Nineties Babies Nostalgia

life with derek s1 part 2: a feminist masterpiece

June 01, 2024 Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore Season 3 Episode 20
life with derek s1 part 2: a feminist masterpiece
Nineties Babies Nostalgia
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Nineties Babies Nostalgia
life with derek s1 part 2: a feminist masterpiece
Jun 01, 2024 Season 3 Episode 20
Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore

We're covering episodes 4 (The Party), 6 (Marti the Monster), 10 (Babe Raider), 11 (The Wedding), and 13 (Male Code Blue). Derek throws a party, Marti barfs up purple, Casey gives the nuanced take on feminism we all need, Casey and Sam move to the next level, and most importantly, Jess finally understands Dasey. 


Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

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We're covering episodes 4 (The Party), 6 (Marti the Monster), 10 (Babe Raider), 11 (The Wedding), and 13 (Male Code Blue). Derek throws a party, Marti barfs up purple, Casey gives the nuanced take on feminism we all need, Casey and Sam move to the next level, and most importantly, Jess finally understands Dasey. 


Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

Get home from school turn on my tv who are these friends staring right back at me now that we'e older why don't you come over and go back in time with me 90s babies nostalgia 

hi I'm Amanda

And I'm Jessica and this is 90s babies nostalgia where 2 fully grown millennial women rewatch and sometimes watch for the first time iconic entertainment from the early 2000s

Just to be clear We are not sponsored by nor affiliated with any of the brands channel shows actors anything that we are talking about We just really like talking about Tv and today the tv that we are talking about is life with Derek season 1 part 2 we are going to be discussing episodes 4 through 13 but not all of them but most of them keep up guys It'll be in the description before we get into it Jessica what have you been enjoying lately

so this is going to be more material item But as you all know I'm a huge concert junkie and in the last like couple years I have been trying out to different earplugs because I understand at this point my ears are irreversibly damaged They're f*cked I went to warpped tours and punk shows from like the age of 12 not wearing any sort of ear plug and continued to not wear any sort of ear plug until the last couple years and now I would say like 95% of the time I remember to wear them But I wear the ones called eargasm I know people love loop this isn't about the brand It's just if you love live music frickin protect your ears I don't get ringing I wake up with way less headaches like there are so many other benefits to them And I just can't believe that I went like this long just letting the bass and everything damage my poor little ears

When did you start using them

like post pandemic once concerts came back so I would say like late 2021 is probably when I started more consistently using them 

Wow So it was late in the game for you

Oh yeah like I have probably like a decade and a half of just damage on my poor little eardrums on I know and you only get 2 of them 

I mean implants do exist 

Sure for eardrums 

hearing Aids 

Oh yeah yeah yeah

I was also thinking of cochlear implants But no people who are Born with the majority of their hearing get just hearing aids those are common but no one wants to be 45 with a hearing aid

yeah so that's why I'm like I'm trying to yeah I'm trying to take care of them So that's my ah what I've been enjoying is I guess being an an adult protect your ears 

Nice good one

You know Um how about you

I'm gonna give some life advice that I need to take speaking of protection

Oh I like that this has turned into life advice time

Yeah well I really wasn't sure what I was going to say for this one And then you said that and I was like you know what we'll go with the weird one that I was thinking about which is insurance I'm not promoting insurance I know I know what you're thinking Amanda Insurance is owned by the devil and you're not wrong like it is but the the life that we're set up in it does Requires certain insurances particularly if you care a lot about things that they are ensuring me myself and I do not ah does not have a car because I do not want to think about the insurance and I do not want to think about the damages to it because I will never care that much about a car and I don't want to However My poor little baby Kitty was sick in the last day and I had to take her to urgent care and do some diagnostic stuff and it came out to $1100 and that is standard that is not unreasonable to get an x-ray Some blood work some sedation because she wouldn't shut the f*ck up and calm down and just the standard visit I mean the standard visit alone is one hundred and forty dollars and pet insurance doesn't have to be expensive and if you have a pet like mine that just likes to eat things that are not edible Specifically things that are not edible She's not a hungry cat She does not eat all of her food any day of the week she never finishes her food yet She will eat plastic You could probably get insurance and I also was thinking of this because um two weeks ago my building was on fire and I was thinking you know maybe I really should get renters insurance and I haven't done that yet I will tell you I I don't have pet insurance but I'm about to get it because of today because this cat is only three and a half years old and I need it Um

Yeah yeah Chris and I met our deductible for Toby's insurance by the end of February of this year 

that's nuts

yep so that tells you 

especially for dogs

it is as Amanda saying for I think for pets in general if you really love something It's worth insurance But Also if you adopt an animal and you don't know their history insurance covers everything as long as it's not pre-diagnosed Um if you already have something diagnosed insurance most of the time in pets unfortunately doesn't cover It So if you have a pet that's adopted and they don't come with any medical history that is the time to get them insured is right away because then everything insurance will cover

That's conflicting because as learned today my cat does have severe arthritis in 1 of her joints and it's not her regular vet I don't know that you would call it diagnosed because it's not on like paperwork but it was shown to me On an x-ray and also she came to me with paperwork saying she had previously had a severe fracture and would have joint issues for her life

Also they rely on you to submit Whatever medical history You have so all we had is vaccinations So like up to you on what you disclose

Hell yeah so I'm looking into that I don't I probably won't get renter's Insurance Don't tell my landlord I'm supposed to have it No one ever checks They just send me emails every six months saying hey update your renter's insurance I might not do that one because when I really look around and think about it What do I care about things burning down like yeah I would be sad There would be memories lost but the majority of it is like am I safe Do I have my meds do I have my Id do I have my laptop do I have my cat if all those things are good I can live with myself You know

yeah I think that's fair

But if you're not like me and you care about your material possessions maybe consider Renter's insurance if you care about your pets maybe consider pet insurance Just don't knock it You know I knocked it and I'm regretting that a little

yeah I like this life advice with Jess and Amanda 

Can you tell how old we are

protect your ears Yeah can you tell that us this is the year of 30 for us

guys 30 has been so good and so bad at the same time like I've really thrived and I have a really struggled


let's get into life with Derek

Yeah we are going to so kick it off with episode 4 the party

Oh this one's a fun one

Yeah this episode takes a starts in the future and then we get a flashback to tell us where you're at so Derek and Casey are sitting on the bathroom floor looking like a mess apologizing to 1 another and we flash back to 1 hour prior where we see them having a huge fight still in the bathroom locked in the bathroom together shooting shampoo and shaving cream at one another while we hear that there's a party happening in the living room

then we go even further back to Nora and George letting the kids know that they're going to go away for the weekend because they didn't have a honeymoon and they want to go to a bed and breakfast and Lizzie says we have beds and breakfast here and they got a sitter For the kids but Derek and Casey are very offended by this because they are grown up fifteen year olds and haven't they proven time and time again that they can take care of their younger siblings to which their parents say Casey yes Derek no You need a sitter so they pretend they pretend they pretend that they are getting along is the main thing that the parents weren't going to let them babysit for is that they fight all the time So how can they possibly take care of the siblings but and Nora and George see through it but at the same time are like if you can even get along through pretending to get along for this long We'll take Marti because she's the youngest and we still don't trust you that much But you can watch Lizzie and Edwin without a sitter

so they leave them They're about to kick off the weekend and the door starts ringing because what does Derek do he throws a party


immediately like Nora and George are freshly out the door and this party is kicking off and the party gets more out of hand as the night progresses in Casey is trying to stop the party But Emily is kind of having a fun time and she's like Casey live a little let's enjoy and introduces her to a cute guy to distract her and she remembers that Paul the guidance counselor at school had told her that she should be having more fun and so Casey Then later on in the evening is like this party is still getting out of hand This guy does not provide enough of a distraction so she goes to find Derek and Derek is fixing the bathroom door since the knob is broken But she immediately comes in to yell at him and shuts the door locking both of them in the bathroom so they send Edwin downstairs to try to calm down the party so he goes down and does magic tricks and he's just like Kind of ridiculed and made fun of and so he runs upstairs and is like teenagers are frightening and Lizzie's like yeah teenagers are scary I don't want to go down there so they both Edwin and Lizzy are hiding in the attic

And Casey wants to call the parents and Derek doesn't want to and George calls him and he hangs up and turns off his phone but they hear something and and Derek had said that he has a study group over while they're in the bathroom Derek and Casey have like a heart to heart about how you know she's not so bad and maybe Derek shouldn't have chosen the Very first time that the parents left them in charge to throw a party and he says like you know he feels like everyone expects him to mess up so he just does it for that reason sometimes and then because of that Nora and George show up and they say they rushed home because he said he had a study group over which was an immediate red herring and they let them out of the bathroom and casey takes partial blame for the party because she's trying to be nice because Derek you fed her that sob story But then they're like you're partially responsible You can be partially responsible for the cleanup and he's like you're an absolute sucker enjoy cleaning up so she cleans up the house and then dumps all the trash on his bed 



first question who did the nonlinear flashback style narrative better life with Derek or challengers

Oh challengers of course so not a question at all 

Are you sure

getting into our notes One of my favorite things is Going off the end of last episode I actually think we got to see a little bit of Lizzie and Edwin's characters in this episode Lizzie is terrified of the teenagers that are in this house She sees a couple making out and she's like uhh gross like runs up the stairs I found it Adorable

Yeah I Really enjoy that like trying to help and then they're scared and then Casey bribes them and then they're scared again and but they do really work together and yeah I enjoy they're like just good little beans

Yeah yeah yeah yeah they're trying but also they're like we don't want any part in these tasks that you're assigning to us like this is out of our comfort zone 

Yeah they have boundaries for themselves

there is 1 point where Derek Either tells or kind of like mentions that Casey is living a little dangerously or maybe she should live a little dangerously and I'm like Derek do you even know her Like I'm only 4 episodes in and I know that that girl is never trying to live dangerously

That's him trying to talk her into letting the party happen and you know what it does work because it hits a note with um with what Paul had said as well You know for a while Casey does enjoy herself at the party until she realizes that it's just too out of hand I think it's like when sports teams start showing up that she's like no I can't do this I have a note that I can't believe that you didn't write down because it's such a Jessica note when the party first starts Derek walks into the living room with 

It's giant

the largest platters of chips I have ever seen

I didn't write it down because I went I'll remember to talk about this because it was so Aggressive It would be used for like a party size like you are hosting people over for super bowl and you're serving nachos for 25 like it was huge

you noted this which I actually didn't notice but I love this instead of chugging Beer The guys are shooting whipped cream into each other's mouths

Yeah there's a little clip where there's like 4 guys lined up laying down on the kitchen table and someone is like putting whipped cream in each of their mouths and they're all like hit me again like taking turns

okay something I didn't like and I'm starting to see this I personally don't really understand so far why Emily and Casey are friends It doesn't really make sense to me But Emily introduces Casey to that guy To flirt with and then when she's locked in the bathroom we see Emily downstairs flirting with that same guy

I didn't even notice that it was the same guy to be honest they're all just a bunch of like teenage white canadian dudes 


So they all kind of look the same if they're not a speaking role I think I think Casey and Emily like they're not the best of friends in that they're not great friends to each other especially Emily to Casey but I do think they're pretty realistic for high school friends of like convenience like you share a locker together You're going to be friends You're gonna see each other a lot so you're gonna talk so you might as well and you live next to each other So I think it Make sense in that way

Yeah that's fair the other thing I wanted to shout out was during the party scene Um the parties next door by captain everything is playing which is not a huge punk band by any means but like I feel like that song is very iconic for the like Mid aughts timeframe they were like a big Myspace band so I just when I heard that song I was like oh my god this song I had to look it up but I was like I know this song I need to find out what it is

That's so me of you because I did not recognize it but that happens to me all the time

Yeah they weren't like a huge It's not like if they included like a fallout boy or a boys like girls or something like that But it still is one of those songs where it's like the pop punk scene and the myspace scene would know that song you know

Well yeah no I know I didn't expect that they were huge but I you know it's like I can still sing 90% of the words to the Jordan Pruitt songs from 2007 that yeah like you know and like if I heard that in a mall I would be like I know that song

Yeah yeah yeah

So I'm very impressed with you I do have to ask sort of how do you feel about the like bathroom goo on their faces and hair and stuff

I didn't really think anything about like I didn't really think anything about it to to be honest it was I guess those scenes weren't short but I was just like oh yeah they're fighting They're like shooting stuff at each other that Feels like something siblings would do especially them

yeah I agree I It's most of the time for context like the whole time that they're talking in the bathroom that they're having the heart to heart and Afterwards when the parents come they have like white creams like shampoos and things like that on their faces and hair and bodies I I Really think I ask this mostly because I watched this shortly after watching quiet on set Which was the documentary that about Nickelodeon but it had a lot to do with Dan Schneider shows and one of the recurring bits is kind of like the cVm shot which I think his can be a little more explicit in like 1 of the things that they brought up was a zoey 101 episode Where the shot was literally like supposed to be 1 character was like squirting something that ended up on another character's face and like you the camera was in the perspective of the person doing the squirting so that is like more explicit The only thing that made me a little uncomfy with this one was like At the end when the parents were lecturing them Derek was cleaned up and Casey wasn't and I just didn't understand why 

yeah I just didn't notice but now that you're saying it I'm like yeah that's kind of weird that they would make him cleaned up and she wouldn't that is a strange choice Yeah

I'm not saying anything malicious happened here guys I'm not at all It was purely just something that I was watching right after having this other perspective because growing up as kids when we watched it We wouldn't think anything of it and and I do like the way that this is contextualized and like yeah most of the stuff that they shot at each other in the bathroom would Look like that and siblings would fight like that especially these ones

Yes yes getting on to full flirting scale I give it a 3 out of 10 I feel like this one was a little flirty 

It was right

Yeah it was a little flirty like The the moments of fighting but then also reconciling with each other in a close knit space It was a little flirty 

They were like sitting way closer together than they needed to be that bathroom was quite spacious 

they were like knee to knee Basically

Yeah in a spacious bathroom They chose to sit in like the narrowest portion to be knee to knee and there's this part where he's like sorry I No she's like you really you finally drove me crazy and he's like it wasn't a far drive and then he apologizes and she's like did you just apologize and he's like no and it is kind of flirty Ah

Yeah a little bit This is one of the only ones so far for me but I was like Okay 

This is me cackling it You finally kind of getting it

Yeah yeah

They're siblings but they're step siblings guys Don't take this take this out of context Please

Yeah we're also including this because the lore of the show like what I knew which I don't think we explicitly said in the last one but what I knew about this show going on is that it was the show that had 1nc3st vibes So like we just got a Politely rate that

Ah yeah and I also think it's part of our due diligence as re-watching and critiquing this show for people who are curious about this aspect of the show but don't necessarily want to go back and watch it all themselves We're giving you our accurate vibe read on it now and it's accurate because Jess has never seen it so she's less biased and yeah




okay 1 of the very first quotes one of the very first quotes in this episode is Casey to Derek saying I've seen your bathroom aim before no way you hit the target and she says it twice I think I think she says it at the beginning of the episode and then later on because it's like a clip from from yeah which to me felt like a very grown up line in a Disney show 

Yeah it's pretty grown up 

like she's referring to him peeing 

Yeah yes

which is natural and normal but not for Disney Channel No no

Yeah and especially 15 year olds talking about it on Disney channel like I think it would be I don't know yeah I was like I don't actually think it'd be different if who it was any other age I think it was just strange that there was teenagers saying that

I think it'd be weirder if they were younger 


because it's anyway anyway anyway next one when they're fighting when Derek and Casey are fighting is the context for this

yeah yes yes they ask George and Nora ask what example are you setting for Marti and Marti answers and goes a bad one

So happily a bad 1

Yeah Lizzie says teenagers are freaks and I just really loved how uncomfortable everything about these teenagers made Lizzie like it just felt accurate but also hilarious

Yeah I love Lizzie she's kind of like the straight man sometimes and she just says it like it is and I also wrote that line down because teenagers are freaks lizzie go off another great lizzie quote is when she is relaying her information after watching the people make out she says I saw this guy touching tongues with a girl It was gross Edwin in relaying to the kids to the teenagers How scary it is says but it's scary down there What if they Want to pierce me in weird places

Yeah they're so terrified poor kids 

it's so funny though I'm like my eyes are watering okay episode 6 

Marti the Monster 


Nora and George are going to a Shakespeare play but the babysitter fell through and by fell through I think maybe they forgot to actually even confirm the babysitter so they're asking casey to babysit But she has plans to go shopping with Emily and she's like this is unfair because I'm the only one who's ever asked Derek is never asked to babysit which why the hell would they ever ask Derek to baby sit

Well they're the same age 


and he should be responsible enough 


but she says no and she goes to Paul and says she straight up says this is s3xist My mom is a fake feminist She never asks Derek and Paul says is this really a s3xist thing or is this a casey versus Derek thing and she's like you're so right it's all Derek's fault

at dinner She's asked again if she'll watch Marti and she only agrees after they agreed to pay her $12 an hour 

Slay for 2005 well canadian dollars though

yeah but still Then later on at school We see the new girl sandra who Derek is kind of crushing on sees a photo of Marti in Derek's locker and asks about her and he's like oh yeah that's my younger sibling like I babysitter all the time I'm actually babysitting her on Saturday Do you want to come over for lunch And she's like I need to study and he's like well we could study as well and so she ends up agreeing to come over and he's like actually Casey I got it I'll babysit you can stick to your plans and Casey's like no you're only in this for the money because they agreed to pay me and now you want to be paid Not realizing that he's actually only in it for the girl

Yeah that photo of Marti in his locker was not there before he found out Sandra was a bit of a goody two shoes guys So then to figure out who gets the right to babysit when neither of them previously wanted to They have a competition which is so hilarious Casey goes first and it's to see who can like get Marti in her pjs and to bed the best within 10 minutes and casey does not do great look It's called Marti the monster for a reason she's being real difficult behind the the closed door and doesn't want to put on her pjs and she can't really get her to do anything Derek on the other hand does a fantastic job gets her well he gets her in her pjs nothing else but like she's happy So she says she gets to choose and she chooses Derek and then Derek very sus tries to rush Casey out of the house he has Edwin watching Marti Lizzie's at a play date because Sandra's coming over and Sandra comes over right as Casey's about to leave and she's like actually I'd really like to watch the show

and so Sandra quickly learns that Marti was used as bait to get her over so she leaves to go shopping with Emily and Casey and Edwin weirdly also has a crush on Sandra So Edwin's like I will hold your shopping bags and go shopping with y'all then they all come back from shopping and while they were out Derek let Marti turn him into a little princess so she gave him a makeover and Sandra sees this And she's like you know what I will go out with you and so then Casey ends up covering the rest of the babysitting shift

and then the parents come home and Derek is fully making out with Sandra

I don't remember that 

Oh um


It's in my it's in my notes

okay I don't that's blacked out of my brain I I like I'm must looked away I don't know what happened

I'm gonna be sending it to you I will go back to that episode and record it because okay let's just get into it like it's the last of my notes but like we're in the notes section So the the way Derek and Sandra are making out at the end they are horizontal on the couch 


they are hora- 

On top of each other

he is On top of her making out

I Need to see this I don't remember any of this

I'm ah um yeah you do need to see this You need to pay attention when you watch this show Jessica

I was but I guess not well enough going to the top of our notes Not really related to the plot at all But at the beginning of the episode Nora asks if Casey has a spare bra to borrow and that's just a weird thing for your mom to ask like I don't care if you're close with your mother That's strange to me

I just interpreted it as all of Nora's bras are dirty but also like bras don't really get that dirty that easily and like you could probably make it is a weird thing and Casey is like I don't think mine would fit you which like your mom would know

Yeah because your mom's probably the one buying them for you

Yeah but I also at the same time I agree It's weird but I liked it because they talked about bras and because the boys were like ew bras and I was like what is this why is this on Disney channel this is like so grown up

Yeah but we also got a whole episode about bras in like 2001 with Lizzie so Disney's been on the bra

Okay but this is like casual bra mention and not like I'm growing up in need 1

yeah I appreciated the conversation topic I just thought that was a weird thing to ask to borrow the other problem I had with this plot is that literally 2 episodes ago It's a Big deal that they're letting Casey and Derek watch the kids and there was a giant party and it was all this drama But now they're going to a Shakespeare play and having Casey Babysit Marti but who's watching Lizzie and Edwin

I assumed that I mean we knew Lizzie had a play date I think Edwin was either busy or something but then they had him not be busy I don't know for sure But I just kind of assumed that this wasn't as big of a deal because it wasn't an overnight trip and during the day The tweens are self-sufficient It's really only Marti that needs to be watched

Ok that's that is a fair distinction that this is just like a few hours for them to go see a play but I still thought it was like weird because 2 episodes ago we had this big thing

Yeah it was kind of like a slap in the face 


I really like the casey straight up I've said this before about other shows about other episodes But I just like I like when they use the language I like that she straight up says my mom's a bad feminist and this is s3xist and all that like I like that she is like This is not okay this is feminism is the right way and this is not feminism 


in the um the storyline of Marti is actually a cat


During the beginning of this episode They're all sat around the table having dinner and Marti is underneath the table and Casey's like you let her eat like that and George is like no we don't and then Marti refuses to get up and he's like ok fine This is your last time and she's like Hissing at people and then at 1 point Edwin's like you spilled your water on me and she's like that's not water


Straight up like and she's like doing the little hand thing is just very cute and very weird

It's very cute but yes also very weird just want to say that this not that these episodes are necessarily teaching life lessons But if Derek would like to learn a life lesson It would be don't preteend to be someone You're not just to date someone It's never going to go Well it never ends Well we have seen this in other Disney shows It doesn't go well

Yeah he is not these are not teaching you life lessons I wouldn't say that they're if they are They're not doing so in such an explicit way that we're used to with the heavily produced Disney shows


So I think it's pretty clear like you shouldn't fake who you are but he keeps talking to Sandra in another episode He's on the phone with her


But I kind of get the like you know she saw him be like a good older brother and he can be a good older brother and she found that endearing

Yeah he can and speaking of that I have to say that is like actually probably of the like duo relationships 1 of my favorite relationships on this show is Derek and Marti because as we said like Derek's kind of like an asshole a prankster He's the cool kid He's used to getting what he wants he was like the oldest in the household like there is he has a huge persona but the way that he acts with Marti is just like letting his little kid out and it's

It's really endearing

It's So endearing and it's so cute they call each other sMarti and smeric

Yeah he calls her sMarti so she calls him smeric and she just has a soft spot for him and repeatedly He's the only one that can get through to her when she doesn't want to do stuff Yeah it's really cute

Yeah he like has the ability to like meet her where she's at which I feel like no one else in the household not that they don't have the ability to but like they get frustrated or annoyed or irritated with her where like he is like Okay if we have to like do this fun weird activity or I need to be a princess like I guess that's what we're gonna do you know 

Yeah he might complain but he'll do it for her
the other thing I wanted to touch on was Edwin's crush on Sarah or on Sandra why I know this was family channel but like Why do kid shows why do disney shows do this Why do they put the younger kid always crushing on someone who's like too old for them

It feels like a stereotype because as a kid I didn't see older people like my brother's age and think that I would crush on them I didn't find them Because I knew that they were so much older They felt like another species


but I did know kids who did 


I will say I think Edwin doesn't bother me quite as much as some of the other ones because there's such a clear role model for him in the house

Because he's like very clearly following Derek's lead when it comes to objectifying girls and going after them whereas like I'd say Cory Baxter didn't have that he was living with Raven and he had great parents and a great older sister and Zack and Cody were each other so you know so I get it a little bit more with Edwin It's still not great But I don't hate it as much

yeah that's fair I still didn't love it Casey and Marti at the end of the night do a little dance party in the kitchen and it's cute as hell

It is really really cute and it's really cute because Casey struggles with Marti a little bit and Derek finds it so natural and so the times when they do bond It's like extra cute

yeah because you know it's a little It's definitely more out of Casey's comfort zone to have those moments so when they do have those moments They're just really adorable Okay our flirting scale I got to be honest so I'm not getting flirting from this episode I said maybe a 1 but honestly 0

I Think that's fair I don't think this episode was particularly flirty and they're not all quotes 


at the very Beginning of the episode They're all in the kitchen getting ready for the day with their breakfast and Casey walks down in an outfit and asks George how do I look and George says it's very cool and she goes ugh I'm changing 


because if George thinks it's cool it can't possibly be cool

be cool Yeah Lizzie says this quote and goes we used to love They're sitting down for dinner and their Nora made dinner made tofu and everyone's kind of has grumbles about it And lizzie goes We you so love Tofu at our old house I can't remember why

To be fair I think George may Nora's recipe and George is not a good cook

No he's the Carrie Martin in the cooking world

In the I can't believe this show was picked up for Disney Channel vain because I just constantly am surprised by certain lines when they're at the dinner table talking about Sandra And Derek liking her Casey says you just like her because she's got a big chest and Derek says oh you know I didn't notice her chest now her breasts on the other hand and the parents interrupt and then when Sandra does show up and Marti sees her She says you're Pretty and you do have a big you know whats and I'm like I'm sorry what we're talking about breasteses

yeah and they had a six year old say that line too

Even 15 year olds talking about boobs I'm like what 

I mean Fifteen year olds do talk about boobs like that shouldn't be so abnormal But in Disney it is

I know that some of them do but I did not 

oh I definitely did

yeah yeah I mostly did in the way of like oh my god I'm 15 and I have ginormous boobs How uncomfortable is that 


but the like you just like her Chest no I like her breasts like what and then to have a six year old yeah anyway I need to calm down 

speaking Marti I think she shows it to Sandra but she's hanging out and she goes this is the biggest scab I ever got and hands a gross dried scab To Sandra

Yep Marti notoriously loves scabs in an episode We're not going to cover derek gets the chicken pox and she asks George if she can pick his scabs and he says unfortunately those aren't your scabs to pick

Yeah which you know good life lesson to learn

Yeah pick your own scabs nobody else's


unless they want you to episode number 10 babe raider this one ah Okay Casey walks downstairs to Derek and Edwin playing A video game called Babe raider which yes is a parody of tomb raider and they're talking about how hot the character is but also the action and she's like this is disgusting This is why guys are mature This house is not suitable for raising young women So She decides to do her media project on s3xist games and why they should be banned and also proposes that the house follow a feminist manifesto which she delivers to the entire family at the table Says this is to have more sensitivity towards women in the household For instance the boys should not be sitting on their siblings which is something that they show them doing the boys should not be leaving the toilet seat up and also they should not be playing games like Babe Raider and Derek needs to take down his posters of half-naked women that are all over his room

casey later on in the episode finds out that Sam who told her that he's like used to the feminist stuff because of his sisters also plays babe raider and she's like upset about this but she's like I still kind of have a crush on him I don't really know why because this annoys me that he does this but I still kind of like him 

Yes she calls herself a hypocrite to paul

Yeah and Paul tells her you know Casey maybe you should just play the game like See what it's all about play the game 

Also lets it slip that he plays the game 

Yeah she can't figure out how to turn it on She's trying for like an hour and so eventually she asks for Edwin's help because she's like I cannot go to Derek but Edwin will help me out and she ends up loving it and she actually ends up being pretty good at it too and so Sam shows up while everyone in the house is out eating pancakes but Casey's still home because they all left without her because she stayed up all night playing video games and they didn't want to wake her And so they play babe raider together

She has a dream of zombie Derek and babe raider casey saving sam from him and then she goes to school in the babe raider outfit Which is like a black top that shows a midriff It's a little tight It doesn't show cleavage but it is shoulder less so it like has straps on the arms and then there's like I don't know low waist pants like they're just pants 


But It's enough to draw attention She goes to school in it feeling like empowered just getting a lot of attention from men Edwin and Derek are not okay with this and finally Derek pulls her aside and is like so did you get to the topless level and she Then gets really confused because what do you mean There's a topless level and like that's not okay and so she actually gives like a pretty insightful presentation to her class which then she also gives to the family that's like a transition About how these games can feel fun for men but they are empowering for women and also confusing for them at the same time and that all of that can exist at once and writes a letter to the game company About their representation of women and has everyone in her class sign it and then Sam signs it too

my first note on the plot is in order to agree to Casey's feminist Manifesto Edwin wants a thumb drive


And like what a nerd like

he is and I love it I Love my little nerd Okay I mean the big topic 


the Portrayal of feminism in this episode 


How did you feel about it

Yeah yeah how did you 

Or did you want me to answer first

Yeah how do you feel about it

It's fresh on the brain So I and I know when I watched this episode when I was initially looking watching to assign I was really pleasantly surprised with it and I was on the fence because I'm one who's Like I was ready to go to bat for tomb raider at first to be like I don't think tomb raider's this bad but then watching it again today I again was very very impressed like I think it's a good portrayal I think it's very nuanced I love that feminism in this household is the standard like At least for the ventur-or for the Mcdonald's like Nora at the dinner table is like we're all feminists right I didn't love George's attitude George is the only one I had an issue with like when Derek doesn't want to take down his posters George is like don't throw them out just like Put them away until he literally says like until this feminist wave passes So there's that but overall like I could I do find characters like Lara Croft empowering and I do find using your s3xuality empowering So I didn't I don't know I didn't really find Any major fault with it

Yeah I think when I first started watching the episode I had a lot of issues with it but as it came to a loop where then she played the game and she found it empowering but still was frustrated by certain points and was able to convey that That's when I was like oh this is what feminism is and this is what a conversation about feminism should be but in the first five minutes I was like I don't know if I like where this is going 


cause it just felt very like let's get rid of the Portrayal of like s3x and s3xuality and like hot women and that that equates to being a feminist and that's not just simply not true but then when it had this whole arc to it It was a very well rounded plot I should have looked up who wrote this episode because like Props to the writers and the fact that this was done in 2005 I think it was I'm not saying it's perfect I don't think any of these shows portrayals of anything are ever going to be perfect especially with Disney but I think it was really well rounded

so it sounds like we had similar similar um situations in the first watches because I I was the same way and when I say like I find Lara Croft empowering I've never played tomb raider But I I watched the Angelina Jolie movies when I was really really young when they came out and I was in like third and fourth grade I also was ready to be kind of annoyed at Casey's portrayal of feminism at the beginning but it's so real to be a young girl especially I remember the discussions a lot about our bodies and s3xuality and using them and is that feminist or is that Like degrading to women and that's very much a part of this I also love how much casey and Nora emphasize that feminism is for everyone not just women because at first Edwin and Derek are quite resistant to it and they're like we're Not feminists We're guyists and they're like no everyone should be a feminist It's about equality I don't know if it's perfect 


But I don't think anything could be perfect I Can't think of a critique for it I think it is The best singular discussion of feminism I've seen in in a contained episode of anything that I've watched probably 

yeah I would agree with that

it's not intersectional so that would be maybe my own My only critique but that would be incredibly difficult in the short episodes that we have 


and usually when I find good representations of feminism They're contained within highly intersectional shows that have a lot of people of color on them that Lends itself to it So for this being what it is I just think it's it's really really well written and and really insightful for like you said like as this is 2005 I was like this is I'm watching this now and I don't think anyone has topped this
Yeah no I completely agree Um there were also parts where I was like I appreciated where like Derek was upset that he had to take down his posters and so he asked Nora why and she's not able to get reasons To give him straight reasons but she tries and I I liked that there were conversations around like why these rules are being put in place why they're upsetting the women in the family how they can all talk together to come to like solutions that make sense for all of them And I appreciated that it felt like a conversation and not like 1 sided
Yeah with the outfit portion of it I didn't love some of the comments that Casey got about that from other women but those felt quite realistic and I loved her responses to them Because like when she's wearing the outfit in the kitchen Lizzie immediately is like why is your stomach showing I don't remember what Casey says because she's just like happy about her outfit She should be like she looked great but I was like Casey's stomach is showing half of these episodes like who really cares like girls walk that was the style girls would show their midriff in this time my parents wouldn't let me and then when she's at school She is getting a lot of male attention and Emily makes a comment about aren't you just using the outfit to get comments from guys and Casey says that's their problem not hers which I was just like slay yeah it is

yeah I think those are our main ones on this portion of the plot 

Yeah the substance the substance guys

The substance 

now we get into the silly notes

Silly notes I would be absolutely furious if my parents did not wake me up for pancakes They went out for pancakes They like went to a diner to go get delicious pancakes and they didn't wake her up I'd be pissed I'm like I don't care if I'm on 1 hour asleep i'm f*cking getting pancakes

I really love that you added the qualifier of delicious 


I mean I assume I just envision they went to Ihop But yeah it's weird that they were like oh we'll let her sleep like you didn't even try waking her up to ask her if she wanted to go you left her a note

Yeah yeah I thought it was crazy I was like I'd be so mad

I would want to be woken up and then given the option to keep sleeping 

Okay fair

also I never ever eat pancakes but now like lowkey I kind of want some that sounds good


Sibling tension scale

I said 0 out of 10 I did not feel any tension in this episode

I would give it a 1 maybe a 1.5 because of 1 specific portion there is mostly not a lot of tension between them in the in the flirting there's always tension between them as siblings just because when she Is wearing that outfit Edwin and Derek are very pressed and Derek especially they're like I mean they're like this is unfair like what do you mean we have to like stop objectifying women but she can objectify herself which like is an actual question A lot of people ask about feminism and I was like slay but also I was like Derek why do you care so much about what casey does with her body because he was um befuddled and when Sam was like whoa She's really rocking that outfit He was like don't look at her like that

yeah I don't know

Just saying

Okay okay okay quotes I think you wrote all these

I think I did too when Derek is taking down his posters with George And he's complaining about it George says Derek I agree there is no greater contribution to culture than the modern thong This is a grown lawyer father telling this to his 15 year old son

Oh ah yeah it's not okay I don't think

but it is funny and that also sounds like something you would have said at some point not to like your child but to your friend 

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Cause you love a thong 

I do I do we recently were texting and Amanda was like yeah they're not really my go to and I was like that is a strange statement to make but also I know that I have weird Like even in high school a lot of people are like oh no I can't I don't feel comfortable and I'm like dude thongs all the way No panty lines baby 

You bought me my first thong and it was my only thongh for a long time

yeah they're great I do agree They are a great contribution to culture I don't know if there is no greater Contribution to culture

I think Edwin says this when Derek is trying to tell him what to do and he says after post implementation of the manifesto He says you can't tell me what to do because you're not a woman and I was like That's right when Sam and casey are playing Babe raider he says you kick butt for a girl Actually you kick butt for anybody which is the correct correction guys You don't play good for a girl you play good You just

Just play good

Play good Yeah and I love that he caught himself and then in the dream when she saves him Sam says you're the King of Babes and she says more like the Queen of Babes and I was like I want to be known as the Queen of Babes For other reasons


Okay episode 11

The wedding not anyone notable but just wanted to say we have Cousin Vicki comes in in this episode and she is played by Sarah Godon who was in a lot of the same things that all these actors were in Nora and George agreed to host Nora's sisters wedding reception at their house and Casey's the wedding planner And Derek gets put in charge of the wedding video and at first he pawns it off to Edwin but then he really chooses to like own this wedding video task and her cousin Victoria shows up and Casey hates her like even Nora is like Casey you need to like Hold it together for my sister we need to make this reception Go off successfully like whatever Victoria says to you you need to just like handle it in stride and like keep it calm and cool and Derek Just immediately has a crush on her as he does and she hands off the flowers and then she's like you know Casey I know we agreed that like I would help you out in the rest of the planning to make sure everything goes out great But I hate Harry and I don't really want my mom to marry him so I'm just not going to help and so Vicki is continual not helping at all and being mean and like pestoring casey and she's trying to keep her cool but she is getting over it And everything is going wrong the makeup artist does a horrible job like a horrible job and then Vicki drops the wedding cake all over the floor and casey quits Oh no

Casey drops the wedding cake all over Vicki all over the floor 

oh yes yes that is what happens and then we find out that harry tripped on a rock So George is in the emergency room with Harry and Derek's like no no no we need this to be successful My wedding video needs a killer end so we need to get Things rolling and so Casey finally leaves her room to go downstairs and sees Derek working on decorations and he makes casey go and talk to Victoria and they kind of like open up to each other and Victoria Has always been jealous of her having siblings and we learn that Casey was popular her old school and you know Casey's like well I'm not popular anymore and like I've always been jealous of you and they kind of have that conversation and that's really our We see the film at the end but we don't see like the actual wedding reception or anything happen at all 

I really love that we never even see Harry 


It's really funny

getting into notes one of the first things that happens in this episode is Derek tries to give Edwin a wet willie and like why were wet willies a thing I was like oh my god so gross But like why was this a thing Why are people trying to give each other wet willies gross Just gross

What's extra funny about that scene is Derek's like chasing him around the house and George is like why are you doing this and then Derek explains why and George is like wet willie for sure Yeah no wet willies Are gross I agree I've never had 1 so I don't get mad about it You know I'm like as long as it's a thing on Tv and nowhere else in my mind It's nowhere else Don't do it guys It doesn't exist Don't think about it

Yeah Vicki or Victoria loves her dress that she's wearing and is so upset that it's ruined when the cake gets all over it But like I didn't really understand the dress

I have no memory of it at all I was we didn't mention this in the summary at all But Marti's a big part of this plot in that they have to keep her busy and she's having a purple day So everything about her life has to be purple and she needs to eat and she's like getting stuff on her dress and she eats these little berries that are in a bouquet of flowers that Victoria brought And they get really worried because she says she doesn't feel good and they get really stressed that she might be sick and Derek just immediately swoops in and gets her to cough them up and they realize it was plastic but I'm assuming that all of that is why you wrote Marti and Derek Sibling relationship


It's really sweet

it was sweet I also just like yeah constantly she's like but it's purple day when they're like Marti you're gonna get your dress dirty or like Marti you can't eat that and she's like but it's purple day because her dress is purple And then later when she's feeling sick She's like oh I ate too much purple

we both like the ending that it just is Derek's wedding video bloopers behind the scenes and not actually the wedding You never see it

Or more what I was saying is normally at the end of the episodes we get bloopers from the episode but at this on this episode instead of getting bloopers from the episode We get like behind the scenes bloopers from Derek's wedding video which I thought was a smart choice

we get the director's cut where you see him in Victoria Kiss which is alluded to in the rest of the episode 


which is funny and also unnecessary This is Probably Derek's most endearing episode at least to date because he really does swoop in he you know when Casey gives him the role of wedding videographer He immediately is like my dream and Edwin's like what are you talking about and he's like directors get to boss everyone around and he really Steps into his director role

But when Casey quits as wedding planner Lizzie goes to Derek and is like what are you going to do because he is the oldest in command and he's like what are you talking about And then yeah he uses the whole like it's for my movie It's for the video whatever excuse but he really does we glossed over he talks he tries to get Casey involved She doesn't want anything of it And then she only comes back because she can see how hard he's working and like yeah he steps up for the sake of the family and this isn't even the Venturi family this is the mcdonald family Okay

yeah he really does

Sibling tension scale you put zero out of 10 I moved it to 1 because of 1 specific quote 


I really need to calm the f*ck down I'm so sorry guys this is going to get me canceled in 10 years from now when I'm a successful author and Tv writer people are going to find these videos and be like she supports 1nc3st And I just I want you to know I'm thinking about this all the time Um that's fine I don't I don't I don't I can't say that enough Um no

All I'm saying guys is I gave it a 0

I bumped it to a one because when Victoria enters the house Casey says that she's a huge pain something like that and then Derek sees her and he's in the middle of saying well she is related to you so she must be a major And he's supposed to say pain but he sees her and he says babe

Babe okay I'll take it 

anyway other quotes at the beginning when um Nora refers to Casey as The wedding planner She just says like follow everything the wedding planner says and Edwin goes wedding planner You mean like J-lo which I thought was a sick reference dude to a dated romcom

yep I still appreciated it also Lizzie when sh*t hits the fan and they're trying to figure out how they're gonna pull this wedding reception off Lizzie is like I can make a cake and they're like you know how to bake and she's like no but I'm a can-do kind of person

That was the reason I made this episode I think that quote specifically is the reason I made this episode optional viewing for you the week I wasn't going to assign it and then I was like no Jessica would really like this part of Lizzie's personality

Yeah yeah like like oh you know how to bake she't No but I'm a can do to type of gal like Yup and she tries It's not it doesn't turn out Well we don't see the finished product but it doesn't look like it's going too hot but she tries

Yep and in a previous episode that I do not assign to you She makes cookies and she does it all wrong and they're really bad but she tries and she follows the recipe

Oh I did I did watch that episode oh maybe not where she puts way too much salt It's like pinch of salt but she literally like like dumps the salt in 

Oh I think that's in this when she's making the cake

Oh okay okay

Yeah I think what we do or don't know about Edwin and Lizzie I think Edwin has the least personality of all of the siblings 


Lizzie I really like and I I'm just throwing this in here because we just did a lizzie quote and I forgot to say it in our previous episode which Y'all if you want to hear our thoughts on the characters and like the intro of the show we already did that I really really like Lizzie's tomboy representation and I remember liking her watching the show when I was a kid I like the way she dresses I like the way she acts I like her attitude I just think that she Is a more realistic version of a tomboy or a not girly girl than I usually see 


because she likes sports but she's not one of the boys

yeah I Also think she's a good like representation of a youngest sibling turned middle child like the way that she navigates things because she is kind of quirky and unique And yeah she does give mid middle sibling energy I feel like in this combined households

Yeah she does she and Edwin are just such counterparts

Yeah well getting into our final episode episode 13 male code blue sam is eating dinner at the Venturi Mcdonald household and they're all talking about a crush that Edwin has And Marti Mentions that she wants Sam and casey to crush on each other and George kind of mentions that like it's not cool for guys to crush on their friends siblings and Derek agrees and then later at school Emily's like oh how's your progress with sam going And encourages her to ask him out and the paul the guidance counselor gets casey to open up about her crush and she shares that like Derek doesn't know

But she also says Derek doesn't care what I do and I don't care what he does She doesn't think Derek cares the way that he does

yeah yeah and so she sits down next to sam for lunch and he invites her to go to their hockey playoff games and then we hear him like about to ask her out on Saturday night But then Derek sits down and Interrupts and so Casey leaves and Derek brings up how he knows Sam will never go for Casey because of the male code which is best friends are off limits Best friend siblings are off limits even step siblings And then later on Sam Is over again and casey kind of confronts him in the kitchen about treating her differently and she's like hey at lunch I thought you were gonna ask me out like I'm pretty sure you were gonna ask me out and he's like I don't I don't see you like that

so then at the dinner table She's kind of being rude to him back kind of go their separate ways and she ruminates on it and kind of grows up a little bit for lack of a better term And so in the kitchen she offers him some pie and he's like I'm surprised she's being nice and she says you know you're Derek's friend I'm gonna have to see you a lot We should just get past the awkwardness being very mature but sam is clearly going through a little turn here and when Derek is pulled away by a phone call from a girl Edwin comes up to Sam and is like so you like my sister And let me talk to you because Edwin is also in his first relationship in this episode and is is giving sage advice and kind of says you know if Derek's really such a good friend Why is he in the way of your happiness So Sam starts getting snippy with Derek about how oh we're only playing video games you want to play because you love to make all the rules and you love to tell me what to do and eventually they have like a confrontation And he ends up telling Casey about the male code and she's like I dodged a bullet because that's stupid Derek but also Sam you're stupid for listening to him 


but Derek tells Sam To go to Casey and so he goes and apologizes and they have their first kiss and all of the younger siblings cheer and then in the end scene Sam Derek and Casey are like playing cards at the dinner table and Derek's like don't just ground rules like don't be too coupley in front of me and also whoever is playing footsie with me needs to stop and they both stop

Yeah It's very cute

It is and silly 

It is silly um speaking of silliness and just like the overall like how this show goes is I like that So Much of this show centers around family dinner time conversations or like kitchen scenes We see a lot of the family in the kitchen A lot of the family around the dinner table and it just feels very realistic of like that is how you would get insight into like a family's Dirt What's going on how everyone acts around each other like it is just very realistic that it's like everyone's home and all the drama is being spilled at the dinner table You know

It is kind of funny that when they first have their dinner Sam's like do you guys do this all the time and they're like no they're trying to our parents are trying to make us impress you but you we actually see them at the dinner table all the time every episode 

Yeah yeah 

It is Realistic because that is the time when your parents ask you hey how was your day

Yeah or like if there's something annoying that came like happened earlier in the day you may like tease your sibling about it during dinner you know and then so I feel like those conversations naturally happen I've already mentioned this but I really liked it in this episode I Just love I Really like that it is a co-led show 

Yeah you do get more of Derek in this episode I agree I think it's something we haven't really had since even Stevens probably Lizzie and Raven to an extent but they are more a b Specifically whereas these are so intermingled

Yeah like we don't really get like yeah a plots and b plots like we have gotten it really is like an a plot and then you may have like weird little subplots but they're not substantial enough to be a b plot like Marti's purple day or in this episode The kind of like not substantial side plot is that Nora and George are very concerned that they don't know their kids they're like are we terrible parents like are we handling this horribly like we don't know our kids so Lizzie is like I'm gonna quiz you and so she quizzes them and they only get a 2 out of 20 and she's like it says here for anything less than a six out of 20 I need to call a social worker 

They make her quiz them She's like are you sure you want to do this and they're like how else are we going to know if we know our kids It's really cute because it's they first of all they do get a 2 out of 20 and there are some things that are inforgivable Unforgivable 


First of all George gets Edwin's birthday wrong both the day and the year 

Yeah that's bad

not as nearly as bad but just bad on Derek is we also learned Derek's been stealing Lizzie's tooth fairy money


I Don't think it's bad that Nora didn't know that I think it's bad that Derek's been doing that Um and also impressive because how did you do How did you anyway Stealthy what I like about this is that the things the reasons that they get insecure about this isn't Really that they're doing a bad job like yes he should definitely know Edwin's birthday but that they are learning things about each other's kids they're- really What's happening is like Lizzie tells George about how she is a soccer captain and Nora didn't even know The soccer team had a captain and Edwin's telling Nora about his crush at school and how he got a girlfriend and George didn't know he had a crush and so they're learning like their kids are finding parts of these role models or new parents Their stepparents that they resonate with that They're confiding in them and are truly succeeding at co-parenting 


That's how I read that situation but then they were like why don't I know this about my own child and it's like well actually because now you're sharing that child and that child is sharing parts of themselves with the other parent

Yeah you're sharing that child and like Nora you went from 2 to 5 in George you went from 3 to 5 like you guys are really trying and like it makes sense that you're not going to know everything About the 5 of them like you did when it was just 2 of them

There's another episode You didn't watch where they are really really struggling where it's like they are completely unorganized because the house doesn't have a chore chart and they're like not really keeping track of things 

I did watch that one 

Oh was it an optional or you just watched it 

Yeah no it was an optional one

I'm pretty sure that's the one where they forget to pick up Lizzie and Edwin from school 

Yes they do 

Yeah so there are definitely moments where they're not doing a great job 

Yeah yep

but they're always trying


And I think they're doing better than they think they are 

I completely agree

when Sam apologizes to Casey it gets kind of like rambly and it's actually pretty good And I just really love like a rambly guy trying to explain his emotions earnestly it got to me I was like I maybe grew up being a dasey fan knowing it was wrong and it would never happen but this is okay I can get behind this

yeah yeah I like Sam and Casey I think they're cute

The last note for me is just how do you feel about the whole male code thing

I think it's weird that that's what they classify it as I feel like it would just be like a sibling code not necessarily a male code because I'm like I'm sure which I guess we do know Emily has a crush on Derek but Like if Derek were actually to try to pursue that I'm sure Casey would feel some sort of way about it

I had the same thought I don't know how much she would care about that because they knew each other prior but maybe she would but in general it's pretty normal for people to feel weird about their friends and siblings dating because if something bad happens Between that relationship It can make everything uncomfortable 

Yes yeah it can create a lot of other tension and they're like 15 you're old enough to know that like that can create some tension so you're like hesitant to accept it because you're like Okay if my best friend starts dating my sister and then they break up and then he doesn't want to f*cking come over and we can't act like things are normal or when he comes over He only wants to hang out with my sit with my sister and he doesn't want to spend time with me anymore like that's actually gonna create tension and fifteen years old is old enough to realize that that's gonna happen Um or is a potential to happen So yeah I felt like it was very realistic I Just don't like that they called it like a male code because I'm like I just feel like this is a universal experience or feeling 

Yeah that part was weird I did think that it was like really big of casey to be so mature in the kitchen scene and to put herself out there so much with Sam I was really impressed with her in this episode Sibling Tension Scale I cackled at what you wrote here I was like finally

I wrote Lowkey I kind of get it now I say 4 or 5 out of 10 which now like recapping it I think I would say a solid 4 maybe four and a half but like there are some of this way like his big focus on the male code and that step siblings are off the limits and things you're like Okay you're you're almost too protective of this person that you don't even necessarily like that much You know 

Yeah yeah and you don't spend much time with her and yeah

yeah yeah it just feels protective past a sibling level of protectiveness It definitely gives flirt It gives something more is there

It gives jealousy vibes a bit Yeah

Yeah totally 


I don't remember who says this 

I don't either you wrote this one down babe

I know but like I don't remember it's I'm shy or stupid I don't know oh I think it's Sam I'm shy or stupid I don't know what I am

It could be an edwin too 

Yeah it could be 

when he's talking about his little girlfriend thing 

Yeah yeah

I wrote when Derek is telling telling same about the male code He's like you know about the male code right and Sam's like it's my second favorite code After morse code

Yeah that was good

so that's epi the season one of life with Derek I want to give some quick shout outs episode 7 puppy dog tales george pulls a boys will be boys and Casey and Nora think that that's lazy which like hell yeah But also there's a quote in here where George says girls are different to boys you know and Derek says yeah I figured that out the fun way on the old couch Yeah I know that's the risk

Here says that


Oh my god

I know

that's so risky for a Disney show holy

That's so risqué 

that is shocking actually

I know


episode 9 grade point average you wanted to shout this one out

Yeah I have to say that this is one of the additional episodes where I started to really understand the flirting tension thing because in this episode basically casey's being called a grade grubber because she's a suck up a teacher's Pet And Derek and her have to end up partnering for a project and unknowingly Casey's trying to fail to get rid of that reputation and Derek wants to partner with Casey because he needs an a in order to not fail the class and so there's the Cut scenes that we've talked about there's one where he's begging on his knees for help with the English project and then when she finally agrees to help he's smirking at her and I was like oooh this a little spicey spicey

Stop there's siblings

I'm just saying 

I know I know I know and then yeah I also wanted to point out in this one I really like this perspective on parenting where Nora really wants to be role models for the kids and George is like we're just parents Which I think is probably something every parent goes through you want to be a good role model but you are also just a human and how do you juggle that they don't have an answer I don't think there is an answer I Just like that that was thrown out there

Yeah yeah I Also think it's important because like I think being a role model implies always doing the right things and like part of the human experience is that you don't always do the right things So sometimes all you can do is parent Because like you have to understand that like your kids are kids and you probably made those mistakes too and as an adult you're going to make mistakes You can't always be a role model

Yeah I agree I think sometimes the best role model you can be is just being yourself naturally and responding to your mistakes


the best you can you know 


and then I also wanted to do a little note of episode 12 pox father which is 1 where Derek gets the chicken pox and in this 1 casey at one point is convinced that Derek is selling drvgs at school to the point where she uses the word drvgs which I was also surprised by because again this show aired on Disney channel that she was like You're selling drvgs at school and he's like how stupid do you think I am if you want to know he's actually selling like Used office supplies and clothing and stuff that he's just like lifting out of their house and selling at school to make extra money because it's the Derek Venturi brand and nerds will buy it Yeah yeah

that feels very Derek up next we're entering pride month So we 

Wooo taking a break

yeah we are going to pause on the life with Derek but after the month of June don't worry We'll be right back to it with season 2 but we got some fun content going your way We're gonna watch a couple movies 

Gonna talk about some music 

Yeah some music so we got some fun episodes so look forward to That please please please if you have a moment write and review the podcast it really really helps us also follow us on all our social media at nineties babies nostalgia spell out the word nineties on Youtube and Instagram but on Tiktok use the numbers there and please Comment and Dm We love interacting with yall So we appreciate it and with that we'll see you in the next one bye

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