Nineties Babies Nostalgia

it's called gay pop: the ultimate lgbtq+ artist tier ranking

June 07, 2024 Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore Season 3 Episode 21
it's called gay pop: the ultimate lgbtq+ artist tier ranking
Nineties Babies Nostalgia
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Nineties Babies Nostalgia
it's called gay pop: the ultimate lgbtq+ artist tier ranking
Jun 07, 2024 Season 3 Episode 21
Jessica Forrester & Amanda Moore

Jojo Siwa may not have invented the genre, but she sure did spark a discussion. This episode is our totally unbiased, completely objective ranking of all lgbtq+ musicians (not just pop) that we could think of off the top of our head (64 in total). Consider it your pride playlist bible. 

Let us know who we missed or did dirty at any of the links below. You can also use our tier maker to correct any of our mistakes (linked in our linktree) and share with us on socials. 

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Jojo Siwa may not have invented the genre, but she sure did spark a discussion. This episode is our totally unbiased, completely objective ranking of all lgbtq+ musicians (not just pop) that we could think of off the top of our head (64 in total). Consider it your pride playlist bible. 

Let us know who we missed or did dirty at any of the links below. You can also use our tier maker to correct any of our mistakes (linked in our linktree) and share with us on socials. 

Find us everywhere:

Theme Song by Patrick Dunnevant, (
Artwork by Dawn Wheeler ( 

I'm Amanda

and I'm Jessica

And this is 90s babies nostalgia where a couple of 90s babies are celebrating pride baby

so exciting Um just to be clear We are not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the artists Producers Anything that we talk about today We are just really excited to be here talking about some gay pop

Hell yeah but before we get into our ultimate gay pop pop in quotes It's subjective tier list first I want to talk about some gay awakenings Jessica and I are both a couple of bis3xual baddies Thank you Jess what has been a gay awakening for you in your childhood

I'm going to do the most obvious one just so you guys know I don't have a ton from childhood Most of mine will be like high school and college age just because I kind of always knew and was experimenting at a younger age but there are definitely people that now I'm like oh I liked them a little too much Amanda You know what I'm about to say because it's so fitting for this episode but my Gay awakening number one will always be Miss Kesha 

Absolutely as it should be


The bicon herself

yeah she- I can't like I don't need to go into it you those who know know you just know

Have you always known you were in love with Kesha

I think there probably was a point like first album where I was just like oh I really love her and then after that when I was like I went to a pitbull concert to see Kesha like I don't think that you go see pitbull for the opener Unless you're in love with opener

No that's actually hilarious but it also makes me wonder like how many times how many people go to pitbull concerts to not see pitbull because how many people actually go to pitbull concerts to see pitbull

Yeah and lowkey honestly I remember pitbull being great like 

Yeah I believe it 

But that was not my reasoning for going But yeah I feel like post first album I knew that it was more than just I Like her music and I like her I knew that it was like oh she's really hot and I would like like to be with her

How do you feel about people calling it a girl crush
Mm I think that if you are consistently using the term girl crush that you are probably on the lgbtq spectrum and you just don't know it yet

Okay okay agreed because I was going to say to me It's like a little biphobic It's a little like for me it's like um it's just a crash Actually it's that girl Crush makes me feel like how your mom would be like oh are you going to hang out with your girlfriends like you know

Yeah yeah it does have that vibe and I think that if you use it like casually once or twice But if you constantly like oh that's my girl crush and oh I have a girl crush on them like oh no you probably just have a crush on them

Yeah it's when people ask me and they're like so is that your girl crush That's when I'm like no like I would not call Kesha your girl crush She's just your ultimate crash

Yeah she's my hall pass baby I Love her what is your gay awakening or one of your gay awakenings 

I'm also because this is our first pride episode and we are kicking it off I'm going to talk about the one that you know the most about that I've mentioned on the pod before because it just like sticks out the most of my brain and that is Charlie's angels uh huh uh huh uh huh I usually attribute it to Drew Barrymore although I have recently seen not the movie but just like clips from the movie and I was like actually all 3 of these women are my type Lucy Liu ah I love a baddie brunette so much But specifically like I have a memory of watching Charlie's angels at a sleepover with my friend and there's that scene in the first one where Drew Barrymore they're all in these like tight leather jumpsuits at like a racing field and she's like trying to distract a driver of a car and she's like unzipping Her Jumpsuit to show her cleavage and after having watched the whole film I was so obsessed with that scene that I kept playing it over and over and over to the point where my friend fell asleep and I was like no this is a really great scene and also I feel kind of tingly in places and that's the First time I can ever remember getting turned on and um yeah yeah I was obsessed and like I think that that scene simultaneously contributed to my need to feel powerful with men because I recognized that she was weaponizing her s3xuality and I thought that was really hot And also just loving women because I thought at the time that I was obsessed with the implication of s3x and I do remember being like if she really wanted to distract him she should just take all her clothes off no no it wasn't It wasn't the s3x It was her It was that she was s3xy 

also like something about the leather pants

Oh yeah 

You know 

the the boobies right up there Yeah I've seen um I've seen Courtney from smosh talk about how her mom wouldn't let her watch There's 1 specific scene where Drew Barrymore like rolls off a cliff in a towel in that movie and her mom Courtney's mom is mormon and her mom wouldn't let her watch that part of it because she thought it was like too scandalous and Courtney's like little did she know that entire movie was a gay awakening for me

Yeah you're like sparing me that 1 scene didn't really change anything but thanks for trying I guess

Yeah if only they're just like wasn't something so incredibly s3xy about female spies 

Yeah yeah

But getting into Gay pop We're so excited about this Obviously we are inspired by the messy icon herself Miss Jojo Siwa it's called gay pop we're taking the term pop very very loosely because 

Like as loose as you can possibly think that's how we're identifying it

It's really really any music any music are they gay and this is because we love all genres and Jess in particular loves a lot of genres and I didn't want to leave out people who could just be gay and don't make pop music like I want you guys to know This is for your pride playlist baby if you don't know now you know how many gay artists there are we struggled We have 64 people to get through

And we told ourselves we were gonna do 50 max and we had a lot of back and forth and both of us were like 64 it is like there's nothing We can do about it

Because I just felt bad excluding people so disclaimers before we get into it It's subjective gay people love pop music and for a very long time We had very few openly gay people to look up to so we imposed on artists We the community imposed on artists So there are a lot of artists that love the gay community and are big allies They're not on this list This list is for people who are openly queer so we're not talking britney We're not talking Carly Rae Jepsen etc

yeah we're not doing anyone who's speculated they have had to openly say or in their lyrics have said things that make it clear

some were also left off for the sake of time like we said we have 64 to get through leave it in the comments if we forgot any of your faves like we love We love to listen and honestly I forgot how many there were until we were making this list and literally everyone that's on it just came off the top of either of our heads

Yeah we didn't even like consult the internet it was just our brains

No I if anything there were more people I thought were gay like I'm still confused about Lenny Kravitz

Ah honestly fair

For the sake of this video We're going to use the terms gay and Queer interchangeably just know that what we mean is everyone on this list identifies as some part of the lgbtqia+ community

we're gonna get into our criteria but part of this is how openly gay their music is we understand that some people prefer to keep their personal lives Private So This is like not a moral judgment It's just something that We are using to kind of judge where we're putting these artists at in the tier list

Yes and last but not least it's also not really a judge on artistry We're not music Critics We're just enjoying it and we did not have the time to go through their full discographies A good chunk of these people I've only heard a couple of their songs and vice versa for Jess thankfully I think there will be a bit of a balance in that I will know more of the artists that she didn't and she will know more artists that I didn't so we'll fill each other in there

Yep getting into our Criteria So This is going to kind of determine where we're putting the people at in the list we are thinking about their discography So the longevity as well as the quality How openly gay they are How gay their music is what they've done for the cause as well as just vibes

Vibes That's the subjective part gonna try to weigh those evenly we're probably gonna get in some fights hopefully not too many because we have a lot and if you are a watcher on Youtube assuming I did this correctly I am going to try to screen record so you can watch us put them in the tier if you're not if you're just listening We'll hopefully be explaining as we go well enough

Yeah we're gonna try to give as many ver Obviously this is an audio medium We're gonna try to give you as many verbal cues as we can but in the video version We hope to include the tier list there our categories I'm gonna let Amanda introduce these because she gave them lovely names
So in our s tier We have sacred icons of the gay religion These are the untouchables this to me means they are very gay They're very musically inclined They've done a lot for gay artistry the whole shebang a all star gays They're solid solid gold star like you know they're gay and we bump b bumping in the gay club You know they're probably a little more up and coming but they're still solid C Can't wait to hear more They've got potential but I'm just not sold yet D Do better I've been disappointed it happens and f is failing our kind now that's harsh and you know what I think is gonna be our biggest issue with this Jess is that I don't think you and I are gonna want to put anyone low aside from one which is the person that inspired this list and And part of that has to do with the fact that we took off people that we were like I don't really want to talk about them So I don't know what D and f are going to look like but we'll just see how it goes

Yeah I was thinking this morning as I was ah prepping for recordings today and I was like I can't think of a single person I'm putting below C but we'll see

Yeah yeah with that Jess you want to kick off our categories and humans
Yeah so getting into our artists Our first category is going to be pop legends Um and we are starting with Miss Madonna herself 

the material girl What are you thinking for her 

I think a


She also could be 

yeah I think that she's in the clubs Her newer music is not great Don't hate me all of her eightys ninety stuff slaps I feel like she is a gay Icon um people love her But I don't think she's s tier I just don't

I do 


I disagree Of course we're disagreeing on the first one this is going to be a 3 hour episode I think Madonna's s because Madonna essentially reinvented pop music So she's got huge artistry there And she brought ballroom to the forefront of culture and was a huge part for the AIDS epidemic and for bringing queer culture to the forefront and also I think the only thing she's lacking in for me is that she's not super duper gay herself but she has said she is bis3xual 

I'm happy to put her in s tier I loved her I went through a period in middle school where I listened to my Madonna on repeat So like personally I think she's amazing

I've never even had that So are we saying a or s

if you think she's S Let's put her in s but I think if we're saying how gay they are that bumps her down to a also the longevity of her career Her newer stuff I would also say bumps her down to a 

But the fact that she makes newer stuff but okay okay

yeah but is it good

I'll put her in a and we can always move her later 

Okay great


getting into Elton John he's got to be S

I Was gonna say a

why no 

yeah he's gayer than gay right He's been very openly gay since the beginning and I fully respect that he's had a very wonderful career musically but I don't think he did as much for the Culture as madonna

Yep fair I just feel like if you ask people who are like a gay icon or gay icons in music like Elton John would come up for most people

Yeah and he does Okay he does like do stuff with newer artists too Huh What about his new music Does he have new music 

I don't know

Okay let's put him in a we can move him Oh my God we're gonna make so many people are gonna hate us next

David Bowie

bowie I feel like a b

This is a hard one for me Yeah I would agree

Because he is the gender queer but he's also been like I'm bi no I'm not yes I was

Yeah like he has identified then he's taken it back he's just like is very wishy washy about it Um so I think everyone when we think bowie Of course we think gay icon but he's not like super confident in his identity
And he didn't want to be known as a gay icon which is interesting that was part of why he was so wishy washy 

like have you looked at yourself in the mirror 

For real

all right Then we got Freddie Mercury this one is hard because he died so young

how young was he 30s 40s 

Oh Okay I guess 45 that was older than I thought what are you thinking I think a but also could be s

oh I was going to say b 

No no no Queen Are you kidding me no

Queen great career not gay music

Okay true but they really identified with the stage show and the presence that Freddy brought to the stage which was very gay and that was part of their identity and when he passed they really struggled with finding a replacement Which we will get to his replacement Don't worry and that's why when they started to be connected to adam they were like oh my god he has what freddy has we need that that is part of Queen So even though we're saying their music isn't gay I feel like their stage show and the presence and what they look for in a lead is very gay

And people did know about his long-term male relationships while he was alive which I really respect So I would put Fredy Mercury as an a an all-star gay 


really feeling like Madonna and Elton John probably should have been s's but we will get there next

The b 52s

love Shack baby How are you feeling 

I think B

I was gonna say C 


you can do C


because I can't really think of that many songs besides Love Shack and 


I'm not surprised at all that they're very gay but I didn't know it


and they're kind of past their prime you know 

definitely past their prime next up we got George Michael

I did not know this man was gay and then I saw a video and I was like that is a gay man

I this one's hard because I agree that I knew he was gay but I feel like I've never known of him really speaking out about it that much I don't I don't think his music is necessarily very gay so I would put him Either C or B because I feel like his well-known stuff is very well known which makes him a music icon in his own right But I don't know if he's a gay icon I think c

I think c too also because his music like is iconic but also gives like Rick astley like I listened to careless whisper in prep for this and I was like of course that's last song And can I sing it now no But if I heard it I would be like of course that's that song like I I couldn't believe no I can sing it I it just came to mind but like I couldn't believe at the time that I was choosing to listen to careless whisper 


Okay and then last in our gay legends Category is Miss RuPaul 


and I think we might have to fight again

no I think here's the thing I'm not a big Ru fan I personally don't think that Ru is really known for their music versus what where the career has taken them But if we are saying like gay legends people that do a lot for the gay community You cannot argue that RuPaul is not s tier

Thank you 


guys We got in a little fight about this before because just didn't even want to put through in the gay legends category Let alone in the tier ranking and okay so so I was ready to fight not about I'm not saying Ru's music is revolutionary or anything like that For those of you who don't know ru's music did like bump in the club and was and in the 90s was like the first drag to pop off but in terms of gay artistry ru's music is always in the show and there are like every other drag queen that gets a bit of success Comes out with music that then bumps in the club and that wouldn't even exist if Ru didn't do it first So that's where I feel like it's to the cause you know 

Yeah totally

so our first S tier queen sacred icons of the gay religion miss RuPaul

I think we got to move Madonna up We have to move Madonna up 

I think so too I think so too

Okay great

I think so too I think so too yeah because Ru and Madonna feel similar levels 

Yes yes

okay so our first 2 queens honestly ru and Madonna next to each other feels perfectly right

Yeah chef's kiss um getting into our next category which is gonna be two thousand s pop Um we are starting off with Kesha I just because I love her I'm like we have to put her in s tier But Now that we've ru and Madonna I'm like is Kesha ru and Madonna to me yes to others Maybe not 

As a bicon 

She's the bicon

I don't recall her lyrics being that h0m0
No newer album a little bit but not really I mean I would say the most like freaky her lyrics get is like she has a whole song about having s3x with um like a ghost slash like spirits But that's not really gay

I could put her in a because I do like I've always known she was bis3xual and I think she's had an incredible career 


but I don't think she's a pillar for gay artistry

Yep agreed 

Are you okay with an A

I'm okay with an a then we got Katy Perry

look This girl came out hot with I kissed a girl and then dipped but she does identify I believe as bis3xual or something So what do you how do you feel about katy

I think B she's bumping in the clubs She's got hits even if like she doesn't not all of her music is necessarily super gay The gays Love her

I could do B or C
Oh I think she's got to be more than C don't you think

I Don't know next to bowie I think she only has one really strong gay song but it is really strong Okay you know what just for I Kissed a girl she can be b

b okay

because I mean I didn't I didn't even know I was gay at that time The veronicas are Twin Lesbians a straight man's fantasy

I think C but you can I Just don't 

I would go C or D 

Okay let's do C

I love them I have their album or a couple of their albums but they've never achieved mainstream success but they have always been openly gay so they're a C and our next lesbian twins

yeah tegan and Sara

Ok how are you feeling about Tegan and Sara

Here's the thing they are super gay 

They are

but also I would also put them on the same level as the veronicas I think I would say C 

I would absolutely not 


okay they've never achieved like Katy Perry Level mainstream success I understand that However they are a pillar of the canadian music scene They've Always been openly gay They've been around since like the early 2000s maybe even the late 90s so like my manager at Starbucks was into them when I was into them and they've had waves in their career and a lot of their music has played on Tv like like A few of their songs are like in the most iconic episodes of Gray's anatomy So I 

You think B

I think B 

Okay I Just don't know if they're bumping in the club but 

closer Absolutely is bumping in the club

oh that's true It is

Yeah that album slaps That's when I saw them live It was great I didn't realize by the way that I came prepared with a speech for every single artist Sorry 

Next up we got lady gaga 

Lady gaga she's an A or an S right

Yeah I think she's got to be an S 

I Think so too because she came out gay and she never never backed down from it

No and she speaks out about just like acceptance in general But yeah I feel like she's just a very active pillar of the community and will continue to be so

She was like the first big gay pop star of our generation 



Girl Maybe d

Honestly yeah same didn't realize she was bis3xual for a while Her music's just whatever London Bridge annoyed me big girls do cry Actually thanks I had a real issue with that song

Yeah yeah yeah then we have Lauren Jauregui would have not gone there Um from fifth harmony 


I didn't know much about her before this her music was great

who I think all the members of fifth harmony aside from Camila Cabello have kind of been like let down by the industry post breakup She's always been Openly queer she's always been openly a stoner 

Oh I love that

recently had a song that was in support of Palestine 

Oh we also love that

Yeah so I kind of feel like she's like a c

Yeah I would agree

Because I don't know next to Fergie feels wrong

Yeah next to Fergie is definitely wrong Next up we got Frank Ocean

Okay Frank Ocean I have to admit is one that I heard a lot about but did not listen to at all before this but I did like recognize the songs that I listened to like obviously I knew thinking about you and I had always heard of him as a good artist and a gay artist

Yeah So I think I'm trying to remember

He's been out since like 2008 I think

Yeah he's been out for a While He's Bis3xual Blonde which is the album that like I grew up listening to is just a fantastic album I think this one is Hard for me because I think what Frank Ocean did is he really broke into this like pop hip hop r and b scene in a scene that is the kind of branch he was in is very straight and when he came out and owned his s3xuality He got a lot of people who maybe would not be as accepting to still be like this guy f*cking slaps and there's something that I can appreciate about that but I wouldn't say that's really for the gay cause but it is helping in a sense

I Do think that he's done a lot for the intersectional Queer community because I never 


never listened to him actively or really knew much about him but I always knew that he was a great artist and that he was gay and that is particular as you were saying within the R and b Culture and also within black culture and people of color like it's harder for people to come out So and I think he did it before it was more accepted 

Totally I

So I a or B 

Yeah I would put him a honestly

yeah for what he did when he did We'll put him in a Feels a little weird to have Elton John in that category now But that's okay

I said S tier and you wanted to put him in B So kiss my butt

Damn I mean I would but it's across the country

It is also I've heard that Frank Ocean has an amazing live show too that he's just like phenomenal live Not that that's what we're ranking them on but I know that he's supposed to be like just a phenomenal last in our 2000s pop category We got Rita Ora 


yeah you want to put her with Fergie

Kind of she's a zionist or her husband is 


but also I know that that's not a queer thing guys Whatever I don't give a f*ck free Palestine but also she is a bis3xual she has her song girls But aside From girls

She do be bumping in the club though 

She do but not consistently


like I bought her album and then I was like embarrassed that I had it

Let's put her in D and then maybe we can bump her depending who else ends up there

Yeah she could be a c

She could be I feel like she's in between those 2 tiers our next category is current big pop girlie's gays and theys and we are kicking it off with Fletcher I think fletcher needs to be an a 

Ooooh tell me more

I Just think that her music is very gay The lyrics are very gay maybe a B

yeah the only reason I would stray away from an a is because she hasn't achieved that like mainstream success 


I didn't know her until I saw her live because she surprised the show when I saw Hayley Kiyoko And loved her and her music is very gay and her music videos are very gay 


but she hasn't really broken that yet So 

Yeah we can put her in B

okay fletcher's going in the gay club which is she is And speaking of achieving that breakout Mainstream success 

Yeah we got miss chappell roan 

who has blown the f*ck up lately

Blown up I am someone who did I was aware of her existence I knew she was opening for Olivia Rodrigo but I didn't really know that much about her until her tiny desk came out so I'm part of that group

I didn't know about her till Coachella I had heard of her for like a month prior and then Coachella was really when I became aware

Okay well that makes me feel better that I didn't know about her until tiny desk

No it really felt like she came out of nowhere and my understanding is she was doing like covers on Youtube and sh*t like that for a while 

And touring for a while like there are people like I know Troye who's later in this category was like commenting on her music and was like going to her shows in like 2018 like so she has been an artist But really I think the combination of tiny desk Coachella her natural touring cycle the gays finding and discovering her How she plays a character like all these things kind of just like blew up this year and have like really made her rise to success saying that I would put her I want to put her in a

I'm between a and B so I could put her at a 

Let's put her at a

yeah it feels kind of wrong because she's so new compared to some of the other people but she is known as that Lesbian girl and that's that's enough you know That that is such a big part of her identity

I Also just think the characterness of it adds to the gay pop vibes which bumps her up then we got boy Genius We could have done them separately but we decided to kind (squish) them

I didn't want to do all 3 also I just yeah I'm lazy and I feel like the the trio is slightly more powerful than the parts even though Phoebe Bridgers is arguable I this is another one that I knew about Obviously they are gay icons selling out stadiums they opened for Taylor Swift on the eras tour I hadn't listened to them until prepping for this because it was one of those things where I was like I know I'm gonna love them I don't want to be obsessed with it and then I listened to them and I was like god it's good 

It's good

and they won a lot Of Grammys they're selling out stadiums Phoebe Bridgers is huge with like the gen z kids that are queer So I think that they're doing a lot of good The only reason I might bump them down is that they do like disband a lot I don't know

Yeah I would put them at like b

Okay it feels kind of weird that they're below chappell roan but like I'm not too mad about it 

No chappell roan is gay icon like I feel like she's already established herself as that 

Yeah I agree

like the gays knew about her before this year you know

That's true that's true

yeah where I feel like boy genius like people Love Boy genius and love Phoebe Bridges but I feel like it's more widespread success 

you don't have to be gay to love them


Yeah I get that speaking of um gay this year 

Yeah Billie Eilish

a newly Minted gay icon

ugh this is hard This is hard I feel like her musicality her discography She only has 3 albums but the quality of all 3 of them are amazing Obviously she's huge sells out stadiums but as amanda said she is newly gay I would say really the only

Newly out

yeah newly out she's not newly gay She's been gay 

But her new music I haven't listened to it yet But I know from you and from the internet that she put some gay sh*t in there and that lunch is basically about eating pussy 

yeah I can eat that girl for lunch taste it on my tongue she 

Hell yeah

you know ugh okay as an artist I Want to put her as an A But for this list I think she's a b

agreed agreed Billie we love you and now that you are open You're gonna be bumping in our gay clubs 

oh totally lunch lunch is I said it before but it's song of the summer um next up we got Sam Smith

Came out as gay from the very get then came out as nonbinary halfway through a ballad king our our queer Adele if you will how where we feelin

Ah for me I just feel like their music personally to me has not had as huge of an impact as some of the other artists on here Though they do have radio hits They are very mainstream and they are very open about their body their s3xuality the use of their pronouns all of that So I I think a b but could be an a

I agree I agree for us for the vibes a b because we don't go out of our way to listen to Sam Smith and probably never will But I also respect the hell out of Um how great unholy did and that it had kim Petras on it

Then we got Renee rapp 

She's an A right

She's got to be 

Like She's 

where where do we put kesha she's where kesha is 

Kesha's an A 

okay she's an A Yes

because I think Renee's in a similar place in her career as chappell roan right now of like she's just known as being that lesbian and When you're when it's part of your identity and you don't shy away from it feel like you have to be you have you have to you deserve respect Even if you're new to the game You know

Yeah I agree then we got Halsey

I'm thinking b for bicon

yeah I Love Music wise s tier to me But 

See I've never gone out on my way to listen to Halsey she's a singles girl for me I could put her at a b or a c honestly 

no I think b


Kim petras

The first big trans superstar that we know of and one of I was reading the earliest ever transition like medical transitions It was documented in Germany because she was so young 

I didn't know that

There was a documentary about it 


Yeah She had to apply for surgery earlier than it's allowed because it wasn't allowed until you're 18 and she was applying to get it when she was 16 her music slaps it's definitely bumping in the gay club

It is bumping in the gay clubs and it does slap and she not only stars on like duo songs with other Lgbtq artists but I feel like she Also is just very well known in general

And I think for being as successful as she is and having some mainstream success I think she goes a 

Yeah I agree 

plus doesn't she have a whole horror album That's hot

yeah she has a whole Halloween album Yeah then we have lauv lauv lauv lauv

Lauv I didn't even know that he is queer until you put him on this list His music's fine But I think he could be a c for me Maybe even a D just because I'm being harsh I have one of his albums and I listened to it a lot When it came out but I just don't think of him as a gay music icon in any sense

Yeah that's fair I'd be okay with c or d I just feel like I wouldn't put him with Fergie but we can put him with fergie 

Do we need to move Fergie to an f is that what's happening 

I think we do

Do you want me to move her I can move her

Yeah move her to an f and then we can put Lauv as a D 

Okay so lauv and Rita Ora are at a d fergie's an F F for Fergie honestly feels appropriate

Yeah also are we going to get hate I Don't think we are people don't like her right Do people like her

We're going to get hate no matter what jess

Okay great well next up we got troye Sivan

ugh I think he's an a

Yeah I agree especially I just think the like Youtube to stardom timeline with him is amazing I Think it does a lot for like up and coming Lgbtq artists who are trying to like find a backing and to know that you could reach that level of stardom 

I think he's one of the first proper youtubers to achieve mainstream success and I've always respected the hell out of that and then on top of that to have always been openly gay I remember him coming out and His music is quite explicitly gay he cares a lot about his artistry Each album is like a concept album or a theme and also something that surprised me is when I lived in Korea he was pretty popular there and he sells well there and like I hear the music a lot because he has that kind of a sound that can be Well received and popular elsewhere even though they're very h0m0phobic in Korea 


Yeah so I think he's an a

Yeah I'd put him at a 

All star gays

yeah then we got conan gray

I Feel like he's a c for me But maybe I'm being harsh he does He is popular on the radio

Yeah I thought I didn't know him and then I listened to four songs and I knew every single song so that says something I literally was just like oh this is the person that Olivia Rodrigo hangs out with all the time

yeah it's it's them and Joe locke right 

Yeah um I you said C 

yeah I could do C

yeah I'dd agree 

all right now we're getting into our on the rise pop and indie and we're kicking off with Baby Queen

I love Baby Queen she has an entire song just about how obsessed she was with Jodie Comer and she's another song that references that also she's the soundtrack for heartstopper and played in the prom scene

I was just gonna say I was like to me she gets points for the heartstopper of it all

I Do I do think that gives you points for this category I do because its part is contributing to queer artistry

Yeah if this Was just us talking about on the rise artist which I could have done a whole list for on the rise artists that was just as long as this list I would put Baby Queen that is an a but I think that she's probably a b she's definitely above a c

I Would do a or B as well

Do we want to put her as a b and then we can move her up if we think it's fitting Okay 

Yeah okay Baby Queen is definitely bumping in the gay club

yeah then we got Rina Sawayama

she's another one that I had heard like Fletcher but I'd like had never actively listened to um I respect the another part of the intersectionality of queer culture that she is a woman of color from more h0m0phobic culture Her music's cool I know lady Gaga has said that it's like like experimental like it can't be defined in a genre

I Also know that all of her music music up to a certain point had never mentioned a guy and so she yeah so she had never like officially come out and then eventually she got questions She's like yeah I'm pan So I also love that she's pan 


she feels like Fletcher

Yeah then we got royal and the serpent 

Okay we're getting out of my depth 

I love them 

Uh huh How gay are they 

Pretty gay

Okay how popular are they okay

Not very popular


so they're an LA artist that I would say is Genre Define defying like is not really any genre they have gained some more popularity recently because they actually opened for fallout boy On their most Not the most recently at the tour but last year's leg of the so much re toward us tour their stage show is wild It's super theatrical They are another one that plays a character Their music is pretty like fluid like there's songs about kissing women But there's also songs about being into men I would probably put them as a at a C I Love them Music wise love them But 

Okay I can go C 

I think C yeah we got Ashnikko I would put ashnikko at a b 

Oh I was gonna go C or D

no because deal with it and Daisy were huge They were on radio They were super super popular on tiktok um everything they do is really really gay Most of the songs on ah her albums are gay like she is super open She's got to be at least to b 

okay she's bumping in the gay club


Next we have the founder of this list


It's called Gay pop

yeah Jojo Siwa

Honestly did you listen to her music for this 

yeah and you know what I hate to admit 

it's not bad

It's not bad 

I Only listened to Karma and I had already heard boomerang but I Relistened to it

Yeah it's not bad 

is that what you listen to or

I listened to karma and 1 other song by I don't remember what it was called

like lyrically the the verses for Karma are weak and the singing's not incredible but like the chorus absolutely would bump in the club and choreo like the dumb move She does Sucks but the actual choreo of the video incredible and I will say she's 21 she's been famous for over a decade and she came out when she was 18 when her brand was all Nickelodeon and I have a lot of respect for that I Think she's fumbling right now because she's 21 and I think that her music itself lacking needs some work but not too bad so I could put her I I think I think she's a D Maybe a C 

Yeah I would agree let's put her in D

yeah still above fergie But she does need to do better you know because when she came out I was like hell yeah 

Got dodie

Dodie I love Miss Dodie she's um bi or pan and she's a youtuber turned singer Well she always sang she like is really involved in the production of her music It has a lot of orchestra stuff She does a lot of the composing and is like self-taught yeah she's not mainstream but she does do tours in multiple continents and does decently well and sings about both boys and girls So for me she's a B but I could put her out a c

I think C


then we got trixie Mattel honestly want to just go and listen to her entire discography 

Really you enjoyed it that much

So I listened I knew the song with Orville because duh

but then I went and listened to more and it's so good It's so good

I listened to one of her country songs and then a couple of her recent songs because recently she's been putting out like pop club bangers instead 

Yeah yeah

I know that in an ah she did ah an interview with Zach sang recently which was kind of embarrassing for Zach sang cause he was clearly out of his depth and And trixie's just such a rapid fire She's like the most successful drag queen after Ru 


and for a number of reasons has shows has makeup lines has a motel and but recently she's been deejaying and is just like not done with making music and like put her guitar up forever but has just been like More into djing and like that's fine

I think that she's like an icon in her own right which I'm like even if I don't know all of her music and everything that she's done I still feel like she maybe is an a 

She's definitely an a

yeah yeah

I couldn't put her above Elton John but if we moved him up to s I could put her in s but she's definitely an a

I Feel like the amount we've brought it up We should just move Elton to s but I still am fine keeping Trixie at a 

Okay fine Elton's an s

then last but not least for this category we got Rebecca black

Okay Rebecca Black is a C for me She's a solid c in a non derogatory way C for cVnt in this case and in the non derogatory cVnty way 

Yes agreed

Were you like I love her music actually like lowkey like it's good

the songs I listened to I thought were fine


okay our next category is Disney girlies and we have demi lovato

Our non-binary monarch

Yeah so ah this one is hard for me 


It's going to hurt us both But I think she's a B

yeah boo 



because they're openly queer 

she's not an a

She's not discography like music Lovely a few albums kind of misses

and then also just like like they're pretty gay but they're not like that gay because most of their relationships have been with men and stuff like that You know what I mean

Yeah or most the public relationships But yes yeah 

Yeah Demi's b bumping in the gay club

b all right I'm next to got Miley Cyrus 

Honestly b as well

yeah she's also bumping in the gay club

Incredible discography I would argue 


but not super gay 

then we got Hayley Kiyoko

She's got to be an a right

on the other hand very gay Yes lesbian jesus 

A or a or s honestly 

ugh I just feel like with who else we have in s it doesn't make sense But in terms of like queer music She is an s

Yeah I think her music is an a her status

Is an S 

iconography is an s 

Yeah let's put her at s and if people

Also I've seen her live and it was incredible

yeah let's do s then we have dove Cameron who I didn't know that much about but I liked the music

yeah my only annoyance is that she just is one of those people that deletes all of her f*cking music before putting out a new album because she has to reinvent herself every time to be fair She's a lot of trauma in her life So Um yeah she's queer But um I don't think she's put out that much music I think a D or a C I love her personally I love her I think she's super hot and she's openly queer but I don't think she has enough music So a d or c

Who else is in D

A d is Rita Ora lauv and Jojo

Let's do D 

D for dove do better release more music dove

yes yes last but not least in our Disney category We got Joshua Bassett who I also probably would put in a similar category c or d

I'mma put him at a D I like his music I want to hear more he hasn't achieved the same kind of success as the others or consistency

then we got Tiktok made me gay and first in that category we got peach Prc who I f*cking loved I need to go listen to all the music

Did you listen to um the one that was like I think we were dinosaurs I Like loved you in this life and that like I bet we were worms playing in the mud doing Yeah yeah I really needed you to listen to that song because it's so cute and that's I think I've heard that one on Tiktok when she was in the writing process and that's how I found her and she's a Lesbian and I love her 

yeah she was really good I need to listen to more but yeah All her music felt very gay to me I feel like she's probably a B Maybe a c

Imma put her at a b because I think she's one of the more successful artists off of Tiktok She's australian she tours internationally so she's a b

then we got Chrissy Chlapecka

She got famous off Tiktok for making videos not songs and then got into music but her whole style was about like bimbofication and it was but like empowerment Like it's it's it's she's not making fun of anyone except men really 

Yeah she's giving bumping in the gay club But but I don't know if I would put her at a B 

Now I think C or d 

Yeah C

Okay yeah because I want more she doesn't have enough yet

Yeah which is not the problem but just the reality with a lot of these Tiktok artists They're still growing you know 


and we got Beth Mccarthy Yeah she's one of the first Tiktok artists I found and fell in love with her music is a very gay she has a lot of songs about not knowing how to talk to Girls What do you call it which is about her s3xuality Also is bi though and just recently came out with a song called Good bi about how like girls call you fake if you are into a guy and guys just want to see you with other girls So I Love what she does for the cause

Would you put her C or B C It sounds like she does a lot for the cause though and I agree when I I listened to the song where she's like how do I like Have a crush on a girl but like how do I flirt with her and talk to her and it was really like real 

Don't know don't know how to talk to girls 

I was yeah I was like this is real

her Her lyrics are great But I think I'm only putting her at a c because I don't think she's ever toured internationally like Peach Prc has


so she's at a c

okay then we have Allison Ponthier

sure I only know she exists because she was the opener for Hayley Kiyoko when I saw her

I liked her She's folky She's cute c or D I think though

Yeah I'll put her at a c because she's she's a pretty lesbian

Yeah we're getting into Latin pop We unfortunately don't have as many people in this category as I would like but that's okay it's going to be a short and quick one we have

There were a couple we could have had that we skipped over I mean Lauren Jauregui could have been latin pop but isn't we took out roslia just because she's never openly said it Hunter Shafer did for her so sorry

Yeah and bad Bunny is just confusing so we got rid of him too

Ludmilla though I didn't know a ludmilla I didn't know existed until this year because it was on my explore page that this brazilian pop artist brought her wife out on stage at Coachella and I was like I need to know more and I have to say an afro-latina woman Who is making music for her latino audience and her videos are like primarily other afro-latina women s3xualizing themselves and she's s3xualizing herself It feels very badass and I'm into it

Yeah also like they made their relationship public pretty quickly like Brazil is still a pretty h0m0phobic country like I think there is a lot to be said about what she's doing there that like I almost would say a but maybe b

No I'm an a I'm an a because I think she's achieved a greater international success Especially if she's playing at Coachella 

Oh yeah huge



definitely I respect the hell out of what she's doing so ludmilla is an a for all-star gay

Yeah then we got Ricky 

I think Ricky's gonna be an A as well

Yeah I agree gotta be

So ricky martin most of his music's about women but then he came out and he was one of the big ones he came out in 2008 I thought it was sooner I remember my mom being like that's a shame


Because my mom's h0m0phobic and also because most women lusted after him and so when he came out that was like a big deal for him to come out though 

Yeah huge

because he was like a s3x symbol

and that's still I would say 2008 is still early enough where it like that could ruin someone's career

Yes especially as a Puerto rican man So Ricky Martin you are an all-star gay

all right now getting into our rock category Of course we're kicking it off strong with Billie Joe Armstrong with green day love green day I think we Have to put them on a C though because up until recently not a lot of the music is gay but he did maybe a B he came out as bi in the 90s he was very open about it He was very early to come out as bi but a lot of the music is not necessarily very gay The live show is not real like That's just not really what green day stands for right They're more on the like they're focused on the punk aspects of their music Not the gay aspects and I love that for what it is but for this purpose I would like to put him in a B But I think he might be a c

I Thought you were going to fight for an a or a B So I'm surprised you could do C I think I'll do C as well because I liked green day for a long time but I didn't know he was queer and I think that that is a statement to you know the lack of queer visibility in that now someone very visibly queer

yeah Adam Lambert ah where did we put Freddie Mercury a 

Freddie Mercury is an a

I think he's also an a 



I'd say b I'd say okay here's the thing he actively tours with Queen and that's bad ass he was in glee However his current music doesn't do that Well

but I just feel like he has done a lot for the cause he has done performances where he kisses men on Stagee I don't know I don't know

He is one of our early examples of gay men in our childhood

yeah I Yeah I don't know to me He really isn't a I just I I don't know I don't feel

Okay I'll put him in an a for you and the sake of time but just know mentally for me he is a b because next to Ricky Martin it feels wrong 

Then we got panic panic at the disco

if green day's a c I feel like panic's got to be a c 

Agreed I would argue they're a little more open like they were really really known for being gay especially well bi but because um Ryan and Brendan were in a relationship for quite a long time while they were touring 

I did not know that

Oh yeah

That's scandalous

yeah so I would say that like definitely more open and more known but their music isn't very queer so I would say c is right and their discography's kind of all over the place There's Hits and there's misses 

Okay then we got against me which is a very very very popular punk band Laura Jane Grace came out as trans um and still leads the punk band a lot of the more recent Music is a lot about body Dysphoria and the Trans experience and I think what she's done for the punk scene being this like huge punk rocker that then turned like came out as Trans and like is still with the I don't know it Is especially in the punk scene This is huge 

against me has been out for a long time right

yeah they were like I would say peak in the 90s probably yeah

Yeah okay so I would give a for longevity and for coming out in that career so openly instead of versus like the Billie Joe of just like I'm out but it's not really a big thing I would say a 


I could feel you fighting yourself about thinking I wouldn't give them an a

I Just didn't know how much you knew about against me and I was like I feel like this is important to explain especially for our listeners who like maybe don't listen to punk 

I don't but when I listened when I listened to certain songs I recognized their music and that's and I also knew that like from the Youtube video it was like 14 years old or something and I knew from that context clues they were probably a big deal

Yeah then we have Sleater-Kinney which was like the lesbian punk band of the 90s they're not huge They don't have a like I would say an amazing discography or anything like that I'd probably put them as like a c but they were like Big lesbian punk band and people loved them 

Okay I was thinking b but you want to go C

We could go be I would I would take b

because I recognize their stuff and also they were openly lesbians in a punk band in the 90s right 

In the 90s yeah

That's f*cking badass


I Was a little surprised I wasn't super surprised You had people to add to this list because obviously you're into like punk and rock and country and you're gay but also listening to some of it I was like this makes sense because what's more punk than being queer

Yeah yeah it's a hard I could do a whole podcast episode on how that is like so connected but at the same time There's this weird thing


Yeah yeah which actually brings us into our next artist because I would say that struggle exists the most in the genre of metal and so we have Rob Halford of Judas Priest he's an a I will not settle for anything less

No I was gonna say a or s honestly like 

Yeah leather daddy like he just he's up there Yeah

he's been out for a long time right 


and he's been vocal about how that's been for him and if Hayley is an s I think he could be an a or an s 

I'm happy to put him in an s 

do you think he deserves 


it or am I being too generous because I don't know that much about Judas Priest 

no I would say he deserves it 

because isn't it most of his career He's been out

majority of his career Um and he left for a little bit but then still came back To Judas priest and really like they struggled when he left like he really is what makes them popular and they have like a traditional metal audience and so to have this like leather daddy gay leading man with this traditional metal audience is like it Is doing a lot for the cause

Yeah and he's not an Elton John he is a bald leather wearing he's a bear Basically so okay next one this is a twink if ever I've seen one 


This was one that I've never listened to but I knew of and then I listened to it and I was like This is this is so weird and this makes exact sense for Jess because especially I listened to like parents and I was like this is like that was one of those moments where I was like what is more punk than being queer

Yeah here's where he has done a lot for the cause like a lot I think he identifies as bi or maybe pan publicly he's mostly dated women though and he has spoke about mostly being attracted to women so in that sense I would say he's not super gay but he is very vocal about Lgbtq rights and especially when things happen in the Uk that he does not agree with he will do like big performative things to make sure that like Hey this is not okay he's all about acceptance I would put him at a b

Okay I could do b because in parents He definitely talks about like making out or f*cking his best friend So 

He also has a whole song where he literally screams f*ck the NRA which I know that's not we're not talking about gun violence here but it's a great song if you want to go listen to that one 


now we're Getting into our indie folk country Babes and we are kicking it off with brothers Osborne who is a country duo but tj osborne came out gay recently not super recently probably in the last four years maybe 5

They were one of the ones that had Leslie Jordan in a video I listened to I'm not for everybody 


and that that felt very gay 

yes and that was I Want to say that album is around the time that he came Out He is in a very like public gay Relationship He takes his boyfriend like everywhere with him I think this is huge because they've really got like radio popular pretty quickly and then sung a bunch of songs that it was kind of unclear who they're singing about so that when he came As gay you're like Oh TJ wrote this song I now know but I wouldn't say that they're like they're not bumping in the gay club necessarily obviously because they're country music but I would put them in a b or a c to me they're an a or a b

Yeah I was going to say b because it sounds like they were pretty successful and then they came out pretty publicly which feels like a big deal in the gay in the country music scene 

Yeah huge deal Yep

and they and like I said like I only listened to 2 songs But I one of those was ostensibly Queer 


So so we will put brothers Osborne at a b bumping in the gay club the gay country club look they exist in LA jess goes to them

Then we got Orville Peck who I think is an a 

I do too

okay great

I mean one of his most recent songs that I listened to was about how cowboys are frequently Secretly 

fond of each other

Fond of each other And that was incredible I loved that song and that video 

I love Orville he's great then we got 

and he's been on Drag Race and he works with trixie mattel Sorry sorry sorry go ahead

no yeah and he's like if you hear him talk in interviews like Growing up gay and being gay has always been part of his like identity in this character He plays as Orville because Orville again it's another one of these words that is character it's great we have muna muna

Muna I feel like is probably like a b or a C I know that they are a lesbian group that are very vocally gay They're pretty successful within the The Um Queer community I've had multiple Queer friends tell me I would really like them if I listen to them They also have a podcast which I think is even more successful than their music sometimes 

Oh interesting I'd probably put them at a C Personally

yeah yeah because I don't feel like They're fletcher status or boy Genius status


Yeah so they're a c

then we got Rainbow Kitten surprise

Surprise she trans

yeah surprise she's Trans and the basis also identifies as like non-binary 


Um so I don't know I love them Their music is very queer Their videos are pretty gay Their name is Rainbow Kitten surprise but I just don't know how well known they are they sing a very specific genre of music So I don't think everyone is really aware of them

I think they're a c 


Are you good with that 


You want a be

I can accept I can accept a C then we got Brandi Carlile

Okay I had heard the name but did not know who that was and then I listened to a couple of the songs and I was like I know this music this is incredible She's just like a classic country All American type of voice and figure but is just a lesbian And kind of always has been is my understanding 

Yeah yep

which I think is really f*cking Badass 


I know I've said that word a lot in this video but or episode but I can't really deny it like I think to somehow ride that line where you're perceived as like a wholesome All-american artist And accepted widely in Households which she seems to be like I think she's had a big career but you're still openly 

And radio as well

Yeah but you're openly gay within an industry country music is not accepting of that 

and she's like very specifically in like the Americana folk section of country and she had like she's very outspoken She's like very progressive

But also identifies as Christian which is super cool 

Mhmm I almost would say a I don't know if that's putting her too high 

Well I said A

Ok yes let's put her in a 

I said a from the beginning 


because I think that my understanding the longevity of her career 

Oh yeah

She should be at an a 

other thing about her too is she is like known as the sad gay which like

Ah I love that

yeah yeah

like me too

yeahha now Our last category is hip hop rap and rnb and we are kicking enough with lil nas x who I think deserves a spot in the a category

Absolutely lil Nas X is an a he could have more music out But as it is He's an a

Yup also just like how much genre and space that he has been popular in like yeah a

And coming out as gay from the beginning

yep cardi b 


or c but yeah we could put her in d only because

Oh okay here's 

I Know your reasoning 


her reasoning is because she has said she would only f*ck women 



not date them

yeah which I would still say is gay but we could put her in d

It's gay with your own internalized h0m0phobia that you're then spouting to people 

Yeah it's fair

she has had been on tracks that were gay like I think she's on girls 


but I just don't know that she's really Done anything for the cause 

Yeah I agree

So d

d then we have Megan thee stallion

I Feel like she's got to be a B or a her music is everywhere and she's openly bi but like she's not super bi

She's not super bi but some of her lyrics she does sing about women and she is open She's talked about it in interviews and stuff Yeah I'd put her at an a or a B Maybe a B I don't know f*cking Love her though

We love Megan thee stallion but I think as a gay artist She's b 


B for bicon

yes also up next another bicon got Doja cat

Well or an unlabeled I think 


Doja Cat Also maybe a B Maybe even a C

B or a C I'd put her at a C 

Okay a C I Love her music She's everywhere but she's an I don't really want to talk about it Gay


Which puts her at a C for me 

Yep then we have Queen Latifah

I was surprised by Miss Queen Latifah have you did you ever listen to her before this 


me either I need to immediately expeditiously listen to her an entire discography

Oh I don't know if I have the same reaction as you but I'm glad that you had that reaction

She came out with feminist music like from the beginning but didn't identify as a feminist because of her status but she's considered like the forefront of female rappers With one of the best flows plus then transitioned into a film career again The first female rapper to do so she's got like an emmy a golden globe a grammy probably more than one of most of those and then for a long time She never said she was straight She never said she was gay She was just like I don't really care what people say And then in 2021 when she's getting her BET lifetime achievement awards was like shout out to my wife and son 


Which is so baller

yeah but then also it's like okay if we're saying how open people are as part of our like ranking which now she's very open I Don't know I feel like she's for sure up there I would say a or B maybe B based on where we've put other people on this list just because I don't think of her as this like huge music person even though I know that's where her career started 

She is a huge music person though Like so many people and and that's something that like I knew of for years is that a lot of female rappers credit her as an inspiration and an an influence I just was I think it was just before our time I would put her in an a or an s if this were about like what they've done for causes for women I would put her at an s


But because she didn't come out until 2021 I think an a 


and she brought her wife to the met gala 

Yeah it's cute

and it was her first met gala and then last but not least

yeah we have Janelle Monáe

I think she's an A

Yeah I agree

they're non-binary been queer from the get pretty good music Also what did I listen to lipstick lover listened to that today and I was like this is gay as hell


And the titties are all out

Yes yes

like have you seen that music video 


It's incredible I need to watch it again with the windows closed Sorry

Your neighbors they're like what has she been up to all She's had is queer ass sh*t on her Tv 

um yeah and that's all I need it's pride baby

Yeah yeah it is 

Okay where we have settled in category f failing our kind Fergie 


category d for do better We have Rita Ora lauv Jojo Siwa Dove Cameron Joshua Bassett And Cardi B so far so good see Can't wait to hear more Oh god now I have to recognize people by their photos Okay we have the b52s George Michael yeah the veronicas lauren jauregui Conan gray royal and the serpent Dodie Rebecca Black Chrissy (shalpanko)


ha sure Beth Mccarthy allison ponthier green day Panic at the Disco Muna Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Doja cat

I would almost move Rainbow Kitten surprise up now that you read that out 

Do you feel like their career warrants that is that what you're saying that

Oh no just their queerness compared to some people on that list

Some of the people on this list are very queer though 

No I know I know but some of them aren't 

like think of Beth Mccarthy and Rebecca Black

yeah but they also have a bigger career than both those people 

Muna is pretty pretty successful

yeah Muna is pretty successful

and very gay should we move both of those up to b or are you

uh no I think they're okay

Okay b bumping in the gay club metaphorically spiritually literally 


David bowie that I feel like is gonna be the most controversial take we've ever made 

Honestly though I stand by it Yeah

same b for bowie baby


Katy Perry Tegan and Sara Fletcher boy genius that I feel like we're also going to get flack for Billie Eilish Sam Smith Halsey this is a controversial ass category Baby Queen 

Uh huh

Rina (samayama)

yeah Sawayama

ashnikko demi Lovato Miley cyrus peach prc what's this Slater something kinney slater 

Oh sleater-Kinney

Sleater-kinney yungblud brothers Osborne and Megan thee stallion 

Okay I agree with those

It's such a weird category because we have varying levels of success


Huge variations but I get why each one of those was bumped down from an a

Yeah Lowkey I would say Katy Perry could be bumped down even further but I don't want to get in trouble 

No literally I was like does she belong in a C

Yeah I kind of think she does based on who else is there like does I kissed a girl justify her being in b Because that's basically what we're saying 

Kind of yeah because it's so explicitly gay 

Okay then let's leave it

because I'm just thinking she could be at a c but with Sam Smith and Halsey out a b it does make some sense 

Yeah yeah

because otherwise I'm like why are they not at an a yes

yeah okay 

Because I don't I think I think those 3 makes sense they're like similar levels of like very successful and pretty gay but could be gayer 

yeah well maybe not Sam Smith but yeah

Yeah Sam Smith couldn't be gayer like Sam Smith is very very gay 

Yeah yeah but I agree 

Okay a all Star Gays Freddie Mercury Kesha Frank Ocean Chappell Roan Renee rapp you can really tell what year that we made this list Kim Petras Troye Sivan Trixie Mattel I don't know why I'm counting with my f*cking fingers Um Ludmilla Ricky Martin Adam Lambert I really feel like is a b

I don't 


I don't I don't

I know you don't what is this f*cking group that I'm looking at um my god it's the one that's Alice something as like the older something It's the older group The older punk group 

Oh against me

against me I don't know why I thought Alice was in there We don't have anything with Alice in the name Do we

We don't which is why I'm like is she referring to laura jean grace which you were of against me but weirdly I knew what you were talking about 

No it It was the against I think 


anyway in our all stars gay gays continuing against me Orville Peck Brandy Carlile lil nas x queen Latifah Janelle Monae


I feel like our a category is it

yeah it is It is also to like guys as we said we are not music critics This is what we think

Yeah and I think we're being objective 

We are

because we're not like we don't listen to Ricky Martin but we still recognize what Ricky Martin's done 

Yeah totally

I mean livin la vida Loca does give him an a though in s Sacred icons of the gay religion miss material girl madonna rupaul you better work lady gaga Elton John sir Elton John put some respect on that name lesbian Jesus hayley kiyoko And Rob Halford 


the only one I could maybe bump down is Hayley and I don't want to 

No I think we leave her

for what she has done I feel good about that s tier 

Yeah me too I feel good about the list 


Yeah I honestly 

I'm actually surprised 

the only one that I'm still thinking about in my brain is Katy Perry but I agree with who else we have doesn't make sense to knock her down

I think Halsey is solidly a b I think Katie's between a b and a c and I think Sam is between a b and an a 

yeah I agree

but I also still think Tegan and Sara should be a's so it's Kind of like if I don't get what I want you don't get what you want

Yeah yeah yeah yeah that's fine Okay well let us know what you thought well let us know what we missed I also am gonna try to and by try I'm going to put the link to our tier ranker Um In our linktree as well as put it on stories when this episode comes out So if you want to make your own tier list based off these artists you have the ability to do so and please please please share with us if you do um I would love to see where you place people up next We have Half of it Um continuing with our pride month episodes so that will be really fun and please please please follow us on all our social media nineties babies nostalgia spell out the word nineties on Instagram and Youtube but on Tiktok use the numericals there And rate and review us on Spotify and Apple Podcasts because it really really helps us out and with that we'll see you in the next one 

Stay Gay bye

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