I know I'm going to be too harsh but I don't think it should place better than Phil but I also shouldn't drag down the ratings just because I want it to place lower than Phil

Yeah well that's when I was doing it I was like okay throughout the rewatch I felt similar to how I did about I think where Phil lacked was different than where suite life lacked 

Yeah I think Phil was silly goofy funny haha in a like a a charming way and it was other things that it lacked

yeah where this was like silly funny goofy ha ha but sometimes in like a mean unproductive probably wouldn't be on Tv today 

although I'm sure the show is on Tv today 

Well yeah

but there we go That's our rankings I feel good about this

Yeah me too Do you have any other like thoughts Any other last things you want to get out

I Kind of want to say sorry if I've been too much of a debbie downer for the listeners about this show It has been enjoyable to rewatch and I know that this is a treasured show for a lot of people and I'm not discouraging a rewatch if you want to I'm just saying that I'm looking at this as more of a pop culture critic type of standpoint critique and so I want to be honest and and this was my experience but you're welcome to love what you love 

Yeah I agree

anything you want to add on

No I'm ready to move on from it 

Same and on that note our next 90s babies nostalgia classic show will be the life of with it will be life with Derek wow how did I mess that up

I think the suite life of Zack and Cody and then life with Derek got like in your brain 

Oh my g0d


I'm so upset because I felt like I did such a good transition 

You did but

next we're covering life with Derek Okay guys we're doing it I'm really excited because this is going to be our first series that I remember vividly jess knows some of the rumors But she's never actually seen it

yeah like maybe I saw it when I was on by I don't remember actively ever watching it

I was a little bit obsessed because we're getting into the era where I was also on the internet every day after school because we were in middle school so I was definitely curious

Yeah it's gonna be a fun one before we get into life with Derek though we are bringing you a remix episode We're trying something different We're doing a release that's actually in theaters So um we will be talking about challengers Um Amanda just saw it I'm on a watch it this week I'm very excited to discuss and with that please please please rate and review us wherever you watch your podcasts it really really helps us as well as follow us on All of our social media We are nineties babies nostalgia on Instagram and Youtube spell out the word 90s we are also on Tiktok but use the numbers there and just a comment dm us we say this every time but like It is so fun chatting with you all so please please please engage with us We really enjoy it like we have this podcast because we love talking about this stuff so any excuse to continue talking about it Um we will take and with that we'll see you in the next one bye

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